Station 19 (2018) s01e01 Episode Script


WOMAN: Turn off the computer.
- He's dating her.
- You don't need him.
- Say it.
- I don't need him.
- You're better off without him.
- I'm better without him.
- You fall hard and - And too fast.
And what I need is to be myself.
- On my own.
By stepping away from the computer.
Well, are you stepping? - I hate you.
- WOMAN: Good girl.
Now hang up so I can go back to sleep.
ANDY: You ever tried going down a fire pole? [CHUCKLING.]
It's not easy.
There's no perfect way to get down.
But there's definitely a wrong way.
You think the world stops cold when you move your lips Hold on too tight, and you won't slide you'll just hang there, dangling.
Nobody wants to get stuck.
That's why I decided a long time ago just to use the damn stairs.
You think I'm hangin' on time You're the king of the clock Like I'm countin' down the seconds Just to hear you talk PRUITT: I know you all know this, but I'm still gonna say it contain the flame and get the hell out! Laminar smoke flow, small chance of flashover.
My guess is the back of the house.
Hey, Gibson, you in a hurry? I haven't even given the plan yet.
Just ready to get in there, sir.
- Miller, partner with Gibson.
- You got it.
Andy, you and Bishop handle search and rescue.
And let's get somebody up on that roof to vent! Entryway's clear.
Left wall check.
Right wall check.
Living room clear.
Kitchen and dining room clear! - - [COUGHING.]
ANDY: We got somebody! MAYA: We got a conscious victim inside gonna need medics standing by out front.
Thank God.
Ma'am, can you walk? - We need to get you out of here.
- Hang on.
- Did she really just say, "Hang on"? - Okay, no.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Charge the line! Okay, you got it! The wet stuff on the red stuff! [LAUGHS.]
PRUITT: Check her vitals.
Watch her ABCs.
- BP's 80/60.
- Can you tell me your name? Tiffany.
Tiffany, this is very important.
Was there anyone else inside with you? [COUGHS, WHEEZING.]
JACK: Hold on the pipe! Fire's out.
Another possible victim inside, guys.
Name's Charlie.
Repeat Charlie.
If he's in there, he's already toast.
- Shut up.
- What? The whole place is charcoal.
You think anybody would survive this kind of burnout? - Shut up! - [WHIMPERING.]
You guys hear that? [WHIMPERING.]
Oh, my God.
It's a kid.
- Charlie! - Charlie? - Charlie! - Charlie! - Charlie! - Charlie! - Charlie! - Charlie! - Charlie! - Charlie! Wait, guys, guys, stop.
Dibs on the puppy.
You can't call dibs on the puppy.
I just did.
Dibs on that puppy.
Fire Fire Fire Fire Charlie! [GASPS.]
Oh, my gosh! Oh, thank you, thank you! Yeah, of course.
- Oh! - I'm here to serve.
ANDY: Do you think he practices? Like, does he go to dog parks on his days off? Yeah, cradle puppies under one arm, - wipe away pretend soot with the other.
- He must.
I mean, look at him.
Fire You notice we're the ones who saved her life, but he's the one she's thanking? That stuff's not gonna fly when we're running this place.
Next time, we save the puppy.
VIC: New Guy! Yo.
Gonna need you to decon the rest of these hand lines.
Yeah, um.
You You know I'm not exactly new.
I've been working here full time for a couple weeks now.
I chose to stop being a surgeon.
I mean, I've I've held actual beating hearts in my [CHUCKLING.]
Look, all I'm saying is that I'm not some clueless kid who doesn't understand hard work and discipline.
I can do more than just clean hoses.
Sure thing, New Guy.
Follow me.
Also, I have a name.
Do these, as well.
Clean 'em.
Hang 'em.
Oh, and one of them has a hole, so you'll need to patch that up.
Um, which one has the hole? [SCOFFS.]
You're not new? Figure it out.
JACK: Fast containment today, sir.
No casualties.
Think that means today might be a Pole Day? - You saved a puppy.
- And a Tiffany.
Puppies and Tiffanys do not equal pole days.
Then what does? 'Cause in the two years I've been here, not once have Gibson, I enjoy your joy.
I do.
But I will know the perfect Pole Day when I see the perfect Pole Day.
Trust me today's not it.
It's so tall and shiny.
Just staring down at us and mocking.
I can feel it mocking.
What's the point of having a fire pole if nobody ever gets to use it? It's like they think the only thing on my mind is the damn pole.
Sign this.
