StartUp (2016) s02e01 Episode Script


How long does a person bleed for anyway? Oh pretty soon, it's gonna run out.
Or their heart will stop.
I don't recollect when that happened.
But I'm guessing pretty soon, uh, because Yeah, it was it was right to left, so it would have been on the left side of her head, the second blow.
I mean, the one that really (PEN SCRATCHING) Anyway, it put her down pretty quick.
But I'm I'm saying, I think it's the blood loss rather than the the actual impact.
(PEN SCRATCHING) And that is when you put her in a suitcase? Uh, no, I I wrapped her in visquine, and then I folded Visquine? What is visquine? It's a It's a thick plastic.
It's like a tarp Okay, okay.
Give me spelling of "visquine.
" - V-I - Just say plastic.
- Yeah, plastic's fine.
- Prosto plastik.
Plastic? Does he even speak English? - He speak English.
- Good.
Thank you.
- So I wrap her - Up in this plastic.
I got a suitcase out.
It was a Dunn & Wrigly.
- I love that brand.
- Okay.
Really sturdy brand.
I fit her whole body right into suitcase.
She didn't fit, so I, uh have to break ankles to make it fit.
(CLEARS THROAT) But she was small.
And that's when you drove to the river? No, I waited.
I made sure I'd cleaned everything first.
Hours I spent.
And then, yes, I took the suitcase to the river, b by the overpass.
(BOGDEN) What time would you say it was? This would have been 3:00 a.
, 3:30, maybe.
I put, um I put hamburger meat in the water to attract the alligators.
I know it worked.
It's the last time I saw her.
Let me ask you a really fun question.
Why'd you do it? She was asking too many questions.
She was real go-getter.
You know? (CHAIR SCRAPES FLOOR) Good luck with that.
Even with a confession from Grigory we could easily make it you who is behind bars.
At any point, he could very well, um come to his senses and recant his story.
Well, I can name snitches.
I can look the other way while you do your real estate deals, but come on.
What do you need? Tell me.
- Nick Talman.
- What? I'm about to bring in some very high-profile investors to back GenCoin, but, uh there is still some baggage if anyone were to look into the money trail.
So you think Nick Talman should take the fall for his dad? (CUP CLINKS) (COMPUTER BEEPING) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) And though the trouble's in the dark I will hold All the lights on you We give ourselves a shining start All alone All alone And all the roses turn to black And my heart is as cold as stone (NICK) Tell us what you need.
(RONALD) Yeah, we're here for you, girl.
You can't do nothing? Make it right? Just be here with your family, Izz.
Just be here with my family? They're gonna get away with it.
You guys don't believe me.
Izzy, I I don't think they're gonna get away They thought it was a gang! The cops said it was the wrong house.
They're gonna get away with it.
Izz, I don't think you understand what you're asking I know what I'm asking for, Ronnie.
That's why I'm asking you! Hey, Izz, just calm down.
Don't fucking do that.
Don't treat me like a kid! Let's all just I think we should have this conversation, but I think we should table it.
Need to be smart about this.
" (RONALD) Izz, you got us.
Obviously, I don't.
I think I'm gonna go.
I think we should go.
(NICK) You think we're in any kind of danger? It was a warning shot.
Just keep your head down some.
Stay low.
It's gonna blow over soon.
All right.
Tell Tam I said hey.
For sure.
(CAR STARTS) (LAUGHTER) You really think they will? That's ridiculous.
Who gonna go over there? What, you don't believe me? Go walk by.
Hipsters lining up for $10 lattes.
Hipsters? From where? All them kids moving up here from Wynwood, Edgewater.
Cross 195, please.
You need to get out more.
I'm gonna get, uh, dinner started.
Your man cook for you? Once a week, he do.
- Ooh - (LAUGHTER) Hey, you ladies staying for dinner? Yes.
(ALL) Yes! Daddy! Oh, baby girl! There she is.
Wanna help your old man peel some spuds? Sure.
(MAN ON TV) the stock market posting historical highs.
Worries abound whether we've hit our high or when the bubble might burst.
The tech stocks and corporate earnings are what's driving this market.
(CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) (POUNDING ON DOOR) (POUNDING CONTINUES) FBI, open up! Coming! I finally found that warrant.
Okay, go ahead.
(INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO CHATTER) (HANDCUFFS SNAPPING) (DISTANT SIREN) Money laundering, right? That's, what? A minimum of five years? I guess with what you took for your old man, judge is gonna hit you with, I'm guessing, 10 to 15? Yeah? What does what does partner-murdering carry? I still have that audio file from Daewon.
I can still let that go.
Good! You know what? Good.
