Station 19 (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Invisible to Me

ANDY: Smoke alarms are one of the simplest and most effective inventions.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
I just can't.
Every time we get into it, that thing beeps.
See? - It's just the battery.
- [SIGHS.]
Ignore it.
They watch over us [BEEPING CONTINUES.]
Mm, nope.
Damn it! I think it's broken.
I just changed the batteries yesterday.
Maybe it knows something we don't.
Maybe we should be evacuating right now.
You want me to change the batteries again? No! What I want is an orgasm a mind-blowing orgasm with you and all your handsome nakedness.
But at this point, I'd settle for a gentle orgasmic wave or a happy little warm cup of cocoa-gasm any of the gasms is what I want! Okay.
They sense things we can't.
They alert us when something's not right.
- Mnh! No! - That's it.
Oh, okay.
- Hello.
they only work if we're paying attention.
Now, make sure you're tough out there today, - or they'll run all over you.
- I'm ordering your lunch.
Do you want mandarin oranges or pears? And don't forget to do drills.
Everybody will complain, but ignore that.
TUCK: Will you be home tonight? Uh I was home last night.
I'll see you night after next.
When I have basketball practice.
And tutoring.
And then you'll be gone? Again? I love you like a brother Just like I oughta You know, the only reason why you're here is because Tiffany's new place isn't big on pets.
This is not your forever home.
Also, I live on a houseboat.
I can't let you out into the yard.
All right.
But only if you let me sleep.
Oh, and they say you can go home tomorrow, by the way.
I can take off early from my shift to come pick you up.
If they can release me tomorrow, they can release me today.
You're not a doctor.
You don't know everything about everything.
I know that you shouldn't take off early.
- Frankel won't like that.
- Frankel will understand.
Well, look, my station is right down the street.
Why don't you come by after class? Bring a friend.
If, uh, I'm free, I'll show you around and check out the engine, sit behind the the the wheel.
Just like I oughta Just like I oughta, yeah [CHARLIE BARKS.]
Oh! Charlie, what the hell, man?! Why'd you let me sleep? I don't think you appreciate how strict our battalion chief is.
She's a taskmaster.
She does not go easy.
And she's your ticket to captain.
If you really want the position, you're gonna have to get approved by her.
I have known Frankel a long time.
I'm not worried.
I love you like a brother - What? - You don't know everything about everything.
I love you like a brother just like I oughta Just like I oughta, yeah - How are we feeling? - I am pumped.
Are you pumped? You don't look pumped.
How are my lieutenant thingies? No, no, not thingies bars.
Beautiful, shiny, badass lieutenant bars.
Remember, Jack may have experience on his side, but you have the hunger, eye of the tiger.
- Got it.
- Hit the track, set the pace, take no prisoners.
He's no longer your secret ex-boyfriend.
He is your meaningless, faceless competition.
Ex-boyfriend? Well, technically not ex-fiancé 'cause you turned him down, so We haven't even spoken about it yet.
I don't know what label to give him right now.
I've got labels second place, nemesis, opponent.
Sometimes I'm glad I met you after you quit the Olympics.
Okay, worth opponent who will lose.
Morning, Bishop.
I'm assuming that smack talk was meant for me.
- You ready for this? - I'm ready.
FRANKEL: I have a very full schedule today, and you two are the least exciting things on it.
Let's go! I hope you don't think by pulling out my chair and flashing me those big baby blues you're gonna make my heart go pitter-patter.
Absolutely not.
I do the same for Captain Pruitt.
Just a sign of respect.
Congratulations on your recent promotion, Herrera.
- Thank you.
- I remember what it took to earn my brass.
I was one of only two women in the entire department.
It was tough, and there was nobody helping me out, that's for sure.
Send my best to your dad, will you? Of course.
All right.
So here's how this is gonna go.
As the Battalion Chief, I oversee a dozen different stations.
I don't have time to babysit either one of you, so one of you is gonna be in charge of Station 19 every time your team works a shift.
And you'll switch off.
Both of you are eligible to apply for the permanent captain position, but that takes months.
There's written exams, interviews with your peers, interviews with me and the SFD board, and you will be evaluated every step of the way, and that evaluation starts today with Herrera.
You're first.
Coming? Okay, everybody, let's get started! Bring it in.
