Station 19 (2018) s05e13 Episode Script

Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire

Save some energy for the actual meeting, mamita.
- Good Morning.
- Hey, morning.
I need one of your Sully pep talks.
Oh, okay.
I have to deliver a lot of bad news this morning, and contrary to what many in this department may think, I don't actually enjoy doing that.
Alright, well you are Natasha Seo-yeon Ross.
You are powerful.
You are impressive.
You are inspiring.
You are You're beautiful.
And all who meet you admire you.
You were put here to do a job, because no one else can do this job better than you, and everyone sees it.
And if they don't, screw them, because they weren't gonna be of use to you anyway.
This is good.
This is good.
Keep it coming.
Well, you are faster, you're stronger, you're smarter than most guys out there.
Who gives a crap what's under your camis? Look, if they want to cry and say that's why Sarge picked you as my spotter, let them.
In fairness to them, we are close.
People talk.
Look, Tash, the facts are these you earned your promotion because you are better than them, period.
But if they want to give you flak for that, it's because they're sexist, which means they're stupid, which means they're not gonna last long in the Marines.
Thanks, Lance Corporal.
You don't have to call me that.
Thanks, Sully.
- How long have we been out here now? - Six hours, man.
It's just a delivery bike.
Is it true, uh, Chief Ross is coming in today? Yep, she is.
I'm obsessed with her.
Ex-military, first female chief of SFD, and a Black woman.
Yeah, she is impressive.
It's just I don't know, s-seeing female leadership in the department is important, you know? It's someone to look up to.
- Are you - Hey, Chief's here.
Chief, good morning.
Hi, uh, so, before you make any announcements, can we revisit the conversation? Look, it's it's a really good house.
Herrera, I try not to make a habit of waffling.
You make a decision, you stand by it, good or bad.
Chief - Morning.
- Morning.
I won't take up too much of your time.
I want to thank you all for your hard work and your dedication to this community, but it pains me to inform you that Station 23 will be closing.
- What? - What? - Are you kidding me? - We're closing? Hey, hey.
23, your Chief is speaking.
I understand this isn't great news.
You'll finish out the week, then Stations 19 and 57 will be absorbing your call district.
Some of you will be reassigned.
I know you have questions, and I want to assure you, the department is here for you.
- Here for us? - Yeah, Chief, I have a question.
- Hmm? - Why? I'm sorry, folks.
You have done good work.
In the end, this is just about numbers.
Look at 19.
Their Crisis One program and the new clinic reduced low acuity calls by an estimated 29%.
That frees up a lot of time, and we found that we don't need two stations so close together.
You'll be receiving your reassignments or your severance notices by the end of the week, after the closing ceremony.
In the meantime, keep serving Seattle, like you always have.
Thank you.
- So this is 19's fault, huh? - That's not what she said.
Are you kidding? Is this a joke? Oh, Warren and Dr.
Bailey have that meeting with the Millers today.
I swear, if we don't get that baby, I am going to sue.
- You want some more coffee? - No, I'm drinking tea.
Glad to see you're handling the breakup so well.
Wait, they finally broke up? Yeah, they did.
Is it a breakup if neither of you say the words "break up"? Mm, when's the last time you spoke to him? Three days ago, when he said, "Don't ever call me again.
" Yeah, that sounds exactly like a breakup.
- Oh, my God.
They're shutting 23 down.
- What? - Just like that? Shutting it down? - They can do that? This is all the information I have.
"Chief just showed up and shut us down.
" So like, what now? Does Herrera come back? Does Theo come here? Oh, God.
I hope not.
Couples that work together never work out.
That's all That's not true! Michael and I.
Herrera and Sullivan? Herrera and Gibson? - Gibson and Bishop? - Okay, I'm feeling a little attacked.
- You and Emmett.
- Okay, those are good points.
Crisis One requested to 328 Birch Pond Street.
Great, speaking of Emmett.
See? This is why you shouldn't work with boyfriends.
'Cause boyfriends become ex-boyfriends.
You're gonna do great.
I am great.
I just need the Chief to see it.
I thought you were going to a meeting.
I was.
And then I got drunk.
Well, I-I guess you need another meeting.
This how it's gonna be now? You keeping tabs on me every day? You know 23 got shut down, right? Budget cuts? Which means the department is sniffing out any little problem at a station, and we are all under a microscope.
