Station 19 (2018) s05e10 Episode Script

Searching for the Ghost

1 Of course.
Of course.
I mean, come on.
She's an Olympian.
I didn't know you were watching.
I certainly wasn't running.
Is he still subbing at 19 for me? Yeah.
Alright, alright.
Way to go, 19.
Way to go, 23! Man, that was quite a morning.
I want to say thank you for coming out to support Station 19's new health initiative.
It truly takes a village.
- Yeah! - And And, um we will have our very first community hours two weeks from Wednesday from 10:00 to 4:00.
So, uh, come one, come all.
We're here to serve.
You missed another one of our mandatory sessions.
Car trouble again? I'm in the middle of a custody battle.
And we are starting this clinic.
So if the purpose of your session is to reprimand or therapize me for breaking protocol to save my friend's life, consider me reprimanded.
In the years that we've known each other, have I ever reprimanded? In your, uh, "I know you better than you know yourself" way? Yeah.
Well, if you interpret that as reprimanding, then we have more work to do than I thought.
You're in the middle of a custody battle.
You want to keep risking your life and risking your job and refusing to even try to get to the bottom of why? How do you think that's gonna look to a judge? Look, I did what I needed to do to save lives.
That's my job.
Let me spell it out.
Without an evaluation, I can't deem you fit to go on calls.
You come find me if you decide to pull your head out of your ass.
Oh, sorry.
- Hey.
- Can I Can we walk? - Of course.
- Okay.
So, I know I said I wanted to do the abortion pill rather than surgical abortion, but I have decided I I don't want to be lucid for any of this.
I just want to come in and count down into the abyss and then wake up a few minutes later and pretend that none of this ever happened.
So, um one surgical abortion.
- Okay.
- Today please.
Okay, Vic, I'm gonna use my doctor voice now.
Oh, scary.
So, I'm here to provide you with the best care possible.
So I need you to know that it is strongly recommended for you to wait until you're at least six weeks pregnant before getting a surgical abortion.
If I perform it sooner, we run the risk of incompletion.
I'm only five weeks.
Okay, uh, Carina, my My entire body hurts, and my My breasts feel like somebody hit them with a baseball bat and these hormones are making me feel truly insane and I'm car-sick from the minute I wake up until the minute I go to sleep.
And you're telling me I'd have to wait an entire week, which I would spend still being pregnant, to get the surgical abortion? Correct.
So we live in a world where it can be both too late and too early to terminate a pregnancy? Well, your other option is the medical abortion, the pill.
And we can do that as early as tomorrow.
- Pass.
- Okay.
I My body has been through enough lately, and I don't need to spend two days hemorrhaging and cramping on a bathroom floor.
- It's - I get it.
I get it.
This is not ideal.
But, Vic, both options are safe.
- Okay? - Yeah.
- Take some time.
Think about it.
- Mm-hmm.
Just treat it as you would think of any other medical procedure.
Well, if my appendix burst, I wouldn't take a pill and then wait two days - to crap it out, so - Right.
Yeah, easy.
I'll I will do the surgery.
- Okay.
- In and out in an hour.
I'll make an appointment for a week from now.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Alright, here we go.
Smile, big smile.
Okay, give me the thumbs-up.
There it is.
Good job.
Hey, ladies.
Thanks for coming out.
Big smiles.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Do you mind if I cut in? Alright, who's next? Alright.
Ooh! Step back, people.
That's my boss.
She can fire me.
Missed your calling, Fire Zaddy.
I know this is humiliating.
Oh, it's working for you.
And the department.
Polls say public opinion of SFD is up 12% since a year ago, and I know I'd call you in an emergency.
Well, why don't you call me in a non-emergency? Why don't you give me your number so that I don't have to dig it out of department files? Alright, thank you, Boss.
Thank you, Fire Zaddy.
Appreciate it.
- Okay.
- Thanks, everyone.
Hey! Thanks for coming out today, 23.
You've all earned a day off.
Don't forget to hydrate.
I will be hydrating with beer today, Captain.
- Same! Same! - Hey, water first.
Captain Herrera, got a minute? What's up? How much do you love me? Mm, depends on what favor you're about to ask.
See if Vic wants to do something today.
I-I'm worried about her.
She keeps pushing away everyone she loves, so So I'm safe because she doesn't love me? Exactly.
