Station 19 (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Not Your Hero

1 Previously on Station 19.
Captains have to balance what's moral and what's practical.
And while I would never want to squash another woman to win, I will You punched the wrong code into the security system, and it automatically shut all the doors.
I don't know what got you so distracted that you made a mistake like that, - but next time - There won't be a next time.
If we're gonna try this, I need to go slow.
I think I'm scared of fire.
I stop.
I freeze up.
- Okay.
I can get to it.
- Maya - Maya! - [HIGH-PITCHED RINGING.]
Why did you do that? Huh? I didn't support you or Jack for the Captain position.
ANDY: People call us heroes.
But if you ask any firefighter, we're the first to say, "No, we're not heroes.
We're not superhuman.
We're just regular people.
We have flaws.
We have fears.
We just show up every day and do our job.
That's it.
" It doesn't make us heroes.
Andy, it's too much.
You can't make it to her.
- The hell I can't.
- Andy, no! [FIRE CRACKLES.]
Somebody has to.
- Ohh.
- You are a terrible influence.
CHARLOTTE: I told you, - I don't usually sleep over.
- Mnh.
Dearborn? Was she there when we got in last night? Why are you with her? It was Wednesday.
I treat myself to self-care on Wednesdays, usually in the form of a one-night stand.
Has anyone seen my pants? Why her? Dearborn, Station 12.
Yeah, we weren't really focused on names.
What she means is I kicked her ass in the Incinerator.
Big day today, Herr.
Of course, it's probably bigger for you than me.
You got a lot more to make up for in your Ripley sit-down.
For me, it's kind of just a matter of red tape since he loves me.
I'm very lovable.
Especially when I do that one thing with my other thing Okay, Wednesday, it's Thursday now.
Time to go.
Come on, come on, come on Takin' over, wind it up, watch it go Light it up, start the show Okay.
Come on, come on, come on I swear, I had no idea.
Good, 'cause, otherwise, you might have just ruined my last day as captain.
Your last day officially not getting the title.
Which we both know that probably won't happen with what my dad said to Ripley.
What do you need right now? A pep talk? No talk? I'm here for either.
You tell me.
I just want to enjoy what I have while I have it.
See, I don't think you get an opinion on who I bring home when you're crashing on my couch.
Come on Oh, oh Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh Oh, oh Come on, come on, come on - [AIR HORN BLARES.]
- Hey, hey! Come on, come on, come on Hey, why is Ripley holding all the interviews with the captain wannabes here? I don't like the idea of all the other candidates being in our space, all up in our business.
Me either.
You didn't seem to mind too much last night.
I told you, I didn't know who she was! Wait.
Hang on.
Did I just miss something? What did I just miss? Okay.
What are you gonna say in your meeting today, if you've decided you've already lost this thing? What? No! No, no, no.
Wrong attitude.
Don't think that.
I'm just gonna be true to myself, all right? - That's all I can do.
- Okay, hey.
I am sensing some resignation here, and I don't like it.
The Incinerator may have been bad, but that doesn't mean you're completely out of the running.
Why would you think that way? You know, just a hunch, I guess.
Well, we might've bought the whole store.
That's what I get for going shopping with a professional chef.
Grant, did you wake up at his place? 'Cause, if so, that is huge.
He never lets anybody sleep over.
- Okay, this was on his way to work - I Oh.
and I needed the extra hands, and that's it.
Okay, that's it? That's it.
Loving this view.
Listen, there's something I wanted to talk to you about - when you get a minute.
- Like what? Well, I think it's great.
And I am anxiously waiting for my invitation to come be a third wheel at any one of your gourmet-cooked meals.
Are we still on for next week? Next week? What's next week? Maya's trying to convince me and Vic to try aerial yoga.
- Ugh.
- You and oh, okay.
You guys are making plans.
That's cool.
That's, uh, totally not weird and strange.
Okay, time to go.
I will walk you out.
Ah, okay.
