Station 19 (2018) s07e06 Episode Script

With So Little To Be Sure Of

[VICTORIA] Travis, if you ask me
one more time if
I'm okay, I won't be.
You took over a press
conference in front of the mayor.
- I just
- I don't wanna talk about it, Travis.
Why is that so hard
for you to understand?
No word. [SIGHS]
Chief and I are doing everything we can
to make sure you keep your job,
but it's up to the mayor.
Victoria Hughes is an
essential member of FD.
Crisis One is personal to her.
So personal that she felt the
need to publicly humiliate me.
So personal she's
willing to fight for it.
The individuals holding the purse
strings of the city we're watching.
Don't you think I could have
parlayed 19's win into an argument
- for supporting their programs?
- Would you have?
Really? Parlayed it into
an argument for support?
This is about disciplinary
action for Hughes.
- Not Crisis One or any other
- On the contrary, Mayor Osman.
This is about our community.
The individual people in this
community that we help every day.
That is what I'm trying
to make you understand.
- [PERSON] Can somebody help us?
He tripped and landed on some glass.
It's not a fire.
The kid says you do
things like this nowadays.
Yeah, the fire department's
always done things like this.
- [GROANS] Not in my day.
- [PERSON] Still is your day.
I know you're old, but
you're sitting right here.
I'm 74. I don't feel a day under 200.
Well, you look great.
That's what a diet
like mine will get you.
- [ROBERT] Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
- And what's that?
- Not enough of anything.
You wouldn't think that a model and
a homeless guy would have the same diet.
- Surprise.
See, that's why I
said we should come here.
I heard about your clinic.
Your hands are softer
than any VA doc's.
I'm wearing gloves.
He's messing with you.
He thinks he's funny.
I am funny.
- VA, huh?
- Yeah.
I did, uh, two tours
in Afghanistan myself.
- Oh. So did the kid.
- Yeah.
Vietnam for me.
But this one
No desire to serve your country?
I'm a firefighter.
All right, you're all
set. Just keep it dry.
Make sure the dressing doesn't fall
off, so you don't get an infection.
And, a-actually, I
have something for you.
- [VETERAN 1] Oh.
- [JACK] Huh? Yeah.
[CHUCKLING] I-I see what
you're doing here.
I slept rough for a while too.
So it was just easier to have
some of those in your pocket.
- They're not that good.
- [GRUNTS] Mm-mmm.
But, you know, in a pinch.
You were homeless?
I was.
[ROBERT] We're here
if you need anything, sir.
- All right, let me help you up.
- All right.
- There you go.
We'll definitely be back
when we need more not-good granola.
- [ROBERT] Here you go.
Hang on. You're a
types-with-two-fingers guy?
I'm not typing with two fingers.
- I'm just
- Mmm. Really?
[SIGHS] Two vets came in
the other day, both un-housed.
An old guy and a kid.
Two different wars, both homeless.
How are we not taking
care of our people? Huh?
So I'm trying to get some housing help,
but the VA These
government sites. God!
Do you know where they're living
now? Because once you lose 'em
Uh, at the turn off of 11th.
Right by the park there.
Good. [SIGHS] I mean, not good, but
it's one of the safer encampments.
How do you know that?
Uh, my brother has struggled.
And, uh, yeah.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Break it up.
What you got going on over here, huh?
Oh. N-not for ladies' ears.
Oh, okay. So is backhanded
misogyny for ladies' ears?
- He's teaching us dirty limericks.
- Okay.
- [TRAVIS] You wanna hear one?
- Of course.
- Make sure I get it right. Um.
- [VETERAN 1] Yeah.
A dirty old man in Leeds,
notorious for unholy deeds,
tried to reform and really conform,
but gave up and succumbed to his needs.
[BEN] All right.
[VICTORIA] Eh. Well, okay,
who's got something better?
I know someone has something Okay.
Uh, a bartender taught me this.
There once was a boy
named Max, who went
- [JACK] You love this one.
- No, no, no.
No. You told me that one,
and Ve Hard veto.
- Dad, Dad, please.
- It's a community gathering.
It's too much. Do-Do not do it, Gibson.