If you don't get your act right, you're gonna get 19 shut down.
By "department," do you mean your lady friend? She's not gonna do that to you.
You know, with 23 closing, there are two captains who need new assignments, and you're not well.
You need to get well before you hit a bottom you can't come back from.
I mean, maybe we should just report our relationship to the department so they're forced to keep us apart? Hey, have you asked Theo if he even wants to transfer to 19? Well, why wouldn't he? Everybody does.
- I called the police.
- Yes, we are Seattle Fire.
- I'm Travis, and you are - Virginia.
There's no fire.
I just need a tenant kicked out.
Uh, okay, well, we have a-a program called Crisis One that handles special cases like this.
"Special case"? It's just my bum tenant, Alan.
He didn't pay last month's rent, and now he's late on this month's.
Been banging on his door, but he's obviously dodging me.
Oka Well, have you tried entering? Not allowed.
This state, I swear.
Hey, when was the last time you saw him enter or exit? A month or so ago, but he's smart.
He knows the minute that he leaves I am going to be changing the locks! - Alan! - Hey! People are here to kick your ass out! - N-No.
- You better either have a check or your crap packed up and ready to beat it! Okay.
- Thank you.
- Virginia, please.
We will take it from there.
Sorry, traffic.
Oh, now, who's this? Uh, well, this is our trained civilian responder, - Emmett Dixon.
- Whatever.
- Just get his ass out of there.
- Okay.
- Hi.
- H-Hi.
Alan? Alan, are you home? This is Seattle Fire! We're not police, so you don't have to be scared.
- Halligan? - Oh, Halligan, yeah.
I'm gonna, um Hey, Vic? Hey, wait up.
Wait up, wait.
Look, I know everyone's feeling punched in the gut, but we have to remember we're still Station 23 firefighters, and until those doors are chained up and we're locked out, - we still have a job to do.
- Would you just stop? You never wanted to be here in the first place.
You've been trying to jump ship since day one.
Hey, Cap.
Any way you can take me to 19 with you? - Duval.
- I Look, I don't know where I'll end up, same as everyone else.
Ladder 23, Engine 23, and Aid Car 23 requested at 460 Ryder Avenue.
You know, she probably volunteered to give us the axe so that she could go back to her precious 19.
Bet you're right.
You're an excellent firefighter, excellent captain.
Stay calm.
Be direct.
You're an excellent firefighter, an excellent captain.
- Lieutenant Bishop? - Uh, Chief Ross.
- Um, hi.
- Hey.
I'm sorry.
I must have lost track of time.
Oh, no.
No, I'm early.
Uh, we cleared out the conference room.
It's right upstairs.
Here's fine.
Yeah, and feel free to keep working.
I find that moving around helps me keep a clear head when I'm making important decisions.
Go ahead.
So, Bishop.
Your record is impressive.
An Olympian, a respected captain prior to your demotion.
You've accomplished a lot at a young age.
So let me ask you this.
What is your end goal here in the fire department? Uh, fire chief.
I know I have to work my way up, but I am excited to do what it takes to earn that position.
I like ambition.
And I appreciate a work ethic like yours, and I don't want you to lose sight of that goal despite the fact that I will not be reinstating you as captain of 19.
Chief, it was a matter of life or death.
That child is alive because I prioritized his life over policy.
- I don't - Did you know I'm a Marine? When I was on my second tour in Iraq we were ambushed one night.
One of our guys was injured.
He was way out of our range.
Against orders, this guy, Mikey, he went out to save him.
He wanted to be a hero.
And he he blew our cover.
Mikey and that guy made it out, but it cost the lives of more than half of my team.
You cannot isolate the fact that that kid lived from the fact that you openly defied the Chief, who knew more than you did in that moment.
Chief Ross, McCallister demoted me for insubordination.
The captain he replaced me with left the doors of our engine open and got it stolen and destroyed.
Did he face any consequences? I'm not defending McCallister's leadership, but I am upholding his demotion.
I believe he made the right call on that.
McCallister did not care about the kid.
He had it out for me from day one because I condoned 19 - supporting Black Lives Matter.
- Bishop.
You really want that allegation on your record at this time? Yes, McCallister was problematic, but, Bishop, your inability to do the job in spite of that is the problem.
Your refusal to recognize that, like it or not, being in the fire service means adhering to a chain of command, that was and is the problem.
