Station 19 (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Hot Box

1 Previously on "Station 19" We know each other.
- Grant.
- Yes! Travis.
I remember.
DEAN: That woman does not slow down.
Are you good to work today? I wouldn't be here if I weren't.
Who was proctoring the test? - The fire chief.
- Ripley.
Not an easy man to impress.
If a lieutenant spot opens up at the end of all this, I expect you to throw your hat in the ring.
Who do you recommend to be the new captain Herrera or Gibson? Neither one.
ANDY: Flames aren't the deadliest part of a fire.
It's the heat.
Radiant heat alone can singe paper, melt plastic, blister flesh.
- What are you doing?! - Aah! Okay, got it.
- What are you doing?! - Aah! Oh! - [PANTING.]
- What? Got it.
You're burning our wedding photos? I was having a moment.
Seems like a lifetime ago.
I can't believe we're getting divorced.
Yeah, me either.
Oh, wait.
Did you put our unity hands in the fireplace, too? Look, I said I was having a moment.
Well, you can't just go reducing all our memories to ashes! What else did you put in there? You know what? I'm gonna go check the rest of the house.
Nothing! No.
Okay, you're being very dramatic.
You know, I'm the one who just burned my fingers, by the way.
I think that's something most people don't realize.
If the heat index is high enough, it'll get the job done.
You don't even have to touch the fire for it to burn you.
Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo [GROANS.]
It's dawn, and we're just getting home and I can't keep doing this.
You stay up all night all the time.
Yeah, to put out fires, not to go to concerts.
And to eat ramen and to watch the sunrise.
I mean, I wouldn't have a job reviewing music if I didn't, you know, actually see the bands perform.
That ramen was delicious.
Well, to be fair, everything tastes great at 4:00 a.
It's my time to break out [SIGHS.]
I have an hour one hour left before I have to get to work.
Well, if that's all the time we have left together, seems like such a shame to waste it on sleep.
I got the gold Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo [LAUGHS.]
Whoo! Oh.
ANDY: Have you talked to my dad lately? Has he seemed quiet to you? Your dad's always quiet with me or grumpy.
There's not much else in between.
In the last couple days, he's barely said a word.
You think it's the chemo? Maybe.
You're right, it's probably that.
- Race you to the tree? - Hey! [BOTH GRUNT.]
- Aah.
Whoo! [PANTING.]
Best two out of three? Someone's a glutton for punishment.
You are very good, Ryan Tanner.
But I'm not going to let you win.
Oh, I'm counting on that.
- Whoa.
- This is for you.
One for me.
Best thing you ever tasted you'll see.
- All right.
There you go.
- Oh, slow down.
It still needs a little time.
The heat from the jar is cooking the eggs.
- Okay.
Try it.
Well? It's the best thing I've ever tasted.
- Wow.
You didn't have to go to all this trouble.
I would have been fine with the Waffle House.
Just wait till you see what I cook you for dinner.
Um, so if we're gonna try this, really try this, I need to go slow.
- I know.
- I mean, like, glacially slow.
I-I have to ease back into this.
I may need to pause, I may not call you right away, and if that's gonna make it weird for you It won't.
You don't know that.
I cooked these eggs at 140 degrees for 45 minutes.
I could have done a 6-minute rapid boil.
You know why I didn't? I don't.
Because I know when something's worth the wait.
How's that nap going? Nah.
It was no nap.
It's, uh, meditation.
Travis taught me.
It's true.
I learned the downward puppy thing and the sad baby and the happy baby pose.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure some of those aren't real, but okay.
Look, I'm about to go get started washing the barn.
You want to help? Yeah.
Absolutely, man.
I'll I'll be right there.
I don't want to get you guys too excited, but Jack and I just approved some seriously badass new gadgets.
Can you believe that, in a couple of days, the Captain's race will be over? And then it'll just be you approving all the new gadgets.
Ah! We'll see.
I mean, nothing's for sure.
We don't know who's gonna be named Captain.
The Incinerator really counts against me.
Your track record counts, too.
And your stats, the station's stats.
Well, not to mention Jack and I still have to go before the board and Ripley for our sit-downs.
Did I tell you what he said to me during peer reviews? That I should go out for lieutenant because he thought I would make a good Captain, too, someday? As if he should be focused on that.
Yeah, well, he was mainly just focused on kicking me out of the room.