Let that go, tweet about it for all I care.
'Cause there is a man in jail as of this morning.
He killed my partner, he's in prison for it now.
So, yeah, you let that go.
See where it gets you.
Don't threaten me, Nick.
In just three months, you've taken a simple peer to peer network and built it into a ubiquitous digital currency.
I think what we're seeing is the world is ready for a cryptocurrency based on pure commerce.
There's so little trust in government these days, so But do you think it's a little disconcerting to people that this sort of power is being wielded by what is essentially tech company? You have a board, you have investors.
How are people expected to place their full trust in a corporation like Axis? We want to continue using this momentum to do good.
- Sure, but - You know? I imagine people are wondering where you go from here.
Are there new plans on the horizon for GenCoin? We have a lot of exciting projects coming up really soon.
But what is the end goal, really? Can't really talk about it.
(CHUCKLING) Maybe just a hint? Uh No, I can't really, uh My board would be - They wouldn't be happy.
- All right.
Alex Bell, it's been a pleasure discussing GenCoin with you.
We're looking forward to what's next for you and your company, Axis.
(WIND WHIPPING) (SEAGULLS CALLING) (FLY BUZZING) (FLY BUZZING) (YAWNS) (GRUNTS SOFTLY) (WATER BUBBLING) When we were building GenCoin, going around asking these VCs for our first round, we got a lot of no's.
You know why? 'Cause we couldn't quite explain how to scale it.
I mean, none of these guys cared about disrupting the banks or changing the face of currency.
They all wanted to know how quickly would they make their money back.
- Okay.
- Uh I forget, you're a, um, a senior, at - Junior.
- Junior at FSU, okay.
I think we're not gonna mention that.
We'll say that you graduated from their school of computer engineering.
But I didn't.
It's okay, nobody's gonna check.
The two things we really have to be able to answer are, one, what makes this a better VR architecture program than any out there, and two, how quickly can this be a publicly traded company? Okay.
So those are the two questions to think about for next time.
Do you Are there meetings set up already with investors? Um, absolutely.
It's all in motion.
It's all in motion, Paul.
But don't worry about that.
Let me worry about that.
You worry about those two things.
Oh, I didn't pay.
It's okay, I got it.
My pleasure.
- Okay.
- Paul.
Thank you.
My my absolute pleasure.
Be well, think about those two things for me.
Okay, I'm very excited.
I hope you are, too.
- Yes, yeah.
- All right.
- Hey, Marnie.
(CLATTER, WATER RUNNING) That your Chinese boy toy? - God.
- Ah.
Of course you are.
Come on.
I'm gonna have to call your parole officer, aren't I? Ha! Whatever.
You waiting dinner or you punching out? I'm afraid you're stuck with me tonight, my man.
- Really? - Yes.
Well, Jimmy said it would be a good night.
Hope so.
(KEYS RATTLING) (MAN ON TV) Your team had so many shots early on.
Seems to be a big difference.
Things went on (CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) (MAN 2) Yeah, well, they didn't.
Really, the stat was at the beginning of the game, where they got a bunch of second chance points, and they hit threes on every one of those, and then we were down 12, and we had two turnovers at the beginning of the second quarter, and we didn't get any open shots.
They missed enough open shots in the second half that we would have had a better opportunity if we'd rebounded a little better and made a few shots of our own, but they were prepared.
Uh, and love this crowd.
I didn't get a good job of getting our guys ready.
(MAN ON MICROPHONE) Give a big TechCrunch welcome for Mr.
Alex Bell! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
It's overwhelming, heh.
Yeah, we are overwhelmed, actually, uh We had super high hopes for the number of users that we might get in the first quarter, but didn't expect anywhere near this kind of volume.
I mean, it's like we took you to dinner and you asked us to marry you, heh heh.
(LAUGHTER) I mean, our first month, we almost crashed one of Eden Field's servers.
Yeah, they those they were under a DDOS attack.
Yeah, we still have I guys scrambling to keep up with demand right now.
Oh, Stan, Barry, I think they're here somewhere, sorry.
You guys will get to sleep someday.
But in all seriousness, in all seriousness we are humbled by the positive user response.
And more importantly, we are thrilled to see that this is already making a difference in the way that we manage, share, and relate to money.
Okay, we all want to see what's in this presentation.
- Pussy is pussy.
- What pussy have you had, dog? Man, I had it.
Exactly, dog, get back, man.
You ain't had no damn pussy.
Trick or treat, nigga.
(CHUCKLING) Y'all wanna gum those, a'ight? Yeah, yeah, for sure.
All right, E.
Bring me back my money, punk.
Yeah, we by you.
