Station 19 (2018) s02e11 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Station 19" This isn't anything serious, so no attachments, no restrictions.
Do what we want See who we want.
Like other people? BEN: Might be time for me to quit firefighting.
- Have you ever thought about Medic One? - You think I'd be good for that? You called my family? I invited them over for dinner next week.
Maybe I should take a look around, too.
Find a condo, sell the house? Told my best friend about us today.
[WHISPERING] You're dating the Chief?! I know you know better than to actually tell anyone in the department.
- You okay? - MAYA: Yeah, I'm fine.
- All right, be back soon.
- Okay, thanks.
ANDY: Remember when you were a kid, being asked what do you wanna be when you grow up? How many of you said firefighter? [GRUNTS] Sounds like fun, right? Busting through walls, running through flames, saving people I'm smiling 'cause I'm happy Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Thank you so much.
My baby.
You're lady firefighters? [BREATHES SHARPLY] Yes, we are.
Seems so simple when we're little - So uncomplicated.
- ANDY: I love busting through walls! And doors.
I wanna bust through more things.
[CHUCKLES] Thanks for the quick response back there.
- But eventually - So, Tanner.
Should I be expecting you to swing by after shift for your bi-weekly Herrera booty call? we all have to grow up.
No judgment, of course.
Booty calls happen.
One thing leads to another and the adrenaline's pumping, and bam.
Booty calls.
You know, sometimes, a few times, in the shower, outside the shower.
Drying off from the shower Yeah, I mean, it's not a given that I'll be over.
And it's not a given I'll be free.
I might have plans, maybe with other people.
I might, too.
Also with other people.
And if that were the case, it wouldn't be a big deal.
It wouldn't even be a deal.
Because booty among friends can be just that.
Among friends.
And nobody needs to get feelings involved or have feelings about it.
- Absolutely.
- Of course.
It's good to hear that, actually.
For life Whoa-oh-oh Good things are coming It's not a given I won't be over, though.
I mean, like I said, I I might be busy, but if not Right.
Me, too.
- Whoo, ooh, ooh - Oh-oh, yeah That's right [DEAN GRUNTING] How many of those are you gonna do? Got to get all my aggravation out of my system before my parents give me a refill tonight.
When I asked for half a shift off today to have dinner with my folks, Sullivan was surprisingly chill.
Maybe now is a good time to tell him - you're going out for Medic One.
- [SIGHS] Look, he does have to sign off on it.
Now, look.
I don't care how chill he is, all right? Medic One means no more running into fires.
All right, Sullivan just stopped treating me like I was an interloper.
And let's just say that, if I want him to sign off, [SCOFFS] I'm gonna have to catch him a really good mood.
[LAUGHS] Warren.
You look tense.
Hm? No.
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
I'm just, uh just curling.
You know what always helps me loosen up? [VELCRO RIPS, GLOVES THUMP] [BREATHING RHYTHMICALLY] 1, 2.
Ha, ha! Captain, you know, I, uh - 1, 2, hook! - [GRUNTING] Yeah, I know.
I used to do this every day.
- [CHUCKLES] - Hands up.
There we go.
- I can tell, you know.
So, what changed? - Come on.
[GRUNTS] Aah! Oh, damn! I'm sorry, man.
Are you all right? Yeah.
You're a little rusty.
I haven't had anyone to spar with in a while.
- [GROANS] - But you got potential, Warren.
- Good.
- Yeah, you just gotta keep working on your bobbing and your weaving.
- [CHUCKLES] - [LAUGHS] [QUIETLY] Not sure if you saw, but your naked-man-friend just arrived for his monthly Chiefs' meeting with Sullivan.
- Okay.
- And by naked-man-friend, I don't mean that he's naked right now.
But he gets naked with you.
So I'm talking about Ripley, just to be perfectly clear.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
- Okay.
About that [QUIETLY] When I told you about my naked-man-friend situation I know, it was a big leap for you, trusting me like that, especially since, you know, we drifted so far apart after the skyscraper.
But now it feels like we've really come full circle, and I'm just really glad to have you back, Vic.
Anyway, thanks.
You're welcome.
But what I actually wanted to talk I'm sorry.
Did that thing just move? No, it's it's a bag.
What I wanted to talk to you about was [RUSTLING] Oh, my God.
