StartUp (2016) s02e02 Episode Script

Bleeding Edge

1 VERA: Even with a confession from Grigory [SCREAMING] Phil Rask! PHIL: What do you need? Tell me.
There is still some baggage if anyone were to look into the money trail.
PHIL: So, you think Nick Talman should take the fall? I finally found that warrant.
NICK: Thank you, again, for what you did for me.
Was I supposed to let you rot in prison? You're still like a son to me.
Are there meetings set up with investors? NICK: Um, absolutely.
It's all in motion.
Fein's gonna have to pass on this one.
I have not been convicted of anything.
This is a smear campaign.
Alice, do you know where he is? No.
NICK: Hey, what's wrong with you? IZZY: I was this close.
I almost killed him.
I almost shot him.
[MEN CHANTING] The neighborhood lookin' to me now.
They're looking to me to keep their bellies full, keep their pockets full.
I got an idea.
One a 'em Little River jits was talking about how they're all getting on this Dark Net thing instead of standing on corners.
I ain't trying to have the feds up in here.
I think there's people who can, like, secure our shit.
Who can make it so that nobody knows who we are.
I know a girl who could do that.
I need you to make it so I can travel.
I'm gonna find him for you.
Oh, I see.
How about you just tell me where he is? I don't know where he is.
I'm gonna find him.
I know I can find him.
So, you're just gonna bring him back here, like a good little dog? I would bring you a severed head - if it would clear my name.
- Can't do that, Nick.
Can't put a severed head on trial.
Just let me find him.
How do I know you won't just, uh, disappear yourself? I'm not trying to run for my life, I am trying to get it back.
All right.
Well, uh you take me to his front door, we got a deal.
[THEME MUSIC PLAYING] I was starting to think I'd find you and South Beach dead back here.
[GRUNTS] It's been a minute, girl.
Is your family pulling through? Wouldn't know.
It's your people, girl.
You gotta be there for your people.
All right, look.
I ain't gonna fun and act like I know what you're going through.
I ain't got no idea.
But Nick told me what went down with With golden boy.
What are you doing here? I need a favor.
All of a sudden, these folks, they're interested in our real estate.
Folks with money.
Business has been cut in half the last month.
We've been hearing these jits, couple of hoods over, they've been pulling extra money down on the Dark Web on that Tor shit.
You know about that shit? 'Course I know about Tor.
That's That's right.
What do you know about that shit? Can we trust that to move product? It depends.
You know the government started it? - Word? - Word.
Feds funded that shit.
They've been on it since the jump.
Give me that.
Ain't no way to make that shit more secure? People have been writing forks for a minute.
What's "forks"? Just different variations on the same network.
Better encryption.
You know how to get ahold of one of those? I don't know, dude.
Google it, download it.
[CHUCKLING] You're being seriously helpful right now, girl.
What do you want me to do, Ronald? You want me to come to your house and give you computer lessons? Go see your family, Isabelle.
That shit is way bigger than you.
- Hi.
Thank you.
[CLEARS THROAT] So, the DOJ is trying to mount the strongest possible case against Talman, but with his father on a limb VERA: We're not here to talk about Nicholas, we're here to talk about Isabelle.
She is becoming a problem again.
She tried to shoot Alex.
[CHUCKLES] When you say "tried" She put a gun to his head in the middle of our campus.
- Yeah.
- [CLEARS THROAT] Did you call the authorities? [SCOFFS] I need you to put a leash on her.
I don't know.
I think you should call the police.
It sounds pretty serious.
Our man was not sitting behind bars for his health.
No, of course not.
But I castrated Talman at your request because that I can do.
You want evidence to go missing, I can do that, too.
You want me to look the other way while you funnel rubles into your Sunny Isles condo development, I will gladly oblige because we have an agreement, you and I.
But I'm not a babysitter, it's not part of the deal.
Do you ever wonder what your life would have been like if you just left Miami? Before you came to us.
How things might have been different for you? Listen, I can take care of this, okay? I just thought it might be more effective to send the FBI agent with whom she's so familiar.
Or I can send my baby brother to take care of it.
Your choice.
- Isabelle.
- Hey, Mom.
Um, your father and I, we were just watching the game.
[TV PLAYING] [DOOR CLOSES] I'll get you something.
How are you doing, Dad? ADOLFO: It's a good game, we're up.
It's exciting.
You hungry? - No.
- Okay.
Yeah! [SPEAKS SPANISH] Finally.
You know that bullet was meant for me, right? I just made that pork tenderloin last night.
It's in the fridge, if you're hungry.
- I'm gonna take this.
- What, mija? I gotta go.
What's up, man? Yeah, you good? Am I? So, what you got? Remember when you snatched me up outta school? Took me to our local beach.
You remember that? - You still remember that? - Got me that snow cone.