All right, sir. Let's hear yours.
There once was a knight, taut and bold,
who shrank when out in the cold.
But a fair maiden's whoosh
and the bounce of her tush
restored him to a sight to behold.
[LAUGHING] Oh, my God. So like
a medieval ass man. [SMACKS LIPS]
I like it. Respect.
Okay. Here's mine.
Her lover was too much the sap,
so she drew him a treasure map.
And the direction he took
left her happily shook,
'cause X marks the spot in her lap.
- Oh!
- Oh!
- [BEN] That was good.
- I like that one the best.
[VICTORIA] Thank you.
Hey, me too. So stand down, Private.
I don't know how to behave ♪
Do you know that crows
have crazy memories?
Like, if you mess with one, it
will remember your face for years.
I do not plan to mess with a crow
I mean And the epigenetics.
Like, if their great-great-great
grandfather crow,
who they've never met, never been
on the planet at the same time as,
is a certain way, they're
probably gonna be that way too.
- Okay.
- [BARTENDER] Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Isn't that interesting?
And, like, scary?
- And wild?
- Okay. Bella, what is going on?
Why are you drinking too much
whiskey and talking about crows?
[SIGHS] Just thinking about my brother.
I mean, my family in general.
Nature, nurture, all of it.
I'm just worried about him.
Did something happen?
No. I mean, nothing new.
But he's living on the
streets, and I'm letting him.
You're not letting him.
[STAMMERS] And also,
you can't force him to do
anything he's not willing to.
- The same way I couldn't force Andrea.
Isn't that terrifying?
I mean, we grew up in the
same families as our brothers.
- Yeah, but we're different.
- Now we are.
But what if we have time bombs in us
just like them, but but
they haven't exploded yet?
Worse. What if we bury
a time bomb in our kid?
Okay, okay, okay.
First of all, m-m-mental
health is not a time bomb,
and it's also something you
and I know to pay attention to
because of our families.
And we're gonna do
the same for our kid.
You're good at this.
I know.
You're good at it too.
- What? Stressing at a bar?
- No. No.
Look at you, already prioritizing
the well-being of our future kid.
My mom didn't do it.
Your mom didn't do it.
You're gonna be a great mom.
I don't know how to behave ♪
I didn't know I needed to hear that.
It's true.
Crows be damned.
No crows!
[VETERAN 1] Warren, I
need you! Help! Help!
I-I don't know if he took
something. He's been acting erratic.
- I didn't take anything.
- [BEN] Arlo, can you hear me?
Can you hear me? If you took
something, you need to let me know.
[VETERAN 1] No, he's
sober. He's been struggling
lately, but I really don't think he
- Uh, fruity breath.
- Morris, do you know if Arlo is diabetic?
Yeah, he is. He's been
rationing his insulin.
Morris, I'm gonna
need you to stand back.
No. Morris. Morris, over
here. Over here with me, okay?
[BEN] Hey, Arlo, stay with
me, buddy. Stay with me.
Hey, Morris, Morris. Hey, hey.
Are you okay? Are you okay?
[SOFTLY] Okay.
- Blood sugar is over 700.
[SIGHS] He's dehydrated.
He could be hyperkalemic.
- I'm gonna need the aid car.
- [MEDIC] Got it.
- All right. Let's move!
- [CARINA] Cables are in.
- What's happening?
- Morris, this is something
that needs to be treated
at the hospital, okay?
Morris, how long has he
been rationing his insulin?
Uh, a few weeks, maybe more.
He knew he was running low.
He was trying to make it last. He
didn't think he could get any more.
- Morris, you can't come.
- He-He-He doesn't like being alone.
- He'll panic.
- I will be with him. He knows me.
It's okay, Morris. We'll meet 'em there.
We'll meet 'em there.
We'll meet 'em there, okay?
Let's go sit down, okay? Let's
go sit down, Morris, all right?
Come on. Come on.
No pulse. Starting compressions.
[SIGHS] Come on, Arlo.
We're almost there.
Come on. Come on.
[VICTORIA] Come on. The
hospital's not far.
- It's all right.
[SHAKILY] He's gone.
- Morris, I'm so sorry.
