Star Wars: The Clone Wars s07e08 Episode Script

Together Again

[title music.]
Prisoners in peril.
Former Jedi apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, befriended two sisters, Trace and Rafa Martez, who grew up in the underworld of Coruscant.
After learning that the sisters blamed the Jedi Knights for the death of their parents, Ahsoka must decide if she's willing to reveal her Jedi past and use her skills to aid in their escape.
Fearing her new friends will feel betrayed by this revelation, Ahsoka is left with a difficult choice.
Maybe we could pretend to be sick or dead.
What do you think we should do, Ahsoka? Let's look at how we got here.
Oh, I know the answer to that.
We're here because you convinced Trace to dump the spice and she did.
- I never told her to do that.
- Wait, so you're blaming me for this? If we went through with my original deal, we'd be back on Coruscant counting our money right now.
But your original deal was the problem.
- For you! - For me as well.
- When did this happen? - What? The two of you against me.
When it was always just you and me, Trace.
- Always.
- Rafa, I'm not choosing sides here.
- I'm just - Just siding with her.
- Only in this case, Rafa.
- But I look out for you! She's your friend today.
But what about tomorrow? And the next day, what about then? You and I were always good.
Good until she showed up.
I think I know of a way to get us out of here.
- What's your plan? - It's better if you don't know.
I hope it's better than your last one.
- Rafa, you need to trust me.
- [scoffs.]
Me, trust you? We each played a part in getting here, now we need to do the same to get out.
But we have to trust each other.
What choice do I really have? [beeping.]
Come with us.
So, are you ready to make a choice? Depends what the choices are.
Pay your debt or watch your friends die - slowly.
- I want to cut a deal with you, alone.
- What? - You would betray your friends? Trust me they're not my friends.
Where is my spice? They hid the spice off-world.
I don't know where.
Send them to go get it and give them one rotation.
If they don't come back, I'll tell you where their family's from.
That should motivate them.
Ahsoka, why would you say that? Because she's a snake, just like I warned you.
- And what do you get out of all this? - Just my percentage.
A small price to pay for a rather large spice shipment, once it's returned to you.
Very well.
You have one rotation to bring back my spice.
If you don't, I'll torture the information out of your friend here.
And kill her, you and your family.
I won't forget this.
This is another deception.
I know.
But I don't have much of a choice.
I must regain that spice.
My life depends on it as much as theirs.
You think he will find out about this? He knows.
He always knows.
Better be quick and bring back the spice.
I didn't scan the Jedi leaving with the others.
Keep watch.
I wanna know the instant she leaves the Citadel.
What are you up to? [music.]
I still don't understand what Ahsoka was thinking.
- She knows we don't have any family.
- Uh, exactly.
But she has no leverage.
We don't have to go back.
What she did back there, giving herself up for us.
That's rare.
- You don't see that much.
- You mean that was her plan? I thought that was clear.
"Trust me.
" Come on, Trace.
But if that's true, how is she gonna escape? I don't know.
But I'm not gonna let her try because if she does, she'll hold it over my head.
Wait, you're going back to help her, so you can one-up her? Now you're catching on.
So, how do we rescue Ahsoka without getting captured again? By delivering the spice, of course.
Since I'm here, I might as well do some good.
All right.
I'll hail the receiving dock, let them know we're here.
So, we're stealing spice from the Pykes to trade it back for Ahsoka? Yes, exactly.
Now be quiet.
This is transport 1519 coming in for a spice pickup.
Um, there is no record of your shipment.
There must be some kind of mix-up.
I'll clear it all up when I get on the ground.
Oh, okay.
Copy that.
See, easy.
If you're half as good at flying as I am at this, we're in great shape.
So, you got some spice for me? I told you, I do not have your shipment listed anywhere.
You've never done a special request pickup? Ha! Very rarely.
Then today is one of those "very rarely" situations.
Look, pal, I don't want to get you in trouble, but this is coming from up top, if you know what I mean.
So why don't you just start loading the spice onto my ship? But, but I can't just give it to you.
Hey, I'm following instructions, you should too.
Start loading things up.
- I'm on a tight schedule.
- B-But.
B B If it makes you feel better, go find your boss.
But when he asks what the holdup is, I'm gonna tell him it's your fault.
