Station 19 (2018) s05e09 Episode Script

Started from the Bottom

1 Previously on "Station 19" I'm sure you've all been hearing the rumors about McCallister.
He's taking an early retirement.
- What? - Have they named the new chief? All I know is that we have a lady chief.
- What? Seriously? - Herrera's on the way with the PRT.
This is not how this goes.
Suspend me if you want, but not until after I save this man's life.
You're benched.
Go home.
You can't be like that on a Crisis One call.
- Hughes, this program - What? is all we have left of him.
The new chief will be here in two hours.
I want this place so clean, the junkyard gym sparkles.
I want this place spotless.
Please do not embarrass me in front of this new chief.
23! Eh, we'll work on that.
Looking sharp.
19! - 19! - 19! I see goo.
There's no goo.
Right there.
Good work, everybody.
Get showered, get dressed.
You all smell like bleach.
Captain, so I hear the new chief's from, uh, San Diego.
- Ross is her name? - That's right.
Natasha Ross.
Ex-Marine, apparently, so watch your ass.
Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.
- It's been - Mm, 15 years.
- Give or take a couple lifetimes.
- Wow.
You better hit the showers, hear the new chief's on her way.
Yes, ma'am.
19, meet Chief Ross.
Heard a lot about you.
I've read even more.
Chief Ross, it's an honor.
I'm Lieutenant Maya Bishop.
I look forward to learning from you.
Good to put a face with a name.
Chief Ross, welcome to Station 23.
It's a shame about Captain Aquino.
I understand that he's home now.
He's doing PT.
I trust acting Captain Herrera is keeping you all in line.
Yeah? You come from quite the legacy in the department, I hear.
That's nice.
But I'm not interested in what anybody's parents did.
I'm interested in what you do.
I would have liked to have gotten here a little sooner, but you would not believe the mountain of paperwork that your former chief left for me.
Unresolved arbitration.
Promotions hanging in the balance, it's a mess.
I was Deputy Chief in San Diego for five years, Battalion Chief for 10 years before that, and I have never seen a desk this mismanaged.
And, yeah, I am transparent to a fault.
So, you want to impress me? Show me your best.
Make my life easier.
Because I hate paperwork but I love seeing people win.
You're Ben Warren? - Yes, ma'am.
- Which one's Gibson? Well, I want to thank you both.
Your health initiative proposal was one of the easiest decisions that I've had to make so far.
And I've approved it, and the city's offered 100K in startup funds.
You can celebrate.
Well, thanks for letting me poke around, Sean.
I keep hearing 19 is one of the best teams that we have.
And industrious.
Two social programs in one year? Uh, I take zero credit for any of that.
They're a good group.
You got lucky.
You managed to dodge demotion a few times, it seems.
Oh, don't worry.
I'm team second chances.
I just I want you to know that you got yours.
There's McCallister, Dixon before him.
They made a clubhouse out of the department, and the city sent me in to fix it.
- Well, I'm not - So I'm gonna fix it.
Alright, well, I'm gonna hang out today.
You finish your funny pages.
What do you make of the new chief? - I think I kinda like her.
- You think? Ye Well, I feel desperate to impress her, so that's a pretty good indication.
Everyone, stop.
That's disgusting.
We're gonna learn to cook today.
Because I'm sick of living like this.
Is cooking a requirement of the job now, too? You don't know how to cook? I can make toast.
Well, you better pay attention, then.
Pancakes! Easy, delicious, beloved by all.
Alright? Now, listen up.
The first step is wash your damn hands, please.
Grab me a whisk.
Barnes, heads up.
Directions are on the box.
Read them out, loud and proud.
- Copy that, Captain.
- See? That wasn't so hard to say.
Two syllables.
Cap Capt I don't know.
It's It's really clunky still.
Engine 23, Ladder 23, - Aid Car 23 requested - Hey! Hey, come on, man! I just cleaned that up! And it'll be there when you get back.
Aah! - Ooh! - Oh, thank God you're here.
Maybe you can get Jack to stop yelling.
I'm not yelling! I'm not yelling.
Shouldn't we be celebrating? Maya told me we got the startup money.
