Station 19 (2018) s03e06 Episode Script

Ice Ice Baby

1 We are well into night two of a record-breaking snow onslaught that has power lines down in close to half of Seattle and King Counties.
Local schools, hospitals, and fire houses have opened their doors to anyone who needs a warm place to wait this behemoth out.
Yeah, no, it sounds like you're s It sounds like you're saying I tried to manipulate you.
It's what you're saying.
You're just not saying it.
No, I'm not trying to start a fight.
I'm just tr Okay.
Yeah, okay, bye.
I didn't say anything.
Um you want to tell me why men are such babies? Ooh.
Question for the ages.
Maybe you'll find the answer, uh, if you take over for my phone shift.
- Please! - ‭Oh, no! No, no.
You're not gonna do it today.
I already put in my phone time, and, uh, now I gotta go entertain some kids.
- You're a baby.
- ‭Baby.
Men are babies! Excuse me.
I can't do this.
Station 19, this is Montgomery.
I've never been told so many times - to clean what's not dirty.
- ‭Ugh.
Maya hasn't figured out that we can't scrub away her shame.
Speaking of shame It It was a drunken hook-up between old friends.
I feel no shame.
You were drunk? No, but it won't happen again.
- It won't? - ‭Jack.
- Right.
- ‭Pals.
- Buddies.
- ‭Never again.
Hey, guys.
Toilet's clogged again.
Apparently, you can't flush a full diaper.
Who knew? Hmm.
Uh ‭I got it.
Thank you.
It's weird not seeing you at home.
Where did you end up moving? - Jack and I found a place.
- ‭Oh, fun.
You know, station is getting packed.
You know, people are starting to say Would love to chat, but those clogged toilets are waiting.
Haven't told her yet, have you? - I'm trying.
- ‭Mm.
You think I should try harder.
I didn't say anything.
You think that the sad hovering I'm doing over the daughter I'm about to abandon is a little pathetic and I should try words.
I didn't say that.
Your face said it.
Phone's ringing.
Well, my Cap, hey.
My face didn't mean to say Station 19.
Can you hold, please? I've been on hold with 911 for almost an hour, and I'm very cold.
Okay, ma'am, and I'm really sorry, and I'm only gonna put you on hold for a few more seconds.
Station 19.
This is Montgomery.
We're welcoming anyone who needs shelter.
No wonder no one opened their door.
They're all here.
Whoa! Hey, there.
You never seen a German shepherd? That's a Belgian Malinois.
I don't do Malinois.
Hey, well, you got something in your mouth? Yes, you do.
Yes, you do.
You Whoa.
You got a bloody shoe.
You want to let it out? Hey, Chief, keep your coat on.
May have to go out looking for the owner of this shoe.
- Ow.
- ‭Warren? Ow.
Has, uh, anyone seen my dog? I accidentally chainsawed my foot off.
But it's okay, because I stapled it back on.
Good boy.
Okay, come on.
Right over here to the aid car.
Step on one leg.
Alright? Okay.
- Out.
- ‭Come on, people.
This is a medical emergency.
Please put your clothes back on.
Good boy.
It's okay.
He'll be fine.
So, let me get this straight You, uh You were trying to clear ice from your satellite on your roof with a chainsaw? Yeah, I got 500 bucks on the game, so ooh.
Hey Oh, man.
These are my lucky jeans.
Look, just relax, Jeff, alright? And we, uh we need to remove this duct tape.
I ran out of staples.
Cut it pretty good, right? Wow.
Uh, we're gonna get you some pain pills in a sec, Jeff.
Just, uh Okay, people, stand back.
Okay, we're gonna have to remove all this and get it cleaned up better.
I actually already cleaned it up with some whiskey.
You guys want some? Yeah, um We're good.
Look, we, um Alright, let's get you in the aid car.
Alright? ‭Okay.
‭I got you.
Move over.
One, two, and up.
Now, listen, we may have to re-amputate your foot so that we can get up in there really good and make sure there's no infections or anything.
Whoa, whoa, wait.
I mean, we're gonna keep the foot attached, though, right? Because the Internet said that they can reattach it at the hospital if we do.
We got you, Jeff.