Okay, so you're just gonna open it? We should call Animal Control.
[BAG UNZIPS] - You want gloves? Let me get you - Oh, Travis! - Wow.
- [LAUGHS] Okay.
That's a baby in a duffel bag.
[DOOR OPENS] TRAVIS: Hello? Hello? Did anyone lose a baby in a duffel bag?! [BABY COOING] [DOOR CLOSES] I think this is a Safe Surrender.
Whoever dropped him is long gone.
I've never gotten one of these before.
They're not very common.
Hey, little buddy.
We got you now.
Let's get you all checked out.
Whoa, whoa.
I-Is that a A baby, yeah.
Somebody left him for us.
I'm just gonna confirm that he's healthy and then call DCFS to come take custody.
Okay, good.
We don't get many of these.
Cute little guy.
- [BABY COOS] - Yeah? Yeah.
You have any kids, Chief? Uh, uh, no, Montgomery.
I don't.
Uh, I think we should let the Chief go.
- So, thank you, Chief.
Good to see you.
- [BABY CRIES] It is insane what a great head of hair he has.
I got to go get a thermometer in the rig.
- I'll be right back.
- No, no, no, no.
Why? So, you really meant it back there, that you're good with Ryan doing stuff with other people? Even though you're also doing stuff with each other? We're grown-ups.
We aren't attached at the hip or anything.
I think we're both clear on that.
So, then, if you weren't doing stuff with each other at all anymore, you'd probably be even more good if he was doing stuff with anyone else? Oh, hey! Uh, do either of you guys want a baby? - Oh.
Did Did we get a - Yeah.
Safe Surrender.
Keep walking or we'll get stuck on baby duty.
- Want a baby? - No, no.
- Go, go, go.
- Maya.
M You We need to talk.
I don't do things behind people's backs.
What happened between us the other day - it can never happen again.
It's a shame, though, 'cause I think we both had a pretty incredible time.
It's never gonna happen again.
And I'm telling Andy about it.
Cool? What do you mean "cool"? You're not worried about how she's gonna react? I mean, maybe I would be if I were you.
But she and I haven't been anything in a long time, so DEAN: Jack! Come on, man.
It's time to go! Well, I got to run.
Miller's got me - on buffer-duty with his family.
- [SIGHS] I'm sure she'll be fine.
Wouldn't worry about it.
I'm not worried.
Then kudos.
Try not to miss me too much.
- Ugh.
- [DOOR CREAKS OPEN] [DOOR CLOSES] Don't tell Vic I'm in here.
I'm hiding from a baby.
Why would you hide from the baby? Babies are little, squishy miracles.
- Oh, what happened to you? - Got punched.
By our boss.
You probably just don't have a way with babies like me.
You know, babies love me.
- [DOOR OPENS] - It's just facts.
I'm not here.
Just dropping this stuff off.
Reggie says it's better to weed through stuff now instead of packing it up and weeding through everything - at the new place.
- So this is stuff for me? Oh, yes, it is stuff for you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, H-Herrera, you wore that? I mean, this it's got sequins and fringe.
Andy wore that in her first salsa competition.
Say again? You danced, competitively? - All right, stop.
- What? Close it up.
We are not looking through this.
Reggie said it'd probably be tough for you.
Reggie is your real-estate agent.
It's Reggie's job to grease the wheels to get you to move on.
And Reggie's just angling for that commission, Dad.
Reggie said that you'd probably say - something like that, too.
- [DOOR OPENS] My arms hurt.
Can somebody else hold this? - What is that? - Andy's childhood in a box.
Did you know she wore bedazzled leotards? Ooh! Here, here.
Hold, please.
- Yeah.
- What? Here, let me see.
No, no.
Nobody needs to see! - Aww.
- [LAUGHS] Look at how cute you are.
You're owning the monkey bars, girl.
- Why am I holding a baby? - Is this a letter from young you to older you? - I did not come here to hold a baby.
- "Dear Future Andy.
It's me, Not-Future-Andy.
" - Paws off my memories right - [TIRES SCREECH] [CRASHING, GLASS SHATTERS] Sounded like it came from the Barn.