And how many times do I have to say it? Don't "cross country" when we vent PRUITT: Stick to a beam or stay off the roof.
It's how people get hurt.
- Drink.
- We have got to remember to watch the perimeter more Clo This isn't water.
It's a protein kale smoothie.
You've been skipping meals.
Keeping tabs on my food intake now? Someone needs to.
I also filed your incident reports, put the calendar out for approval, arranged maintenance checks on each - You're lucky you're my daughter.
- So are you.
DEAN: All I'm saying is, the whole point of a meat loaf is the meat.
I don't mind the veggie kind, especially when Travis makes it.
- Yeah, it's pretty good.
Thank you.
- It's my husband's recipe.
- MAYA: What's the matter, Dean? Trying to bulk up to rescue more itty-bitty puppies? You gonna tell me that you trained for the Olympics eating spaghetti made from squash? TRAVIS: Consuming a plant-based meal even once a week has quantifiable health benefits.
BEN: That's true, actually.
I've witnessed it firsthand, in, you know, in the OR.
Oh, of course you did.
Yeah, I saw everything the clogged arteries, the fatty tissue.
You You know, I used to open people up Okay.
Okay, we got that.
It takes guts to cut somebody open.
I like guts.
I expect everyone on my team to have guts.
Um, but how how do you mean, exactly? - Oh, God.
- Now you did it.
- Here we go.
- There he goes.
9/11, when I went to go help with the Towers Mm-hmm.
it was the worst thing I ever saw in my life It still is and it got to me, all of it.
And Andrea she came out there.
She hopped on a plane by herself, she came to New York, and she [CHUCKLING.]
ordered me to come home.
Saved my life.
She was 12.
And she hauled my ass back.
My daughter's got guts.
She's a force.
She needs no one.
She's Baby Rambo.
And Baby Rambo says, let's talk about something else.
MAYA: I will talk about something else Dean.
- What the hell I do now? - How about you stop throwing your dress blues in with my wash? Ah, please.
I'm not your rookie anymore.
Do your own damn laundry.
BEN: Hang on.
That's not really a thing, is it? - The rookies have to do the laundry? - DEAN: Actually, yes.
Yes, it is.
Ohh, I hate that story.
I've always hated that story.
He thinks it's cute.
It wasn't cute it was messed up.
- Forget about it.
- I can't.
I Mm.
- Distracted yet? - [SIGHS.]
I'm Getting there.
This is bold.
Even for you.
Say the word.
I'll stop.
Um No, wait.
I Uh.
No, we're not doing that right now.
Hand it back.
It's not - You weren't supposed to see that yet.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay, yeah.
I mean, I guess I thought [SIGHS.]
You You don't seem happy about this.
Yeah, no, it's not I mean Oh, God.
I-I-I don't know I don't know what to say here.
Do you just not want to get married? Or do you not want to get married to me? [ALARM BLARES.]
DISPATCH: Ladder, Engine, Aid Car 19, respond apartment fire.
What happened? Something bad? With Jack? How bad? What? [GASPS.]
He proposed! Andy, that's Oh, we are not happy.
How Why Why would we be? I mean, what was he thinking? He's a monster.
You don't want to settle.
You're focused on work.
You know, and the fun is in having secret sex, not Hey, what're we talking about? - Nothing, New Guy.
- Nothing, New Guy.
BEN: Hey, we've got a problem blocked hydrant.
Oh, hell no.
RYAN: Everything is under control.
- Let's go.
Thank you.
Tanner speaking.
Red zone applies to everyone.
It goes little old ladies, cops, bomb squad, FBI - Stop.
Wait! I'm on my way! - CIA, Homeland Security Fire Department, anyone escaping the apocalypse, and then God.
Are you God? Because if not [SIRENS WAILING.]
- Really? - ANDY: Well, I needed the hydrant.
- You weren't around.
- I was around, literally down the street, evacuating people.
But your car was blocking the water source we need to fight the fire.
I can't just ignore a call to help.
I don't expect you to ignore it.
I expect you to watch where you're parking - when you answer it.
- You gave me no time.
- I called.
- To gloat! - To tell you! - Too late.
- You can't just ram my car! - You can't just block my hydrant! This isn't You I'm telling my boss.
Great! And I'm telling mine! She, uh She always talk to cops like that? [CHUCKLES.]
Only the ones she went to prom with.
Pair up.
No freelancers.
Nobody goes off on their own.
DEAN: Fire's in there we're out here.