Alright? We're trained for this.
A lot better than the Internet.
Yeah, Station 19.
Could I please speak with Travis Montgomery? This I Wait, Mom? Hey.
It's gonna be great.
Or not great at all.
We have to tell them.
It's time.
‭Hi! Thank you.
Thank you.
Uh, so, Mom and Dad we have some news.
Good news.
- Great news.
- Mm-hmm.
He said yes.
"We're so happy for you, Michael and Travis.
" Mom? Promise me you'll stay safe.
Mom, no.
Mom, we're all perfectly safe, okay? I - Make some soup.
- ‭No, I don't need any soup, Mom.
- Do you have soup there? - I gotta go, okay? - Chicken broth is good for your sinuses.
- I'm on phone duty, okay? - I'm hanging up the phone now.
- ‭Just put your face right over the pot.
Alright, I gotta go, Mom.
- Okay, bye, Mom.
- You don't even have to eat the soup.
- Goodbye, Mo Bye.
- Just breathe it in.
You look like my boyfriend.
Who's your boyfriend? You, if you wanna be.
Sorry, I have no filter.
Don't be sorry.
But, alas, I'm gay.
I think it literally broke.
Does that mean that you're not gonna help me with these phones? Me? For you, I'll answer these phones out in the snow.
So, are you a photographer? It's a new hobby, but I love it.
I'm Travis.
I'm Rose.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, crap.
Hello, ma'am.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to leave you out on hold.
Bang, bang, choochoo train! Come on, Tar Heels, do your thing! I Hey, guys? Not in here.
Not in here.
Ma'am, are you still there? My car slid off a bridge.
I'm very cold, and I can't move.
- I I think I broke my leg.
- ‭Guys! Maybe more than my leg.
Guys! For the love of God, guys! Please! Ma'am, I am so sorry.
I'm having trouble hearing you, okay? I need to switch phones, but don't move, okay? I've been on hold for so long, and I really am very cold.
Am I going to die? Ma'am, I got you, okay? Just Just hold on.
Now let it roll! No.
Move that to the corporate account.
- Sir, I need to ask you to leave.
- ‭Hold on.
This call is overseas, and uh, my taxes pay your salary, fire guy.
You can move $80,000 into the Swiss account, $80,000 - Hold on.
Hold on.
- He'll call you back from his phone.
This is an emergency.
If you don't leave this private office right now, there's gonna be another one.
This is unbelievable.
Now let it roll! Now let it roll! Now let it roll! Hey, ma'am, are you still there? - Chili? - ‭Mm-hmm.
Dean's special chili.
Dean's special chili.
Needs salt? No.
It's so good.
You think any more people will show up tonight? Isn't, like, half of Seattle here already? The baby needs chili! Almost ready! Aww.
She's like a tiny, little monster.
Growing a second, tinier monster inside of her.
You excited? It's not the first word that comes to mind.
Eager? Enthusiastic? Exhilarated? Terrified.
I'm terrified.
Do you have any raw onions? On top or mixed in? Both.
And don't yell.
It makes the baby kick like crazy.
Uh, sour cream? Why would you even ask that? Mmm.
It smells good in here.
- That a yes or a no? - ‭I don't know.
Oh, my God.
You look like you're about to pop.
I am.
I was.
- Huh? - ‭I popped.
- Oh.
- ‭Right now.
- Oh, God.
- I just popped.
Oh! Oh, God.
Uh, w-we're gonna have a baby.
Uh, give Yeah.
- We're gonna Give it to - Okay.
- I don't want to Okay.
- No, you got to go.
I'm gonna go.
I'm gonna go.
- I'm gonna go.
‭ - Yeah.
So, Eisenhower he's a good boy, right? Yeah, he's the best.
As long as you're not trying to move narcotics across the border.
Then you're kibble.
Hey, Chief, I'm gonna need you to get me some supplies.
We need two bags of O positive.
Uh, give me a Bovie, and, um And the fentanyl's in the, uh, PRT supply closet.
PRT code is 7585.
Thank you.
Hey, man, can you check the score for me? Uh, who's Carina? She's an OB at Grey-Sloan.
A friend of mine.