Hey! Listen up.
So, today, I want us to work on some basics.
Air-consumption drills let's pair off.
With new partners.
Hughes, you take Warren.
All right.
Uh, this should be fun, huh? Yeah.
You know what to do? Run up, drop a line, hit the catwalk, pull the other line up, head down, pull a giant tire across the barn without running out of air.
Don't be bringing my time down, especially not with the Battalion Chief out there watching.
Go! Go, guys, go! [ALARM BELL RINGING.]
I'm out! Shoot! Sorry, it was it was my bad.
You didn't even make it to the tires.
Those are the hardest part.
Come on.
Let's start over now.
Hold on.
You still half a tank left.
Yes, I do.
How do you regulate your air so well? What What's the trick? I don't know.
Being awesome? Well, I'll be dropping back in around here, of course, see how things are progressing.
Absolutely, great.
When do you think you'll be back? Could be anytime.
So much more fun to surprise you.
I'm here.
I'm sorry.
Uh, I know it sounds like an excuse, but the dog actually did eat my alarm clock.
Tiffany's new place isn't big on pets, and I couldn't leave the little guy stranded.
Puppy-dog eyes are a real thing.
If you can't show up on time, you don't get to participate on active calls.
You're working reception today.
Yeah, okay, sure.
Really? - [KLAXONS SOUND.]
- DISPATCH: All units - Come on.
- Nope.
- Rules are rules.
- Yeah, but those are your dad's rules, and he isn't even here.
Miller, grab a seat.
- That didn't take long.
- What didn't? For Herrera to go from breaking her dad's rules to enforcing them.
I can't be stranded at a desk.
Take me with you.
I'll sit in the back.
I'll blend.
No one will even know I'm there! [SIRENS WAIL.]
60,000 pounds 30 tons in my hands right now.
Starting to think the real reason you're happy I got promoted is because now you get to drive.
So, how does it feel? First time going on your first big call, in charge, calling the shots? All you.
No pressure or anything.
Yeah, it feels good.
- Soak it in.
This is it.
It's exciting.
And a little messed up that we're this excited for a fire at a school.
It's really messed up, actually.
It's just, uh it's my kid's school.
Hi! Hello.
I'm Principal Linsley.
I'm sorry you had to come out.
I'm sure it's a false alarm.
It happens like clockwork this time of year.
Griffin Schuffman, I know you're not defacing school property! Let me show you the entrance you'll want to use.
I'm sure whoever pulled the alarm is covered in blue dye by now.
We installed that gel that sprays when the alarm gets pulled.
Thought that would be a deterrent.
Grant Crossley! If you know better, do better.
Put the plant back inside the pot, please.
So, you can shut it off and get the kids back inside their classrooms quickly? Yes.
Of course.
As acting captain, I can assure you we'll do everything possible to wrap this up for you and your students.
I just did the thing didn't I? Where I assumed that he was in charge because he's so tall and tall.
A-And I have to go now and stop that group of 8th graders from vaping.
Excuse me.
Those are still cigarettes! All right, let's sweep.
Hughes and Warren, interior.
Bishop and Gibson, exterior.
Aid Car on standby.
If it's a false alarm, you're released.
And I'll check in with [POLICE RADIO CHATTER.]
Law enforcement.
- Shut up.
- I said nothing.
You said it with your eyes.
Come on.
- Hoo.
Come to mama.
So, somebody definitely pulled it.
Confirmation on the pulled alarm, south hallway.
Continuing our sweep.
- Copy.
- All righty, let's get going.
TUCK: Hey, Dad.
Why aren't you outside with the rest of the students? Tuck.
Tuck, come back here.
This is not sweeping! Tuck? Tuck! Tuck, stop! Tuck, show me your hands.
Show me your hands! You pulled the alarm.
That's serious.
Why would you do something like that? It was the quickest way I could think of to get you here.
No questions asked.
What are you talking about? AVA: Ow.
I did everything I knew.
I put her head up, I got some towels.
I didn't know what else to do.
She's pregnant.
I needed help.
Ow! Oh, my God.
Well, Dad? Can you help? Promise not to call anybody, especially not my mom! Let's just not worry about that right now.
Let's just take care of you, all right? - Ava.
- Ava.
Okay, Ava, I need to give you a quick exam.
Here, put your legs up.