What's our next move? Think faster.
What's our move? Uh, uh.
Break the glass, create a point of access? All right, good.
Watch out.
All right.
Door open or shut? - Shut? - Is that a question? Shut! Uh, maintain a protective barrier between us and the flames.
We'll hit her from here.
Now we go in? Now we go in.
Watch for active flame.
Low visibility.
It'll be slow going.
Stay close.
Copy that.
JACK: Found a kid's room.
Gonna double-check make sure no one's hiding.
Hello? Anyone in here? We're clear in here, Captain.
Coming out to rejoin you.
How's your sweep? [BREATHING THROUGH MASK.]
Captain? Captain? Herrera, you there? ANDY: Go ahead.
What do you need? - I lost him.
- What? I lost him, Andy.
I can't find him anywhere.
I lost your dad.
How the hell did you get separated?! - He said not to go off on your own.
- I know.
Where have you looked already? Kid's room, kitchen, and I doubled back through here.
All right, let's case each room again, inch by inch.
Ow! Maya, what? Get over here! [GRUNTING.]
Hey! Come on.
Grab his tank.
We'll get him into the hallway.
- Grab it! - [GRUNTS.]
We'll manage him down the stairs from there.
Stop! No, we don't have time.
We don't know how long he's been down for.
- He's not breathing.
- We don't know that yet.
That's why we need to get him out of here quickly.
Not him it.
Look up look at the smoke.
It's swirling down.
It's choking.
The fire's not breathing.
We're at flashpoint.
- Damn it, come on.
- We gotta move! Go, go, go! [EXPLOSION.]
We got about 5 or 6 minutes before that door's gone and this room ignites, too.
ANDY: We gotta get out of here! No way out but the window.
- Window won't work.
- Guys.
As soon as we open it and introduce oxygen into this room - Boom.
- Guys! The Captain doesn't have a pulse.
Help me get his turnout gear open! Andy, if we do that and this place explodes Then he's dead, anyway.
Help me get it off! [GRUNTS.]
- Take the tank off.
- We got to get the button.
Fire's at the door.
We got, I don't know, 2 minutes, maybe less.
This building has fire escapes.
- If we could get to them - Can't make the jump from this angle, especially not carrying the Captain.
Ladder 19.
We need a jumper, Charlie-Delta side.
I repeat Mayday.
Anybody copy? One way or another, we're getting out of here.
I'm making an anchor point.
- Gibson - I'll start the harness.
Flames at the door.
We gotta go now! Harness or not.
Andy! - No.
- Andy.
Nobody leaves until he has a pulse! [BREATHING QUICKLY.]
- Pulse! I've got a pulse! - Let's go! [ALL GRUNT.]
MAYA: 1, 2, 3.
- MAYA: Get him up.
Get him up.
- We've got it.
The fire's starved for air.
As soon as we break the glass, it'll light up.
So we jump.
Fast as we can.
Fly or fry.
No helmets.
We gotta be exact.
No margin of error down there.
Time's up, you guys.
- We'll make it! - We better.
Come up slowly Picking up the parts That go missing When I am so far gone MAYA: I can't believe that worked.
Take it easy I need to find a way For you to see me You to want to stay I'm on fire - When you go - Are you okay? Oh, he lost his pulse.
He's in danger of clotting.
We need to start a drip line, get him on heparin.
We need to get him on O2 and O2 only, all right? Let's go.
Let's go right now.
And you burn away And it's taking all I know ANDY: [MUFFLED CRYING.]
You all right? [GRUNTS.]
I would only Follow what you found [BREATHING QUICKLY.]
Breathe, Andrea.
You're outside.
You got him out.
You can breathe now.
Just breathe, okay? - [SIREN WAILING.]
- [GASPS.]
Fall away with me - Okay.
And see I'm on fire You're all right.
When you go - Okay.
Let's get him to the hospital, right damn now! [SIREN WAILING.]
BEN: BP's 80/50 that's low.
BEN: Does he have a history of cardiac distress? You coulda killed him.
Excuse me? You can't start a patient on blood thinners in the field.
You don't know his history or if he suffered any underlying trauma.
And if he has? You're looking at internal hemorrhages, cranial bleeding we can't treat a brain bleed on this rig.
You would've killed him right in front of his daughter.
What we can treat on this rig and what you do in the OR are two very different things.
We're here.
Winter winds, summers end 62-year-old male, found unconscious at the scene of a fire, possible smoke inhalation.