I'll ask, but I'm not gonna kidnap her if she says no.
Fair enough.
Huh? Thank you.
Today is inventory day, and you know how I love that.
It's like fresh notebooks on the first day of school.
Even the fact that I have to work with Jack can't ruin that.
Oh, um, I forgot to tell you, the sperm bank called, and they have an opening next Tuesday.
So we can get in sooner.
- Great.
- Yeah? Mm-hmm.
You cramming for a pop quiz? Uh, brushing up on protocols just in case.
Just in case Chief Ross suddenly asks you about "universal precautions which shall be observed to prevent contact with blood and other bodily fluids"? I mean, yes.
Engine 19 and Aid 19 requested - to 1728 Hayvenhurst Road.
- Okay, that's me.
- Yeah.
- But I got it.
- Uh, sperm bank.
- Okay.
See? I was listening.
I asked Herrera to look after Vic today.
Look after her? She's not a toddler.
So you can hire her a babysitter, but when I do it, it's patronizing? Yeah, 'cause I'm not her boyfriend.
I'm not sure I am either.
Alright, pulling up.
Look sharp, 19.
Oh, my G You came.
I-I was worried the 911 operator thought it was a prank call.
Okay, are you alright? Is anyone hurt? Yes, I'm fine, but I don't know that everybody else is.
I heard screaming and then a crash, and then I ran.
And I Oh, I knew I knew this address.
Yeah, it's the Hackett House.
Relax, man.
It's just a house.
- Okay, how many people went in? - Three, including me.
We're shooting a documentary on the Hackett House murders.
And I was calling out to everyone, and no one's answering.
And I am not going back into that house.
Hey, Captain, uh, I'm happy to be on medical group today.
Inside, Montgomery.
You should call USAR to secure the house.
Wood rot, termite damage.
It's practically falling apart.
Yeah, I think we can handle a "Scooby-Doo" search and rescue just fine on our own, Lieutenant, unless you're afraid the ghosts are gonna get you.
Hey, let's move, 19, and Ruiz.
Wait a minute.
Be careful.
T-This house has very dark energy, okay? Okay? If there's something strange In the neighborhood Who you gonna call? Please stop it! You see? You made it angry.
- Hughes.
- Hi.
I was thinking, since we're both off, you want to come over and see my new place? Michelle's gonna bring some food and Okay, was it Travis or Theo who asked you to babysit me? No one.
I just I just want to hang out.
Yeah, okay, I got a lot of stuff I got to do today, a bunch of boring errands and crap like that.
No, I-I-I honestly have nowhere else to be, so Okay.
What? I'm just trying to gauge if you've got any gossip I can squeeze out of you.
I don't.
I Okay, well, that means you do, so Get in.
Please don't be full of snakes.
Please don't be full of snakes.
I thought you were supposed to be brave.
- The breeze.
- There is no breeze.
The house doesn't like visitors.
Dark energy.
Okay, let's go.
Let's move inside.
- What are your friends' names? -Tobias and Cory.
Fire department! Is anybody injured?! Tobias, Cory, can you hear us?! Fire department! We need you to evacuate now! We can search faster if we split up.
Split up? Seriously? Have you ever seen a single horror movie? Or read a firefighter protocol manual? You don't split up.
That's how they get you.
Who's "they"? Oh, man! What Come on! Well, also, I meant split up, like, in pairs.
Montgomery, you and Ruiz take upstairs.
Sullivan and I will take this floor.
This is your errand? Someone bought it.
We have to say goodbye.
Looks like the Millers moved everything out.
Oh, so we're breaking in.
We got a key.
No breaking needed.
Just because we have a key doesn't mean Okay, this is happening.
How many different types of sutures do we need? And And why so many laceration kits? - Oh, you think too many? - Yeah, I think you and Warren are the only ones who know how to suture, so, yeah, a million laceration kits might be overdoing it.
Also, what are these numbers? Like, I-I don't understand that.
What is this? Well, I'm putting together a rotating staff of volunteer doctors from Grey-Sloan, so we won't be the only ones.
- Volunteer doctors? - Yeah.
Well, I'm hoping eventually to pay them something, but No, no.
The whole point of this clinic is not to have a bunch of doctors around.
You think we're opening a medical clinic with no doctors to staff it? I, well Is this where laceration trays come to die? Yeah, right? She got too many.