- Okay.
- Her pulse is elevated but steady.
TUCK: I've been timing contractions.
3 minutes apart.
We'll round that down to 2.
Tuck, do me a favor fold up that towel and put it underneath her neck for me.
Now, Ava, I know you don't feel comfortable talking to your parents, but maybe there's a teacher - or or the principal.
- That's the problem.
Her mom is the principal.
AVA: I haven't told her yet.
She pays attention to pretty much every other kid but me.
The only thing she'd notice is if I brought home bad grades.
Which Ava doesn't, ever.
So, you two, you're, uh you're good friends? Yeah, from debate, since last year.
Oh, well, t-that's more than 10 months.
Oh, gosh, Dad, no.
No, no, no.
I have a boyfriend, but he isn't here today.
Boyfriend, okay.
Uh, where is he? Orthodontist, getting his braces off.
Oh! Ow! Oh, make it stop! [CRYING.]
Make it stop! She looks fully dilated.
We're on the express train.
Ava Watch and learn, Warren.
I've delivered a lot of little critters on this job.
I've seen it all.
Performed a few deliveries myself, but, sure, okay.
Just maybe don't call them critters.
You can keep your skeletons in the closet You can keep pretending That they don't even exist in your business - They'll catch up with you - [TELEPHONE RINGS.]
Station 19.
Uh, I was wondering if you might be able to help me.
That's why I'm here.
Is that a present for me? Uh, no.
I I would have if I'd know your size.
Extra large, for future reference.
Can I show you what's in the bag now? No, hang on.
Let me guess.
Okay, funny fireman.
It's just a No, no, no, no.
Hang on, I got this.
Is it a smoke detector? [GASPS.]
Well, I'm glad I'm not the first idiot that's come in here asking to fix one of these.
It keeps going off, no matter how many times I change the batteries.
So, you taught it a lesson.
My sometimes-boyfriend was over.
He hit it with his baseball bat.
You're probably better off just going to the store and buying a new alarm.
Yeah, but, you know, I like this one.
Oh, whatever.
As if your girlfriend doesn't have quirks.
No girlfriend.
We've confirmed the false alarm.
We're doing the standard sweeps, and then, I'll give the all-clear.
Sounds good.
I'll call it in.
This suits you.
What? This, all of it running things.
Yeah, it's me and Jack for now, so Perimeter's clear.
And the adjacent lot? Checked it all.
Looks clear.
Guarantee she's about to go double-check everything.
Absolutely she is.
She always this much of a perfectionist? When you guys were kids.
She sorted the LEGOs by size, color, and function.
Drove me nuts.
So much easier just to BOTH: dump them all in the box.
She hasn't really changed.
Yes and no.
But she's always been the most motivated person, so, you know you got your work cut out for you.
How's that? For the captain position.
I've literally never seen her lose at anything.
Doubt she'll start now.
Excuse me.
Tanner here.
ANDY: Jack had to get everyone's attention this morning.
The principal assumed I wasn't in charge.
Am I not imposing enough? Is that it? No one is gonna offer you the power.
You have to take the power.
Exude it and use it.
We're done with the AB corner.
Heading to the truck.
Also, Frankel's gonna check today's report to see how long we spent here, at a false alarm.
I got to check in with the guys inside, get these kids back to class.
WARREN: Herrera, you there? We could use some supplies from the Aid Car if you could run some in.
I can't do that.
Why not? Because I sent the Aid Car away.
Are you sure you should be crossing those two wires? Okay.
Which one of us has trained with a Bomb Squad Hazmat unit, - and - Well, me, obviously.
Hello, and hello.
Just helping out a member of our community with her smoke detector.
Uh, Travis, this is JJ.
Where'd you say those extra batteries were? - Uh - Were they in that drawer? How long has she been here? I don't know.
A little bit.
Hand me the screwdriver.
You just can't help it, can you? You just have to be their knight in shining suspenders.
- She came to me.
- Addiction is not pretty on you.
Yeah, there are no extra 9-volts over here.
Is there anywhere else I can look? Actually, your alarm is all fixed.
Good as new.
That's great.
You are free to go.
Well, uh I guess I'll see you.
You know who stops in when I work reception.
Homeless Harry.
To have me check him for ticks.
DISPATCH: Aid Car 19, medical response.