ANDY: He collapsed while on duty, arrested and resuscitated on the scene.
On my count 3.
And 1 2 3.
Feels like I'm barely hanging on We need an EKG.
Without a place to run Feels like I'm losing someone Okay, I'm gonna need a portable ultrasound.
I'm barely I'm barely hanging on Oh, oh, oh - You should get some O2.
- I'm fine.
- No, you're not.
- Yeah.
- Okay, you're right.
I'm really not.
- You're mad.
- Me too.
I'm mad at myself.
- No, you you shouldn't have split off on your own.
You should've been paying more attention.
I was paying attention.
I saw a kid's room.
- You know how kids hide.
- You You do this.
You You jump into things without thinking them through, - without consulting anybody first.
- Don't do that.
Don't mix it all up.
I'm not mixing up anything.
You were careless and reckless.
You're mad about before.
And the ring.
- And now you're scared about your dad.
- Are you kidding me? You think I care even a little about a stupid engagement ring right now - when my dad may not wake up?! - No, that's not You left him in the middle of a fire! I know! I know! Moving on Leaving nowhere to belong I have nowhere to belong [SIGHS.]
MEREDITH: Herrera? Hi.
I heard your dad was down here.
I just wanted to check in.
Bailey's taking him up for an ex-lap, and I thought I would join.
- You okay? - [DOOR OPENS.]
Let's go.
Hostage I am held hostage [CRYING.]
Hostage I am held hostage [SOBBING.]
Feels like I'm barely hanging on Without a place to run Okay, that's enough.
Put your game face on.
We got your dad.
Now you go be brave for him.
Okay? I'm barely - Okay.
I'm barely hanging on [BREATHING SHARPLY.]
Ooh Oh, oh, oh He did great.
ANDY: Thank you so much.
- That's great.
- Thank you.
Andy, I need to speak with you alone for a minute.
How long was I out? [SIGHS.]
Peritoneal mesothelioma.
Tumors in your abdomen bleeding.
I know because I wrote it all down.
It's why you passed out.
You have cancer, Dad.
- Stage 2.
- Andrea.
Symptoms include, in order of escalation stomach pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, irritability, cardiac arrest.
How many of these have you been having? Were you ignoring them or just neglecting to tell me? I have to step down as Captain, effective immediately.
Did you already know about this? There's no time to be angry, m'ija.
I don't have that time.
We don't.
Hostage The Department will take a while to fill the post, of course they always do.
Gibson'll will have to run the place till they do.
You're leaving Jack in charge? He's my Lieutenant.
Now, go on.
Let me sleep.
I am held hostage Dad.
- What are you doing here? - I have lived next door for pretty much our entire lives.
No, your parents live there.
You moved away years ago.
And I moved back in.
Last week.
Well, yesterday, technically, is when I moved all my stuff, but it's only temporary, and none of that matters.
At all, because How's your dad? Is he okay? - How are you? - Oh, I am fine, actually.
Today's been great.
I'm fantastic.
Uh, I turned down a marriage proposal, my dad came this close to getting killed so did I, for that matter but who cares? 'Cause it turns out my dad's filled with cancer and promoting my would-be fiancé to be my new boss.
Everyone's making decisions about my life without me, so, yeah, my world's falling apart, I'm on my third load of laundry and as many beers.
Things are great.
Today's great.
Come on in.
Your dad's stepping down? - Cancer, Ryan.
Keep up.
- Yeah, okay, about I mean, Jack will just take over.
Never mind that he's impulsive and rash.
I mean, half that job is filing reports.
He's never filed a report.
You wanna know how I know? 'Cause I file them.
- So you do it.
- What? You should take over for your dad.
- Right.
- Why not? You're about as badass as they come.
You've literally been training your entire life.
It doesn't work like that.
- Jack made Lieutenant before me.
- And who decides on that? Your dad? What are you saying? Look I love your dad, and I always have.
You know that.
But he loves having you around to take care of things, which is different than letting you lead them.
Doctors think he's probably been sick for a while.
- Has he had any symptoms? - I don't know.
He didn't tell me.
I live with him.
I clean up after him.
I do his damn laundry.
He didn't tell you about something like this? - Apparently not.
- What the hell? Exactly! It pisses me off! - Me too! For you! - Thank you! You're welcome! For real, though.
I'm sorry.
I can't do it again, Ryan.
I can't bury another parent.
It'll be different this time.
Before You were 9.
We were 9.
Andy, you've been drinking and Well, we're not in high school anymore, Ryan, and I'm not drunk.
