State of Georgia (2011) s01e07 Episode Script

There's a Place for Us

Okay, dinner is served.
Ramen again.
Not just ramen.
Georgia Chamberlain's famous peanut sesame ramen.
Is that a Reese's piece? No.
That's a flavor nugget, a blue flavor nugget.
Whoo! Who wants lobster tails? Leftovers from my party last night.
Regis Philbin had already eaten.
So like him.
If you could just put it down, I'll go get my bib.
No, nuh-uh.
Jo, now we decided since we're staying here rent-free we're gonna pay our way for everything else.
But if we don't eat it, then those cute lobsters will have given up their tails for nothing.
You know they gave up more than their tails, right? La la la la la! They cut off their tails and the tails grow back! La la la la la! Knock yourself out.
Oh, I'm sorry, girls.
You two just kept going on and on.
I got peckish.
So what are you girls doing tonight besides starving yourselves for no damn good reason? We have a very big night.
I'm going up to my school to see the study space they assigned me.
And then we have a very big night.
We're going to the hottest club in New York.
- Oh? Like temperature-wise? Do I need to bring my boy deodorant? It's called 1104, and it's an underground place.
You have to know where it is to get in.
- So where is it? - I don't know.
But when I find it, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake, cutie, are gonna be our friends.
- Wow! I'm already sweating.
- I know.
Sounds like a lot of trouble just to find a place to hang out.
Where we hang has to be the right place so we can be seen, so we can meet the right people and maybe even get discovered.
That reminds me of when I was trying to make it in New York.
Longest three days of my life.
One night at the Algonquin I met Mr.
Now the rules of the ladies hotel where I was living was that if you had a gentlemen caller, you had to keep three feet on the floor at all times.
Lucky for Mr.
Dupree, I was possessed with an almost freakish flexibility.
So we eloped and he brought me here.
So how did you end up with the apartment upstairs? Well, when Mr.
Dupree passed, the divorcé upstairs was kind enough to console me.
So you started on the 18th and you married into 19.
And I got my eye on that widower on 21.
But what about 20? Lesbians.
Ah, maybe.
Hi, Lewis.
What's this? A unicorn? A left-handed shortstop? No, it's a lady physics student.
I'm just looking for my study carrel.
Grow up.
Your fly's down.
Made you look! Fine, you got me.
- But I've got the study carrel.
- Any idea where 124 is? Uh, maybe between 123 and 125? Look at that.
It's gonna be a fun five years.
This is it.
This is where I'll be writing my papers and making my discoveries and changing the world.
What was that? Did you just feel that? Are you going to be this needy every day? Jo, come on, the club is around here somewhere.
I mean, the guy at the gym's friend's sister said she was there last night.
Can we just keep looking? Evening, ladies, what can I get you? If you're hungry, I've got ten wings for a dollar.
I have a dime.
Wing me.
Yeah, I'm just gonna take a water with ice.
Shaken with a twist.
Ooh! And one of those umbrella things if you have 'em.
I love those.
Ladies, I'm sensing that you're on a budget.
I am also sensing that you're BFFS, you're new in town, and one of you has a tattoo - that the other one doesn't know about.
- Duh.
- What? - What? Yeah.
I'm gonna let you guys hash that out.
I will be right back with your fraction of an appetizer and your quirky- but-labor-intensive free drink.
Now why did you order food? Look, I'm hungry.
You wouldn't let me eat before, and I'm still recovering from that hurricane in my study carrel.
Stop being so dramatic.
I thought you just said it was a broken air vent.
That blows all the air from the universe on top of my head.
Then change desks.
You can't do that.
The student handbook clearly states that once you're assigned a study carrel, you can't change it.
That's the stupidest rule.
But it's still a rule and if I break it, I could get into trouble.
With who? The physics police? No, the carrel cops.
Department of Nerdland Security.
Ladies, your wing and your water.
I threw in a couple of orange slices so you don't get scurvy.
- Oh! - Thank you.
He's nice.
What do you tip on a dime? Hmm, a dime.
Usually about one to two cents, depending on service of course.
Wow, two cents, all right.
Next time you get a clean glass.
- That's funny, barkeep.
- Patrick.
I'm Jo.
She's Georgia.
I don't think we need to be learning names.
We're not staying very long.
We're just looking for a club around here.
1104? Patrick knows everything, including the secret to a great wing.
Patrick, do you seriously know where club 1104 is? On the corner across the street.