And frankly, the fact that you have shown no remorse for any of this behavior does not make me feel confident that you have any intention of ever changing it.
Ladder 19 and Engine 19 requested at 460 Ryder Avenue.
- That's me.
- Go.
I got it.
This is the one.
And these, too.
There we go.
- There we go there.
- Mm.
Don't let Dr.
Wright see you like that.
Hey, look, i-it's not your fault that your resident has the hots for you.
But you tell him next time, keep his hands to himself.
It's not his hands that were the problem.
- Yeah, well, his lips, then.
- Mm.
- Oh, they're here.
- Okay.
Hi, Randa.
Hello! - Hey.
- Dr.
Miranda Bailey.
- Pru has told me so much about you.
- Oh.
- You're - Oh, I'm Anna, the nanny.
- Oh.
- The nanny.
- Hi, Ben.
- Hey.
Are they not here yet? They had a last-minute doctor's appointment.
I guess it's running late.
They asked me to bring her over and just meet them here, 'cause I have a hard out at now.
See you soon, buddy.
- Bye.
- Take care.
Good to see you both.
- Come on in.
- Mm-hmm.
You go with Grandpa? Alrighty.
Um, can I, uh, get anyone coffee or tea? I'd prefer it if we just get to it.
Okay, then, uh, w-why don't we have a seat while we wait for the guardian ad litem? Tabitha will no longer be joining us today.
My husband and I have decided, uh, pending agreement around certain visitation privileges, that, uh the best arrangement would be for you to take guardianship of Arike.
What the hell are you doing to my door? I'm trying to open it, Virginia.
Are you thinking mental breakdown? A mental breakdown, incapacitation, medical emergency, recovering from a bender.
Who knows? It could be anything.
Oh, God.
Alan! - Mm! - Alan! Alan! Ugh! Alan! Ugh! - Ugh.
- Oh! Oh! Oh, that's loud.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Alan.
Saw Ross on my way out.
How did it go? What? The sit-down.
We didn't get to finish because of the call.
Well, I'm pulling for you.
Remember, she respects candor and conviction.
Yeah, thanks.
Heads up, 19.
This is a candy factory, so there's gonna be a lot of combustible materials inside.
Stay alert.
Alright, 19, I want the ladder out front on standby.
Ladder 19 is Search and Rescue.
Gibson, Sullivan, you're Fire Attack.
Let's get water on this before it gets any bigger.
There are still people stuck inside! - I haven't seen Stella! - Do you work here? You look injured.
I work on the distribution line, but I'm fine.
You have to find Stella! She's We're having a baby! - What can you tell me about the layout? - You gotta get her out! I'll get her out.
The layout will help.
This is what it looks like inside.
The generator is over here by the conveyor belts.
Okay, this is helpful.
Thank you.
- Bishop, take Aid 23.
Start triage.
- Okay.
Sir, let's take a look at these wounds, okay? - Let's go over here.
- Please find Stella! 23 on scene.
What's the assignment? Herrera, I need you and Duval to get a second hose line inside to back up Fire Attack.
Ruiz, Barnes, help Ladder 19 with Search and Rescue.
We have a pregnant woman inside, last whereabouts unknown.
Her name is Stella.
Stella! Hey, 23.
Sorry about your house.
Hey, why hasn't the power been cut? I guess this place has its own generator.
Beckett, we gotta cut the generator! Should be on the northeast wall! Copy.
Okay, so, burning sugar is worse than tar, and sugar dust is basically TN once it gets hot enough, so stay alert in there.
- Let's go! - Yep! Furthermore, nurturing Arike's Nigerian heritage is of utmost importance.
Uh, the Laus feel equally passionate about her exposure to and nurturing of her Chinese culture.
Yeah, and we're deeply committed to both.
I mean, even our boys are excited.
Yeah, J-Joey found this, uh, Nigerian grocery store over on 7th, and he's become very, uh, "MasterChef"-y about things.
Well, anyway, there are a few other things we'd like to get clear on before this becomes settled law.
Bill and I propose that we have her for Memorial Day weekends, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and we'd like two weeks out of her summers with the Laus to travel with her.
And we're open to alternating birthdays.
Okay, we a-absolutely think it's important for Pru to spend some holidays with you, but But t-that's, um Well, that's every holiday.
It's not enough that you have her for the majority of her life? We're allowing you to win here.
