Station 19 (2018) s05e12 Episode Script

In My Tree

Open today at Station 19.
See you there.
Yeah, I know.
Don't suck.
Got it.
Congratulations on following your dreams today, 19.
In my experience, following your dreams is how you end up homeless.
Which, funny enough, is who we can expect to see today.
Are we supposed to clap for that? Um, hey hey, everyone.
Uh, I just want to say that walking into a doctor's office or a hospital can be downright scary, especially when you feel like you don't have a voice and someone else has all the power, even if they're saying they want to help.
I-I know from experience.
But thanks to all of you for saying yes and, uh, putting in the work.
Those who feel like I once did now have a place to go, and that's no small thing, right? And maybe we should give ourselves a hand? Now, that I will clap for.
Alright, yeah.
- Alright.
- Go, Jack.
It's been an hour and and no one's come.
Yep, I can see that, Gibson.
W Did we not get the word out enough, maybe? No, no.
We got the word out, alright? They'll come.
They'll come.
Lieutenant Gibson.
Looks like you're off to a good start.
Ye Yeah, I mean, a little slow at first, but we'll g-we'll get there.
The department got the word out.
I'm sure it'll pick up.
I hope so.
Well, me too.
This clinic's the first thing I approved as chief, so don't embarrass me.
It's starting to feel like he'll never talk to me again.
Can you blame him? Whose side are you on? Uh, mine, always.
Maybe yours.
Help me get him back.
Come on, I need to think of some, you know, big, grand romantic gesture.
Well, have you tried talking to him? He's not picking up the phone.
- Okay.
- Or checking texts.
Or answering the door in the middle of the night.
So, I get the no dating thing, but no sex? - Like, at all? - No.
No, not even a little bit.
Well, you can still, you know - With yourself? - Oh.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, I'm not Look, I'm not marrying God or anything.
I'm just freeing up some space in my head to think about other things.
Yeah, like what? Like what I want to do with the rest of my life.
What'd you figure out? I haven't gotten that far yet.
Okay, 23, listen up.
Today's the opening day of the clinic at 19.
Your fam just can't get enough extra work, huh? I know.
It's almost like they became firefighters to serve their community.
Right? Yeah.
19 will be busy with walk-ins and we will be picking up the slack.
Any calls going to them will come to us and 54 today, so I want everyone to look sharp, stay ready, and don't complain.
What if we only complain behind your back so that you can't hear us? Right? Got it, Cap.
Alright, everyone.
Make sure your gear is set.
I don't want any response time delays today.
Let's go! Yep.
Yeah, thanks.
You think they don't respect you, but they do.
- Mm-hmm.
- Trust me.
You wish you were there today, huh? Yeah, of course.
I mean, look what they're doing.
Gibson created that clinic out of thin air, and now it's up on its feet.
My dad would want me to be there.
No, he would be proud you're supporting not one, but two houses.
Yeah, well.
I can barely organize this team to make pancakes.
Welcome to the Dean Miller Memorial Clinic.
Can I help you? Hello.
I'm, uh, looking for a Dr.
Benjamin Warren.
Patient registration's right over there, ma'am.
Oh, I'm not a patient.
I'm here to see Dr.
Warren on a personal matter.
Oh, there he is.
Warren, this non-patient would like to see you.
Hope you learned your lesson with Ingrid.
What can I do for you? I'm Tabitha Salzman, the Guardian Ad Litem assigned by the family court.
We spoke on the phone.
Of course.
O-Of course.
But, um But the home visit isn't until next Yes, but you gave me your schedule for two weeks so that I could come and observe you at work.
Um, honestly, any other day would be better.
See, today is not a normal day, so if you're looking for "a day in the life," this isn't that.
I mean, I'll be busy and doing Oh, a busy day is ideal for me to observe you without being interrupted by us having any conversation at all.
So you're literally just gonna watch me all day here? And take notes and gather what I can for my report, which will be going to the judge.
What I do here at work isn't all that relevant - to my parenting skills.
- I I disagree.
I I guess then you can just, you know, watch.