So, maybe don't remind him that you know me when you go for your sit-down.
It'll probably be better for you.
Maya, you should go out for lieutenant whether I win or not.
First things first Let's make you a Captain.
Come on.
How's the new chemo going, sir? Your white blood cell counts, your platelets? Uh, according to your wife, I'm responding nicely.
Oh, so you're feeling better, stronger? I suppose.
That's great, 'cause I got a bone to pick.
You outed me to my wife about all the dangerous things I've been doing on this job, and now she thinks that I'm keeping things from her.
You're coming at me right now? I'm ill, Warren.
You're playing the cancer card.
You must be feeling better.
I'm just saying you shouldn't keep things from family.
Sure, okay, 'cause you've been so honest with yours.
When you told your wife about all this, that you wanted to change careers, how'd that go? Uh Um [LAUGHS.]
Look, I knew that this was the right thing for me.
I was confident in that, but I didn't know how she would take it.
You know, I mean, there was this huge thing that didn't just affect me it affected her.
I was worried, and I didn't know if she would see it the way I did.
But I knew I had to tell her.
It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, like, in my life, which, considering, says a lot.
You sure you're all right, sir? Yeah, I'm sure.
You missed a spot.
- The day's young don't wear yourself out before it's started.
I'm not.
If anything, I've got too much energy.
I don't know what it is.
I'm just I don't know I'm bursting.
I went for a run earlier, and I feel like that only got me more amped.
It's the Captain's race.
It's because it's almost over.
Eh, maybe.
You were like this every single birthday, too couldn't get you to sleep for a week before it.
Still that way.
I want you to be careful about getting your hopes up.
If you build it up too much, it'll be that much more difficult if you don't get the Captain's position.
I know.
I can handle it.
You say that and you talk a great game, but I know you, m'ija.
I know how you get.
Dad, I'm a big girl.
Whatever the board decides, I can handle it, promise.
AUDREY: I can't believe you called the police.
OLIVER: Yeah, I can't believe that you would resort to theft.
- Okay, let's just calm down.
What were you saying again about your wife starting the fire? Um, ex-wife to-be and, no, I didn't.
She decided to burn all my stuff.
Not all of it some, you know, like the really bad stuff, like his leather pants.
JACK: Tanner, what do you know? Items were burning in a fireplace at the back of the house seems like the fire sprung up in there.
Looks pretty contained from what we've seen so far.
No one else is in the house.
Can I get a copy of the report for insurance purposes? I've been through the house, and there are items definitely missing.
Oh, okay, and you call me paranoid.
You installed a thumbprint to get in and out of the garage.
I'm not even allowed in there.
Oh, my God, Oliver! His stuff is fine.
I will prove it.
Uh, maybe don't go toward the house that's on fire.
It's nowhere near the garage.
Fireplace origin, moved to interior walls.
Chimney's the only vent.
Do you want to stuff it? Hell, yeah, I want to stuff it.
I'm sorry, stuff what? - The turkey.
- The turkey.
Yeah, that didn't clear anything up.
It's one of Captain Pruitt's favorite plays You get an interior fire like this, helps to hit it two ways.
You soak the outside first, seal the flame inside.
Yeah, it's like basting.
Then we also hit it hard from the inside Only way that works, though if you have deep-pocket access, which we do, though that garage.
That way, you can go in the middle without getting cooked yourself.
That actually made sense.
If we go through the garage, that fire will be out in half the time.
Is it weird that I'm not hungry? Time to stuff the turkey, guys.
That means everybody's splitting up.
Keep your radios on 3.
I want to hear every step.
Let's move.
- There.
See? - [SIGHS.]
I didn't steal any of his precious keepsakes, which, by the way, were our precious keepsakes until three days ago.
Hey, ma'am, ma'am, we need you to open this door so we can get access to this part of your house.
Is it locked? Oh, yes, but I have the key.
It's a biometric lock that unlocks with my thumbprint.
That's weird.
That never happens Ohh, it looks like you've blistered your fingers.
They're not too bad, but the skin's coming off.
I doubt it can read her prints.
You got an override code? Uh, yes.
The panel's in the foyer Month and year of our wedding.
- Dean.
- Yeah 0302.
On it.
All right.
Okay, here we go.
Damn it.
Gibson, can you repeat the passcode? Is it 0203 or 0302? [RADIO BEEPS.]
