Station 19 (2018) s07e07 Episode Script

Give It All

MAYA: And at 7:52
I saw the fetal heart rate drop
and I felt the prolapsed
cord on a vaginal exam,
then I immediately moved her to the OR.
- Apgars?
- Uh, six at one minute,
eight at five minutes.
We got this. We got this.
And you, little one, go in here.
And Mommy's finally
ready to clear her name
and get back to the
things that really matter.
I love it when you
get your game face on.
And I'll love it even
more when all this is over.
The time and energy
it has taken from me
I know. Just try to
remember to keep your cool.
- Okay.
- All these beautiful people ♪
Oh, remember to set a timer
- for the HCG trigger shot.
- Right.
It has to be given at
4:00 p.m., otherwise
My eggs won't be mature
enough to be retrieved
- within the 36-hour
window. - Yes.
And you don't forget to
replace the hormone patches.
- Showtime ♪
- Okay.
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Showtime ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Showtime ♪
Gotta get loose ♪
- It's showtime, it's showtime ♪
- Um
Hey, how about we keep some of the stuff
we ordered on Prime at the house? [SOBS]
- Hey.
- Yeah. -
O-Okay. Hey.
- Oh!
Looks like we all need
to do some deep breathing.
My genes are gonna ruin the baby.
- What?
- I'm sorry. I'm just being
- feeling triggered by my trigger shot.
- Hey.
Your dad's cruelty is not genetic.
I wish you didn't have
to go to work today.
I'm just on inspections. I'll be fine.
Beautiful people Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
- I'm fine.
- Beautiful people ♪
Okay. Breathe, four.
Out for four. Let's beat
these people's butts.
[GROANS] Mnh-mnh, mnh-mnh.
Where are you going?
Where are you going? What
I thought you were
coming back for round two.
No, no, no, no, no,
no. Unh-unh, no more.
- I thought you had the day off.
- [LAUGHS] Stop. Okay. Come on.
I have a to-do list of things
that require me to be upright.
Oh. You've already been
doing push-ups on me.
- You need more push-ups?
I think I'm gonna lift
some weights this morning,
and then I will lift
you tomorrow morning.
Ah, oh, come on, Ben Warren.
- What am I going to do with you?
- No, no, no, no, no.
You can do anything you want.
- Oh, my God.[LAUGHS]
It's showtime ♪
Let's go ♪
Yeah ♪
It's not nice to flaunt your
rejuvenated metabolism, Warren.
What can I say? I'm a new man.
- MAYA: Behind you.
- Oh.
- Ugh. Montgomery!
- I'm so sorry.
These shots are making me feel
like my nipples are going to explode.
Wow. What's this about
exploding nipples?
- Someone's hormones are hormoning.
So exciting to think
that sunny disposition
will be passed on to another human.
- He said, totally joking.
- How are you feeling?
- Well, I'm feeling.
- So that's good.
- That is good.
Are we still making budget cuts?
Don't worry, Hughes.
Nothing I can't handle.
SULLIVAN: What's happening?
Your girlfriend's still
riding us on the budget.
- Don't you mean fiancée?
DISPATCH: Engine 19
requested to 415 Peat Road
- That's us. Let's move.
- northwest corner of Tallman Park.

STEVE: through Ms. Wilson's testimony,
as well as the testimony from experts,
we will show that a delayed
diagnosis and botched delivery
caused young Nina
Wilson's cerebral palsy
and that Dr. Carina DeLuca was negligent
and therefore responsible
for the financial and emotional burdens
faced by Ms. Wilson today.
Ms. Reed, your opening?


Alright, grab your gear.
We need eyes on that fire.
Let's move.

