Station 19 (2018) s01e04 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Station 19" - Stay focused, ready - I said I've got it! You don't have to coach me.
I can handle things with Jack myself.
JACK: Do you just not want to get married? Do you not want to get married to me? VIC: I've never gotten that close before, knowing it could all be over.
Prolonged smoke exposure, so the airway's burning.
Keep an eye on his lungs.
- JJ.
Are you okay? - Seth died.
I fought my way up, and I didn't have anything handed to me by my daddy.
She should've made lead lieutenant years ago.
Andy has earned her spot.
ANDY: It doesn't actually take that much to start a fire.
You need three things.
Heat, oxygen, and fuel.
Lots of fuel.
DEBORAH: We open tomorrow.
Are you just gonna sit there and drink wine and let me do all the work? I thought when your divorce was finalized and you said, "Sue, let's open up this cute, little bed & breakfast," there'd be a lot more bed and a lot more breakfast.
Would it kill you to help me put this wine away in the racks? And after that fire's started once In a minute.
I want to open another bottle.
You're not! You are going to stock this wine, and I am going to bake more welcome cookies for the B&B which you seem to think will run itself.
I swear, you are the worst sister.
Literally the worst! it needs even less to catch fire again.
Hey Most people don't realize that fire can re-ignite itself.
I'm gonna get to do anything that I like All it takes is a fuel source.
Now that I've got ya My every single move is gonna be right The teeny, tiniest flame, and, poof! The whole world can explode in your face.
La, la, la-la, la, hey [CHUCKLES.]
You really did.
I got a feeling that I can't lose JACK: [CHUCKLES.]
I can't believe they would do that.
Why is it every time I start my shift, I get slammed with a mountain of surprises? - What surprises? - New boots? You approved new boots? We needed some.
Everybody wanted them.
With mid-sole support that decreases foot fatigue and a side zipper.
I got a feeling that I can't lose It's It's a big expense, Jack.
The kind of decision co-captains might discuss and eventually cosign, unless one of the captains thought they no longer had to discuss decisions with the other captain because he felt he was somehow already captain.
Just boots, Herrera.
Just boots.
I don't like to talk You think we won't get the new boots now? No, new boots are not worth this.
They've been bickering all week.
Bishop, you speak "Herrera.
" Go make it stop.
Well, she is tired of me interfering.
She told me to back off.
You were there.
- I'm backing.
- Oh, no, don't back.
- This is Bishop.
- Don't back.
Backing is bad.
No, I'm not getting in the middle of that.
Nah, I'm good.
And not to mention the steak dinner you served last shift.
I now have to re-stock the pantry, probably with powdered milk.
The team needed a pick-me-up.
- You're making this a whole deal.
- No deal.
I just don't appreciate you pulling these "Fun Dad" moves with the steaks and the boots when we both know I have a bigger hill to climb here.
- What hill? - With Frankel! - I heard what she said to you, Jack.
- You did? She made it pretty clear this was your race to lose.
- I'm not going down without a fight.
- Did you hear me tell Frankel - that you'd make an excellent captain? - You bet your ass I would.
Or that you should have made lieutenant a long time ago? I don't need you propping me up.
I'm not propping you up, Andy.
It's true.
I can fight my own battles.
- We all know that, Andy.
- Good! - I definitely know that.
- Okay.
- Can you stop? - Stop what? - Fighting! - Yes.
- Stop fighting.
- Yes.
- You sure? - Can you? - I can.
- I can, too.
Ah Ah, ah-ah, ah, ah I got a feeling that I can't lo-o-o-o-se I got a feeling, I got a feeling Hey, hey Ah, ah-ah, ah, ah I got a feeling that I can't lose [SIGHS.]
For a moment, I thought I'd be upgrading these.
A fleeting, beautiful moment.
I need an opinion.
And even when I polish them, they're still so dull.
Look at these.
Definitely seen better days.
So, I-I got this friend who's sort of interested in somebody.
But she just broke up with somebody else.
Now, my friend wants to know By "friend," do you mean you? And by "someone," do you mean JJ? Maybe.