You get her for all of the time! - And yet - "And yet"? And yet, you keep fighting us at every turn.
I don't think that that's true.
I don't think that's what's happening.
- Okay, what you're proposing is absurd.
- Excuse me? Okay No.
L-Let's just try to remember that Pru is napping in the next room, - so let's keep it all - No.
No, we do not accept.
Um - Ugh.
- Is he Yeah, for a while.
I wouldn't recommend going in there.
Oh, crap.
Did he stain my floor? We're really sorry, Virginia? Yeah, he probably probably ran out of insulin.
- He I guess he couldn't afford it.
- Oh, geez.
I didn't even know he was sick! Wait, no one even noticed that he was gone for a whole month? No one to help him get his medication? He just had no one? Aid Car 19 requested to 460 Ryder Avenue.
Oh, that's us.
Oh, no, wait.
You can't leave.
Who's gonna clean up Alan? I-I'll wait until the police arrive - and write up the report.
- Okay, thank you.
Um Is he really dead? Yes.
I'm sorry.
You seemed close.
Stella! Can you hear us?! Stella! Where are all the Oompa Loompas? Maybe they went on strike and set the place on fire.
Cap, hold on.
The floor is mega sticky.
We gotta keep moving! Come on, let's go.
We stay in one place too long and we'll need rescuing.
There's probably enough sugar dust in here to bring down the whole building! Then we need to cut the power before those fans spread it all over the place.
Hey, hey! Does that look like a power box to you? Yeah! Alright.
Go, go, go, go, go! Dammit! Incident Command, there's no generator controls here.
And the air's starting to get spicy.
Have they found Stella yet? Maybe you could go help them.
Okay, we have an excellent team of firefighters in there.
We all have our jobs to do.
Mine is to help you.
Helping me would be finding my girlfriend.
She's pregnant.
I didn't want her working, but she kept saying we couldn't afford for her not to.
Hey, Blondie, you almost done with that Lifepak? 'Cause I need it.
Or does 19 get all the equipment, too? Maddox, I am sorry that they're closing your station, but that is not my fault.
- Right.
- They're closing a fire station? What does that mean? Are there enough guys inside? There are enough people in there, and they're all very good at their job.
Gibson, Sullivan.
The generator should be on the northeast wall.
We're here, sir, but there's no generator.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
It's on the left.
Southwest, in the basement.
- He's reading it upside down.
- Are you sure? I've worked here for eight years.
I drew the map for your captain.
Captain, the generator is on the southwest wall of the basement.
I thought you said you were good at your jobs! Incident Command, this is Herrera.
Duval and I are on the southeast wall.
We're looking at something that looks kind of like a distillery.
That is the hopper.
Herrera, if you and Duval can close the hopper chute and stop the sugar flow, that'll make 19's job a lot easier.
Gibson, Sullivan, stay on Fire Attack.
We gotta stop this.
Jam it.
Alright, I need you to pull.
On three one, two, three! Is there somebody here?! Please help me! I can't see! Duval, go help her until Ruiz can get her out! Barnes, Ruiz! We've located your victim! She's on the southeast wall.
Beckett! Beckett! Patient says that you have the map upside down.
What? The generator is on the southwest wall of the basement.
Gibson, the generator is on the southwest wall of the basement.
Oh, God, do I still have the smell of rotting Alan in my nostrils, or is - I think it's pixie dust.
- Triage.
- I think Theo's in there.
- He'll be outside soon.
Duval, I need you to get back here! Ruiz, here, take over.
Go ahead, Duval.
We got her.
I need you to find something that's gonna give us some leverage! Alright, I'm gonna put this mask on you.
It'll help you breathe better, okay? Yeah, that! Ah, perfect.
Alright, ready? - Okay, you pull, I push.
- Okay.
One, two, three.
Oh! Incident Command, this is Herrera.
The hopper is closed.
Good work, Herrera.
19, knock down that fire! Whoo! Good work, Duval.
Sullivan, abort generator mission.
Knock down that fire! Roger that, base.
So, what are you gonna do when you're done with the uniform? When you get out, huh? Get me a 9:00 to 5:00, get married, have five kids, kiddie pool in the backyard.
- The whole package.
- Five? Dang, I feel sorry for whoever ends up with you.
What about you? What are you gonna do when you're out? Nothing.
This, I can do forever.
This is what I'm built for.
No, no.
No, you're not.
