Station 19 (2018) s02e09 Episode Script

I Fought the Law

1 Previously on "Station 19" I can't move my legs.
I can't even feel them.
You are harboring a fugitive.
I'm not sure when we'll see each other again.
Might be time for me to quit firefighting.
RIPLEY: Maya Bishop will be promoted to Lieutenant.
There's an opening at Station 23.
This isn't working.
- I'm the Chief.
- I'm a grown woman consenting.
- What's going on, Dean? - Just hear us out.
As Interim Captain, I'm benching you - until you get some help.
- Unbelievable.
ANDY: There were a hundred people at that ceremony, watching me freeze on that stage.
You're the only one who gets why.
- [KNOCKING ON DOOR] - ANDY: Before you run into a fire, you have to try to understand its identity.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] What caused it? Where did it start? - How do we put it out? - [DOOR CLOSES] [GRUNTS] Mm.
Your feet are on my pillow.
What if we just didn't go into work today? I don't want your feet on my pillow.
I bet we could find some B-shift guys to cover for us.
Playing hooky for one day isn't gonna get you out of doing your big interview.
It's not just that.
I mean, it is partly that.
I do not want to sit with some perky hair-bow asking me perky hair-bow questions.
I highly doubt the Mayor's office is gonna send a reporter with a hair bow.
I just have this pit in my stomach.
I've never wanted to play hooky before in my life.
Work just feels blah.
It's never been blah.
Yeah, I don't exactly want to go in today, either.
Gibson's back, meaning I will be joining the slugs at Station 23 any minute now.
- [KNOCKS ON DOOR] - RYAN: Andy? Are you in there? Ryan's here.
I'll be out in a minute! Otherwise, you'll find yourself ill-prepared Okay, I guess I'll put on some coffee and totally exposed.
and some pants.
So we observe, identify, extinguish, done.
[WHISPERING] No pants? He's walking around out there with no pants on? You know how I feel about that on my upholstery.
So warm in here and so comfy.
Now! Okay If only it were ever really that easy.
Start a riot in this town Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Oh.
Take it down Mm.
Mm! Good morning.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] Mm, what's for breakfast? We seem to be having - a lot of good mornings together lately.
- Mm-hmm.
And Maya's making me go to work today, but I think we have a quick minute to make this morning even better.
I mean, um we seem to be doing a thing here, but we haven't really said what that thing is.
Ryan Tanner.
I know you know what that thing is.
I think we should just set up some ground rules.
Define it a little so we're both on the same page.
- Like, let's agree - [SIGHS] this isn't anything serious, so we don't need to talk about serious stuff.
- My turn? - Sure.
No booty calls after 10:00.
- W - Nope.
- Make it midnight.
A girl's got needs.
- Oh.
And let's agree to be honest with each other.
No games.
No secrets.
Because I thought we were just having fun.
- We are.
- Fun with rules and regulations and definitions? - I have to get to work.
I meant the coffee.
- Oh, really? - Mm-hmm.
- Oh, yeah? - Stop.
D-D-Don't come any closer until you towel off.
Oh, y-you want the towel off? All right.
What are you doing?! [LAUGHING] You're terrible! You You're all wet.
- Warm me up.
- Mm.
Who is Jennifer? My sister.
Oh, she says, "hi" by the way.
You told your sister about me? Of course.
I didn't think we were telling people.
I definitely didn't think we were "of course" telling people.
I thought we were trying to keep a low profile.
Ah, she doesn't care about any of that.
- And she's my sister.
- [CELLPHONE THUDS] I talk to her about all the important parts of my life.
So I guess I should just tell all of my friends about us, then? [CHUCKLES] If you want to.
[CELLPHONE CHIMES] Now it's work.
She looks tense.
I wish I could read lips.
This is the reporter from the Mayor's office? Maybe they'll give her the key to the city.
Well, whatever happens, we can't let her see us watching.