He must have found the panel by now.
The light should be turning green.
Dean, what's the holdup? Miller, do you copy? Okay, make sure he puts the code in right, because if he enters it incorrectly more than once, the system goes on lockdown.
Gibson, what's the passcode again? Repeat Jack, what is the code? Is it 0-what-0-what? What's the right order? Miller, respond.
Gibson, do you copy? [SIGHS.]
0 2 Okay, something's wrong.
Bishop, get in there and figure out what's going on.
0 3.
No, no, no, no, no! [GRUNTING.]
Damn it! Nothing.
That's not surprising.
I built this place to be a fortress.
The doors and the walls are all actually reinforced steel.
I work in cybersecurities, and I've got a lot of personal intel stored in there.
TRAVIS: Jack, what's going on in there? Why'd you close the door? [RADIO BEEPS.]
I didn't.
Is there some sort of override for the system? Not after it goes into lockdown.
It's like your cellphone when you mess up the password a few times It won't work again for a few hours.
The alarm will alert the security company to unlock the doors, right? Actually, no.
I designed an independent system.
You'd be surprised how untrustworthy those home security companies are.
Okay, great.
So, correct me if I'm mistaken, but it seems like we are stuck in an impenetrable box with fire spreading toward it right now.
Not how I thought this day would go.
- Montgomery, what's the status of the fire inside? - Don't worry, we got you covered.
Call for backup.
Help me get all the chainsaws and unload them right now.
Gibson? Gibson, do you read me? [RADIO BEEPS.]
- Hey, hey! What the hell have you been doing? Why haven't you been answering your radio? What are you talking about? I've been trying to get Jack this whole time.
Nobody's answering me.
You set your com to Channel 3 like Gibson said, right? Oh, come on, Miller.
What the hell? I-It's fine, all right? I'm on it.
No, it is not fine! You punched the wrong code into the security system, and it automatically shut all the doors.
Yeah, can't we just override the system? No.
Everybody in there is trapped.
Don't worry we've got a team on the fire inside, and we're trying to cut through these doors, but this could take a while.
You guys better get comfortable.
- Copy.
More than a beat, I'd guess.
Okay, well, let's see if there's anything we can do on our end any weaknesses, anything.
So, on a sliding scale of worries, is this a "throw your baby to me right now" kind of worry? [CHUCKLES.]
It's a waiting game right now.
We got to get the right tools out there.
- But Montgomery will get us out unless we figure a way out first.
This garage seems to be air-conditioned, but the override shut that off, too.
- Yeah.
The walls are solid no help there.
When did those two become laughing buddies? - Uh, strip mall, maybe? - [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION.]
We need to get some air flowing in here.
It's getting stuffy.
I mean, it seems a little weird, right? I mean, I've seen weirder.
Audrey, where are your power tools? Maybe we can weaken the door mechanism from the inside.
Uh, no power tools not really that kind of garage.
- Mm.
- Of course not.
Although I think I did have a toolkit maybe in one of these.
Ah! I'm finding nothing we can use light bulbs, extensions cords.
Yeah, rags, funnels - Oh, photos.
How's it looking out there, Montgomery? We're still trying to contain the fire, but we're getting the Jaws of Life into place right now.
They were such cute, little science-y nerds.
- I wonder why they're splitting up.
- I don't know.
She seems awfully good at shutting people out.
I got to tell Jack.
About Ryan.
I mean, not right now, but soon.
He deserves to know.
And I don't want to rub anything in his face once I'm Captain.
That seems doubly mean, and I'm not trying to be mean at all.
What? This morning, you were all, "Let's temper expectations, que sera, sera.
" But you just said all of that assuming you'd be named Captain.
I'm not assuming anything Hmm.
but, boy, do I want it.
Look at you embracing your badassery.
My job is done until I apply for lieutenant, give you a run for your money.
There's nothing else in here we can use.
Yeah, let's keep looking.
- JACK: It's getting hotter in here, Montgomery.
- Is that fire out yet? Over.
Negative encountering some complications, but we're on it.
We'll get it.
So, I know Lieutenant Gibson said we shouldn't worry or anything - Not yet.
- but in times of extreme circumstance, I think sometimes our baser emotions can surface.
I've been getting these vibes, and I think it's pretty clear that Lieutenant Gibson is into me.
We bonded over disaster preparedness before, and now we're trapped here.