[ALARM BLARING] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] [ENGINE RUNNING, GLASS CLINKING] WOMAN: What's going on? MAN: Let's go! Let's go! Move, move, move! Run a hose! Let's go, move! Check the driver! Herrera! Get me a head-to-toe.
And be careful! Hello? Are you okay in there? Hello? [DOOR CREAKS] MAN: I got you.
I'm sorry.
Jump bag.
M-My mom It's my mom.
She's shaking, and she won't stop! Guys, another patient in the vehicle! - Hey, what's your name? - Ellie.
Ellie, I'm Andy.
- Focus on me, okay? - We can handle this, 19! - Stay calm, stay deliberate! - [RADIO BEEPS] Dispatch an RV has crashed into Station 19.
It's disabled both ladder-bay doors and compromised an I-beam.
S-She dropped.
I mean, she was shaking so much.
I didn't know, so I hit the pedal.
I hit it, and then it crashed through the I-It's okay.
You probably just hit the wrong pedal, okay? Is she okay? Will she? - [RADIO BEEPS] - Bishop, what's our status in there? Female, 40s, in an ongoing seizure.
It's a tight squeeze.
Montgomery, can you get the hydraulic shears? Disconnecting the batteries, then unhooking the propane tank next.
- Hughes? - Copy! On my way.
It sounds like your mom is still having a seizure, but they're gonna carry her out and give her meds.
Hey, talk to me.
Does your mom have a history of epilepsy? I-I don't think.
[VOICE BREAKING] God, I've never seen her like this - How long since she started seizing? - A-A few minutes? - I just kept driving.
- I know you're scared, but I need to make sure you're okay, too, and check you out.
Hey, do me a favor.
Scoot to the side over here.
[WHIRRING] What's happening in there? The patient's still seizing inside.
We'll have a clear exit in one minute.
Standing by, ready to move.
Get her out, and get an I.
Next due Aid Car is a private ambulance.
They're eight minutes out.
We got to keep her steady for eight minutes.
Yes, sir.
I thought you were bougie on a normal day.
Today is not a normal day, and my family are not normal, either.
They seemed normal on the phone.
They're judgey as hell.
[BREATHES SHARPLY] Trust me you have no idea.
Yeah, well, judgey parents No parents.
I think you're doing okay.
Did you just play the orphan card? [KNOCK ON DOOR] [SHEARS THUD] [EXHALES SHARPLY] Oh.
And, uh, one more thing.
Just no talk about work, all right? - Hey, Deano! - Hey! [LAUGHS] There he is.
[SIGHS] Mom.
- Mm.
- Mm.
Everybody, uh, this is Jack.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - Jack, this is my family.
That's my little sister, Yemi that's my dad, Bill, and my mom, Ifeya.
It's great to meet you.
And you brought wine? I'll, uh, whip up a quick sangria.
Oh, you cooked.
I'm impressed.
- Kinda.
- Kinda.
You missed me? Yeah.
[LAUGHS] My favorite Camembert.
You remembered.
Son, that's a '93 Cabernet Franc.
It's very cool.
What's that mean? It means we drink it as is.
[BOTTLE THUMPS LIGHTLY] SULLIVAN: What's the update? She's been seizing at least six minutes.
- Not good.
- Ah, there's too much movement.
I can't place an I.
What if we can't get a vein? What are our options? Do we use a bone gun? Only as a last resort.
Injecting meds into bone marrow the pain alone from that thing's enough to knock you out.
- [METAL CLANGS] - I've got cribbing all set.
- All we need is those struts.
- USAR's a minute out.
I hope the walls aren't compromised.
You're a Type 1 diabetic? I'm fine.
I have an automatic insulin pump.
I-It's fine.
[BEEPS] Kids at school laugh at it sometimes.
- I'm not laughing, just checking.
- [BEEPING] Yep, 108.
Well within normal range.
- W-What about my mom? - Uh Hughes, status update on Paula? VIC: Still in and out of convulsions.
Do you still need more 4x4s over there? Yeah, when you got a free hand.
Is she gonna be all right? We're getting her medicine to help her feel better.
We'll We'll know more soon, okay? All right, everybody hold tight.
VIC: Wow, we're doing an EJ? You sure you can get that thing in her neck while she's moving like this? Gotta try.
Did he get it? SULLIVAN: He got it.
Pushing midazolam.
