Station 19 (2018) s02e10 Episode Script

Crazy Train

1 Previously on "Station 19" I can't move my legs.
I can't even feel them.
- [DOORBELL RINGS] - SULLIVAN: To new beginnings.
- [CORK POPS] - To new beginnings.
Maybe I should take a look around, too.
Find a condo, sell the house? ANDY: Sell my childhood home? That's four months of therapy together.
If you could just give me your signature? I can return to active duty.
First day back.
How are you feeling? Last day as Interim Captain.
How are you feeling? You called my family? I invited them over for dinner next week.
Why would you do that? I'mma do it my way ANDY: The tiniest spark can start a fire like a chain reaction.
Sometimes you want to let that spark catch so the fire grows.
Yeah! Huh! Go again? And sometimes you'd better just put it out - No.
- [BALL CLACKS] I'm done.
Your family pushed dinner, by the way.
I'm trying to reschedule but Don't hold your breath.
Oh, no, this dinner is happening.
Yeah, you'll eat, you'll talk.
I'll even take an extra shift at the station to give you guys plenty of space to hash all your ya-yas out.
No, no.
You're gonna be there.
I'm only in this mess because of you.
So now, you get to sit through all the "ya-yas," too.
The awkward silences, the judgmental looks.
And if my mom starts speaking in Yoruba, she's talking about you.
because fire is contagious.
Dude, I'm not gonna be some weird buffer between you and your parents.
It can spread like a disease.
You know, you started this.
You're not getting out of it.
And if you're not careful Yeah, I do what I want [BALL CLACKS LOUDLY] I'mma do it my way My way it'll infect everything.
Only if I'm dreaming 'cause I don't need a reason [SHOWER RUNNING] - [KNOCKING ON DOOR] - Andy, you decent? ANDY: Uh, I'm naked in the shower, but, I mean Really? What? You do this to me at home all the time.
[SIGHS] We need shower boundaries at home and at work.
People are already invading my space enough.
Nobody else is invading your space.
Well, except for Tanner these days, but that is clearly both invited and enjoyed.
You know, my dad had an open house of my childhood home.
Creepy strangers wandering through, hanging out in my bedroom, pawing through my stuff.
Except for the stuff you moved into my place.
I paw through that.
I mean, it just feels like an invasion.
He's auctioning off all my memories to the highest bidder.
Oh, this isn't a conversation.
You're just venting.
I mean, I didn't think the process would move this fast.
What's the big rush? I mean, I can say anything right now and you wouldn't even hear it.
I hooked up with Ben.
He cried after.
I mean, did I do this? Did I inspire him to move by moving out? Yeah, probably.
Let's save that conversation for shower talk tomorrow.
I actually came to talk to you about something.
No, no more shower talk.
Shower boundaries, remember? [DOOR CLOSES] I've been watching Jack.
It's, like, a habit I picked up while training.
You know, monitor my rivals, suss out their weakness to make sure I could crush them.
Gibson and I have been paired up on Aid Car this shift, and I still think he's not sleeping too well.
He seems fidgety and on edge.
And I just saw him arguing with Dean over nothing.
- What if he came back too soon? - ANDY: You're being paranoid.
Jack knows his limits.
His psychiatrist cleared him.
He wouldn't come back if he wasn't ready.
Well Okay, still, I'm a little glad that we didn't have any real medical calls today.
You know, ease back in.
And shift's over in, like, 15 minutes, so [KLAXONS SOUND] No.
Oh, no.
Not Aid Car.
DISPATCH: Air Car 19, unknown medical - [CHUCKLES UNEASILY] - at Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel.
Happy stalking! [CHUCKLES] Oh.
No, I figured you'd want to drive.
You haven't driven our brand-new Aid Car yet.
It handles like a dream.
And I know how much you like working the woop woops.
Nah, you go ahead.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, clearly we both read the rule book about two lieutenants on a call.
Yeah, the passenger seat is the officer seat, so whoever sits there is in charge.
Driver has to take their orders.
Congrats on reading a book, by the way.
[CHUCKLES] Ah, you know what, Bishop? I've been lead lieutenant on countless calls.
You've got, what, four months under your belt? Yeah, you need the experience more than me.
A lot more.
[SIREN WAILING] - [RADIO BLEEPS] - DISPATCH: Subway malfunction.
Multiple passengers were injured from a minor fall.
The subway is stalled in the tunnel.
Use caution when approaching.
- [RADIO BLEEPS] - Copy, Dispatch.
[DOOR CLOSES] Can't believe we pulled a "boo-boo" call this close to end of shift.
A bunch of victims with minor injuries.