It's getting hotter.
Emotions will amplify.
I'd like to head this off at the pass.
He deserves someone great, but that person is not me.
How do I say that to him nicely? I don't - Um - You know, I left my keys in the house.
Otherwise, I'd say that we should just jump in the car and crank the A.
to cool down.
sounds amazing, but it's also a bad idea carbon monoxide.
What I wish we could do is open that trunk.
Do you think we have a jack in there? Ah! There they are! My tools! [LAUGHS.]
Envisioned tools that were bigger than this don't know how those are gonna help.
Not so fast.
What, you think Tanner's the only cop with a petty criminal history? [TRUNK CREAKS LIGHTLY.]
- Oh.
- Nice.
Come on.
Please be in here.
Ah! Yes.
- Come on! - Let's do this.
- Come on.
Come on.
Montgomery, you got the jaws ready out there? Meet me in middle bravo.
That's an affirmative.
If we can unhinge the door up just enough to get the jaws under it, we may have a shot at getting enough leverage to get it open.
All right.
Ready when you are, Gibson.
- Ready! One, two, three! [ALL GRUNTING.]
Come on! Keep going! Come on! [WHIRRING.]
- Go, go! - Come on! [ALL GRUNTING.]
Switch with me.
Switch with me.
Hold it.
- Ready? - You guys ready? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
1 2 3! [ALL GRUNTING.]
- Come on, come on, come on! - Come on! - Oh! - Come on! We got this! Come on, come on, come on! - [GROANS.]
- It's not working.
- Damn it.
Back to the drawing board, Montgomery.
Over here.
Give it to me.
- The temp's rising quickly.
Montgomery, status check How's it coming out there? Still working hard with the diamond saws and the Jaws of Life.
And inside the house Well, the fire's started to spread.
- Copy.
- This room's like an oven.
- [SIGHS.]
The fire in the house is approaching closer by now just by the feel of things in here.
It's not like an oven it is one.
Until they control that fire And all you want is to get at it.
You know I do.
We can try the other side again.
Nothing? - Damn it! - No! The smoke's getting worse.
Why is it getting worse? It's a mess in there two other units plus ours.
We can't seem to get a foothold.
The fire just keeps growing because - there's no way to vent it.
- We have to vent it.
It's heating up this garage with our people inside of it.
The house has every window reinforced with security glass that literally will not shatter.
What? No! They're They're windows, okay? - They can shatter.
- I'm telling you, no.
- MAYA: Montgomery, copy.
- You got an ETA? - [RADIO BEEPS.]
- Hey, guys.
- Might be another minute.
Everything breaks with the right amount of force.
Hey! Miller, where are you going? Warren, will you go with him? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
Miller, I really don't think you understood me when I said that the glass [POUNDING ON WINDOW.]
We have to ventilate this fire.
We can't just let them cook in there.
I know, man, I know, but this glass Look, let's just look for another way.
Station 19, Pruitt speaking.
How can I help you? - Captain, it's Hughes.
Hello, Victoria.
To what do I owe this pleasure? Uh, Montgomery asked me to call.
He wanted me to ask you about 365 Victory Street.
PRUITT: Oh, yes, that was a big one.
That was one of three times that my team or I got stuck inside somebody's garbage.
Does he want you to learn it from an offensive or a defensive angle? I think just the "How do you get people out of there?" angle.
I thought you guys were on a call with a contained residential fire? Yeah, we were.
But now you need chainsaws? Who's trapped inside a garage? Just any tips you could give would be super helpful, sir.
Who is trapped? A few people, sir including Andy.
Dean, come Come on, come on! You got to stop, all right? You're wearing yourself out.
We have to make a vent.
- There must be a way.
- There has to be a weakness.
These windows are not gonna give.
The windows won't.
But the wall the wall below it just might.
- Montgomery, we got ourselves a vent.
All right.
We got a horizontal vent on the Delta side.
Re-route all hoses over there.
Let's go! [WATER RUSHING.]
Easy, easy.
Just take sips, other - [MASK RINGING.]
- Okay.
And now you're out of air.
This one's done, too.
I was so focused on keeping people out, I didn't even think about people needing to get in.
Well, maybe you should have.
I'm sorry.
The heat is just really getting to me.
All right, look, everyone just needs to think cooling thoughts.
All right, the body can self-regulate.
Yeah, well, everyone has their breaking point.