- Eh - We got 100K! We should have gotten 500K! What are we supposed to do, celebrate a drop in the bucket? Oh.
It's like It's like the Aaah! To motivate and energize ourselves.
- Yes! Yeah! - Oh, it makes me feel so strong! - Yes.
- Wah! Ben, you should be yelling, too.
I don't drop coins in fountains, and I don't wish on stars, and I definitely don't "rhaaa" to get stuff to happen, you know? I just I just work on things.
All of this is so unfair! - Right! - So unfair we got such a little funding from the city! - This is so far off from what we need! - Yeah! I mean, we already took care of the planning, - which is like the hardest part! - Yes! The least they could do is not screw us on the funding! - Yes! - Whoo! Honestly, man, it feels really good.
- You should get in here.
Come on.
- I-I'm good.
- Come on.
- I'm I'm really I'm Come on.
Get in here, champ.
- Yeah.
- Rhaaaa! - Yeah! Yeah! - Yeah! We did all the legwork, and now we have to also come up with the money! - Come on! - Yeah! Yeah, what are we supposed to do, have a bake sale? - Oh! - Ragh! - It actually feels kinda good.
- Yeah.
Oh, can we yell about the Millers now? - Why not? Yes.
Do it.
- Yeah.
- What did they do? - Oh! - Oh! - They want to enroll Pru in the Meridien Country Day School, which costs more than Joey's college! Which is exactly the kind of school Dean did not want his little girl to go to! - Exactly! - Yes! - Exactly! - Yeah! - Whoo! - Aah! Engine 19, Ladder 19, Aid Car 19, requested to Leon - Rhaaaa! - Aah! Shouldn't you be running, too? Desk duty.
Hoo-ah! Let's go, 19! Move, move, move! - Hey, Tasha - No, not here, Sully.
- Not here.
- Sullivan, let's go! We gotta get those response times down.
An SUV went over Leon's ridge.
Stay sharp, 19! Altman, what's up? Hold o Hold on.
Slow down, slow down, slow down.
What What happened? What about Hunt? Alright, yeah, I got him.
I got him.
Let's move, 19! Hey, Gage, drive fast.
23, be advised, police are on the scene at the initial crash point.
Vehicle has fallen off the road into the ravine below.
Copy, dispatch.
Barnes, get us to where Foster meets Leon.
- It'll be the closest access road to the ravine.
- Copy that.
You know, that drop's like 100 feet.
Whoever was in that car We don't know anything until we get there, Ruiz.
Hey, uh, you and Hughes, any updates? Not really.
I don't even know if we're still together.
Well, don't you think you should find out? I don't know.
All I know is, you know, I love her.
I believe she loves me.
We were really happy, and now we're just suddenly miserable.
You're allowed to be pissed.
Oh, not really.
Because her friend just died, and she's in a bad place, and I want to help her, but she doesn't want my help, so I don't know what to do with any of it.
So I'm doing nothing.
So, that was interesting.
- What? - Chief Ross.
And her casual announcement about getting to promotion requests and investigations soon, like they're the same thing and this hasn't been the most frustrating year of my career.
I just need an answer.
You know, when I promoted you to captain it wasn't a whim.
And I still stand by that call.
Hopefully, Chief Ross will recognize that in you, too.
Thank you.
Would you tell her that? You know, I-I don't I don't really know her.
But if she asked? Or if I asked? Proudly.
Vic should have been there to meet the new chief.
You know, Hughes needs to get her head on straight before she meets Chief Ross.
What she needs to do is work.
Want and need are two different things, Montgomery.
She wants to work, but she needs to make sure To be with her people who are going through exactly what she's going through.
We've all lost people, Lieutenant.
Nobody benched us.
Owen Hunt was in that car, all right? He's a friend, and we have to get down there, and we have to save him now.
Interim Captain Herrera, does that title make you incident command? Duval, traffic control.
Flares and cones in both directions.
We don't need any more crashes.
Maddox, have Barnes block the road from the south with Engine 23.
Beckett, have Larsson help Duval.
Guess it does.
Larsson, traffic control with Duval.
Did you hear what I said? We have to get down there now.
And we will.
There are no access roads down there, so we need a plan first.
Alright, incident command, what's the plan? I'm not here.