I know.
What dey do? What dey do, Frantz? Nigga look like G.
Got two more on 64th, dog.
Pull your boys off the corner.
(BASKETBALL BOUNCING) What's good, man? (BAG UNZIPPING) (WHISTLES) Morning, Ricky.
Whatcha doing here today? - Just chillin'.
- Chillin'? Got a call earlier about some business being conducted.
Yeah, you know anything about that? Nah.
What was that? I I said nah, I don't I don't know what you talking about.
Put your hands out by your side where I can see them and turn around.
Really? What the fuck, man? I ain't even do shit wrong.
Yeah, well, then you ain't gonna mind us searching you.
- Now spread 'em.
- Some bullshit, right? Shut up.
Big man, all right.
For sure.
(SIGHS) All right, turn around.
(COUGHS) (RETCHING) I think something's wrong with me, dog.
- Oh, really? - Hold on, man.
(RETCHING) Oh, shit, he swallowed the bag! - (GASPING AND COUGHING) - Oh, come on! - Shit! - This is Officer Spanos.
We got a 3-41, possible O.
Send rescue on a three.
Ricky! Ricky.
Put him on his side.
Ricky, look at me.
Where the hell are they? Call them again.
- We have a 3-41.
- Look at me.
3-41, do you copy? Do you copy?! Come on, breathe, Ricky, breathe! - Okay, open, open.
- Come on.
Come on! Breathe! We just gonna have to keep sitting on the park for a minute, you feel me? I'm tell you, that ain't the way to go, bruh.
No, Lemon City's everything to us, bruh.
And even if somebody get pinched, we can't eat without that spot, bruh.
It ain't just the park, E.
It's our north side corners, too, our east side corners.
The police, they got a mandate.
Make the white folk feel safe, and the hammer's gonna drop, just like it done in Wynwood, just like it done in Overtown.
That's why Big Keith and them, they've been trying to take our corners because they got pushed off of theirs.
Ain't you already warn Lance about all this shit? Are you saying we start torching buildings? - Maybe.
What? - (OVERLAPPING AGREEMENT) - That's what I'm saying, dog.
- I'm ready! It's too late! They already here.
Crackers on every block from downtown up through Edgewater.
Folks who vote! (RAIN PATTERING) You understand? We start messing with them now, the police, they gonna show no mercy.
They lock a zo up just for breathing their air.
We gots to come up with a better plan than just shooting motherfuckers up.
And then what? You supposed to be taking care of us and shit.
Just check yourself, all right? You at my table.
What's the plan, Big Ronnie? Let me talk to Jules, see if we can cut a deal.
- Jules? - Jules? - The pig? - Listen, he blood.
- Jules? - (SCOFFS) Police ain't gonna go for that.
- Jules ain't shit.
- No.
I'm gonna talk to Jules! That's how it's gonna go! (DISTANT TRAFFIC NOISE) (KEYS JINGLING) (CAR ALARM CHIRPS) (GUNSHOTS) (CLICK) (WHISTLES) (SCOFFS) Christ! - Nick.
- Gate was open.
There's no way to not sneak up on you in this place.
- Hi! - Hi.
What's going on? - Brought you a gift.
- Aww.
- How's it going? - Okay.
Can I use your bathroom? - Of course.
- Thank you.
No, Nick, no more.
It's not a lot, I promise.
I'd still love to see you every week, but no more money, okay? You know, it could be another six months till I get my court date.
I don't need it right now, honest.
Just don't skip town or anything.
Well, thank you again for what you did for me.
What, I'm supposed to let you rot in prison? You're still like a son to me.
Right? Yeah.
I'm just saying, thank you.
Heard from him at all? (SNORTS) Alice, do you know where he is? (ICE RATTLING IN GLASS) Nope.
Leave a message.
(BEEP) Hey, sweetheart, it's me.
Uh yeah.
Haven't heard from you in a while, so, um, just still wondering when might be a good weekend to come down and visit you.
Uh Let me know, and I'll speak soon.
All right, I love you.
You want to watch the game in a minute, son? Yeah.
Hey, Pap? I, um I sort of heard you you talking the other night.
With with the guys.
I got an idea.
One of them Little River jits was talking at school yesterday about how they all getting on this darknet thing behind closed doors.
Mm, instead of standing on corners.
That's some, uh (CHUCKLING) That's some NSA shit.
You know, I ain't trying to have the feds come up in here, son.
No, yeah, they won't, they won't, look, look, look, look.
We do it all through the Tor network.
See, that's exactly where they been getting pinched.
I mean, but and it was big fish getting hit, right? I mean, we just start small, you know? We do it on a bunch of different users, and, you know, - all your boys can get their own accounts.