Anybody talk to Gibson yet? Talked to me about what? - Hey! - Hey! Good to see you, man! - You feeling good? - If there's anything you need, - you know - Thanks.
Yeah, just as long as nobody says the word "skyscraper.
" It could, um, undo months of therapy.
Kidding! - [CHUCKLES] - Hm.
Lighten up, guys.
All I wanna do is get back to work the job, all right? Are you sure you don't need another month or two of therapy? 'Cause I'd really like to not transfer.
Tough luck, Bishop.
I'm waiting in the Beanery, and I find you all out here? Bishop, you and Andy are on Aid Car today.
Hughes stock the rigs.
Warren hoses.
- Gibson, Miller - Yep.
tools maintenance.
You know, I can handle the tools myself.
I'll join Herrera and Bishop.
- [KLAXONS SOUND] - DISPATCH: Aid Car 19, medical response, Hyde Park, 743 Memorial Parkway.
MAYA: Miller, go grab Herrera! First day back.
How are you feeling? Last day as Interim Captain.
How are you feeling? - I'm fine.
- I'm fine, too.
[SIREN WAILS] The reporter asked me my favorite thing about being a firefighter.
I told her that I liked the color red.
Is everything really so "blah" that that's the best answer I could manage? You've lost your firegasm.
Your f-fi-fire what, now? Oh, no.
What if that happens to me? What if working at 23 kills all my firegasms? ANDY: Right there.
That's our patient.
Ma'am, Seattle FD.
Is this the victim? - How can we help? - I came back from my truck, and and she was just there.
I don't know what happened.
MAYA: Let's grab a C-collar and some 4x4s.
- Help her, please.
- I think I Am I bleeding? Can you take me to the hospital? Can you tell us what happened? Did someone hit you? Did you fall? I didn't know what else to do.
DEAN: It's okay.
All right? We got it from here.
- Thank you for your help.
- Here, I got it.
I got it.
Normal response, but pupils are dilated.
Possible concussion.
It's a lot of bleeding pretty deep laceration.
Wh What's going on? Where am I? Can you tell us your name? No.
I, uh I-I can't remember it.
[BREATHING SHAKILY] I don't know who I am.
- Ah, got my workout in.
- VIC: Wow.
- Took my bike.
- I can see that.
[OUT OF BREATH] Cycling takes a lot more than physical prowess, you know? It's a whole mind-body sport.
Oh, yeah.
More than golf lessons or the Pilates or every other hobby you've picked up since you broke up with Grant? I haven't found my perfect cadence yet.
The guy at my neighborhood LBS - local bike shop - Okay.
says that it can take months, and, uh Great, great.
I actually h I have something I need to talk to you about.
Maintenance is a must.
If your saddle's not properly aligned, - then that can lead to a lot of chaffing.
- No, you know what? - Align it, or else you - Bye-bye, bike.
No more bike.
Just me now.
You know, maybe instead of making fun, you could show a little support.
I am! I am.
I was.
It's just It's so many hobbies requiring, you know, so so much support.
And I'm telling you, Trav, I mean it.
I need to talk to you about something.
Well, maybe you should've thought about that before you belittled my bicycle.
ANDY: Is there anything you can remember? I No, I'm sorry.
- Are we going to the hospital? - Yes, ma'am.
We just need to make sure you're stabilized first.
Placing the pulse ox.
If she experienced any kind of blunt trauma, - there could be other injuries.
- MAYA: I'm gonna examine you, okay? BP's 150/90.
It's pretty high.
My head is what hurts.
Not my foot.
Ma'am, I need to make sure that you don't have any hidden injuries that could possibly Do you know who this is? Is his name Jason? No.
N-No, I don't.
Should I? What? I have a meeting.
Just 'cause it's my last day doesn't mean that I'm not busy.
But, Captain, uh, since this is your last shift, we had an idea.
A-A way to celebrate.
Oh, you want to celebrate my departure.
Uh, more, we want to send you off right.
