Station 19 (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Every Second Counts

1 Previously on "Station 19" - Is that the fire chief? - Didn't know he'd be here.
Both of you are eligible to apply for the captain position.
There's written exams, interviews with your peers.
You will be evaluated every step of the way, Moving forward if you're chosen as captain is about being a leader.
Sir, are you all right? Should you even be here? His regimen is tough.
I would would like to keep going with the treatment.
Have you ever thought about how many things in our lives are all about timing? - You're late.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
Lulu flushed her Golden Snitch down the toilet.
But I managed to fish it out like the superwoman that I am.
Goodbye, manicure.
Strike a match, a gust of wind, a floating ember.
You have time to get a manicure? I make time, Susan.
Oh, Bob, let's roll! Timing decides if that ember burns out or if it turns into a full-fledged forest fire.
Normally, I'd be taking Isabella to hockey right now.
But instead, I'm here! Ah! It almost feels naughty! Your version of naughty makes me sad.
Oh, Lulu conned the nanny into chocolate chip pancakes You were invited on my party bus.
Your stress is not.
Timing dictates so much about your family It's one day! Lulu will survive.
your job, your friends.
I am all yours.
So often, it's all determined by being in the right place at the right time Okay, Moms' Day Off has officially begun! or at the wrong time.
Good life This all of this is really working for me.
Well, practice makes perfect.
It's like our little routine morning sex, breakfast, post-breakfast sex, shower, and then off to work.
What point do I get to leave using the stairs instead of the window? When my dad's strong enough to yell at you for being here in the first place.
Yeah, chemo's really been taking it out of him.
You got to skip straight to work today.
I'm gonna get the team together for a little unity talk before Frankel corners them all and makes them pick sides.
Oh, right.
Peer reviews are tonight.
Yeah, they should make a big difference for me, even after the Incinerator.
I hope they do.
But you do know, it's okay if Frankel makes the wrong choice.
We still have our sexy new breakfast routine.
Breakfast and captain, Ryan.
I want it all.
Nothing less.
Shh You're going? Fires don't extinguish themselves.
Well, what about a sick day? Uh, I'm not sick.
And I don't play hooky.
That's not how I roll.
Oh, so you'd rather roll on a twin bed that shares a wall with one of your coworkers over rolling with me? After this shift, we will have three days off - in a row.
- Mm.
I know, but if you took today off, it'd be four Okay, okay, go! Go and save people with those big, big strong arms.
Just Just promise me you'll be safe, okay? Same cocktail as last time.
Sorry if my hands are cold.
Ugh, I never thought I'd spend my own daughter's peer reviews hooked up to poison.
I have to sit here all day when I could be giving opinions, valuable opinions, about her, about Jack Remember to drink more water than you think you need, okay? No one knows either one of them the way that I do.
Or Station 19, or what it takes to run the place.
I'll check back in on you in a few, okay? The department seems to care about everyone else's opinion more than mine, as if the cancer's suddenly taken away my ability to assess character and leadership.
My thoughts are important here.
They count.
They should count.
Uh, Chief Ripley.
I thought Chief Frankel was overseeing peer reviews.
I've taken over for her.
I felt she was a little too, uh, biased.
And I want to get my own sense of each and every candidate, including the two from this station Gibson and Herrera.
Well, I'm happy to help, though I don't know how valuable my rookie opinion is.
A rookie opinion is a fresh perspective.
It's very valuable.
Okay, well, um I'm not gonna lie.
I, uh, I expected this whole peer review thing to feel, I don't know, a little more formal, I guess.
Eh, I just want to get to know you, know the candidates.
Consider me a clean slate.
No pressure.
Just paint me a picture.
Sure, okay.
Starting with this morning.
This morning? That's what I said.
Another long night with JJ, huh? I thought I had the stamina, but that woman does not slow down.
Ugh, wipes out a hangover every time.
- You're hung over? - I'm about to not be.
Are you good to work today? You're really asking me that? I wouldn't be here if I weren't.
Baby, you can't be in less than full uniform, right? See? Never slows down.
You forgot this.
Hey, JJ.
- Nice to see you.
- Hi.
You are so on it, baby.