- [LAUGHS] - Cherry.
'Course I remember that shit.
First snow cone I ever had.
You ain't paid for that shit.
Oh, hell no.
See? Look at you.
- We grew up together.
- 58th Terrace, baby.
So, you know what we got to lose, then? So I got to thinkin', man maybe we can work something out.
Y'all keep a cool on our corners, turn a blind eye, let us do our thing, we keep shit peaceful, for real.
Shit, Ronny.
You don't understand what's happening, huh? When's the last you been to the 58 T? It's just rows of townhouses popping up.
And then, you got Cherelus's new shit.
Of course, I know that.
Why do you think I'm talking to you? You know, there was a time where we'd scratch each other's back.
But now, with all this shit going down, those orders are coming down from much higher up now.
[SCOFFS] Please.
5%! I'll give you 5% of everything that we pull in here.
No, man.
Nigga, you trippin'.
You can't buy this shit, man.
Not no more.
Holler at your boy.
RONALD: Hey, you're doing great.
You're doing great.
Keep up the good work.
Isabelle I need to talk to you.
Won't take a second.
Hey, look, I'm here for your safety.
- My safety? - Yeah.
Listen to me.
Whatever you tried with Alex, you know what these people will do.
So forget about them.
Stay away.
Live your goddamn life.
Live my life? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Is that what you think I should do, live my goddamn life? My sister was always the good one.
Nice, big heart, all that shit.
I had a family, they cared about me, they put up with me, and I was too proud for all of it.
[SOBBING] But Delfia all she wanted was the best for everyone else.
All she ever wanted was for everyone else to be happy, while you only think about what's good for yourself.
Arresting Nick, coming here to tell me to sit still.
I think this might be what is best for you getting a young girl killed.
Even murdering someone, right? Oh, I'm so sorry, that case was cleared.
Big misunderstanding.
I have a daughter, and I That's a shame.
- Yeah, well good decisions have never really been my forte, heave they? Yeah, well, I need to get messy.
Okay? Okay.
Whatever you need to do to sort your head out, Alex, do it fast.
This new project is too important to the success of She put a gun right here.
Do you have any idea what that's like? Agent Rask is dealing with it.
- "Dealing with it"? - Peacefully.
So not like with her sister, then.
- Those were my brother's orders.
- Doesn't matter, Vera.
She blamed me.
You get that? You I agreed to be the face of this company, but when you pull shit like that So, quit.
You can leave today.
But you'll leave the houses and the cars, the nightclub, not to mention all that adulation.
- Hi.
It's been a minute.
You look well.
- You don't.
- Thank you.
So you needed to come over and Yes.
Come on.
Juan, this is Izzy.
Izzy, this is Juan.
What's up? Juan is mad at me.
- Oh.
- I'd give you a tour of the place but I know you wouldn't give a shit, so - Place looks legit.
- Thank you.
We got it on a foreclosure.
We need to take out a second mortgage, though.
- Times are tough.
- IZZY: Racetracks? It's a little more hardcore than that.
I won't ask.
Cheers, mama.
I was very sorry to hear about your sister.
I was gonna call, but It's a tough time for you.
I'm gonna do my best not to be cunty about our past and how you screwed me.
So we'll bury the hatchet for a little while.
And what we have here I invite you to peruse and partake of our bountiful supply.
Where shall we start? - I think you should ask Freddy.
- Hmm.
Freddy, where shall we start? With the cocaine.
[TOUIE SOBBING] - I'll go.
- [SIGHS] - [SOBBING] - Shh.
It's okay, son.
It's okay.
- [SOBBING] - It's okay.
She wasn't going to come until I told her Chris was cooking.
I know we do.
Ruth, let me call you back.
Twice in one week.
- What's going on? - Um Okay, I don't wanna scare you.
- What's wrong? - Alice, I'm really worried about him.
There's some people that he owes.
- People? - Yeah, dangerous people.
Oh, my God.
And the thing is, they're gonna find him.
They always find who they're looking for, these people.
And right now, he's just a sitting duck.
If I don't find him first Alice, I don't know what's gonna happen.
I don't know what's gonna happen to him.
[EXHALES] That's in Panama.
It's a little private place he bought us.
Surprised me on our honeymoon.
[SIGHS] Can't remember exactly where it is.
Maybe two hours outside of Panama City.
How do you know that this is where he went? Because he asked me to go with him.
THORTON: Toussaint's always been such an amenable student.
At this age, it's not uncommon for a boy to, maybe, test boundaries, whether it's to get a rise out of classmates or impress a girl.
And we're sorry.
You know, both of us are.
We just appreciate that you care.
You know, we'll talk to him.
It's not about what he said to Mr.
That's not why I called.
What concerns me, what concerns his teachers, is his affect.
For the past few months, he's been considerably withdrawn.