I'm just observing.
As you were, Captain Herrera.
I mean, calendars do well, but not that well.
- Ow.
- I'm kidding.
But I do think we need something flashier.
Something we have not done here before, no? I-I don't know.
I can't think of anything.
Maybe I'm just not, like, an idea guy, you know? This clinic was literally your idea.
Well, maybe, you know, it's time for someone else to contribute.
Do not turn on me now.
- I'm on your team.
- Yeah.
Hughes, I benched you.
Yeah, I just need to check my blood pressure.
So you run here? It was just a light jog, okay? I know you're both being nice, but I'm not great at sitting home alone in my house.
Miller's dead, and I'm benched, and I don't know if Theo and I are even a couple anymore, because he has not texted me in three days.
So I need to be somewhere that's not home, and my world is kinda small, so I'm here, okay? Might make a sandwich.
Is everyone okay with that? Yep.
We're goo - No.
No problem.
- Okay.
Yeah, whoa.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- The, uh - What? - The calendars those were her idea.
- Oh.
- What else you got? I mean, we're - Yeah.
We gotta raise money for the clinic.
- Yeah.
- Car wash.
Wealthy benefactor.
- Ooh, I like that.
" - Hey, guys! Can you please help my sister? She's bleeding, and I don't know what to do.
What's wrong? You're bleeding, too.
You know, I'll I'll get the medkit.
I'm fine.
Help her first.
I started bleeding this morning, and it won't stop.
I tried putting bandaids on it, but It still won't stop.
You can help her, right? - Our dad is at work - Yeah.
and we didn't know what to do, so we came here.
I was running a little too fast and fell.
Yeah, the hospital is just a few blocks away, so No.
No hospital.
Our mom went into the hospital and never came out.
- No hospital.
- Okay.
What are your names? Aarón, and this is my sister Jeni.
- I'm Vic.
- And my name is Carina.
Jeni, are you having any pain? - Did you get injured recently? - No, nothing happened.
I just started bleeding, and now my stomach hurts.
Jeni, how old are you? 12 1/2.
Jeni, can you remove your jacket for me? Okay.
Let me help you.
Am I Am I dying? The car went down in the northwest corner of Leon's ridge.
It's most likely somewhere in the west, northwest pocket - of the ravine below.
- Rappelling with medical gear and extrication tools is gonna be harder, too, with the rain this week.
Slip just right, and we'll have more injuries.
We need to take it slow.
Warren, go prep med bags for when we're ready.
- But the longer we wait, the more - Now.
Sullivan, you're my medical group.
- Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid, okay? - Copy, Captain.
You know, we can go down in waves.
- Have the gear lowered to us.
- Have you seen all that brush? The extrication tools will have to go down with people so they don't get snagged and trapped.
He's right, but so is Ruiz.
Send us down in waves so we don't put too much weight on the slope at once.
Okay, Ruiz, gear up and get down there.
You're ravine division.
Let me know what you find down there and what more you need.
Warren, what are you doing? - I'm going down there to get my friend.
- Warren, we don't have the all clear! What Warren! No, Jeni, you are not dying.
You are menstruating.
Do you know what that means? It's, uh It's like You heard other girls talk about getting their period? - Oh.
Okay, uh, should I go? - Oh, my God! Uh, Jack, why don't you take Aarón in there - and help him with his scrapes? - Yeah.
- I'm fine.
- Okay.
- Th-Then show him the trucks? - Yeah, trucks are out.
Okay, well, why don't you show him where the trucks live? I'm not leaving her.
Buddy, it's gonna be okay.
We're just gonna go out there so they can get your sister checked out and cleaned up.
- Good thing.
- It's okay, Aarón.
- I'm gonna be okay.
- You don't know that.
But I do.
Aarón, I'm a doctor, and and this, exactly this, what's happening with your sister, it's my specific field.
And I'm one of the best there is.
Oh, that's true.
Can you give me 20 minutes, and then you can come back here and be with her.
Do you have a phone? No.
20 minutes, and you can come back, and your sister will be ready to go home.
It's okay.
We should do what they say.
I'm good.
20 minutes.
- Okay.
- That's right.
We can go upstairs.