I've never been back here.
Ooh, is that where you sleep? You know, it's kind of our private space.
Typically, civilians aren't allowed.
Forget I was even here.
I'll walk her out.
It's so nice right now.
No strings.
No hard conversations.
Just a fun time.
Is it weird hooking up in your childhood bedroom where you hooked up before? I feel like that would be a little Or That's not weird or creepy at all.
I mean, a bed's a bed, right? Absolutely.
You're grown-ups.
There is no part of this that's safe or easy or grabbing onto the past like a warm, fuzzy security blanket because everything all around you is barreling out of control What? I said, "It's not that.
" Exactly.
It's not.
I mean, neither of us is trying to put pressure on the other.
Ryan and I can go on real dates, be seen in public.
It's not a secret Oh, so Jack knows.
I mean, I'm not broadcasting it.
- Hey.
- Yeah? We can't have fireflies just wandering around the fire station I know you did not just call JJ a firefly.
I genuinely like her.
She doesn't belong in our bunk area.
She was dropping off my watch.
But, yeah, man.
Thank you for the helpful heads-up on what's frowned upon in our bunk area Okay, I wanna hear all about your hotty hot breakfast with Grant, right down to the maple-glazed whatever he served you because you cannot serve a satisfying breakfast without maple glaze.
No breakfast.
No maple glaze.
I didn't go yet.
What? No! I was waiting all weekend to hear how it went.
I journaled about it.
Because that's not weird at all.
Okay, that's not cool, Montgomery.
- I can't believe you'd do that to me.
- To you? So, Andy and I wanted to say a few words Two words, actually.
We know peer reviews are tonight.
And we just wanted to say in advance, thank you for whatever you're gonna say.
We know you'll be honest.
And Jack and I, we just really appreciate you taking the time.
Picking sides feels wrong.
Do we have to? You don't have to pick sides.
Just tell the truth.
Whatever you feel.
- I'm picking sides.
- Good to know.
Station 19 respond.
Motor vehicle accident.
The call was a single-vehicle crash.
A party bus had swerved Wait, back up.
To the first call of the shift.
The other MVC.
Oh, uh, well, okay, that, uh, that was a single vic, a guy named Peter.
He is was just the nicest man.
I was trying to reverse out of the spot.
Turns out little hiccup I put the car in drive.
And the next thing I knew, I - Do you know where you are? - Around the corner from the bakery.
I was picking up croissants for Sandra.
Trying to do the breakfast-in-bed thing without the whole cooking part.
Follow my finger.
Sandra's your wife? Mm-hmm.
I was trying to get out and back before she woke up.
Turns out the dumpster had other plans.
Alert and responsive.
Peter, how you feeling? Any pain? Yeah, my neck and back hurt a little bit, so I figured I'd call you guys and hitch a ride to the hospital.
No sign of fire.
The engine's intact.
Well, most of us are gonna head back to the station.
Our medic team will take you to the hospital, okay? Okay.
Do you think I'll make it home in time for "American Bakeoff"? It's kind of our thing.
I love that show! The whole station's rooting for Tommy to win.
- Ooh, Tommy.
- Yeah.
Sandra and I are rooting - for the other guy.
- Oh.
You think you'll help me, anyway? Not to worry.
We will.
Hey, Warren? Who is it who ran drills with you until you got your bottle stamina up to par? I forgot.
Uh, Herrera.
It was really helpful.
Right, right.
And, Warren, refresh my memory.
Who was it that taught you how to watch the pipes? Also Herrera.
- Will you quit campaigning? - I'm not campaigning.
I am shining a light on your truth.
Your shiny, captain-material truth.
And to remind Warren to shine a light on that truth in his peer review.
Peer reviews are out of my control.
Captaining is still in my control.
I'm concentrating on that.
I'm enjoying the job until the race is over.
- Holy crap.
- Oh, my God.
Get in there fast.
Warren, get Dispatch on the line.
Aid Car and Engine, we've got an active MVC ahead.
Pull over now.
Warren, what do you see? Call it in.
19 to Dispatch.
We've got an active multi-vic, single-vehicle MVC.
Multiple additional units needed.