A little "chapeau," if you will.
It's a thing that we say in the cycling world a way to pass on congratulations.
"Tip of the hat" is the literal translation.
Okay, whatever you're planning, my answer is already no.
Warren, check in on Gibson.
Make sure he's settling in.
And, Montgomery, didn't I already give you a job to do? Yes, and I finished it ages ago.
[SIREN WAILING] MAYA: This lac keeps bleeding through applying another 4x4.
[WAILING CONTINUES] We're We're stopping? Already? Don't worry.
The doctors here at Grey-Sloan are top notch.
They'll sort everything out for you.
No, no, no, wait no.
I don't want to be here.
MAYA: Okay, this is the hospital.
Just like you asked for.
Female patient, approximately 30 years old, discovered disoriented and bleeding from a head wound Wait.
Please, no, I don't want to be here.
- It's okay.
- I know this is scary right now.
No, you don't understand.
I can't I have Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
I promise you, these doctors, they will help you.
They will do everything they can.
- Yeah, but I - Don't worry, okay? [BREATHING HEAVILY] No.
No, wait! BEN: Hey.
- JACK: No, I told the Captain.
I can handle batteries on my own.
Actually, I wanted to pick your brain.
About, you know, taking time away from this place.
I've been thinking about shifting my focus a little.
Maybe trying out, uh dispatch? Time away bites.
So does having a babysitter.
Yeah, I'm I'm not here I'd really just like to finish my work here, Warren.
Tell the Captain I'm fine.
[SIGHS] Really? Captain sent you over, too? No, I sent me over.
To chat.
Because I have something to chat about.
With you.
My friend.
So, you know my, um, "Mr.
Hypothetical"? Well, things have progressed, and, uh he told his sister about me.
- Cool.
- Is it cool, though, or is it too much, too soon? So, not cool, then? No, you tell me.
Which is it? Is it cool or not cool or what? Depends, I guess.
Okay, you know what.
Thank you, Gibson.
- It was nothing.
- Yeah, you're right about that.
[SIGHS] Aren't you supposed to be at home today? Aren't you supposed to be at your interview? Ooh, let's not talk about that.
I was gonna say, I would've pulled the fire alarm for you if you wanted.
Thank you.
Everyone else seemed so excited about it when all I wanna do is Hide under a rock? [SIGHS] - Yeah.
- Mm.
What's it been, uh, two weeks, no cane? Oh.
Ready to be back.
Meeting with Captain Herrera today catching me up before I take over again.
He's a little emotional about stepping down, so just be prepared.
Uh, well, maybe you can pull the fire alarm for me then? I don't know if you know this, but that's illegal.
RYAN: Hey! What are you d GREG: Oh, damn.
You weren't supposed to see me.
Dad, what are you doing here? Get in.
I thought you left months ago.
I don't want you to get in trouble or anything.
You shouldn't be contacting me.
I can't know anything about where you are I want to leave this with you.
It goes to a storage unit downtown.
I left something in there for you.
I know you can't know where I'm going next.
I mean, hopefully someplace warm with a non-extradition treaty.
Huh? Well Anyway So, um this is it? [VEHICLE DOOR CLOSES] - [RADIO STATIC, BEEPS] - DISPATCH: All units, 1063, requesting immediate respons, over.
- [SIGHS] - [ENGINE STARTS] Bishop's transfer to Station 23 needs to be posted other health conby next shift.
- Okay.
- The Chief also wants a budget report by next Monday morning.
Safety briefing, vehicle maintenance, citizen complaints.
That reminds me.
You seen Oscar? Oscar? Hm.
Older guy? Had valve surgery about a year ago, didn't do the best job of following his doctor's orders, so after the fifth time of answering his daughter's 911 calls I had him come by here.
- For? - Checkups.
I haven't seen him since I took over.
Yeah, we get a lot of walk-ins.
I really don't keep track.
Of course you don't.
What's that supposed to mean? It means you spend so much time checking people's uniforms at line up, you miss the details that matter.