Patrick, thank you so much.
Okay, come on, Jo, let's go.
- Oh, wait, I forgot my bone.
- What are you doing? I can make soup out of it.
- It's a dry-cleaner's.
- The club is in the back or something, you know, just to keep the wannabes out.
Valtierra! My goodness, that's how you get into the club.
Thank you.
Or that's how you get your dry-cleaning.
Light starch on the shirts and there's a wine stain on one of the ties.
Maybe it's a whole, like, secret code.
You come in, you drop off your clothes.
You leave; You come back, they're clean, you pick them up and you get into the club.
Except for that last part, that's how a dry-cleaner's works.
I don't know.
I'm getting that club vibe, and my club vibe is never wrong.
You got a club in here? Nope.
- You sure? - Yep.
Maybe we should do some research.
Valtierra, light starch, wine stains.
Man, what is up with my club vibe? - How's it going, Mrs.
Lee? - Kickin' it.
Okay, okay, where'd they go? Where'd who go? You should not be messing with her club vibe.
Okay, you wanna play games.
I can play games.
Can't believe he missed that, right? Let's play.
Game on! Hi, mom.
Headquarters to nerd base 1.
Come in, nerd base 1.
Georgia, can you please stop putting yourself in my phone as "mom"? Well, I like to make sure you pick up.
I'm also "dad," "emergency" and "Nana's nursing home.
" So did you figure out a way for us to get into the club? I found out they have a Twitter account, so assuming they tweet the password every night, but it's locked.
So how are we getting that password? I wrote an algorithm so that my computer would submit randomized combinations of numbers and letters to 1104's Twitter account at a rate of 10,000 per minute, so So how we getting that password? I told Mr.
computer to think really really hard.
Oh God, nerd base out.
Your thumb drive landed in my oatmeal.
Are you not seeing what's happening here? Look, I'm not interested in having a will-they-or-won't-they kind of thing with you.
Even if you do smell like strawberries and dryer sheets.
Hand rinse.
What did you say? Hand Rinse.
You know the password.
See? You may have had a little fun with us last night, but Georgia Chamberlain does not not get into clubs.
That means I always get into clubs.
Oh my goodness.
Seat me next to Beyonce.
Seat me next to the bathroom.
I like to know where they are.
- Wait! - What? This club's not for girls like you.
Don't worry about her.
Give her some time.
She'll blend in.
I'm talking about you.
Heartful of dreams, purseful of headshots.
Eat ramen noodles, sing Jennifer Hudson song from weight watchers in the shower.
No, I am not desperate, and I will do anything to prove that I belong in there in a very non-desperate, you know, swagged-out kind of way.
There's a bar down the street-- Mickey's.
- I know that place.
- Shh! No, we don't.
Go to Mickey's, get the portrait of Mickey hanging from behind the bar, also a plate of wings.
Some wings and a portrait.
Can we get in then? Oh, yeah, party like rock stars.
I don't wanna do this.
You know how I feel about breaking rules.
This isn't breaking a rule, Jo.
This is playing a little prank on your buddy Patrick here who we'll never see again, because we'll be hanging at 1104.
- Georgia and Jo.
- Hey.
Not sure why you're back.
I think it might involve directions, but it's good to see you anyway.
Actually, we would like a dozen wings.
Wow, what happened? You guys win the lottery? Rob a mall fountain? No no no no.
We are not robbers.
We're pranksters.
I'm having trouble breathing.
Okay, we'll do it together, sweetheart.
Okay, you got your order in so the pressure is off.
I'll take it from here.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
All right, now here's the picture and here's how we're gonna get it down.
When he comes back with the wings, we're gonna distract him away from the bar, grab it and run.
How are we gonna distract him away from the bar? Stay right there.
- Hide it.
- Peach Schnapps? Hide it! All right, ladies, your wings.
Thank you, Patrick.
I was also thinking that I would like a real drink.
Um yeah.
A fuzzy navel.
You want that and a real drink? Well, where I'm from, it's quite popular.
I think they make it with peach Schnapps, I believe.
- Oh.
- Ahem.
I'm out of peach Schnapps.
Does that happen often? Usually just on prom night.
- We should have more in the back.
- Thanks for that.
Let's go.
That was amazing, Jo.
You gotta get over this bar.
- Can we just steal the man's picture and leave? - Yes.
- Can I have another beer? - We don't work here.
- Patrick, let me get-- - Shh! Sir, of course we work here.
