Station 19 (2018) s03e07 Episode Script

Satellite of Love

1 Oh.
This is the last last time.
We We can't be roommates who have sex.
Lots of roommates have sex.
Yeah, they're called married couples.
Do I have to go in to work? Well, at least you didn't cry like a baby in front of the entire station.
I don't want to go either.
Jack, you're not defined by the worst thing you did, but you do have to own it.
Yeah, but Why does it got to be Maya? Well, she did you a favor by not firing your ass.
Chin up, roomie.
Well, that's one way to get to know me better.
I find it is the fastest way.
I thought you left.
Do you want me to? No.
Nothing they teach you in school means anything.
She's 4 days old.
Oh, always reject the first hotel room they show you.
You're probably just a smiling shape to her.
And this one is important never, ever send your food back at a chain restaurant.
I have something important that you could tell her.
What? Her name.
Can we decide on one, please? I want her to meet my parents ASAP, especially my mother, who hasn't returned any of my calls since becoming a grandmother.
So, what am I supposed to tell them? "Uh, Mom, Dad, please meet our daughter TBD.
" "TBD-ee.
" Okay, well, great bands don't just pick a name out of thin air.
You know, they wait for something cool to happen and say, "Whoa.
That's the name!" I'm gonna go for a run.
Oh, great idea.
- You know where you should run to? - Mm? The store.
For formula.
TBD needs to eat.
But you got two stores right here.
I've already iced them.
This store is closed.
O kay.
I'll be back.
Big day.
Yeah, big day.
Sir, uh, I was taking inventory of my supplies.
There's a discrepancy.
In what? Fentanyl.
Yeah, um, three vials are missing.
You counted.
We counted, actually.
Um, both of us.
Well need to file a police report.
Fentanyl is a dangerous Schedule II drug.
Yeah, it is.
Um, um Of course, you know, I report it, Dixon will shut down the PRT.
Like, immediately.
That's true.
But you got to do the right thing especially if you think someone stole narcotics.
I don't know, maybe I maybe I just counted wrong.
Well count again.
I will, sir.
Just keep that in mind.
Chin up.
Own it.
My nose is broken.
My nose is still broken.
The PRT will be here in a few minutes, as will Chief Dixon.
Thank you all for sticking around for the picture.
Gibson, Vasquez, a word? Can you two work together? I have discretion here.
This doesn't have to go to Sullivan or Dixon.
Why don't we start with an apology.
Do I need to kick this upstairs? Do I need to suspend you both? Tell me.
I apologize.
I crossed a line.
I'm man enough to own it.
Vasquez, your turn.
Come on.
I apologize to you, Captain Bishop, for hitting him while on duty and not waiting until after hours.
- Vasquez.
- That's all I've got, Captain.
And that's all I need.
You can go.
Whoo, whoo! It's here, it's here, it's here! She gets like this when we get towels.
Ah! Ah-ha-ha! - Hey-hey! - Huh? Huh? Come on.
Whoo! Huh? Thank you.
Means a lot to me that you're all here.
And, uh, oh, I-I want to introduce you to the honorary physician.
So, does it turn into a hospital, like a Transformer? No.
It is a hospital.
Oh, yeah, but where is the crappy cafeteria food and the smell of sadness, huh? Very nice, Warren.
Very nice.
This will make page 3 or 4 of local news.
O-Oh, we're doing that? Okay.
19, like you to meet your newest probie.
Now, don't be fooled by his pretty-boy looks.
He's tough as nails.
Don't be afraid to put him through the wringer.
Hey, guys, uh, it's great to be here.
I'm, uh, Emmett Emmett Dixon.
And, uh, yeah, it's nice to meet you all.
It's my son.
The firefighter! All right, come on.
I got five more minutes.
Uh See you got a second wind.
Well, I feel good, and I want to make a difference.
Well, good.
I prefer that to making noise.
Do me proud, boys.
Can you do me a favor? Um, would you go easy on my kid? He may not be a natural, but he's a hard worker.
He'll get it.
Of course.
Herrera? Hey, uh, I w I need to know how you're doing.
The blizzard it was an emotional night.
- I'd never delivered a baby before.
- Right.
my dad Yeah.
Warren's little show put us behind, so I'm I'm gonna go.