So, by "broke up," you mean died? What's the appropriate waiting period on that? Do you think she needs time to to get over her you know.
Her bang-buddy.
- Her booty cutie.
- Never mind.
- Sex amigo! - Forget I asked.
Asked what? I know many things about many things, Miller.
Hazmat indicators, disaster response team, containment initiatives a wealth of knowledge sitting at reception all day, every day.
So, how can I help? What did you want to know? Basically, he wants to get laid.
S-Sir? So, the trick is to find the center point and hang the lines so they dry evenly and don't mildew.
You think that once we finish here, we could take a break and, uh, go try the VR Fire Simulation Goggles that Jack got? This is not an amusement park, Warren.
You're training here.
Stay on task.
It could also be part of my training.
The The graphics are supposed to be so real that it feels like physical heat.
Oh, are you asking me to run extra drills with you, voluntarily, in a video game? More like a completely immersive training experience, but, um, yeah.
Absolutely not.
ANDY: This is exactly the opposite of how I thought today was gonna go.
You and me both.
Not complaining.
And it beats fighting.
Finally, something we can agree on.
Maybe we should talk about this? Absolutely.
- Maybe later? - Not right now.
- Okay.
- You leave first and, um, just slam the door like you're mad.
Think fast! Hughes! Comin' your way! Okay.
Okay, what happened? You were not this earlier.
This morning, you were all [GROWLS.]
and [WHINES.]
And now Was it Jack? Did he do this to you? [SCOFFS.]
What? No.
Did he mess up the captain race? [GASPS.]
Oh, did he piss Frankel off? - Come on.
I want to hear all about it.
- [SIGHS.]
- Deets.
- Look, Corn on sale.
Now, I-I believe it's my turn to cook today, in which case, I vote we splurge on these.
I make a mean truffle risotto.
Can't splurge.
- Not after Gibson - No.
went big on steaks during his last shift.
We're dipping into reserves.
- Put it back.
- Less risotto, more Rice-A-Roni.
This morning, you were ripping Jack a new one about spending.
Now you don't say a word.
Vic's right.
Something's up.
What gives? Right.
Not my race.
Stay in my lane.
- Forget I brought it up.
- No, Maya, it's not what [CELLPHONE RINGING.]
We have full response needed.
479 Sunken Meadow Road.
Hey, we're coming back for those! [SIRENS WAILING.]
VIC: All right.
Grab an extra fold of hose.
Enough to make some curves and avoid getting kinks in the line.
It's Gibson.
We're here.
Who actually stays at a place like this? I honeymooned in a place like this.
You would.
Clear! Don't over-crank that coupling there.
Ready when you are, 19.
So, the oven lit up? Huge flames shot out, and my mitt caught on fire.
And then you threw the mitt, which made the flames even crazier, instead of putting the mitt in the sink like a normal person would.
It's a normal reaction to giant flames shooting at my face.
Giant flames.
Is anyone inside? No, no.
Our first guests arrive tomorrow.
It's the grand opening.
Everything we have is in there.
Let's get eyes on this.
Looks like a working structure fire.
Structure fire.
Oh, my God, it's a structure fire! Montgomery, Miller, run a hose line inside.
- Got it.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Sir, we just completed our renovation, and every dime we have is in this place.
Could you please avoid using axes and water? You want us to avoid using water on a fire.
Gibson, secure the lines.
We'll see you inside.
- Line's secure.
Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! - Don't! Don't! - Oh! Do you not see your neighbor's house is on fire?! Charge it up! - Did they hear us? - We're losing time.
Hughes, Warren, do you copy? Copy.
The line's been compromised.
We need to run a new line right now.
Team in there's dry.
We've still got a water can and an extinguisher.
We'll use those.
Be careful in there! We have limited resources, so don't get spray-happy.
If flames are too big, we don't grandstand.
We get out.
I've seen campfires that were bigger.
Flag on that hose line, guys.
Fire's out.
They're lucky it was a fire we could put out in one blast, Gibson.
- So are you.
- Excuse me? I told you to secure the line.