- Hunt! - Warren? Warren! Wait, wait, wait.
Either help me move this brush or leave me alone, Sullivan.
You're bleeding.
It's a scratch from the branches.
I'm fine.
You need to get your head straight, Warren, alright? You're gonna kill yourself.
You're gonna injure yourself, or or get written up.
You're giving the Millers all the ammo they need right now.
Hunt! Hunt! We'll just set up camp right there.
14 minutes.
More than enough time to fix you up.
Hey, hey, buddy, it's okay.
She's gonna be fine, I promise.
My mom bled out.
That's how she died.
I heard someone at the funeral say it.
She bled out.
That's what they said.
Is that what's happening? Is that what's happening to my sister? - No, no.
- Is she gonna die, too? No, that's not what's happening.
That's not what That's not what's happening at all.
I'm gonna explain the whole thing to you.
I'm gonna get these cuts cleaned up, and I'm going to fill you in on the whole deal.
What do you say? Do you, um D-Do you know the term "menstruation"? - No.
- No? Okay.
Um Do you know how babies get made? No.
Okay, yeah, that's not You know what? Not my job to to explain that to you.
Um Women, right, they they bleed, miraculously, several days every month, and it doesn't hurt them.
And that's why they're better than us.
Hunt! Hunt, it's Warren! We're here! Incident command, this is Sullivan.
We're gonna need, uh, hydraulic spreaders, cutters, Sawzall.
We're about 25 yards north of IC, - along the west side of the ravine.
- Copy, Sullivan.
Bishop, Montgomery, and Ruiz are headed your way with extrication tools.
Warren? Warren! - One civilian down.
No pulse.
- Hunt! It's Warren! Call out if you can hear me! Here! I'm here! Hunt! Warren, wait! Damn it! - Hunt! - Warren! Hunt! Hunt! Hunt! Warren Warren, check for fuel leaks.
You check for fuel leaks.
I'm checking on my friend.
You heard him, he's alive.
Now check for any damn fuel leaks so we can keep it that way.
Okay, no fuel leaks.
Help me check the stability so I can disconnect the battery.
I'm done waiting.
Hunt, I got you.
Hey, Hunt, it's Warren.
Can you hear me okay? Airway, breathing, circulation.
Airway, breathing, circulation.
Yeah, well, your first two sound good.
Circulation's likely compromised.
Legs feel like they're burning.
Back feels like it's on a hard ball.
At least you can feel 'em, huh? It looks like you got some cuts and a laceration around your eye, and, uh Any other wounds? Left leg's actively bleeding.
I think I felt the bone.
Okay, okay.
Well, just sit still.
- We're gonna get you out soon.
- Okay.
Patient's stable, but pinned.
Incident command, we're going to need two tow straps down here to secure the vehicle before we begin extrication.
Copy, Ruiz.
Barnes, get Ladder 23 into position - to deploy the aerial.
- Copy that.
Sullivan, help me disconnect the battery.
Montgomery, make sure the ignition's turned off.
Warren? Warren! - Teddy? Hayes? - They're good.
They're at the hospital.
They sent us to get you.
The heart? We were transporting a heart for my nephew.
We need to focus on you right now.
Now, I can't reach you.
You good to run an IV on your own? Yeah, send it in.
- Tourniquet coming in.
- Hey, the ignition's smashed.
The vehicle's in parked position now.
- Good to go.
- Yep.
Needle coming in.
There you go.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Here's the extender.
Here you go.
Got it? Okay.
There we go.
Hey, Jeni? You okay? I feel like such an idiot.
I know how to pay the stupid electric bill online for my dad, but I didn't know what really happened during a period? How is that even possible? Well, I mean, I barely know what happens during a period.
Which is nothing to be proud of.
So, Jeni, somebody taught you how to pay a bill online? Which in itself is incredible.
I still mess it up every time.
But nobody taught you this, huh? It's okay.
Now you know.
Is it always like this? Every woman is different, and our cycles change every five years.
Wait, seriously? Yes.
It's not very comfortable.
- Oh, yeah.
You are correct.
- Oh, yeah.
Pads kinda suck.
Can I Yeah? And tampons aren't much better, and I've yet to venture into DivaCup territory.