Excellent work, Warren.
Our ambulance is gonna be here any minute.
I saw that you have Connecticut license plates.
That's a long way away.
3,000 miles so far.
Road trip, huh? Camping.
My mom said it'd help.
Oh, help? - You know, fresh air.
- [SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] We saw some deer and birds and whatever.
All right, folks! USAR's here.
Be ready to move when they say move! [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] Right this way, let's go.
I've got a very tall Barn to stabilize.
Chief, how can I be of service? You're great on baby duty, Herrera.
Watch your step, everybody! Loose debris everywhere! Montgomery, help me over here.
Let's set these, but, uh, watch that beam up there.
- We cannot risk a collapse.
Ready? - Yep.
RIPLEY: Quick reflexes.
Must be all that, uh, cycling, right? [LAUGHS] Yeah, it's great exercise.
I made Vic bike the lake with me last week.
She didn't seem to enjoy it as much.
You should join us next time, though.
You know, if if you want.
You're inviting me to join you and Hughes? Only if you want.
Vic's a beast going down the descents, by the way.
[CHUCKLES] You're her best friend.
Yes? I mean, I hope so.
So she told you about You? Uh, we need to focus here.
Might need more cribbing on the left.
Copy that.
[THUD] Yemi, how's law school? Ongoing.
Her grades slipped last quarter.
To second in my class.
Uh, M-Mom, that is an antique fire nozzle.
I found a few pieces at the department, and I restored that one myself.
Uh, you know, this is a really great view.
Don't you like Dean's view, Mom? Looks the same as the last time I was here.
I am starting to get seasick, the way this place rocks back and forth.
- Mom, the houseboat doesn't move.
- Well, there must be some movement.
Your mom's got a good sense of these things.
[WHISPERING] How is she getting seasick? [WHISPERING] You know, if there's a crack in your armor, [INHALES DEEPLY] if there's anything she can criticize, sooner or later, she'll find it.
Yeah, but the the house is moored to the dock.
Yeah, I You're the one who invited her.
So how about you explain that to her? Because I'm not touching it.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Can you smile like this for me? Just want to make sure your braces didn't cut your gums.
You know I had braces for four years? - [BAG ZIPS] - The worst.
I couldn't eat anything.
My dad just used it as an excuse to confiscate my Halloween candy.
My dad's gone.
My mom and dad told me to practice saying it out loud.
"My parents are getting a divorce.
" I-It's stupid.
It's not stupid, Ellie.
Hi, Rainier EMT.
Is this our patient? [GROANS] Ellie VIC: She stabilized about three minutes ago.
Hasn't regained consciousness.
We'll transport her.
- [GRUNTS] - Whoa.
- [MONITOR BEEPING RAPIDLY] - Epi of midazolam! Lowering the gurney! - W-What's wrong? - It's just another seizure.
I-I want to see her! You can't right now, Ellie.
Please, they they need to treat her.
Midazolam's not working.
HEY ELLIE: Help her! [GRUNTING] MAYA: Whoa, no! No, whoa, no, no! Mom! Mom! - Hey, Ellie! - No, no, no, no, no! What's happening to her?! Earlier, her seizures were responding to our medication.
- Now - Why is this happening? They'll be able to tell you more at the hospital.
But seizures have all kinds of causes fever, infection, sleep loss, stress Ellie, let's let them work.
All I do is stress my mom out.
I can't get the I.
She's moving too much.
We can't transport her in this state.
She's too unstable.
It's too risky.
Are you kidding me? We'd take her ourselves, but our doors won't lift up! I'm sorry.
Company policy.
Then we stabilize her here.
- Okay, Ellie, come on.
- No.
[MONITOR BEEPING RAPIDLY] [GRUNTING] - Hughes, take a breather.
- I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Do we need the bone gun now? No, no, n-not yet.
Not yet.
Just g-give me a couple of minutes.
- Bone gun? - Y-You see that conference room? It's a lot quieter up there.
I'm gonna take you up for a sec, and if they need us, we'll be able to see, okay? [MONITOR BEEPING RAPIDLY] Ellie.
- Okay, okay, thanks.
- [COOING] Hughes! DCFS is coming by for the little one, but they have a few calls before us.
- Here.