Like Oscar.
Like Gibson's PTSD.
That's not fair.
You may think that you're ready to be back, but I'm not ready to go not until I know that you understand me.
This job? It's bigger than rules and discipline.
You missed the warning signs with Gibson.
You've never even heard of Oscar.
But they are both a part of your community now.
So either you learn how to look out for it or leave.
[BAG ZIPS] You know, this place has been different without you around.
It smelled so much better.
It'll be different without you around, too.
You know, uh, more pleasant.
Less mocking.
[CHUCKLES] You love my mocking.
I do not.
What? Enough of the silent treatment.
You're pissed at me.
Just say it.
You don't say a word to me at home.
That's fine.
I get the cold shoulder plenty from my own family, but we can't be doing this at work, too.
Where we actually need to communicate to do our jobs.
When we need to communicate - [BATTERY CLICKS] - we'll communicate.
We need to communicate about this.
I wasn't the only one at that intervention.
You could've talked to me one-on-one, you know, like friends sometimes do.
Sometimes friends also look out for each other.
By not ambushing them! You didn't wanna hear it, man.
There were things that you were facing that you didn't want to face.
And that, actually, was the only way.
I was trying to help you.
[BATTERY THUDS] All finished here.
- [KLAXONS SOUND] - Aid Car 19.
Civilian in distress at 4841 Glenwood Avenue.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] BEN: Help you find something? Oh, yeah.
You know this guy? [CHUCKLING] Oscar.
Wow, I haven't seen him in a while.
How's he been? Well, that's a good question.
Are you familiar with his health issues? Uh, yeah, yeah.
I went with Captain Herrera on a few of his calls.
All right, you're coming with me, then.
- Where are we going exactly? - House call.
Hey, Gibson, join us.
What do we got? We're gonna check up on a walk-in who hasn't walked in in a while.
Three firefighters for a wellness check? Isn't that a bit overkill? Well, you haven't been on any calls in a while.
Me, either.
Good way to dip our toes back in.
All respect, sir, I don't need to dip.
I don't want any special treatment.
Warren, tell dispatch we're taking the Engine.
[VEHICLE DOOR CLOSES] [BIRDS CHIRPING] Pretty sure this is it.
Delgado? This is Seattle FD, Station 19.
OSCAR: It's open.
WOMAN: The Huskies have been holding opponents to under 70 points a game this season.
OSCAR: I said it was open.
I didn't say you were welcome inside.
What do you want? Afternoon.
We're here to, um to check on you.
Captain Herrera noticed you hadn't been to the station in a while.
I'm glad you missed me.
You can go now.
Oscar, you can let us in now, or we can go back to Captain Herrera tell him how you wouldn't let us in.
And then he'd come here himself.
And make an even bigger fuss.
I mean, trust me, the guy will stage an intervention in your living room.
Knock yourself out.
You know, when will people learn that nobody can really eat 50 eggs.
[METAL CLANGS] Isn't that our Jane Doe from earlier? Ma'am? Wait, wait! MAYA: Stop! Stop! [BREATHING HEAVILY] It's all right.
You're okay.
DEAN: Do you know how you got here? Did someone bring you? I just My head really hurts.
There's no way Grey-Sloan would release her like this.
Well, maybe she asked for a transfer.
She could be a patient here now.
Will you come with us? Just right here to our Aid Car? We'll check you out.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
- Come on.
- It's okay.
- Yeah, come on.
[SIGHS] I'll call Grey-Sloan, see what happened.
I'll check inside.
See if anyone saw her getting dropped off.
So, uh, you have a cold? Uh, it's just some gunk in my chest.
Makes it hard to breathe sometimes.
I have to order some more.
You can find that at any pharmacy.
Car's busted.
And my daughter just moved.
I see you haven't played chess in a while, huh.
- Now I remember you.
- You do? OSCAR: Last time I stopped by the station? You're the hard-ass that was drilling the crew.