That was your job.
You were on truck to protect the hose.
You're saying a popped line is my fault? I'm saying you thought it was handled, and it wasn't.
Don't blame me for something I can't control.
You think they bought it? You were very convincing.
Well, I-I guess I've had a little practice lately.
We both have.
I'm better at anything Think they're still out there listening? Probably.
Being captain doesn't always make you right! - How was that? - [CHUCKLES.]
That's pretty good.
It's not about being right.
It's about doing what's right! Nice.
I promise you I'll do what needs to be done.
Oh, really? Oh, yeah.
Oh, really?! You think so? I know so.
Funnier than you Ha Ah, ah Ah, ah Ah, ah I miss the sneaking around.
It was fun.
Simpler times.
We were living our life in a bubble.
A secret, little, sexy bubble.
We can go back to that.
Sure, okay.
Let's think about it.
Once this race is over and one of us wins, it'll be different between us.
No matter what.
You mean we have an expiration date? These are our last days on Earth.
How do you want to spend them? Fighting, or Or in a sexy bubble? [KLAXONS SOUND.]
DISPATCH: Aid 19, victim in distress, Hazelton Place.
Aid car.
Not us.
Same shoulder as last time? Yep.
I'm ready.
Pop it back in.
I am worried about why this keeps happening.
It's the fourth fall you've had in the last month.
I'm a dizzy dame.
Did you go to the doctor, like we discussed, about your tremor? It's a tic, not a tremor.
And I'm perfectly fine.
So, are you gonna do this, or do I have to call some different paramedics? We should take you to the hospital for something like this.
No way, honey.
People my age who go to the hospital They go in, they never come out.
I'm staying put.
Can't we at least give you something for the pain? No, doesn't help.
Makes me queasy.
Let's just get to it, okay? [SIGHS.]
I would like to state, for the record, that I am advising you against this.
Montgomery, they have Parcheesi in the lounge in 20 minutes, okay? [CHUCKLES.]
On three.
One, two [CRACKING.]
Aah! Ohh! Oh, good God, holy hell! Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Well, I guess that'll wake you up.
You're a badass.
She's a badass.
Oh, sure.
She gives me a hard time, then she goes and tries it out for herself.
You okay? Yeah, of course.
It's just a game.
It must be pretty intense.
I mean, you want some water or some Yeah, no, I told you I'm fine.
All right, if you need some help, I know some tricks to bring that BP down.
No, I'm not your patient, Warren! You're my rookie.
I don't need your help.
I don't want you to get the wrong impression.
I would never use my status as a firefighter to my advantage.
- I'm not just trying to get laid.
- Okay.
But you do know things.
You've lived a lot longer than anyone else here.
Actually, longer than any of us here expect to live.
Thank you, Miller, for pointing out my impending mortality.
Always appreciated.
I respect your advice.
And the other guys, they make a joke, but I'm serious.
I-I want to stay respectful to this person and also let her know that I want to take her out on a date.
And I usually don't have this trouble.
You know, I-I save a cat or a dog [CHUCKLES.]
or a laptop, and the rest is like a self-cleaning oven.
You know, it just takes care of itself.
Look, this this this is different, sir.
Th This is new for me.
Have you and I ever spoken about your private life? No.
Not Not really.
Has it ever been my business where you put your business? [CHUCKLES.]
Let's not start now.
You need to wear the sling for 12 more days.
No heavy lifting, - and watch out for swelling, okay? - Mm-hmm.
And where are we with the new bed that your grandson was gonna get you? He's too busy to worry about waiting on me.
He didn't order it for you, did he? You need a bed that adjusts.
The next time you fall, you could fall on your head or your hip.
He's the one taking care of you.
He needs to be on top of this stuff.
Oh, please.
I understand he's your grandson.
I have concerns, okay? He can't just neglect your needs.
I'll speak to the facilities manager.
Oh, for God's sake, Montgomery, I didn't tell him about the bed, and I didn't tell him about my symptoms.
If he cares about you, he'll want to know.
Listen, he's finally working.