Um, it matters to me how you are.
If there's anything I can do, just Uh, thanks.
I'm okay, Chief.
Well, it's gonna take me a couple of days to learn what all these things do.
Oh, you don't have to learn what all these things do.
We covered the bases - when we went over sterile technique.
- Yeah.
Look, I'm a surgeon, and I've got a certified registered nurse anesthetist.
Where is she? Ah, there she is.
Pruitt Herrera, Claudia Flores.
And I was his boss, so I'm very surprised to hear that.
I'm gonna finish checking the equipment.
Um, look, I'm gonna need you to assist in surgery as necessary, and, uh, you know, drive.
Mm, so, I'm a glorified chauffeur, huh? Structure fire response.
Possible aircraft crash for Ladder 19, Engine 19, PRT 19 Engine 23, Aid 19, and Aid 23.
Aircraft crash? Like a plane crash? - Reported injuries at Conifer Plaza.
- First time for everything.
Move faster next time, Probie.
You're on desk duty now.
Man I didn't see that coming.
What happened to you? Um, I I have this nerve thing in my leg.
No, no, Bob, your moral compass.
I must have tried 30 times to make you have a second beer, and look at you now literally shooting up in your own firehouse.
It's It's pain.
- It's real.
I mean - Hey, hey, whose pain isn't "real"? Surely you're starting to get that.
And even if you do everything perfectly, follow every rule by the letter, life still hands you some pretty bitter lemons.
But you just keep that bitter face on.
What a waste.
You see, all you need is what you've always needed, Bob more sugar.
Please don't tell anybody that I got excited - by the words "reported injuries.
" - Hmm.
Well, I'd be excited, too, if I could find the siren.
There is a siren, right? Of course there is.
It's It's right, um It's right Do you want me to make a siren sound? You know, um, the owner of Grey Sloan is the best urologist in the country.
I-I could set up a consult.
Good God, my daughter got to you, too.
Well, she cares about you, all right? And so do I.
Well, then stop it.
I'm starting to wish that your wife had lied, "It's benign.
See you in six months.
" Then we'd be talking about how bad the Mariners suck, like normal people, and I could die in peace.
Well, I'm just telling you, you have options.
Well, then stop it.
On Saturday, there was a blizzard.
Today it's 70.
At this rate, the world will end before I do.
Well just changed the diaper.
- It was messy! - Ugh.
Oh, well, you have to check all in her vagina for poop so she doesn't get an infection.
- Eeee.
- What? Uh My mom referred to my sister's situation as her "cookie.
" You are not serious.
- Yeah.
- Okay, "cookie" is unacceptable, and "situation" is worse, because, "A," that's how girls get repeatedly molested.
- Whoa! - Because they'll say, "Someone touched my cookie," and no one will know to call the cops.
And, "B," if you had referred to my "situation" when we first met, we would have never done the things we did to make a baby.
Okay, no.
I-I mean, yet it's diff Erase.
You are such a prude.
I am not a prude.
- I'm not.
- Dean, try to keep your sense of humor, okay? Parenting is hard.
Like, every mom on Insta is all, "Oh, look at my perfect tiny person," but they're not showing you pictures of the spit-up or the screaming or the rock-hard, giant milk balls that used to be perfect boobs or the stretched-out labia.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
It's hard.
Dean, you have a daughter.
You have to learn to be okay with naming her parts.
Look, I'm fine with her parts.
Say "labia.
" No.
What are you gonna do when she gets her period, - pretend it's coming out her butt? - What? No.
Would you stop, please? Okay, baby, one more piece of advice don't ever date a guy who can't say "labia.
" You two better have your mess handled.
I'm not gonna die today because you can't keep it in your turnouts.
We're good.
Right, Vasquez? The city pays me.
They say ride with you, I ride.
Um, hello? Hi.
How are you? Do you work here? No.
Do you? Yes, and I'm not sure that you're supposed to be here.
I'm probably not.
Actually, definitely not.
Okay, well, would you mind leaving, then, please? Why? Does someone need the bed? No, it's just that this is a fire station.
Oh, I know.
That's why I come here for the shower and the bed.
Sidewalks get hard, and the shelters are overcrowded.
Look, I'm not gonna tell you again, okay? Damn, I miss pillows.