Don't mind me.
I'll let you know if I have questions.
Otherwise, I'm, uh, just a fly on the wall.
What studies are you referring to? All of them.
I mean, everything I have read says that being open and transparent about the conception or adoption details is the healthiest path for the child.
No surprises.
No unanswered questions.
You can even custom design your own children's book to tell your child who their donor is.
I've read all these studies, too, but knowing the person has its own set of complications.
Not any more than not knowing who the person is.
You know, I guess I just would rather know - the source of the complications.
- Okay.
But, ugh.
Oh, crap.
I have to get to the hospital.
My patient is in premature labor.
What, now? Yeah, now.
Uh, tell Jack and Warren that I hate to leave, but I'll be back as soon as I can.
Where's she going? Where's she Carina, where are you going? I have to deliver a baby.
- No, no.
- I can't do this without you.
You'll be fine.
Jack, you don't even have patients yet, but I do.
I have to go.
You'll be okay.
Bar fight? This is where you say, "You should see the other guy.
" You know, there's an AA meeting every night at 8:00 p.
at Lifebridge City Church.
- You should join me.
- Yeah, I don't do church.
It's all anonymous.
Look, if you think offering me something I don't need is gonna keep me quiet about your situation with Chief Ross, you're not very smart.
Two co-workers sharing a meal after hours.
No rules against that.
And a man slipping and falling at home after hours, no rule against that.
A-Andy, I'm I'm freaking out.
No one's showing up, the Chief won't stop grilling me, and Carina just left.
It's the first day.
Yeah, grand opening, grand closing.
I'm just happy Dean's not around to tell me to take his name off this failure.
Was Crisis One a big hit from day one? No.
No, I think Dean even said that it flopped on the first call.
Right, and then what happened? And then he got better and he trained us and you guys and the other fire stations, and now Crisis One is the national model for what it actually looks like to defund the Okay, II see what you did there.
Hey, I got a question, actually, about this, uh, pact.
What exactly constitutes sex? No.
Do not bail on me now just because you're feeling sorry for yourself.
- Absolutely not.
- I'm just asking.
Alright, look who's back! Uh Gibson, it'll get there, alright? Baby steps.
Okay, I gotta go.
Okay, okay.
So now that you're outta the wheelchair, does that mean no more sponge baths from hot nurses? Well, that's one thing I'll miss.
Hey! - Oh, there she is.
- Yes.
- Just stopped by to say hi to the boys.
- Okay.
Webber says that my recovery is progressing faster than they expected.
It must be all those curls.
Look at those guns, man.
Whoo! Look at that, it's the only part of my body I could work out.
- The only part? Hmm? - Okay.
Uh, i-it's good to see you, Cap.
When do you think you'll be back? Looking like 6 weeks or so.
- Okay.
- God willing.
Aid Car 23, Ladder 23 - to Bellflower Park, north gate.
- Sorry, Cap, looks like we're gonna have to do a tea time another day.
Yeah, Herrera's got us covering for 19 all shift.
This is a disaster.
No, it's not.
Yeah, it is.
It's a PRT-level disaster but, like, less guns.
PRT? Yeah, the Physician Response Team.
Was a vehicle that I made that was, um It was a mobile O.
Why isn't it in use? The city decommissioned it.
It was a It was deemed unsafe.
There might have been an incident where a junkie held a paramedic at gunpoint.
I'm sorry, okay? I say dumb things when I'm stressed.
The PRT program provided care to the community, which meant that we sometimes went into parts of the city - that are - I see.
So instead, you're making people come here? Less chance of being held at gunpoint? No.
No, no, no.
That's That's That's not I'm kidding, Dr.
Hey, oh, it's happening.
It's happening.
Calm down.
It's We got this.
Uh, welcome, sir.
Welcome to the Dean Miller Memorial Clinic.
Um, how can we help? Never mind.
No, no, no, no.
Please, no, sir.
We can We can help.
We can help you.
Right this way.
Uh, you're our first customer, so there's gotta be a prize for that or something, huh? I guess things are gonna go back to the way it was when Aquino returns.