MAN: Hey. Are you listening to me?
You can't have this.
TYLER: Come on, man.
We're live on TizTam.
tell me we're not doing
something like that for Carina.
- SULLIVAN: Oh, Bishop would hate it.
- So you're saying we should do it, then?
Uh, excuse me. Can we help you?
I'm Captain Herrera with SFD.
We got a call about smoke in the area.
- This is a private event.
- Fire in a public park is not private.
Just give us a moment, okay?
Ma'am, in a moment, this
whole park will be on fire.
This is a controlled ceremony.
We have a permit.
Okay, please just stop.
We are holding a prayer ceremony
for an elder who is in ICU.
It cannot be interrupted.
You're gonna have to go through me
and everybody in this path
if you want to get back there.
You have one minute.
If that permit's not
here, we'll move whoever
and whatever we need to to do our job.
Come on. [GRUNTING]

No, no, no, no!
And time! Impressive! Minute 49.
Ha! My record's intact, baby!
You're chemically enhanced!
He's chemically enhanced!
- I know.
Clean that up.
Get the SCBAs out of the way.
- It's Ruiz.
- I've been trying to call you guys.
- What are you doing here?
- Brought you a patient.
Paula Kelly, 42-year-old
construction worker.
Found her outside her worksite
attempting to remove this nail.
Well, I did Oh!
"I would have gotten away with it, too,
if it weren't for you meddling kids!"
Right, uh, minimal blood loss and
no memory of recent tetanus shot.
Ruiz suggested we bring her here.
You guys playing with your hoses?
No. I
- Uh, everyone, this is Dominic Amaya.
- Take this.
Uh, the nail's bent,
but ultrasound showed
that it seems like it
missed the major arteries.
What, you got an ultrasound in
that fancy private ambulance?
We've got a lot of fancy
toys in our fancy ambulance.
Why didn't you take her to Grey-Sloan?
- Uh, patient stated that
- Patient's sitting right here,
and patient can't afford
another worker's comp claim.
My boss'll sack me.
Well, you you may not have a choice.
Don't tell 'em it happened on the job.
Oh, hospitals leave paper trails.
You know what? [GASPS] Oh, oh, okay.
Okay, I'm just gonna get it out
myself, though, 'cause I-I've done
this kind of thing.
Ma'am, you're only gonna make it worse.
Not exactly this, but, like,
a splinter with tweezers.
[STAMMERING] Paula, Paula, Paula.
Relax. Look at me.
You are in good hands.
Dante, grab me a chair real quick.
Let us take care of this, alright?
We got you.
Oh, I don't like letting
men do things for me.
Well, you have a nail through your arm.
Uh, you, uh, take the blocks on
the west, I'll cover the east.
- Sounds good. I'll see you back here.
- Yeah.


MASON: Maya?
What are you doing here?
I wanted to talk to you.
I got nothing to say to you.
You don't have 10 minutes
for your own sister?