We have two sites here! Let's move! Cutler, Cruz, head to the food-truck area across the street.
Everyone else, we have got to deal with this gasoline leak.
Set up a containment boom! Keep that gas out of the street! Wait a second.
- The call was an aircraft explosion.
- Yeah? Well, where's the plane? Let Search & Rescue figure that out.
Our job is to shut down that pump.
Montgomery! Emergency shutoff's been damaged.
I can't stop it.
Okay, we need to get that truck out of here.
Where's the driver? Would the driver of the fuel tank please step forward? There's nothing on the news about a missing plane.
Would the driver of this fuel tank please step forward?! - Go look for keys.
- All right.
Captain, I don't think we know what we're dealing with.
Hughes, what's your status? Driver must have taken the keys.
Get out of there.
Fire's at your feet! Listen up! Montgomery, Hughes, Olson, Reese, you're with me at the gas station.
Herrera and Vasquez, deal with the fires by the food trucks.
Aid 23, assist with patient care.
Don't you need my help here? I need you to put out the small fires so we don't have sparks re-igniting the gas once we get it out.
I also need you to stop questioning me.
Gibson? Yeah, I'll go help Herrera and Vasquez.
Reese, you're on the deck gun.
Hit the tanker.
Keep it cool until we get the phone line up.
Everyone else, pull hose line for foam.
That tanker could blow.
It's Could blow if the temp hits 500 degrees.
Get me the thermal imaging camera.
We should evac and let it burn itself out.
There are underground tanks.
If the tanker blows, the whole block is a mushroom cloud.
Get me the camera now.
Go deep, Rigo.
I got this.
Make way, make way! Jack, don't push it.
We're good.
I got this.
Chin up, right? What do you got? Uh, looks like a bunch of small injuries.
Can you jump in on those while I take care of the fire? Yeah, yeah, of course.
I'll, uh I'll help where I can.
Can I help? Looks like you already have a job playing doctor instead of - getting treatment for your cancer.
- Andrea You know, there's a drug trial at U Dub.
They need volunteers.
Half the people get a pill that make them sicker.
The other half get a sugar pill.
No, thanks.
You'd be helping people and science both things you love.
Which is exactly why I joined the Physician Response Team.
But, this way, I get to spend more time with my daughter, instead of half the day with my head in the toilet.
Yeah, real quality time here, Dad.
Oh, my God.
Did you tell Sullivan? Did he know? Is that why he didn't make me Captain? How about we work now, talk later? Hey, w-what are you two doing there? What we should have done a lot more of a lot sooner.
Why? You gonna tell on us? You gonna write us up, Chief? No, but this is a slippery slope.
If you love someone in your firehouse, you you may lose judgment and the morale of the company, and lives are at stake.
People may die.
You can't let yourself love.
Hey, hey, if you could stop yourself from loving who you love Then I'd say you're already dead.
And in terms of a slippery slope I'd say you're at least two doses past slippery slope.
What's the temp?! 300 degrees and climbing! As long as that gas is flowing, we're fighting a losing battle! I can stop it.
I already tried.
The shutoff's smashed.
No, I'm not gonna shut it off.
I'm gonna clamp it.
That pump is in the middle of a lake of burning gasoline.
We'll keep throwing a blanket of foam on it.
Every step she takes through that foam exposes the burning gas to air.
It will flash over.
Not necessarily.
Your boots will be soaked in gas, your turnouts.
- All it takes - Make it a thick blanket.
I'll be fine.
Get the clamp.
First things first.
You take the top corner, and you fold it down like that, and you place the baby on top of it and then and then you take the left side and you bring it over and you strangle the baby until it can't breathe anymore.
Are you paying attention? Yeah, it's like folding a burrito.
I get it.
You don't make your own burritos, so just show me after.
Look, why do I need to know how to do this if you do? Well, because I'm not always gonna be here, and sometimes you will have to swaddle.
Look, I'll just look it up on YouTube.
See how much she likes it? Look, you should call your parents.
Why? Because they can help.
Look, they have money for night nurses and nannies.
I'm not asking my parents to pay for a night nurse.
- Why not? - Because we're fully capable of taking care of this child ourselves.
What? Well, we're fighting about making a burrito, but burrito is a stupid name.
Chimichanga, though Absolutely not.
