Star Wars: The Clone Wars s07e10 Episode Script

Part 2 - The Phantom Apprentice

Ahsoka Tano, is it? I can't say yours is a name familiar to me.
Well, I know you.
Yes, I imagine we have several mutual friends.
- I wouldn't put it that way.
- Of course not.
But I'm afraid your way of thinking is behind the times.
It's her.
Come on! We'll trace the signal.
I was certain that Kenobi would have come himself.
Perhaps bring his loyal foal Skywalker, is it? Master Kenobi had a more important engagement.
I wonder the moment may be upon us.
Why you? Why did Kenobi send you? Why don't you surrender, and then we can both go and ask him? [chuckles.]
My surrendering, well, that would be pointless.
For if I am correct, soon the Jedi and Republic will no longer be the controlling interest in the galaxy.
- And who will be? You? - No.
Darth Sidious.
[lasers firing.]
Not yet.
Come on.
We've lost them.
There are a small number of firefights still happening in sector 11.
But for the most part, your clones have been as effective as promised.
Still, without Maul in custody, this could all fall apart quickly.
We must capture him before he escapes.
He mentioned a name, Darth Sidious.
Who is this Sidious? I do not know much, but I will share with you what the Council suspects.
Darth Sidious is the Sith Lord who orchestrated the Clone Wars and played both sides of it from the beginning.
I first learned the name from Count Dooku, though any chance of learning more about Sidious from Dooku has been lost.
Why? Because Count Dooku is dead.
Anakin killed him while rescuing the Chancellor.
With Dooku gone, we've lost a vital link to understanding the mystery of Darth Sidious.
If you can capture Maul, he may be able to provide the missing pieces to this puzzle.
Then send me more men.
Unfortunately, I cannot.
I'm being sent to hunt down General Grievous on Utapau.
What about Anakin? Maybe he can reinforce us? May I speak to Ahsoka alone for a moment? Anakin is on a special assignment by order of the Jedi Council.
What kind of assignment? He has been instructed to observe the Chancellor and report his findings.
Observe? You mean spy.
They told him to spy on the Supreme Chancellor? Why? The Senate has allowed the Supreme Chancellor to remain in office long after his term has expired.
The Council wants to know what his true intentions are.
The Chancellor has been a great friend and mentor to Anakin.
I can't imagine he is happy about this.
He is not.
So perhaps it's best that you do speak with him.
And what? Defend the Council's actions? I hardly think I'm the best person for that.
Ahsoka, the Council isn't always right.
That's why I'm asking for your help.
Sorry to interrupt, but there's been an attack.
You had best go.
Tell Anakin I will.
We got ambushed on our way to reinforce the entry port on C-deck.
Rex, make sure C-deck is properly fortified.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm here, Trooper.
Sterling, isn't it? Yes.
You need to know.
Maul, he he went right through us, one by one.
He was asking about you.
The ARC Trooper, Jesse.
Maul realized he was older, somehow, looked in his mind and he took him.
He took Jesse alive! You're wasting your time.
I won't tell you anything.
How charming that you actually believe that statement to be true.
Clones, bred for combat.
All part of the plan.
What plan? What are you talking about? "The plan.
" The only plan that matters.
Not even I was made aware of its grand design, but I played my part.
And do you know what happened to me? I was cast aside.
I was forgotten.
But I survived, and I can thrive in the chaos that is to come.
Saxon, information is a valuable commodity.
See to it that the Prime Minister does not become an asset to our enemy.
Yes, my lord.
Now, there are some things I need to know, and you're going to help me.
We can go round and round in this circle if you want.
- I ain't telling you anything.
- It is not up to you.
Your mind will speak, or it will break.
Tell me.
Who is this Ahsoka Tano? [grunting in distance.]
I'm flattered that you could find the time to see me.
What's Maul's plan? How is he going to escape? [chuckles.]
Maul is not trying to escape because he sees no point in doing so.
So, he believes he can defeat us? No, that's not it.
