State of Georgia (2011) s01e10 Episode Script

The Popular Chicks

Well, that was a rough day at the office.
I'm gonna say, spending six hours handing out coupons in front of "Chuck's Chicken Shack" is officially the worst job we've ever had.
Yeah, we look like Big Bird's illegitimate kids.
( Cell phone beeps ) Oh my God! Look what Kelly Webster wrote on my Facebook wall.
"Hi, Georgia, I'm sure things are going great in N.
I miss you!" Oh my God! Can you believe her? That's a nice message.
Let me put this through the popular girl translator for you.
"Hey, Georgia, you're a loser.
" "You will never amount to anything in New York.
" "And I am so much better than you.
" How did you get all that from-- Because she posted it knowing that I would go to-- thank you.
Knowing that I would go to her Facebook page.
She's always trying to throw something up in my face.
It's so pathetic.
"Just shared a cab with Katy Perry, supercute New York moment!" These are the things that you have to do to stay on top as a popular girl.
Being popular sounds like hard work.
Now you know why you had to write all my papers in high school.
I was busy.
( Theme music playing ) Lower the bridge and raise your swords, boys.
Let's get out of this clustermess and decapitate some ogres.
What on earth are you doing? I'm playing "Dwarf Quest 4.
" See, I'm a spell-casting dwarf.
We have an emergency! Don't I know it.
Jo is gonna die alone if we don't do something.
At least put some lipstick on, sweetie.
No no no.
Kelly Webster just emailed me.
She's coming to New York and she wants to hang.
Who is Kelly Webster? She's Georgia's frenemy from back home.
She pretends to be my bestie, Aunt Honey, but she lives to humiliate me.
"Hi, Georgia," I'm sure you're having a great time in N.
"I miss you.
" Oh, that snake in the grass.
What?! What do you need, baby? I really need to impress Kelly Webster.
Okay, so I was wondering, stay clear for tomorrow night so she doesn't know that you took us in.
It's not on my highlight reel either.
Well, staying out of your way tomorrow evening will not be a problem.
I'm going to a very high-end key party.
Pick your jaws up.
We trade keys to each other's luxury cars.
( Sighs ) I just hope I don't get Martha Stewart's Bentley again-- Pop-tart wrappers everywhere.
So, Jo, I kinda told Kelly that I've been doing some theater, and I was wondering if you could photoshop my picture into some playbills.
Oh, and the royal wedding photo too.
I bought a hat.
Okay, I'll do that later.
I've gotta get to school right now because we're nominating our physics department liaison.
I'm sorry.
I tuned out after "physics".
What were you saying? Everyone thinks I'm a lock to be student liaison because I can do one special thing that none of those boys can do.
Getting your period is not a superpower.
It's just what your mom told you so you could stop calling 911 every month.
- Yeah, no, not that.
- Okay.
I have social skills.
( Laughs ) Yeah, that's hard to believe with a person wearing a shirt that says, "what would Chewbacca do" If more people asked that question, the world would be a better place.
Hey, guys, what's up? I was googling Seth.
Don't ask why.
And I found out he was on the football team in high school.
Could you do pushups? Boy pushups? It was a math and science magnet school, and I was only the backup punter on the practice squad, although we did get to ride on the bus with the cheerleading alternates.
- ( Gasping ) - No way! Ow, my wrist.
I hereby nominate Seth for physics department liaison because socially, he's the top of our pyramid.
But wait, what about me? I thought I was the top of our pyramid.
- I'll nominate you, Jo.
- Really? Thanks, Seth.
Oh my God! He just did that cool guy thing of being nice to an uncool person because he's so secure in his own coolness.
I've never noticed this, but Seth is clearly the most attractive among us.
Doy! What? He has the most symmetrical features.
Here you go, Georgia.
According to this poster, you've now done "Shakespeare in the park.
" Thank you, Jo.
I'm gonna put this right here so Kelly sees it.
Don't you wanna hang it up somewhere? Jo, if I hang it up, then she knows that I want her to see it.
But you do want her to see it.
She doesn't know that.
Okay, what else you got for me? I thought I was gonna be in a couple of cool indie movies.
I did the poster and some playbills, but I didn't have time to do anything else, because now I have to write a speech for an election I should have already won.
( Knock on door ) Okay, well, if it makes you feel any better, I told Kelly you invented Twitter.
Just work it in somewhere, okay? ( Both shriek ) Both: Hugs! Mwah! Mwah! Hi, Jo.
I heard you invented Twitter.
That's neat.
I sure did.
Little known fact, the correct pronunciation is actually "twiter.
" Twite your friends.
Well, this is quite the place for someone who's only been here a couple of months.
- Oh, it's not mine.