Needless to say, I, um, just kept on walking.
[MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY] - [VELCRO RIPS] - JACK: You mind leaning forward for me? SULLIVAN: Have you had any other symptoms? Fatigue, chest pain? I get a little bit dizzy sometimes.
I don't want to move around too much.
Just been camped out on the couch.
Resps are high.
- Let me see the stethoscope.
- I just said resps are high.
Yeah, I'm not checking his breathing.
I think I let you guys bother me enough.
Uh, how about we wrap this up? [HEARTBEAT, MUFFLED CLICKING] Regurg.
His valve's not working.
We need to call an Aid Car.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I got a Huskies game to watch.
I told you boys, I'm not getting in any ambulance.
SULLIVAN: Wait, wait.
No - And I am not going to any hospital! - Why don't you sit down? - Oscar.
- I-I-It's time for you to go! - Oh, oh, oh! - Slow, slow, slow, slow.
Gibson, call it in.
I'm not sure what you're asking me Yeah, but, we're not cops, so you you you just want us to Okay, okay.
And how long do you think that will be? BEN: He's showing signs of congestive heart failure.
Fluid in his lungs.
He could develop a clot or P.
[COUGHING] Maybe we should just take him to the hospital in the Engine? If he codes en route, we have no way to work on him.
We gotta find a way to buy some time until the Aid Car gets here.
Giving fluids.
- And push dopamine.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Do not! - We gotta increase his BP move the fluid out of his lungs.
No, his valve's already weak.
If we push too much, it could blow.
Am I gonna be okay? I was hoping to visit my daughter.
We'll get you there.
Won't we? Let's get him on a monitor.
Ready the dopamine.
BEN: We will push it a little at a time and keep him stable throughout.
SULLIVAN: While these guys earn their keep, wanna play some chess? Do I look like I can sashay over to the table? Can't we Can't we play in our heads? All right.
White pawn, E2 to E4.
Pushing dopamine.
So far, all good.
Black pawn to F5.
Queen to F3.
You as dumb as a fire hydrant, you know that? - [COUGHS] - Easy, Oscar easy Pushing again.
JACK: Holding steady.
I said Queen to F3.
Let's go, baldie.
Uh, pawn to G5.
Pushing again.
- [MONITOR BEEPING] - Stop! Stop.
BP's crashing.
How you doing, Oscar? It's okay.
Just stay calm.
- Focus on me.
- Queen Oscar.
Oscar! Push the rest of that dopamine.
No, we need to play this just right.
Not too fast.
Not too slow.
Perfect balance.
[SIREN WAILING] Help is here, Oscar.
They'll have you at the hospital in no time.
Well, in that case, Queen to H5.
[CHUCKLING] I don't understand.
I have a head injury.
I should see a doctor.
We have to take you through intake first.
- Hospitals are sticklers about protocol.
- [INDISTINCT WHISPERING] Once we get the right info from Grey-Sloan Andy? It's been a while since we did a-a neuro check.
Why don't I take a look? Uh, okay.
What's What's going on? - We can't let her leave this hospital.
- Yeah, I know, but this time we need her to actually stay in the hospital.
Andy, I just got off the phone with Grey-Sloan.
She ran away as soon as we dropped her off.
Apparently, she's a fugitive.
She was being sentenced in court this morning, and she escaped.
She's been lying to us.
No, no, she she doesn't know who she is.
She came to us, remember? She knows exactly who she is.
She's been playing us this entire time.
Her real name's Margaret Chen.
And this whole amnesia thing, her story, it's an act.
But how'd she get injured, then? I mean, that head lac is real.
And superficial, easily self-inflicted.
But why? If she's on the run, why seek us out? - Unless she needs something from us.
- We can't arrest her.
[SIGHS] They said we have to keep her here until PD arrives.
I'll just check your pulse.
Neuro check is normal and bleeding's stopped.