Okay, and she said I'm just supposed to jump in a warm shower and the pain will stop? I don't know if the pain will stop, but she said the warm water might help you relax, and I think that's the bigger point.
Uh, yeah, I think the bigger point is the pain caused by this thing squeezing through my vagina.
Okay, as soon as we get the go-ahead that the roads are clear, we can transfer you to Grey Sloan.
And they can make my epidural dreams come true? I'm sorry.
There are just too many emergencies - going on right now.
- This is an emergency.
Okay, JJ, let, uh, let Maya know if the temp is okay.
I'm gonna go look for the birthing kit.
That is what I need.
Or tequila.
Or a pound of weed gummies.
Oh, contraction! Maybe ice packs? Heat packs? Yeah, I'll see what I can find.
Okay, I need you to try and remember the last street sign that you saw.
I-I really can't say.
I know I-I saw a sign for the park.
Okay, which park, ma'am? Please call me Pilar.
Which park, Pilar? I'm not from here.
The, uh, big state park? Which state park, Pilar? I'm so cold.
Okay, can you remember any sign or landmark that will help me locate you? I can't see anything.
My car is buried in snow.
It's buried? When I came to, my car was buried under the snow.
I don't know how deep.
I tried to crawl out, but my leg I don't think it's working.
Is your car on? Is the heat still working? When I turn the car on, it starts to smell like gas immediately and I get dizzy.
I think the exhaust must be trapped by the snow somehow.
Okay, you're right not to keep it running.
Hang tight, Pilar.
I'm sending first responders to you right now.
Seattle Fire, this is Station 19.
I have a priority rescue.
Requesting a search and rescue team.
Hey, Gibson, check this play out.
Guy makes a miraculous shot.
Boom! Yeah.
That guy's a beast.
Yeah, you play ball back in the day? No.
No, I guess you did? Yeah.
Cool, man.
We should shoot hoops sometime.
That would be good.
That sounds good.
I got a thing to clean, so Yeah.
Ohhhhhh! Squeeze harder! - Harder! - ‭Um W-W-What can I get you? How can I help? Dean.
You're a great driver.
Tell Firefighter Barbie you can get me to the hospital safely so I can get knocked the hell out from the waist down.
JJ, the roads are really bad.
Can you imagine peeing a basketball, Dean? Take a second to do that for me, would you? And then let me know you wouldn't run naked to the hospital in this damn blizzard if the doctors could make your pee basketball hurt just a fraction less.
So, I did a search online, and there is some evidence that sitting on a yoga ball can help your labor progress.
A yoga ball isn't an epidural.
JJ, we can't do an epidural at the station.
Then Postmates it! Oh.
Everything okay in here? - Yes.
- No.
Can you do an epidural, Mario Kart? 'Cause if not, then no, everything is not okay.
We've got this, Dad.
Actually, I've delivered quite a few babies over the years.
- Um, I remember this one young mother - Dude.
Dean, JJ's hours away from delivering.
Maybe you and Pruitt can give us some woman-space - for a while? - ‭Yes.
- Cool, cool, cool.
- Hey, hey, JJ.
Just Just let me know if you need anything.
‭I do.
I need an epidural.
Who's Mario Kart? Contraction! Ohhh! Squeeze my hips! Harder! She can't remember the state park, but she said she skidded off a bridge.
Do we have a list of parks with bridges? Maybe smaller bridges? I'll look.
Hold, please.
How you doing, Pilar? I can't feel my toes or fingers.
I'm very sleepy.
Hey, we need you to stay awake, okay, Pilar? Now, you said you were visiting Seattle? What, uh What brought you here? My boy.
He lives here.
Oh, how old is your boy? He'll be 32 in May.
Your boy grew up, huh? Hey, Pilar? Uh, honk your horn for me.
Do me a favor.
That's good.
That's really good.
Okay, so, listen I'm gonna have you honk your horn when the rescue team gets close.
You're gonna do that for me? Montgomery? Pilar, hold on for a second.
Stay awake.
This is Montgomery.
We have a list of bridges in Seattle parks.
There are 47.
Nice! Nice.
Put it up, girl.
Kobe! Yeah! Miller's here! Heads up! Okay, you understand what to do with a ball, right? Can you imagine having to pee one of these? - I'm sorry, what? - ‭JJ's in labor.