You just got weird.
What? No.
Do you not want me talking to your friends or something? I ju I I guess I didn't realize that you already were talking to them and making plans with them.
Is that a problem? I told you, if you need things to go more slowly, all you have to do is say it.
Yeah, no, I-I know.
I don't want to play games.
Just be honest.
I'd respect that.
What I don't respect is you not actually talking to me.
I'm looking for something real.
And it's fine if you're not that guy, really.
I'm not expecting everything all at once.
But I do expect respect.
Hey, Grant I'll see myself out.
- and me.
- Yeah.
How you doing, man? The thing is, they asked me to bring breakfast tacos - from Madre's.
If I walk in there empty-handed, I'll never live it down.
Well, they can't expect you to move mountains if the mountains are closed for renovations.
Look, I am the rookie.
It's my job to do this stuff.
Okay, you may be the rookie, but you are also a genuine, certified, accomplished surgeon who already paid his dues.
And they should appreciate that, not waste your time sending you on impossible errands.
You are very sexy when you're defending my honor.
Oh, I'm sexy all the damn time.
And not too afraid to go tell your boss nobody treats my husband like this.
No, Miranda! Herrera! He's all yours.
Okay, guys, I'm sorry.
I wasn't able to get the tacos that you wanted.
Yeah, we know.
That place has been closed for a month.
We just wanted to make sure that you were late.
Okay, what's happening? As of last week, you have officially run into 50 fires.
And you have run out of 50 fires not dead, so congrats.
I, for sure, thought that you'd be back at your cushy little surgery gig by now.
Well, either that or crispy fried.
I'm sorry.
50 fires is a big rite of passage.
Congratulations, Warren.
I mean, I'd seen, like, 50 fires in probably half the time.
Well, open it already! Keys to the Aid Car.
You get to drive it now.
I get to drive? I get to drive.
Boom! - Whoa.
No, see, rookies don't get to drive.
- New guys don't drive.
- You I drive now.
And I eat.
Will look pretty good behind the wheel, don't you think? Uh, right now, you're acting like a grown man - excited about a big toy.
No speeding.
I'm so proud of you.
- Whoa! And I wish I could stay, but, uh, I got to go cut people open.
Oh, uh, am I gonna see you for your appointment later? It's just the the usual stuff, shouldn't take too long.
I'll be there.
Okay, how did you all even know that I passed my driving test? We're family.
We keep track of stuff like that.
Also, Vic might've figured out how to crack your e-mail password.
It's "Hot Hot Miranda," if anyone's curious.
I'll be changing that today.
Can you pass the bacon? All right.
Andrea? Andrea.
Andrea, we need to talk.
I'm not ready yet.
I'll wind up saying something I don't mean to say.
But I hope you understand I'm I wasn't trying to hurt you by talking to Ripley.
You know, you're entitled to your opinion about me.
But the fact that you tanked Jack, too you'd leave the entire station open for an outsider - to come in and take over - It could be a good thing.
instead of having a little faith in our team the team you built and some trust that we could make it work.
I expected you to believe in us as our captain.
And as my dad I guess I just thought that I'd hoped you had faith in me, too.
I'm sorry, Andrea.
I know you're angry.
You have every right to be.
Yeah, but you're not sorry about what you said to Ripley.
- Andrea - That's what I thought.
Can't believe the captain's race is almost over.
It's kind of crazy.
Not even sure of what I'll say to Ripley when I'm in there.
I think I stood a better chance with Frankel.
Skyscraper fire downtown.
- Sweet! - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Oh, hey, Herrera.
Don't be nervous.
Warmed him up for you.
Sir? Panel interviews are postponed until further notice.
I'm needed at this skyscraper fire.
Sorry, guys.
- Yes, sir.
- Of course.
So you know, if I don't get captain, I'm putting in for a transfer.
A transfer? What? Why? I mean, it's pretty simple.