Come on! Move! Do you think lights and sirens are for my amusement! Come on! Even Aid Car pulls over.
With Peter in the back? What's our biggest concern with a crash of this severity? Blood loss.
Patients can bleed out in minutes.
Station 23, an additional aid car is en route.
Eight minutes out.
That's too long.
Are they kidding?! Get out of my way! Faster! What do we do, Warren? Backup's eight minutes out.
W-We're here now.
We help now, right? Damn straight we help now.
Herrera was making decisions in the moment necessary decisions.
She didn't have time to hesitate.
Those patients didn't have time.
She couldn't have predicted what happened in the end.
No one could have.
And what about Gibson? Gibson didn't agree with Herrera's decision.
All right, we need eyes and hands on every patient.
Triage and tag them! Go! Fast! Let's go! Warren, we grab all the supplies we can and distribute.
Gibson, stay on Peter.
We can't leave him alone.
We only have one Aid Car.
Yeah, well, we'll have to make do until backup One Aid Car to take Peter to the hospital.
It's protocol.
This crash is Station 23's call.
They're eight minutes away.
Warren, who needs Aid Car supplies more these crash victims or Peter? I'd say the crash victims.
We don't know the full extent of his injuries.
He could have internal bleeding.
He's stable and alert.
Keep him that way.
But I'm not leaving these people here on their own.
We are already on a call.
Captain's orders, Gibson.
Come on.
There was a screeching sound, and then we're being tossed all over the place.
Miller, Warren, what do we got? Cap refills at three seconds.
She's alert with digital movement.
I need gauze and a C-Collar.
Yeah, I got a signpost through and through over here.
We're gonna need to trim it.
I need a mechanical hand saw.
Ladies, can you tell me your names? I'm Carla.
What is that sticking out of me? Never mind, I don't want to know.
That's Susan.
Blood makes her queasy.
Why didn't I just take Isabella to hockey today, like I always do? Are you really talking about her hockey right now? Miller.
We need to lift the bus off of Carla, quickly.
No, we do that, and we cram that thing inside of Susan even more.
It's already impinging on her lungs.
She can't afford for it to go any deeper in.
Carla's BP is holding steady.
The bus is compressing the wound which is a silver lining.
It buys us time.
All right, then, Carla can wait.
We free Susan first.
Then, we lift the bus off of Carla.
If Carla's cap refill rises or her pulse get thready, we reassess the plan.
Let's go.
- Okay.
- Got it.
I need the O2 kit, more C-collars, more 4x4s, a tourniquet Take it.
Empty us out.
So Vic and I can get Peter to the hospital.
No, there's only one defib.
I'm not leaving these patients without it.
Take the defib, too.
No, I'm not sending Peter away without out, either.
And I certainly can't spare Hughes, or anyone else to drive.
It's all hands on deck.
Take it.
I'm good.
Can I help? I know that's a dumb question.
I just I wish I could help.
Driver's DOA.
We've got two ejected patients.
Only one conscious.
I need a SAM splint.
Tourniquets, Coban, IV fluids.
Was the accident a bad one? It wasn't a good one.
Is there coffee around here? Coffee sounds good, doesn't it? I'll ask.
Oh, hey, could you grab us a carafe of coffee? Thank you.
I have to be honest with you, Hughes.
Now that I've seen today's incident report, it's gonna take some convincing for me to give either one of these kids the keys to the castle.
Jack and Andy aren't kids.
They sure acted like it out there today, though, didn't they? - Breaking protocol all over the place.
- I disagree.
I'm sorry.
Is this a peer review or an incident debriefing? Because you seem to be focusing on this one call, when A call as divisive as this is an opportunity, a lens to examine these two candidates.
- It was just one call.
- And not a very clean one.
- Whose fault is that? - Well, you were out there.
Why don't you tell me? Yours.
It was your fault.
All of a sudden, I was airborne, and I thought, "This is it.
The end.
" But it wasn't.
I'm still here.
Mary, your leg is broken, okay? Mary, can you squeeze my fingers? Yeah? Good.
You're in a little bit of shock right now, but that's totally normal.
We were turning over, and then you guys were right behind us, helping Maybe we'll all be okay.
