Star Wars: The Clone Wars s07e09 Episode Script

Part 1 - Old Friends Not Forgotten

Outer Rim under siege! Separatist forces have launched a major offensive.
Led by the evil droid General Grievous, Republic forces are pushed to the brink.
In response to this overwhelming attack, the Jedi Council has dispatched its Generals, sending them far from the Core Worlds to bolster the beleaguered clones.
On the distant planet of Yerbana, we find Commander Cody of the 212th in desperate need of reinforcements.
Hit the targets! Take cover! Take cover! Look out! Look out! Look out! Aim for their eyes! - General! - Cody, get down! Well, I can see things are going splendidly on this front.
It's no good.
We can't locate the tactical droid.
He's staying out of sight.
- Anakin, where are you? - I'm right here.
What are you doing down there? We are taking cover.
Now get down! You're not serious.
There's only a thousand droids down there, tops.
What are you up to? Where's Captain Rex? We already finished our battle, so we decided to come help you with yours.
- You're overdoing it.
Again! - Master, I mean no disrespect.
If you want, I can hide here with you, and we can let the people in the city suffer longer.
- Now, Anakin, you know I - Or we can do things my way and help them now.
All right.
I know better than to try and stop you.
- What's your plan this time? - Stay here.
One target approaching.
We can't hit it.
Identify target.
Cease fire.
All batteries take aim at the Jedi.
Aim Hold your fire! Hold your fire.
I have come to surrender.
Surrender? That's a relief.
Notify the tactical droid.
Your forces fought valiantly, and I must admit that we are overmatched by your superior firepower.
I congratulate you, for I have fought in many battles on many planets always been victorious against the droid army.
Though you have always Artoo.
How much longer are we stuck down here? Great.
I'll tell the boys.
All right, men.
Hang in there a little longer.
Sir, yes, sir.
So, it is with these thoughts in mind that I gladly surrender myself to the mercy of the Separatist forces.
Why have you ceased fire? Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker, has surrendered to us, Commander.
- There he is.
- It's a trap, you fools.
Open fire! Now, Artoo! - General.
- Yes, Cody.
You may join the fun as well.
- Yes, sir.
Blast them! - Fire! - Go! Go, go, go! - Move it! Move it! Bravo, Anakin.
You've done it again.
Oh, I can't take all the credit.
Your state of helplessness really sold them on my surrender talk.
Always glad to help, my friend.
Skywalker here.
What is it Admiral? Sir, we've received a transmission from someone using your subspace frequency "Fulcrum.
" - Saw Gerrera? - Perhaps the siege at Onderon has taken a turn for the worse.
No, sir, it's not Gerrera.
You had best take this transmission here on the ship.
Both of you.
All right, Admiral.
What's so important you brought us all the way back here? Hello, Master.
It's been a while.
Ah Ahsoka.
Wha I don't believe it! How are you? Where are you? - Ar-Are you okay? - I'm all right.
Thank you.
I wish we had more time to talk, but I have urgent information for both of you.
What is it, Ahsoka? Lady Bo-Katan and I have located the renegade Sith Lord, Maul.
And if we move swiftly, we believe we can capture him.
- It all makes sense now.
- What? If Ahsoka hadn't left the Order, then she wouldn't have been where she needed to be.
That's one way to look at it, I suppose.
It's the only way to look at it.
We're gonna capture Maul, finally.
I thought you would be more excited about this.
I am cautiously optimistic.
- Ahsoka, I'm so glad - We'll have to catch up another time.
Things are moving quickly.
Every minute we waste here gives Maul an opportunity to slip away.
We understand.
Please, follow me.
Bo-Katan had been tracking Maul's movements for several months.
I was able to obtain some transmission codes from the Pykes on Oba Diah, which helped her pinpoint some of his previous locations.
What were you doing on Oba Diah? That's a long story and not really relevant right now.
What is relevant is that we know Maul is on Mandalore in the city of Sundari.
- You're certain of this? - He arrived two days ago.
So why not take him yourself? Or, to be more specific, what do you want from the Republic? I don't have the numbers needed for a siege.
Without a complete lockdown of the city, Maul will escape again.
That's why I'm proposing a joint operation.
If we are successful, you'll have Maul and I'll have Mandalore.
If Republic forces aid you in your assault, it will break treaties that are 100 years old.
We will effectively be drawn into yet another war.
What's one more? Well, we're not finished with our first one yet.
I will advise the Jedi Council of this development.
There's no time! Maul's influence on Mandalore is destroying my people! He murdered their ruler, my sister! I thought she meant something to you! She did.
And still does.
But I cannot allow my feelings to cloud my judgment.
The council will decide what our course of action will be.
