Static Shock (2000) s01e03 Episode Script

The Breed

Can you speed up, Frieda? How long does it take to suck up the ambience of the track team? My strength as a reporter is getting the story - no matter how long it takes.
- Come on, yo.
Your strength is being the only kid willing to stay after school for journalism club.
- Hey, Derek.
- Good job, you're the best! Like Mercury racing against turtles.
You're drooling all over my knapsack, Frieda! What's Derek Barnett got that I don't? Let's make a list.
Looks, height, all-state in track.
Shall I quit while you're behind? - I thought we were tight, Rich.
- We are, V.
Just keeping it real.
Derek! He's coming this way.
Maybe I can get an exclusive.
Just chill, Lois Lane.
What's up, Virgil? Hey, Derek, what's going on? - Can you do a solid for me? - Me? - Him? - My math and science grades are shaky.
Coach said get a tutor or I'm off the team.
You're the brain.
Can you help? Awesome! - Sure, we can do the tutoring.
- Cool.
Check you later.
Derek, just one question.
Derek, slow down! Do you know what hanging with Derek "D.
" Barnett's gonna do to my rep? Start it? Jeez, Sharon! A little privacy, please? Just getting some fruit, baby bro.
I apologize for my sister sucking up all the good air around you, D.
Happy studying, Derek.
Trade you your sweat socks for my sister.
- Let's hit that algebra book.
- Oh, great.
All those x's and y's.
It's alphabet soup to me.
Don't sweat it, D.
Just think of algebra as something you'll never use as an adult.
That'll take the edge off learning it now.
- Not now.
- What's wrong? - Been getting cramps lately.
- Must be a special athletes' thing.
- Too much exercise or something.
- Yeah, I guess.
I gotta jet, Virgil.
I promised my mother I'd stop at a store for her.
- What about algebra? - We'll do it tomorrow, okay? Don't mind me, boys.
Just getting some H2O.
No problem, Mr.
I'm leaving.
I can feel those A's already.
They'll put a smile on my mom's face.
Thanks, V.
- Proud of you for helping Derek, son.
- Pops when you're touched by genius, you gotta share the gift.
Besides, thanks to him, I'm finally meeting cheerleaders.
Oh, no.
Not again.
If I can just get home.
Hey, kid, are you okay? It's a Bang Baby! Wait! What's happening to me? Jeez.
It's great.
It's called the butter diet.
Sorry, ladies.
Gotta get help.
Help is here.
- What? - You're lucky I was in the 'hood.
- Who are you? - I'm a collector - of meta-humans like you.
- No.
You've gone mental now, Richie.
What am I gonna do - with this wrinkly piece of foil? - Toss it in the air and give it juice, bro.
It's Mylar, dude.
Stuff's stronger than reinforced steel.
I call it the static saucer.
I call it my slick new ride, and just in time for patrol too.
- Man, you the man.
- Just doing my job.
So Derek didn't show up for tutoring again? Yeah.
No one at school's seen him in days.
Not even his track buddies.
Dude's gone completely AWOL.
- What do you think? - Don't know, Rich.
But I'll keep an electric eye out for him.
No crime in sight.
Guess they know that when Static's in the house, bad guys better step off.
Am I seeing things or did I just get jacked by a girl with feathers? Oh, man, my gear smells like Chinese takeout.
Hey, electric boy! Nice leap, super shocker, or whatever your name is.
Can we play again? Can we? That's what you get for dissing me.
Nowhere to run, baby.
Nowhere to hide.
So holding hands and singing "Kumbaya" is out? Relax, hero, we just wanted to get your attention.
Who turned off the lights? What was that ride? The Twilight Zone express? Man, talk about your last stop.
It serves our needs quite well.
Call me Ebon, master of shadow and darkness.
- Not very modest are you? - No time for modesty, hero.
I believe you've met my partners? Talon.
- We've already bumped into each other.
- She's our little turtle dove.
Then there's Shiv.
Hey! Dang, my aim is off today.
Not the only thing that's off.
Shiv makes light-energy weapons.
The sharper the better.
And this is our latest recruit a powerhouse of ionic energy, D-Struct.
He's a little shy at first, but he warms up.
Don't I know it.
You bring me here for a meet-and-greet? - More like a proposition.
- Oh, really? Join us.
We're a new breed, the Meta-Breed.
Good for you, but I think I'm out of your species.
Just because the gas didn't mess up your face doesn't mean you're not a freak.