These always take a while.
Easy, but a little boring.
Not the worst thing, probably.
- Meaning? - Our boo-boos are located down in a dark, cramped tunnel.
- Are you gonna be okay with that? - Yeah.
Why wouldn't I be? - You got the rollers? - Rollers, trays, paint.
- Packed and ready.
- And the tarps? 'Cause I'm not doing this without some tarps.
Hey, look, we're good, we got it all.
Let's go.
[BUZZER SOUNDS] Hey! You guys have plans? For after shift? Uh, yes, sir.
Uh, sure do.
Um Uh do do you? Together? You all got plans t-together? That sounds really pleasant.
Well, the guys just agreed to help me out is all.
At my place, you know, repainting some walls, out with the old, in with the new.
Stuff like that.
- Yeah, super, super casual.
- Huh.
BEN: You know, maybe grab a drink or something.
You know, I had to repaint my place when I moved to Seattle.
Smart move, getting the help.
A lot harder if you're painting everything solo.
No doubt, sir.
Makes sense.
It's nice to have the help.
- Of course.
- Mm.
SULLIVAN: It's especially good when the hands are tall, too, you know, to reach those high, uh, parts.
You know you are welcome to come paint, too, sir, if you'd like.
I mean, I-I'm I'm sure you probably have other plans already, so Yeah, you probably have No, I You know, just text me the address.
I'll see you there.
- Okay.
- [LAUGHING] All right.
- Yeah.
- [LAUGHS] [EXHALES SHARPLY] You just hold that, okay? [EXHALES] Thank you, dear.
- You're welcome.
- That feels better.
All right.
What do we got? Oh, that's not too bad.
Just keep that ice pack on there, okay? Yeah? The swelling should go down.
Are you checking my work? You don't think I can handle a sprained wrist? Part of my job is making sure you do yours.
You used to do it to me all the time.
When you were a probie.
Okay, c'mon, we're almost done.
REESE: Finally.
Someone who can tell us something.
How much longer are we gonna be stuck here? We don't know, sir.
They're repairing the train as we speak.
Is that it? That's all you know? 'Cause I have an important meeting in 20 minutes.
And I can't call to push it 'cause there's no cell signal in this stupid tunnel.
Thanks for nothing.
Hello, everyone.
This is Lieutenant Gibson, and I'm Lieutenant Bishop with the Seattle Fire Department.
If you sustained an injury when the train stalled, please raise your hand, and we can check you out.
Yes, hello.
I'm Tenney, 56.
I have a history of high blood pressure.
And low blood pressure.
- And I taste copper.
- Okay.
- And how were you injured, sir? - KENNETH: Oh, no, I wasn't.
I just wanted to offer you my assistance.
Assistance? Yeah, like, I'm a security guard with Seattle Fidelity.
You know, basically a cop, except with a Taser and a whistle.
So if you need anything, just put me in, Coach.
Well, we're good for now, but we will call you in when we need you.
Did you fall when the train stopped? M-My son, Will, did, because he was playing that game instead of holding on to the rail.
I-I mean, I I should've just taken it from him, but Hey, buddy? The nice lady needs to check you out for a second.
Could you maybe put the tablet down? [COUGHS] No.
Okay, um [CHUCKLES] Come on, Will.
How 'bout for a-a candy? I got the little red ones that you like.
I haven't liked those since first grade.
But maybe just, for now I said no! Dad! I'm busy! [INDISTINCT MURMURING] We just got off a 15-hour flight and hopped on this train directly from the airport and and now we're stuck here.
- Hey, Will? - [COUGHS] Hey, Will.
I'm Maya.
Would you mind if I did a quick exam? It won't hurt.
I promise.
Okay, fine.
Just let me save my level.
[COUGHS] My dad keeps texting me about buyers for his house - in all caps with no punctuation.
- [CHUCKLES] He wants me to come over and weed through them with him.
I don't want to weed.
"Hi, Andy, this is your father.
A man with three earrings and a tiny puppy is offering all cash.
I said no on principle.
Tiny puppies are weird.
" What? And your dad has a Bitmoji.
[LAUGHS] Um, can we help you? No, I'm all good.
Thanks! Uh, actually, you're not.
You're technically trespassing.
Sorry, I wasn't trying to You guys think I'm creepy now, like I just wandered in all quiet and unannounced, and now I'm leaving.
You guys had no idea that I was here.
Um, well, didn't you? Let me start over.
I'm Kathleen.
Kat for short.
I'm a cadet at the Fire Academy.
I was just stopping by to check out the place.
I'm checking out all the stations just to see where I might fit in, you know? Assuming I graduate.