- [SOBS]
- I'm so, so sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's not just that
she connects with people
in a way I've never seen before,
but she is teaching other
firefighters to do the same.
Great, then there'll be plenty
of people there to fill the void
when she and her programs are gone.
Crisis One is not a
Vic Hughes's program.
It is a citywide FD initiative,
and it's a big part of why
FD was able to save all those
lives at the Space Needle.
My expectation is the fire department
will continue to do that work,
just like they used to
before it had a special name.
[SCOFFS] Oh! With all the
resources you're cutting?
Yeah, I'm gonna need
you to push my 11:30.
[ROBERT] On hold. [SIGHS]
Veterans Benefits' Administr
Y-Yes, the [STAMMERS]
I-I just got off the phone with him.
Could you No, no, don't
put me on hold, please!
Don't put me on hold!
I've been trying to get Morris
VA housing since the spring, okay?
- Everything is a roadblock.
I can't even get
accurate information,
never mind starting
the application process.
Anything "government,"
it's not just red tape.
Babe, it's flypaper.
Can you imagine if we didn't
join FD after we served?
- Oh. [SCOFFS]
- This could have been me
or you or so many people we know.
I couldn't have kept a job in
business or, God
forbid, customer service
with my brain still
calibrated to military life.
That crazy rigidity that maybe you
will shake off one of these days.
- [CHUCKLES] Pot, kettle.
- I'm just saying
it is very nice to be the chill
one in a relationship for once.
The chill You are not
the chill one in the rela
- I am very much the chill one.
- No, you're not
I really am.
- I really am.
- Okay.
You're the chill one,
but I'm the funny one.
Yes, yes. You are
that. Yes, you are that.
And you know what
else? You are the
considerate one, and
you're the patient one.
And you are the steadfast
one and the kind one
and the one most seduced by flattery.
[CHUCKLES] Definitely.
- Oh, yep, yep.
- Hello? [GROANS]
- Please hold.
I can't believe that
there is a possibility
that there is a baby in there.
- Our baby.
- Okay. No, no, no.
[CHUCKLES] I'm sorry. I'm excited.
I just wanted this for so long
that if I let myself get
too excited about it now
before we know for sure, I'm afraid
that I won't be able to take it if
No ifs.
Let's not talk about it for now.
I'm serious. Let's talk about
something else. Anything else.
I don't know what to talk about.
Okay. Well, what about how
Let's talk about how crappy
of a captain Beckett is or
- Uh.
- Or Jack being AWOL.
Oh. Morris came in today while
you guys were on that call.
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah.
Sullivan was giving him his old
sleeping bag from his camping days.
Sullivan does not give
off an "I camp" vibe.
[CHUCKLES] I don't
think it was that old.
- Aw.
- Mmm.
I know.
- I didn't say anything.
- You thought about it.
You thought Professional.
You don't know what I'm thinking.
Chop-chop, 19. Come on.
I know you're young and think
you have all the time in the world.
I do not share that affliction.
I see we need to work on
posture in addition to speed.
There we go.
There we go. Thank you, Herrera.
This afternoon, we'll be
training with the SFD dive unit
[DISPATCH] Crisis One requested
to 11th and Central Parkway.
He might've gotten
through more if he wasn't
so in love with the
sound of his own voice
That's just me and Herrera. So enjoy
the rest of Beckett's one-man show.
- [MORRIS] I can take all of you. Get back!
I can take you! I can take all of you!
- No! No!
- Morris.
- Morris. Morris, hey. Hey, hey.
- No! No! No!
Look. Look at me. Look
at me. This is Vic
It's Vic and Andy from
Station 19. We are your friends.
- What? No.
- Let's get him out of the street.
- It's Vic and Andy from Station 19.
- No! No!
- Morris, you're okay.
- No! What?
Breathe. Breathe in for four.
- [MORRIS] Four?
- Box breathing. Can you show him? Okay.
- In for four. Hold for four.
- Breathe.
Wait. No, no, no. Wait.
Hey! Stop, stop, stop! Stop!
- Let her go. This is Andy. You know her.
- Get away from me!
- Morris. Morris. Morris, stop.