Lakeside Estates.
Hey, come on.
I'm driving.
- Herrera will be pissed.
- Let's go.
ANDY: We have a 13-year-old in labor.
How can our Aid Car be on another call already? I just released them.
Okay, then get another one here right away.
Get what here right away? An Aid Car, an ambulance.
I thought you said this was a false alarm.
I was checking to see if the kids can go back in yet.
- It was a false alarm.
- Then why do you need an Aid Car? As soon as I get the all-clear, I will let you know.
This is my school.
These are my students.
And you're not being straight with me.
So I'll ask you again, captain to captain why do you need an Aid Car? Herrera said the Aid Car's probably still five minutes out.
Yeah, this baby's here.
We can't hold off five minutes.
- Ow! - Okay, okay.
Uh, Tuck, sanitizer, paper towels.
Look, I'm gonna need you to push now, Ava.
- I can't! It hurts! - You can do it.
We promise.
- Please don't make me.
- No, I know it's scary.
- I can't! I won't! - You can.
Okay, little tea pot! Okay, this is gonna sound really weird, but when you sing it, it'll distract your brain or something, and I'm telling you, you can do ridiculous things.
Okay, this morning, I I stretched my oxygen tank to almost double its time.
That's your trick? I don't know why it works.
It just does.
- Okay, ready? I'm a little teapot Right? Short and stout - Here is - Come on! - Handle - Yes.
- Yes, yes, yes! - Good! - TOGETHER: Here is my spout That's it! That's good! Keep pushing! ALL: When I get all steamed up, then I shout - Come on, come on! - Tip me over and pour me out Out! [CRYING.]
I've never seen that before.
W-What is it? What's going on? Uh Your Your baby w-was born inside the amniotic sac.
Usually the sac breaks when the baby comes out.
Don't worry.
My dad's done this millions of times.
He's an expert at stuff like this.
I'm not an expert at this.
Guys, it's Herrera.
Just checking in.
It's still attached to the cord.
Aid Car's minutes away.
We should wait.
No, no, no, we have to get the baby out and clear the airway.
- The sooner the better.
- With no medical tools? No backup? It's safer to wait for help.
We are the help.
Warren, the baby's not moving.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Guys, checking in.
What's your status? Oh, God, did I kill it? Is my baby dead? Twitch! Twitch! I saw her twitch! Come on.
Let's get her out.
Okay, okay, Tuck, get me something to suction with, like a straw.
There's no scissors.
Uh, you know what? We We can tear it I think if we pinch it just right.
I I, uh I've seen it done in an O.
- Okay.
- Uh - Okay.
- Ready? There we go.
Straw, straw, straw, straw, straw! All right.
Come on.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Come on.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
- Yeah! - Yeah! There we go! [BABY CRYING.]
Yeah! Okay.
- Ready? - [CHUCKLES.]
Here you go.
Guys, the principal's getting antsy.
I need your status.
Do you copy? Herrera, can you put the principal on, please? - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
ANDY: The new ambulance is waiting outside.
How's the girl doing? Medically? Absolutely fine.
But it's a lot for her to take in right now, a lot of responsibility.
She's tough, that's clear, but only time will really tell how she's able to handle it.
It was protocol for me to send the Aid Car away when I did.
Don't be mad, Mommy.
Please don't be mad.
Are you okay? Are Are you in pain? It was scary.
Oh, honey.
Oh, baby.
All right, you turn your sweatshirt inside out, okay? Nobody needs to know.
Not even Mom? Oh, especially not your mom.
Looking good today, boys.
Hey, Edith.
Is it Mr.
Paige again today? Yeah, poor dear.
Listen, let me know when you think he's well enough to have visitors, will you, dear? Will do.
I'll swing by for a little pick-me-up.
And remember, he can't hear a damn thing, so you have to speak up.
Paige, we're coming in.
Hey, Mr.
Paige, how you doing? Heard you needed some help.
So we each take one side of the stool, go from there.
PAIGE: Sorry about this.
My sack o' goods got caught in my shower stool again.
Damn things are like door knockers.
Low-hanging fruit.
That's what age and gravity will get you.
Hope you brought your clippers.
For the stool, not for my balls.
You guys must get sick coming out here.
Somebody's always falling or having a stroke.
There's a lot of broken hips around here, too.