He thinks our health clinic should not have doctors.
It's You didn't go on your call.
Desk duty.
Diane Lewis is threatening to make it permanent if I don't meet with her.
- No, no, no.
- Oh, okay.
Well, then meet with her.
Why do you think the clinic shouldn't have doctors? - 'Cause people are afraid of doctors.
- Oh, thank you.
Alright, you can get offended all you want.
I'm gonna keep telling you the truth.
If you think we can do this without a full staff of doctors The whole goal of the clinic is to provide care for everyone, regardless of background or income level.
Which requires doctors.
I mean, Warren I am in so many other fights right now.
Can I just sit this one out? Look, we have set hours for community health screens, BP checks, preventative care, things I'm trained in, things that we're all trained in here at the station.
I just don't want a bunch of white coats, you know - But h-how are you gonna - Please help! Hey, ladies, ladies, what's going on? Let me see.
Take it easy.
Alright, we're gonna get you We're gonna get you help, okay? - Please help! - Just sit tight.
What happened here? What happened? We were taking a walk and we started talking about my in-laws, which always starts a fight.
Is Rose okay? Is Rose okay? She seems okay.
M-May I? Let's just make sure that you don't have a facial fracture.
Okay, but but Rose.
But Rose.
- Is she okay? - There's not a scratch on her.
Are you sure? Because she hit her head.
Well, she didn't hit her head.
Aah! She was kind of shaken.
Yeah, and you're gonna need to get stitches in your hand, too.
What's your name? Peggy.
This is Dayna.
Oh, Peggy.
Peggy, I-I delivered your baby.
Oh, my God! Dr.
DeLuca! - Oh! - Hi! I am so sorry.
No, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Just take a seat.
We're gonna get you all cleaned up, okay? Okay.
Oh, my God.
These are them.
These are the Hacketts.
Yeah, well, it's their house, so They say that the mother was possessed by some kind of demonic spirit and, out of nowhere, killed all four of her kids and her husband and then hung herself from the banister.
No, man, that's just what kids used to say.
I read it was actually an old bootlegger house.
- Really? - Yeah.
Well, that makes me feel slightly better.
Fire department! Tobias, Cory! Aah! Come on, man! What's wrong with you?! Seriously! I'm sor I'm sorry.
Please, please tell me you don't really believe in this crap.
I don't not believe in it.
Run! Did you hear that? Hear what? A voice.
It said, "Run.
" You didn't hear a voice.
Okay, I distinctly heard a ghost voice tell me to run.
Travis, you didn't hear a ghost voice, because ghosts don't exist.
Help me.
But you may have heard an alive person's voice who might be here, so come on.
Go in there.
You go in there, man.
You heard the voice, you said.
Come on.
Seattle Fire! Do you have to be so loud, though, man? - They got to hear us.
- God! Help! Help! We're down here! Sullivan, Bishop, help us! We're down here! Two firefighters down.
I repeat, two firefighters down.
Can anyone hear me? There's no way there's a signal down here.
I'm not even picking you up on mine.
- Aah! - What? You twist your ankle? I'm hoping that's all it is.
How the hell are we going to get out of here? I don't even know how the hell we got down here.
Sure you do.
You made the ghost house mad, so it ate us.
I'm gonna call this in.
What? Why? This woman has abrasions and blunt trauma to her face, her wife has knuckle abrasions, and they were talking about shaking their child.
I know these women.
I delivered their baby.
Well, you never know what's going on inside of a marriage, alright? I'm calling it in.
Warren, the woman is bleeding from her face.
We treat first, we talk first, like Dr.
Lewis told you to do.
Oh, my God.
Why are you suddenly so allergic to talking? Hi, bubba.
Hi, baby.
Seattle Fire! Cory, Tobias, you guys in here? It's cold in here.
In your turnouts, you're cold? Yeah, it's weird.
Hey, has Chief Ross mentioned anything to you about me? What the Help me.
Help me.
You're hopping around like we didn't just drop through the ceiling.
I think you broke my fall.
So, since we're trapped in a haunted basement, can we circle back to the whole "I'm not even sure I'm Vic's boyfriend" thing? Oh, man, what am I supposed to do, Travis? She doesn't want to talk to me.
- You know, she pushed me away.