He comes to visit, sits in that chair, and tells me how happy he is.
Now, I don't want him worrying about me.
And I will not have him scrapping his future to prolong mine.
No, thank you.
My husband died of Parkinson's.
We tried everything, and it took years.
Now, I know what's happening to me, and I don't need to draw it out.
He's your family.
You should tell him.
You should mind your damn business.
Nice meeting you today, dear.
You can leave now.
It's nice in the bubble.
It is.
We can't fall asleep.
Two more minutes, and then you go.
Unless I stayed? You can't do that.
Then people would know.
Is that the worst thing? Yes.
You know it's against the rules.
Your dad's rules.
- Mm.
- And your dad's not captain anymore.
Technically, we should be making our own rules Well, it's definitely frowned upon.
- Frankel would flip.
- Oh.
The station Oh, God.
What would everyone think? No.
Nobody can find out.
I kind of assumed Maya already knew.
About before.
Not about today.
And I don't know.
If If we keep it to ourselves, nobody gets to have an opinion.
No one can judge.
Plus, if people find out, then my dad'll find out, and Yeah, okay, all right.
You're right.
You're right.
Two minutes.
I'm gone.
I kind of liked that Bed & Breakfast place today.
Maybe we could go there sometime.
Take our bubble on the road.
Once they fix the kitchen.
- That's not really my style.
- No? - Mnh-mnh.
- What is? - I don't know.
Never given it much thought.
I think about it all the time what I want my home to be one day.
Which is strange, I know, considering I also know how quickly it can all burn down.
What's gonna happen, Andy? With us? And once Frankel chooses a captain, if one of us is really in charge and the other isn't will we be okay with that? Or do you think it has to burn us down? I know we can't tell her grandson, but I wish we could find a way.
Her symptoms are advancing quickly.
The tremors? And if her pharynx stops working, she could lose control of her esophagus.
One bad swallow, we're not being called for dislocated shoulder, okay? She'll be choking to death, and we'll be too late.
Okay, you've been on your phone the entire ride.
Have you heard a single word I've said? Yup.
Couldn't agree more.
No, really.
I agree.
When you are going through something this big and you have people around you who care, you should be able to let them in.
- BEN: Ooh! - I mean, we had skills labs for surgery, but nothing as realistic as this.
VIC: Great for you.
Whoo! You like that?! - Yeah! - So, you you really feel - like you're inside the fire? Yeah.
When you were using this thing earlier, you were feeling it.
- You were sweating.
- Really? Warren, quit distracting me.
All right? Oh, I just can't wait to try this baby out and feel all that damn fire on my face! Whoo! Deano wins! Have any of you seen Andy? I thought she was with you.
Uh, yeah, she, uh She was in the office doing paperwork.
I have to head out real quick.
I just wanted to let her know.
Is everything okay? Yeah, totally.
Back soon.
- Bring me home - Okay.
When the summer streets were mine It's me.
I can't stay long.
Fireworks I'm on my way.
And the taste of stolen wine We don't know what we'd become But it's long way off Maya Bishop's here.
Bring me home And I will say to you - Come down, down, down, down - [DOOR BUZZES.]
Light up the smoking gun It burns my lungs but I run I wanted to get here sooner, but I'm on call, and we're not supposed to leave during shift.
When you come around, I dance in spite of me Under the twilight trees It's hard to slow my heartbeat down, down When you come around Just take your time.
When you told me it was over And you wonder if I got hurt That's him.
That's definitely him.
I saw his name, - and he looks just like you.
I'm down, down, down, down So I tracked down your number and called.
I hope I wasn't overstepping.
If it were my family, I'd want to know.
He's thinner.
Did he ask for me? He's been sleeping it off.
And he was shoplifting for food, or? Actually, no.
Art supplies.
He had about 20 tubes of paint stuffed in his pants.
The owner's not pressing charges.
Figured I'd hold him here tonight, - let him go in the morning.
- You'd do that? He wasn't hurting anybody.
I recognize him from my patrols.
He lives on the street.
Bring me home No.