- Uh, actually, I They said to keep him calm and get him to sleep if possible.
I need someone to call in more resources from USAR.
Apparently my new mission is to get this kid to sleep while there's an RV crashed into the station.
So today's really the gift that keeps giving.
[CHUCKLES] [BABY COOS] Yeah, I better get USAR on the line.
Where've you been? - Chief come through here? - Uh, yeah, you just missed him.
But he ordered you to get this little guy to sleep - Oh.
- Ohh.
- You love babies, right? Well, it's not that I love babies - so much as babies love me.
- [BABY CRYING] [CRYING CONTINUES] First week of business school, they assigned me to this international student from Nigeria show her around, help her acclimate.
Not only did she show me where the library was, by the end of the day, she convinced me - to change my concentration.
- [LAUGHS] You're much more suited to finance.
And I've been tagging along with her ever since.
That's a sweet story.
You know, we were 22 then.
You care to un-passive that aggressive? Dean turned 30 recently.
I've accomplished plenty, Mom.
You've done so much to help strangers.
But when it comes to your family, you don't give that part of your life much thought.
- Sweetheart - Bill, he's 30 with no real career, no wife, no kids You know, in my eyes, a-and in most people's eyes, Dean's great at what he does.
A few months ago, we were in that big skyscraper fire downtown Jack, it's not that I object to firefighting as a profession.
It's a very noble job for a young man like you who doesn't have as many options as Dean.
[SILVERWARE CLINKS] Well, um [CLEARS THROAT] There's no good time to do this, so I'll just pick the worst one.
I would like to announce Mom, Dad I'm moving out.
Like Dean.
My mom said we needed a break, to get away.
This was supposed to be silly and fun, and now Bad things just keep happening over and over.
I feel like I'm a jinx or something.
Hey, let's let's think about something else for a second, all right? I got a box of old stuff today.
Maybe there's a-a board game in there.
You Are you thirsty? L-Let's go get you some water.
Will they be able to fix her? I'll bring you some water.
I'll be right back.
[DOOR OPENS] - [MONITOR BEEPING RAPIDLY] - [GRUNTING] It's been almost four minutes, Warren.
30 minutes since she got here.
We need to get her to a hospital now.
All right.
Give me the bone gun.
Prep her leg, apply lido a lot of lido.
All right, you all know the drill we are inserting a metal injection port straight into her tibia.
She needs phenobarb we have only one way to get it to her 15-gauge needle, directly into her marrow.
We do this wrong, her pain will be unbearable.
All right.
Ready? Get in there.
Here we go! Hold her leg steady.
- Push phenobarb.
[BEEPING CONTINUES] - BP's spiking! - Hang on.
Hang on.
[BEEPS] Get her to that ambulance.
Go, go, go, go, go! Herrera, we're moving.
Where's Ellie? Yeah, let me get her.
[HANDLE RATTLES] Ellie? We're taking your mom now.
Can you unlock the door? I-I don't want to go.
[SNIFFLES] I-I keep messing things up.
Okay, but I know you're gonna want to be with your mom - when she - I-I can't go.
E-Everything's dark and I can't - Ellie, unlock the door.
Ellie? Transport Ellie's mom without her! Hughes, I need a jump bag up here right now! [GRUNTS] Herrera! - [GRUNTS] - [GLASS SHATTERS] It's likely her blood sugar.
Readout still shows the exact same number as before.
- It could've been damaged in the crash.
- Chip malfunction? If it was pumping insulin unregulated since impact, her blood sugar could be severely low.
She could slip into a diabetic coma.
Prepping D50.
Or if the pump wasn't damaged and this reading's accurate, this could be a head injury.
And D50 would be caustic.
Let's check her levels.
[MONITOR BEEPING] Ready when you are.
Come on, blood sugar test.
Come on, come on - [DEVICE BEEPS] - Low blood sugar.
Go! [BREATHES DEEPLY] Good call on the D50.
What What happened? You just had a little scare.
But you're out of the woods.
[SIGHS] Good.
I hate camping.
[CHUCKLES] I'll get some orange juice to help you even out your blood sugar.
It's slightly more fun than an I.
[MONITOR BEEPING] Hey, bad news kid in there just passed out.
Good news is, now she's doing great, so Just thought you'd want the update.