- Son, no.
No, no.
I don't want you nowhere near this, all right? This some grown man shit.
Son, I appreciate you trying to help.
I'm proud of you.
(CHUCKLING) This shit is smart.
But the neighborhood looking at me now.
They looking to me to keep their belly full, keep their pockets full.
And they ain't gonna take a chance on something that they don't know about right now.
(PHONE BUZZES AND JINGLES) I gotta take this all right? Do you want to know why I'm not in jail right now, Pap? Why I'm still sitting here, instead of some juvie clink? 'Cause when I squeezed that trigger I killed two Haitians.
Cops pickin' us off the corners now because white folks is scared.
Ricky gonna get possession time.
Probation if he lucky, once he get out of the damn hospital.
But I done murder.
The worst thing a person could do.
And they just as soon give me a medal for it before they lock me up! And that's what's coming down on us right now, Pap! That's what's coming down! - Listen, hey - That's what they want! So we keep killing each other, and that's what they gonna keep doing until you get us up out of this! Huh? You feel me?! That's what they gonna keep doing till you get us - up out of this, Pap! - Tou - That's what they gonna keep doing! - Touie, Touie Till you get us up out of this, so do something! Touie, Touie.
No, stop.
Hey, Tou.
Tou, Tou, Tou, Tou - (CRYING) - Tou, Tou It's okay.
(SNIFFLES) Come on, it's okay.
(SOBBING) I don't want to do this anymore.
- The way they look at me, Dad.
- I know.
I know.
Come here.
Come here.
- Come here.
- (SOBBING) Let it out, let it out, let it out, let it out.
Let it out, let it out, let it out.
Let it out Let it out.
Just let it out.
Yeah, that's right.
Let it out, let it out.
Let it out.
Let it out.
Let it out.
Let that shit out.
You good, we good.
You good, we good.
We good.
Then fix it.
(DOOR SLAMS) Okay, uh Izzy please No! (CRICKETS CHIRPING) - Mm-hmm.
- (INDISTINCT VOICE ON PHONE) Yeah, well, look, if you can, try and get some sleep.
'Cause a rested brain's very important.
It's okay, we can come back Paul.
Paul Yeah? You're okay.
Okay, thanks.
All right, see you at 9:30.
(PHONE BEEPS OFF) (POUNDING ON DOOR) (POUNDING CONTINUES) Hey, what's wrong? What? What's happening? - Take this.
- Fucking - What? - (STAMMERING) - Why? - Just take it.
- Hide it, throw it away.
- Okay all right.
All right, all right.
What happened? Uh Jesus Christ.
- What'd you do? - I was this close.
- To what? - To Alex.
- Alex Bell? - Jesus Christ.
I almost killed him, I almost shot him up.
- What happened? - I was this - Okay, tell me what happened.
- I was this close.
- Tell me what happened.
- Holy shit, I gotta go.
- Hey, hey, hey - I gotta talk to someone.
No, hang on, talk to me.
Talk to me, what happened? - I almost killed someone.
- What did you do? - Walk me through it.
- I think I'm gonna faint.
All right.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, I gotcha.
Come on, come here, just sit down, come here.
I gotcha, you're not gonna faint, you're all right.
- You're all right.
- I can't breathe.
Just breathe.
Yeah, you can.
- No, I can't.
- Yeah, you can.
No, I think I'm having a heart attack.
You're not, you're not.
You're not.
You're just having a panic attack.
I used to have them all the time.
I'm gonna do what I used to do, okay? I'm gonna teach you what I did.
I just want you to close your eyes.
Just trust me, trust me, close your eyes.
I want you to tell me about your favorite place in the world.
No, this white shit doesn't work on me! Shut up and listen! Shut up.
- Just answer me, please.
- Okay.
Tell me about your favorite place in the world that you have the best memory.
Somewhere safe that nobody can take away from you.
Um My My - My aunt Araña's farm.
- Uh-huh.
We used to go there all the time when we were little, - me and Deli.
- Tell me about it.
- It's a farm in Cuba.
- Uh-huh.
We used to go, my whole family.
And and she took care of these horses there, these big-ass horses.
What'd you do there? Just Just chill.
Her and my dad, they would drink rum and then tell stories.
And then And then there was people visiting all day, every day, and just in and out and And it didn't matter.
It was carefree.
That sounds awesome.
I didn't have anything like that growing up.
That sucks.
Well But hey, you're not dead.
You're okay.
Do you want to tell me about what happened? (CLEARS THROAT) Do you have anywhere to go? Where you been staying? In my car.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
I mean, you smell terrible, so - Fuck you.