- Oh? Sugar daddy? Well, I guess if you're comfortable with it.
No no no.
It's just it's one of my super famous friend's place.
I don't know if I can tell you.
- I know I can't.
- You know what? Since we're friends, I will.
Let's just say J-Lo didn't wanna raise her adorable little twins in the city.
Wow, that is Unbelievable.
Yeah, I know.
I'm not one to brag, but I am super hooked up.
I see you've been acting.
Georgia, what else have you been in? You just missed my lead performance in "Jesus Christ Superstar.
" She was the first black female Jesus.
She killed and saved.
That key party was a bust.
I ended up with Dicaprio's Prius.
I ditched that thing in the Lincoln tunnel and took me a cab.
- Oh, right.
- Who's this? - This is my-- - she is-- - I'm her-- - personal trainer.
- Really? Yes, I know I could have been a thousand other things, but nope, I'm a personal trainer.
That's right.
She is the best.
You ever heard of the trainers to the stars? Well, she is the trainer to those trainers.
Anyway, I see you're busy.
I'm just gonna go upstairs and warm up the treadmill.
Feel the burn.
Wow, Georgia.
Acting career, personal trainer and J-Lo's apartment.
You really seem to be living the glamorous life.
You know, it's funny I was talking to Steph the other day-- Lady Gaga-- and she was like-- I heard that Steph is really good friends with Jason Derülo.
So you must know him too.
J-Dillo? We are supertight.
So you must be going to his concert tomorrow night then.
Where else would I be? Of course I am.
I'll see you there.
I'll be sitting in the fourth row.
Where are you sitting? Man, I got front-row center.
( Whispers ) Stop saying words.
Well, that is great to hear, because those tickets would cost, like, $600 if you didn't know Jason.
But I do so How about I stop by tomorrow night and we all go to the concert together? ( Panting ) Yeah, I love it.
That's a great idea.
- Yeah.
- ( Both shriek ) Both: Mwah! Mwah! ( Shrieks ) She is good.
Okay, how's this? ( Clears throat ) I will use my social skills to connect the physics department to the non-nerd world.
I see you're smiling, Mr.
I see you're smiling.
Jo, Jo, guess-- Sorry.
Didn't know you had company.
I needed an imaginary audience while I worked on my speech.
And the imaginary tea is the refreshment to thank them for their time.
The more you try to explain, the worse it becomes.
So guess what.
I found front-row tickets to the Jason Derülo concert! ( Screaming ) And it won't cost $600? - No! - Yay! It's gonna cost $900! I know, I know.
Okay, listen.
The concert was sold out, but I found this guy online.
So don't worry, 'cause I have a brilliant plan so we can pay for the tickets.
Pack up your things.
No, I'm still working on my speech.
Jo, it's not gonna take that long.
I promise.
The time is just gonna fly by.
Why did you say fly like that? Cluck cluck! Eat at Chuck's.
Georgia, there's no way that we're gonna get enough people in there to afford those tickets.
It's been 20 minutes.
How many people have come in? A lot.
We just gotta step our game up.
Cock-a-doodle what? Clean bathrooms, no purchase necessary.
Okay, I don't think it counts if they don't buy anything.
You know what does count? This thing.
I know what you guys are looking for-- topless waitresses.
Go get 'em, boys.
That was like 40 kids, right? ( Counter clicking ) What is going on? I got people trashing my bathroom and harassing my waitresses.
Nobody's buying anything.
I think that's a problem with your kitchen 'cause your sales team, we're amazing.
Okay, gimme the clicker.
No no no no.
We really need this job.
I need to buy front-row tickets to the Jason Derülo concert so that I can make my hometown frenemy Kelly Webster jealous.
You're saying words that aren't helping again.
Jason Derülo? Isn't that the guy on the radio that's been giving out tickets to his show? What?! Now go inside and change out of the suits.
No time for changing.
- Please say there's time for changing.
- Gotta go.
Gotta go.
All right, radio fans, D.
Brucester here with Recording: Jason Derülo! And we have two more front-row seats to give away to Jason's concert on Friday.
All right, Jason, - since you're the king today.
- ( Fanfare plays ) Why don't you use that scepter and pick a fan out of the crowd? Okay - Pick me! Pick me! Last two tickets-- how about you lovely ladies? All right, those were the last two front-row tickets.
No! Thank you so much Recording: Jason Derülo! - Can we go home now? - No, if I could just talk to Jason, I'm sure he'll understand.
Jason! I don't think you could just walk up to him like this.
It's okay.
Jason, I need to talk to you privately, - just you and me.
- Uh-oh, crazy girl in a chicken suit.
I gotta get out of this clustermess.