Can I go inside now? Why? You didn't seem so anxious to go inside the last hospital.
I'm hurting, and I-I don't know who I am, and I No, no, Margaret.
- Tell me the real reason.
- I just My head really hurts.
That is the real reaso Let's just stay calm.
Please don't turn me in.
Not yet.
I-I'll go back.
I-I wasn't really trying to run.
Just an hour.
I just needed an hour.
The cops will have to handle it from here.
The little boy, the photo in my shoe? That's Jason.
He's my son.
He's only 8 1/2 years old and just the sweetest kid.
You don't understand.
I have to see him, - please.
I know it seems that way, but I'm not.
Andy, I need to process her and take her in.
Margaret, tell Ryan what you told me.
I was desperate.
Ever since Jason was born, he suffered from spells and seizures.
My insurance wouldn't cover all his meds, so I borrowed a little money from my company.
I was gonna pay it back before anybody noticed.
I got caught.
And now Jason's operation is today.
My sister's been taking care of him, but there's a really big chance he won't make it off the table.
I, uh I'll do my time.
[VOICE BREAKING] But Jason He keeps asking if he'll get to see me before surgery.
[SNIFFLES] He's scared.
He's scared he'll die without seeing me again.
Can't we figure out a way to get her in there? Even for a couple minutes to go see her kid? We're not even sure her story's true.
It's easy enough to verify.
Andy, this is my job.
There are rules.
Then bend them.
She just wants to see her kid.
She's only asking for a few extra minutes.
We can do that for her.
All you have to do is escort her into the hospital.
And then what? What if she runs? I won't.
I swear I won't.
They wouldn't let me out.
He's too sick to come see me.
I didn't plan on running today, but when I saw the chance [VOICE BREAKING] I just want to see my little boy again.
Please let me say goodbye.
- [VEHICLE DOOR OPENS] - Whatever you're deciding, decide it quickly.
Two more squad cars are heading this way.
[VEHICLE DOOR SLAMS] [SIGHS] [EXERCISE BIKE WHIRRING] What are y What are you doing? I tried talking to not you and that, literally, could not have gone worse.
So, now, I'm here supporting your biking - Cycling.
- Supporting your biking because I need to talk to you.
Specifically Specifically you about my thing.
Oh, my God, how do you do this for fun? It's easier once you find your c-spot.
No, I'm not even gonna touch that.
I am seeing someone.
- Oh? - Yes.
And it's complicated.
And if I tell you more, that means it means something, and I don't know if I'm ready for it to mean anything yet.
But And it means something to him, apparently, so I wanted to talk to you about whether or not I should talk to you about it.
- Hey.
- I'm just RIPLEY: Either of you seen Captain Herrera? No.
No, not No, what? No, I've never I've never seen Captain Herrera before.
I was hoping to meet up with Bishop, but she got called away.
I had no idea you were into cycling.
Oh, oh, oh, hey.
You good? - Yeah.
- [WHIRRING STOPS] You know, uh, maybe check the Beanery for Captain Herrera.
Will do.
[WHISPERING] You're dating the Chief?! [WHIRRING RESUMES] I guess you'll be wanting a rematch? You can come by the station anytime.
Well, if it'll keep you schmucks out of my apartment, you have my word.
Uh, good.
- [GURNEY WHIRRING] - Here's my personal number.
You're not so bad after all, baldie.
[CHUCKLES] How's he gonna make it to the station if his car doesn't work? [DOOR OPENS] Eh, from the looks of this lemon we are going way beyond the call of duty.
Nothing you haven't done before, right? In fact, I just watched you do it.
[CHUCKLES] Thanks.
Maybe it's the transmission? [ENGINE SPUTTERS] Maybe not.
Sounds more like a loose hose.
The V-belt needs tightening, too.
Things sure changed while I was gone.
- How so? - I mean, look at you guys.
We got a former surgeon turned car mechanic and a Captain who's actually getting his hands dirty.