It's cute! We can call her Chimi.
That's enough! Hey, hey, go slowly.
One step at a time.
The diesel mixed with water is very slick.
Whenever you're ready.
Hey, I'm here, right behind you.
You take a step, I fill it in.
I'm not gonna let it re-ignite.
Just another 20 steps to go.
Okay, it's off! Now head back the way you came, nice and slow! Okay.
Aah! Aah! Run, Vic! Run, Vic! Just run! Run! Vic, run! Run, Vic! Run! - Get out! Just run! - Run! Come on.
Seriously, I don't want to have to call the cops, here.
Cops don't care.
They're the ones who told me you guys have showers and beds.
Are you for real? Young man, Jesus said to feed the poor, give them the shirt off your own back.
Are you Christian or not? I mean, I was raised Catholic, but that doesn't really matter here.
You're really gonna make me go get the Chief, huh? You should do what you need to do.
I'm gonna finish my sandwich.
Look, Joe I really don't want to have to go and get any of the other guys here.
I'm new.
I'm the Chief's son.
And they're gonna think I'm dumb if I have to ask them how to get rid of you.
So can you please just do me this solid and and Firefighter Dixon, I sleep on the ground.
I have painful gout and no medication for it.
My kids haven't spoken to me in over a decade.
My last good friend stole my tent from me, and the one before that died right in front of me.
I suffered through a blizzard last week, and there was no room in the shelter a blizzard in Seattle, which, if anyone were paying attention, is a terrifying reflection on the state of the planet.
Everything I just listed is a real problem.
"The other guys will think I'm dumb" is not a real problem.
Is this organic? Fire's out, tanker's cooled down.
Good work.
You okay? I'm a little gassy.
Oh, wow! I got evicted.
It's a long story involving my landlady and a drippy faucet and my my poor impulse control.
But I'm out on my ass, and I haven't found a new place.
But, you know, I sleep at the station three nights a week anyway, so I've just been kind of living at Jackson's place.
But I kind of forgot to tell him.
You know, so I've just kind of, like, had my stuff there.
But it's not like he notices, because he lives in a palace.
And I know I really should have told him, but he's got 800-thread-count sheets and an espresso machine, so I didn't.
And you know what? I almost died just then so, you know, I just felt like I had to say something out loud.
You know what I mean? Is that bad? - It's incredibly bad.
- Y-Yes.
That's super terrible.
See, when you die and you will die one day, I can assure you of that Bobby, what do you want to be able to say about your time on Earth, hmm? That you did a good job? Or that you loved and were loved? Can't I have both? Well, you can, but It's harder if you get the order wrong.
You see, people, me included, they think that if you do a good job, then you will be loved and will finally have the time to love.
It's wrong.
Work is never finished.
The job is never done perfectly enough.
And meanwhile, the people who need you and want you and see the real you, they wait and they wait and they wait.
I had love.
I had Claire.
Claire would want you to be happy.
And Claire is gone, my friend.
You You are not gone.
Not yet, anyway.
I think I have a problem.
I know you have a problem.
What are you gonna do about it? I-I don't know what to do about it.
It's not surprising.
You were good at almost everything except asking for help which may be your downfall.
Irony can be ugly.
Am I right? I'm really high.
And I'm still hurting.
Hurting is living.
Well, if you can't get it in your first language, I'm never gonna reach you.
Well, where are you going? I need to get out of here.
- I need to get - It's time to let go, my friend.
It's time to change your life.
All of it, from the top down.
These chances don't come around every day.
And if you don't take it, well you may end up just a vision in someone's drug-addled overdose.
Overdose? - I didn't know she was your wife.
- You didn't know.
You didn't know the first time.
- How about after that, brother? - Look, I tried, okay? I tried to stop.
Yeah, so, you're saying that she forced you? - No, I'm not.
I'm - So, what? What, Gibson, huh?! What?! What, you were too weak? Too pathetic? Couldn't stand up to a lady? Or what's the matter, huh? Mama didn't love you? What is it? I don't know, but n-none of this stuff looks like it's part of a plane.
Are there any tech campuses around here? Sure, bunch of math nerds with food allergies.
They work for that billionaire guy who wants to send people to Mars.
Gibson? Gibson, do you copy? All right, please just talk to me, man.