No, I look crazy just because I have this on, but I'm really not crazy.
You should imagine me without it.
That just came out wrong.
Jason, no, listen, here.
I just need to talk to you, okay? ( Shrieks ) I'm not with her.
It's a total coincidence, the chicken suit thing.
All right, we got about three hours until the concert starts.
Let's think.
No, you think.
I'm going to school as soon as I can change into some regular clothes.
That's it, Jo, a change of clothes.
Okay, listen, we need to get some bellhop uniforms, - find out where Jason's staying.
- Enough! I've spent the whole day doing your stuff.
Now I have to go give my half-written speech.
No no, Jo, no.
Jo, this is really really important.
Why is impressing Kelly more important than my physics liaison election? Because she makes me feel like I'm nothing.
That's how you're making me feel right now.
Oh, stop it, Jo.
What are you talking about? You keep acting like your stuff is more important than my stuff, - and that sucks.
- Okay, I'm hearing you.
I am, but you know, I got a timeline on this concert thing, right? No, you are not hearing me.
I gotta go.
And if you vote for me, I will build a bridge to the non-nerd world.
Thank you.
That's it? Your whole speech is one sentence? That's all I had time to perfect.
But if you elect me, I'll do anything you want.
No no, that came out bad.
Vote for me.
All I gotta say is this.
( Gasps ) All those for Seth for physics department liaison raise your hand.
My mom said that it's rude to vote for yourself.
Well, that's it.
Congratulations, Seth.
Sorry you didn't get elected, Jo.
That's okay.
Just kind of bummed.
I guess being student liaison was a bigger deal to me than I thought.
Why? It's just a popularity contest.
Nerds don't even respect popular people.
I think less of Seth already.
Me too.
( Whispers ) Not really.
I guess I just liked it when you guys thought that I was the coolest one here.
We didn't even think you cared.
Neither did I, but you know when there's that one cool thing in your life? It's just really crappy to have it taken away.
I still think you're cool, Jo.
You're the only one of us that's reached level 23 on "Dwarf Quest 4.
" Today has been such a cluster-- ( gasps ) Clustermess! Oh my gosh.
I think I know how I can help Georgia.
Thank you guys so much.
You're the best.
You're the best.
She just said we're the best.
Don't get your hopes up.
Smart women don't date jocks.
( Laughs ) You guys have been really good listeners.
Don't judge me, Miranda.
( Knock on door ) Come in.
Georgia, you don't look ready to see your BFF Jason Derülo.
I'm not going to the concert.
I lied about having tickets.
And on top of all of that, I really screwed things up with Jo.
So this is my life now-- Hard lemonade, soggy pizza in my aunt's apartment in a chicken suit.
I knew it.
I told the girls back home she is not all that, and I will prove it.
Seeing you like this, I get why you always hung out with someone like Jo.
You know what? Even though my life isn't the coolest right now, and even on my brokest, lamest, most uncool days, I still have somebody who will run the streets of New York with me in a chicken suit.
Do you have anyone to do that for you? Thanks.
That suit's getting kind of gamey.
I can't wait to fly home tomorrow night and tell everyone how great you're doing, Georgia, but for now I have to go dance four rows away from Recording: Jason Derülo! Oh hey, Jason Derülo.
Hey, Jason Derülo! - Wait, what? - Hey, Georgia, Jo.
Ready to go? Yeah, we are, Jason Derülo.
Why do you keep mentioning my last name if we're such good friends, Georgia? I don't know, Jason Derülo.
So you really do know-- hey, J-Dillo.
What did you call me? Okay, we're meeting there.
How should I find you? You know what? Twite me.
Hey, Jo, why is Jason Derülo in the house? When I heard Jason shouting at the radio station, I knew that I'd heard that voice before.
He is not only an incredible singer, but he's also a level 23 "Dwarf Quest 4" player.
Thanks for doing all this, buddy.
- Jason: So let's go.
- What? I'm sorry.
I zoned out after "Dwarf Quest 4".
What are we talking about? We're going to my concert.
Okay, well, let me just change into something a little less feathery.
We're kind of running late.
No, don't worry about it.
I got this.
My name is Georgia Chamberlain.
If I can't make a chicken suit work, then I might as well just hang it up and go home.
You know what I'm saying? Trust me.
They'll be wearing this in Milan next season.
Ok, tag that one so Kelly is sure to see us dancing on stage with him.
I thought I was gonna faint.
You? I was in a chicken suit under 100 lights.
I tried to cool you down with my sprinkler.
( Imitates water sprinkler ) At that moment, I was the second lamest person on stage.
Excuse us, girls.
We're out of champagne.
Oh! Tag, you're it.
( Laughing ) She is sneaky fast.