Station 19 (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Contain the Flame

Previously on "Station 19" I chose to stop being a surgeon, but I'm not some clueless kid.
Do you just not want to get married? Or do you not want to get married to me? You have cancer, Dad.
Were you neglecting to tell me? I'm promoting Andrea to Lieutenant.
The two of you will be in running for Captain.
Congratulations on your recent promotion, Herrera.
- Thank you.
- I remember what it took to earn my brass.
There was nobody helping me out, that's for sure.
- Oh, I'm ready.
- No, you're not.
- For what? - For me.
To crush you.
We did face death.
I've never gotten that close before.
This suits you running things.
I just changed the batteries yesterday.
I was wondering if you might be able to help me.
JJ? We got to get out of here.
Right now! There's a thing we do in firefighting called "reading smoke.
" You watch the smoke billow in and out, dance around and study every puff, every wisp.
This ice cream is gonna look dead-ass cool at the party.
Mom and Dad said we can't have anybody over while they're gone.
You want to impress Sydney B.
, right? And the rest of the Science Club? Freezing with nitro will do that.
Trust your big sis.
We'll be fine.
You have to understand how the smoke moves if you want to contain the fire beneath it.
Because a lack of containment in our line of work is a recipe for disaster.
819 to Dispatch, requesting additional units.
Okay, put me down.
I wasn't ready to leave yet.
I don't think you understand the significance of all my earthly possessions going up in flames.
You've been injured, you need medical attention, and it's just stuff.
Stuff can be replaced.
My original "Purple Rain" album signed by Prince himself is not stuff.
It is everything.
And you're not the boss of me.
I can go back in.
You're not risking suffocation.
Not even for Prince.
Smoke that intense, do you think it's spread to the walls yet? Not if we're lucky.
Get on the radio.
Let's call this in.
Ladder, Station 19, respond, structural fire.
You think you will crush me? Oh, I know I will.
Well, let me know when it starts the whole crushing me thing.
I know it didn't start at blue fire, since I was clearly the one doing the crushing there.
Oh! Listen to that smack-talk.
I'm like a proud mama.
I haven't had my turn yet as acting captain yet.
Just wait.
Yeah, and I've still got an hour left on my shift.
You wait for me to crush you some more.
Miller says he's starting a top-floor evacuation.
Copy that.
- I can take your dad home.
- Oh, thank you.
Grab some extra tanks for Miller and Warren.
Already packed, sir.
And I'm right next door if you need help with anything.
- Just pick up the phone.
- Oh, is that how phones work? Only if you use 'em.
Excuse me.
- Got to get through.
- Captain? Yes.
Ready to roll.
Dad, go home.
Guess it's just you and me now, sir.
Don't remind me.
So, that stuff back there with Jack, was that a "we just got it on in the turnout room" smack talk? Or "we almost got it on but got interrupted by the alarm" smack talk? Or "we're really confused because we're in competition but just drove through blue fire which was really hot, but we still haven't talked about that engagement ring hanging over our heads yet" sma Ah.
That's the one.
See, you can keep Jack a secret from the station, but you can't keep secrets from me.
Don't even try.
Miller, fill me in.
Evidence there's still alarm on the top floor.
Smoke was visible on ceiling inspection.
I think the origin is somewhere in the attic.
Looks to be pretty by-the-book.
Let's do a full evac on the building! Better vent.
Warren, you want to head up the sounding? - Absolutely.
- All right.
Nice and easy, guys.
No big swings today.
Let's go! So you're the guy who runs back in when everyone else is running out.
- I am.
- That's terrifying.
Why on earth would you choose a job like that? Didn't have much choice after flunking out of mime school.
Stupid invisible box.
Got to head back in.
Don't go wandering around.
You fell pretty hard.
If you happen to grab my signed "Purple Rain" album, I won't be mad.
Spoke to the building manager.
He says plumbers were fusing pipes in the attic.
I inspected this building a couple weeks back.
It's got some ratty insulation.
- Could've been smoldering for days.
- Good to know.
Just a taste there my crushing.
Oh, okay.
See? That's what you think that was? Morning, Chief.
Uh, primary search is in progress, hoses heading inside.
Need a pressure release upstairs.
Heading up to the roof right now.
I heard about the blue-fire tanker this morning.
Hell of a first shift.
Shift's not over yet.