Has there been anything different at home? Anything we should know about? No, not really.
He's just a teenage boy.
I thought I might've killed ya.
This close.
What are you doing over there? Just one of my new little projects.
It's a virtual server firm kinda thing.
I'm learning with some boys in Armenia.
- Mmm.
- Australia.
- Mmm-hmm.
- South Korea.
Using individual PCs as a decentralized data storage.
Also, inter-continental network.
Oh, look at you.
Maybe you should try You should get yourself another pet, Izz.
Does wonders.
Um Do you need a ride or something? NICK: Hola.
Uh, do you have Uh, I need to get a rental car.
Okay, great.
Thank you.
And then, also, is there a good realtor, or a realty office nearby? - [KNOCK ON DOOR] - Adelante.
- Hi, there.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- You know, I'm sorry.
- Hello, hello.
I'm sorry to interrupt you.
- Quick question for you - Can I help you? Yes.
Uh, a friend of mine was visiting here not too long ago.
Stayed at a wonderful little town.
He loved it, told me to check it out, except this guy doesn't remember the name of it.
So I was just wondering, by any chance, does that landscape look familiar to you? Almost looks like La Enea.
- La Enea? - Mmm-hmm.
Down a ways southwest.
Southwest? Okay.
- Tiny.
- Yeah? If not La Enea, definitely close.
Would you mind showing me where that is? No, no, I don't.
- Okay.
- Come here.
Over here.
I will show you in the map.
- Here you are, Panama City.
- Okay.
And then, here is La Enea.
[KEYBOARD CLACKING] I think this on your toes I can't have it Oh, don't you know On the grandest ship and down the low Everybody, clap your hands And oh Every court is on your side Every thought that's in your eyes Every happy thing that goes Always falls onto the floor Waiting silently for you to come home Home Waiting silently for you to come home Home Uh, ola.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] Uh Mmm? Excuse me? Have you seen this guy around? Does he come in here at all? He's a little older than that.
Mmm? Yeah.
Yes, that's my father.
That's my father.
Do you know where he lives? Do you know where, um, donde su casa? [SPEAKS SPANISH] - You go out.
- Yes, yes.
Then you turn to, uh, left.
Yo, don't run.
Slow down.
What's up, baby? What the hell's this? Found it on the door this morning.
You need to call Ronny.
Maybe I should talk to Jules.
You know, he and I used to date, junior year.
So, what are you gonna do, offer up that ass? Maybe.
I know that ass make a man do a thing or two.
- Ain't that right? - Mmm-hmm.
You think I've gotten weak, Tam? I think you're smart.
Sometimes too smart.
[RONALD CLEARS THROAT] Jey will start merking cops, taking land.
And that's what you think I should be doing? I think you should do whatever you think is right for our family.
And that boy in there, he needs his father right now.
- I'm going.
[KNOCKING CONTINUES] - Open the door.
- Oh, shit.
Ronny, I did it.
You on something, girl? - Check it out.
- TAMARA: Ronny, who's here? Uh, Tam this is Izzy.
Izzy, this is Tam.
- IZZY: What up? - Hey, nice to finally meet you.
Dude, remember, last week you were talking to me about Tor and moving product? Yeah, let me Hold on a second.
IZZY: I was thinking Why the hell is she here at this hour? How do you find your way onto the Dark Net that's 100% anonymous? - I mean - I know, baby.
Just let me see, okay? Hold on a second.
IZZY: How do you do it? - How do you do it? - RONALD: Hey.
Just keep it down.
I got a kid sleeping.
Boom! Then it hits me.
You don't.
You don't because it's impossible unless you create your own Dark Net.
Are you sure you ain't on something? Why? - Your own Dark Net? - I already did.
Come here.
Come here.
So, this is us on the network.
Well, I'm the only person on the network right now, but I created a software that you can download or copy onto any other device.
It's just like Tor, it gives you access to the Dark Net.
But it's my Dark Net.
I call it ArakNet.
So, you know, what a network is, it's a bunch of computers talking to each other at the same time.
Um, that's basically what the Internet is.
It could be two computers, it could be two million computers.
All that matters is that it has a platform.
I created that platform.
- ArakNet? - ArakNet.
- Even if the NSA had our software, - [RONALD CLEARS THROAT] they couldn't identify your IP address or your identity.
So, uh, we can use this right now? Well, you can't use it right now.
I'm the only person on the network.
You gotta get more people on the network.
Oh, shit.
Dad? [KNOCKING ON DOOR] [MUSIC PLAYING] Breaking down walls that hold you Chained to the night Temptation sways It's hard to tame The boundaries melt away Caught up in the spotlight, shining Fly by the moon Intoxicating She's there waiting The hour is breaking blue Digging in deeper Won't let the sun steal her away Wish I could keep her But she won't let me stay I keep digging in deeper