What's that? Something you don't have to worry about yet.
There's gonna be other stuff I don't know, huh? Being the girl without the mom? Yeah, there is.
And, you know, if you come back here, we'll do our best to fill you in, okay? There.
That fits better, right? I thought the worst part about not having a mom was the pity.
When they talk about us not having a mom.
Like, "Poor you.
" Like we're these tragic, sad fairy tale kids.
Now I think the worst part is, they might be right.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
Fairy tale characters don't get their period.
Right? Okay, should we go meet the boys before your brother storms in here? He's so annoying.
That's his job as your little brother.
Cavalry's ready, Hunt.
We'll get you out and on your way to Grey-Sloan soon.
Thanks, Warren.
Alright, I'm gonna cover you for protection.
- Wait, wait, Warren, Warren, Warren.
- Yeah? If I If I If I don't Leo and Allison, they Hunt, you are alive, and you are staying alive, so whatever you have to say, you say it to them, and you wrap them in your arms.
- You hear me? - Yeah, yeah.
Alright, it's metal on metal, so it's gonna get pretty loud.
Alright, team, let's get Dr.
Hunt out of here.
Incident command, we are starting extrication.
Copy, Ruiz.
Barnes, you're up! Copy that, Captain.
We're good! - Okay, Hunt, hold on.
- Slow, slow.
- We're gonna have you out soon.
- Warren, my legs.
I I know, I know, but you gotta hold tight.
So, you and Sullivan have some, uh, some history in common.
Military men.
Hunt, you're a soldier? Army doc.
You gotta do something.
My They're burning.
My body's on fire.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Hunt, Hunt! - Oh, God! We almost got you, okay? Just hang in there a little longer.
I can't! I can't get out! I can't! Aah! Soldier! Listen! Tell me about the last time you got shot.
- Sullivan, that's not - Hunt, talk to me.
Come on, Hunt.
Not even once? Well, on my last tour, we ended up taking fire out in the open.
Only had our vehicles for cover until air support arrived.
We were out there for maybe an hour, but it wasn't until I got back to base that I realized I'd been shot.
- Through and through, left arm.
- Let's get it off! It hit my, um What's it called, Hunt? It sounds like the dinosaur.
It's your trice Hunt, talk to me.
- Hunt.
- Triceps brachii.
That's what it was.
Okay, here we go.
Here we go.
Roof coming off.
- And - On three! One, two - Got it? - Got it.
- We're moving.
- Yep! - Move it up! - A little more! Okay, I think we're good.
I'll bring up the saw! Alright, bite down hard, soldier, and be as still as you can.
- No.
- Oop! Ohhhhh! - What?! - I actually did make one! - Whoo! - Whoo! - Hut, hut, hut, hut.
- Less than 20 minutes even.
We beat the clock.
I'm fine.
I know.
Firefighter Jack said that this will happen every month until you're old.
I saved you some of the gummy bears.
They're her favorite, and Jack said I have to be a little nicer to her than usual - when she's dealing with her period.
- Oh, did he? So, do you guys live in the neighborhood, or Just, like, a 15 minute walk away.
Cool, I'll walk you home.
Thank you again.
And if you ever want help paying your bills online, just text me.
- I'll remember that.
- Thank you.
What's wrong? No, I've just I've been having some palpitations the last few days.
It's probably just too much caffeine.
I don't know, my heart tracker hasn't been going off.
That's why I came in to check my BP.
Okay, come on.
I'll check you out.
But if you jog, I'll hurt you.
- Okay, Doctor.
- Eh.
Here we go.
Here, I got it.
One, two, three.
Okay, ready? Alright.
Let's get him out of here.
Come on.
Hunt, this is it.
You ready? Go.
Hold pivot.
There we go.
Get that basket ready! Patient is secured.
Ready to hoist.
You good? I got you.
- Hey! Hey! - Hey! Warren! Warren! - Hey! Hey! Warren! - Warren! They're coming in now! A little to the left! Left! Okay, you're clear! Let's go with that gurney! Let's get it moving.
Warren, back away from the patient.
What, now you want to discipline me? - After I get him out alive? - Warren.
Warren, back away from the patient right now before I send your ass back to the Academy.