Nobody is.
You see yourself as the marrying kind? Nah.
All the good guys want this "whole package" business.
We got movement.
Lights are on.
Target acquired.
Give me a read.
Looks like 1.
5 Mils.
- Roger that, 1.
5 Mils.
- Mm-hmm.
Slight left-to-right wind.
Dial in 2.
84 Mils.
Spotters up.
Ready to engage.
Your shot is clear.
Send it.
Take the shot.
I'm not gonna blow the back of this guy's head off in front of his kids.
Sullivan, you got a clear shot.
You got When I tell you to take the shot, you take it.
Miranda, Miranda No, no, no, no.
Ben, no.
I'm not gonna just sit there and be talked to like that.
- I understand, but - This is not a deal, it's The fact that we're even discussing it as if it is a deal is absurd.
I know, I know, but we need to calm down.
Just listen to me, Miranda.
What? Miran Um, your son put it in writing, and you are in no position to care for this child on your own.
- Okay, Mir - And you both know it.
Okay, Miranda, let's just take things I know about your health condition, Bill.
What? Now, I-I-I took an oath, and I would never break my oath, but I am Chief of the most prestigious hospital in the Pacific Northwest, and information finds me.
And I know that you've been having health problems.
And if the courts had the information that I do, none of this would even be a conversation.
And even if by some miracle the courts were fine with it, you both know that it would physically be too much.
Which is why you came here today to act like you were doing us a favor saying she can be with us full-time, all while trying to carve out some equation where you you have her for all the magic, and we're functioning as glorified nannies.
Hey, tell me if I've got any of this wrong.
You have.
It's my heart.
I'm so sorry, I-Ifeya.
I d I didn't realize I suffered a heart attack recently.
I have a pacemaker now that they're still adjusting.
It's just really hard to keep up with a toddler with that.
It's hard keeping up with a toddler without one.
I mean, we we understand how frightened you must be.
I W-We understand you want to be there for every single one of Pru's celebrations.
And And we think you should be.
We want you to be.
We just We'd just like to be there, too.
You know, I can get you an appointment with Dr.
Maggie Pierce.
She's our best cardiac surgeon.
Y-You'll be in good hands.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
She should be with you.
It's what's best for her.
Uh, we do have one final request, however.
Uh, Pru lost her father to a fire.
He died on the job.
She cannot lose another father that way.
Ifeya I-I couldn't save my son, but if I can spare his daughter's heart, it's my job, as someone who cares about her, to try.
Hold this.
Hold this on your Stella! Stella! - Oh, my God.
What happened? - Oh, baby, is that you?! It looks like the sugar burned her eyes.
She couldn't see where she was going and she got trapped.
It was everywhere.
The air was like lightning.
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
I'm okay, baby.
We're okay.
I love you.
I love you both.
- Ricky, where'd you go? - Right here.
Let's get married, baby.
Okay, sir, we really need to get her to the hospital.
Would you like to ride with her? Yes! Sorry, sorry.
Baby, I'm right beside you.
Hell yeah.
Let's get married! Okay, we gotta go.
- Sorry about 23.
- Hmm.
How'd it go with Ross? She do you better than us? We have a lot to drink about.
- Hmm.
- Thanks for the save, Herrera.
Yeah, what happened in there? Beckett read the map he was given upside down.
- What? -Mm-hmm.
"Wow," yeah.
So, how you doing? You okay? Not really.
Hmm? It's not not my fault 23 got shut down.
I-I mean, these guys, they're they're boneheads, but they're damn good firefighters.
Most of them.
And I failed as their leader.
I-I saw an opportunity to go back to 19, and I sank them in the process.
If my dad saw me now I know the feeling.
You think you're doing the right thing, but then it ends up costing someone their job.
Look, you're an excellent leader, Andy.
Just, um Just learn from it.
I did.
Hold right edge.
Spotters up.
Clear shot.
Now or never.
I lied.
I don't want to be a Marine forever.
I want to paint, and I want to travel, and I want to learn to cook French food, but I can't do any of that until we finish this till this is over.
Do you understand me? Then take the shot and end this, Sullivan.
Sullivan! I'm calling in a drone strike.
Equinox, this is Thunder Spade.
We have a situation.
Target is not viable.
Requesting Scratch that, Equinox.
Ready for extraction.
Hey, you might want to clear your lockers, B-shift.
Herrera's got us shut down.