Up there, they call us creatures, monsters.
They force us to go underground.
But it's all to the good.
We've been biding our time, bonding.
Take D-Struct here.
Up there he was an outcast but with us, he's found a home.
Right, Derek? - Derek? - So, what about my offer, hero? Thanks, but I don't play well with others.
- You think you're better than us? - Temper, Talon.
He needs time to think about it.
I warn you, Static if you're not down with us, you go to the top of our list.
See you soon.
Even Ripley wouldn't believe this.
I'm telling you, Rich, that Ebon guy called D-Struct "Derek" and Derek was AWOL again today.
Coincidence? Please.
- Yes? - Mrs.
I'm Virgil.
This is Richie.
We're from Derek's school.
Have you seen Derek? Do you know where he is? - You don't know? - Derek hasn't been home for four days.
We've been arguing lately about his grades.
Maybe I was too hard on him.
He stormed off.
Barnett, he wouldn't run away because of that, I'm sure.
- He was working with me on his grades.
- Then, why? - I wish I knew.
- Please, if you see my son tell him to come home.
I got the city grid on the screen.
Okay, now to access the list of Dakota subway stations.
- Don't forget to plug in the letters M-I.
- Yeah, yeah.
Thirty entries? Oh, man, M-I could mean anything.
We need more info, V.
Get up, Shiv, time to move.
Oh, just five more minutes, Mommy.
Get up.
I won't ask again.
You're tense, Ebon.
Somebody needs a hug.
Or maybe not.
Hey, where's D-Struct? Why torture yourself, D-Struct? You should accept your gift.
Up there all you were good for was running around a track.
And even that they were gonna take away.
But after tonight you'll show them your true power.
We all will.
Let's go.
- Looks like you had a good weekend.
- Real good.
I'll be glad when all this cash is under lock and key.
What the? Davis, it's me.
- Yeah? - Two guys, Bang Babies.
It's our coming-out party, D-Struct.
You're up.
Do it! 211 in progress, Dakota sports shop! - Request backup! Request backup! - Ten-four.
See, D-Struct? Easier than a jog around the track.
Now, you know that money doesn't belong to you.
Not so fast, beaky.
Claw your way out of that.
Sosa dreams of being this good.
Ripping off sporting-goods stores? What kind of athlete are you, Barnett? - How'd you--? - I know it's you, Derek.
Don't go out like this, man.
He's out to get you.
Ice this sucker, now! Wonder if Tarzan has days like this.
I'm rolling in the Benjamins! Care for a swim? You play around too much.
Loosen up.
Buy yourself a manicure.
Don't wanna join in, D-Struct? A shame.
You have the most to celebrate.
That shot took Static out permanently.
Good job.
So, what do I tell his mother? I found your son, Mrs.
Bad news is he's living in a tunnel with freaks.
- Good news is, he's his own nightlight.
- I got something.
I cross-referenced abandoned subway stations with M-I in the title with demolition dates.
There's only one station with no date.
- The old Milestone Street station.
- I better get going.
Time Derek and I had a talk, meta-human to meta-human.
What are you gonna say to him? What can you say to him? Gonna improvise.
This place needs, like, a gallon of air freshener.
- Derek.
- You? - But I thought-- - You thought wrong, D.
I got more lives than Madonna has hairstyles.
- No, I can't.
- You don't belong down here.
People miss you, man.
Your friends, your mother.
Look at me, I'm a freak.
My moms don't need to deal with this.
Because Ebon thinks that way doesn't mean you have to.
To your moms you're always Derek, no matter what you look like.
Don't do this to her.
She thinks you left because of her.
You are working my last nerve, hero.
- Ionize him.
- Past time I did the right thing.
They have the advantage down here.
We need to jet, D.
- Come on! - Right behind you.
All aboard.
Yes! Get them! Static express, y'all.
Next stop, anywhere but the last one.
You're weak.
You don't have what it takes to be one of us.
Hey, turkey girl! This car's full.
My turn.
You two have been a major disappointment to me.
For that, I'm sending you both on a one-way trip to oblivion.
Cover your eyes.
I knew he'd see the light someday.
Man, are they happy to see each other again or what? Beats being stuck with shadow man and his sideshow.
Yeah, and Derek volunteering himself to be a guinea pig for Big Bang research takes guts.
After what he's been through D.
's got guts to spare.
- Well, time to head home.
- Amen.
But the subway's out, okay?