Maddox and Barnes the boys' club.
Don't you want to fight? Maddox? Yes.
Every day.
- No, for your spot.
- Oh.
You turned this house around in what, two months? I always knew it was temporary.
It shouldn't be.
You earned that spot.
I'm not poaching Aquino's house.
I'm not talking about poaching.
Or I guess I am, but for good cause.
I've been at 23 a long time.
It's always been kind of a, you know, stupid boys' club.
The team is more of a family under your leadership.
It's worth fighting for if that's what you want.
What if we role-played? You're not my type.
- What if I got Emmett, like, a whip - Hmm.
to take out his frustrations on me? I don't think he's into that.
Well, nobody is the first time.
What Ooh, ooh, what if I - painted a nude portrait of him - Seriously? to match the one that he painted of me? Okay, how about this? How about this? Here's a thought.
How about you just tell him about how the stuff with your dad has brought up some issues for you and how it's making you resent him, and how you shared that with literally everyone, everyone but him.
Can we do that while eating his-and-his edible underwear off each other? Is that a thing, or? Alright, I'll call him.
Sir, come on in.
Hey, it's Emmett.
Leave me a message.
Ah, Emmett.
Hey, it's Travis again.
Can we please talk? Please call me.
That was so embarrassing.
Hi, sir.
How can I help you? Oh, I-I'm sorry.
My Korean is embarrassingly bad.
Uh Do you want to use my phone translation? I know what I'm doing.
Right this way, sir.
Right this way.
- She fell out of the sky! - She fell out of nowhere! Somebody hoist me up.
I'm gonna get her down.
Hey, sir, do not do that.
We don't need to rescue two people today.
Maddox, get the ladder in place.
Duvall, I need everyone away from this tree.
Looks like a parachute malfunction.
Okay, back.
Way back.
I need everybody over here.
- Hey, ma'am.
Can you hear us? - I-I think she just woke up.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Help me! - She's got multiple impalements.
- Yeah.
Please help me! What's you name, man? I'm Jack.
You know, I've noticed you've been scratching a lot.
Do you mind if I take a look? Okay.
So this is body shampoo, but really it's just a cream for lice and scabies.
You just pop the top, apply all over, and wait a few hours.
You want me to put that on in here? Right, you don't want to undress in public.
Um I'll tell you what, why why don't we go upstairs? Upstairs? Look, I'm gonna level with you, man.
Um pretty much my whole career might be riding on today, and right now, you're my best shot at calling it a success, so you'd be doing me a favor if you just came up Yeah.
Okay, cool.
Just, right this way.
Hey, uh, do you mind just waiting just a sec? Yeah, um, he looks like he has scabies.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure he does.
I'm taking him up to the showers.
Yeah, you can't, alright? He could be very contagious and at the hospital, we have a special bathroom just for this.
Warren, I-I know it's hard to let go of hospital procedures, but look, this guy came here to ask us for help, and he should be able to do so with dignity intact.
Look, if we undress and hose him down here in the barn, I mean, we might as well drive by a homeless encampment chucking canned goods at them, you know? Alright, alright.
But But if Carina asks, I know nothing.
See? Things are already looking up.
How can I help you? Um my son needs some help.
Alright, well, that's what we're here for.
- Come on.
- Come on.
Ma'am, can you hear me? Yeah.
Please Please, help me.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm Captain Herrera, and we're gonna get you down from there, okay? Am I gonna fall? I-I'm gonna fall! I'm gonna fall! Please! Duvall, let Grey-Sloan know we're coming.
- How soon? - As soon as we can Carefully bring her down without pulling any of those branches out.
It could be awhile, but she's gonna need blood the second we get her there.
Aah! Everything hurts! Just bear with us! We need to keep her calm.
Hang tight.
We're gonna come get you.
- Ladder's set.
- Alright, be careful up there.
Any movement of those branches, we'll risk her bleeding out, so I need slow and steady.
- Copy.
- Slow and steady.
What's your name? - I'm Andy.