MASON: What do you want, Maya?
I don't know. After seeing you
at Pride, I just wanted to talk.
I mean, what the hell, Mason?
Is that a question?
Do you believe this crap?
Is this who you are now?
"Now" is a weird qualifier.
I've known you my entire life, Mason.
You're just confused or
You don't think I can
form my own opinions?
I can't think for myself?
You're not a person who
Okay, you're not full of hate.
We grew up together. I know you.
You don't know me. You know yourself.
That's all you've ever cared about.
- Is that one of yours?
- Yeah.
Fine. Tell me who you are then.
- I want to understand.
- I'm not doing this.
No, I'm not leaving until we talk.
- So we nee
- Come on, Maya, enough.
Just leave me alone.
Damn it.
I'm sorry. Let me
Just please leave!
No, I can help, okay? Let me help.
- ANDY: Alright, time's up.
- JULIE: I am begging you.
- Please, just one more minute.
- Okay, look, ma'am.
If you don't get out of our way,
we're gonna have a huge problem.
- I'm telling you, they're gonna be
- ROSE: Stop. Stop!
He's coming. He's coming.
- Elliott's here.
- Hey! What are you doing?
We got a call about smoke.
I'm the one that called.
I'm Elliott Henderson,
a captain from the fire station
on the Tulalip reservation.
This is a permitted ceremony.
So, why'd you call it in?
I called because of that.
Those people have a bunch
of smoke bombs and fireworks.
I was over there trying to tell
them not to do anything stupid.
Sorry about the misunderstanding. I
TYLER: It's a boy!
You gotta be kidding me.
Lieutenant, take Larsson and
- Wiggins and take that fire out.
- SULLIVAN: Copy, Captain.
Hughes, I need eyes
on the nearest hydrant.
- Copy, Captain.
- SULLIVAN: You heard her.
Just move the engine, grab
a couple of one inch lines,
- to hit those spots.
- ELLIOTT: Captain, tell me what you need.
Let's get Captain
Henderson some turnouts.
Please return to previous address.
Resident says smell
of smoke has returned.
- Dom, turn it off.
- Oh, yeah.
- Let's get in more trouble.
- Oh, you and me both, kid.
- Bennett 107, please call in.
- Ah!
- Damn it, her vain blew.
- Blew into what?
Okay. We're gonna
have to start another line.
Ruiz, why don't you two
make yourselves useful?
Grab some lidocaine
and a laceration kit.
Ruiz knows where it is.
DOMINIC: We're gonna have
to report it eventually.
Look, and we will.
But we're legally obligated to
make sure this patient's okay.
We're also legally obligated to report,
and then we can't do that.
We could lose our jobs
trying to protect hers.
Look, I'll tell 'em it was all me, okay?
I'm a grown man. You
didn't make me do anything.
What did Ruiz make you do?
That's funny because, uh,
he used to be the stickler
- for the rules around here.
- [CHUCKLES] Find that hard to imagine.
You know what? I gotta
get this to Warren.
Oh. Ugh. [SIGHS]
- Clean this up, will ya?
- What are you doing?
You guys always bring in rogue clients?
Well, let's just say we,
uh color outside the lines
- every once in a while.
- Hmm. Like toddlers.
We prefer to think of
ourselves as do-gooders.
Sometimes care bears.
Well, at least I know
now where Ruiz gets it.
The physician who diagnosed her
- You mean Dr. Hudson?
- Yes.
Said that it could be caused
by a lack of oxygen during labor.
And was Nina deprived
of oxygen during labor?
Well, I couldn't see
when they got her out,
but I caught a glimpse
around the curtain.
She was blue and didn't cry at first.
She let my baby
suffocate and then smiled
and handed her to me
like nothing happened.
- Objection.
- Sustained.
- And then?
- Um
there were loads of
tests and appointments
to have her diagnosed.
- My life is filled with appointments.
- SHANNON: Objection.
This is irrelevant to Dr.
DeLuca's role in delivery.
ELEANOR: Sustained.

Nina's condition
- it's expensive, isn't it?
- Yeah.
- Objection, Your Honor.
- No. No. I-I am almost bankrupt
Counselor is trying to
use emotion to sway
because of all the treatments
your determination of whether
my client was negligent
and the doctors and
the round-the-clock care.
ELEANOR: Sustained.

No further questions.
TRAVIS: I'm prepping pain meds now.
As soon we get these meds in,
we'll push 'em, Paula.
Okay. And then you'll get the nail out.
- And then we'll get the nail out, yes.
- Thank God.
I'm sure this happens to
plenty of construction workers.
Honestly, I don't quite understand
why your company would
fire you for this.
Are you kidding? They
love firing people.
Almost as much as they love money.
Bennett 108, large piece
of debris outside 671
Yeah, one missed day of
work, one minute over lunch,
born on Tuesday, your mom's name
is Brenda, you know, whatever.
If you're not making 'em
money, you're costing 'em money.
But they are not getting me.
Bennett Ambulance 110
requested to 9237 Cole Avenue.
Ruiz, the next call could be for us.
Let them handle this.
We'll go on some calls.
We'll come back a little later,
and then we'll take her back to
her worksite like we promised.
It's fine.
- Sounds like a plan. Alright.
DISPATCH: Engine 19 requesting Ladder 19
- and Aid Car 19 to 415 Peat Road
- That's us, Montgomery.
- Northwest corner of Tallman Park
- TRAVIS: Yep.
Gonna need somebody to stick around.
You guys got this,
right? Here, two hands.