- What? Now? - ‭Yes.
Here - At Grey-Sloan? - ‭No, no, no.
Here, upstairs, in the showers.
Are you s Man, what are you doing down here? I mean, she needs her space, and I have a greater chance of survival right here.
Okay, well, there's a guy getting his foot cut off in there, so I wouldn't be so sure about that.
- Hey.
- ‭Hey.
Is she your girlfriend? No.
Ha ha.
Me? Her? No, no, no.
- She's dating Superman.
- ‭Yeah.
I'm more like the Brown Hornet.
Yeah, his girlfriend is having a baby right now.
Can you believe that? Ew.
Exactly how I feel.
- She nailed it.
- ‭She's not really my girlfriend.
Oh, yeah, I forgot.
- She's just some chick you knocked up.
- Seems like it.
It's a bad day for lovers.
- Jackson and I had our first fight.
- ‭Oh.
Was it about which one of his eyes are prettier? Yeah, you know what? That's so weird.
That's exactly what it was.
That's what I thought.
No, um, it was really dumb, and, uh I actually don't even remember how it started.
That sounds like a first fight.
Hey, man.
You sure about this? Because the Internet seemed pretty clear We need to amputate and clean it if we're gonna have any chance of saving it, okay? Just trust me.
Okay, okay.
People, people.
I need you to give us some space, alright? I need you to give my patient some privacy, and I need to be able to focus, and I can't do that if you're all standing th J J Jeff? I can't lose my foot, man! Jeff? J-Jeff? Open the door, Jeff.
Nah, you know what? I'm just gonna go.
‭Jeff Jeff! Hey, Pilar? I need you to stay awake, okay? We got to stay awake.
So, tell me tell me about Simon.
Tell me about your son.
Does Is he working in Seattle? He's been angry with me.
Oh? Okay, why why is that? I took him away from his father, but it was for his own good, his safety.
His father wasn't safe.
He'd get very angry, and I didn't want him to hurt Simon like he hurt me, so I prayed to Jesus, and I told him to give me strength to get my boy out, and if I could get us to safety, I promised Jesus I would serve him the rest of my days.
When his father passed out that night, I told Simon, "Pack your favorite teddy bear and two books, baby," and I took him.
I took him.
He never saw his father again, and he's been mad at me ever since.
Ever since How long ago did you take Simon away from his dad? Last week, after his birthday party.
Which birthday party was that? He turned 4 last Friday.
I thought you said Simon was 32.
That's right.
"And the forest who came before us and the forest who will come after, every leaf on every tree, an echo of our family.
" This is my favorite one.
Your father's, too.
I wrote that one when I told him I was pregnant with you.
- I know, Mom.
You told me.
- ‭ When was the last time you wrote? Mm.
I sometimes think of a line or image, but You're so talented, Mom.
Long time ago.
You know, Michael and I were talking, and we would love it if you would read this at our wedding.
- Are you sure? - ‭Yes.
In front of people? Yes.
Your father would love that.
It's gonna be so beautiful.
Jeff, open the door.
You are losing too much blood, man.
If you If you don't let me help you You You have minutes, tops, before Dude, just open the door before I break it down! Or, yeah, you could just use a key.
I need my foot.
Yeah, we'll take care of you, Jeff.
Two vials, four doses.
Basically, if mom is relaxed and if you're relaxed, there is really nothing to be done.
- Let nature do what it does.
- ‭Right.
But I'm not relaxed at all, and neither is she.
Don't you run into burning buildings for a living? Yes, but I'm usually not running into buildings that have babies flying out of vaginas in them.
Well, first of all, babies don't fly out.
They slowly slide out, and it is perfectly natural and beautiful, especially if you stay calm.
So, like, turn up the Enya.
Turn up the Enya.
A-And, Maya I don't know you all that well yet, but it it is plain to see that you're excellent at whatever you put your mind to gold medals and fire captains and I'm good at a lot of things.
I have no doubt.
Um You can do this.
Um, I'm not worried about you or the mama.
Can I call you later and not talk about babies? You can call me anytime and talk about anything you want.