No, he's My brother likes to keep to himself, sure.
He, uh he hasn't made the best choices.
He's fine.
He's not homeless.
Well, when's the last time you spoke to him? A year.
Maybe more.
A lot can happen in a year.
I need to I-I He can live with me.
- I can help him.
- Not when he's like this.
You won't even be able to hold a conversation.
- Ryan, it's my brother.
- He's safe for now.
I know you need to get back to the station.
I just I just thought you should know.
All right.
Down, down, down, down, down, down Thank you.
Come around [DOOR BUZZES, OPENS.]
Come around Come around Come around Come around Come around Light up the smoking gun It burns my lungs but I run And I am ready for you when you come around I dance in spite of me Under the twilight trees It's hard to slow my heartbeat down, down When you come around [SHIRT CLATTERS.]
- Station 19, response.
- [GASPS.]
Fire alarm.
- Station 19, response.
- Okay.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Fire alarm.
I tried to find you last night.
You weren't anywhere.
Guess you crashed early? Yeah.
Well, that's not like you.
Anything you want to talk about there? Why were you trying to find me? Just had to take off for a bit.
During shift? Anything you want to talk about there? Are you asking as my friend or my boss? I'm just asking.
Nothing to talk about.
Ladies, please.
Let's get out of the street.
ANDY: Okay, guys, we've been here before.
Smoke's centered in the rear Delta side.
That's where the kitchen is.
Any sign of the sisters? - No sign.
- It's early.
They were probably sound asleep when the fire broke out.
They may have no idea.
Between the smoke and the carbon monoxide, they may be unconscious.
Okay, Hughes, Warren.
Search and rescue.
Get in there and find them.
The rest of us are hitting this thing from the inside out.
Let's run two lines primary and secondary.
Montgomery, be ready.
No telling how long they've been down.
Guy, guys, get to the door.
There's one of the sisters.
Get a gurney over here! [COUGHING.]
Wait! Sue, Sue, do you know where your sister is? Is she still inside? I was looking for her.
There's so much smoke.
She's not in her bed! Okay, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Clear! Clear! No sign of her yet.
We can't see anybody from here.
Maybe behind that island.
We're not gonna get anyone out of here until we've put this fire out.
VIC ON RADIO: Upstairs is clear.
Deborah's not up here.
All right, hustle down, and continue primary search.
We've got to knock down this kitchen fire before it extends to the second floor.
Copy that.
On the move.
Hit it! Stubborn one.
It ain't no oven-mitt fire.
Come on.
Come on.
Fire's out.
VIC: Come on, Warren.
I know she's in here somewhere.
Listen carefully.
Listen for a cry.
It's hard to hear over everything! - Deborah! - Deborah! Deborah! Maybe she's in here.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! - Whoa.
What the hell?! We got a re-ignition in here! - Hughes? - [GASPING.]
Vic! Vic! Recharge the line! Get some more water pumping in here! [PANTING.]
We're gonna get out of here! We're off bottle! - Hit it again.
Hit it again.
- Aah! What happened? Is she okay? I don't know.
Fire just started up again out of nowhere.
I may have burned my ear a little.
Yeah, it's a little red.
Let's get some ointment on it.
Warren, what about you? You okay? Fine.
Yeah, just fine.
Have they found my sister yet? Sue, please keep breathing into your mask, okay? You inhaled a lot of smoke.
My sister is in there! Why haven't they found her?! - [EXPLOSION, GLASS BREAKS.]
- What was that?! [GLASS SHATTERS.]
What the hell was that? - Something's exploding.
- DEBORAH: Ow, ow, ow! [COUGHS.]
She's behind those doors.
Deborah! Don't move! [GLASS SHATTERS.]
We'll come get you! Hang on.
Hang on.
Hang on.
You saw that fire came back.
Something's still fueling it.
So it'll keep coming back until we cut the source.
We have to risk it.
We've got to get to her.
DEBORAH: Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! The heat's making the bottles - [BOTTLE EXPLODES.]
- do that.
I'm gonna die! Get me out of here, please! It's like an entire wall of dirty bombs between me and our rescue.