I got some regrets about things - that have happened and - Regrets? and I'd rather start fresh somewhere else.
You know, I think it'd be better all around.
- Hey.
- What's up? Can't believe we haven't been called on that skyscraper yet.
I hate the waiting.
Yeah, while we're waiting, um This is weirdly hard.
It's the worst.
We have to sit here waiting until Ripley pulls the trigger.
We should just get it over with, you know? You're my guy.
Or you used to be my guy.
And then we sort of stopped hanging out.
And then, we stopped talking.
And I-I just figured that you were too busy, and you were too busy with Herrera.
And now it's weird.
And talking to you is weird.
And And it never used to be weird.
Talk to me about what? Hey.
Group meeting in the barn, guys.
It's fine.
It can wait.
Let's do this thing! DISPATCHER: Two additional units requested.
Partial evacuation currently in progress.
All right, check these carefully.
It's been a while since we needed to pull this many hoses.
Radios are tuned in.
Alerts are on.
Only a matter of time till they call us in.
Looks like the structural fire originated on the 24th floor.
25th is currently 0% contained.
0%? Still? Why aren't they calling us in now? I wish they would.
I am ready to get in there and tackle this monster.
Switch it up! You know, it's good to get in there later, too.
A lot of other units in there already, so Warren, what makes a high-rise like this different from other structure fires? The roof can't be vented.
Internal containment's the name of the game.
Using fire doors, concentrated wet-downs, just trying to keep the blaze as small as we can, contain it to the floor.
We'll all need to remember, conserve energy.
In a building this tall, you can usually use the elevators if you don't jump the fire line.
Fire in the elevator shaft opens us up to a whole new world of problems.
- Great.
- Any of us drop in there, you know the rules we save firefighter lives first.
All right, so take breaks if you need them or you might contribute to the problem instead of the solution.
Nobody likes a hero.
Understood? - Got it.
- Understood! Chief's calling Station 71 in, copy.
Oh, I just want to get in there! REPORTER: The firefighters are currently battling the fire - on floors 24 - I just want to get in there! Well, maybe they won't need us.
I mean, if we never get called in, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
It's worse than the worst.
That would kill my soul.
We have four companies responding and ready to call in more if we need them.
And I can report there have been no deaths.
Jack said if he doesn't make captain, he's transferring.
- By choice? - Why would anyone leave 19? He thinks it'll be easier.
- He says he has regrets.
He'll regret starting over from scratch at some lame, brand-new station with lame, brand-new people.
And guess who's not lame? Us.
I never wanted any of this.
To make him leave? I mean, I can't even imagine this place without him.
I-I don't really want to.
If he leaves, can I have his locker? His boots are super stinky.
Well, we should go get a power nap.
Rest while we can before they call us in.
- Yeah, sure.
- Absolutely.
It's so hard to look away, though.
MAN: Can we come over here real quick - and ask a few questions? - Yes.
- Five more minutes.
- Yes.
Thank you.
You realize it doesn't have racing stripes? Oh, I bet you were just as excited when you got your first turn.
I don't know if I was this excited.
You know, the last time I remember feeling like this was my first solo surgery.
I mean, it was a routine tonsillectomy, but it was a sign that I was doing something right.
I was moving forward.
No turning back after that.
Oh, I can't wait to drive my first patient to the hospital.
Miranda watching me pull up into the breezeway with my patient that I drove.
I just hope it's something good, you know, like a like a triple-A.
Something that she could she'd really enjoy.
You're lucky having that person to share things with.
Even if the things you're sharing are emergent abdominal surgeries.
You've got that person.
You've got Grant.
Yeah, I think I'm messing that up.
He kind of snapped at me earlier, and he was right.
I was acting weird.
I don't know, man.
It's hard for me.
It's complicated.
Look, it it doesn't have to be.
Look, e-either he's the guy that you want to share everything with, or he's not.
Doesn't have to be any more complicated than that.
I think it's complicated for me because I haven't felt the way he makes me feel in a long time.