- I'm not gonna lose you!
- You have to let her go. This is Andy.
- Di di mau!
I'm not gonna lose you!
- Morris, wait. No.
- I'm not gonna lose you.
Stop, stop, stop. We are not in
Vietnam. You are not in Vietnam.
- You are safe. You are in Seattle.
- This is Andy. You gotta let her go.
Tell him who you are.
It's Andy. You're in
Seattle, and you're safe.
keep breathing. Breathe.
[ANDY] That's it. That's it.
- [VICTORIA] Let's go sit down.
- In for four.
- [ANDY] Okay, come on.
- [VICTORIA] Two, three, four. Hold.
- Come on. That's it.
Two, three, four.
- Sit, sit, sit. We got you.
- [ANDY] We're right here.
- I got you. I got you.
- We're right here.
[ANDY] It's okay.
Can you give me a minute?
Uh, of course.
- Of course.
- Yeah.
Yeah. We're gonna be right
over there at the aid car, okay?
We're just gonna get you some water.
[VICTORIA] Just keep
breathing for me, okay?
- How did you know what he was saying?
- Di di mau?
Saigon Grill.
Travis and I do takeout from
there a few times a week.
It means "hurry up."
He's only gonna get worse, you know?
I mean, he was fine when Arlo was alive.
- Not fine circumstantially obviously
- Right.
but he was steady.
It's just the isolation
that's wrecking him.
You know, these vets They
need more than basic services.
- They just They need a friend.
- Well, we could be his friends.
You know?
I'm just worried it's
it's not gonna be enough.
Here, Morris.
- That's right.
[MAYOR] I'll make you a deal.
After Hughes is terminated,
you can allocate her
salary any way you see fit.
- No.
- You don't know how to make a deal.
Not with someone who doesn't
know how to keep them, no.
And besides, the deal that
you're proposing is a bad one.
I tried.
Good thing she taught so many
people how to do what she does.
We won't miss her when she's gone.
- Hey, Morris.
My man, I pulled the
perfect coat for you.
You know, that's funny because
I pulled the perfect coat for him.
- Come on.
- [MORRIS] You guys are too much.
- [BEN] Huh?
- [THEO] Well, you can have them both.
Oh, yeah, with all that
closet space I have.
- Hey. Get out of here.
- [MORRIS] Okay. I am sorry,
but I'm gonna have to break
someone's heart tonight, boys.
With my coat, it might
be some lady's heart.
[BEN] Here you go.
This this really
means the world, guys.
They're both wonderful,
but I gotta go with Ruiz's.
- [BEN] You're killing me. Ugh.
- [THEO] Wise choice, Morris.
- There you go. There you go.
- Oh. Yes.
- Let's get you in there.
- Yes. Yes, yes.
There you go.
- Oh, yeah. Like a glove.
I know it's stupid, but,
uh, I needed a win, man.
And I needed a coat.
It looks sharp on you.
- Looking good. No hard feelings.
- [MORRIS] Sharp.
All right. It's a good look.
That's the important thing.
- Okay. Look at me. Look at me.
- [THEO] Look at you.
I used to think that Arlo's generation
had it easier when they got back,
but maybe I was wrong.
He told me when they got back,
the tarmac was covered with people
with signs and balloons
welcoming everybody.
But w-where were those people with
balloons when the kid was hurting?
When we got back from
Vietnam, oh, there
was a crowd all right,
but they spit on us as we walked by.
- God, Mo.
- Yeah.
"To Vivianne who loved this park.
Love, Hal and your girls."
Who Who do you think
"your your girls" are?
Is it, like, uh, her daughters
from a first marriage or something?
It's such funny wording.
Like, he gets the plaque,
and only he gets a name?
- He paid for the plaque.
It's nice that he put them in at all.
Maybe they're her dogs
that he couldn't stand
or her her friends
he couldn't stand.
Okay. I'm sensing a pattern here.
Like just something
that's coming back around.
You know You know,
if this plaque said,
- "To Morris who loved this park"
- Mm-hmm?
they'd never
guess that he loved it
because it was the one place that
the cops wouldn't harass him.