Still have time to knock one more out.
Kissing up to the chief? Oh, I don't have to kiss up.
My crushing speaks for itself.
Warren, tell me why we vent the roof of structure fires.
Uh, ventilation pulls the fire up and out of the building, preventing air from fueling the fire inside.
That means less spread, less damage.
It's pretty genius, actually.
Okay, your enthusiasm's at a 10 right now.
I need you to bring it back down to a 5.
Of course I'm at a 10.
Look, I just survived a ring of invisible blue fire, okay? And now, this! It's It's a rush.
It's like, uh It's like every time I step into the O.
, I got to do a Whipple.
I have no idea what that means, but yes, this job can be a rush, but you can't live in it all the time.
Dial it back.
Recalibrate a little.
He clearly didn't hear anything you just said.
That tanker fire just happened a few hours ago.
That's a lot for anyone to take in, especially a probie.
A building that big should make the news.
Show me some chopper coverage.
I figured I'd swing by the pharmacy to grab your post-op meds.
Oh, you're still here.
Why? You need anything else while I'm out? Does Seattle P.
know that you used to hot-wire cars? You can't still be holding onto that.
I was 12.
And for the record, it was Andy's idea.
Was it also Andy's idea that you break my garage window? Okay.
I'm an adult now.
That's ancient history.
I'm an excellent neighbor, I protect, I-I serve, I help little old ladies cross the street.
That's your job.
They pay you for that, yes? Look, you just had surgery and I'm trying to be neighborly, because believe it or not, I care if you live or die.
- Lovely.
- Thank you.
But buttering me up won't get you in my daughter's pants.
- What? - You heard me.
I'm sorry, sir, but that's insulting.
And I'm just trying to help.
Your help is not a thing I need.
So 19 to 108, with opposition equally split Welcome to your first roof ventilation, Warren.
What do we do when we sound? We move from one side of the roof to the other, tapping the roof as we go with, uh, with these babies.
What are we looking for? The fire's location.
Hard roof, it's cool underneath.
Spongy roof, it's trouble below.
Hey, easy, Warren! Don't step just anywhere! Stick to the beams or you could fall through! Copy that.
Fire department! This is an evacuation.
Fire department! You need to evacuate! Smack talk Jack again.
I can't get enough.
You know I can hear you, right? I think that's the point! Actually, the point is, we're here to vent the building.
Shoot! My hook is stuck.
Hey, hey.
Easy, easy, easy, easy! Don't lean out too far.
Or it'll go down and you'll go down with it.
Here you go.
I'll get you out.
A little more.
Warren, you okay? I'm more than okay.
That was unreal! Yeah.
Take it easy up here.
You've had enough surprises for one shift.
That flare-up means the fire's more aggressive than we anticipated.
Warren, see those pipes? Uh, pipes? Yeah, yeah, I see them.
- Good.
Keep doing that.
- Keep seeing them? Report any changes to me.
Changes? Am I being hazed? Chief, fire's hungry on the Delta side.
We had a flare-up.
Then crank it up, Herrera.
All right, time to make a heat hole.
Alpha, Bravo corner.
Bishop, start cutting.
On it! Hughes, let's cut this baby open, see what we're working with! Okay, let's do that.
Heat hole's gonna cost us time! Jack and I know this building! The attic's one big open space! A fire could tear through it fast! I'm trying to avoid that, Montgomery.
I say we cut straight to cutting strips, draw the fire to it, and that'll stop the blaze in its tracks.
There are steps actual, very clear steps to follow here.
I'm not skipping half of them on your whim.
- So, do you want us to start cutting? - Yes, yeah, start cutting! Look, if the heat hole works on its own, it'll preserve way more structure overall than jumping right to the strips.
We're gonna end up there anyway.
If we wait too long, we're gonna lose our shot at it, Andy.
It's Captain today.
And this is my call.
No strip.
Not yet.
Yes, Captain.
Keep cutting.
Need another breathing treatment.
We got some minor lacerations on his hand.
Hey, how are you? Is your head okay? - Any dizziness? - Uh, a little.
Sorry, I was just checking to see if my friend got my text.
- Yeah.
- He's at work right now, but he lives down the hall from me or lived.
- God, is there gonna be anything left? - She means Seth.
I don't know his last name, but that's her boyfriend.
Not boyfriend-boyfriend.