It's 110 degrees in here.
Audrey, there's got to be something.
I-Is there an air vent or or, I don't know, an attic or or a crawl space? No.
The whole unit is fortified six inches thick.
All right, well, if they're not getting us out from out there, we got to figure out a way to get out from in here.
First things first the coolest place in this garage is on the floor, so that's where we're gonna be.
Everybody drop.
112 degrees now.
Okay, if we get out of here, I'm gonna take the entire station out for drinks, okay just all the drinks.
I don't drink, personally.
I prefer to maintain self-control at all times.
There's got to be something that can get us through that door.
I've got an idea.
Is there a screwdriver in here? ANDY: Ryan Just like old times.
Ryan, what are you doing? - What's it look like? - [CLICKING.]
That's a truly terrible idea.
We can use the car as a battering ram.
All we need is a dent to compromise the integrity of the door from in here to help our team outside.
You've seen how tough that door is.
It won't work, and then we'll be trapped in here with a damaged car releasing carbon monoxide.
It might work.
- Tanner, just - We have to try everything.
What if this could save us? - It's too dangerous.
- So is this heat! So is sitting in here, losing energy, hoping someone can make it through that door! We have to try.
We have to try something.
Ryan, I agree with Jack.
It won't make anything better.
It can only make things worse.
I respectfully disagree.
- Ryan - I don't care.
I'm Captain here, and I'm telling you to stop! You're not my Captain.
Ryan, turn it off! It's too dangerous! You won't dent the door, you'll just severely damage the car - Please don't do that.
- for nothing.
We can't risk the fumes or the carbon monoxide.
Turn it off! [ENGINE SHUTS OFF.]
Well, maybe the next plan can work on getting us out of here instead of killing us faster.
At least I'm willing to try something.
What have you got? 365 Victory was one of my first calls after making Captain.
Two of my guys fell through a roof and were trapped inside a garage.
The heat can cook them alive.
Look beyond the obvious.
Think outside the box and get them out.
Yeah, I know, sir, but what happened to your guys at 365 Victory? Did you get their door open? I did, yes.
Ye So, you saved your team? By the time we opened the door, they were gone.
They suffocated from the heat.
Station 42 says the garage roof is covered in weld mesh and multiple layers of metal tiles.
We're never getting through there in time.
Damn it! Busted another blade.
Well, what'd he say? Not much, except get the fire out and get them out before the heat cooks them alive.
That could happen? All of these years with Audrey working late nights in this stupid garage, and now this garage can kill her? Okay.
Oh, Ol Oliver.
Oliver, hey, hey, hey.
Let's calm down that breathing, buddy, all right? Come with me, we'll get you some air.
- Command, this is Captain 42.
We've extinguished the flames on the bravo side.
Hey, that's good, right? A little less fire it should cool everything down in there, you know, buy us some time.
It doesn't work that way.
The garage retains all that heat even if that part is extinguished.
They keep cooking inside.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
We are not losing hope.
We are not giving up on our friends, okay? - Think.
- T-There's no time.
Every minute that they're in there Time! We need more time.
You're right.
So let's buy some.
- This is Command.
All units, I need every available hose directed at the garage.
I repeat, surround and drown the garage, - every single hose.
Fire's in the house, 19, not the garage.
I repeat, spray every single hose on this garage right now.
What the hell, man? You can't redirect all the water outside.
We have people inside here, not there, our people overheating, okay? We need to cool this garage down and spray every single thing we have on it.
We tried stuffing the turkey.
It didn't work.
Now we got to baste this bird.
Hey, you heard the man.
Baste the damn bird.
ANDY: I just keep going over it in my head.
No crawl space, no vents to outside, no cracks in the door or the walls, no tools can get though that door, but there's got to be something, right? To get us out, there's got to be No, there doesn't.
I'm sorry, Andy, but there's not always a happy ending, There's not always a way out.
That's the heat talking, and the exhaustion.
We're not giving up.
I'm not saying I'm giving up.
I'm thinking practically.
- So am I.
- So am I.
Oh, will the two of you just shut up, God, for two minutes? I swear, it's a shame.
What is? Nothing.
Never mind.
What is she talking about? I don't know.
It's just a shame that all this is happening now instead of later when I could have been in the running.
Are you saying if you were Captain right now, we wouldn't be in this mess? Is this the heat talking, or do you really feel that way? Never mind.