Well, I would do a better job
with the wording. Unlike Hal.
Anybody who sat on this bench
would know that Morris Hapgood
was the smartest and most
loyal sage and friend.
You're an inspiration, buddy.
"Sage" just makes people think old.
[SCOFFS] Okay.
- I'll keep working on it.
You win. Okay.
Oh, God. I gotta go to class.
All right. Um
You know what? Keep this.
Keep all of this. Keep this.
- [SOFTLY] Okay.
- See you next time, all right?
- Next time.
- Bye!
Are you okay?
Yeah, it's just it didn't take.
Carina's IUI.
We are not pregnant.
Girl, I'm so sorry.
[TRAVIS] Um What is
- Wow. What?
- Come here. Come here.
- What are you doing?
- [TRAVIS] Yeah.
Happy-giddy you,
way more disconcerting than
authoritative-serious you.
Ooh. He's gonna feel bad when
he finds out what I just did.
- [ANDY] What did you do?
- I got Morris
an interview for some
VA transitional housing.
- Hey. All right. All right, all right.
Fine. I feel a little bit
bad about calling you scary
when really you are the man.
[THEO] Nice. That's amazing, man.
That explains that weird dance.
I love it though. Thank
you. That's amazing.
He's all set up? We don't
have to do anything else?
- [ROBERT] He's good.
- Well done.
- [COMMUTER 1] Get out of the road!
- [COMMUTER 2] Move!
[COMMUTER 1] Move!
- [COMMUTER 3] Come on, pops.
[COMMUTER 4] Come on! Gotta get to work!
Hold on please. Morris.
[COMMUTER 5] Hey, Gramps. Move it!
Hey, just hold on a second,
okay? Hold on. Hold on.
Morris. Morris.
Morris, what are you doing?
What are you doing? You
- You look really tired, Mo.
- I am.
Okay. These honking cars
probably aren't helping.
Let's get you out of the street.
Let's get you off the street, okay?
We don't want you to get hit, right?
- It wouldn't matter.
- Yes, it would.
I would be devastated, Morris.
Okay? I'd be devastated.
- Let's get you sat down, okay?
- [MORRIS] They're going too slow.
- I wouldn't die. [GROANS]
- Take a seat, take a seat, take a seat.
Morris, can you tell me what happened?
They cleared out your encampment?
It's all gone. Everything.
What am I supposed to do now?
My documents for for
the housing interview.
They were in the tent.
The garbage truck came
and took everything.
Everything I have in the world.
[MAYOR] I'm so tired of this.
- This is you once again
- [NATASHA] No, no, it's your ego.
That's why you wanna fire Hughes.
What she did to you
is exactly what you desperately
wanna do to the money guys
and to the special interest clowns
and cronies and
bureaucrats who run cities,
the ones that you campaigned so
hard against but who now own you.
And you wanna push back,
but you're afraid.
And you hate her because
she wasn't. Listen.
Don't fire the people
who are really on your side
to appeal to the people who aren't.
That is the quickest
way to lose everything.
Insubordination. Nice.
Is this where Hughes learned it?
- Listen, I'm trying to help
- Sit down.
We're figuring this out today.
[GRUNTS] Morris lost everything.
I can't believe we have to
start all over again from scratch.
Yeah. But now, without
his social security card
and his birth certificate,
it'll be [INHALES]
Even further back than scratch.
- Do you want him to move in with us?
- What?
I know that's not how
you fix something like this.
I'm just saying I would.
What? What?
"Move in with us"? Do you
wanna move in together?
Okay, look, I know we
haven't had this conversation,
but, like, aren't we
moving in that direction?
Not tomorrow, but Help me.
Why do I suddenly
feel so self-conscious?
And why do I feel like I'm 22 years
old when we talk about next steps?
'Cause the last time we had that kind
of conversation, we
were probably that age.
- No, we were older.
- Maybe a little bit.
But it was easier.
This is hard?
No, not this.
Not this.
Everything around it.
Around us.
What What are you doing?
I wanna be so ridiculous
that when I say "I love you.
I wanna move in with you,"
you'll never feel self-conscious
about any of this ever again.
You're gonna break the bed.