More like a-a hook-up friend who lives close.
Yeah, he's a giver more than a keeper.
Yeah, I'll stop talking about him now.
Any luck on finding "Purple Rain"? Just pay attention if your dizziness gets any worse.
You're not checking me out much.
Company 19, is the primary evacuation complete? I need every civilian out of this building.
Someone will look after you.
- Got to head back in.
- Now! Oh.
Come on, lady! Show me your face! Heat hole's almost complete, Chief.
Interior team should stand by with hoses, ready for attack.
Pruitt would've let you do the strip! Yep.
How are those pipes, Warren? Still piping.
Definitely being hazed.
Let's just start your strip! I know you want to slice and dice, Gibson.
I get it.
We all get it.
Captain, report your status.
Come on.
Herrera, report in! Do you copy? Yes, Chief, I copy.
I'm here.
And what is your status? Show me what you're made of! Herrera! Whoo! There she is! Heat hole's completed, Chief! Ready for waterworks inside! We're hitting it from the inside.
Come on, now.
That's enough now.
- Heat hole isn't working! - Give it a minute! The release will start to work and the fire will die down.
Huh? Captain! Permission to rip a strip?! Not yet! Herrera, we are hitting it from the inside.
What's the status on top? Herrera! The fire is still going too strong.
It's not enough.
Cut the strip, Gibson! Hughes, Bishop, bring up the rear! Seattle fire department! If anyone is in there, call out! Here! In here! Aah! All right, we're coming in! Call out! - Here! - Where are you? Call out again! I'm in here! The door's blocked! One, two, three! Over here! We're coming! We're coming! Down the hall.
My friend's a deep sleeper.
Her smoke alarm's broken.
- You have to get to her.
- The floor's all clear, all right? You're the last one out.
Come on.
Oh, God! All right, we got to move! We got to move now.
Come on.
Come on! You know, I-I also have a chainsaw, Captain.
I could jump You could talk to me about those pipes! Nothing to talk about.
Just how I like it.
Me, too.
Here we go on three.
One, two, three.
Open up! Nothing's happening.
Wait for it.
Come on, come on, come on.
Yeah! Love a good strip! Chief, we've cut the fire off.
Copy that.
Go on.
Gloat if you want to gloat.
No need.
Strip speaks for itself.
- Are we wrapping up here, Captain? - Yeah.
You got somewhere to be, probie? Well, it would appear that my good friends, the pipes here, are growing.
Either that or this roof is sinking.
They've grown several inches in the last few seconds.
You heard him, guys! Let's get boots on the ground! Roof's losing its integrity.
We're headed down.
Time to wrap up the evac inside! How much longer you think this roof's got? Pipes grew what, six inches? Yeah, yeah, about that.
I'd say it'll be nearly a full collapse in 30 seconds, give or take.
Everyone's down? - Yes, ma'am.
Everybody's out? - No, not everybody.
Dean's still in there.
Shouldn't he be out by now? How long ago did he go in? He and his team are doing a final sweep.
No, that roof's not stable.
I told you to get them all out.
I updated him on the roof's status.
He knows what he's dealing with.
You have to pull him out.
He won't leave without a direct order.
He'll just keep looking for tenants.
Herrera, I know how to run a scene.
I am looking out for my people.
We don't risk sacrificing lives.
We save and protect them.
Pull him out.
Got him! Let's go, let's go! Give me a hand! Here.
Watch his head.
We got him.
I didn't think I'd see you again.
- That was so scary.
- Hey, baby.
Seth? Wait.
Wait, you weren't at work? Where Are you okay? Are you okay? All right, let's go.
I'm so glad you're okay.
Yeah, me, too.
'Cause that was a top-floor rescue.
And the roof just collapsed.
Possible fractured right-side tibia, prolonged smoke exposure, so the airway's burning.
Keep an eye on his lungs.
Seth! Oh, God, are you okay? What Seth is trying to say is no.
He's not okay until the hospital says so.
Also that in the future, he'll be bolting large pieces of furniture to the wall.
I-I'm gonna go to the hospital with him.
- Mm-hmm.
- You know, 'cause it's, you know, the right thing to do, as a human.
- Correct.
- Not as a girlfriend human, though.
Just a human human, so we're clear.
You and your fireflies.
She's not.
Fireflies follow us around.