He still didn't call? Uh no.
No, he didn't.
And you know what? If this is his way of breaking up with me by just ghosting me after our first fight, then you know what? - Screw him.
- Sorry.
He is a terrible person, and I am stupid for ever having dated him.
Or maybe he's in surgery? Yeah, sure.
If you want to be logical about it.
What if I'm a terrible dad? Miller, did you have a terrible dad? Uh, no.
Um, I don't I don't know.
He fed us, sure.
He clothed us.
- He made sure we went to school.
- ‭Mm-hmm.
I didn't end up in jail or - on drugs.
- So I mean, I don't know.
Was he a dad dad? - Did he love us? - ‭ That's That's debatable.
I relate to that statement more than I care to admit, and now I feel attacked.
Miller, you are kind and tough and playful and funny and strong and level-headed, patient, not judgmental.
A little judgmental.
- A lot of judgmental.
- ‭ Uh, you're forgiving.
You're the best there is.
That little kid's gonna be the luckiest kid ever.
Alright, yay.
Found the flashlight.
Alright, Baby Hughes.
- Looking nice.
You look good.
- Thanks.
Oh, look, guys.
It's a lieutenant.
You guys know what lieutenants do? They boss people around and pretend to be the captain, when they're really just a soldier.
Alright, come on.
Get out of here.
Go bother someone else.
- Bye.
- Yeah, leave the coat.
- Alright.
- ‭ Hey, man, you know, I was just playing.
Yeah, no, it was funny, man.
Yeah, you know, over on B, you know, we bust each other's balls and give each other crap.
It's just what we do, you know? But over here, you guys you guys take everything so serious.
It's all good, man.
- Is it? - ‭Yeah.
I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot.
You ever been cheated on, Gibson? What? Ever have the woman you love mess around on you? Uh My wife.
Eh, she's a flirt, and I like that about her.
I always have.
She's hot.
She knows it.
I know it, right? Right.
But sometimes, she just she takes it too far.
- Yeah? - ‭Yeah.
You know, like, sometimes, she'll meet a guy at a bar and flirt with him and, you know, make him think that he's got a chance, and then she'll come back home and tell me about it and get me mad, and then things get rough in the bedroom, and she likes that, and I do, too.
But then sometimes, if she's drunk or bored or gets mad at me for some reason that she can't remember, she'll meet a guy and flirt and, well I don't have to tell you.
That's rough, man.
How do you, uh cope with that? Honestly? Usually, I beat the guy to a pulp.
But it's tricky this time, Gibson.
Because I work with the guy.
And if I do my thing, I get benched.
And who does that help? But if I don't, then I got this rage inside me.
Like, eating at me.
So, it's a tough one, Gibson.
What do you think I should do? I say hit the guy.
Ugh! Oh, my God.
What What happened? Pretty sure he tripped.
Right, Gibson? Yeah.
I tripped.
We done? Yeah.
Okay, how is an Iraq vet afraid of dogs? You knew I was in Iraq? Yeah, you told me the day of the bear attack.
Uh, Belgian Malinois is what we used over there.
What I've seen those dogs do to people, it's unspeakable.
This should help with the pain, Jeff.
Fi ‭Shh.
Is there Is there anything else we can do for her pain? I need something.
Um, JJ, my OB friend Carina said there is one thing that can help with the pain and maybe even speed up contractions.
Does it rhyme with "bepidural"? Actually, she says that if you Wha Spit it out, Bishop.
She says that, uh, your body will produce oxytocin, which naturally reduces pain, if you masturbate.
Give a lady some privacy.
This could be a good thing.
You were too damn pretty before.
This might man you up a bit.
- Ha.
- ‭Does it hurt? Does getting punched in the face hurt? Okay.
Hey, I could use a walk.
I could use a walk.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
You want to know what he did? Nope.
Just so you know, I'm gonna let you stay mad at me for as long as you want to stay mad at me, and I'm gonna keep being your friend, because if the tables were turned, you would have taken the job, too, and I know that one of these days, probably when the Ryan grief eases up a little, you're gonna realize that, and when you do, I'll still be here.
Two men stood behind closed doors and decided that I couldn't handle the promotion that was promised to me because I was too sad my friend died, and then they gave you the job.