- Sam.
Sam, we're gonna go nice and slow bringing you down, alright? Is there anyone you want us to call to come meet you, or keep you company? No, not really.
I-I just want to get down.
I Aah! Aah! Hey, hey, Sam.
Try not to move, okay? We're gonna get you down.
See them? They're making their way nice and slow, alright? - Oh.
- Hey.
Hi, uh, Chief Ross.
Your team's downstairs running a clinic and you're running on the treadmill? Well, yeah, it was, um it was slow.
Relax, Bishop, I meant it as a compliment.
- Oh.
- So, we're past due for our sit-down.
Your temporary demotion was well over a year ago, and that can't be contributing to your success on the job, having that hanging over your head.
Let's talk.
Tuesday? Great.
I'll see you then.
You know, uh, my mom is from Korea, too.
But her dad was a diplomat, so she kind of lived everywhere.
Anyway, I'm speaking English, like an idiot.
Uh Okay, uh Just, um Uh Please slow down.
This stupid app.
I, um Uh So he has unexplained weight loss, constant fatigue, and new edema in his legs.
My mom's from Seoul.
Mine is, too.
Well, I guess one of us paid attention in our Korean lessons, huh? Okay, Aston.
I'm gonna numb you up and then we'll drain the abscess.
Will it hurt? Oh, now you're afraid of needles? Sorry, continue.
No, you'll, uh you'll only feel a pinch.
I spent the past year hooked up to a dialysis machine three days a week, trying to save my life.
All the while, my son here was actively destroying his.
Kidney disease? I'm a cancer survivor, so I I understand the toll that any serious illness can take on the entire family.
Yeah, I bet your kids didn't start using heroin, though.
Was this all just retaliation? You're having a hard time with my disease? "I'll show her"? - What are you even talking about? - Hey, I may have dead kidneys, - but I am still your mother, - Hey, hey, hey, hey.
and you will not talk to me in that tone of voice! - Everyone just needs to take it easy.
- I tried to sit with you and keep you company when you first started dialysis.
I held your hand.
I watched you sleep.
All while you were strung out! I even told you how the machines worked when the doctors were talking too fast! I can't live my life in there with you! You spend entire days at the hospital - and come home looking like crap, - I was trying to - and it's so depressing, all of it! - save my life, and I still am! Okay, that's enough! No more yelling! I'm serious.
That's enough.
Just, um one second.
So, my dad died from cancer, and his legs swelled up just like that when he was Stage 4 'cause the fluid drainage was blocked.
Uh So what's the move? Do we give out diagnoses, send him to Grey-Sloan? I think we should ask Warren.
Have you seen my father, Jae-Jin Park? Ah.
I'm so sorry.
He just left the house without telling my mom where he went.
She found a flier for your clinic on his dresser.
Actually, sir, just just a second.
Um, can can we, um Uh, we actually think that your dad may need the hospital.
I know.
He has cancer.
It's metastatic.
It's Stage 4.
But we haven't told him.
My chute didn't open.
I fell straight down.
Oh, God.
How are you still alive? I've done this jump 100 times.
I don't know what happened.
Ow! Ow.
Ruiz, you're in charge.
I gotta make a phone call.
That's a lot of blood.
Am I gonna die up here? Sam, listen to me.
You're okay.
The branches are stopping most of the bleeding.
That's why we can't just pull you down.
Warren, please.
You did it for Terrence and it saved his life.
We need the PRT.
Any other day, Herrera.
Any other day.
This woman is dying today, right now.
Just screw the rules! Look, I got I got a woman here from the court watching me, and if I screw up You lose Pru.
Then can you get it approved? To make it official? I'd need an anesthesiologist.
I'd need a scrub nurse.
It doesn't seem like you have that kind of time.
No, I don't.
I can call Grey-Sloan.
I already did that.
- I'm sorry.
- Thanks anyway.
No, I-I-I can't wait.
I-I need to get down now.
- I need to get down, okay? - Ah! Crap.
Oh, my God! - Oh, my God! - It's okay.