Gibson, Vasquez! - What do you want from me, huh? - We're fine, Herrera.
We don't need a babysitter.
You want me to hit you again? Is that it? You want me to beat the guilt out of you? I just want to know we can work together.
What are you worried about, Gibson? That I'll leave you in some burning building and yell "Clear"? It crossed my mind.
As long as you're on my team, I got your back, because that is the code I follow.
And unlike some people, I honor my code.
Jack, it's not an airplane.
It's a rocket.
We need Hazmat.
Vasquez, stand down! - Vasquez! - This is Hazmat! That's not smoke! It's liquid oxygen! Hey! Get your hands off me! - Push them back! - You okay? Let's get all these people out of here! I'll get Warren.
Warren! Warren! Just breathe, okay? God, getting the knife-mobile.
It's that bad, huh? All right, you're gonna be okay.
Just Just lie still and don't move.
What's this? What's that I feel? - It's just blood.
- Is that my insides? It's just blood.
Just take deep breaths.
Eyes on me.
On you? Right here.
Hey, hey! Hey.
I can't look at you.
When I look at you, I see my wife.
Rigo, hey, hey! Hey! Rigo what do you want to do to me? I want to I want to kill you.
Keep going.
What else? I hate you.
I always have hated you.
What else? What else do you want to do to me, huh? I I want you to suffer.
I want you to feel what I feel.
Hey, hey, Rigo! Focus! Focus! Eyes on me! Hey! Hang on so you can smash in the other side of my face.
Son of a bitch.
- What happened? - This is what Explosion.
He's been eviscerated.
I'm holding pressure to keep the intestines in and bleeding.
Ready? - 1 2 3.
- 2, 3.
Yeah, we got this, son.
1, 2, 3.
Let's get him in the truck.
Transporting Rigo Vasquez to the PRT for immediate surgery.
What happened? Penetrating injury to the abdomen.
I'll know more once we open him up.
Chief? There's a homeless guy out here who won't leave.
I really need you out here, Chief.
We're losing him.
This may sound crazy, but I need you to put your hand in his abdomen.
What? Insert your hand in his belly as far as you can, until you can feel his spine.
Uh Good.
Move your fingers to the right just a tiny bit.
Can you feel something pulsing? Yes.
Okay, the tube is in.
That's the aorta.
I need you to press down on that as hard as you can to stop the bleeding.
We have a Hazmat situation here, Captain.
- Call it in.
- What happened to Vasquez? Did you hear what I just said? Yes, and I want to know why one of my people is bleeding on the PRT.
This isn't from an aircraft.
It's from a rocket explosion.
Gibson warned Vasquez to stay away.
Vasquez didn't listen.
- Gibson and Vasquez - Should never have been out here together.
Now is not the time.
Call in Hazmat, or I will.
I need a full Hazmat response at Conifer Plaza.
Have all units stage west of the gas station.
's still dropping.
Get me a REBOA catheter.
We're gonna stop the bleeding into his abdomen by blocking the blood from going there.
Where is it? Naloxone, yes.
Still falling.
Almost there.
I just need to measure to see how far we need to put the balloon in to take the place of what your finger is doing on the aorta.
You know this kid? Yeah, he's one of mine.
I recruited him out of junior college.
I was there when his father passed.
What's his name? Rigo.
Come on.
You can remove your hand from his belly.
Still falling.
Almost there.
Almost there.
Ben! It's coming up.
Now what? Now you drive.
Come on, Dad.
Ugh! Ripley! Um, no, sir, i-it's Emmett.
Emmett Dixon.
I'm pretty sure you O.
'd, sir.
He didn't listen.
- Yeah, we know.
- And why is that? Because our Captain put you out in the field with someone who recently smashed your face in.
That's my call.
I stand by it.
You stand by it? Vasquez could be dead right now, and you stand by it? They said they could work together.
But, Maya, you're the Captain.
You decide who can work together, not the other way around.
- Herrera.
- Andy! This isn't her fault.
Everything is the Captain's fault.
Good or bad, that's the job.
The job you wanted.
The job you fought for.
The job you took! That's right.
It's the job I took.
You have all been disrespectful and insubordinate.
You have questioned every single one of my decisions, which costs us lives and costs us time.