- Then push back.
She's just afraid of letting you see her ugly side.
Trust me, I've seen it.
What's that supposed to mean? What have you seen? It's between me and her, man.
Hey, if it's something dangerous, you got to tell me.
Dude, please, stop.
I know you love her, but you have to let us figure this one out.
Yeah, but you're not figuring it out.
You're just quitting.
Look, just because you don't want to deal with your own messed-up relationship doesn't mean you get to jump in the middle of mine, man.
Help me.
Tobias? Cory? Okay, save your breath.
We're here.
Captain, we found Tobias.
He is pinned and injured.
We're gonna need a backboard and a gurney.
Tell him half the ceiling has collapsed here already.
Yeah, I think he heard you.
Hey, Tobias, can you feel this? - Get out.
- What? The house said, "Get out," and then - Tobias, Tobias - The chandelier.
Save your breath, okay? Save your breath.
Just nod your head.
You can feel this, right? - Uh-huh.
- Okay.
That's good.
That's a good grip.
Get it.
- Ready? - Yep.
It's like he never lived here.
Pru was supposed to grow up here.
They sold this for $2.
6 million.
What?! No way.
I mean, do you think if you stack that much money in, like, a like, a paper pile, you could jump off a roof into it and not get hurt? Well, this is depressing.
Why did you even want to come here? We should probably get going.
My cousin Michelle will be at my place soon.
What are you doing? I'm going swimming.
What? Vic, it's 45 degrees outside, and the water is even colder.
Okay, okay.
Okay, Vic, I lied, alright? Theo asked me to babysit you, and now I see why.
I knew it.
I knew it.
If he was so worried about me, then why doesn't he just call me himself? He doesn't think you want him to.
Well, how would he know if he didn't even ask? - Huh? - That's not That's not really fair.
But what is fair?! Andy, what is fair about any of this?! Okay.
Okay, either come with me or don't Vic, Vic but I'm I'm going in.
Hughes! Hey! Andy, I'm pregnant.
And it's too early for a surgical abortion, and I don't want to take the pill.
Also, I made out with Gibson a few weeks ago.
- What? - Oh, God.
- Why? - I don't know.
Because I'm an idiot.
Because I'm an idiot and I told Theo about it because I am a sucker.
So we might be broken up right now, but, honestly, I don't even know.
So I just My brain is, like, nonstop trash TV playing over and over, and I just need a few seconds of quiet, okay? So I'm just gonna plunge into this icy water - No - so I can turn my brain off, okay? No, no, not okay.
Alright? 'Cause your your heart hasn't fully Hughes! What the hell? Me "what the hell?" You "what the hell?" You could have died.
I'm a great swimmer.
Vic, you weren't swimming.
You were sinking.
I had plenty of air.
No, I got it, I got it, I got it.
On 3.
1, 2, 3.
Where's Cory? I can't leave him here.
He didn't even want to do this one.
I made everyone come to this house and I can't leave them behind.
Tobias, hey, let's just get you out of here, okay? Don't sit up.
Don't talk anymore.
- Let's just focus on breathing.
- Okay.
Ruiz, Montgomery, we have one more civilian in the house.
Ruiz, Montgomery, this is Sullivan.
What's your 20? Maybe they're outside? I'm surprised you can do stitches here.
We couldn't last week, but this is your lucky day.
So, uh, how long have you and your wife been married? Seven years.
Do you fight often? No.
We ju - Wait.
- Hmm? Wait.
You don't think No.
No, no, no.
That That's not what this is.
No, no.
We were just We were on a long walk, and Rose started screaming because she wanted to get out of the stroller.
And then she wouldn't, you know, walk.
So then Dayna had her on her hip, and and I tried to blow Rose's nose.
Yeah, then we just got all tangled up.
And And Rose Rose was in Dayna's arms, and then Dayna fell forward with Rose in her arms.
And And because she was She was holding Rose, she couldn't break her own fall.
And that's how she hit her face.
Yeah, and then I-I dove to try to grab Rose's head, you know, cradle it so that it wouldn't hit the ground, and that's how I hurt my hand.
I swear to all the gods and goddesses that anyone ever believed in that That this is not what you think.
- Dayna.
- Peggy.
Dayna, tell the nice doctor that I'm not a wife-beater.
Peggy, that is not what I said.