I'm gonna break a lot
of beds with you, babe.
- Oh, stop, stop, stop, stop.
- No.
Yeah. Yeah.
- But first
- Oh, here we go.
First, we gotta figure out
how to get Morris new paperwork
so we can start the
housing process again.
[VICTORIA] Look, I know
you don't wanna be here,
but everyone gets a Crisis One shift.
I need you to hold it
together for this guy, okay?
[SEAN] Okay.
- [MORRIS] Ah. If
If I knew you were coming, I
would have picked up the place.
- You know what? I'm gonna do it now.
Okay. Very nice. All right.
You know, I know your stuff got cleared,
Morris, so I got you some replacements.
- You didn't have to do that.
- [VICTORIA] Look at it.
[GASPS] Solaire Rambler 300?
- "The Rolls Royce of tents!"
- "The Rolls Royce of tents!"
- It's the one you wanted, right?
- [LAUGHS] Oh, thank you.
But, you know, there's
a shelter on Monroe, Morris,
that I can get you a bed in if you want.
- I told you I can't do a shelter again.
- Okay.
- All right.
Hello? Excuse me, please.
Can you please not?
I'm just trying to have a
private moment with a friend.
Can I ask you a few questions about
the charity work you're doing?
- No, you can't.
- Just one comment for the article.
- She told you we're not here for you.
- Sorry.
Um, Morris. Morris, I'm so sorry.
This You know this
wasn't some publicity stunt.
- [SOFTLY] No.
- I didn't know she was gonna be here.
It's fine. Sh-She's always here.
Plus, she got my good side.
- Let's get you set up, huh?
- [MORRIS] Okay.
- [VICTORIA] Okay. Here.
- [MORRIS] Oh, goodness. Yes.
- What's going on with you?
- What?
You're just acting strange.
Now you're hiding
things in your locker?
It's, uh
- It's T.
- Hmm?
I started on it last week.
Now that my levels are right,
- I'm starting to feel like myself again.
- Good.
Starting to feel like my 20-year-old
version of myself, actually.
- In all the ways, if you know what I mean.
- Okay.
So, why are you hiding it?
Well, I haven't told Miranda yet.
- Haven't told her what?
- Um
That he's on testosterone.
- Dude.
- [ROBERT] It's not a big deal.
And now he feels amazing.
- Huh.
"Faster than a speeding bullet,
more powerful than a locomotive,
able to leap tall buildings
in a single bound."
She, um She doesn't
- get that reference.
Oh, okay. Okay. We're just [STAMMERS]
There we go.
Oh, I get it.
Your shots give you super
strength, whereas mine
my shots, and shots, and
shots, make me feel terrible.
We're doing IVF.
My eggs, her oven.
It's awful. It's awful.
It's like I can feel my
follicles growing my eggs.
- [ROBERT] Hmm.
- It's like It's like grape jelly.
It's like grape jelly just
sloshing around inside of me.
- Why grape?
I got it.
I love that your boy shots
make you feel incredible,
[CRYING] while mine make me
feel like a bloated chicken coop.
- Chicken coop?
Because I'm a freaking
egg factory, Beckett.
IVF. Keep up.
[SEAN] When my ex-wife was
doing IVF, peppermint helped.
[DISPATCH] Engine 19 and Ladder 19
requested to 11th and Central Parkway.
Hey, hey. It's the encampment.
It's Morris's encampment.
Should I switch with someone?
I know it really well.
Can't do it today, Hughes.
You're on probation until we
hear otherwise from the chief.
I'll see you in a bit.
Let's move, people. Let's move.
Beckett, Wiggins,
status on the south side?
In progress.
[ANDY] Bishop, Green, is
the north side contained?
- Roger, Captain. Line is working.
- Warren, Cutler, more patients
- on their way to triage.
- Copy.
[ANDY] Sullivan,
Montgomery, evac status?
Talk to me, people.
[SEAN] Hey, somebody needs to
get Morris out of his tent now.
I should just tell her. Just the facts.
It'll be easier for her to hear
You want me to do it? We've
been doing Crisis One together.
- [TRAVIS] Let me do this.