I'm not mad that you took it.
I'm mad that you took it without a single word of acknowledgement.
A simple, "Hey, Andy, I'm taking the promotion that was earned by you and promised to you because I want it.
But I want you to know that I know it is wrong and unfair, and as your friend, I disagree with their decision.
" Then, at least I'd know you aren't a sociopath, and I could enjoy it just a little bit more watching you wreck this firehouse in about a million different ways.
Hey, Pilar? Hello? Pilar? I'm here.
I'm I'm still right here.
Who? It's Travis Montgomery from Seattle Fire.
I think we might've found your location, and I never told Simon the truth.
I wanted to keep a brave face, but I couldn't do it anymore.
Pilar, can we try calling him again? What's his number? I prayed and I prayed, and I knew I had to get us out of there.
I regret not telling him more about his father.
I regret wanting to bury this in our past.
Perhaps he had a right to know the truth.
I just wanted to I just want him to know I only wanted to keep him safe.
I didn't want him to grow up in that house with that man.
I only wish he'd forgive me.
I'm just upset for your poor mother.
I think Mom's okay with this.
I think she feels like she can't even show her face in town.
She doesn't know what to tell people.
When people ask her if her son's getting married to an amazing guy? Oh, gosh, I don't know.
Maybe "We're all so happy for Travis.
" Why do the two of you have to be so public about it? It's our wedding.
Would it kill you to elope? Would it kill you to have an open mind? Are you not ashamed at all? No.
You got enough shame for both of us, Dad.
Pilar, uh James 3:13.
"Faith without works is dead.
" You sacrificed your life to make Simon's better, and he got to live a full life.
Because of you.
You got it right.
You protected him.
I'm here.
Search and Rescue 1421 is in the vicinity.
I'll patch you in now.
You see her? - Is the patient still with us? - ‭Yeah, she is.
Hold on.
Pilar, honk your horn.
Keep honking it.
Are you there? Are you close? Where are you? We're at the junction now.
We are turning off the engines, - and we'll listen for the horn.
- ‭Okay.
Pilar, honk your horn.
Pilar, honk your horn right now.
I'm pushing, but it's not making a sound.
Nothing's happening.
Montgomery, tell her to honk her horn now.
She is.
Pilar, push harder.
Push a lot harder.
Push as hard as you can.
I think it's frozen.
Montgomery, we see no signs of a car or damage to the bridge.
- Copy? - ‭Keep looking.
Simon? Simon? Pilar, I need you to honk the horn.
I need you to really try to honk the horn, please.
Is Simon coming to get me? I'll wait right outside for him.
She's right there, guys.
I'm sorry.
We may have the wrong bridge.
We have to move on to other calls.
She's hypothermic, and she's dying.
I am asking you to please look again.
I'm sorry, Montgomery.
We have to move on.
Pilar? Am I gonna die? No.
We're coming to save you.
We'll be right there.
I know.
One minute from now, we are gonna say our vows, and then we are gonna be a family.
And I will always be in your front row.
I will always show up for you.
Not until we're married, you goose.
What kind of guy do you think I am? Where is it? Pilar, what is your favorite movie? Oh.
I'm not sure.
Do you know what's bad? I've never seen "The Godfather.
" Oh There it is! I got it.
Okay, Pilar, i-it was lovely meeting you.
Here's Travis.
Thank you.
Okay, where were we? Your girlfriend sounds lovely.
Thank you for letting me get to meet her.
Of course.
What can I read to you? I'm not shivering anymore.
That's a good sign, right, Simon? That's That's great.
And we are good.
What are the chances of them actually saving that foot? Well, chainsaw made a pretty clean cut, so, yeah, it's possible.
Score? Longhorns.
By, uh, 3.
- No airlift? - ‭No.
Zero visibility.
Well, thank God for PRT supplies.
Well, all we got to do is keep him safe and wait for the weather to clear.
Ah! Sir, you you okay? Yeah, Charlie horse.
I'm fine, Warren.
I'm fine.
I don't think I can do this.
Are you sure this is gonna work? JJ, you're doing great.
You and the baby are gonna be fine.
Hold my hand and breathe.