I'm not.
Come on.
Try me.
Give me a Breathalyzer if you want.
- Go on.
- Mm? See? - [SIGHS.]
I know what I'm doing.
MIRANDA: So, this is it? This is it.
Pretty impressive.
What's that look? [CHUCKLING.]
Hey, I just gave your new home away from home an unsolicited compliment.
Yeah, I know.
I just I thought I'd be better at this.
I aced my training.
I know trauma medicine.
I figured [SCOFFS.]
"I got this," but then, last night I messed up, Miranda.
I mean, it could've been really bad.
I wanted to show everybody how good I was at this, but, instead, I just That's your problem right there.
Stop showing off.
The only way to prove that you're any good is to just be good.
Look, if anyone can do it, it's you.
- Just be good.
- Just be good.
You make it sound so easy.
For some of us, it is.
Hey, is Andy with you? An hour before shift starts to go running? Funny.
You're funny.
Did she tell you about the ring? - Oh, yeah.
- Did she tell you I wasn't even trying to give it to her yet? And she just freaks out, like it's the stupidest idea in the world.
You know, I think she was also kind of freaking out about her dad.
It's not that crazy.
You know, my parents got married after six months.
They were happy.
And Andy and I are pretty great together.
You know, I'm not a terrible choice.
You're right.
You are so hot.
You can get all the ladies.
I don't want that.
I just I love her, and if she doesn't feel it, then what the hell? just tell me.
MAYA: You slept with Ryan?! ANDY: And kicked him out and came to find you and Police Officer Ryan? "Best friends since diapers" Ryan? Okay, really, it's hard to talk to you when you're constantly moving.
Hell, yes.
I mean, go after that.
He's hot.
Except, there's Jack.
Your jumped your ex the night your dad almost died.
Been there, seen it naked before.
- It's basically just recycling.
- Is it, though? I don't know.
I mean He wants me to tell him if I don't have feelings, but I do I feel things, just maybe not marrying things.
Okay, okay.
No, no.
You're spinning.
Hey, we don't spin.
Not over something like [CHUCKLING.]
We are way too awesome for that.
Maya, I'm awful.
You feel awful.
There's a difference.
- What's my rule? - This isn't What's my rule? Embrace the pain.
- But this isn't a workout or anything.
- Embrace the pain.
Go ahead feel awful for a minute.
Then use it.
That's how I won my medal.
Forget about the boys for now.
Ignore the distractions.
Find your medal and go after it.
The rest will fall into place from there.
- You're very sweaty and wet.
- Mm.
I am.
- Gross.
What? Something's different.
Your energy, your whole look.
Something happened.
Something last night.
You got laid! You have sex swagger! My energy told you all that? [CHUCKLING.]
No, your phone's blowing up, and I'm nosy.
- What've we got? - This way.
I've secured the perimeter.
College senior, awake, a little disoriented name's Becca.
Some students heard her calling out.
Hi, by the way.
Uh, that that thing that happened at my house [WHISPERING.]
we don't have to talk about that.
Yeah, of course.
Nothing to talk about, anyway.
We're all good.
"We're all good"? Wait what do you mean we're all good? [SCOFFS.]
Becca, my name's Andy.
I'm here to help.
I thought this was a shortcut.
It looked like a shortcut last night, in the dark.
You've been here since last night? You know how, when you're drunk, stupid happens? [SCOFFS.]
I do.
I tried to push myself out of here.
I thought I could make it, but the more I tried No, don't don't do that.
You've sustained crush injuries.
Every time you move, you could be hurting yourself more.
Just squeeze my finger, Becca.
- Can you do that? - Mm-hmm.
Can you gimmie a squeeze? - Hey.
How's it going? - Fine.
What's wrong? [VOICE BREAKING.]
What's going on? - It's okay.
- I can't breathe! I c [GASPING.]
- Becca.
- The walls are crushing me! - No.
- Oh, God! Oh, God! Becca, no, no.
Don't move.
- Just - Oh, God! - Just stay calm.
- This is it, isn't it?! This is how I die freezing and stuck between two stupid walls 'cause I was too dumb - Becca.
- to realize they were crushing me! No, you're okay.
- You can breathe.
Just - I can't.
- Just try to breathe.
- I can't.
Becca, you're spinning.
Stop it.
Take a deep breath.
- And then another.
And then, you just have to decide that you can do this.
You can figure this out trust me.
Trust yourself.
You can do this, Becca.