- I'm not surprised.
(CHUCKLES) Well, you should stay here.
No, I'm good.
Yeah, come on, I insist.
I'll take the couch, you can have the bed.
No, Nick, you don't have to Absolutely.
Absolutely, it's settled.
You stay here.
I'll take the couch, though, I barely sleep.
Hey, as long as you take a shower.
You smell like shit.
Did you get some sleep? A little.
Uh, I have this meeting, but I'll back later, so just just stay put.
I lied to you.
About what? My aunt's farm.
I never been.
I just saw this one picture.
Try and get some more sleep.
(DOOR OPENS AND SHUTS) Ah, they must have screwed up.
It's okay, we can come back.
No, no, no, no, no.
We'll get it worked out.
Focus on your breathing.
(MAN) Nick.
How you doing? Hey, I'm Brent, Mr.
Fein's assistant.
Brent, nice to meet you, this is Paul.
Hey, Paul.
How you doing, Paul? So, you know, sorry we didn't call.
Really appreciate you guys making the drive, but, uh, Mr.
Fein's gonna have to pass on this one, okay? Uh why? I mean, he hasn't even heard the pitch we're here.
Right, right, right.
There were, uh There were some I guess there were some other factors, so, you know Okay, what other factors? (SIGHS) Just - Just a couple hurdles.
- Uh-huh.
Again, really sorry, we you know, we didn't call.
Sure, what what hurdles? - I sort of Googled your name.
- Okay, okay.
- Just give me okay? - Yeah, yeah.
Look, man, I sort of Googled your name when we set the meeting, and I - A bunch of stuff popped up? - About the investigation, yeah.
- Okay, look.
- (CLEARS THROAT) Let me just talk to him, okay? This is ridiculous.
This is hey, hey.
He's headed to another meeting, you know, sorry, man Let me just okay, well, let me catch him before he goes.
Here's the thing: I have not been convicted of anything.
- Right, right, right.
- This is a smear campaign.
- I'm just the messenger.
- You're not just the messenger.
- I mean - Hey, hey.
I gotta go.
Have a good drive.
Thanks for coming in.
Thanks for calling! (CLAPS HANDS) Who's hungry? (DISTANT CHATTER) What dey do, son? 'Sup.
Hey, son.
Open up the glove box.
(ENVELOPE TEARING) They're good seats? They seats.
(LAUGHING) That shit's a fortune, even after Lebron left.
"Good seats.
" Hey, look, I'll tell you what.
We get this neighborhood back on its feet and one day, you and I, we be sitting courtside, baby.
Hey, Pap.
Yeah? Promise not to get mad? Aww, Touie I'm sorry, Pap, but I needed to try something.
So, what You just gonna rip this dude off? No! I mean I already sent it to him.
I took it out of your closet, all right? Wh What'd you do? You just put it in the damn mailbox? USPS.
I mean, they don't inspect it.
You put it in the mail?! Yeah, Pap, look I been asking around, and you got, like, one-in-a-thousand chance of getting pinched for sending it through.
How you got a one-in-a-thousand chance? Oh, no, them government dudes are they broke.
No one in there is trying to check they shit.
It's too expensive.
And the mail got there? The money was held in escrow, through GenCoin, and once the buyer received the package, the money was sent to this account.
He paid $70 for a gram? Yeah.
Damn, that's ten more than my street markup.
I mean, I spent six on shipping.
- So - Well, still.
Look, I'm sorry, Pap, I didn't mean to go behind your back.
Yeah, you shouldn't have done that.
I know.
I just I just needed to try something, you know? I just (STAMMERING) I'm sorry, but this is where shit's going.
And if I wanted to use this, uh, Silence Quest, or whatever I mean, there's other markets, too.
Silk Road 3.
0 - Yeah, but this is all on Tor? - Yeah.
We not just trying to make a quick buck here, now, you feel me? Trying to build an empire.
It's a lot of volume.
A lot of risk.
But, like I think there's people who who can I think there's people who can, like, secure our shit.
Somebody who can make it so that nobody knows who we are.
Right? 100%.
I know a girl who could do that.
(CHUCKLES) I watched you leave before I saw you go On your way to another tomorrow I asked you please Let me know The path that you choose to follow (VOCALIZING) I heard you leave I felt you go Making your way to another tomorrow I felt the sting Let it burn Asking myself when I would learn But it seems you're back again You're back again You say we're more than friends Well, oh my my, this never ends It's happening When will you be back again? I see you're back again, you're back again You say we're more than friends Well, oh my my, this never ends It's happening When will you be back again? Yeah again, yeah yeah, again That was excellent.