- Yes, sir.
- Mostly from sex! Okay.
Oh, there it is.
All right.
Oh, boy.
Hard part's over.
One foot.
They been by to visit you since we were here last week? No.
They called.
Not that I could hear much of the conversation.
I bet it gets lonely.
Well, here and there.
Nice job.
About a year ago, I lost my husband in the line of duty.
Put your arm right through there.
He was a firefighter, too.
After he died, I used to, uh used to order dinner and sit outside my place, waiting for the delivery guy just so I could talk to him for a few minutes.
'Cause inside the house, you know, alone like that it's just too quiet.
I hate the quiet.
Reminds me I'm all alone.
Not all alone.
Edith was asking about you the moment we walked through those doors.
Asking when you'd be up for visitors.
Was she, now? What you said back there I forget you're still going through all that.
Never really stop going through it.
Just gets to be less after a while.
I figure most people might be lucky enough to get one big love.
I had mine.
It's not the worst thing.
You slept with the delivery guy, didn't you? [INHALES SHARPLY.]
- I knew it.
- Ahh.
You're always giving me grief about helping out a few ladies when you've been doing the vegan stir-fry guy.
It was grief sex, and that's different.
So, out of curiosity, why did you send the Aid Car away today? It was a false alarm.
I mean, it it's protocol.
Send the rigs where they can help the most people.
Yeah, but you kind of jumped the gun on that, though, didn't you? Considering your protocol left us delivering a baby on a bathroom floor.
Excuse me? Don't sweat it.
A lot of people get first-day jitters.
We haven't had much chance to talk.
ANDY: It's been busy.
How's it feel? Like I'm a den mother of a bunch of rowdy Cub Scouts who don't want me up in their tree house.
I meant being here, in this office, in that chair.
It feels like he's over my shoulder, watching my every move and judging.
Don't sweat that stuff that Vic said.
Like you told her, you were just following protocol.
- I know.
- Could've gone south, but mom and baby made it to the hospital safely.
That's what matters.
You and I, we haven't talked about what this all means.
Bishop seems to think that we're in some kind of cage match.
I hope you don't feel like I went behind your back to my dad.
I would've done the same thing.
Well, maybe not exactly the same thing.
You know, I might've given you a heads-up before calling you into my dad's hospital room, but nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.
- Friendly? - Absolutely.
I mean, if you can call it a competition.
I'm pretty much a shoo-in for Captain.
- Oh, you think so.
- Sure do.
Well, if you need any pointers, just let me know.
- Give me my phone.
- This isn't healthy behavior.
- Because I follow up? Because I care? - You guys want to keep it down? I just want to see how Charlie did in doggy daycare today.
Do you hear yourself when you talk? Yeah.
Yeah, I heard myself that time.
For once, I agree with New Guy.
Okay, y'all are keeping me up, but I'm tired.
I literally didn't understand a single word you just said.
I think she said, "You are eating me up, and I am fire.
" - Mnh-mnh.
- Which doesn't make any sense.
I grind my teeth, okay?! Big deal! So I'm a grinder.
I I am learning so much about you right now.
You don't see me grabbing your phone when you want to order takeout.
If you know what I mean.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
- I mean stir-fry sex.
- I said I got it! - [MUFFLED.]
Stir-fry what? - Okay.
Can we all just go to sleep while we actually have time to go to sleep? [MUFFLED.]
He's a big baby.
Did you just call me Slim Shady? [KLAXONS SOUND.]
DISPATCH: All units respond.
Motor-vehicle accident.
Additional fire units are on standby.
Seattle P.
has been notified.
Ready to assist as needed, 19.
Report status on arrival, over.
Company 19 to dispatch, we have an overturned tanker.
Better get Hazmat out here.
Copy that, Ladder 19.
Sending the closest unit, 20 minutes out.
All right, let's split up! Help the victims.
Hughes and Warren, take the tanker.
Gibson, Bishop, divert the traffic.
Report back fast.
Montgomery and Miller, handle the car.
And, Miller, don't think for one second I didn't notice you snuck out here when I put you on desk duty today.
I'ma Mm-hmm.
Okay, sir, the side of your car has been damaged, and the door is stuck.
We're gonna try and pry apart the metal so I can free you from inside, all right? Oh, God.