Forget I said anything.
There's got to be a way out of this damn metal box.
This door it looks hydraulic.
Could you hijack the motor, open it to the inside of the house? Isn't there a fire on the other side of that door? We're firefighters.
- We're not.
- We can get you guys out.
I don't know.
I didn't design the motor, but maybe.
Some of the wires look melted, but if you guys are fast, we might have a shot.
MAYA: Come on.
- Aah! [SIGHS.]
Damn it.
The wires are too fried.
If we get out of here, I got to tell Oliver it's not his fault that we're splitting up.
Sometimes these things just happen.
I hate that damn garage.
- I can't tell you how many times I wish it didn't even exist, but [INHALES SHARPLY.]
Oh, God, I don't want it to kill her.
I know.
I know.
I mean, it is really hard when someone you care about could be in trouble and you feel powerless to do anything about it.
I just lived through that with a friend of mine.
I feel you.
That limbo is is hard.
And your friend? She's okay.
Will Audrey be okay? With these guys on the task, I'd say she has the very best chance.
Now breathe in your stats are still low.
I understand it's an unusual request.
We are in an unusual situation.
We have six lives on the line, two of which are SPD, - so unless you want to lose - [HORN HONKING.]
a couple of Seattle's finest, I suggest you locate that battering ram.
- Andy? Dad.
Andrea, I need you to get up.
Can you do that for me? I don't think I can.
You can do this.
Shake the heat off and find a way out of there.
I tried.
We couldn't.
There isn't anything.
You don't get to do this.
You don't get to not fight.
You have never given up.
Don't start now.
Esta no es la hija que crié.
Pull it together, Andrea.
You stand up and figure a way out of there.
You do that.
You do that for me right now.
We tried.
I don't know.
Andy What's my rule? Embrace the pain.
We can do this you and me.
The only thing that can get through that door is the thing trapping us in here fire.
We need an explosive.
The water heater.
It It has a pilot light.
Pilot lights ignite things, cause explosions.
Explosions turn anything into a high-velocity projectile.
It's worth a shot.
We just need something for the pilot light to ignite.
An accelerant.
Or gasoline from the car.
JACK: We can unstrap the water heater from the wall, lay it on its side.
We can use the pilot light to start the fuse and hope the explosion is strong enough to launch the water heater through this door to make an opening.
That's insane.
Well, there are no sane options here.
Our choices are crazy or death.
I choose crazy.
Well, if we're gonna do it, we should do it now before we're too weak to even try.
ANDY: Okay.
We don't want to put out the pilot light.
RYAN: Give me a rag, please.
- Um - Right here slide it over.
Never thought a bomb might save my life.
Everyone take cover! Put this on.
- Travis, clear the door.
- Copy that.
Pulling back.
Everybody back! Okay.
Once I light the fuse, you have about 30 seconds, maybe a minute, before the boom.
Everyone ready? We're good.
The release valve It must've come loose when we tipped the heater over.
- No.
- It'll go flying.
It could kill any one of us.
- Okay.
I can get to it.
- Maya Maya, Maya I can get to it.
Maya, what the hell are you doing?! Hey! [RUMBLING.]
- Whoa! - Whoa! Okay, clear this stuff out of the way! 42, you're on the door! Maya! Maya! Okay, everybody gets assessed.
Rehydrate with IVs.
Are you okay? Cold packs on everybody's pulse points, and then cover 'em with what wet sheets.
- Let's go! Let's move! - Why would you do that? - [HIGH-PITCHED RINGING.]
- Huh? [FAINTLY.]
Why did you do that?! The valve was loose.
It could have hit you.
I thought I could make it.
- Oh, my God.
- Andy! Andy! - MAN: All right, get back.
- Here.
Come on.
Dad! I'm fine.
Take it easy.
I got you.
These guys needs water and IV fluids, stat! And somebody get that gas shut off! [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Keep breathing this in and keep the ice packs on.
Your body's trying to recalibrate.
I had a panic attack.
Of course you did.
In a weird kind of way, I think this is what we needed watch all our stuff go up in flames all at once.
Rips the Band-Aid.
Not all of it.
This made it out okay.
Glad you made it out okay.
All right, all right.
We're gonna do another round.
Do Andy and Jack usually work - so well together - Mm.
even when they're mad at each other? My observation? - Uh, that's when they work best.
- Huh.