MAYA: It'll be fine, okay? Relax.
Okay. Well, you're not helping.
- It's just a rug.
- This is our house.
My brothers
I'm in charge of keeping it nice, okay?
So what, you're their
houseboy or something?
- We all contribute.
- To what?
This boys' home for deplorables?
We uphold the traditions of our country
- and the people who built it.
- What does that even mean?
A man used to be able to
raise a family on one salary.
We're losing out on jobs
because of identity politics,
- immigration.
- Mason, you are brainwashed.
This is the stupidity
This is the stupidity
my brothers warned me about.
Men like us are despised.
What are you talking
about? How are you despised?
You were the group shouting
at innocent people at
Look, I I'm
I am I'm just confused, okay? I
The Mason I knew was a kid
who made up stories with me.
You remember that?
[CHUCKLES] He was the kid who
insisted on having a funeral
for the dead mouse in the garage.
He is extremely talented.
Why didn't you ever tell that to Dad
when he was burning my art?
Where were you when I
wanted to go to art school?
All the money went to
your Olympic training.
These people are my brothers.
Okay? They helped me get clean.
They hung my art on the walls.
I matter to these people.
No one ever told me
that I mattered before.
You matter to me, Mason.
Just let me get you out of
this place and see how it feels.
- And go where?
- Move in with me.
You want me to come and live with you?
You don't know what
real family feels like.
Let me show you.
And yet, you proceeded
to allow Ms. Wilson
to have a vaginal delivery,
despite her pre-existing conditions,
knowing the great risk
to her and her baby?
We tried to minimize
risks as much as possible.
I was keeping a tab on the baby.
She was connected to a fetal monitor.
And the moment I detected
distress, I moved to operate.
So, you secured the barn door
after the horse had been let loose?
I don't understand that expression.
Oh. You acted too late.
I saved the baby's life.
And I listen to what my patients
want because they're people.
They're not just wombs
with with legs.
So you just do whatever they want,
no matter the risk.
I've had multiple patients
with similar conditions
deliver healthy babies vaginally
with zero complications.
I gave Ms. Wilson and her
baby the excellent care
that they deserve, and, no, the
delivery did not go perfectly,
but that's not negligence, it's nature.
How convenient. It wasn't your fault.
You just happened to be
there pulling all the strings.
Withdrawn. No further questions.
ELEANOR: Counselor, your cross.
- SHANNON: Dr. DeLuca?
- Yeah.
Looking back on Ms. Wilson's delivery,
what would you do differently today?
Dispatch, I need an ETA on
Ladder 19 and Aid Car 19.
I've got several spot
fires, a strengthening wind,
and I'm still clearing civilians.
DISPATCH: Landing in
one minute, Captain.
EMMA: Why you have so many boom kits?
I bought them online. I didn't
know the gender until this morning.
- You bought them online?!
- Emma, honey. Can you chill?
I'm not gonna tell you again,
I need you to clear this van out. Now!
SULLIVAN: Captain, the wind
keeps kicking up spot fires.
Captain, we need another
hose line over here!
Copy, Hughes. Larsson,
pull another inch line.
Wiggins, get some hose packs for Hughes.
Ladder 19, hand tools and hand lines.
The wind is scattering embers.
Let's knock these fires
down before they spread
and we have a real problem on our hands.
SULLIVAN: Hey! Move away from the van!
- Move away from the van!
- We're good, we're good. We're fine.
- You gotta move away!
- Get away, get down!
Get out! Move! The
tank's about to explode!
- MAN: Get them out of here!