Why else would we be behind the bar? Can we get you a menu, sir? You know we don't actually work here, right? - Here you go.
- This is soda.
No no, it's a free soda.
It won't budge.
I need a screwdriver.
It's a little dusty , but I found it.
Jo, Jo, Jo, Jo! Okay, fuzzy navel.
- Patrick.
- What? - There's a rat.
- What? Where? It went o It's over there! Patrick, please.
Give me your purse.
Cherries! This is a new bag.
I'm sure Old Navy will make more of them, Jo.
I'm sorry, dude.
I don't think that was a rat.
Actually, I think that was just a really ugly baby and, um, it just ran away.
- My phone is in-- - Shh! So, Patrick, where I'm from, we like to have cherries with our fuzzy navels.
How else would you make it elegant? I am out of cherries too.
That hasn't happened since-- well, that's never happened.
I don't think I've ever refilled this thing.
Do you mind if I-- I mind if you get your job together, Patrick.
Seriously, what kind of bar are you running? - Come on, let's go.
- Georgia, let's go around this time.
I feel like that guy saw more than he should have last time.
Okay, all right.
How are we going to unscrew this thing? With a screwdriver that I'll make with stirry things and toothpicks and a screwdriver I found behind the bar.
Oh sweet.
And then-- I got it.
I got it! Okay, here, come on and take it.
Run run! We forgot the wings! Wait.
I think we should leave a tip.
Do you have change for a $20? He's been nice, but I feel like that's a lot.
Really? Really, Jo? You think that's a lot? Here, just make it rain.
There you go, Patrick.
You may be the slowest thieves we've ever had.
We left you a tip.
I'm gonna need a new passport now.
Who carries around a passport? How else am I gonna cash my travelers checks? Let me guess.
The dry-cleaner sent you.
How did you know? Patrick knows everything.
Happens all the time.
They see someone desperate to get in the door and they send 'em over here for Mickey's picture.
That's why I keep copies in the back.
You have copies in the back? Yeah, a whole stack of 'em.
If you just asked me, I would have sold you one for 10 bucks.
Just curious.
Would you have accepted a travelers check? All right, girls, I don't know what happened, but I have $10,000 in small bills, some plane tickets and a condom.
I also have some things that you might need.
- Aunt Honey, what are you doing here? - Jo called me.
I panicked.
You know how I feel about breaking the rules.
I panic.
What did they do? And if you have to take your shirt off to explain, it's okay.
We're all grownups here.
It's no big deal.
It's all good.
Ocean's Two here was just trying to get into the club across the street.
I told you girls not to worry about getting in there.
That is the hot place to be.
Those places, they come and go.
The important thing is to find a place where you feel good.
That´s the place to be.
Whoa whoa whoa.
Am I getting the loser speech? The one that I gave to Jo when I got invited to Kelly Webster's sixth birthday party and she didn't? The one where you lie and say, "Oh, no, you're not missing anything.
You'll have more fun by yourself"? So Kelly Webster's party was fun? She had a slip 'n slide.
Your aunt's right.
I used to work at 1104, and it's pretty awful.
It's hot.
It's crowded.
It smells like chemicals.
And everybody's just pretending to have a good time 'cause they think they're supposed to.
So it sucks and I can't get in.
Instead of worrying about the hottest place to be, you need to find a place where you can be the girl from back home, the one I know everyone is going to love.
Back home I could get in anywhere.
I was on every list-- "Georgia plus anyone.
" I can vouch for that.
Without her, I was nobody.
- And then with her, I was "anyone.
" - See? And when you were back home being so popular, were you jumping around bars making a ruckus? Taking all my cherries.
Oh, you don't take a man's cherries.
And you don't pull a lady out of her bath.
And I had company.
See what I mean? You cannot stay here.
Who's over there? Nobody.
Then why aren't you in it? 'Cause they told me to be here.
Well, I was told to be in that club.
No, you weren't.
The point is I realized I can be happier somewhere else and so can you.
So take that over there.
What a rush.
See? And nobody even cares.
I'm telling! I am so telling.
- I'm gonna go back.
- No, you're not.
- No, I'm not.
- You are breaking the rules.
And without rules, order becomes chaos, and that is when the machines make their move.
Are you really gonna rat her out? And enjoy every minute of it.
Hey, Jo, remember that thing that we did to Kelly Webster when she didn't invite you to her birthday the next year? I like that.
I'm still going to tell.
Or maybe I won't.
I've always loved you!