Oh, my God.
Please don't make me laugh.
My face.
No, no.
We are maybe the most accident-prone couple you will ever meet.
Oh, Dr.
DeLuca knows.
When Peggy went into labor, the hospital was being held hostage by hackers.
So coordination, timing just isn't our thing.
I understand that, but still.
- Ben, let it go.
- No, i-it's okay.
Really, I-I'm grateful.
I-If my daughter came in looking like Dayna, I would hope someone of authority would be asking these questions.
But I swear, I would never hit Dayna and I would never hurt Rose.
A-And if you need to call the police, - I will take a lie-detector test.
- She's very dramatic.
Please, I tripped over her and then I fell on our daughter.
It was absolutely terrifying.
I thought Rose's skull was crushed, but thank God for my big, soft boobs.
And because of our hands and my boobs, we broke her fall.
Your, uh Your stories match.
Come on, Peggy.
Let's, uh Let's wrap your stitches.
Hi, baby! Hi! Oh, lookit.
Look what I have.
You're on desk duty.
You stitched up her hand? No white coats, right? - What's that? - What's What's his name? Careful.
Watch out.
Watch out.
Oh! Tobias, Tobias, what happened? Are Are you okay? W-Where's Cory? - Ma'am.
- Did you check the cellar? This house has a secret cellar.
That's the spirit hot spot.
There's a trapdoor.
Cory could be down there.
You seen Ruiz or Montgomery around back on your perimeter sweep? No.
I thought they were on evac.
Where are Ruiz and Montgomery? They're not inside with you? You don't know where they are? Huh? Montgomery, Ruiz, what's your 20? Captain, this is Firefighter Montgomery and Lieutenant Ruiz.
We are currently located in what appears to be a subterranean Screw it.
You can't hear this anyway.
Please come find us, for the love of God! My relationship isn't messed up, by the way.
I'm sorry I said that.
That That was not what I meant.
Then what'd you mean? I didn't mean anything, man.
I just I was just trying to say that, you know, I'm I'm not giving up on Vic.
You know, I've given her everything, uglies and all.
Then why aren't you by her side, all in, you know, through whatever thing that she's going through? I tried.
I freakin' tried, man.
But there's only so long I can stand around with a boom box over my head, getting told to go away.
And that's funny, Travis, you know, coming from you.
You telling me I'm not all in when you're over there with one foot in your relationship and the other one out the door? Ah, so you did mean something.
Dude, I just You don't love him the way you loved Mikey.
I know you.
I know how you are when you are happy and in love.
So you need to figure it out or just cut him loose, because it's mean if you don't.
Whoa! Oh! Come on! So this is how I die.
- What - Okay.
No, no.
Hey, man.
- Whoa! - Relax.
You You're not dead.
Who are you? Are you Tobias, Cory? Cory.
Who are you? We're firefighters.
We fell down here looking for you.
This house hates us.
I told Tobias I didn't want to do this one.
Didn't you hear us calling for you? I totally freaked out and I thought I was hearing ghosts.
Oh, my God.
Same, man.
We're probably gonna die down here.
This cellar was built under a layer of concrete.
There's no way anybody's gonna hear us.
Dark energy.
God, I just want it to be over.
I mean, not my life, if that's what you're thinking.
I just I want to s God, I want to stop feeling like this.
Does Theo know? No.
I know I should tell him, and I'm going to.
I just I don't even know where we stand right now.
And what? The first thing I say to him in weeks is, "Hey, I'm pregnant and I'm having an abortion"? - Here you go.
- Well, would the decision be different if you were together and happy? I guess only in that if we were together and happy, I would have told him by now.
I had one.
Senior year of high school.
Ryan and I were Well, we thought we were gonna get married, so when I realized I was pregnant, there was a moment there where I could almost see us having it.
But then I-I saw the end of my career before it even started.
A life full of resentment and frustration and unfulfilled dreams.
So I had the abortion.
I never told him.
Probably because I knew he'd want to keep it, and him wanting it would make me want it.
And then I guess there's a part of me that always assumed that maybe one day, we'd have our chance.
Now he's gone.
So Is this you telling me not to get an abortion - in case Theo dies? - No.
- This is that? - God, no! No! That It's just me saying I get it.
I get how you feel about not knowing whether you should tell Theo or not.