I don't want to die.
- Please don't let me die.
- You're not gonna die.
- What's that, Shawn? - Nothing, Mom! Something happened.
I I got to call you back.
SHAWN'S MOM: You didn't give me an answer about dinner on Sunday.
You should bring your new boyfriend.
Mom, I really have to call you back! - He's very handsome.
- Bye, Mom! Oh, God.
Why did I hang up on her like that? What if I die and that's the last thing - I say to my own mother? - Shawn! Please hear me when I say this you are not dying, okay? If she calls back and I'm gone, tell her I love her.
Okay, Dean, can I get a little leverage? I think we're gonna extract him on this side.
All right, on my way.
He must have freed himself from the rig and fallen.
We need to get him on the backboard and stabilize him right away.
His wound is deep.
We can butterfly it till we get him to the rig.
It is really hot out here.
A lot of heat coming off this rig, I guess.
A lot of heat.
Let's get him fixed up quickly.
I don't like it out here.
Copy that.
All right, one good pull on 3.
- Yeah.
- 1, 2, 3.
FIREFIGHTER: Aah! Guys! - Put me out, guys! - What's going on over there? Put me out! What the hell?! Help! Help me! - Guys! - Oh, God.
Oh, no.
Get your victim out of that vehicle right now - and clear that area! - Let's go! Maya, get the foam off the truck! We got to spray him down! Kill the lights on every rig! - What's that? - Kill your damn headlights! Right now! Aah! Aah! Put it out! Put it out! Aah! [GROANING.]
Oh, no.
- Let's go, Dean! - No, no, no, no! Drop the hoses! It's an ethanol fire.
Water will only make it spread.
We need the Fluoroprotein Foam.
- Just finished it off.
- All right, get on the line.
Tell dispatch we need Hazmat to get as much foam out here as quickly as possible.
TRAVIS: So the chemicals the tanker was carrying They burn clear, invisible to the naked eye, but in the dark SHAWN: It's actually kind of pretty.
Hey, guys? Little help? We're surrounded on all sides.
No turnouts, nothing to try Wait, wait, look.
There's an opening.
Okay, if we run right now and I mean right now we might be able to make it through that.
You and I could.
He can't.
So we're stuck here.
Let's figure out what we have that we can use.
- We got to get them out of there.
- I know.
They have no turnout jackets, they have no protection.
She's aware.
Cover your mouth.
That's, uh saline, instant ice pack Blue fire's not regular fire.
It's sticky, so if it touches us, we can't stamp it out.
Pretty soon, with the heat it's radiating It'll be too hot for us to breathe without burning our lungs.
We'll be burning ourselves from the inside out.
The most important thing is protect your airway.
We've got an oxygen tank.
Put him on this.
That'll protect him.
Pour the saline on him.
Whatever's left, you pour on yourself.
If we're gonna keep that patient alive, we have to stay alive, too.
DEAN: Even if the fire doesn't get to them, the heat alone is enough to burn flesh.
- I know all this.
- Then what are we doing about it? Hang on! We have to think big picture.
We have no time! We have to do something right now! I know.
How far out is Hazmat with that foam? MAYA: Copy that.
Checking now.
To keep it from melting to his face.
- Will that work? - I don't know.
There's nothing left to do now but wait.
The air hurts.
If we're careful, we can each take a hit, make it last.
Don't try to talk, don't breathe, just just like our drills.
Okay? It's to save our air.
Will that work? Of course.
Maybe we can swing a ladder over, try to pull them up.
That'll give us some distance from the fire and access No, the ladder will still be at least 8 feet above them.
- We can hang ropes.
- For an unconscious victim? Even if it worked, it would take too long.
There's no time.
TRAVIS: There's no time to stand here debating this! I'm trying it! We have to try something! Bishop, take the tiller.
Let's get the ladder into position over the fire and pull them out! Hold on, hold on! There's got to be a better way.
Really? Then what is it, Jack?! - Tell me what it is! - I don't know.
Maybe we wait for Hazmat.
MAYA: They say they're still five minutes out.
That's five minutes too long.
This is taking too long.
- Do you want to step in here? - I'm thinking.
All I need is one minute to think.
You're right no more debating.
Jack, flip the engine around.
I'm climbing on the back, and you're driving it in.
Andy, are you sure? Ground's too hot.