So tell him.
- Just like that.
- Yes, just like that.
W-We go to this call, I drive this damn rig, we have a good freaking day, and then you tell him.
It does sound like a pretty good day.
Oh, it is a very good day, Montgomery.
We are claiming it! [KLAXONS SOUND.]
DISPATCHER: Station 19, response.
Oh! Structural fire.
Full response needed.
This is it.
It's time.
- Is it time? - [ENGINE STARTS.]
- Let's go have our very good day.
This is a damn good day! [SIRENS WAILING.]
ANDY: Okay, here's what we know.
Chief Ripley's operating from Base Camp three floors below the fire.
Multiple companies have already been hitting this thing since morning it's still only 10% contained.
Get in there.
Fight smart and fight safe.
But, mostly, let's just fight this damn thing.
Ryan, what are you doing here? You guys were overwhelmed with evacuations.
Some of us decided to come down, pitch in where we can.
Which we appreciate.
But you're almost tagged out, all right? Listen up! I don't want anyone exposed to this smoke and debris - for too long, understood? - Okay? Station 19, excellent response time.
Now, containment's up to 15%, but it's slow going.
I need most of you on the active fire, Floor 25, to relieve Company 7.
We could use your Aid Car team down here on triage.
- No problem.
- You got it.
And I need two of you on crowd control on Floor 28.
We're still holding about 100 civilians.
As you know, it's safer to keep them above the fire line.
Hughes and I will take 28.
- Thank you.
- What? Really? You've been waiting all day to go after this thing.
Nah, go shine for Ripley.
Hughes and I can handle the civies.
All right, 19.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Hey, right behind you.
Wait up.
Ooh, you look beat.
Don't you want to take a break? And let you have all the fun? The chief watching? Not a chance.
Race ya! Told ya.
Tons of fun.
Whoo-hoo! Easy, Dearborn.
It's not a drill.
Digging her energy.
I could do without it.
Station 7, we're relieving you.
Copy that.
Careful in here.
Debris is falling pretty bad.
All right, let's keep it slow and steady, guys.
I have been there like, all day, been there.
Slow and steady's all we've been doing.
- Do you think we should get in there? - I mean, I Yeah, and make some headway.
Go big or go home, right? There's a break in the fire.
- Yeah, I see it.
- It's not very big.
Big enough.
If I can get to a fire door, that may give us a better handle over this part of the fire.
Closing the fire door would probably help, but Then we're agreed! But it's too risky! Damn it, Dearborn! Whoa-oh! She made it! - [FLAMES RUSHING.]
- Dearborn, are you okay? Dearborn, repeat.
Confirm you're okay.
The steel from the building could be interfering with the radios.
She may not be able to hear you.
She might be hurt.
I got to go in.
Let me hook up our hose lines first.
Andy, it's too much.
You can't make it to her.
The hell I can't.
I almost closed the fire door.
Stupid vent got in the way.
Don't worry, I got you.
Oh, you need more hands, better leverage.
Hang on.
Fire's getting closer.
What the hell is that? It's an extinguisher sphere, filled with CO2.
Herrera, you okay? Over here! Help me lift this thing so I can pull her out.
That smoke ball thingy oh, it's awesome! [GRUNTS.]
So was that throw, Herrera! When I'm running 19, I am making you pitcher of the softball team.
Yeah, a simple "thank you" would be fine.
It looks like that sphere gave us a major hold on the fire.
There's still fire in the ceiling, though.
Could be spreading out.
Then you and Miller should go check on 26.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- You can't put weight on it.
- It's okay to step out.
- Oh, no.
No way.
I'm not stepping out with Ripley downstairs weighing my every move.
I told you [GROANS.]
This is Herrera.
I've got an injured firefighter on 25.
We're coming down.
Send two more to replace us.
MAN: Copy that, Herrera.
You are so loving this.
A little bit.
- Oh, hello.
- Hi.