It's okay.
- Oh, my God! - Unbelievable.
I can go up.
No, I need to get face to face with her.
I'll, um I'll start on your back.
How do you know the Chief? Come on, let's skip the part where you tell me you don't know her again, because I have eyes, and Beckett said that thing about sexual favors the other day, and, uh I have eyes.
Hmm? She wants to finally meet about my demotion.
I need to nail this and get my job back.
What do you know? I don't know anything.
If I get my captaincy back, we get rid of Beckett.
- We were friends a long time ago.
- Oh! I hadn't seen her in 15 years.
Hadn't stayed in touch till she showed up in Seattle.
And, yes, she promoted me, but for no other reason.
You were more than worthy of that promotion.
I know you get it.
You might be the only person at this house that gets how ambitious I am, and I get how ambitious you are, so let's help each other out.
You tell me how to win her over and I make sure that nobody else at 19 figures out your secret.
We We can help you.
We can connect you with the best doctors, - the best surgeons.
- We're way past that.
His cancer is inoperable.
So why doesn't he know? We want to celebrate what's left of his life, spend time together, go on trips.
But he won't if he learns what's really happening to him.
He's too proud.
He'll hide from all of us because he'll think he's a burden, which is worse than a prognosis.
Yes, it's a lie, but it's a lie out of love.
But he knows that you're hiding something from him, otherwise, he would have told you where he was going today.
He deserves the truth.
I'm Sorry we wasted your time today.
Uh Goodbye.
I need to call my mom.
How do you think I feel seeing you like this? Probably the same way he feels seeing you like that? Oh, God.
Look, Aston, I know you feel like you can't listen to your mom because she's, you know, beating you up every day about everything you do, but I'm hoping you'll listen to me.
The drugs you are doing are the number-one cause of death amongst young people in this country.
Do you hear me? Number one.
You seem like a good kid, so I really don't want to get called to the park one day and find your body there.
People die every day from things they can't control.
This you have a shot.
Alright, you have a shot of living if you get to rehab today.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I'll get you some information.
It's gonna be okay.
Hey, how's day one go Mm.
That good, huh? I have had this stranger breathing down my neck, watching my every mistake all damn day, and when I finally do something good, she's not there.
Plus, I had to say no to helping Herrera save a life because, you know, there's so much damn red tape in the world.
I mean, I'm sick of red tape.
Alright, Sam.
Come on, deep breaths, okay? Deep breaths.
Sam, it's me, Andy.
I'm right here.
Look, this has to be terrifying.
But you did a free fall from a mile high and you lived.
That's freakin' baller.
You should be a firefighter.
I'm a waitress.
And I can't die.
Okay? I can't die a waitress.
Hey, it's okay.
I'm supposed to be a journalist.
I'm supposed to win a Pulitzer.
I was gonna change the world.
I-I was too afraid to fail.
I didn't try.
I've been jumping out of planes, trying to work up the courage, and And I keep thinking, "After this jump, "I'll be brave enough to write.
"To at least try.
" I didn't even get to try.
And now some journalist who had the stones to try is gonna write the headline, "Waitress Destroys Ancient Tree.
" Sam, you are brave.
You are.
I knew what I wanted, and I-I didn't go after it.
We're almost done with this one, Sam.
Herrera, you should head back down now.
Nope, I'm staying right here.
Sam, I'm right here with you.
Sam? Sam? Sam? Ready, bring us down! Come on.
Yeah, man.
You look handsome.
We're We're open again next week.
You can come back as much as you want.
It's been so long since I've seen my face clean shaven.
Since my wife, you know? She passed away about six years ago.
Since then.
You know, she had these little porcelain figurines of farm animals that she'd line up on the windowsill in the kitchen, and I hated them.
Every morning I'd go down there and I'd take them away and hide them, just, you know just to mess with her.
It really got her going.
When she died, I just left them there on the windowsill in a line.
Didn't have the heart to take them down.
Didn't have the heart to do much of anything anymore.
The bills, the foreclosure.
I couldn't see the point of carrying on, you know? She was my only reason.