[CHUCKLES] And Pruitt's on his way out, Maya's getting transferred to another station altogether.
Hope 19 doesn't wind up like this junker.
Well we'll keep her rolling.
Try again.
Chen was here in the ambulance bay You're sure it's the same woman you treated this morning? I wasn't sure at first, but then I realized it was her.
You should know, she suffered a minor but potentially concerning injury.
We didn't realize it was self-inflicted at the time.
I mean, she couldn't have gotten far.
There are so many places to hide out here.
She's probably right in front of our faces.
Units 13 and 25, fan out and search.
Suspect is unarmed, non-violent.
No need to alarm too many people yet.
At least I won't be transferring to 23 anymore.
You won't? Instead, I'll be going to jail.
- For harboring a fugitive.
- Ah, less is more.
Just don't answer questions that they don't ask.
Mind helping us look around out here? Help you look around? Out here? Sure thing.
Sending up a signal, waiting for an answer Can you hear me out there? - You don't have much time.
- I know.
I'll be close by.
Drowning in the water Head is going under Is anybody there? Mom?! How'd you get here? [CRYING] Light in the distance Breaking the darkness They said you couldn't come.
All that matters is I'm here now.
I love you forever.
I love you, too, Mom.
[SNIFFLES] Forever plus 1,000.
[LAUGHS] Carry me over - Carry me through - [KNOCKS ON FRAME] Hi, Jason.
I need your hand MAN: It's time to go in now.
Be brave, okay? Pull me through the fire Carry me over Over the raging tides I need your arms - Holding me tight - [SNIFFLES] Over [RYAN SIGHS] [SNIFFLES, BREATHING SHAKILY] I'm ready.
Light in the distance, breaking the darkness I see you out there She received additional treatment at Grey-Sloan.
I don't have details.
I think you've given us everything you can.
We'll take it from here.
Negative on our perimeter search head inside.
Oh, y-you're going in? Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Carry me over Carry me through the night I need your hand Pull me through the fire Carry me over Over the raging tide Hold me tight Carry me over Carry me through the night I need your hand Pull me through the fire Lieutenant.
[PEN THUDS] What can I do for you? Chief, I'd like to keep Bishop on at Station 19.
Is there a problem with Gibson or Herrera? Not at all.
I want all three of them.
Bishop's needed at 23.
Not as badly as she's needed here.
The fact is, every single woman and man at 19 plays a critical role not just for the station, but the city we serve.
This is a family.
And it's my job to keep them together.
You sound like Pruitt.
[CHUCKLES] Thank you, sir.
[CHUCKLES] [SIGHS] Very well.
Request approved.
- Sir, I just wanted t - Let's go Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Right.
This thing starting yet? Soon, I think.
My hobbies aren't distractions exactly.
Cycling, all of it, it's just I don't know.
I realized after the breakup, all I really have is this job and Michael.
Michael? Yeah, I think I'm still really hung up on my dead husband.
Well, I haven't lost a husband, so I can't exactly speak to that, but from what you've told me, of course you're still hung up.
Michael sounds amazing.
VIC: Don't be too hard on yourself.
Seems like the kind of thing that's just gonna take the time it's gonna take, right? So, this new hobby of yours.
Uh Uh [CHUCKLES] You seem pretty into it.
I'm definitely getting there.
As much as I'm into cycling? Oh, am I into my new hobby enough to wear a spandex bodysuit and helmet in public for it? Sadly yes, I think I am.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, can we talk about - how hot your hobby is, by the way? - Oh, God, thank you! Thank you! Thank you.
God, somebody who gets it.
- VIC: Gibson gives me none of this.
- Jack knew before me?! Come on! [SIGHS] Heard you saved the day.
It was, uh It was a great call.
I also heard that you're thinking about hanging up your fire helmet.
Okay, uh I know you went out on a limb to hire me, sir.
I-It's not that I want to leave firefighting.
I-I love saving people, the rush, b-being the first on the scene.