Um, I'm Molly.
I'm the fire evacuation coordinator for my office.
Station 19.
Um Ooh, you guys are way outside of the district.
So this must be a pretty big fire then if they had to call you guys in.
Molly, I know it feels counterintuitive to stay up here right now.
"Panic stampede running past floors of fire and smoke is likely to cause more injuries than good.
If instructed, gather your floor in a common space until the fire department gives the all-clear.
" Oh, see, it's in Section 3 of my coordinator manual.
She's a mini Herrera.
Oh, shoot! - [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
- Last names "G" through "M," it's time for your restroom break.
I-I've got a list of everyone on this floor.
And I also have a first aid kit.
Whatever you need, I'm I'm here.
Well, we need to do a sweep and check for smoke.
So you think you can cover the stairwell for a little bit? Yes.
On it.
Make sure you get this X-rayed.
Tell me what's going on.
I was on the floor when the fire started.
Tried to make a run for it before I got trapped.
You got a partial thickness burn.
I'll give you something for the pain, and I'll get you on the next trip down, okay? I was supposed to pick my kid up early.
But I got pulled onto this work thing tonight, so I canceled.
Oh, she was so upset.
I felt awful.
I should've just gone.
Why didn't I go? Sure, okay, you got trapped for a minute by some fire, and you got out.
These burns will get better.
You will get to go home to your kid tonight.
That makes today a very good day.
See, Montgomery and I here, - we already decided.
- Yes, we did! We decided today may be scary, but it's not bad it's good.
You're getting out of here.
Today's a good day, okay? [CONVERSATIONS CONTINUE.]
No smoke.
No smoke.
Thank you, by the way, for volunteering us for the floor with no fire.
Are any of the drills helping? I think I see an improvement, but maybe that's just wishful thinking.
You know, that thing with Jack leaving the station, if I don't get over my fear soon, that'll be me, too.
I'll have to quit.
You'll get over your fear.
Haven't yet.
Why does it feel like the band is breaking up? Well, at least you're not the one leaving the band.
Andy will still be here, even if she's not in charge.
I always pictured Andy and me running this place together, not me and somebody else.
- But you - [DOOR OPENS.]
I'm getting out of here right now.
Sorensen, I've told you, I can't let anyone leave this floor as fire evacuation captain.
The building is on fire! And you and your stupid vest cannot keep me here! She can, actually.
See, right now, the fire department is in charge of this building.
And we put Molly in charge of this door.
Would you like to sit somewhere? Maybe get a bag to breathe into? - [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
- Yeah? Let's check the rest of these vents along the floor, make sure they're not hiding any more flare-ups.
Did you need to ask me something earlier? I guess there's never a perfect time.
It was about that garage fire last shift.
I'm the reason why you were trapped.
The panel wasn't faulty.
I I entered the numbers incorrectly.
It was a high-pressure situation.
Could have happened to any of us.
But it happened to me because my head was kind of fuzzy.
I was I was tired because I was out all night with JJ.
- Okay.
- I I thought I had my radio synched with everybody else's.
It turns out I-I was on the wrong channel and Look, that's why you were trapped because I wasn't paying enough attention.
It was my fault.
- We almost died in there.
- I know.
And that's all I can think about.
That's why I had to tell you, because you're my guy! And I couldn't live with myself if if Oh, no.
Are you seeing what I'm seeing? - [RADIO BEEPS.]
- Gibson here.
We've got a massive load of combustible materials on 26.
Paint sealant, you name it.
Fire's coming through the floor.
If it hits this stuff, it'll blow.
And there's enough to bring the whole building down.
This place needs to be completely evacuated immediately.
We've gotta wrap things up here, people.
Move everyone downstairs.
Hey, I got about 100 civilians on the top floor.
- We need evac.
- What can we do? I can't send the elevator past the fire line, and the stairwells are full of black smoke, but there's a PPV fan on Floor 27.