No one has looked at me I mean, looked at me and seen me in six years, till today.
Thank you.
So, um, Chief Ross.
Mm-hmm? When can I take you out to dinner again, hmm? Well, Lieutenant Sullivan, my schedule's a little full now that I promised every captain and lieutenant in Seattle a meal, but Sully, this is messy.
I think we should just lay low a beat.
Let me get a few more rubber stamps in, and then, you know we'll see.
We'll see, huh? Mm-hmm.
We'll see.
You know, I could I could set aside a private bunk for you two.
I'll even put up a little "do not disturb" sign.
- Captain, there's a call for you.
- Who is it? That's the extent of my receptionist skills.
See? You scratch my back Yeah, I get it, Bishop.
I'll help you, alright? - Mm-hmm.
- First thing is, she hates a suck-up.
- Oh.
- Alright? What about skywriting? Oh, my God.
Trav, you spent the entire afternoon trying and failing to communicate with that man.
If you can't see the metaphor here, I'm actually I do.
I see it! Okay? I see it! I know! I know I'm supposed to communicate and listen and learn and tell my truth, but what if the truth is hurtful, you know? What if What if it's kinder to lie to protect someone? Like your dad did to your mom? My truth is horrible, okay? I am a judgy, selfrighteous hypocrite.
You're supposed to refute that.
I'm pretty sure I've said all those things to you multiple times today.
I just Trav, you don't actually want to What if I don't deserve him taking me back? What about that? Okay, Travis, stop.
I think I think it is okay if you don't want him to take you back.
I know you don't want to hurt him again, and maybe you already told him the truth.
Gibson, that was a beautiful thing you did for that man today.
Yeah, um kinda bummed we only had 12 patients, but it'll pick up.
Those 12 patients had their lives changed, and they might just go out and change some other lives.
What you did today is not a small thing, and word's gonna build.
I am impressed, Gibson.
Take the win.
Nothing you saw here today shows you what's most important.
My wife and I, we love Pru with every fiber of our being.
Everyone in this building does.
So That's why she belongs with us.
I think you're wrong.
I think today was an important piece of the puzzle, 'cause what I saw today was a man who works hard and cares deeply, a man who goes the extra mile, a good human who is very likely a good parent.
I will represent the fullest picture of the story in my official recommendation for the judge.
That's why we do these visits.
But I have also been doing this for years, and I want to brace you for the possibility ready you for how I've often seen it shake out.
You and your wife are very impressive, but the Millers are blood.
And, yes, I do have a lot of say, but I don't have the final say.
- Hey, how'd that delivery go? - 4 pounds, 7 ounces.
Everyone is healthy.
I heard you did good.
Yeah, I, uh I think I actually did.
You don't have to say "actually" like you're surprised.
Oh, but I am.
Yeah, I did not think I could do this, Carina.
Um, up until I was doing it, I thought, "This is gonna fail.
- "I'm a failure.
" - Mm.
And then somehow, suddenly, I wasn't? I will always hate you, just Just a tiny part of me, for sleeping with Maya, but working on this clinic with you, I've watched you become the man you really are, and What I'm saying - You kinda like me? - No, I did not say that.
- Yeah.
- No, no, no.
You do.
You like me.
Kinda thinking it? - Shh, no! Come on, Jack.
- You thought it.
Not a word to Maya, shh.
Emmett, hi.
I've been calling you.
Yeah, I know, and and just stop, okay? There's a reason I haven't been answering, so just stop, Travis.
Wait, I just want to talk to you.
No, I don't I don't want to talk! I am asking you to please have just enough respect to notice that I don't want to talk to you, and that I haven't been answering for a reason.
So, Travis, please, just stop.
Emmett, I-I love you! - Emmett, please, wait.
- No, you don't.
- No, I - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, okay? I'm really, really sorry.
I was angry with you because you reminded me of my dad, and I know that that's not fair.
And I didn't talk to you about it and that was also not fair, but I know that you are not my dad, and I know that what you two had in common - was just a very rational fear - No, I don't and it was not my place to judge, and I'm sorry.