Well, most graduates do want to come here.
Obviously, we're awesome, so - [BOTH CHUCKLE] - No, I mean, yeah.
This place is great.
I just don't think this place is for me, though.
Good meeting you.
Whoa, wait, whoa.
What do you mean not for you? You may not know this, but 19 is, like Legendary.
I know.
I'm just trying to be realistic here.
The guys in my class, uh, they're they're so good.
Everyone gets a little intimidated during training.
But if you want to be the best, you got to [INHALES] You got to play with the best.
Come on.
I am giving you a real tour.
[CHUCKLES] You know you're just distracting yourself with more work so you don't have to go deal with your dad.
I am going to inspire a fresh, young mind to embrace her fierce inner bad-ass competitor self.
So I don't have to go deal with my dad.
JACK: Well, motion's okay.
No broken bones or deformities.
You are a bit warm.
[BEEP] Yeah, your temp's a bit elevated.
That's actually kind of normal for me.
I usually run a little bit hot.
Well, gonna ice the elbow and have a doctor take a look once we're out of here.
[COUGHING] How long has he had this cough? A few days, I I think? Any recent respiratory issues? Infections, pneumonia? I'm not really sure.
Um, I mean, maybe.
Any allergies? I I-I don't know.
JACK: Sorry for the delay.
Hey, can I ask you something? SARLA: That guy you were just checking out, did you learn anything about him? You know, where he's been, what he does? Oh, no.
I can't get a read on him exactly.
Did you maybe notice if he was wearing a wedding ring? Breath sounds are decreased, and he's got a fever.
What was the last thing he ate? [COUGHING] [GASPS] Oh, my God.
Are you okay? Is he okay? What is that? U-Um I'm not sure, um A little more info might help.
Do you mind telling me where you flew in from today? Uh, Bashran.
It It's, uh, in the Middle East.
Why? Um, let me just, um, quickly take off my gloves, and I'll do a more detailed exam.
[COUGHING] [SIGHS] Are you okay? No, and no one on this train is.
I think we're dealing with a contagious disease right here in this car.
We need to go into a lockdown immediately.
Starting right now, no one gets off this train.
I repeat, possible contagious disease on scene.
Please advise.
Contacting CDC and State Health Department now.
Stand by.
You want to quarantine this car because of a-a little blood? Yeah, and a trip to Bashran.
The CDC has been issuing travel alerts for that country all week because of some kind of epidemic.
MUKERJI: This is Dr.
Mukerji with the CDC.
I need you to listen carefully.
There's been a serious outbreak of bird flu in Bashran.
We're concerned a new strain may have emerged there.
Could be more airborne and far more contagious.
A CDC and hazmat team is en route and should arrive in less than 30 minutes.
You must keep the quarantine in effect until then.
- Understood? - [RADIO BLEEPS] - Copy.
- Bird flu.
- Damn.
- A newer, deadlier version, apparently.
[SIGHS] That kid's blood got on you.
Yeah, I've been exposed.
So have you.
And if the CDC is right and it's a more airborne strain, everyone here has.
We need to kill the A.
Keep it in this car.
The kid's not the only one who's sick.
Another passenger, he was on the same flight coming from the same country.
And he's got a fever.
Okay, okay.
So, we have two known patients.
We're cut off from the Aid Car.
Our patient masks have been contaminated.
All we have is what's in these kits.
Hey, my my son is still coughing up blood.
Shouldn't we be taking him to the hospital by now or something? Sir, we need to talk to you about your son.
I can't believe you talked me into this.
You just stroll in here and ask me to do checks on all these people interested in buying your house? I could get in real trouble.
I'm not saying that I wouldn't sell to someone with a criminal record.
I'm just saying I'd like to know that's the decision I'm making, eyes wide open.
Well, it's a complete invasion of these people's privacy.
It's your neighborhood, too.
You really want to live across the street from a potential serial killer? Will they keep the yard clean? Hey, remember that time I had to skip my own daughter's graduation just to bail you out of jail? Next name.
And this is the Beanery.
Uh, are you thirsty? We are well stocked.
What What happened there? I hurt myself in a drill.
I patched it up myself.
You did a pretty lousy job of it.
Yeah, I'd like to see how well you'd do with one good arm, gauze, and a hand mirror.
Why not have somebody at the Academy patch it up properly? Uh, let me take a guess.
You didn't want any of the guys in your class to see that you got hurt.
Have they been busting your chops? No, no, it's not like that.
They They treat me like an equal.
Yeah, but you got to be twice as good to be respected half as much.
Girl, we've been there.
I just keep screwing up.
Dropping things, not even heavy things.