- [ANDY] Hughes.
I'm I'm so sorry.
Uh, we're gonna do a hotwash and
a critical incident stress debriefing.
- I'm gonna call Diane.
- I should do it.
Well, yeah, of course,
you'll do it with us.
I mean, you you
weren't on the call,
but obviously, he was he
was really important to you.
No, I mean, I'd like
to run the debriefing.
I am trained for this, and I know
how much he meant to all of us.
- Okay, hold up. Captain
- No, I can do it.
I need to do it.
Warren, call Dispatch.
Make our status conditionally
avail for the CISD.
Copy that.
What we do is hard.
What we see and experience
every day in this job is hard.
This is an acknowledgment of that
as well as a safe place to discuss it,
so we don't bottle things up,
so we don't self-medicate
in harmful and dangerous ways.
So we can keep doing this
job for years to come.
Any questions on that?
This discussion is going to
revolve around four questions.
What did we do right?
What was supposed to happen?
What actually happened?
And what do we wish we
had done differently?
Now, these questions are
gonna bring up feelings,
and we're gonna discuss those too.
So, what do we think was done right?
We quickly established a water
supply immediately upon arrival.
We got two hose lines working around
the perimeter to keep the fire contained.
[BEN] We set up an efficient
and effective triage area.
We protected exposures.
You two haven't said very
much. Anything you wanna add?
Okay. Travis?
I don't think we did anything right.
Okay. Can you say a
little more about that?
- [ROBERT] Hey! Morris.
- Come on. Let's get you out of here.
- [ROBERT] Come with us.
- I have to
This is my stuff. This is my tent.
[ROBERT] I understand, but
you have to come with us.
No, leave me alone.
Whatever's inside that
tent, it's not worth your life.
We understand.
- Hey, you okay?
- I'm not leaving without my stuff.
- Morris!
- [ROBERT] No!
Okay. Um
[VICTORIA] Okay. What
do we wish had happened?
I wish you were there.
That's what I wish
had gone differently.
And I'm not blaming you for what
went down or you
for not letting her go.
- Herrera isn't the reason I wasn't there.
- [TRAVIS] I know that.
I know this isn't even rational.
But the question was, what
do I wish went differently?
- So I am telling you that.
- [VICTORIA] Yeah, I know,
and you were answering honestly
and that's exactly right, so
You wish I'd been there because
Because I think you could have
convinced Morris to leave his tent.
All things end ♪
Sing the words till I believe again ♪
- What else?
- Because maybe I wouldn't be
carrying all this guilt and
failure for not saving him.
At minimum, I wouldn't
be carrying it alone.
Because when you're
carrying something with me,
even the garbage stuff, it
doesn't feel so impossible.
Travis, I wasn't there.
But I'm here now.
I am carrying this with you
now. Everyone in this circle is.
No one here is alone in it.
You're surrounded
by people who get it.
They get your pain and your loss
and your guilt and your anger.
You are surrounded by the very
best people to help you through it.
You are too.
Morris didn't have
that for a lot of years.
But I know for a fact
that we made sure he
had it in his last one.
So I'm gonna email everyone some
aftercare resources, but I'm here too.
So, even though this
formal session is done,
you can grab me anytime if you
want to talk more about any of this.
- And she did it again, folks.
Yeah, and it saved his
life. Wait, no, he died.
Hey, hey, hey.
No, Travis. He's gone. He's gone.
We did everything we
could and he's gone.
He served a country that didn't take
care of him back. Not even a little bit.
He tried to protect a world
that did not protect him.
Because you give and you give
and you give and you give,
and the second you need the
second he wasn't strong
The second he wasn't happy
and easy and funny and strong
'Cause, I mean,
how could he be, right?
Because he knew how
awful the world could be.
Vic, are we still
talking about Morris here?
What does that mean?
Hang on, hang on. I
think what Travis was
No, no, no. Of course
I'm talking about me!
I'm talking about me who takes care
of everyone all the
time. My entire life.
Me who tables my feelings and my
sadness and my confusion and my fear
and cracks a joke to
make you all feel better
and more capable and fine
even when I am not fine.
When I can't breathe
because it's all so scary.