And I want to talk about it.
I want to talk about it and I want to be honest, and I-I want to listen, and I do love you.
I do.
No, but Maybe you love me, Travis, but you don't respect me, and I don't think I can be with you anymore and and still respect myself, okay? Which I do.
- Wait, will you just - No, I-I respect myself, even if I am Kinda like your dad.
- Let's just - No, no.
Please don't call me again.
Why knock if you're just gonna barge in, Sullivan? My worst day when I was using, I found myself on the floor of my office with a probie putting Narcan up my nose.
I never heard that part of the story.
Well, I bet you didn't hear that I pissed my pants.
That my body thought I'd died, so my bowels emptied themselves.
"Oh, I'm good at what I do.
I'm I'm excellent.
" I kept leaning into that inside my head.
"I'm good at what I do.
I'm just having a rough patch.
"I'll stop tomorrow.
" But you know what? Tomorrow never came, and I wasn't good anymore.
I was on the floor in my office, lying in a puddle of my own filth.
Look, I-I don't know if you're drinking at work or not.
I'm not drinking at work, Sullivan.
Well, maybe not yet, but it's just a matter of time.
Look, I'm not sleeping with the Chief.
I'm not trying to blackmail you, and I'm tired of playing games.
I'm trying to save your career, man.
I'm trying to save your life.
Come to a meeting.
- Look, I'm not - It's not a church.
It's a basement of a church, where people come to and they tell the truth about the worst days of their lives, and and somehow, telling the truth makes you better.
One day at a time.
When's the meeting? Thursday, 8:00.
I don't know.
Is "co-worker" a little close for comfort? You know, I guess it might be weird, especially when I get reinstated as captain.
Like, "Line up in 10 and I want your sperm on my desk by lunch"? And what if you don't get your captaincy back? I will.
So whoever this person might be, you want that somebody to be in the baby's life? You know, I don't think I ever thought about it like that until just now, but You know, look at what happened with Miller.
I mean, my job is so high-stakes and high-danger.
- If something ever happened to me - No, don't you dare.
I am just saying, God forbid, something happened to me, I don't want to leave you alone.
So you want a third parent in this? No, no, no.
Not a parent, exactly.
But he could be like an uncle.
Okay, there is something I have to tell you.
Jack offered.
Offered what? His sperm.
When? It was practically a joke.
He was like, "Um, I have extra if you need some.
" And he took it immediately back, like, "It's a dumb thing to say.
" - Because it is.
- Exactly.
You tell your grandma that you get one bedtime story, not two.
No, two! No, one.
No, three! Ooh, ooh.
Me, me, me.
I wanna say hi.
Come on.
Hi, Uncle Jack.
Hi, Pru.
- Guess what? - What? Chicken butt.
- I have no idea who taught her that.
- Yeah.
Chief Ross.
Herrera? What happened? I lost a life.
A life that could have been saved if the PR hadn't been shut down by people without a vision who prioritized protocols and avoided lawsuits over human life.
Captain Aquino is expected to return in a month or so, and after some careful thought, I You feel like you should be made captain of 23 permanently.
The team my father put together has spearheaded programs that are saving taxpayers thousands of dollars a year and are changing this city for the better.
Crisis One, the clinic, PRT, which I want to fight for.
I want to fight for the PRT, but it's not my place, 'cause 19's not my house, but it should be.
I was able to make some changes during my time as captain at 23, but the problems at that house go deeper than hazing and sex jokes.
I I want to be at 19.
19's my home.
You just solved a big problem for me.
Yeah, I finally worked my way through McCallister's desk, and what I found was a massive budget issue, bigger than I thought.
I have to find $14 million or SFD has to declare bankruptcy, so all week, I've been trying to figure out which station to shut down, and after the way that you just spoke about 23, that's an easy decision.
- No, no, no.
- I'm I-I didn't mean to I know.
I know you didn't.
Thank you for your transparency.
Let's get dinner next week, and we'll figure out how to get you home, okay?
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