BENNETT DISPATCH: Bennett Ambulance 118
requested to 6942 Ramsey Street.
- Aah!
- The local anesthetic and pain meds
aren't controlling the pain enough.
Wait, my fingers are all tingly.
- Is Is that normal?
- No. No, it's not.
I'm gonna have to numb your whole arm
to get this out before it
impinges more on your nerve.
Okay, whatever that is, yes, do it.
Bennett Ambulance 118,
do you copy request?
Copy, uh Dispatch,
this is Bennett 118.
Our engine overheated
on East Union Street.
Currently at Station 19
for mechanical assistance.
Please redirect all calls.
- Copy Bennett Ambulance 118.
- Buys us some time.
- Warren, what do you need?
- You know what?
Help me get Paula up - to
the conference room.
- What?
The rig's is gonna be back anytime
now, and I do not want to be
interrupted in the middle of this.
I'm gonna do an ultrasound-guided
removal under a regional block.
No, regional. That's
what I was gonna suggest.
- Just trust me. Come on.
- Dom. Dom, what are you do
- Whatever
- I-I got it.
- Dom, come on. Let's go.
- Aah.
What are you doing?
They're gonna check the engine.
- Lead the way.
- Nice.
You could go to school and study art
and and get a job.
- You want me to pay rent?
- I mean, no.
You could, but I don't
need you to pay rent.
You really want me to
come and live with you?
I just I want to show
you that there's another way.
I didn't need your saving
when I was on the streets,
- and I don't need it now.
- These people don't care about you.
- These people are my family.
- Who harass innocent people
- at a parade. Was that your family?
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Why are you so obsessed with that?
Why do you care so much
about a stupid gay parade?
Because they're my people, Mason.
You're harassing me and my community.

Over this way.

ELLIOTT: Captain, we
have a real problem here.
Any minute now, this
widowmaker's gonna light up
that canopy and endanger my people.
- We're not trained in tree felling.
- I am.
Captain, water's not
enough, and you know it.
Our elder, he's important to us all.
Holding ceremony is how our
children send their strength.
We can't lose him.
I'll be your spotter.

Okay, Paula, I need you
to stay very, very still.
Now, Paula, tell me, how'd
you get into construction?
Well, my dad was pretty handy.
You know, I couldn't afford to
build a future with a diploma,
so I-I built one with my hands instead.
I'm I'm pretty good at
it, but ugh, my my bosses,
I mean, they treat me like
I'm a cog in a machine.
I don't know. It's a It's a living.
- Hey, I hear that.
I took this private job
because the money's good.
I mean, I love helping
people and everything,
but, you know, when my marriage ended,
he left me with nothing.
Not a mattress, not a place to live,
not even my dignity, girl.
You know, your ex should
hang out with my ex-wife.
I mean, they would get along great.
- She's awful.
- I bet.
BEN: Okay, Ruiz, Ruiz, I'm gonna
need you to hold this wand and keep
- it steady, right there.
- RUIZ: I got it.
Okay. Now, Paula,
I've located the nerve,
and I'm gonna inject
lidocaine directly into it
to stop the pain.
- You ready?
- Ready like spaghetti, Doc.
WENDY: Are there any other appointments?
Well, I-I'm in the middle of
Well, do you have a wait list?
I Yep. Mm-hmm.
Okay. Yeah. Thank you.

Congratulations, Dr. DeLuca,
on your excellent care.
And I just hope you know
that if you win today
my daughter loses