Wouldn't that be crazy? I can only reduce this leg so much.
She needs to get to the hospital they all do.
Where the hell is backup? Somebody get those sparks! We can't afford an explosion! I'll go! Back me up with the extinguisher.
All right, let's move all stable patients 20 feet away from the crash in case this bus explodes quickly! I'm taking the defib.
Do you need anything out of the trauma box for Peter? - There's only one.
- Peter's good.
Wish I could help out there.
Go! I don't want to be the reason somebody out there doesn't get treated.
No, someone's got to monitor you just in case.
It's protocol.
You're our patient, too.
- I just wish I could do something.
- You and me both.
Hey, why don't you take my gurney? They probably need it out there, right? Please, let me help somehow.
I'll grab you a release form.
We circulate.
Red Cards first, then Yellows Yeah, then Greens if backup still isn't here.
They'd better be here.
I could see my bone.
That doesn't seem right.
There's a bone outside my body.
Mary, it's okay.
It's just a fracture.
But I'm gonna give you something that's gonna help you calm down, okay? Deep breaths.
Deep breaths.
We got six of the eight patients here in triage now.
- And the other two? - Critical.
Still stuck at the bus.
Aah! Talk to me! I sawed through a full two centimeters so far.
But now we wait.
What do you mean, "Now we wait"?! Susan, the saw heats the metal as it cuts, all right? When it get too hot, we have to stop, wait for it to cool down.
It's piercing your body.
We don't want to burn you.
So, Moms' Day Off? How many kids do y'all have? Just the one for me, which is plenty.
I have a daughter, Isabella.
Oh, my God.
What if I don't make it out of here? We're going to get you out.
It takes a little time, that's all.
If I die here, no one will take Isabella to hockey.
I always take her.
She's so good.
She'll get a scholarship, no question.
Unless I die, and no one pushes her.
And she quits.
Then no scholarship.
No college.
No prospects.
Oh, God, then what? Just ruin my daughter's future because I just had to come out on this dumb trip! The trip is not to blame! Yes, it is! It's cooled down.
Starting her back up.
All right, let me know when you're most of the way through.
How're we doing? This open fracture's losing way more blood that I'd like.
It's barely slowing down.
I need help with a Red Card over here.
Go, I'll try QuikClot.
We really need to get on the move with these patients.
I know.
I know.
Mary, can you hear me?! Susan, I'm here! Promise me you'll drive Isabella to hockey if I don't make it home! Why wouldn't she make it home? Your friends are injured, but they're stable for now.
For now? I already told her that I would drive Isabella to hockey! And I told her I want Isabella to actually get to hockey on time! I'm sorry, I know that's mean, but you're always late.
Susan, everything's fine.
Don't worry! Hey, hey, Mary, Mary, Mary, stay down.
Just keep your head still, please.
It could make your injuries much worse.
I don't care about me.
My friends over there, those two, they're like oil and vinegar.
I hold the group together.
You're the glue.
That's important.
I'm the glue, too.
I'm captain today.
Then you understand.
What your people need are my people.
And my people need their glue.
They need me out there captaining.
But I can't do that if I'm here keeping you still so you don't hurt yourself.
Can you stay still on your own, Mary? Carla's pulse is thready.
We need a new plan here.
Be the glue.
Save my friends.
Hughes, tag me out.
We need to get these patients to the hospital.
Station 23, where the hell are you? You're the fire chief in charge of the entire department.
We're all your babies.
- That's the gig, right? - Yes.
Okay, well, it took Station 23 eight minutes to get to us, when every second counted.
Even PD beat Station 23 to the scene.
Eight minutes stuck on the side of the road, when we should have been en route to the hospital.
You know what that feels like? To know that every second of that eight minutes could've cost us a life? Do you know what Station 19's response time is? I believe you're at five minutes? Yeah, on a bad day.
Three minutes is our fastest.
Station 19 sets the bar for response times.
So if you can't get the rest of the department up to speed, the least you can do is not give some subpar outsider the keys to our castle.
So flip a coin if you have to.
But it has to be one of them Jack or Andy.
Pick one and be done with it.
Nice to see you, Montgomery.
