Static Shock (2000) s01e02 Episode Script


In local news, police report finding three men stuck to the ceiling of a warehouse they were trying to rob.
But the adhesive wasn't glue or paste, it was static electricity.
According to the thieves, they were caught by a masked man who had mutant electromagnetic powers and called himself "Static.
" Mutant? That's degrading.
- You got a better word? - I kind of like meta-human.
- Catchy.
- For a related story we go live to Shelly Sandoval.
Thanks, Jim.
Victims are still arriving here following the gas explosion that's come to be known as "The Big Bang.
" Here is just the latest arrival.
According to doctors, this young man's road to recovery could be long.
Police say there may be hundreds more of these unfortunate young people.
Hundreds? Yo, V, did you hear th-- Virg? - Virg? - Not now, Rich.
I'm vibing.
I'm a human CD player.
Even got surround sound.
Civilian at 12:00.
Why the look, Frieda? Out of Britney? There's this kid over in the corner.
It's like he's sick.
- That explains where the Britney CDs went.
- Virgil! It's a Bang Baby! Virgil.
The tough guy.
Bad timing, Francis.
- What's the rush? - That.
That's what the rush is.
See? A Bang Baby.
- You're scared of a baby? - Me? No, I'm just running for the exercise.
But you might want to show a little concern here.
Stay put.
You still got business with me.
With what's left of you, you mean.
- He's certifiable.
- We knew that back in second grade.
You're-- You're a Bang Baby too.
Fresh-born and ready to play.
Even got a new name.
One charbroiled geek-kabob coming up.
You know, Frieda, you've always been cold to me.
- How about we change all that? - Step off, Francis.
Getting warm out here, isn't it? So, what about it, Frieda? - That wasn't nice.
- Neither is this.
- Yes! - Tell me that doesn't give "chest pain" a new meaning.
- Are you all right? - Yeah, but-- Look out! Newton's Laws are catching up with you, HotStreak.
Or should I start calling you Burnout? See, gravity's my friend now.
If you think this is a standoff, you're wrong.
I don't even know your name but in a minute, it's not going to matter.
What happened? You had him down for the count.
I-- I choked.
Everywhere you look there's another Bang Baby setting fires, wrecking buildings, scaring everybody.
And no one's doing anything.
Well, what about that kid on the news? What's his name? Static.
He's doing something, isn't he? Didn't you hear what happened today? He got beat.
He's probably a Bang Baby too.
If he is, he's one of the few good ones.
- For now.
- What's that mean? Nobody knows anything about these meta-humans.
What if Static keeps changing? What if he turns into a monster? Nobody knows.
Not even Static himself.
- What if I turn into some kind of blob? - You're not gonna turn into a blob.
Now, primordial ooze, that's another story.
Ok, Mr.
Def Comedy Jam.
Just give me the slide with your blood.
Looks the same as mine.
- Make you feel any better? - Not really.
You're looking pretty healthy.
So why are you here? - Can't be too careful.
- That's true.
But what are you trying to be so careful about? Well, I've been going through these changes.
- That's normal for a boy your age.
- This isn't normal.
Virgil, these changes you're talking about, do they involve another person? A lot of them.
Does your father know? No! And he can't-- Hold up.
We're talking about different things here.
That's a relief.
Except now I'm back to having no idea - what you're so worried about.
- Can't I have the tests, please? All right, if it'll give you some peace of mind.
You won't tell my pops, will you? - We'll discuss that later if we need to.
Now hold out your arm.
You ever heard of painless needles, doc? Madam mayor, my name is Robert Hawkins.
I came to ask what the city's doing about these Bang Babies.
The subject of today's meeting is budget appropriations.
There will be a general meeting next month-- - This can't wait a month! - Please.
We put our faith and trust in you when we elected you but you forget that you serve us, we don't serve you.
That's right! Sounds like your pops took some public-speaking classes.
No, he just gets lots of practice talking to me that way.
- All right! All right! - What's going on? The police have what's left of the tanks the gas was in so why haven't they traced the owner? That's a good question, and I assure you the investigation is going at full speed.
The minute I have a definitive answer, it will be reported.
Now, if there are any questions about the budget.
I smell a cover-up.
If they're gonna investigate something, it ought to be her.
- How'd the meeting go? - I'm not pointing my finger at anyone.
Not until I have all the facts.
I appreciate your caution.
This is so cool! You think you could pick up pay-per-view? This is better.
You know who that guy is? Edwin Alva.
Edwin Alva.
Dude's got big bank.
Makes Bill Gates look homeless.
What's he doing with the mayor? Not a date, that's for sure.
My company would welcome an investigation.
We'll see about that.
- V, what are you doing? - Time to get back to business.
York, the mayor's going to cave.
Go to the lab and erase everything about our mutagen formulas and records.
When all this blows over, I'll be starting up again.
So save everything on disk.
- Bet a lot of people would like to see this.
- You! You're that freak! You say freak, I say unique.
The name's Static.
I put a shock to your system.
Oh, yeah? Well, so do I.
You think you can keep me in here? Scratch that.
What else can go wrong? I had to ask.
Air pressure's going up in here.
Just what I needed.
If the gas doesn't kill me, the pressure will.
But what if I added to it? Pour it on, Virg.
Pour it on! Yeah.
That's it.
Where's a guy get a recharge around here? - Stop! - Excuse me, gentlemen, but I'm out-y.
- Time for your pills, Francis.
- Buzz off.
Take your medicine! It's all here.
Everything the cops need to put Alva on lock down.
- Too bad there's no reward.
- Oh, yes, there is.
Once the doctors know what was in that gas I sniffed, I can stop worrying.
Or start, as the case may be.
Thanks, glass-half-empty man.
- Oh, what now? - It came from the square.
- Virg, the bus.
- We'll get the next one.
Come on! - What was that? - Oh, my God! Look! HotStreak.
Hey, boys and girls, come and get them.
That's why they call them hot dogs.
Next bus should be here in a minute.
Forget the bus! Are you crazy? After what he did last time? - Got to.
- At least wait for the firemen, then.
Don't let your history with him get in the way.
You're not just Virgil anymore.
You're Static.
Remember that.
I'll keep it in mind.
How come nobody's eating? Afraid of heartburn? Maybe it's your lousy cooking.
No! Lose something? HotStreak.
- Got you where I want you.
- In your dreams.
I've been watching you.
Your power only works on metal, and look where we are.
No metal, no power.
But mine's working just fine, fool.
I brought you here on purpose.
I didn't want anyone else to get hurt.
This is a city.
There's metal everywhere.
Even if you can't always see it, fool.
Hey! - You did it! - Yeah.
Lucky that water main was there.
Virg, that wasn't a water main.
It was a sewer line.
I think Static's work here is done.
- Ever hear of King Pyrrhus? - Must have missed history that day.
He fought the Romans.
Beat them bad.
But so many of his own men died, he might as well have lost.
- They call that a Pyrrhic victory.
- Oh, Virg.
Don't go thinking that way.
You stopped Alva cold.
But all the evidence got burned up, and he's still walking around free.
- Hello? - Virgil? Dr.
Did you--? Is everything--? I got your blood tests back.
Everything's fine.
Except for one thing.
- What? - Your electrolytes.
- They're a little high.
- My-- My electrolytes? You know about electrolytes.
No, no.
Why would I know anything about electricity? Electrolytes.
They get high when you eat too much salty food: fries, pizza.
Fries? Pizza? You cut down on that stuff, and you'll be perfectly normal.
Thank you, doctor.
Thank you.
Did you hear that? I'm okay! I'm normal! Perfectly normal! Yeah.