But I'm working on my own all the time.
More push-ups, more muscle training, more everything.
But I just don't think I'm improving.
We know what you need.
Rice? - Rice.
- Rice.
Bird flu? Are Are you sure? JACK: The CDC's on their way.
They have medicines, vaccines, rapid blood tests.
For now, the best thing you can do is keep Will calm and comfortable.
And if his symptoms change in any way, we need to know immediately.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Guess it's time to bite the bullet.
Can't keep the quarantine a secret, so good luck.
Whoa, me good luck? You good luck.
- You're telling them, too.
- You wanted to lead.
Which allows me to delegate and share responsibility, which I'm planning to do.
I'm a benevolent leader.
I share.
Well, you better share quick, because your people are getting restless.
[MURMURING] Hey, everyone.
We just wanted to update you on what's going on.
Are we getting off this thing anytime soon? And why is it so freaking hot in here? We have a situation.
It's possible that there is a communicable disease - in this train car.
- [GROANING] So, just to be extra cautious, we've been asked by the CDC to quarantine this car.
That means nobody gets on.
Nobody gets off.
Oh, my God.
Is it Ebola? I feel dizzy.
It's not Ebola.
- Then what is it? - Ma'am, let's sit you down.
Bird flu.
Bird flu?! I'm not a bird! It's not even that big a deal.
Oh, no! The fatality rate's as high as 60%.
Bing, bang, boom, new virus, pandemic.
- We all die.
- Spanish flu, look it up.
- Okay.
- Oh, my God.
Is that for real? Wait, we we could die? It's that kid, isn't it? He brought it on this train with the the coughing and the blood.
Is that true? It It's okay, buddy.
Don't listen to him.
You are gonna be just fine.
Wait, you already knew about this? What the hell? - Buddy, please, you have to - Stop calling me that.
I haven't been anywhere near this kid.
I will sue your ass if you try to keep me against my will.
Everyone on this train is a plaintiff now.
JACK: Sir, calm down.
Panic's not gonna help anybody.
Screw that! I'm not waiting.
I don't feel sick.
Does anyone else? - I don't feel sick.
- No, I'm fine.
And maybe being stuck in a metal can with some stupid kid barfing up blood is what's gonna get us all sick.
Don't talk about my boy like that! Oh, Patient Zero? We should listen to the paramedics.
We're here to help you, guys.
Shut it, Rent-A-Cop.
I'm getting the hell out of here.
I think we should all get the hell out of here.
Who's with me? - Yeah, Let's go.
- Let's go.
JACK: Everybody, go back to your seats.
- We have rights.
- Sir, I need you to calm down.
WOMAN: Yeah, you can't keep us here.
Everyone needs to back up.
Get out of our way.
- [CLANGING] - Hey! Listen to me! You want to pry that door open and get off the train, we probably can't stop you.
There are more of you than us.
But there is no "us" versus you.
If there is a contagion on this train, my partner and I have been exposed to it, too.
We are all in this together.
Gibson and I, we want to stay on the train.
We want to wait for the CDC.
Know why? We don't want to bring whatever this is home to our families, our loved ones, our friends.
We don't want to unwittingly infect anybody else.
If you really care about the people in your lives, you will wait this out.
And if not, well, the door is there.
Like I said, we can't stop you.
Who would've thought that the gentleman with the complex tattoo of a snake skull eating a human skull would be up to his neck in credit card debt.
No, not this one.
She has too many cats.
She'll probably "Grey Gardens" my house.
How do you know she has cats? Oh, she has cats.
Next up, Shane Robinson.
Now, see, here's a contender.
Excellent posture.
This one screams excellent credit and pre-approved for a loan.
- I think I know him.
- So he's a cop? Cops are good guys.
Present company excluded, of course.
He's not a cop.
Brought him in for line-ups, car theft.
We've never gotten a positive ID.
Business must be good if he's buying in our neighborhood, though.
[SIGHS] I still can't quite get past the fact that we are spending our day off with Bizarro Sullivan.
I mean, look at him over there.
He's trying to make actual small talk.
Yeah, last shift, I repaired a car engine with him.
Today I'm painting a house.
I can't get a read on the guy anymore.
- You told him yet? - Hm? That he may lose you to Medic One? - Oh, that's a long way off.
- Mnh-mnh.
You know, if I even go out for it.
I mean, I want to.
And there's an orientation coming up I want to check out, but, I mean, Sullivan already thinks I'm a tourist.
You know, I don't I don't want to tell him he's kind of right until I absolutely have to.
What about you and Gibson? You started talking to him yet? I mean, he talked, all right.