So, while you go get in trouble, I'm gonna start loading up my ship.
Come on, guys.
Let's get moving.
I assure you, this delay does not change things.
We will proceed as planned.
You are but one small piece moving in this mechanism which I have designed.
And yet when you falter, it jeopardizes everything.
Do you understand? I understand that the Republic is cracking down on my operations.
Just a week ago they raided one of my shipments arriving on Coruscant.
Were there Jedi? I don't know.
None of my men made it out.
Well, then the answer is yes.
I have things to attend to other than your incompetence.
Make sure there are no more delays.
And if there are, I am certain Crimson Dawn would love the opportunity to take control of your operation.
He plays members of the Collective against one another.
An efficient way to deal with our kind of business.
Surely Maul knows we do not jump to his demand.
Would you care to make that clear to him? Sir, come quickly.
The prisoner has escaped.
The transmission log.
Let's find out where you are.
Mandalore? What's Maul doing there? I knew you were no petty smuggler.
Who are you? A Jedi.
Are your friends Jedi as well? No.
Just me.
They have no idea.
Well then, the Jedi Council will regret sending you here.
[clears throat.]
Miss Uh, excuse me, Miss.
I cannot find it anywhere on the manifest for you to have this spice.
And my manager said this is highly irregular.
Where is he? I don't see any manager.
You just don't want to do the work.
That's it, isn't it? - Uh, Rafa.
- Not now.
So, where is this manager, huh?! - Rafa, stop! - There isn't one, is there? - You little liar.
- He's right behind you.
All right.
You don't have authorization to be here.
I'm shutting you down.
Authorization? Uh, yeah.
Of course.
Makes sense.
[forced chuckle.]
- Let me see the ship's manifest.
- Great idea.
Trace, why don't you give him the manifest? What? I mean, right.
- I, I, I left it on the ship.
- You're not going anywhere.
What do you know? I got your manifest right here.
Kill her.
Ah! Yes.
Yes, get her.
Get her.
[alien language.]
- Ah! - Ah! Oh, no.
What? See ya, pal.
Come on! Who's next?! Hey H-Hey.
It's me.
Nice work.
Come on.
I want to thank you.
Your execution will help restore the Pykes' reputation.
- Your timing is perfect.
- Speaking of perfect timing stop what you're doing.
Look, you don't have to execute her.
We brought your spice back.
We know you are both working for the Republic and this Jedi.
Jedi? Her, a Jedi? Come on.
I see.
So, it is true.
The Jedi used you both.
How unfortunate that your stupidity is so authentic.
Why didn't you tell me? How could I after what you told me about your parents? - Wait.
So, you're actually a Jedi? - Was a Jedi.
- So, you're not a Jedi? - I was trained.
But I left.
You can do that? Prepare to execute them all.
Look, now is really not the time to explain all this.
You know when the time was? - When we were in prison.
- You should have told me.
Come on! After them! Or we'll all suffer the consequences.
I'm sorry I couldn't tell you before, Trace.
Well, if you're a Jedi, I assume you're a good shot? - Yes.
- Then shoot something! Got another one closing point 4-6.
- Keep it tight.
- I'm on it.
I'm banking right.
- He bit - Got him.
- We've lost the rear deflector shields.
- And the gun.
Hang on.
- What are you doing? - We might have lost the rear deflectors, but we still have the front.
Uh, this isn't a good idea.
I'm gonna agree with Ahsoka on this one.
- Whoo-hoo! - Glad we could help.
Since the Pykes think I was an operative working for the Jedi, I don't think they'll come looking for you any time soon.
So, maybe So, you're not going to arrest me for spice smuggling? - Why would I do that? - Well, you're a Jedi, right? Don't you make a living tracking down criminals like me? - I told you, I was a Jedi.
- I don't understand.
Why would anyone walk away from being a Jedi? It's complicated.
No offense but I don't want to hear your complicated story.
Let me level with you.
You might not think of yourself as a Jedi, but you act like one.
Or at least how I want them to be.
She's right.
We got in over our heads.
Without you, we'd be done for.
Jedi or not, I consider you my friend.
Isn't this sweet? - Making friends? - Trace.
Back away.
So, you remember me.
Don't worry.
Death Watch is gone.
And now, you and I have a common enemy.
I need your help.
Once we're underway I will explain everything.
You have five minutes to decide.
Sounds like she needs your help, just like we did.
But if I go down this path, I'm afraid where it might lead.
- You mean, back to the Jedi? - Yes.
- Go.
It's what you're meant to do.
- Rafa's right.
All right.
But let me keep my bike here, just in case.

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