It'll draw all the smoke out of the stairs so we can get those people down.
Copy that.
Tanner speaking.
PRUITT: Tanner, I need your help.
Listen, I, uh [CLEARS THROAT.]
Don't want to pull an Aid Car from the scene, but my breathing is shallow.
I think I need to see a doctor.
Don't think I should drive.
Are you around to come pick me up? I can come get you.
I'm being tagged out, anyway.
- But Andy - Doesn't need to be bothered.
I've gotten in her way enough.
Never mind.
It's fine.
Just I'm fine.
She needs a splint and ice packs! Report in.
Do you you copy? Damn it.
What's wrong? Radios are spotty.
Trying to tell our team on 28 to be ready to evac civilians once the stairwells are clear.
Team 28, report in.
Do you copy? I'll go.
I can get them up to speed and hustle back down to help here.
Glad I'm getting to see you in action, Herrera.
- Keep it up.
- Thanks, Chief.
You need to get out of here.
You don't have any protection.
No mask.
You can't be breathing all this in.
I know.
I-I just Just I want you to be careful, okay? I gotta go.
- Andy.
- Yeah? You be careful, too.
Yeah, of course.
I'll just hold my breath, or hold a wet rag over my face! It can't be worse than burning to death! We've been trying to get someone on radio, but it's just static.
No, Ripley's ordering everyone out of the building.
You need to get these people ready for an evac - once the stairs are clear.
- You need to sit back down! SORENSEN: You can't stop me! [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
Okay, that's enough! You'd suffocate before getting down five flights.
These firefighters are trying to save your life! You make coffee and copies.
We gave you the floor captain job because no one else wanted it.
Now, get out of my way! No! [VOICE BREAKING.]
- You may think that I'm a joke or or that this job is a joke.
But But I don't care, okay? I take it seriously.
And it is my job to keep you safe.
And letting you go down those stairs is not safe, so you need to shut up and stay put! You may be my boss, but you are not going anywhere.
BEN: And that should be the vent control box, right? Go for it.
Listen up! I need everybody to divide up into groups of 10! But, remember, walk briskly don't run.
It's not a race.
I can't believe I did that.
That's my boss.
I just yelled at my boss.
I'm trapped inside a burning inferno, and that was kind of the scariest thing that happened all day.
What if I get fired? If there's one thing I'm starting to realize, it's that impressing your boss isn't everything.
Don't rely on anybody else to have faith in you.
You did what's right.
That's what matters.
All right, give it a few.
See if the smoke has started to clear.
It shouldn't be long.
Molly, you should head down with group one, okay? No.
No, no, no.
I-I should I-I should stay and help.
I Okay, that's our job.
Your job is to lead the others down to safety.
Can you do that for us? Really? Because, um I know my mom's outside the building, and she's in the crowd somewhere.
And she's been texting me to make sure I'm okay.
And, honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing my mom right now.
Listen up, group one, you're gonna go down with Molly, okay?! Let's go! [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
Please take your time.
We need you in this group.
Okay, one.
Bishop, do you hear something? - [HIGH-PITCHED BUZZING.]
Maya, do you hear that? Yeah, you're next.
Maya! Chief, how much longer till that evac's complete? We can't hold this floor forever.
Do you hear something? [RUMBLING.]
The fire's jumping floors! It's moving through the space between the window panes! The fire's jumping floors! - Aah! - Ohh! Maya, get away from the window! [EXPLOSION.]
Ohh, geez.
Montgomery, you okay? Hey, Travis.
Wait! No, no, no, no! Not all at once! - Go! - [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
I see the lightning fill the sky Vic.
I feel the fire begin to rise Get everyone out safe.
I'll hook a hose to the pipe and knock a path out to the stairwell.
- Are you sure? - More than sure.
I'm good.
I'm freaking great, actually.
I got this.
You can't knock me down Ooooh, oohoohh Can't knock me down Ooooh, oohoohh Status report, Warren? Right now.
