State of Georgia (2011) s01e09 Episode Script

Foot in the Door

Hmm, since you're playing with lego pieces, would you like me to put your wine in a sippy cup? I'm not playing.
I'm building a scale replica of the CERN supercollider for a school project.
Oh really? Because the box says "Death Star.
" I just got off the most frustrating call with the president of the co-op board.
It must have been frustrating trying to use that giant cordless phone.
This is a double showerhead and he won't let me put it in my shower.
The co-op won't let you have two showerheads? I already have two.
I want four more.
That seems like a waste of water.
Oh, sweetie, it's a drop in the bucket compared to the koi pond in my library.
What are you two doing home on a Friday night? Well, we were going to hang out at Mickey's, but for some reason they're closed for a few days.
They're the only place that gives us free drinks-- except for here.
Those aren't free.
You will be getting a bill, dear.
- I told you.
- I did hear something about Mickey's being closed.
They're filming a TV show there.
Uh, what show? You know, the one you girls always watch.
Ha, I watch 20 hours of TV a day, Aunt Honey.
I'm going to need you to be more specific.
You know, the one with the leggy lady that's always in court.
"Doux Process"? Starring Gwen Dressel as Vivian Doux, the tough-as-nails detective who solves crimes while raising her eight adorable kids? That show makes a complete mockery of the forensic sciences.
But the kid with the lisp has stolen my heart.
How'd you know they were filming down there? Well, a man I may or may not have met at a turkish bathhouse-- he's one of the producers.
He just went on and on about how great the show was and how it's launched the careers of so many young actors.
Well, you girls have a great evening.
Oh uh but-- hey! You can't just throw information out like that and then leave.
You think you can get me a part on the show? Why would you want one? I am an actress.
Are you still fooling around with that? You read lines with me yesterday.
You mean we're not really planning a bank heist? I'll make a call.
Jo, did you hear that? My first TV job.
You know what that means? I am one step closer to my second TV job.
But first I gotta figure out how to get my showerhead past the co-op board.
I still don't understand why you need six of them.
Why do I need six cars when I only have one behind? I'm rich, girls.
Keep up! My first day on set-- I'm going to remember this moment.
I hope you remember, because I forgot to film it.
Sorry, but we're closed for a TV shoot.
Oh, I know.
I'm in the show.
I'm a guest star.
You wouldn't happen to know where the guest stars trailers are, would you? No, but I think that guy over there is the director.
- Thank you.
- Georgia is about to meet the director for the first time.
She hesitates before speaking.
What will she say? If you just "shh," I'll say it.
Hi, I'm Georgia Chamberlain.
Uh, guest star.
My Aunt Honey made the call.
Oh right.
The, um, bathhouse favor.
Whoo, that is not a nickname I would like to stick.
Uh, you wouldn't happen to know where my trailer is, would you? Trailer? Extras don't get trailers.
Extra? Like in the background? No no no no no, see, there is no way that I do not have a speaking role.
You must have me confused with some other little bathhouse favor.
Look, you're either an extra or you're a trespasser.
Your call.
How many lines does the trespasser get? I meant you can either be an extra or you can leave.
Uh! Um, I'm sorry.
They have a free baked-potato bar.
What did I miss? Okay, extras, I'm going to need you in just a few.
- The first shot is just about ready.
- Oh no, I got it.
Oh, you mean your shot.
Well, if you need a second camera, I'll-- I'll be way way over here.
Uh, excuse me, Mr.
Hi, I looked over the script and I have a few questions.
Oh! Okay, sure.
I'll tell you what.
I will just halt production and we can sit and have a drink and I'll answer all your questions.
Or I can make the show.
Go ahead and do that.
We'll get that drink later.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So what's your story? - Why are you here? - I'm a substitute teacher.
This pays about the same, but here I feel like I'm making more of a difference.
Ah, what about you? Um, do you have any acting experience? Ha, no! But people tell me I look like Bradley Cooper.
Oh my God, it's amateur hour.
Okay, acting 101! Just because you're in the background doesn't mean you can't have a character.
How many shows have you been an extra on? That's not important, sweetheart.
What matters is that your character has a backstory.
For instance My name is Charlotte and I had a crazy crazy fight with my husband, something about a nanny, and he stormed out.
I've been calling his cell, but he's not answering.
So a part of me thinks that-- that's his body right there.
I've always wanted to be a doctor.
Maybe they'll need me to operate.
The victim's already dead.
What? Aw, man! Oh, but the frustration-- it's good.
Use it.
My school just texted me.
I'm supposed to go in to work.