Look, it it either works, or it doesn't.
Oliver kept talking about how things had pushed him and Audrey apart, and they just stopped trying to get back to each other.
I mean, that happens, too.
But, uh, yeah, I will never let that happen to me, so I hate to bail on you guys, but, uh, I'm gonna bail, 'cause I am right across the street from the hospital, Miranda should be out of surgery any minute, and I will never stop wanting to get back to her.
I'm gonna go surprise her.
Right there.
Goals! - Don't leave, man! - [LAUGHS.]
Give you kissin' just like wine - Cheers.
- Cheers.
We see each other at our best and our worst almost every day.
It's intimate.
Andy and Jack are no different.
But you already know that.
- Yeah, of course.
- Mm.
What are you over here telling him? You trying to scare him away? Nah.
Tanner? You don't scare easy, do you? [CHUCKLES.]
- Hey.
- Hi.
What happened yesterday with the alarm codes? Why didn't it work? - Um - You know, one of the guys from Station 15 told me t-the panel was fried and sparking from the jump.
- Unbelievable.
- Yeah.
Electrical malfunction it happens.
- Well, salute.
- Yep.
If you don't think I'm your man, find somebody if you can Thank you for covering for me [SCOFFS.]
Don't thank me.
You guys have all had [CHUCKLING.]
my back.
I've got yours.
It's what friends do we look out for each other.
I don't know what got you so distracted that you made a mistake like that, - but next time - There won't be a next time.
I'll make you happy, just like your mama says to me [SIGHS.]
So, how long? Excuse me? How long have you and Ryan been getting together? [SCOFFS.]
What? You really didn't waste any time.
Excuse me? Everything okay here? - No.
- Sure, yeah.
Tanner, how'd it go? Were you just waiting in the wings, ready to swoop in the minute the coast was clear? Jack, I wanted to talk to you.
So I'm right you two are together.
Look, it's the last thing Andy wants Don't you talk to me about what Andy wants.
Andy can speak for herself.
I can.
That's right, and and I will.
So do it speak to me.
How long has this been going on? Since we broke up? This isn't the place.
Just answer the question.
Give you kissin' just like wine - Yes.
Does his lip taste sweeter than mine? Since before? No, no, no Jack.
- Jack! - I'll make you happy This was not how I meant it.
Jack! [SIGHS.]
Just like your daddy said I'll make you happy Just like your mama says to me I'll make you happy MAN: Oh.
Just like your mama wants I'll make you happy Just like your daddy said [DOOR OPENS.]
I'll make you happy All right.
Next round's on me.
- Captain! - Hey! This calls for shots! Where is Travis? [PLATE CLANKS.]
Okay didn't see that coming.
I have a million reasons to take things slowly.
And I don't want you to get ahead of yourself 'cause of me.
- I understand.
- But I don't want slow.
I should.
I've tried.
I know it's complicated, but I don't want a slow burn.
Tomorrow, I could be trapped in a garage trying to stuff a turkey, and I can't control that.
But I can control this.
You I want you.
But sometimes slow can be good.
ANDY: You can feel when your temperature's rising.
Thank you, Papi, for believing in me.
You'd have figured your way out of that garage with or without me.
I mean, about the Captain raise, my promotion, everything just [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
thank you.
The human body knows when that balance is tipped.
You know, it's not the end of the world if neither you nor Jack makes Captain.
Uh, I know that.
It knows when things are getting too hot Maybe it could even be better bring the station together united against an outsider instead of anyone needing to pick sides.
when the air around you starts to become too uncomfortable I care about what's best for you.
That's my job above all else.
I want you to - I want you to know that.
- What are you talking about? I spoke to Ripley.
when there's no relief, no cleansing breath, no escape I didn't support you or Jack for the Captain position.
just the heat - What? - The station's a family.
Picking one of you would disrupt that.
- Neither of us? - It's not like either of you went about this the best way.
The other morning this this is what you were talking about.
You both lied to me.
- building - Why? You compromised your own situation.
Why Why Why would you do this? I just told you.
and building So you want us to be united against somebody else? You've come back home Congratulations, Dad.
Come back home You got it.
Oh, Andrea.
- No, just - Andrea.
Don't Don't wait up for me.
I won't be home tonight.
Come back home - and building - [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES.]
Come back home Back to these open arms where you belong until you're on fire.
Come back home
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