Look, I am not sorry for choosing to risk my life to save my friend.
Your life? You risked the patient's life.
You risked your team's lives.
Now I feel like I'm on a loop with you lately.
First, it was the PRT.
The only reason I didn't write you up for that is 'cause the guy lived.
Now And now this.
Two lives saved thanks to me.
Thanks to you? Warren, your whole team was down there.
But the longer we stand here, the longer we delay getting him care.
- You're not going with him.
- Oh, the hell I'm not.
No, you lost that privilege.
Sullivan and Bishop are handling the transport.
You are picking up gear and getting back to the station.
Don't make me repeat myself.
Your team isn't well, Beckett.
Get them in order before I have to bury another friend.
Impressive, Herrera.
- Ah, my legs.
- I'm sorry.
The meds should start helping soon.
You know, I was in an accident like this a few years ago.
I had to use a cane for months after I was discharged from the hospital.
But you know what? I made it back.
Kind of makes getting shot seem easy, you know? Unless you were on the receiving end of my team.
- Huh? - Scout sniper.
I spent plenty of time trying to patch up guys who were on the receiving end of your viewfinder.
How many tours? Two.
It's never really over, though, right? Never.
Even when you're home.
It's here with us.
- You guys are kind of benevolent geniuses, huh? - Mm.
I mean, of course, people need to be able to get medical care at a firehouse.
Why don't we do that already? Money.
Oh, right.
God, that poor girl.
Imagine how she must have felt waking up and seeing all that blood.
- Blegh.
- Yeah, do not get me started on the state of women's reproductive healthcare.
Without mentioning that in this country, sex education is all about telling - kids not to have sex.
- Yeah.
As if that has ever worked in the history of humanity.
Seriously, it's like telling teenagers, "Go on.
Go out and have lots of unprotected sex.
" Yeah.
You kind of blew my mind with that "our cycles change every five years" thing.
Like, I've spent my entire adult life trying to figure out why I still can't predict my period.
- Just I don't know.
- Yeah.
Is yours getting heavier as you get older? - Yes.
- Yeah.
And I have cramps now.
And I never had them as a teenager, and my friends would get so jealous that I never had menstrual cramps.
Yeah, mine too.
Uh, I figured it out.
Okay, yeah? - 10K in turnouts.
- That was my idea.
- Yours was a 10K.
- Exactly.
This would be a 10K in turnouts.
What's the difference? Firefighters running in all that gear, a 10K Uh, people love this crap.
- That's true.
- That's not a bad idea.
- Mm, thank you.
- Thank you.
Your blood pressure looks good, but your heart rate is a little elevated, so No, no, no, I don't want to scare you, but given your recent medical history, I think we should go to the emergency room just to be safe.
- Uh, what? Emergency room? - Oh, God.
I am sure it's nothing, but I wouldn't be a good physician if I didn't insist.
- Okay, Carina, no.
I don't want to go.
- Victoria, Victoria.
If you told me to leave the house because of a gas leak, I would jump out of the window without thinking twice.
Well, I wouldn't advise jumping out a window, but fine, fine.
Let's go to your stupid hospital.
Thank you.
- Montgomery, right? - Chief Ross, yes.
So, I've been looking into 19's history.
You're a good soldier.
Pristine record.
Everyone respects you.
Make you a perfect candidate for the leadership track.
Oh, I-I like where I'm at.
I get that, but there are significant perks.
I-I have a role on this team.
And I like it.
I like being the guy who charges into houses and buildings and rappels into ravines to help.
Once you start promoting I don't know, it becomes a game, right? A challenge.
How many bars can I get on the uniform - before my time's up? - Mm-hmm.
I became a firefighter to help people.
That's the job I signed up for.
That's the job I think I'm pretty damn good at.
I become a lieutenant or a captain, suddenly, I'm a manager of other people doing the job I love to do.
Which is exactly why you'd be good at it.
I'd be excellent.
But I still don't want it.
When people die at work? I don't want to be the one that made the call that got them killed.
So I'm good where I am.
But, Chief thank you.
If you change your mind I won't.
Look, I'm not gonna give you the lecture you've heard a million times, but just tell me, do I need to be worried about you? Look, we We call you "Dad" for a reason.