Glass at that force, it'll cut through your turnout.
It has to be the gas line to the stove that's still open.
We got to find it.
I'll go knock out the valve.
All right.
I'll go in there and get her.
Miller, follow him with that line in case the fire comes back.
Maya I'll cover you.
The fire could easily come back.
You go.
I got this.
Deborah, I'm coming in! [GLASS SHATTERING.]
Okay, I need you to stick close and do as I say, you got it? Okay, okay, it's gonna be a little slow going, though.
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.
Ow! Ow! Ohh.
- All right.
We're gonna go.
- Thank you.
- And up and at 'em! - Aah! Aah! Ow! Ow! Bishop, we're coming your way! Gas is off.
Ow! Ohh! [GASPS.]
Oh, no.
She inhaled some glass! Go, go, go, go! Guys, get ready! We're coming out hot! We need a med kit right now! - SUE: Deborah! - TRAVIS: Pull her up.
One, two, three.
MAYA: She needs an airway.
Intubating now.
Oh, God! She has to be okay.
Tell me she's gonna be okay.
ANDY: She's losing a lot of blood on the leg.
There was glass flying everywhere.
We think she inhaled a piece.
Maya, how long's she been down? You got to get in there.
I know.
There's an obstruction.
You think it's stuck? Don't care how long you're gone Just make sure you come home SUE: Deb, say something! Yell at me! Tell I'm the worst sister! I am! I'm the worst! She's turning blue.
I need to bypass the blockage.
Get a crike kit! All of the love in the world We have to step back, okay? Give them some space.
Come on.
- Okay.
- TRAVIS: Show me where.
- Right there.
Right there.
- Got it.
Nice and steady.
Steal with me SUE: Please don't die! Stay for a moment and heal with me Okay.
Stay with me Still no pulse.
I'm starting CPR.
Lay with me It has to work.
It has to work.
All of the love in the world Get ready for transport.
Couldn't save me SUE: Deborah! Oh, please! She has to be okay.
Please tell me.
She has to be okay! [CRYING.]
Don't give up, Deb! [MUSIC STOPS.]
Okay, we've got a chest rise! - She's breathing! - [MUSIC RESUMES.]
Called it at three Same people Different party - She's good.
- Okay.
All of the love in the world Couldn't save me You almost left me.
You almost left me alone.
You're my sister.
I need you.
Called it at three Same people Different party Maya, that was incredible.
All of the love in the world Couldn't save me [RADIO CHATTER.]
Is it because of the coaching thing? [SIREN WAILS.]
- Are you upset about that? Nope.
You can't help people who don't want it.
And even though I always try, I should know better.
It was an off-handed comment.
I was tired and frustrated.
I wasn't trying to pull rank or anything.
But you've been out of sorts all day.
And you've been out of pocket.
Is it something I did or I-I said or? You know, not everything is about you.
Then tell me.
Talk to me.
What's going on? My dad spent all of his time and his money on me and my training.
The winning and the medals, they were like a drug.
And Mason, he just He got left behind.
And he tried.
He stopped running, started trying other things.
He got into art school, but my parents wouldn't pay for it.
He wasn't the prospect.
And I could see he was in pain, but we grew up embracing the pain.
I guess I thought it would make him stronger like me.
I won an Olympic gold medal, and the day I won was the first time that Mason OD'd.
And no one even knew about it because he was home alone, and I was abroad with my parents.
I feel like it's all my fault.
He's my fault.
I can keep an eye on him.
When I'm on patrol.
If you'd like.
I was captain for a lot of years.
And I'm I'm not used to this, being part of the group, part of the conversation.
I-I've gotten used to being outside the conversation, looking in at a distance.
Uh, sir, you don't have to explain yourself to me.
You have to have that distance to lead.
But I don't want to be someone people don't come to.
I don't want to shut people out.
And leading, it's not what I do anymore.
It's So [SIGHS.]
my advice is if you like the nice, young woman, just go to her.
Bring her a new incident report since the old one was damaged.
See how that goes.