Captain Herrera.
You taught me a lot, and you saved my ass more than once.
I'd follow you into any fire.
Alright, listen up.
Look, every single one of you has proven time and time again what amazing firefighters you are.
Budget cuts can't take away what you've done for this city and for this community.
Look, Station 23 has a long history of legendary firefighters, and you all are and always will be part of that history.
I mean, come on.
You're the last of the legends.
So take what you've accomplished here into the world and go make it less crappy.
You're all gonna land on your feet.
Well most of you.
To Captain Herrera, the last fire captain of Station 23.
- Yeah, Herrera.
- Captain Herrera! Captain Herrera! Herrera! What's happening here? I'm trying to remove the stench of death.
You know, we see people dead and dying every day.
- And yet, somehow - That was worse? That was not something humans are meant to see or smell.
Only the worms and maggots and stuff - are supposed to see that.
- Hmm.
Seeing that poor man, who died alone with no one to even notice he was gone Made you grateful for me? It made me realize that I don't think I ever really loved Emmett.
I mean, I think I liked him a lot.
I liked being around him.
But mostly, I just didn't want to be alone.
So I told him what he wanted to hear because it was easier than hurting him which, in a way, kind of makes me the one that was acting like my dad.
- Oh - Hey! Oh, my Oh, my Hey.
Sorry, sorry.
That was I just really wanted to - do that yesterday - Yep.
when I saw you.
You know, if you want to work at 19, it's totally fine.
I don't really think that's up to me.
- Oh.
- But thank you.
- Hey, man! - Hey.
No, take it off! Take it off! No.
Ooh! Ooh! - Hey.
- Hey.
Um I-I couldn't sleep 'cause all I could see was Alan's bloated body.
And, uh Look, I-I know I said that I didn't want to talk to you and that I-I didn't think you loved me, but, Trav, that was stupid.
That was unfair, and I think we should be together.
I think we're great together, and I know you love me, Trav.
This life is is it's too damn short to be this complicated, so can we just pretend like all of that never happened? I forgive you.
I-I really, really forgive you.
We got exactly what we wanted.
And yet And yet.
What are you gonna do? I don't know.
I-I don't know.
But, uh, you realize you broke HIPAA with the Millers yesterday? Nope.
I was fully bluffing.
I just took what the nanny said and ran with it.
Oh, I married an evil genius.
I don't know what came over me.
I mean, I know exactly what she's going through, and I still went after her.
Yeah, well, you did what you had to for your family, you know? And I love you for it.
So does your resident, apparently.
- I'm sorry.
- Stop! I'm sorry.
Come on.
It's too easy.
I told you last night that the Chief said no.
I know, but I had already chilled the champagne, so I decided we're still celebrating.
- There are so many things to celebrate.
- I can't.
I'm angry and frustrated, and I need to throw things and get this out of my system.
And I can't do that when you are being kind and supportive, so please just let me be pissed for a little bit.
I still love you, and we're still making a baby, okay? I just need to get this out first.
I know war changes you, but I didn't think it would change me this much.
You haven't changed that much.
You're still a guy who won't kill a man in front of his kids.
I don't think that merits a celebration.
You still see the human in your scope.
That matters.
- You're still afraid to cross that line.
- It's messy.
- It - I If I die out there and if it - if you die out there, what will ha - If you die I'll grieve.
If I die, you'll grieve.
We are close.
We care already.
We already care too much.
We are already over the line.
Can we just enjoy it? Chief Ross.
- Lieutenant Sullivan, Station 19.
- Lieutenant Sullivan.
- Yeah, good to see you again.
- Yeah.
How can I help you? I am afraid it's a bit of a delicate matter.
I know you're closing houses, consolidating staffs, but I think you should know that as you look at your leadership and decide what to do with Herrera, Aquino, and Bishop, that, um, Beckett has a drinking problem.
Look, I don't know for sure if he's drinking at work, but he's keeping booze hidden in drawers, so I'd bet money he is.
He's getting sloppy, and he doesn't want to get help, so it's just a matter of time before he gets someone killed.
- Have you talked to him about this? - I have done everything I can.
And it's complicated, because he knows we well, he suspects we have history.
But he's putting my team at risk, so I'm letting you know.
You know if I get into it, there's no half-measure for something like this in this department, right? I'm aware.
Thanks for letting me know, Lieutenant.

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