You look good.
More like yourself.
Hard to look your best at your husband's funeral, I guess.
Can't believe it's been a year.
Next month.
So, how are you doing? Fine.
Holding up.
Glad to see you've found a new home at Station 19.
That's what I'm here to talk about today, sir Station 19, the captain's race.
Not me, not Michael.
If you don't mind.
Of course.
So, do you have a take? I have strong feelings about the importance of the role.
A captain keeps the team safe above all else.
Even the best of teams suffer under poor leadership.
Of course.
Makes perfect sense.
Miller, status? Erratic pulse, clammy skin.
I'm afraid of hypovolemic shock.
We need to move faster.
I'm going as fast as I can.
This metal heats up quick.
I feel lightheaded.
It's cold.
Hey, hey, Carla.
We need you to stay awake, okay? Stay awake.
Stay awake for Lulu, okay? She needs you to turn your house into Hogwarts for her birthday.
You promised! You got to make sure Lulu turns into a superwoman like you! Her BP's dropping.
We're out of time.
New plan.
We inflate the jack now.
- Susan's not free yet.
- We have to risk it.
Susan's so close.
She's stable.
But Carla can't wait.
We're not orphaning anybody today.
Get that bus off of her now! Thought you could use this.
You left the victim alone? - You could say, "Thank you" - Thanks.
Now hustle back.
Okay, Warren, the jack will jostle the post.
I need you to keep the post steady, minimize the damage.
- Got it.
- All right, Bishop, go, go! The day Michael died, he was working a controlled burn.
He saw an unprotected home, calculated, decided he could make it and get out in time.
And he did.
He saved it.
- But then, the wind changed - I know.
He made it, through the flashover he'd even accounted for that.
But the water drop was off.
The captain had miscalculated by 20 feet.
Doesn't sound like much.
20 feet.
But that miscalculation cost me my husband.
It cost him his life.
I know better than to settle for a captain who isn't sure, and I know better than to recommend a captain who I think might miscalculate.
Yeah, it worked! I got it! All right, get her on that backboard.
We'll save the gurney for Carla.
Susan, nice and easy.
- You okay? - Am I out? Oh, my God, I am! I'm gonna drive Isabella to hockey myself! Carla, they're gonna get you out, too! I know they are.
Give it some more juice, Bishop! All right, that should do it.
Stop with the inflation.
It's time to get her out.
Copy that! Sounds good All right, Miller, you pull, I'll pack.
Her pulse is weak, so we got to move fast.
All right, not too fast.
These jagged metal pieces are tricky.
I don't want to injure her more.
Am I bleeding? I see it, I see it.
Carla! Mary I'm here.
One, two two, three.
Don't worry, I've got her, but she can't talk right now! Carla, you're out! Mary, she's out! - She's crashing.
- No, no, no, no.
Okay, Bishop, give the defib next to the trauma box now.
I need the ring cutter from the trauma box right now! - Go.
We've got Carla.
- All right.
And every ray of sunlight I need more lorazepam from the truck.
What's happening to Carla? It looks as though she may have lost consciousness, but Captain Herrera's doing everything possible.
Nobody wanted the bus.
But I made us get it, because it was safer, and now This is all my fault! None of this is your fault.
Your driver went the wrong way onto a freeway off-ramp.
Lulu, Isabella, and and Foster their children.
They're gonna lose their moms because of me? I'm so sorry, Montgomery.
Michael was one of the good ones.
I blame that inexperienced captain.
It was so clear in my mind.
The worst thing in the world happened to me because of him.
Montgomery, if this is too difficult, I have plenty of other people to talk to.
I would understand if He was supposed to keep Michael safe! He was supposed to help.
But he didn't.
Clear! Still nothing damn it! I'm not done yet.
Clear! Shock delivered.
We got something! Oh, there you are.
Over here, faster! She needs fluids and epi.
I've got another patient with a possible sub-Q air and open fracture at triage We got you.
We're here now.
It's about damn time.
You guys are lucky we happened to be passing by.
You wouldn't be getting anything but recoveries right now.
Hey, Gibson, you're all clear.
What the hell? This is why we don't divert the damn Aid Car.