BEN: There we go.
DOMINIC: You think it's time
to consider doing something
- less dangerous for a living?
Well, I could say the
same for you, fellas.
I mean, for me, I'm just
trying to hold my parts together
till I can retire.
Uh, this is amazing.
I-I can't feel anything.
[CHUCKLES] Well, Warren's
got the smoothest hands
in the Pacific Northwest.
BEN: Okay, okay, okay.
Now, listen, Paula,
I'm gonna make a small incision
so that I can remove the nail.
But you might want to look away.
Are you kidding? This
is better than cable.
After my own heart.
Oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
Ooh-oh-oh-oh ♪
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
Oh-oh-oh ♪
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
Oh-oh-oh ♪
Oh-oh ♪
Do I blame it on
this restless feeling? ♪
Blame it on nomadic spirits? ♪
See, I've been here for too long ♪
But I've only got
myself to blame ♪
I-I-I-I ♪
Only got, got, got myself to blame ♪
Only got myself ♪
Only got, got, got myself to blame ♪
Oh, no-no-no-no ♪
Only got, got, got myself to blame ♪
Okay, let's get some
water on this thing.
STEVE: By depriving us of
calling experts to this hearing
ELEANOR: If it's relevant,
it's in the written testimony.
Your Honor, we have no
objection to Claimant
calling in their expert to testify.
And we welcome the opportunity
to cross examine theirs.
Am I done here?
- Excuse me?
- Am I done here?
Usually, the respondent
stays for the duration.
But if counsel has no objections
Okay, I'm gonna give you my contact.
Please call me.
I want to put you in touch with people
who can really help because
this has nothing to do with us.
The system does what it always does,
which is assign value
to winning and losing
when really, we all
lose in this process.
So I am gonna go back to work
and do what I do and help people.
And I really hope you call me.
I want to get you help that
will actually make a difference.

- You're telling me you're gay?
- Yes. I'm bisexual.
Oh, so you're confused.
And you have daddy issues.
I have a wife. We're
trying to adopt a son.
I am building a family.
You have a wife and a kid?
And you want me to move in with you?
Call your wife. Tell her.
God knows that fatherless kid
is gonna need a male role model,
especially when the little
weirdo tells all the other kids
at school about his two mommies.
No, go on. Call her. Tell
her Uncle Mason's coming.
I'll pack my bags.
I want you to be a
part of my life, Mason,
but I can't do that if you don't
So you want me to accept
you and your "choices,"
but you don't have
to accept me and mine?
I can agree to disagree about everything
except my humanity, Mason.
I'm just trying to exist,
and your "brothers" hate me for it.
Because you are poisoning this country.
And you shouldn't be allowed to do that.
You shouldn't be allowed to have kids.
Oh, my God.
You're Dad.
You've become Dad.
Don't pull that crap with me.
No, actually
[VOICE BREAKING] you're not him.
You're worse.
I came here trying to
save you or something.
But now I get it.
That's not possible.
You can never be a part of
my life, Mason. Not like this.

You're not allowed to
touch the beautiful life
that I've created,
because you would ruin it.
I have love that we never
knew existed as kids,
and I wanted you to
have that, too, but
you don't want it.
And I won't risk losing it, so
Damnit. I have to go.
Goodbye, Mason.

Listen, I didn't mean to
put you in a tough spot.
I'm sorry, man.
I get why you love it here.
I wouldn't go that far.
I mean, you and Warren
barely had to talk.
It's like you knew what he needed.
Here, can you connect this hose
while I reattach this piece?
Oh, um no.
I mean, I broke it. I-I
don't know how to fix it.
[CHUCKLES] I know.
You learn those skills in training?
We do a lot of wildland
training in Tulalip.
Helps keep up our skills
for the changing weather.
It'd be nice to have
those skills at the ready
at SFD, too, with these extreme
temperatures and climate change.
- Well, come up and train with us.
- Wish that was in our budget.
- I got you covered.
We get funding from here and there
tribal, city, state, federal.
And in return, the department's
very involved with the tribe.
We know how to take care of
each other, our community.
And now you and and your
team are included in that.
We're just doing our job.
Would you come with us?

Hold your hands like this.
Empty hands.
Only by the goodness of the
Creator do we have full hands.
You honored us by
protecting our ceremony.
This is our way of honoring you.