And about losing your best friend.
It sucks.
You still owe me some gossip.
I never promised you that.
Stop it.
Yeah, well Mm.
Can you tell Michelle to bring food over here? I don't really feel like leaving yet.
Well Alright.
We might as well say goodbye to Dean's house in style.
Ooh! Ruiz! Montgomery! - Can you hear us?! - Shh! Shh, shh, shh.
Can you hear us? Wait, wait.
Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh.
You hear that? Do it again.
- You hear that? - Yeah.
Hey! We're down here! - We're down here! - Help! - Help! - Help! - Here! - Down here! Ah, there it is.
- Help! - Can anybody hear us? Easy, Bishop.
- Help! - Can you hear us?! - We need help! - Here it is.
Captain, we're gonna need a Sawzall and a 14-foot ladder now.
I think we found them.
I guess this explains how they got down there, huh? You know what? You're right.
It is kind of cold in here.
Montgomery! Ruiz! Help! I think they're coming through.
Okay, hey, watch out, Cory.
- Yes! - Oh, my God! Yes! What the hell happened? Uh ghost house got mad and ate us.
Yeah, I'm sorry about all the paperwork.
Oh, it beats the hell out of waiting in the E.
My wife and I are looking at our options.
May I ask you, did you use a donor? - We did, yeah.
- And the older she gets, the more her personality comes out, we can't help but wonder, where did that come from? Is her sperm donor this stubborn? Yeah.
But it's a mixed bag either way, 'cause if you go with someone you know, then there's that whole mess to deal with.
It's such an ordeal to begin with.
I feel like straight couples have a weekend of sex, and, bam, they have a baby.
Well, not exactly.
I know, Jack.
I'm Italian.
I exaggerate for effect.
Too bad we can't just do it without the sperm, right? Right.
Oh, you mean like condors? What? Yeah, two female condors in California They they had some babies on their own.
Oh, that's inspiring.
How we doin'? Oh, you saved us a trip to Grey-Sloan, which is good, because they might still be mad at us for bringing pot cookies to the hospital.
That was you? Uh You got my wife high? It was an accident, and we are so, so sorry.
Get the door.
We will not be bringing you any baked goods, so No, no, no, no, no.
That's okay.
Yeah, do it on, like, a day off maybe.
Diane Lewis needs to get off my case and just let me do my job.
I mean, I'll never understand how helping a family like that can be wrong.
It's not wrong.
It's just stupid when all they're asking you to do is to talk about your feelings.
You're very stubborn, Warren.
I could learn to do this Suture.
I mean I mean, if it came to it, right? Well, it won't unless you're planning to become a doctor.
Okay, but fine.
But, like, think about it.
I mean, I The first time I did CPR, I was 10 years old.
Yeah, my foster sister almost drowned in the community pool, and I saw somebody do it on TV and I-I figured it out.
So I could probably learn some of what you do.
But what you probably can't teach is waking up every morning with the goal being to survive.
And I think that's Yeah, that's that's me.
That's who I am.
That's what this is, right? This clinic is a place for people to go to to survive.
And they shouldn't have to sign 10 forms with fine print and stare down a bunch of white coats.
And it should be simple and, like, clear-cut and not intimidating.
And that that's That's what the people need to see, right? Okay.
But we still need nurses and doctors at our clinic, so who's gonna staff it? 50/50.
Half firefighters, half doctors.
And no white coats and no hiding behind the computers and less forms, please.
Just less forms.
Hmm? And who's gonna teach you how to do wound care and read urine dipsticks? - Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Um Half and half.
I don't know what either of those are.
I don't know which one of you specializes in that.
Look, Captain, I don't know if you're tired because we're overworked or if there's something else going on.
You don't need to worry about me, Lieutenant.
Well, you should have called USAR to secure the house before a single person on our team went in.
Somebody could have seriously gotten hurt.
Or we could have twiddled our thumbs waiting for USAR while the whole house fell apart before the Scooby Squad got out.
Protocol says Protocol says you listen to your captain, Lieutenant.
That's what it says.
Well, I would have never sent my team in there, alright? And I certainly wouldn't have lost track of two of them for what? Half an hour? That's That's unacceptable.
Let me tell you what's unacceptable, Sullivan, 'cause apparently, this little promotion's already gone to your head.
- Uh-huh.