You don't like that I'm your boss now? Request a transfer.
But every single one of you needs to get in line or get the hell out of my station.
Are we clear? Yes, Captain.
Yes, Captain.
We're clear.
Herrera, contact Rigo's wife.
Gibson, try to get me an update.
The rest of you, get back to work.
It's my fault.
Yeah, we know.
This place runs on trust.
And when trust is broken, there are consequences.
As you can see.
Yes, sir.
I have a prescription for the medication.
One of the side effects is dizziness.
Got it.
I appreciate you coming to check on me.
I'm lucky you found me when you did.
Even if you were overly cautious.
Anytime, sir.
So, when are you gonna tell Avery - that you're squatting in his penthouse? - Oh, I don't know.
I was thinking maybe never, 'cause he's a doctor and he should have figured it out by now.
Right? So glad I'm not straight.
Shut up.
Seriously, though, are you okay? Hey, man, how was your first day? Uh, yeah, interesting.
I, uh, had a homeless guy walk in and kind of just camp out.
Just like you're doing at Jackson's.
Oh, wait, was it Joe? - Yeah, Joe.
- Yeah, he's a regular.
He comes in when the trucks pull out.
So, uh, Sullivan, he's, uh He's a lot.
- He's a lot.
- Oh, he's intense.
Definitely intense.
Oh! You know what? Wait.
Travis, you should tell Probie about when Sullivan stopped talking to you 'cause you got that weird haircut.
Didn't tell me you were a firefighter.
You didn't ask.
What are you doing here? I saw Warren at the hospital, and he said it was a tough day, so I brought you lasagne.
You can't just come to my work.
- W-Warren just said I - Carina, you're hot, but all we did was hook up.
I don't need a girlfriend.
Um My apologies.
It was nice meeting you, then.
I'm sorry.
I'm Rude? Broken? I'm not in the habit of fixing broken people, so I understand.
The lasagne smells almost as good as you.
Does it? Hey, I need to talk to you.
Vasquez? No, no.
No word on Vasquez yet.
I, uh There's something I-I need to say to you.
Why is it so hard for you? What? The truth.
That you gave my promotion to Maya because you knew about my dad.
And you kept it from me, which makes you a bad boss and a worse friend.
Yep, I did do all of that.
Andy, I'm in trouble.
And I don't know who else to talk to about it.
But you are who I want to talk to, because I'm in love with you.
And I've been in love with you feels like forever.
And I'm failing at it.
I'm failing at loving you.
I'm failing at protecting you.
I'm failing at being your boss.
I'm failing at being your friend.
I'm I'm sorry.
And I And I want to talk.
Can we talk? I can't be angry at my dad, because he is dying.
But you're perfectly healthy.
What we're gonna do is just sauté the spinach first.
You want to probably add half a shallot in there.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey.
Sorry I woke you.
Go back to sleep.
Sorry about before, okay? I was just tired.
- We're both - It's okay.
No, I know you've been cooped up in here all week.
If you want, we can take TBD to the park or something.
I was reading earlier that it's really important, these first couple months, to stimulate the baby's senses Keep reading and watching.
W-What are you doing? Leaving.
You're leaving with the baby? No.
Wait, you're leaving us? You're You're gonna leave her? Hey, okay.
Hey, look, I'm I'm I'm sorry.
I-I-I, uh I think this is just just hormones.
I didn't mean anything I-I said before.
I was never planning to stay.
I wanted her to know you, and I wanted to give you the choice.
You can give her up for adoption if you want, but I don't think you will, 'cause you're such a good guy.
Look, you are gonna be such a good dad.
You're way more cut out for this than I am.
I'm not.
I'm Hey, I'm really not.
I-I-I can't do this.
- Hey, tell her I love her.
- JJ, you can't Tell her I know myself too well.
Look, I won't be a good mom.
Tell her to look me up when she's 16 or 17 if she wants, because I can hang with a teenager, but not a baby.
Hey, please, please, please, please, please, please.
Just for a second, just wait.
Okay? I've seen you with her.
I see the way you you look at her.
Your face lights up.
Everyone's face lights up when they look at babies.
I am not a mother.
Look, you don't want me in her life, trust me.
Give her a good name, Dean.
And give her a good life.
Hey I'm I'm coming.
I'm coming.

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