Now can we go to the hospital?! A full pitcher.
That's what I like to see.
Sometimes I wonder if I did my daughter a disservice.
Maybe I should have pushed her to do things outside the station growing up.
I wonder about that sometimes.
But as a kid, she never wanted to spend time anyplace else.
She always knew that this is what she wanted, and there was no talking her out of it, ever.
There wasn't much talking her out of anything, actually.
We are already on a call.
Captain's orders, Gibson.
A great captain utilizes her team to the best of their ability.
We were spread thin.
Herrera made it work.
She recognizes people's talent, puts them where they fit best.
It's how she runs the station, and it's what she did today.
And how did Herrera utilize Gibson on the call? She kept Gibson on the Aid Car.
Smartly, exactly where he was needed.
How long are we thinking for backup? Actually, is there water on here? I'm a little parched.
They're on their way.
We should be on the road in less than 10.
Ah, I'd really love to get to the hospital sooner than later.
I watch enough news.
It makes me wonder about internal bleeding and sudden death, you know? Well, I'm right here to make - sure that doesn't happen.
- Okay.
I treat every patient like family.
So right now, you and me, we're family.
- Aww.
Like brothers? - Yeah.
I'm taking the defib.
Do you need anything out of the trauma box for Peter? There's only one.
Peter threw us a curveball, for sure.
Nobody saw that coming.
Herrera could have put anybody on the Aid Car, but she chose Gibson, and it turned out to be the right call.
He was the perfect guy in the perfect place.
Herrera instinctively knew to put him there.
It's the least I can do.
Please, take the gurney.
I'll grab you a release form.
You're a little warm.
How you feeling? I guess my neck is stiffer.
Do you have anything I can take for the pain? You do have a slight fever.
Oh, should I be worried? No, I'll make sure the hospital's aware.
Take this ibuprofen.
A double dose for pain and fever.
- Okay.
- You ready? Oh, yeah.
So, how long you been married? Ah, in winter, it'll be a year.
So it's new.
Hey, get this I just realized she doesn't like mushrooms just the other day.
It's wild.
It's like we're still getting to know each other.
Yeah, that I definitely get.
I'm gonna run this out, but I'll be right back, okay? Go.
Help people.
I'll be here.
Time to open her up! Standing by.
Aah! Hit it! How are those sparks? Fully out! Copy.
That's what I like to hear.
Well, you could say Gibson was forced into an impossible situation, one instinctively knew could go south But he didn't know that.
I mean, no one could have known that.
You can speak freely, Bishop.
No disrespect, sir, but why is it that men in power always seem to give each other the benefit of the doubt in tricky situations? I assure you, I am giving neither candidate any unmerited benefits.
So, when the situation with Peter went south Gibson was there.
Things escalated quickly.
Gibson handled it.
All right, that's your one and only hero move today.
- Peter - Sorry.
You weren't supposed to see this.
I-I thought I'd get it all cleaned up.
Are you dizzy? Do you know where you are right now? Yes! I'm on the side of the road when I should be at the hospital getting my medicine! - Okay, all right.
- I'm sorry to yell at you, Jack.
- I just I-I really need my medicine.
- It's okay.
Okay, all right, sit down.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Let me help you.
Let me help you, all right? Brothers, remember? Brothers.
- Sit down.
- Right, right.
I'm just I'm in a lot of pain here, Jack.
I'm really suffering.
You have morphine on here, right? Y-You know what? W-We just ran out on our last call.
No, I know you have it.
No, we don't have morphine, but we we have, uh, lorazepam.
And you were right.
That gurney, that saved lives today.
All right? I owe you one - Okay.
- Okay.
All right.
She knew Gibson could handle Peter and whatever problems arose.
That is expert leadership.
But the problems that arose in the Aid Car were because of Herrera's decision to ground it in the first place, correct? But I think if you look at Herrera's track record - at the big picture - I have.
Then you that this incident was unusual.
It was messy and complicated And Gibson rose to the occasion, overcoming a problem caused by Herrera breaking the rules.
Would you agree? A simple yes or no will do.
So, Miller, you've been at 19 a long time.
You must know Gibson and Herrera pretty well.