Penetrating wound, extensive bleeding, partially subdued by the glass.
Firefighter down.
Need immediate assistance.
No point if the radio's not working.
I've got an army in my soul We're gonna get you down to triage.
All right, they have clamps and sutures.
That's all we got to do.
It's just a few floors down.
If the glass nicked my pulmonary artery, I'll bleed out before we even get there.
I don't think it did.
Pretty sure it didn't.
Well, I guess we'll find out in a couple of minutes.
So bring what you got, bring it now You can't knock me down Ooooh, oohoohh [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
Ooooh, oohoohh - Can't knock me down, me down - Ooooh, oohoohh A lot of chiefs would be downstairs already, safe in the lobby.
It's just not how I like to do things.
I hear that.
Seeing how you like to do things tonight, too, Herrera.
Feel like I'm learning a lot about you.
Good things.
Glad to hear it, sir.
I feel the fire begin to rise All right.
You can't knock me down Ooooh, oohoohh You can't knock me down Ohhhh, ohhhh [DOOR CLOSES.]
Hello? Pruitt? [DOOR OPENS.]
Herrera, I'm here.
Captain Herrera have you seen him? Uh, no.
I'm looking for him, too.
Pushed a doctor's appointment he had with me until late, but he never showed up.
I waited, called.
Never answered.
I got worried.
Captain? Hello? Anybody here? I'm gonna go check Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, my God.
Pruitt! Yeah, he's unresponsive.
Oh, barely breathing.
And no pulse.
Beginning CPR.
The flare-ups are increasing.
We need to secure this floor and go.
Yeah, I'll start by closing the fire doors.
Best way to contain the explosion.
Hey, what's that? - [MAN GROANS.]
Do you hear that? I think somebody's in there! [MAN GROANS.]
I thought this was the exit.
He's inhaled a lot of smoke.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, stay with me, all right? Stay with me.
We got an incapacitated victim on the 26th floor.
Stairs aren't passable.
We need an elevator evac now! Negative, Gibson.
We can't send the elevator past the fire line.
We have no other choice, sir.
We've already evacuated Base Camp.
Save who you can.
Get yourselves out.
You know the protocol.
There's a block.
Elevator's our only way.
Protocol? You're gonna abandon them because of protocol? If fire breaches the elevator, this whole building could be compromised.
The building's already compromised.
I'm the Chief.
My word is final.
As much as I hate it, I'm prepared to gamble one life in order to save hundreds.
It's a terrible decision to make, but that's the job the job you want.
Gibson, the elevator's on its way.
You know what I You know what I can't wait for? - [GROANS.]
- Tomorrow.
Because tomorrow, we are gonna laugh and laugh about me pulling you down all these damn stairs.
Hey, hey, Montgomery.
You stay awake.
You stay awake.
You hear me? - I'm laughing already.
Hello? Somebody there? Could be a sweep.
Hey! Hey, we're up here! [WHISTLE BLOWING.]
MOLLY: Help.
Oh, help.
Oh, my God.
Please help.
Please help.
Please help.
They wouldn't stop.
They just kept going, and they wouldn't stop.
They wouldn't stop.
They ran right over you, from the looks of it.
- Okay, careful, careful.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Don't move.
How are her breath sounds? They're shallow.
Yeah, I hear crepitus.
It's a pneumothorax.
I need to re-inflate her lungs with the I don't know with what.
Yeah, it's bleeding more.
The glass must have shifted.
She's gonna die if you don't get her downstairs.
So will you if I don't keep holding pressure on this.
I once told you what we do and what you do, you know, are two very different things.
You are a surgeon.
Save the life you can save.
We both know that's not mine.
- Montgomery - Hey.
This was gonna be such a good day.
Stairway's still pretty dark, but the smoke's lifting.
Hey, what happened back there? Didn't you hear me yelling for you? [HIGH-PITCHED RINGING.]
Why didn't you move out the way? [RINGING CONTINUES.]