Hey, Ruiz, how's it going
with the rich and the paranoid?
Not great considering
he can't do his job
without being a savior. Paula!
Got a sweet little
souvenir to go home with.
I'm mailing this to my ex-wife. No note.
- That's gross.
- You must be Victoria Hughes.
- It's nice to put a face to the name.
Oh, no. All good things. Trust.
19! Gather in the beanery in 10.
Copy, Captain.
Ruiz, why don't you two join us at Joe's
tomorrow morning after shift?
Relax, Hughes, I
survived my uncle's wake,
I'll survive Joe's.
We'll be there.
Damn it.
Hey. Um
Captain wants everybody
in the in the beanery.
Stupid idiot. [SNIFFLES]
I ruined it. I ruined [SOBS]
everything. [SNIFFLES]
- I missed the window.
- May I help you?
I used to help my ex-wife with hers.
I found my, uh
my brother.
He He's so hateful.
Like, I thought I
thought a little piece of him
was still left, but he's gone.
Oh, my God. I cut him off.
- How could I do that?
- Maya
I'm a horrible person.
Maya, you did what you needed to do.
Ugh, why does it feel like somebody
died or something?
That's actually
apparently a real thing.
Hughes said it's called,
um, "ambiguous loss."
- Can I?
- Yeah.
It hurts like hell.
But you had to make a choice.
It was either him
or you.

[SOFTLY] Yeah. Yeah.
- It's okay. It's okay.
- [SOBS]
You ready?
- Alright.
- And, Bishop
- Yeah?
For what it's worth
you're already a great mother.


So, here's the thing.
I'm stuck, okay? I need help.
And I've decided I want to be
the kind of captain who asks for it.
I-I've been through the
audit analysis, and, um
well, we're already down to
sandpaper two-ply toilet paper,
so I'm all out of ideas.
Do you need some of us to
think about early retirement?
No, no, no, we retire
when we decide it's time.
The point is to preserve 19.
Okay, I hate to even say this
given everything we've done to save it,
- but, um what about Crisis One?
- Absolutely not.
I don't even know
what you're talking about.
No, no, no. W-Wait. W-W-Wait.
We gotta get 10% out of the
overall SFD budget, right?
- Keep talking.
- The Tulalip Captain today
was saying that their station
is funded by several sources.
So, what if Crisis One wasn't
a part of the SFD budget
because it's being
funded by other sources
- grants, federal funding?
- That would go a long way.
Miller always wanted Crisis
One to expand beyond SFD.
Yes. Yes! This is what we
need. More ideas like this.
I could try and connect with
some of my old political contacts.
I could reach out to some
of my people at the union.
I got contacts in the VA.

Oh, let a girl sleep for once.
[CHUCKLES] I can't help it.
Ah, I've been thinking
about you all day.
- Okay, Benjamin Warren.
- Mm.
D Okay, don't don't get me wrong.
- I love all the date night
- Mm-hmm.
- Date morning, all the dates
- Yeah.
But I [CHUCKLES] am going
to need joints replaced soon.
[LAUGHS] Sorry.
I've just, you know,
I got a lot of energy these days.
I, um
What is it?
I, um
been taking testosterone.
N-Now, y-you know it's
been really useful.
And, you know, I mean,
look, a lot of men
who've survived
testicular cancer use it.
And, I mean And the s side
effects are just, like,
- you know, like, adult acne
- You're kidding, right?
Uh, no.
I am your wife and a doctor.
I knew from the minute
you started waking up
- like a teenage boy.
- Oh, you knew?
I-I figured you would tell
me when you were ready.
Woman, I've been so
stressed to tell you. I
Look, I know T can be wonderful
for people who need it,
and, you know, women use it, too.
What you really need to consider
is why was it so hard to tell me.