Yes, but the police won't let you cross the tape.
You're like a caged animal.
I love it! No, I actually have to go teach.
Why don't you just save it for the scene, yeah? Okay, everybody, Gwen is here.
Let's have good energy.
And, please, no eye contact with her.
Oh, you look absolutely amazing.
What a talent you are.
I'm so pleased to be working with you.
Why don't you just get right in here? - You need anything? Good? All right.
- No, I'm okay.
Here we go.
And Action! - This body is cold.
- Excuse me, I have to go teach.
- Eric? - Cut cut! What is going on here? I feel like I'm in a psych ward.
And that blonde just looked me in the eye! Gwen, I'm sorry-- I told you to call me Vivian when I'm in character.
You're right.
Vivian, I'm sorry.
I'm not in character anymore.
Call me when you're really ready.
What are you people doing?! You're background, not the Thriller video! I was just gonna stand here, but she told us we had to do stuff.
Wha-- oh.
Between us pros, they seemed a little lost.
Well, between us pros, - You're fired.
- Fired? But no no no, I'm a favor.
Remember? You can't fire a favor.
That means somebody still owes something.
Then you will just have to run along home and have your aunt call someone else for you.
- I need you off the set.
- Fine! There are plenty of alleys in this town where a girl can make a living.
- You know what I mean.
- I got you.
I don't get it! I was clearly the most talented person there and I get tossed? The disappointment is palpable.
Please stop filming.
Why do you think I want to remember this moment? It's not even on.
I just like talking like this.
Someone fix me a scotch and soda.
And yes, I know we're out of soda.
Aunt Honey has never had soda.
I just had Mr.
Humphrey, the co-op board president, in my apartment to discuss my showerhead needs.
Thank you, darling.
Well, he took one look at my koi pond, threw a fit and made me drain it.
On the bright side, it's been a while since I had a fish fry.
- But those are endangered Japanese-- - Aw, it tastes like grouper.
So how's my little TV star? Worst day ever.
They made me an extra and then they fired me basically for no reason.
You're a favor.
You can't fire a favor.
That means someone still owes something.
You want me to call that producer again? It will be a little awkward.
We had a bit of a falling out.
Something fell out that wasn't supposed to.
- Calm it down! I'm kind of curious.
Aunt Honey, would you mind calling the producer again? Oh, why would I mind? I hook you up all the time.
Oh, is this one of my showerheads? You do hook me up-- a lot.
When did I become the girl who has things handed to her? I thought she was kidding.
Oh, you've always been that girl.
I know that my family spoils me a little.
A little? Look where we live.
- You have a problem with it? - Oh no.
I love it here.
I love it.
Oh my God, I get it now.
That director didn't see me as a real actress.
He only saw me as a bathhouse favor.
He didn't think that I earned my spot.
That's why he fired me.
So where we at? Call, no call? No call.
See, I'm going to go back.
I'm going to talk to the director.
I'm going to ask for another chance.
I'm going to do exactly as he says to earn his respect.
Jo, why weren't you filming? That was an amazing speech.
Georgia is about to approach the director.
Tension fills the air.
- He recognizes her.
- Hi, do you remember me? No.
Scratch that.
He has no idea who she is.
You fired me a little earlier.
And I had to think about it, but I see why you did it.
So no hard feelings.
And I'm back, ready to work-- Just an actress trying to get her foot in the door.
- Don't make me call security.
- No no no.
But you don't understand.
I had an "aha" moment.
It's actually pretty exciting.
I'm changing my whole life around.
- Apparently I had this habit-- - It was more of a pattern.
Security! Hey, do you think he wants me to play a security guard? Something tells me that this rather large gentleman already has the part.
Ha ha, security can't get rid of me if I am security.
Aw, man! I'm missing a "u.
" I'm the star.
You'd think I'd get my own trailer.
Oh my God.
- I'll call you back.
- You're Gwen Dressel.
And you're that weird extra that got kicked off the set.
If you're stalking me, I've got pepper spray.
No no no! No no, I'm not stalking you.
I just want to be exactly like you.
- What? - Okay, that came out wrong.
That came out wrong.
I, um Listen, I am a huge fan.
All right? And at 13, my mom took me to New York and I saw you on Broadway in "Phantom" and you were amazing.
And you made me want to be an actress.
I'm starting to like you.
Sorry about what happened out there.
Oh yeah, today was supposed to be my breakout day, but it just kind of turned into a disaster.
Oh, it's a tough business out there.
How long have you been here? - A whole two months.
- Wow.
It took me four years to get anywhere near a set.