When I'm When my chest feels
When I can't even see.
I can't even see through
a a fog of when
- [MUMBLES] Do not touch me!
Just give her some
room. Just let her breathe.
I'm talking about Morris.
Of course it's about Morris, and it's
about me, and about all of us, right?
It's about all of us, 'cause it's
not just [CRYING] it's not just me.
It can't just be me.
Of course it's not.
It's It's not.
When he needed someone, there
was no one. There was no one.
No, that that's not
true, Vic. All right? He had us.
- You know he had us. He knew he had us.
- And it wasn't enough, Ben.
It wasn't enough.
It wasn't enough.
And pretty soon they're gonna take
away the thing we
tried to do to save him
because they take everything away.
- They are taking it all away.
- We're not going to let them.
- None of us are gonna let that happen.
[ROBERT] We will not let
them take away Crisis One.
[VICTORIA] Oh, my God.
- I'm s I'm sorry.
- It's okay. You're okay.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Oh, my God.
- [ANDY] It's okay.
- Don't
- Oh, my God. I'm sorry. Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Oh, come on. You gotta
be a little impressed.
I gave you, like, a whole three minutes.
You know
you saved everyone from having
full-on nervous breakdowns today.
[SCOFFS] You mean before I had one?
Come on.
Travis, for months, I didn't
I couldn't feel anything.
And then
God, I don't know what's worse.
The session was incredible,
blah, blah, blah.
- All the compliments that you hate.
But, honestly, the best part
was was when you, you know
Even the best ones like
when the strong women cry.
- I'm serious.
- I see how it is.
It's It was, you know, like,
in the movies when the baby is born
and it's not crying
and everyone's panicking
because this means
something is very wrong.
But they're also
trying not to seem panicked
because they don't want to
worry the mother, and it's like,
nervous, silent eye contact,
nervous, silent eye contact.
But then the baby starts
wailing, and everyone's, like,
relieved, silent eye contact,
relieved, silent eye contact.
Thank the Lord.
Yeah, I do. I do know
that moment in real life
because we are actual
first responders, you know.
- Okay, I don't appreciate that tone.
- Yeah?
But it was like that.
It was like that when
you started crying.
It was like, "Phew. The baby's fine.
The baby made it."
- I'm the baby?
- Yeah.
- Sometimes you get to be the baby
and other people take care of you.
Oh, I love you
and I will always take care of you.
And your eyes are
gonna be so puffy now.
[CRYING] Shut up.
- It's gonna be so bad.
This is what you like.
- Here you go, Captain.
I think you're gonna love it.
- [ANDY] Thank you.
- Oh, hey, Chief. Chief.
No, no, no, no. Relax.
After the day you all had,
please, really, you can relax.
Lieutenant Sullivan called me.
I'm so sorry about Morris.
I know how much he meant to all of you.
What you meant to him.
All right, well, this isn't
going to rewrite your difficult day,
but, uh, I do have some good news.
Crisis One is safe.
For now.
What about Vic? Does
Hughes still have a job?
Well, who'd you think was
gonna run the now-safe Crisis One?
You saved her job.
Her work saved her job.
The good work you all do saved her job.
Crisis One saved her job.
- Chief, let me get you a bowl of gumbo.
- Hold on. Grab a seat.
- He'll fix you a plate.
This is the Warren
Family world-famous gumbo.
- [NATASHA] Wow.
- [BEN] It was gonna cheer everybody up.
Oh, pictures in tatters the
star-spangled banners ain't home ♪
Since you're gone ♪
It just ain't home ♪
You know nothing else matters but ♪
where the love gathers that's home ♪
But since you been gone ♪
It just ain't home ♪
[VICTORIA] I once knew
a soldier named Morris,
who did the unthinkable for us.
Legacy fit for a plaque
from a life that gave back.
And a heart that beat love, so enormous.
Home ♪
Go where the wind blows ♪
So go where your heart goes ♪
I'll carry you home ♪
Fly ♪
Fly like a sparrow ♪
And if the road narrows ♪
I'll go where you go ♪
Go where the wind blows ♪
So go where your heart goes ♪
I'll carry you home ♪
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