It's not necessary to update everyone on everything.
Excuse me? I had a conversation.
With Montgomery.
So, yeah, Travis knows, but it's Yeah, but I don't think this is the time.
And it's definitely not the place.
It's bad, isn't it? It doesn't look good.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Ohh.
Here we go.
You're You're just going for it.
Okay Oh, oh.
Mnh! I'm sorry again.
For, uh, punching you.
It's, uh It's fine, sir.
[GROANS] Uh, wipes? - Here you go.
- And, uh, hang on.
Now hold that corner down.
[GROANS] I figured by now I'd be good at this.
[CHUCKLES] Have a couple kids.
But, um, it didn't happen.
You never know.
Kids can pop up on you.
Diaper cream? When I fell in love with Miranda, Tuck just came with the package.
That's a nice bonus.
And I can't imagine my life without him.
That's another thing about kids.
Uh, hold that tab down there, careful, careful.
All right.
Every decision you make, you think about that kid first.
You think about your family, what's best for them, keeps 'em together.
- And - [BABY CRIES LOUDLY] - Aww, yeah.
- Oh, there we go.
There you g And, oh, and he's already wet again.
Oh, we're gonna have to start all over again.
Let me, uh Let me find another clean diaper first.
Hey, Bishop, can you tag in for me here? MAYA: Negative, Warren.
No babies.
Go ahead.
I can take him.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Oh, hi, baby.
Take a sip.
It'll help.
I-I can't do this by myself.
[VOICE BREAKING] I can't handle this.
You ever steal a plane ticket? My first detention was in the 6th grade.
[CHUCKLES] My dad had left, out of nowhere, to help other firefighters in New York after the towers fell.
So I went alone, and I brought him back.
And I got assigned to write this letter.
[SIGHS] "Dear Future Andy.
It's me, Not-Future-Andy.
The plane ride was so scary, it was shaking a lot in the air.
" Were you freaking out? Oh, yeah.
[CHUCKLES] What's the rest say? Uh, "But guess what, I'm not scared of planes anymore.
Here's a list of things I am afraid of.
I bet by the time you read this, you're not scared of them anymore.
1 being alone.
2 letting people down.
3" Oh, this is a big one.
- "Raccoons.
" - [BOTH LAUGH] "4 getting bad grades.
5 losing my best friend.
S Ryan's here.
He says hi!" Who's Ryan? My, uh friend.
Uh, you want to talk more about the stuff that's scaring you right now? It might help.
Well, here's one thing we can do.
We can take another sip of orange juice.
IFEYA: Look around.
Is this how you want to live? - At your age, we were - Hon.
Yemi's 25.
By her age, we were married.
You were starting your company.
Yeah, what makes you think at 25 you were an adult and I'm not? Because you are not.
Do you want us to cut you off like your brother? Because all you are doing is following in his path and that is not a path you want to follow.
Mom! Enough.
You come in here and and you criticize everything about me my food, my house.
You're You're even criticizing Jack.
You know he runs into burning buildings by my side? Do you know that he saved my life at that skyscraper fire? I could've died! You don't! You don't want to know any part of my life.
That's it! Can't you see you're upsetting your mother? [SIGHS] I would like to talk to my son.
Do me a favor Grab a Halligan and help me unwedge this thing.
- What did you say? - I said I could use some help.
To Ripley.
Almost nothing, I swear.
VIC: This is my fault.
I shouldn't have told you anything to begin with.
- He didn't want anyone here to know.
- [AIR HISSING] Yeah, well, I figured as much when he tried to turn me to stone with his eyeballs.
This is bad.
What exactly did you tell him? Word for word.
- I don't know.
I can't remember.
- [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] Oh, well, try to remember.
Ah, it was quick.
Well, this is important, so why don't you give it a try? Uh, he kinda just put two and two together.
Let's go somewhere else.
Hey, nobody touches this till I come back.
Just checking in.
All good here? Look who finally got him to sleep.
- Yeah.
- Not bad, Captain.
[AIR HISSING] [ELECTRICITY SPARKS] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Herrera, get the bravo side! - Montgomery, charge that line! - I got him, Captain.
And hit the flare-up, people! Move, move! I can't talk about firefighting like it's a job.
It's family, it's friends, it's home it's more than any of that.