- You don't question me.
Okay, I don't explain my decisions to you.
That's not how this goes.
You follow my orders or you can join your ex at 23.
Could have been goners, man.
You still wouldn't give me a deathbed confession in that basement.
Not even an "I love you, man.
" I love you.
And I hate Emmett a little bit right now, because he's my dad.
And I hate my dad.
I mean, I don't hate him, but I'm still angry with him.
I don't respect him.
And Emmett is I mean, he has too much sympathy for him because he understands him because he is him.
And it just It makes me not respect Emmett.
I came out when I was 17 years old, and it felt like I was walking on broken glass, but I did it anyway because I didn't want to live a lie.
And I just I don't understand how either of them I don't understand how either of them love me, because I'm a monster for even thinking this.
Coming out is hard.
And everyone's not me.
I know that.
But, still, man, it's It's killing me.
You're allowed to feel how you feel, man.
You can understand all of the things you understand, all the facts, how hard it all is, and still feel how you feel.
I got to shake it off, 'cause it's really not right and it's really not fair.
Hey, sorry to to To lose you guys in there.
I didn't expect to lose radio contact.
So Yeah, we know.
How's that how's that ankle, Montgomery? It's okay.
It just needs some ice.
Well, get some ice on that, and elevation is good.
And And good job today.
Yeah, thanks, Captain.
So glad my life's not in his hands every day.
Oh, wait.
- No, I swear.
- It's not That's not true.
Are you sure? 'Cause I swear someone told me that spicy food can make you miscarry.
Definitely a grade-school rumor.
Sorry, you guys.
This pernil is making me sad.
Oh, okay.
It's what Theo made me for our first at-home dinner date.
- Here.
- I just Oh, God.
Okay, fine.
Here's your gossip.
I slept with Beckett.
Oh, stop it.
Oh, my God.
- Wait.
Who? - Captain Beckett.
- What? - Yeah.
Uh, also, also Robert knows.
- Oh! - Oh-ho! Stop it! Stop it! Oh, my God.
This is even better than the cold water.
Okay, so, I need to know everything.
Can you please tell me? Was it Yeah.
Was it? Oh! Oh, God! Okay.
- Good for you, prima.
Get yours! - Oh, no! Wait up.
Okay, well, are you gonna keep Are you gonna keep sleeping with him? It's It's too messy.
Well, that's never stopped you before.
Victoria Hughes, do not play with me, okay? - She's right.
- No, no.
Don't side with her.
You know, there's Come on.
You know what? I'm gonna do it now.
I'm just I'm gonna I'm gonna get my pill and I'm gonna make a bed for myself on the bathroom floor.
And it's gonna suck, but I don't want to wait anymore and I want this to be over.
So I'm gonna do it now.
And I'm gonna tell Theo.
Yeah, okay.
Well, cheers.
Uh, thank you, houseboat, for everything.
Thanks, houseboat.
Come on, little suture.
Come on.
Stupid fingers.
How do you get the thing in the thing? A lot of practice, plus medical school.
Hey, i-if I'm gonna ask you two to testify in court that Miranda and I were the right guardians for Pru, would Would you do it? - Sure.
- Of course.
But you think I'm being irrational? By not doing everything you can to win the fight for Pru? Yes.
Look, you're breaking a lot of rules and freaking people out and you're kind of like an older version of yourself, when I think Miller intended for Pru to go to a newer version.
Well, hey, you know, I'm I'm loyal.
I'm not gonna tell the judge anything.
- Where are you going? - Call Diane.
Thank God.
Her career is her baby.
That's the thing she'll fight for, that she'll break her hands to protect over and over.
That's the dream she's chasing.
Not me, not having a family.
I come second.
Now, I know that's not true.
Mm, it's just so difficult finding the right donor, doing the insemination.
Part of me is always afraid that if everything doesn't line up perfectly before she gets her captaincy back, it wouldn't happen at all.
Well, hey, if it's sperm you're stressing about, I-I can give you that.
I'm just saying, I make a lot of it, waste a ton of it.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, I know, I know.
It was a stupid thing to say, yeah.
Yes, it was.
Yes, it was.
Just kind of came out.
Oh, my God.
- I'm gonna leave now.
- Oh, my God.
- Yes.
- Yep.
Aah! No.
Captain, when I filled out the inc
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