Sir, her incident report wasn't damaged.
I think it was.
All right.
You know, um, when someone experiences something like, you know, Blue Fire, I'm sure it's not unusual for it to rattle you.
Excuse me? I'm just saying, you know, the way the VR got to you, y-your reaction at the fire today I'm sure you can work through it, but if I can help in any way, I would Oh, you have no idea what you're talking about.
I do not have some fear of fire.
Don't be ridiculous.
You know, that is that is not the kind of thing a person works through.
That's the kind of problem that turns a firefighter into a postal worker.
So let's be clear.
It is not a problem I have.
You know, I was I was the rookie like five minutes ago.
I'm still building my reputation, and there is no coming back from something like that, not in the eyes of the team.
- I didn't mean - And unlike you, I do not have a medical degree to fall back on.
So I do not have a problem.
Understood? [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
I was just down the hall.
Gary Shilabi fell off the piano bench again.
And I wanted to check in on your shoulder.
I know why you're really here.
And the answer is still no.
Edith, I understand your hesitation, and I know that you think that you need to spare your grandson.
MAN: Spare me from what? They were all out of strawberry, so I brought orange and green flavors.
Well, Montgomery, pick up your jaw and say hello.
- [SIGHS.]
- He's a looker, isn't he? - [CHUCKLES.]
Love when she talks about me like I'm not here.
I'm Grant.
- Travis.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hello.
So, what was she neglecting to tell me? I, uh It's It's not really my place.
Gran, what's going on? Well, go on, Montgomery.
You say it better than I do.
Now you're making me nervous.
ANDY: All it takes is a single spark to re-start a fire.
Your grandmother needs to see a physician very soon.
I've noticed over the past few months she's exhibited some symptoms.
Sadly, re-ignition usually starts at the most inconvenient moments.
It catches.
It takes hold.
Your sister came to see you, and I think you should take a couple minutes to talk to her.
from it And it whispers, calls out And if we aren't careful, it'll burn everything in its path.
There's a wildfire Because the fire has been here before.
Undiscovered God, after that call and, mm, this day and Maya being weird, this - Thank God we found this again.
- Andy.
The fire knows what it's doing.
Oh, no.
You You say my name like that, and I feel a-a pin in your hand about to pop the bubble.
Don't Don't pop it.
I don't think this is enough for me.
The fire knows its way, where to go, how to move.
Let's just stop with the talking.
This is bubble time.
And it's incredible, but No, no, no, no, no, no.
But it's delaying the inevitable.
Thought that was the point.
I've been going along with this.
- It's been fun.
- [SIGHS.]
It definitely beats fighting.
And it makes you happy.
It's already taking the path of least resistance.
But it doesn't make me happy.
And I-I can stand here and pretend it's something else, but I-I had a ring, and I wanted more.
And I still do.
Why are we talking about that? 'Cause we haven't.
- Yeah, I know.
- So let's talk.
- I don't want to.
- Why? Because I don't want more, Jack.
I don't.
Not Not yet.
Not with you.
Not with anyone.
I mean, maybe ever.
I mean, you think about the home you'll build with someone someday.
You imagine it.
There's a wildfire, fire, fire I-I have my home.
I found it already.
With these people.
At this station.
I don't want something separate.
This is the home I know.
I'm I'm here.
I'm not looking for more.
We were so good this morning.
What What changed? Those sisters.
Seeing how one couldn't live without the other.
All I could think was, "I feel that for Andy.
" But she doesn't feel that way for me.
What, you think I don't care about you? - No, I did not say that.
- Of Of course I care, Jack.
God, you know I do.
I j But I just I can't waste time not being true to myself.
Yeah, well, I can't waste time in a bubble.
But that's who we are.
We met in a bubble.
We fell for each other that way.
We work great in a bubble.
We are so good at taking off clothes and having fun and grabbing those moments whenever we can.
Can't we just be this? Us? In our incredible, happy, sexy, naked bubble? PRUITT: Sorry, just needed some more requisition forms.
The fire's hotter this time.
More powerful.
And so much more dangerous.

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