The universe sent me to her.
Post-incident eval walk me through.
We started with a heat hole.
- But I recommended a strip.
- And I took your recommendation.
Not right away.
I told you I know this building.
- We could've skipped that.
- I don't skip steps when we Enough.
On the ground, this call sounded like chaos.
Listening to you now, it's worse.
Gibson, I hear arguing.
You don't argue with your chief and you don't argue with your captain.
That's how calls go sideways and people get hurt.
Yes, Chief.
Herrera, your lieutenant had relevant experience with this structure experience that you ignored when you could have used it to your advantage.
Captains lead by utilizing their teams to the best of their ability, especially their lieutenants.
And lieutenants need to listen and follow commands.
Yes, Chief.
- Of course, Chief.
- I'm not a kindergarten teacher.
Do better! Figure out how to run this station together or, believe me, I will find someone else who can.
Let's go.
You know, it's kind of weird, being in the middle of somebody's stuff like this.
In the O.
, everyone's draped, there's no stuff with anybody.
Here, you get to know things about a person.
It's like, uh like, uh like how the woman who lived here was was, uh, reading "Living the Vegan Life" while while snacking on beef jerky.
It's, I don't know it's personal.
It's, uh, intimate.
Yeah, you know, it's just, uh, overhaul, Warren.
You don't need to write a poem about it.
I mean, I like how personal it feels.
Look, man, here's a word of advice.
You're new to this.
Making it personal isn't good.
If you let yourself get personal with your saves or your losses, you'll overload, freeze up.
And then you'll find yourself drowning in Yes! I found it.
Found what? Huh? Nothin'.
Look, if you find yourself getting attached, you shut it off, you put it up in a shelf and you lock it away.
Because they won't get you anywhere good.
That's what you do? Yeah.
Damn right I do.
You know, there's a reason the textbook says heat hole first.
It's lets you take a peek before you tear the whole roof open with a damn strip.
I mean, you taught me that.
Oh, I love a good strip.
Frankel only made it an issue because I questioned her judgement.
I'm gonna say something you're not gonna like.
You're spoiled.
Excuse me? I always encouraged you to speak up as your dad, as your captain, but with Frankel, you got to be a little more political.
I am not playing politics when it comes to the lives of my crew.
You're not eating.
Well, it's hard to work up an appetite at radiation treatment.
Made some calls today to some old friends about finding me a job.
- What? - Well, nothing fancy.
Just sitting at a desk, maybe answer a phone.
I-I can't just sit around here all day, every day.
- It's been less than 48 hours.
- I need something to do.
You have something to do heal your body.
Do that.
I can heal just as well sitting at a desk as I can stuck on that couch.
At a desk, you help others.
At home, you help you.
And you really need to help you right now.
This isn't a common cold, Dad.
- It's cancer.
- I'm aware.
But I'm not that hungry.
Hey, it's me.
What are you doing right now? I could use some company.
I'm so glad to see you.
That's cute.
- I brought vodka.
- You know, my dad is I don't know what to do with him.
He He's refusing to stay home, he thinks he needs to get some desk job.
Then I made the mistake of talking to him about Frankel.
For a toast to your first day as captain and one hell of a first shift.
You murdered it.
I will day-drink to that.
Frankel didn't see it that way.
Well, Frankel doesn't pay compliments because she never got them.
She had it tough coming up.
Yeah, and she thinks I didn't.
You didn't.
Well, not like her.
None of us did, partly thanks to her.
And that's true.
To Frankel.
- To Andy.
- To vodka.
Day-drinking is a good first step, but you need to treat yourself.
Yeah, I-I was thinking I might head out to Gold Bar and get in a good rock climb.
Your treats and my treats are not the same.
I like to climb.
It It gets me out of my head.
Maya, you run all the time.
That is self-discipline, not self-care.
And what is your self-care? Oh, lots and lots of sex.
I highly recommend it.
- New lady on the horizon? - Spill.
More like a series of ladies and gents.
Monogamy is for the weak.
Or the very, very dedicated.
A man with a badge approaching.
And it might be the vodka talking, but he looks very chiseled in the daylight Uh, slow your roll, Hughes.
We don't double dip.
Double dip? Who dipped? Mm.
I'm gonna need details.
Specific and elaborate details! Technically, I could cite all three of you for public consumption and open containers.