You're our North Star.
That That's why Miller wanted you to raise Pru, because you're a rock, a-a-a port in the storm, someone who Yeah, I get it, Herrera.
I'm supposed to be solid.
No, my point is, that's a lot of pressure for you to to feel like you have to hold everyone down.
You don't have to keep it together for us, but you do have to stay alive for Pru.
And bucking orders and going cowboy isn't the way to do that.
You're feeling out of control, and you're letting it affect your work.
- She shouldn't be benched.
- Vic? She needs to be at work.
You know, after Michael died, Captain Herrera, he gave me the space within this house to grieve, to be with this team, this family, and not be okay.
And that's what I needed.
He didn't force me to stay at home and face it alone.
Vic needs to be at work, and if I'm being honest, I need her to be at work, okay? Plus, all I do is worry about her when she's not here, so will you just will you talk to Beckett? Try to get him to overrule Gibson? Hughes jeopardized the integrity of Crisis One.
If that program had gotten scrapped because of something she did, that would have ruined her.
Miller's dead.
She's already ruined.
That is why Gibson benched her, okay? She needs time, and when she is ready to let us, we will be there for her.
I definitely don't want to be a lieutenant.
Why not? Everybody hates a mean lieutenant.
Warren, you need to sit for counseling.
- What? - Three sessions.
DeeDee Lewis.
Till then, you're on desk duty.
- What, are you gonna bench the whole team? - If I have to.
- Oh, come on.
This is ridiculous.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Reel it in, reel it in.
- I got this, Sullivan.
Reel it in, okay? Go to the gym.
Alright? Let's go.
Work it out.
Come back with your head straight.
Okay? It's not worth it.
Congratulations, 19.
You helped me see that one thing is very clear here long-overdue promotion.
Robert Sullivan.
You've been made Lieutenant of 19.
What? - Chief Ross, that's - Not your decision.
Thank you, everyone.
Get some rest, and don't forget to drink water.
No one ever drinks enough water.
Good job out there today, Captain.
You commanded the crap out of that incident.
Nice, Captain.
23! You're supposed to say it - Oh, right.
- It's her thing.
- So sorry, Captain.
- One more time.
23! - 23! - 23! - Feels good.
- Yeah, yeah.
Mnh-mnh, Sully.
Don't be an idiot.
I just made you lieutenant.
Do not let them know that we're friends.
What was that? Huh? That was me making decisions for my department.
But But if that was in any way a favor You'll what? Turn it down? Sully, I didn't even know you were here in Seattle when I transferred out of San Diego to take this job.
We haven't seen each other in, uh, 15 years? We are not close enough for me to risk my credibility just because we knew each other in another life.
Okay, but I've worked really hard to earn even a modicum of respect from this team, okay? So I can't be seen as pulling strings.
- Then you shouldn't have followed me out here.
- Tash.
McCallister promoted all of his poker and his drinking buddies to pad his circle.
Why shouldn't I? What? I'm kidding, Sully.
Damn, you lose your sense of humor same place you lost your hair? Look, I need people I can trust to lead and to keep their team safe.
I know firsthand that you are both trustworthy and a leader.
So, yeah.
Part of this promotion's 'cause we have history.
But not the kind that you're focused on.
I got demoted.
- There was an incident.
- Yeah, I know.
I read your whole damn file.
And the department worked harder to discard you than they did to help you, and that was a mistake.
One of many that I've been brought in to fix.
So, congratulations, Sully.
Sikking, dial 3122.
Sikking, dial 3122.
Uh, are we we good? I mean, we must be, otherwise, they would have rolled me off to a scarier room like they did last time.
Well, your heart is actually great.
Your labs are normal, and your EKG shows - a normal sinus rhythm.
- Great.
But Vic, uh did you know you're pregnant? No.
No, that's That's not That's not possible.
I'm on the pill.
Okay, w-when was your last period? Um I-I don't remember, but, uh S Uh, sorry.
After After Miller, the days kind of blur together, so I Are you Are you sure? 'Cause - Yeah.
- I mean, why Why would you even We always do the test in the ER.
Palpitations can happen during pregnancies, even early on.

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