You can.
Just relax and let go.
Aah! That's it.
It's okay.
I got you.
Okay, Jack, go, go! Go, go, go, go! That's it.
That's it.
Yes! You were great.
You're so good at this.
I am, aren't I? [SIGHS.]
I know sometimes you get overlooked by your dad.
For the record I notice.
I've always noticed.
And I dunno what's going on with him and his recovery, but if I have to step up, take over at the station I won't overlook you.
For what it's worth.
PRUITT: Oh, good.
It's you.
I swear, if another damn intern comes in I want to be considered, too.
For the Captain position.
If you have to step down I want to step up.
Andrea, you have to be a Lieutenant.
You can't just jump ranks.
- Then promote me.
- Just like that? You've never even applied for Lieutenant.
I've had to focus on other things like you.
Me? Andrea.
It's Ground Zero over and over.
I take care of you, chase you down, watch your back.
I've been pulling you out of the rubble my whole life.
But now I know I can lead.
I have the skills, I have the experience, and I want this, Papi.
This is my medal.
I'm putting my hat in the ring.
VIC: Gonna swing by the hospital after lunch, visit the captain.
I, uh, need your keys.
- Yeah.
- No lights.
No sirens.
Oh, I'm totally doing the sirens.
New Guy, 10 o'clock.
Okay, uh, listen.
Uh, I don't think I'm better than anybody else.
I'm here to learn.
And, yes, I-I'm a surgeon.
And basically all surgeons do is talk about surgery.
I'm a surgery nerd.
And, uh And you guys are are fire nerds, right? And I-I don't speak Fire Nerd yet.
But I want to.
Yeah, that sounded a lot better in my in my head.
You can start by cleaning.
Heads up.
I'm father and boy Both air and the soil - Did, um, Did you just call me by my - Just start polishing.
- Shut up and scrub.
- Okay? ANDY: Most stations don't even have fire poles anymore.
They're considered too risky.
Better off to just play it safe.
- Run deep in my veins - You're not coming back? I've got cancer, Jack.
Looking at chemo, radiation.
It's just the way things work out sometimes.
So, I will be counting on my two highest-ranking officers to run the station until the department appoints a new permanent Captain.
Two officers, sir? I'm promoting Andrea to Lieutenant, as well.
Screw safe.
The two of you will be in running for Captain.
Try not to burn the place down.
Oh, that's a Lotta meat.
It was a gift for us.
From a friend.
As a thank you for all of our hard work.
Friend? Dirty dirty texting friend? Puppy Lady.
- I I sort of invited her over.
- MAYA: No! Dean, you know better than that.
Don't invite the rescues in.
She didn't leave yet, did she? Is she at your house right now? - Her house burned down.
- Oh, my God.
- What? - She had nowhere else to go.
ANDY: Guys we have some news.
My dad is not coming back.
Safe paralyzes you.
He collapsed because he was bleeding internally Safe makes you hold on too tight.
pretty badly.
For now, we'll be filling my dad's position in-house That's how you get stuck.
Congrats, man.
by both Jack and myself.
Also, congrats man.
My dad's always run things a certain way around here.
He likes us to chase a rabbit on a track, but it's just a stupid trick to keep us all running, just a stupid prize, the Pole Day.
I'm done chasing the rabbit.
I am the rabbit.
The rabbit runs because she loves it.
I do this job because I love it.
I don't need a prize.
Every day here is the prize.
Every life saved.
Every fire put out.
We're Seattle firefighters.
Station 19 is where we choose to be.
And that pole belongs to us.
We earned it one fire at a time.
Which means forget how things are usually done every day is a damn Pole Day.
Starting right now.
Let's go.
Really? Really.
You sleep in my bed Even when I'm not at home I have to make some money While you're in sheets all alone I think about you all the time But we say it's just pretend The trick is to breathe in So what? You're here Every day's the weekend and loosen your grip.
You say I make you nervous You can't overthink it.
Why is it so easy? We both know we're in trouble [LAUGHTER.]
Gotta grab on.
I'm not so good with in between But how bad can it really be? - Come on! - [LAUGHS.]
So what? You're here Every day's the weekend Take the next step Oh, no.
Your turn.
You can't declare a Pole Day and not go, too.
Because in the end, we were never friends But more Trust yourself Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh-oh You've got things like a family They're a bigger deal than I'll ever be I know that's okay We should ride this wave to shore Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh and let go.
- That's okay - Whoo! We should ride this wave to shore Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh
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