This is private property.
That is not cool.
Guys, guys, he's kidding.
Uh, you you off duty? How's your dad? Oh, walked all the way over here - to talk about her dad, did you? - Hmm.
Actually, uh, I'd hoped to catch Andy alone for a minute, but that can wait.
Are you sure? We We can go inside if No.
No, it's not It's fine.
I should go.
Talk later.
Don't drink and drive, okay? All right.
He looks just as good walking away.
Well-dipped, Herrera.
You're here early.
I wanted to get a jump on things.
I approved the overtime requests, ordered tank replacements, e-mailed volunteers about the pancake fundraiser, and now coffee.
You seem right at home.
Well, then, do you want to talk about the admin forms I filled out as captain from the last shift? - No, I got myself up to speed.
- My dad and I, we Okay.
Well, then the O2 tanks need to be checked.
- I can do that.
- Already done.
And in the future, I want people to check their own tanks.
I don't like micromanaging.
I'm I'm just trying to help.
I'll let you know if I need any.
Thanks, Lieutenant.
All right, let's get started.
Roll call time.
I just want to say that I've cleaned the showers two shifts in a row, and I'm ready to move on.
Then I got good news for you, Montgomery.
I'm switching it up.
No one has to scrub the showers.
At least not right now.
Say what now? Look, obviously, it's got to get done.
But on my shift, there are no hard rules.
As long as chores are done by the end of the day, I'm fine.
I trust everyone can manage their time.
Me, too.
I-I trust everyone.
But "B" shift raided our pantry last night and left the bathrooms pretty rank.
Maybe we should clean up, then re-stock in that order, - like we always do.
- Like I said, you'll manage your own schedule or just get it done.
- Copy that.
- Will do.
- Good.
- Yep.
It's good, right? Yeah, it's really good.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's really good man.
Sticking to schedule.
You're a wild woman, Herrera.
I like the schedule.
The schedule keeps us safe and on task.
The schedule makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
So, you know how you wanted your dad to stay home? You always have to dial 9 to get out.
- I understand.
It's the transfer - Dad.
Dad, what are you doing here? Working reception, if I can ever figure out the system.
Yeah, reception, where germy strangers walk in and out every day, when your immune system is compromised.
- You did this.
- It was my idea.
I approved it, yes.
Shh! Duty calls.
Good morning.
Seattle Fire Department, Station 19.
This is Pruitt speaking.
How can I help you? O-Okay, I knew you weren't gonna be wild about this, but just hear me out.
- Office.
- Okay.
Yes, ma'am.
Why would you hire my father to work here? Just why?! He'll, uh He'll work reception, answer some phones.
At most, he'll give the walk-ins their BP checks.
Look, if he's gonna work a desk somewhere, it might as well be here.
He's my dad.
Not yours.
He's my captain.
I got a call from Station 23, asking me to recommend him for a job over there.
That's clear across town.
I said no, 'cause we could be closer.
It's like you think you're trying to help me or something.
But you're not.
Having him under-foot all the time, watching over our shoulders Doesn't sound so bad to me.
I value his input.
I see.
A-And you didn't think to even give me a heads-up, because? Bye-bye.
W-Why is it such a big deal? You can't let them get to you.
Shut it off.
Put it away.
Jack's in charge for five minutes and he's already changing every single thing.
Hey, can I help? Well, I'm basically already d Okay.
Well, yeah.
Never mind.
So, clear the air after shift.
- Or clear the air now.
- No.
Frankel's right.
Jack's in charge now, and I just need to be the best lieutenant I can be.
He's counting on that, you know? He's taking your rule-abiding, good-soldier thing and using it against you.
That's smart.
That's the sign of a good competitor.
Or it's just Jack trying his best and me doing mine.
- Doubt it.
- No.
Station 19, respond.
Multiple victims.
357 Fairmont Avenue.
It's a medical call, you know? Victims and people in peril.
Yeah, I know.
Yeah, well, 'cause you kind of seem like you're expecting a bounce house and a backyard barbecue.
No, no.
See, no barbecue.
No smoke, no fire, just a medical call.
By-the-book medical call.
Why aren't you pumped? - You're the medicine man.
- You have to come help! I pulled them out of the pool and I tried, but they won't wake up! They won't wake up! You have to wake them up! - Herrera, set up a triage over here.