But I love Miranda more, and I'm worried about what I'm doing to her.
Well, you have a very unique set of skills your medical expertise, your years of experience that you've honed over your career.
So, I should just go back to medicine? It's really hard to walk away from firefighting.
Have you ever thought about Medic One? Well, that's I mean [CHUCKLES] They're the elite of the elite.
You think I'd be good for that? I know you would.
Two minutes.
Hang on a second.
Ah, he speaks.
The intervention.
You, uh You came to me because I wasn't coming to you.
I-I do get that.
I needed help, and I didn't want to hear it, so you found a way to make me listen.
That's right.
Your folks, they're, uh, still not talking to you? I called them, but they can't be bothered to call me, so It's funny 'cause they talked to me.
You called my family? Yeah, I invited them over for dinner next week.
- At our place.
- Why would you do that? They weren't hearing you out, so I, uh, found a way to make them listen.
Consider this me, uh, returning the favor.
I, uh, got an update from the hospital.
Margaret's son pulled through.
- Oh, thank goodness.
- Yeah.
I also wanted to say, um you were right this morning.
We don't need to get too worried about rules or anything.
[CHUCKLES] Exactly.
- See? Way more fun.
- Yeah, sure.
We'll just keep it fun, no attachments, no restrictions.
Do what we want, go where we want See who we want.
You mean, like other people? Yeah.
Like you said [CLEARS THROAT] no attachments.
If that's what you want.
If that's what you want.
I need you for something.
It's the one thing you don't wanna miss Andrea, I really don't have time for this.
Oh, yes, you do.
Trust me.
Got the whole world at your fingertips - What's this all about? - I think you know.
And you know it feels so dang good Pole days have to be earned.
- You did earn one, sir.
- Oh, come on, - It's your last day.
- It's okay to break your own rules every now and then.
Not a chance.
You haven't lived until you've gone down that.
- Come on! - Do it, Cap.
-Come on! PRUITT: Four months of this badgering, you would think I'd be looking for the quickest way out of this place.
What's that? - [GASPS] - There it is! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] What do you think you're doing? Oh, if one goes, we all go.
- [LAUGHS] - Good first day back? You know, I'm kind of glad you're going to 23.
You, uh, can't keep checking up on me from across town.
Bad news for you, Gibson.
What? What do you mean bad news? Oh, hey, you think I'd be good for Medic One? [LAUGHS] DEAN: Good luck, man.
Medic One is hard.
I don't know anybody who's gotten through it.
ANDY: All of us struggle with our identity.
BEN: Whoo! Told my best friend about us today.
- Pruitt knows? - What? Oh, funny.
You're funny.
No, I know you know better than to actually tell anyone in the department.
I think I'll have a go.
It's been a while.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh [THUD] Maybe we date someone we shouldn't.
Just watch Maybe we're related to someone we wish we weren'.
When we do it like that When we do it like that Just watch Just watch Watch how we do it When we do it like that When we do it like that Just watch, just watch Watch how we do it GREG'S VOICE: Use for the mortgage.
For your mom.
It's clean, I promise.
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh Can we do it like that Will we do it, do it like that ANDY: Maybe we need rules.
Maybe we shun them.
[SIGHS] Maybe we need to shake off who we always thought we were and try on something new.
Today surprised me.
I expected "blah.
" But actually, I I made a real difference for someone today.
And it turned out to be a great outcome.
- I'm glad.
- Me, too.
So dang good You know, I had a pretty good day, too.
Yeah, we saved, uh, a patient with congestive heart failure, and we got his car to start.
Hm, I treated a fugitive - with fake amnesia - Oh and lied to a few cops - so she could say goodbye to her son.
- Hm.
You know this isn't a competition, right? Mm - [WHISPERING] It kind of is.
- [SNORTS] Maybe we should loosen up.
Maybe we should take a leap.
Because when we do, maybe Dad? One more time couldn't hurt, right? we just might surprise ourselves.
Just watch