I fought for it.
What? I fought for the job.
And it had nothing to do with Ryan, because it was before Ryan and it had nothing to do with you being sad.
I dumped Jack, and I went to Sullivan and I told him I was the right choice for captain, and I don't think I was wrong, because you put your feelings before the job and you let your personal life interfere, and I do not.
I'm relentless, and I think that is the right quality for this job.
First you sleep with my ex, and then Yeah, I'm a crappy friend.
I put my goals before anything else.
And I'm a control freak, but I do actually care a lot about you.
I'm just like your dad, you know? He's here more often after he retired than he was before, obsessively making sure everything is just right, and he can't help it.
He's obsessive, working nonstop, like he's running out of time, proving something to someone.
The point is, I'm that.
I'm just not as good at it as he is.
What did you just say? I'm saying I'm wired this way.
I was trained by my dad, brainwashed, really, that if I see an opportunity Running out of time? Oh, my God.
Is this what you've been trying to tell me? Is it back? Testicular cancer.
It's metastasized.
Six, maybe.
She's coming.
She's coming.
Oh, I need to push.
Simon? Simon, are you there? I'm here, Mom.
I'm ready to go, Simon.
No, the sun will be up soon.
And then we can get you out, so I need you to just talk to me for a little bit longer.
Hey, Mom? Simon? I forgive you.
You saved me.
You did the best that you could every day, just for me.
And I'm not angry anymore.
And I love you.
Father God thank you for the love you have shown me through my son.
And thank you, Lord, for sending me an angel to walk me home so I do not have to walk alone.
And also When eyes Peaceful.
So And, Lord, thank you for the gift of connection that when we feel most alone, you are with us.
And thank you, Lord, that your promise remains true, that when we knock, you open the door.
Walk now with your faithful servant, Pilar as she makes her way home to you, Lord.
Pilar? Pilar? Dude, you're having a baby.
Not gonna lie, I-I kinda miss the boathouse, but it's gonna get pretty crowded in there after tonight.
Alright, spill it.
I mean, look, don't get me wrong.
I wanted to fight Rigo from day one, but he just handed you a beating and you didn't try to defend yourself? That's, like, fight club crazy.
You in a fight club? Jack, what did you do? His wife.
His, uh His His wife? Yup, and I-I Okay, please please please, stop stop talking.
I I can't hear that.
Oh, I'm gonna pretend like you didn't just say that right now.
Look, I never liked the dude, either, but but we all are a family.
Look, I know I messed up, man.
No, no.
Stop, stop.
Stop! I got it.
Jack that's unforgivable.
No, I-I can't do this! I can't do this! ‭Okay.
You can do this, JJ.
You have this.
No, I'm in a I'm in a fire station.
I want an epidural.
I need to go to the hospital.
Hey, hey.
No, no.
I need to stop.
I need to stop.
Hey, hey, this is life.
This happens all the time.
Babies are born, and it hurts, and then it will be okay.
Alright, you're gonna hold your baby in your arms, and the pain will be a memory.
But we can't stop.
We don't quit.
You have so much strength inside of you.
And whenever we feel like quitting, that is our chance to dig deeper than ever, to be the hero.
Be your baby's hero.
You got this.
Come on.
‭That's it.
There you go.
Yes, JJ! One more! She's almost there.
- I was on the pill! - ‭Push! Push! ‭Good job.
You did so good.
You did great.
Look at you.
Look at you.
I love you.
I love you.
Your mama.
‭ Oh, God.
What happened? Sir? Captain? What's going on? Cancer.
I have six months, best case, and I just told her.
Chief, maybe give her a minute.
It's okay.
It's okay.
"And the forest who came before us and the forest who will come after, every leaf on every tree, an echo of our family.
" Nari, that was beautiful.
Thank you so much.
She's trying her best, babe.
Her best isn't good enough, and it's way too late.
Phone's ringing.
Travis you have to answer it.
You're a hero.
Heroes answer the phone.
Station 19, this is Montgomery.
Hi, Mom.
Yeah, no, no.
I'm I'm okay.
We're all okay.
We're all okay.
Yeah, and the snow stopped.
Hey, Mom? I could use some of that soup now.

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