- Will do.
Everybody else, take a kid.
Start resuscitating.
Warren, check the girl.
See what you can find out drugs, alcohol This is 19 to Dispatch, requesting additional units and a hazmat team.
Why is there fog in the pool? Why do these kids all look dead? That's my brother! That's my baby brother! And the best way for us to help him is to find out what happened here.
Now, did you all take anything? Drugs or? Oh, God, no! Nothing like that.
We were just making ice cream.
Slow, deep breaths.
We got one back.
He's unresponsive to any stimuli.
Airway's clear.
I'm bagging him now.
I'll start CPR.
- Oh, God! - I-I need you to be specific.
Now, do you mean ice cream ice cream? And w-what's the gas over the pool? Is that liquid nitrogen? W-We used it to quick-freeze the ice cream.
And then we went swimming, and I poured the nitrogen in the pool.
We thought it would look cool.
It did, but one minute, everyone was fine, and and no one was talking or moving, just floating there.
It must have displaced the oxygen over the pool, which means they're all asphyxiated.
That means everybody needs supplemental O2, right now! As much as we've got.
Make sure those seals are tight! I pulled them out! I pulled them all out! And that was very brave.
Got another one! Can you tell me your name? Where you are? Blake, I'm here.
I'm here.
I'm never letting you talk me into anything, ever again.
He seems alert and oriented.
I got another one.
Last kid's awake.
Jack? - Jack! - Why would he do that? Get Jack's O2 tank, right now! And the reaching tools! Jack! See anything? The fog's too heavy.
Gibson! Gibson! Jack! Ugh! Jack? Come on.
Gibson! Gibson! Travis, grab her by the head.
Sydney! Get some O2 for Gibson right away! On three.
One, two, three.
I got her head.
- No pulse.
- S-Sydney told me she was leaving.
I-I thought she went home.
Five, six, seven, eight.
- Oh, there we go.
- It's okay.
You're okay.
We got you.
- Bag.
- We got you.
More warming blankets over here! You didn't have to take it to such an extreme.
Jumping into a pool of chemicals just to crush me.
I'm gonna go check on the rest of those kids.
I mean, how'd he know to jump in? None of us could even see into that pool.
Nobody mentioned another kid missing.
Well, he said he counted the flip-flops.
Six pairs, only five kids.
Yeah, he's always a couple steps ahead that way.
Rushes in like he doesn't have a plan, when the truth is, he's usually already leapt ahead of the rest of us.
Used to drive me nuts.
I like to know the steps, but now I learned to just trust it.
That's why he's ready for captain.
And I'm not? Don't take this the wrong way, but it is a skill to do what he does, a skill that you haven't figured out yet.
Jack's been a lieutenant for years.
You've had less than two days.
You're good, Herrera, but you're still green.
I lost a husband under a captain that was green.
I know the cost.
You'll get there eventually, but you're not there yet.
Patient status? The scene is secure.
Patients are in good shape.
We're getting contact info for the parents so they can meet at the hospital.
Dallas, you got those numbers? I-I can't quite catch my breath.
Hang on.
Hang on.
Just go slowly, all right? Try to breathe, okay? I-I can't br Deeper.
I can't breathe.
Okay, she's dry-drowning.
Her airway's spasming, fluid's building up in her lungs.
Let's go! Her lungs are wet! I was just talking to her! It's a delayed response from pulling people out of the pool.
Got to get her to the hospital right now, guys! Come on! Easy.
I've got you.
I've got you.
Patient shows symptoms of dry-drowning.
No LOC on scene, but she's in respiratory distress, - like a pulmonary edema.
- Let's go.
Delayed reaction water was ingested likely one, maybe two hours prior.
Don't panic.
Don't panic.
Stay calm, all right? We're getting some oxygen in your lungs soon.
Maybe I should go with her, just to make sure BPs don't fall any further.
- They've got it.
- Yeah, but I've been with her.
And not to mention I know everyone at Grey-Sloan.
- I can make sure they - They'll know what to do, Warren.
Regardless of who drops her off.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Don't you worry.
I know every single doctor there.
And, uh, the residents will greet you and, uh, well, they're new, but they're they're smart.
What day is today? Thursday.
Kepner works trauma on Thursdays.
You can't do any better than that.
And the specialist they'll get for you, well, that'll probably be Dr.