I told you this was a waste of time.
So, that went well, all things considered.
- You two certainly haven't changed.
- Is that a bad thing? Come on.
I have a surprise for you.
- Commander.
- Sir.
They shouldn't salute me anymore.
Not since I left the Order.
It doesn't matter to them.
It's a sign of respect.
They know what you went through for them, day after day, battle after battle.
Loyalty means everything to the clones.
Company, attention! Go ahead.
They've been waiting to see you.
As soon as Rex and the guys knew you were back, they got to work.
The paint job is a little crude, but we think it gets the idea across.
- Glad to have you back, Commander.
- Rex, thank you.
But you don't have to call me commander anymore.
Sure thing Commander.
I have one more surprise for you.
Anakin, Rex, prepare all forces.
We're jumping to hyperspace immediately.
Yes, sir.
Men, with me! Watch it! Watch it! You heard him, lads! Let's go! So, the attack on Mandalore was approved? No, it's Coruscant.
Grievous has attacked the capitol.
- What about the Chancellor? - Shaak Ti has been sent to protect him, but Master Windu has lost contact with her.
Not to worry.
Our fleet can be there within the hour.
So that's it? You're going to abandon Bo-Katan and her people? Ahsoka, surely you understand this is a pivotal moment in the Clone Wars.
The heart of the Republic is under attack.
I understand that, as usual, you're playing politics.
This is why the people have lost faith in the Jedi.
I had too, until I was reminded of what the Order means to people who truly need us.
Right now, people on Coruscant need us.
- No.
The Chancellor needs you.
- That's not fair.
I'm not trying to be.
I'll divide the 501st, make a new division - under Ahsoka's command.
- Unfortunately, Ahsoka is no longer a part of the Grand Army of the Republic.
We'll promote Rex to Commander and have him lead the new division.
Ahsoka can go with him as an adviser.
- What do you say? - I accept.
That is, if Obi-Wan agrees.
Very well.
May the Force be with you.
Oh, one other thing: I killed Maul once.
Best to capture him.
He doesn't seem to stay dead.
- Thanks for the support.
As always.
- That's what friends are for.
If you're going to face Maul, you'll need these.
I took care of them.
They're good as new.
Maybe a little better.
You capture Maul.
I'll take care of Grievous.
With any luck, this will all be over soon.
Master Kenobi always said there's no such thing as luck.
Good thing I taught you otherwise.
Anakin! Good luck.
Commander, I have Prime Minister Almec of Mandalore on the comm.
Put him through.
What is the meaning of this invasion? The Republic presence here is a direct violation of our treaty.
Your time has come, Almec.
We know you're Maul's puppet, and we are coming for him.
Ah-ha! Mistress Bo-Katan, the traitor.
I should have known you were behind this incursion.
Siding with the Republic will make you an enemy in the eyes of the people.
I'm fine with that.
You're nothing like your sister.
Saxon, prepare our forces for an all-out attack.
Rook, inform the syndicate of the invasion.
It's been a while since we had a fight like this.
Are you ready? Ursa, can you confirm the target's location? I can only confirm that Maul has not left the city.
All other attempts to locate him have been blocked.
Saxon is already scrambling his defenses.
We've got incoming! What are you waiting for? Get out there! Sorry, I didn't think to bring you a jetpack.
Don't need one.
Race you to the surface! Thanks, Commander! - Beat you.
- Some things never change.
We're meeting stronger opposition than anticipated.
They've already taken the docks and are moving on your position.
Escape to the Undercity.
You will be met there.
- No sign of Maul yet.
- We can't sustain a long siege.
I'll head for the throne room and deal with Almec.
You must find Maul.
I want you to support Ursa at the docks.
- We must ensure Maul doesn't escape.
- If he's here.
If he's not, then all of this plays right into his hands.
Commander Rex, this is CT-0292.
I think we have something.
I'll be right there, Captain.
Captain Vaughn, what have you got? We were cutting off this access point to the Undercity, when we engaged one of the leadership, Gar Saxon.
He disappeared through there.
Seemed in a hurry.
- What's down there? - A system of tunnels, sewage ports, mainly.
Some conduit access pipes.
- Do they lead outside the city? - Unknown, sir.
Let's move in.
The Jedi was sighted entering the lower city.
Then it's just as our lord predicted.
Where's Maul? You were never the politician your sister was.
He wanted you to bring the Jedi here, but you brought the wrong one.
Ahsoka, come in.
You're walking into a trap! Ahsoka! Get down.
Vaughn, wait! Look out! This way! Hurry.
Watch it! Watch it! Stop.
Stop! I'm sorry, Commander.
I was hoping for Kenobi.
Why are "you" here?
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