For weeks now he's been consumed by a strange sense of dread.
- Has he mentioned Sidious? - Not that I can recall.
You said he wanted Kenobi here.
Why? Wasn't just Kenobi he wanted, no.
Uh, there was someone else he was interested in.
- Who? - If only I could remember the name Bo, help him remember.
No, wait.
It was [grunts.]
Rex, get a medic! This is Commander Rex.
We have a man down Maul had a vision.
A dream.
- The name came to him.
- What name?! Sky walker.
What's going on? Maul just told the syndicate leaders to go into hiding.
You once liberated me from my imprisonment by Sidious and his apprentice.
At the time I thought Dooku was an old fool.
But now, now I see he and I are the same.
One step behind.
The dark side has never been stronger.
My lord, what does it mean? Soon the galaxy will be remade, and in the chaos, we must seize what power we can.
It is not the way of your people to hide, here in the gutters.
If you die, I promise you it will be on the field of battle.
And if you die you will die as warriors.
- That's it.
Let's go! Watch it, watch it! - We don't take orders from clones.
- You can't hurt us.
You need to leave.
- All citizens move to the shelter location.
This occupation cannot last much longer.
The people will not stand for it.
- I will not stand for it.
- You asked for our help.
My men don't want to be acting as a police force.
The Republic forces will depart once we capture Maul.
Then you will have your opportunity to lead.
I agree.
My lady, is that any way to treat your rightful ruler? And now, as a show of good faith, I return your comrade in arms to you.
Run along.
There you go.
Back to your brothers.
Are you all right, Jesse? I'm sorry, Commander.
I couldn't help it.
- I told him everything.
- It's okay.
Rex, get him out of here.
Uh, one of you might want to deal with that? You should go.
Your people need you.
Don't stay on my account.
We'll be fine.
Watch out! Fire! Look at them.
So blissfully ignorant.
Care to tell me what this is all about? Or would you rather save it for the Council? Oh, no, no.
You are the one that I wish to speak with.
Were you not cast out of your Order? I left voluntarily.
Yes, but you were motivated to leave by the hypocrisy of the Jedi Council.
We were both tools for greater powers.
I am here to bring you to justice.
Justice is merely the construct of the current power base.
A base, which, according to my calculations, is about to change.
And Darth Sidious is behind it? He is behind everything.
In the shadows, always.
But soon, very soon he will reveal himself.
With your help, the Jedi can stop Sidious before it's too late.
Too late for what?! The Republic to fall? It already has, and you just can't see it! There is no justice, no law, no order, except for the one that will replace it! The time of the Jedi has passed.
They cannot defeat Sidious.
But, together, you and I can.
Every choice you have made has led you to this moment.
I will help you.
- But you must answer one question.
- You have but to ask.
What do you want with Anakin Skywalker? He is the key to everything.
- To bring balance to the Force? - To destroy.
He has long been groomed for his role, as my master's new apprentice.
You lie.
I'm afraid not.
In fact, I was so certain of his fate that I orchestrated this war to lure him here with Kenobi to kill him.
Thus, depriving Sidious of his prized pupil.
I know Anakin.
Your vision is flawed.
I see the Padawan needs one last lesson.
You're lucky Anakin didn't show up.
The way you're fighting you wouldn't have lasted long.
Oh, you have Kenobi's arrogance.
You'll find I have many qualities for you to dislike.
Rah! [catching breath.]
Move it! Move it! [music.]
Come on! [music.]
Lord Maul! I need backup.
Our forces are falling.
We need your support.
I think not.
Any moment my ship will be arriving.
Die well, Mandalorian.
No! Wait [beeps.]
Obi-Wan was right.
You are difficult to kill.
We could have destroyed Sidious! Only for you to take his place! [grunts.]
Lord Maul, we must depart immediately.
Come on.
Get the gunships.
I give you one last chance.
Join me or die.
Let me go! Let me die! You're all going to burn! We're all going to die! You don't know what you're doing! [grunting.]
We'll take it from here, Commander! [exhales.]

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