She could knock you out just with her smile.
I promise.
They've got you.
Don't you worry.
Not even for a second.
Behind you.
Montgomery thinks I'm too green to make a good captain.
- Please.
What does he know? - That is ridiculous.
Experience isn't everything.
Yeah, he's green.
Like a-a booger.
Jack did kick ass today.
Well, I'm s Okay, we were all thinking it.
So Jack's keeping pace.
- So what? - That's not what I'm worried about.
It's no big deal.
Consider it inspiration to hit the track harder tomorrow.
- Yeah, no, I-I got it.
- Stay focused, stay ready I said I've got it! You don't have to coach me, okay? Um, this is my race, not yours.
Just I got it.
I can handle things with Jack myself, okay? Sure.
Go for it.
Jack did kick ass today.
The incident report for the pool.
No problems between you and Herrera this time? Like on the roof? I stand behind my call up there.
But I know I could've handled myself differently.
If my conduct up there takes me out of the running, well I'll respect that.
You'd be amazed by the number of lieutenants I served with who couldn't admit a mistake.
You know, when I started out, I dealt with a lot.
No women's bathrooms.
At one station, my locker was the trunk of my car.
And pranks stupid, endless pranks.
You don't know how many times I stood in front of my captain's office ready to file complaints, or quit, but I didn't.
And when I finally made captain, do you know what those same firefighters did? What? They followed my orders because I'd earned their respect.
I fought my way up every rung of the ladder, and they knew it.
And I didn't have anything handed to me by my daddy.
And neither did you.
And I respect that.
Permission to speak frankly? Granted.
Andy has earned her spot here.
I mean, she should've made lead lieutenant years ago.
Y-You think Pruitt gave her a leg up? He held her back, because it made his life easier to have his daughter around.
This place ran so smoothly on his command because of Andy Herrera.
Loyalty's good, Gibson.
It is, but you should stop while you're ahead.
You look like you need to talk.
I'll listen, but I am very tired, so don't get offended if I fall asleep.
Oh, there's there's no follow-up.
We see a patient, we treat them, throw them in an ambulance We never see them again.
We never see how it ends.
It's better that way.
Trust me.
Look, I know what you're gonna tell me.
Dial it back, get some distance, don't let so much in.
And I'm I'm trying, but, man, this job hits you sometimes.
And when you least expect it, you know? Nope.
I do not know.
Because, unlike you, I don't have a soft underbelly.
It's a crunchy candy shell.
Can't crack this.
I know the name makes it sound like we're fighting fires but that's not it.
Really, we're conquering them.
What happened? Are you okay? Seth died.
You didn't agree to promote me just because I'm your daughter, right? You knew I could do this job.
Of course.
Did something happen? I was just It is so hard to just sit back and not get involved.
To just let things happen.
I know.
I know you know.
But you can't conquer what you can't control.
This one again.
Andy, do you have a minute? Smoke inhalation can catch you by surprise sometimes.
I don't even know why I came here.
It's just, weirdly, the one person Seth and I had in common was you.
I'm alive and Seth's dead.
How does that happen? Why does that happen? I wish I knew.
How do you do it? Every day how do you deal with stuff like this? I, um I shut it off.
Put those feelings on a shelf and lock them away.
Does that work? Not today.
So, we use tricks and tools.
I, um I guess I should go.
We talk ourselves into believing, "We've got this.
" Your dad said this thing to me and I wanted to talk to you about it the other day, but your friends were there.
So, then I was just gonna let it go, but I don't think I can.
Do you know your dad is still mad about the time we hot-wired his car? Yeah, but that's bugging you? Your dad still sees me as some screwed-up kid, and that's fine.
But I want to make sure his opinions aren't also your opinions.
Meaning? I don't want you to think of me like a kid, because I'm not.
I-I know that.
And we've kind of been acting like kids.
You said we were all good.
I know.
Are you saying we're not all good? No.
We are.
I think.
Are we? Yes.
Look, I just wanted to say I'm not the kid next door anymore.
I've gone through stuff.
I've grown up.
That fire isn't bigger than us.
So have I.
We know what to do.
Anyway, I couldn't sleep without getting that off my chest, so Contain the flame and control it, because if we don't Uh, what what if I won't be able to sleep tonight? Can't help you there.
that fire will just spread Night.
all over the damn place.

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