Uh, very well.
Actually, Jack and I go back all the way to the fire academy.
I got him through Hazardous Materials.
He got me through Resource Deployment.
Jack's been my guy.
Wow, no need to twirl me around the dance floor, then.
Why should I make Gibson captain? Go.
Uh, Jack's a quick thinker, great instincts, and he's usually 10 steps ahead of the rest of us.
What's taking so long?! It'll go faster if I help.
What kind of medicine do they usually give you at the hospital? I'm not a junkie, if that's where you're going.
No, no, no.
I know.
I know.
I'm just trying to get all the information so I can help you.
No! No, I don't believe you! I need my meds, and you are in my way! Get out of my way! Aah! No, wait.
Don't pull back.
Don't pull back.
Aah! My finger! My finger! This is all your fault.
Aah! Aah! Let go of me! Look at that.
Your finger's swelling and your ring is cutting off the blood flow.
If you don't listen to me, you're gonna lose it.
I need the ring cutters from the trauma box right now! When Jack's on your team, you feel like you're on the winning team.
I think that's why patients really love him.
I'm gonna lose my finger! This is your fault! Aah, it hurts! Peter, Peter, clearly, - you're in real pain.
- Aaah! I can give you a shot of morphine.
Yeah, if and only if you calm down.
Okay, okay.
Okay, I'm really sorry.
It just really hurts.
Please hurry.
I know.
I know, buddy.
Aah Wait, wait.
Wait, the orange label? No, I need the blue label! - That's not morphine! - Listen Do you think I'm an idiot?! Are you trying to pull one over on me? Aah! Whoa, whoa.
What the hell is going on here?! You want an explanation, or do you want to jump in and help? It's funny.
I've known Jack a long time, but he can still surprise me.
That is funny.
That hurts! I'm trying to save your finger.
- How'd he get like this? - I left him alone for a minute You want to ride my ass this morning about bending the rules, and you're leaving a patient alone? To help other patients out there.
- I didn't know he was a Seeker - That makes it worse.
If Andy didn't divert the Aid Car, - this never would've happened - This isn't Andy's fault.
Gibson sounds like a fine firefighter.
The best.
So you grew up together, worked side by side until he climbs to lieutenant, and now now maybe captain.
So he he became your boss.
We work as a team.
Still, a change like that, you must have feelings.
Well, that's the thing about Jack.
He's made the change feel almost imperceptible.
All right.
Hey, o-one more thing.
Let me ask you, uh On today's call, who did you agree with Gibson or Herrera? I got to sedate him.
Without consent?! It's the only way to save his finger.
Hey, Gibson, you're all clear.
What the hell? This is why we don't divert the damn Aid Car.
Now can we go to the hospital?! It was a multifaceted call.
I mean, you know that.
I'll boil it down for you.
Herrera grounded the Aid Car, leaving Gibson to care for the patient inside it.
Do you feel that she should have sent the Aid Car away, or should Gibson have handled that patient differently? Can you repeat the question? You did it.
You saved my people.
If you hadn't been driving by we might not have I'm so grateful the universe put us on this road at the same time.
Me, too.
I can't believe, after today's call, everyone's in there giving peer reviews about us right now.
You ever think about where we might be if my dad hadn't gone down in that fire? If we'd never been called away to that call? If I never followed you into the turnout room Yeah, we couldn't be competing against each other right now.
We wouldn't be a lot of things.
Glad it happened, though, in the end.
- You are? - Found his cancer.
That wouldn't have happened if the rest didn't happen.
So there's that.
How long do these things usually last? And in conclusion, everyone pulled through.
They even saved Peter's finger.
Thank you, Warren.
Your account was eye-opening.
Eye-opening, sir? Well, typically, folks tend to dance around the facts in peer reviews.
But with that rookie perspective and all, you were very honest on all fronts.
Herrera broke protocol.
Gibson got into a physical altercation with a patient.
Okay, no, um I'd just like to say that both Gibson and Herrera welcomed me when I joined the station, all right? They've trained me and trust me Yeah, that's that's kind of the gig.
No, I'm Hey, I get it.
Thank you.
You're good to go.
I feel like you're not hearing me.