The tires will melt.
You can't just drive through something as hot as blue fire.
- Girl, you out your mind? - I'm on it! Get in or get out of the way! - Hop on! - Let's go! [ENGINE STARTS.]
Go, go, go! Grab the other side! ANDY: Come on, come on! We got to move! DEAN: All right, on me.
1, 2, 3.
Faster, guys, faster! Move it, move it! Let's go! 1, 2, 3! [ALL SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY.]
- We're on! We're on! - Go, go, go! [SEAGULL SQUAWKING.]
- I faced death.
- Yes, you did.
And I didn't die.
I I You know we were cleared already, right? Breathe in, please.
Whew! That was incredible.
Everything was calm one minute and exploding the next, and just wow! It was almost better than sex.
You think? I said almost.
- Hey! - [LAUGHTER.]
Oh, my God, Dad.
I'm so so I was supposed to come pick you up.
I heard about the tanker.
Figured you were probably a little busy.
I tried taking your dad to the house But I redirected us here.
PRUITT: Didn't want to spend any more time than I had to in the back of that squad car.
I did not make you sit in the back.
Thank you for getting my Dad.
Happy to.
You know that.
How you feeling, sir? Can I get you anything? Water? I'm feeling fine, Jack, thank you.
And I'm feeling very proud of my team.
You guys made the news.
You know, in all my years, I've never encountered blue fire like that.
Don't think I would've known what to do out there myself.
And you well Nicely done.
Now, come on.
Tell me everything.
Start at the beginning.
You know you're supposed to be at home resting, papi.
Nah, nah.
What was the scene when you first arrived? You should've seen it.
Overturned tanker, fire was huge.
We think that a spark from the engine is what ignited the ethanol.
- Like a distant star - You couldn't see anything! Hey.
So, um, thank you for getting that damn teapot song stuck in my head.
We did face death.
I've never gotten that close before.
Catch me if Knowing I fall from grace it could all be over right then [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES.]
Let go of doubt Tuck? Um Thought I'd stop by and say hi before school started, take you up on seeing that fire truck.
So just believe in that fire inside Absolutely, yeah.
Let's go.
DISPATCH: Aid Car 19.
Single response needed.
Possible man down.
1647 Grace Road.
Warren, you up for one more before the shift ends and we go out day-drinking? Um Nah, my my kid's here, so, you know Dad, are you kidding me? This is your job.
You got to go.
So just breathe [CHUCKLES.]
Miller, wait up! [SIRENS WAIL.]
So Shift's almost over.
And I don't know about you, but I am anything but tired right now.
Good first day in charge? Great first day.
We made a pretty excellent team out there.
We did.
We are an excellent team.
I'm not gonna lie I didn't mind bossing people around.
Fear is just a cage Just get used to it.
Me? No, you get used to it.
I'm in charge next shift, and I'm not gonna go easy on you just 'cause you're you.
Oh, I didn't ask you to go easy.
I wouldn't want that.
No matter how good a team we make.
- Okay.
- Okay.
So bring it.
I will.
I will, too.
Just get ready.
Oh, I'm ready.
No, you're not.
For what exactly? For me.
To crush you.
ANDY: To effectively fight any fire, you face it head on.
You look it in the eye.
You don't let it scare you.
But what do you do when you're going in blind? Now, my favorite place to go day-drinking is this little basement bar right outside the hospital.
Oh-ho, I know that place well.
This is the apartment.
Neighbor heard some screams, got concerned.
Not a problem.
We'll get in there.
Fire department! WOMAN: Ow! [GROANS.]
We're right outside.
Do you copy? Yes.
Our protocol says follow the rules, hug the wall, think it through.
- Oh.
JJ? Looks like she fell off the ladder.
Yeah, trying to get to the alarm you told me you fixed.
- I did fix it.
- Head laceration.
Probably hit the bench on the way down.
Can you, uh Can you breathe in for me? Find your anchor.
Let that guide you.
I definitely fixed that alarm.
But sometimes, your instincts are all you've got.
Miller, what what is it? We're on the top floor, right? You got an attic up there? Uh, it's I-i-it's more like a crawl space.
What the What the hell? You better use them Oh, that's not good.
Yeah, we got to get out of here.
- What? - Right now! if you want to get out alive.

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