Well, I guess I'm kinda beating you then, huh? - Oh, you must be very talented.
- Oh, I am.
And as of today I am incredibly driven to succeed without anyone else's help.
Wow-- talented, determined and very pretty.
You're like a younger version of me.
I know! Look.
It's crazy, right? I always said we looked alike.
Hey, maybe one day I could play your daughter.
Daughter? That's a little bit of a stretch, don't you think? No no, I know how old you are.
And what's going to happen is we'll sit down and we'll laugh and I'll go, "Oh, this is just crazy.
"I am a huge movie star and it's all because we met "on 'Doux Process', that show you're still filming.
"But it's okay.
" Wow, I just had a really big "aha" moment.
I did too.
I will see you on the set.
- All right.
- Bye.
Buh-bye, mom, bye! I just made that up.
That was funny, right? You saw it, right? I just made my chances Gwen? I think you accidentally locked the door, Gwen! Jo, help me! That is so cool.
You got to meet Gwen dressel.
Whoo! I think she likes you.
- What are you doing in here? - Duh, I'm filming you.
I was trying to get some candid stuff.
Well, she just locked us in here.
Your first celebrity feud and I got it all.
You're welcome.
Jo, we have to figure out a way to get out of here.
Which is gonna be super hard now because the truck is moving.
Don't panic.
We can survive off this baked potato that I stuffed in my pocket.
Alright, I'm gonna take a shower, get back to set.
Aunt Honey, thank you so much for rescuing us.
Oh, it was a lark.
I hadn't been in one of those fancy movie trailers since I did that thing with Woody Allen.
You were in one of his movies? Oh, he better not have filmed that! Okay, I finally found the tears.
Let's do this.
It's always hard when they're holding a pet.
 Hey, Jo, I'm gonna have to call you back.
Okay, where's the cross-country team that runs by and finds the body? Aw man, there's more to the costume? Yeah yeah, I know the drill.
Georgia, you gotta let this go.
I've spent the whole day hiding in trash cans, borrowing things from makeup.
You've done everything you could to get this job.
Yeah, Georgia did, but now it's time to meet George Chamberlain.
What am I doing? You are going crazy trying to get a job you can't get.
Can't you just save this for the next one? The next one? What if there isn't a next one? Like, I'm so used to people opening doors for me, what if I can't open the doors for myself? - This-- this is how you know.
- What? A girl who-- who expects things handed to her would have given up way before security showed up.
Aw, thanks.
Will you take that off now? What? Is it freaking you out? It's like if Halle Berry and Dr.
Phil had a son.
This is from the lady at the bar.
Tell her I'm flattered, but I'm on a date.
Hold my-- hug me, hold my hand.
Figure it out.
Do something.
- Ugh, you again? - I'm not trying to get in your shot.
All right? I'm just heading home.
Yeah well, you're not doing it fast enough.
Careful! Hey.
You really need to find someone to clean up this fake blood.
- My friend almost slipped.
- That's a lawsuit waiting to happen.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Larry! It looks so real.
What do they make this fake blood out of? Georgia? Georgia? How is she feeling? She's obviously whiplashed, traumatized and suffering from emotional distress.
It's just a bump on the head.
I'll be fine.
Don't speak.
Seriously, don't speak.
I'm sorry, are you a lawyer? No, but I'm also not an idiot.
She got hit with a 2x4 on the head on your set.
Yeah! Yeah, and-- and my friend recorded the whole thing.
I did? I did.
Why would I have stopped recording? That would be so stupid.
How much is this bump on the head gonna cost me? Oh, it's so exciting-- your national TV debut.
I can't believe it actually worked out.
Well, you know what they say-- Luck is when opportunity meets preparation - And a slam-dunk lawsuit.
- Ooh-hoo.
You just described each one of my marriages.
Oh oh, it's coming on, it's coming on.
That's me! That's me right there! Look look look! That's my foot, that's my foot! That's my foot right there! That's it? All you asked for was a foot on TV? It's not about the foot.
Well, look at it up there.
I mean, whoo! It looks so real.
And deadlike.
That is some serious foot acting.
You had a major workplace injury.
If I had that much leverage, that show would be called "Honey Doux Process.
" Well, you know, I got what I wanted.
I got my foot in the door.
Well, if I'm not needed anymore, I'm gonna go upstairs and enjoy my new six-headed shower.
Humphrey changed his mind? No, I went over his head to the members of the board.
We're having a final vote on it tonight right now.
Aunt Honey, I thought you said you were taking a shower.
I am! I just needed to grab a few more towels.