It's the finest people that you will ever meet standing up every day, together, to try and fix some of the bad in the world.
And it's not safe, it's not easy, but when I'm running towards a fire, my job is my meaning in a way working for you just never could be.
And that, it's it's important.
I don't just fight fires to piss you off.
- [SIGHS] - Okay, it started out that way, but now it's it's more.
It isn't silly that I want you settled down with a family of your own.
These things have value.
Yeah, they have value to you.
I worked hard to start my business and to build a good family.
To make a better way for you.
When I said what I wanted to do with my life, so many people told me no.
I kinda know that feeling being told that you're doing the wrong thing with your life.
You and Dad can cut me off it's fine.
But don't take your anger at me out on Yemi.
You gave me plenty of support when I moved out.
You've got to at least just give her what you gave me.
You are trying to negotiate.
With me.
Yes, I am.
I bet everybody uses cutesy-wootsy baby-talk with you, don't they? It's kinda condescending, huh? I mean, they don't need to infantilize you you're already an infant.
You're probably wondering what that loud noise was.
You see, Baby, adding an additional propane tank underneath the sink in your RV is not only against manufacturer's recommendations, but it's highly dangerous.
Because you could crash into, say, a fire station and cause an undetectable leak.
And then any number of things could easily set off a spark and become an ignition source.
Unfortunate? Yes.
Hard to predict? You bet.
But that is fire science.
- [BABY COOS] - Oh.
Oh, that bear? We take those on calls, give them to little kids when they get scared.
But you don't need a teddy bear, Baby! You're tough.
I need to take this.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] Gibson, you are missing the craziest shift of all time.
Yeah, things are pretty weird here, too.
So I figure, why not make it weirder? What if I don't want to pretend it never happened? And what if I want to keep my friendship with Andy intact? So, what you don't want to tell her? I was, then I talked to you, and you got me worried.
And now I'm starting to think it's not a great idea.
Look, I know how I come across.
You know, people meet me and they underestimate me it's been happening all night tonight.
But I-I don't really care.
Because I know I'm always gonna be true to myself.
I don't get why you and I are pretending for the sake of other people.
Why can't we just be adults instead of sneaking around? Because if this happens again, if if we happen again - We won't.
- We could.
I have to go.
I have a baby.
[DIAL TONE] [CELLPHONE BEEPS] Why would he think it's gonna happen again? Okay, fine.
I think it might happen again, too.
But I don't want to hurt Andy.
Eh, he's her secret ex-boyfriend/ almost fiancé/Gibson.
You're right.
- I just need to tell her.
- [BABY COOS] You know, you make a very valid point, Baby.
You're kind of the perfect listener.
What if this happens again? What if it's me and my mom and she has another seizure? You'll get help.
I mean, you got help today.
By wrecking your whole fire station.
It worked out okay.
My mom always takes care of me.
What if she needs me to take care of her now? Then you will.
And I think you'll be great at it.
[SIGHS] Think they'll let me drive? Not a chance.
[BOTH LAUGH] I said I was sorry! It's Travis.
H [SIGHS] He's a big part of my life, just like this is a part of my life! You talked about this in the workplace.
It's only Montgomery you told? - Gibson also knows.
- Oh, Vic.
No one was supposed to know.
- Why are you saying it like that? - Like what? - Like you're ashamed of me? - I'm not ashamed of you.
- Well, that's how it sounds.
- Look, if that were true, why would I keep taking these risks to be with you? - Oh, oh.
What Risk? - We are both taking risks.
Which is why you should know better.
The consequences not just for me, but for the both of us if we're exposed Exposed? - I'm sorry.
Did we commit a crime? - We violated policy.
So now you're having second thoughts? After.
You know, you're the boss, and you create the policy? Yeah, I kept quiet, and you couldn't, and now I have to answer for it to your peers.
- They're my friends.
- They're my subordinates! Okay.
And that's how it is.
As your subordinate, it sounds to me like this conversation needs to end.
Is that right, sir? Is this conversation over? [EXHALES DEEPLY] I'm gonna go before I say something I can't take back.
Yeah, it's just some minor abrasions here.
Sorry, this, uh, might sting a bit.
What's on your mind? [CHUCKLES] Oh, um Uh, Medic One.