Just not to me.
And now I'm the one who'd just as soon not talk to him right now, so [INHALES] That's just a long story for another day.
[COUGHS] - [THERMOMETER BEEPS] - Well, I'm sick, aren't I? I can tell.
My fever's high.
It's getting higher.
Is this really fatal? Is there anything you can do to improve my chances? I, uh I wish I had better answers for you.
[COUGHS] Yeah, me too.
Are we gonna be stuck here much longer? JACK: We're trying to get you home soon, all right? HAROLD: Hey, buddy.
- [BEEP] - Want some water? It's getting a little hot in here.
My stomach hurts.
Okay, well, maybe maybe this'll make you feel better.
You're just making things worse.
Will, bud, I'm really trying here, so if you could just No! I can't.
Don't tell me what to do.
This isn't about a video game.
You're sick! - You make everything worse.
- I'm trying to help! Okay, let's just just take a breath, all right? [MAN COUGHS] I-I shouldn't have snapped like that.
It's a high-pressure situation, right? Let's do a quick work-up on you, too.
I haven't seen a lot of Will, for a while.
I mean, his mom and I We were just so young when he was born.
Basically kids having a kid.
But last year, she took him all the way to Bashran.
She's an aid worker.
Weekend visits weren't exactly convenient.
- [COUGHS] - [THERMOMETER BEEPS] She got called to an area that wasn't safe, so I got to take Will for a while.
I was I was so excited, you know? I-I-I've missed the hell out of him.
We We were best buds when he was little.
Your pulse is high.
Your temperature's normal, but I want to keep an eye on you, okay? Will's gonna be okay, right? You think he'll be okay? You know, the CDC will be here soon.
They're gonna have everything he needs you know, supportive therapies, antivirals Okay, you know, I've noticed that when I ask you that question, you never actually say, "Yeah, he'll be fine.
" Is that because you're not allowed to say it or because you think it's not true? I see.
I see.
TRAVIS: You know, sir, you were right.
This is going much more smoothly with you here.
Glad to hear, Montgomery.
[PAINT CAN THUDS] You know, I like your place, by the way.
- It's got good bones.
- Thank you.
Is that you and your husband? He was a firefighter? He was.
You lost him on the job, huh? - [PHOTO THUDS GENTLY] - I did.
You and I, we got more in common than you think.
We're survivors.
Not just surviving our own near-death experiences, but surviving the loss of a spouse.
I lost my wife.
A while back, now.
Doesn't really matter how much time has passed.
You never really get over something like that, do you? Well, you have the right idea here.
It's a great way to jump-start your new chapter.
Not an easy thing to do.
Thank you, sir.
Gibson, can I get a minute? [EXHALES SHARPLY] We should do a quick inventory on supplies, see what we have left.
[INDISTINCT TALKING] I see you checking up on my patients the minute I leave them.
An extra set of eyes can't hurt, especially when things get tense.
I had that under control before.
That thing with the crowd.
I didn't need you to step in.
Just trying to lend a hand.
We're low on gauze, looks like.
And ibuprofen.
You didn't want me to run the call.
You're double-checking my work.
What gives? Okay.
I'm not sure you're ready to be back yet.
I did the work.
The therapy helped.
Did it? You're still not sleeping well.
You haven't made up with Dean.
You're short-tempered So you think you know better than my shrink or the department? I think you convinced everyone you were all good by checking whatever boxes you had to to get back on duty.
You don't know what the hell you're talking about.
No? That's what I did.
I won gold with an ankle sprain.
You know how I got on the track with an injury? I told my coach I was fine.
I told the doctors I was fine.
I told my parents and physical therapist I was fine.
I convinced myself I was fine.
That's you.
We're way different.
Are you telling me that not every minute, every second you were benched, you weren't itching to get back in the game so bad that it hurt? That's what I thought.
[COUGHING] - Oh, my God.
- Oh, my Gosh.
[COUGHING] Oh, my God! Help! Please! - Help him! - Oh, my God.
He's in acute respiratory distress.
JACK: Pulse is thready.
Lack of oxygen is affecting his heart.
- I need a - Life Pack.
- I need a - Bag.
He's dehydrated.
He needs an I.
It's our only one.
[MONITOR BEEPING RAPIDLY] [BEEPING] Looks like he has an irregular heartbeat.
- Please, save him! - We're doing everything we can.
He needs a shot of adenosine.
It's on the Aid Car with the rest of the beta blockers and anti-arrhythmics.
What about a painkiller? - Lidocaine can - Fix arrhythmias, too.
Good thinking! Hold that.
And he's breathing on his own.
You two were, like, awesome.