Oh, I hear you.
Loud and clear.
Send Hughes in on your way out, would you? That, um That may have come out w-wrong.
- You just yelled at me.
- True.
So, um Let me dial that back and speak instead about the many specific ways in which Jack and Andy have both proven themselves consistently to be You can go.
I haven't given you my actual peer review.
- I don't want it.
- Y-You don't want it? You are correct.
I'm the chief of this Fire Department.
I am your bosses' boss' boss.
And the way you have spoken to me, the insubordination with which you have approached this entire interview it tells me everything I need to know about how Herrera and Gibson have captained you.
So, yes you and I are done.
But it's not all about experience.
I've filled in as captain while Herrera and Gibson were at trials.
It was harder than I expected.
I don't think you can fully appreciate the job until you've tried to fill it.
Herrera made a call today without blinking, without hesitating.
I couldn't have done the same, not as quickly.
And Gibson he couldn't see it.
He disagreed with her outright because of a patient, but hers was the right way to go.
She saved all those people.
Jack wouldn't have.
I wouldn't have.
I thought I knew who I'd recommend for captain, but that was before I tried the job for myself.
Jack is excellent, but Andy thinks like a captain.
She's the better choice.
It'd be a mistake to see it any other way.
You want to say more about that? About Gibson? Not really.
You don't like him very much.
I like him fine.
I mean, he's the obvious choice, right? Frankel thought so.
Gibson's good.
He aced his test.
He's got seniority.
With seniority comes experience.
He's good with patients.
He's good with the team.
He doesn't micromanage.
He's the guy that'll jump into a pool full of chemicals or jump right into cutting a strip on a roof because he sees the call as a whole.
And, obviously, you've seen that already.
That's who he is.
He's just like that.
Like a captain.
So are you, by the way.
You recognized the strengths in those around you.
You know your mind, and you're true to it.
If a lieutenant spot opens up at the end of all this, I expect you to throw your hat in the ring.
Oh, you can go.
I have everything I need.
Jack would make a great captain.
That's not the question I asked you.
Who did you agree with today Gibson or Herrera? Herrera.
Even given how the call turned out with a patient almost needlessly losing a finger? You still feel she made the right decision? Yeah.
Yes, I do.
We lost, we lost Our love in the night We all, we all Sinners in the light I saw, I saw Vengeance in your eyes No blood for war Oh, no, not tonight Fight fire with fire No, I won't cry Fight fire with fire So my heart won't die This is war I may have just yelled at Ripley.
And by "may," I mean it definitely happened.
You yelled at Ripley? I'm I'm sure it's fine.
Mine didn't go well, either.
Ripley grilled me like a burger.
He's a conversational Jedi.
He took everything I said the wrong way.
I should've listened to JJ and stayed home today.
She wanted you to stay home? I ended up saying things, like, "Gibson's good.
" That doesn't even sound like me.
- No offense.
- Some taken.
- Ripley's the worst.
- He squeezed my mind grapes.
He makes me miss Frankel.
I actually thought he was okay.
We all, we all I had things to say, and he listened.
Guys, this was a tough end to a rough day, facing off with Ripley.
We're grateful.
I just hope he heard me at the end.
I said it has to be one of you two.
Got to keep it in the family.
No, I won't cry - Yes, we do.
- Hell, yeah.
- 19.
- Mm-hmm.
Fight fire with fire So my heart won't die This is war What if today never happened? What if you showed up late or called in sick or didn't say the thing you needed to say to the person you needed to say it to? I'm not exactly Switzerland in this contest.
I have a vested interest in who takes over for me.
Still I can wait to hear your thoughts until after you've finished your treatment.
You've already heard from my team.
Peer reviews are today.
I never miss a deadline.
What if you timing was off? Would it change things? A little? A lot? I want you to hear what I have to say before you've made up your mind.
Station 19 is my legacy.
No, I won't cry I want what's best for the team I've built.
Fight fire with fire So my heart won't die So, who do you recommend to be the new captain Herrera or Gibson? Kings will fall Could a matter of minutes, of seconds Fight fire with fire Neither one.
Fight fire with fire change your life forever? Fight fire with fire
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