I guess I just missed it.
You didn't have to tell me about the garage.
- Yeah.
- But you did.
Of course, man.
You are my guy.
I know.
Come on, man.
We gotta go.
You gotta watch his vitals.
His pulse is thready.
Get him on concentrated O2 immediately.
Yeah, I know.
Only a matter of minutes before this entire floor blows.
We didn't finish closing the fire doors.
Jack, what are you doing?! Jack, no! No.
Okay, we got to go.
We got to get to Grey-Sloan, and we got to get there now.
- My car has sirens.
- Okay.
I need my key back.
- JACK: Elevator's a go.
They're on their way down.
They? Who's "they," Jack? [RADIO BEEPS.]
Stay back.
Got to get the rest of these fire doors closed.
Jack, no, you can't.
This is me just checking in Talk to me.
We've come so far from where we began Swimming in these neon lights There's no time.
Yes, there is time.
Talk to me right now, face-to-face.
- And the seasons never change So it's unclear how long I've been here [GRUNTS.]
This is me just checking in For a pulse under my skin Figure out a way to get to the stairs.
Rappel down this shaft, something! Just get off that floor! I can't.
Stairs are blocked.
I don't have the right gear or the O2.
I can help the most right here.
Try to secure these doors, save the building.
You know, I didn't send you that elevator for you to not take it.
This is me just checking in Don't Don't do this.
For a pulse under my skin Don't be a hero, Jack.
Just Just be alive, okay? - You can find a way to - Save myself? And I haven't slept a night in years Maybe.
But what about everybody else? Hughes and Bishop aren't they still upstairs? Montgomery, Warren have you heard from them? Miller's still riding down in the elevator right now.
Our entire team's still in this building.
Or as high as a ceiling You're just a couple floors beneath me.
Don't tell me I've just been dreaming I won't sacrifice losing any of you to save me.
I've been believing for so long ANDY: It's not about being a hero.
But happens if I'm wrong? - [WATER RUSHING.]
- It's about facing fears.
Don't tell me I've just been dreaming It's about finding strength.
Been dreaming, been dreaming Stay.
It's about going where you're needed.
Don't tell me I've just been dreaming This is me remembering all the things I said I'd be It's about making the hardest decisions Oh, how naive in the worst of circumstances.
I said this city'd never change me [FLAMES RUSH, DEBRIS CLATTERING.]
I gotta go.
There are still more doors to close.
Does that make me a liar? You need to run down as many floors as you can, okay? Jack.
Am I drunk on a feeling? Andy.
Or as high as a ceiling? I lied before Don't tell me I've just been dreaming about having regrets.
I don't.
I've been believing for so long Not with you.
- But what happens if I'm wrong? - [SNIFFLES, CHUCKLING.]
Don't tell me I won.
I've just been dreaming Stay on the radio with me, okay? Okay.
Okay, I will.
Don't tell me I've just been dreaming Okay.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh [METAL CREAKS, THUDS.]
If you wake me up [CRYING.]
Then we'll never know - [SNIFFLES.]
If we can meet in the middle Through the eye of the needle It's about seeing the whole picture.
It's about knowing how to follow and how to lead.
It's not about us.
If we can meet in the middle I told you.
Keep talking to me.
I know.
I am.
I mean it.
I want to hear you're still there.
I am.
I'm here.
I'm heading for the stairs now.
You still there? - Yep, I'm here.
- Okay.
I'm heading down now, okay? Through the eye of the needle Oh, been dreaming Oh, oh, been dreaming Jack, I said, "I'm heading down.
" - If we can meet in the middle - [STATIC CRACKLES ON RADIO.]
Through the eye of the needle Jack, talk to me! Oh, oh, been dreaming Oh, if we can meet in the middle Jack! Through the eye of the needle We're just doing what has to be done.
Been dreaming Oh, if we can meet in the middle Somebody has to.
Through the eye of the needle
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