Amore mio! Hey.
Hey. How's it going?
Oh, careful. [LAUGHS]
Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
I got you pastries for to
celebrate the trigger shot.
Well, it's only worth celebrating
if I didn't screw it up.
Hey, you did not screw it up.
I told you already, you just
need to wait an extra 30 minutes
before retrieval.
Okay? And facing your brother?
Definitely need one of these.
We should be celebrating you, okay?
When do we find out the final decision?
Couple of weeks.
But it wouldn't feel right
to celebrate that anyway.
Hey. Hmm.
- Dolci per la mia dolcezza.
- Mmm.
Did you get pastries that look like
exploding nipples on purpose?
- CARINA: Oh, my God, they do.
Like the dust on the pavement ♪
My man.
- Be right back.
- Alright.
- He's not coming back.
- No, he's not.
- Uh, mocktail?
- I'm more of a whiskey guy.
Uh, one of our guys
is newly sober, so
- Ah. Then I'll have what you're having.
- Great.
- Do you wanna play darts?
- I do.
Okay. Yeah. I do.
Yeah. Yeah, sorry.

You know he's got it bad for her, right?
Yeah. Yeah, she's pretty great.
I mean, I'm biased 'cause
she's my best friend,
but I would marry her
if it didn't trap her
- in a sexless marriage.
- Oof.
I've been in one of those.
It ended in a messy divorce,
but you know what they say
never marry your best friend.
They literally say the opposite.
"They" never married
their best friend then.
I did. Best decision I ever made.
Michael, right? Theo told me about him.
- Sounds like a great guy.
- He was.
But I don't know, I guess
it could have ended in divorce.
And then I would maybe hope
that it would be really messy
and drawn out because underneath it all
- we still loved each other.
Wait, so you fantasize about
divorcing your dead husband?
Yeah. [LAUGHS] No.
I mean, thinking about the
things that we never got to do
is sort of comforting.
On my way up, on my way up ♪
I loved how you engaged your team today.
[CHUCKLES] I knew I chose right.
Oh, Sully called me.
He told me about your
meeting today, and honestly,
that's something I could
probably stand to learn, too.
Maybe I could help
make some calls or
Thank you. I
That that means a lot.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I'll find a way to
make better days now ♪
I got your 52 voicemails.
[SIGHS] Too much?
I was I was just worried
after you handed the mayor
his ass in front of, you know,
- the entire world.
- Yeah.
That was not my proudest moment.
But, um I do appreciate
you checking on me.
Well, you've always been there for me.
Despite me being a pretty crap boyfriend
and icing you out when I was captain.
Hold up. Now you want to be this guy?
Now? I-I know I'm not perfect,
and I haven't been telling anyone
how I've been feeling, either,
not that anyone was asking,
but then you just had to go
and do the most Shakespearean,
- glorious thing and cheat on me
- No.
- With Chaos Kate.
- Technically, you and I, we were
Oh, well, technically, we were
broken up for five minutes.
I mean, come on. That
was Why are you smiling?
It's just
It's nice to have you back, Hughes.
Hey, there, Mr. Mister ♪
Oh, this is it.
You're a real enigma ♪
Wanna know all about it ♪
All about it ♪
Tell me about your mother ♪
And all your ex-lovers ♪
Maybe if you let me ♪
I could be your favorite color ♪
'Cause I'll keep you
up late in the night ♪
I'm paintin' your nails,
and we're talkin' 'bout life ♪
But I don't know much ♪
Past meets the eye ♪
But we don't have to bring it up ♪
If it don't feel right ♪
I wanna speak in
your love language ♪
So, can you help
me understand it? ♪
Whether you wanna talk or touch ♪
Go slow or rush ♪
Oh, you can have it all ♪
I wanna speak in
your love language ♪
You make it hard,
but I can manage ♪
I wanna know what's
goin' on inside your head ♪
So you can teach me
your love language ♪
Cards fold, reasons untold ♪
If my acts of service
make you nervous ♪
I'll go ♪
But what's written on my essence ♪
You're callin' me cryin' ♪
I'm no therapist ♪
But I'll try my best ♪
No, no, no, no, no ♪

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