[LUNCHMONEY LEWIS'S "WHO'S UP?" PLAYS ON RADIO] Ooh, girl, I like it Anytime, anyplace, anywhere Let's go for hours, babe I'mma let you take control Honey, I'm melting like Like, the ice, like the ice at the poles I wanna get it on Get it on, get it on, get it on You've got a bad reputation With dirty conversations When, a month ago, you couldn't move your legs and a song comes on that makes you want to move, you're a damn fool if you don't move.
Yeah, you mad as perfection I like it, like it, like it Who's up all night? Who's up, who's up all night? Who's up - Who's up - All night? Who's up, who's up all night? Who's up - Who's up - All night? Who's up, who's up all night? Who's up - Who's up - All night? Who's up, who's up all night? - Who's up - [LAUGHS] Who's up, who's up all night? Who's up - Who - [LAUGHS] Who's up, who's up all night? Who's up - Who's up - All night? Who's up, who's up all night? Who's up - Who's up - All night? Who's up ANDY: What you need is a different kind of strength.
This is surprisingly hard.
VIC: Grip strength's essential.
So, what else you got? I mean, you clearly have insider tips.
You're gonna want to distinguish yourself.
Me? I read smoke.
I kick ass.
She can also regulate her O2 intake better than anyone I've ever met.
Is there really nobody passing this stuff on to you at the Academy? Are you kidding? No.
[SCOFFS] You know, what's funny is, um, I never even thought about becoming a firefighter.
What changed your mind? Living in a windowless cubicle, writing mindless code for dating apps.
Until the building where I worked caught fire a few months back, and, you know, seeing the firefighters running upstairs while I was running down All I know is, I wanted to be the one heading in, not out.
Applied to the Academy the next day.
Was it a big fire, or? Oh, yeah, the big Barclay Skyscraper downtown.
- Oh, wow.
- We were there, too.
That was you? You guys inspired me to change my whole life.
- [CHUCKLES] - And now I'm here.
Like, I've come back to you for help without even realizing it.
We're like her firefighter Sherpas, guiding her to her destiny.
It's really not like that at all.
No, we are her Yoda.
She's is our Padawan.
I don't know what that means, and I don't know that I want to be that.
Just keep opening and closing your fist till it burns.
Be at one with your rice.
[MONITOR BEEPING] He's stable for now.
I don't mean to hover.
I'm nervous about this.
- You're a couple? - Oh, no.
Neil and I ride the same subway train every morning.
He gives up his seat any time it's crowded, which is nice.
I never said a word to him, not one.
Sometimes I feel like he's about to say something to me, but he doesn't.
And then, one day, he just stopped being on the train.
And the next day, too, and the next.
That's when I realized I missed him being around.
But he's back today.
And I told myself, if he ever comes back, I'm gonna work up the nerve to ask if he wants to maybe grab dinner.
No, a drink.
Coffee! I don't know, something.
But now You probably think it's dumb or crazy to feel pulled towards some person I barely even know like this.
It's hard to explain.
Give me your hand.
Count the heartbeats.
Just to make sure the pack is working.
Concentrate on that.
Well, I can't imagine what our neighborhood's gonna be like without a Herrera on the block.
Who's gonna make six-alarm chili for block parties or put up creepy zombie firefighters on their front lawn for Halloween? I'll give you all my Halloween stuff.
But the chili recipe dies with me.
Just can't believe you're leaving.
[GROANS] I've gotten too comfortable in that house.
Being Captain again made me realize that I need to move forward, not backwards.
I I want to grow.
I want challenges.
And that house, it's just an old, comfy blanket.
What's wrong with a comfy blanket? Nothing.
If that's what you want.
It's just that I've outgrown mine, is all.
Ow, it hurts when I breathe now.
It's okay, buddy.
I'm here.
[COUGHING] Will? Will, Will, Will! JACK: Bishop! [MURMURING] Bag him.
His pulse is rapid and weak.
His gums look cyanotic.
His B.
is dropping.
KENNETH: What the hell are you doing? Hey, hey, hey! Hey, don't do that! - The CDC's almost here! - Hey, screw you! I'm tired of living in this metal coffin.
Gibson, focus! This kid is going into shock.
- I'm getting the hell out of here.
I stopped him.
I did the right thing, right? - [GRUNTING] - Right? Oh, God.
Oh, no.
Is he still supposed to be doing that? - Pushing epi.
- We got another person down! - We got to stabilize Will first.
- Hey, Kenneth.
JACK: Hey.
I need you to just relax, okay? Can you tell me anything else about that guy's condition? - Is he breathing? - KENNETH: Uh, I-I-I don't know.