Medic One.
I'm, uh I'm [SIGHS] considering going for it.
Uh, and I-I-I know it's another jump to another job, again.
Well, our patient today wouldn't have pulled through without you being here.
Much as I'd like to I can't hold you back after seeing what you're capable of.
You got my support.
And like you said, you gotta do whatever it takes for your family.
Um thank you, sir.
Rest up.
Next time, we're kickboxing.
I'm Rachel Del Río, Department of Children and Family Services.
Thanks for waiting.
Is that the lil' booboo? Yep.
This is the male infant.
You're such a widdle cutie-bear! Yes, you are.
- So, what happens next? Will he be okay? - [NORMAL VOICE] Yeah.
I've got some amazing families on my radar.
Huh? You're gonna be just fine.
Well, you guys had a wild day here.
Do you, uh, want to say bye-bye? - Oh, yeah.
- Say bye-bye.
Bye, kid.
See you later! Bye-bye.
[LAUGHTER] - Take care, all right? - [BABY COOS] Aww.
He was my first diaper change.
Nailed it.
He didn't like me very much, but that's okay.
- I don't hold grudges.
- Mm.
All right.
Uh, well, thanks again, guys.
[BABY COOS] Wait! It was really great meeting you.
Good luck with everything.
[BABY COOS] She's funny.
Was it just me, or was Mom extra intense tonight? She's been weird lately.
All the more reason I have to move out.
- Don't worry about the move.
- Oh, I'm not.
I can support myself.
Yeah, I know, but I talked to Mom.
She's gonna throw you the same support she gave me.
Fair's fair.
Why would she do that? We may have made a little agreement.
It's no big deal.
I may just have to go on a few dates.
- Dates? - Yeah.
Dates, okay? Dates with eligible women.
Of her choosing.
- [LAUGHING] Oh, my God.
- [LAUGHS] Why would you do that? [LAUGHING] She's a great negotiator.
That makes everything totally worth it.
God, I can't wait to see what happens at our next dinner.
- Uh, more dinners? - Oh, yeah.
You are an honorary Miller now.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] - Door's open! - [DOOR OPENS] - REGGIE: Hello? - Reggie? [DOOR CLOSES] - I didn't expect you.
- Sorry to barge in.
I brought boxes the good kind.
- Champagne the, mm, medium-good kind.
- Mmm.
- You have to celebrate closing.
- [CHUCKLES] - And I got the skinny - [BOTTLE TAPS LIGHTLY] On all your new neighbors.
Two doors down, there's a v - [SIGHS DEEPLY] - What's the matter? Nothing.
I'm great.
I just can't decide what to do with this mug.
Keep it.
Give it away.
You're feeling overwhelmed.
A few months ago, I was sick.
A few weeks ago, I was Interim Captain.
And a few days ago, I was a homeowner.
And now And now, you have me here.
To help.
Starting with that mug.
It's a lot, I know.
That's what the champagne's for.
Hold on.
Let me grab my mug.
[CHUCKLES] ANDY: You never stop growing up.
- [CORK POPS] - Whoa! - [CHUCKLES] - Whoo, whoo You grow every time you face a new challenge TRAVIS: That was a monster shift, without even leaving the station.
VIC: How much further is this place? I need a drink, and I need it now.
or an old fear.
You brought your letter? Yeah.
[LAUGHS] There's something about it I just can't shake or something.
With every heartbreak My phone says this place should be right here.
I need it to be right here.
[LAUGHTER] Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
Montgomery, you're buying.
It's the least you can do.
Okay, but no scotch.
It tastes like smoke-dirt.
you grow braver, tougher, more honest.
Hey, so, before we go in I know.
You You want me to put the letter away.
It's funny how something I haven't thought about in years is suddenly all I can think about now.
Well, sometimes we can't always control the things we can't stop thinking about.
You wanna know something crazy? I wrote about Ryan.
Even way back then.
- Weird, right? - That's I can move a mountain, too - Weird.
- I don't know, maybe something aren't meant to change, like maybe we are suppose to have constants and maybe, Ryans is one of mine.
Hey Ryan! And just when you think you're all grown up, That you've made that breakthrough.
Andy Hi.
This is Jenna.
Jenna this is my friend Andy.
You hit another wall.