- Maybe? - MAYA: Okay, pulse is stronger.
Epi's working for now.
- JACK: Take over.
- Yeah.
Hey, what are you doing? Doesn't he need that? This guy needs it way more.
I got ventricular arrhythmia over here.
- I need more lidocaine! - No, I gave it all to Neil.
The rest is on the Aid Car.
K-Kenneth, I need your help.
Uh, I already messed this guy up.
What if I make it worse? No, you're not gonna make it worse, okay, Kenneth? It's time.
I'm calling you in off the bench.
- Are you ready? - All right, yeah.
Yeah! Okay, good.
I need you to watch this monitor.
Tell me if anything beeps or if the rhythm changes.
Just remember, waves good, flatline bad.
Very bad.
Say it back to me.
Waves good, flatline bad.
Waves good, flatline bad.
What's going on with my son? Is he okay? We're giving him medicine to keep his heart pumping.
- So, he's okay, right? - His B.
's still dropping.
No, no That guy's gonna die without meds.
We might need to risk a run to the Aid Car.
We can't violate the quarantine.
There's got to be another solution.
I'm open to anything.
What if What if one of the passengers is on medication that can help? I can go and collect all the passengers' medication.
Maybe someone has something that can keep Reese going - until the CDC gets here.
- Yeah, yeah.
If anyone is on any medication, I need you to take it out and hold it up, please.
HAROLD: Is Isn't there anything we can do for him? Yeah, just hold this like this.
- Okay.
- Tight seal.
- [RADIO BLEEPS] - I need an ETA on the CDC.
We are 10 minutes out.
10 minutes? H-He can hold on till then.
It's not that long, right? His B.
's dropping too fast.
We need to do something right now! What do you need? Antibiotics? Diuretics? Anti-fungal cream? Ooh, here's some root.
It's amazing.
Totally mellows you out.
Please, you have to do something.
I I can't lose my son.
- [FLATLINE] - No Um Jack? Remember when we said waves good, flatline bad? Well, flatline.
Flatline bad.
SARLA: Oh, no! Something's wrong with Neil! I don't think he's breathing anymore! - Is he gonna die? - You got to get over here! You've got to save this guy, please! Please, he needs you now! Please, you have to save my son! [CLANGING] All right! Everyone listen.
If we're gonna save these people, I need everyone's help.
I know you're scared.
I'm scared, too.
But I need all of you to push that aside.
Because, as of this moment, you're all firefighters.
And we don't let fear stop us.
[PANTING] All right? Black water fills the room all around me Good.
Go through this kit, look for another bag like the one that we used on Neil.
Also something labeled "pocket mask.
" I need you to go through it, too, look for needles, vials, anything that says dopamine or dobutamine.
Now, fast.
Kenneth, Sarla.
Do either of you have CPR or life-saving training? No.
SARLA: I was a lifeguard in high school.
Okay, great.
Sarla, catch.
Take that mask and do exactly what I'm doing.
You, watch Neil's chest.
Make sure it rises every time she squeezes.
Go, now! Tenney, I didn't have time to check everyone's meds.
I need you to collect all the bottles and put 'em in your bag and bring 'em to me, okay? Kenneth.
Use this mask.
Just form a tight seal around his mouth and exhale hard.
Come on.
Come on.
I can feel it I can feel it Okay.
Show me the bottles one at a time.
- I can feel it - No.
- Ooh, Fomepizole.
That's hard to find.
- Tenney.
Take two out! - I don't think that medicine's in here.
- Damn it! Torn pieces of myself try to haunt me Okay, can you hear me? - I need you to open your mouth, okay? - [COUGHS] Here, give me the pills.
Voices in my head I need to put these under your tongue, okay? Tell me not to lose control He's getting too hypovolemic.
We're out of I.
If we were in a hospital, it'd take the nurse two seconds to run down to the blood ba Wait, do you know his blood type? Are you guys the same blood type? Yeah.
H-He's O-negative.
I'm O-negative.
Okay, I need you to roll up both your sleeves.
You're about to become a walking blood bank.
I can feel it Okay, hero.
Keep your arm above the I.
Sarla, how we doing? His chest won't rise when I pump this thing.
Maybe I'm not using it right.
- Bishop, are you free? - My guy's still in V-tach.
I need a little more time for the meds to work.
Sarla, I need you to keep trying, okay? I'll be over in a few seconds to intubate him, but he needs air now.
SARLA: I think this stupid bag is getting in the way or something.
No, you have to use it.
Neil has a contagious disease.
To hell with it.
Harold Now make sure to keep the blood bag higher than Will.
You think you can give him air with this, too? - Yep.
- Good.
[GASPS] All right.
Great work.
I'll take it from here.
- [ALARM BEEPING] - [COUGHS] I got a normal sinus rhythm.
Hey, hey.
How are you feeling? [GROANS] I'll sue He's fine.
JACK: Neil is stable, too.
I can't believe it.
For a minute there, I thought [EXHALES SHARPLY] Yeah, me too.
- Will.
- Dad? Hey.
It's okay, buddy.
You're okay.
I'm right here.
I'm not going anywhere.
- [RADIO BLEEPS] - Bishop, this is Dr.
We're here and setting up our decontam area just outside the subway station.
MAYA: No, don't try to talk.
You have a tube in your throat to help you breathe.
This is Sarla, by the way.
She saved your life.
I gave you mouth-to-mouth.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, hi.
You know, I thought the hardest part about bringing him home would be to figure out what kind of food he likes now or what we were gonna talk about.
[LAUGHS] That stuff may still be hard.
As long as he's around, I'll take it.
WILL: [COUGHS] We're gonna figure this out.
I know we will.
We just got to take it day by day.
JACK: Damn, it feels good to be out of that metal can.
Even if it means wearing a decon tent about to get naked.
Worth it.
We made it.
We're alive.
Feeling good to be alive right now.
Jack Gibson and Maya Bishop? I'm Dr.
We have presumptive positive results for bird flu.
And we've tracked down nearly every passenger on that flight, and we're keeping them under observation, but we're hopeful we've averted the full-scale outbreak.
Both of your rapid PCRs came back negative, so the good news is, you're not infected.
Your patients are on their way to Grey-Sloan, and with supportive therapy and antivirals, their prognosis is good.
We're just lucky this is a strain that has a vaccine.
Good work out there today.
Thank you.
We kept a train car full of angry, sweaty strangers alive today under insane circumstances.
Nice work in there today.
And for someone with zero people skills, that couldn't have been easy.
You know, in Bishop-speak, that almost sounded like an apology.
Yes, I am sorry for doubting you earlier, Gibson.
You didn't suck today.
You didn't suck either.
Most of the time, I did do a lot of the heavy lifting.
There was a moment, though.
When all three patients were crashing at once, it did feel a bit like the walls were closing in.
And before my time away, that would've, um, triggered me in a bad way, I know that.
But today Today I handled it.
I was able to handle it.
I just got to take it day by day.
You know, in Gibson-speak, that almost sounds like a thank you.
Even though you were super annoying and super insensitive - [SIGHS] - Thanks.
For looking out, I guess.
I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.
- What was that? - You know I got to write you up for stealing medicine from civilians, right? [LAUGHS] Yeah.
Everyone around me is on their knees First one's on me.
Speaking to something that I can't see I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I actually had fun with Captain Fire Grinch today.
I know, me too.
- What is happening to us? - I don't know.
ANDY: Sometimes you might think you can contain a spark.
- [CELLPHONE BUZZES] - I can tell you all my secrets [GROANS] But don't call it a weakness Maybe you should take your own advice.
Got my reasons, my demons - Meaning? - Well, you told Kat over there that she needed to work on a different kind of strength to fix her problem.
Maybe you should do the same.
I know your dad's move is stirring up all kinds of dust for you.
But isn't that when people like us gear up and charge into the smoky building anyway? - [GROANS] - I spent the day with your dad today.
Oh, I heard.
Um, you might want to get used to the idea of you losing your childhood home.
Your dad actually has a couple of pretty via Oh, you should meet our Captain! Come.
Um, this is Kat.
She's a trainee at the Academy, and I thought you two should meet, since she is Station 19 material.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, um Yeah.
Pull up a chair.
I'm so sorry.
I just had to.
So, what were you saying again? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Uh, am I your comfy blanket? What? No need to elevate me, got my own light It's all right What? Oh, my God.
I can tell you all my secrets But what if you lose control of the spark? Got my reasons - [DOOR CLOSES] - My demons - Yeah - [SHOWER RUNNING] Shower boundaries.
- [KNOCKING ON DOOR] - Maya? You okay? MAYA: Yeah, I'm fine.
CDC cleared me but scrubbed me with all these weird chemicals, so I felt I needed a real shower.
I'll grab you some hot and sour soup from around the corner.
And then you're telling me everything.
Yeah, everything.
What if that spark catches fire and erupts? - All right, be back soon.
- Okay, thanks.
Feeling it in my soul Even when I'm sinking If you're not careful Living on my faith You have to go.
She'll be back.
Living on my faith In a minute.
it'll burn your whole world down.