Stay Close (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 [rattling.]
[grunts and gasps.]
[dog barking in distance.]
[tense music playing.]
Hi, Mr.
Sutton? We have some great news.
Some great news just for you.
Is this is a God thing? I don't believe in God.
I haven't for some time.
If you're collecting for God, I wouldn't bother.
No, it's not that.
- [woman.]
Where is he? - [man.]
I lost him.
What do you mean, lost him? - You had one job! - I didn't see you trying to run.
I don't tell you what to say - Say - I don't tell you what to do - Do - So just let me be myself That's all I ask of you - 'Cause - No You don't own me No You don't own me No You don't own me [recording.]
This is Harry Sutton.
Please leave a message.
[engine starts, revs.]
- [tires squeal.]
- Cassie? Cassie, stop! [sighs.]
Detective Broome? Cassie.
- Harry's not here yet.
- I can't believe you're here.
I won't talk without Harry.
Look, I'll tell you everything, but can we just find him first? Okay.
[dog barking.]
Harry! [panting.]
Wh - [Megan.]
Are you okay? - Come in, come in, come in, come in.
Broome, sorry.
[Harry sighs.]
My imagination.
Coffee? Do you want coffee? Let me make myself very clear.
This is a one-time thing.
I'm only here because I have to keep my family safe.
I'll tell you what I know about that night with Stewart.
And then I'm going to disappear again.
And you will not try to contact me.
Do we understand each other? Okay.
We have an agreement.
Go ahead.
I'm right here.
I don't know where Stewart Green is.
When you both vanished, you two were seeing each other, right? We weren't seeing each other.
He was obsessed with me.
Stewart Green was a psychopath.
I thought he was a good guy too.
At first.
But I was wrong.
[breathing shakily.]
He stalked me.
And he beat me, and he threatened to kill me.
He was crazy.
What happened? I started seeing someone new.
And Stewart didn't like it.
This someone Ray Levine? His name doesn't matter.
What did Stewart do when he heard about your new someone? [sighs.]
He made my life hell.
So I threatened to tell his wife if he kept coming after me, but that just made him more aggressive.
You could have come to me or another police officer.
What would the police have done, Detective? Believed the stripper over the beloved family man? [chuckles.]
So that night, the night I disappeared, I went up to the old ruins by Vipers, just just to get away from everyone and everything, just for a minute.
But when I got there [eerie music playing.]
I saw a body covered in blood.
It was Stewart.
He was dead? He looked dead.
I didn't get close enough to check for a heartbeat.
Why didn't you call the police? Because I knew how it looked.
I hated this man.
I'd be a suspect.
- You could have called it in anonymously.
- Yeah, I could.
I could have.
But I didn't.
I ran.
I changed my name.
I started a new life.
And I haven't been Cassie since.
Did you ever tell anyone what you saw? Only you.
And Ray Levine? Broome.
This, uh someone you were seeing, where was he at this time? I don't know.
'Cause I never saw him again.
Did he know Stewart abused you? No.
- Where did you go from there? - Irrelevant.
We have a deal.
You could have stayed hidden.
Kept your new life safe.
Why come back? Because somebody saw Stewart recently.
Who? Someone I trust.
I won't say who.
I promised not to involve them.
- When did this happen? - Last week at Vipers.
So so I went to Stewart's house.
I could tell there was something off.
I could feel it.
- Like maybe he was living in the basement.
- Did you break into his house? No, I [sighs.]
- Well, the second time, technically yes.
- Uh, that was my idea, Broome.
There is a door at the back of the basement.
His wife, she's hiding something in there.
Are you telling me everything? I can't help you unless I have the full picture.
A man with a shaved head gave this to my 11-year-old son.
So you have a kid? Okay, so this isn't good.
Look, I will do everything I can to protect you and your son.
You won't go near my son.
[typing on phone.]
[door slams.]
- [Fester.]
Ray? - I'm here.
- [phone.]
You have done 372 steps.
- [Ray.]
Thanks for coming, mate.
You all right there? - [phone.]
Your daily target - Shh.
Just, uh Just logging the walk over on my fitness app.
- [phone.]
- How's that going? Good.
Put on 20 pounds.
Oh God.
Hey, mate, I'm sorry to hear about Cassie.
I still hate her for what she put you through.
You know, Team Ray all the way.
Yeah, it's been a strange 24 hours.
Strange? Yeah, it's just I don't know.
Somethin' about all this just doesn't feel real.
Can you do me a favor? Can you track down a number plate for me with your [clicks tongue.]
 Fester ways? What now? I was in the woods earlier, and I saw these two teenage girls I already hate this.
And I'm pretty sure one of them was there that night at Vipers with that kid who disappeared.
Mate, this could be my mum for all we know.
Look, I know it's not clear, but when I approached her, she and her friend, they they got really scared and and sprinted away.
Very incriminating.
Yeah, very incriminating.
Why would two teenage girls run away from a strange man chasing them in the woods? I got a picture of the number plate.
Can you just track it for me? Of course, darling.
I'll help you stalk these children.
God, stop.
So Cassie thought Stewart Green was dead? Yeah.
But here's the thing.
She then said that someone saw Stewart Green last week.
So is he dead or not? Do you believe her? [Broome.]
Do I believe he's an abusive psychopath? Yeah, I think I do now.
But there's more to it than what she's saying, I'm telling you.
The blood at the ruins, it's not Carlton's.
It's Guy Tatum's.
[house music playing.]
[crowd cheering.]
Good to see ya.
It's probably gonna be the last time in a while.
Goodbye visit, is it? It's got to be.
Ah, that's a shame.
You gotta do what you gotta do.
- You okay, Lorraine? - Yeah, I'm fine.
How about you? How's the family? [sighs.]
Know what the worst thing about being a parent is? Dirty nappies.
No, I mean now.
Now they're older.
My happiness is totally dependent on theirs.
I mean, I used to be a functioning adult with my own emotions.
Do you know what that sounds like? - What? - An abusive relationship.
- That's a little bit harsh, Lorraine.
- [laughing.]
Yeah, probably.
- Don't go there, Cassie.
- What? You think I don't know whose seat that was? Have you seen him? Yeah.
Yeah, briefly.
And I, uh I may have told him that you were dead.
- What? - I panicked.
It just happened.
- Lorraine, what the hell? - What? Look at you.
Look at your family.
I didn't even say I wanted to see him.
I just glanced at his seat, and then you dropped a "I told him you were dead" on me.
I know we haven't seen each other for a long time, but I know you inside out.
But, hey, listen, I'm not gonna judge you.
Not gonna judge you.
You wanna mess up your life? That's fine.
He's still working as a photographer.
If you can call it that.
- He's not into porn, is he? - [laughing.]
No, sweetie.
Porn is way classier than what Ray's doing.
What's he doing? Paparazzi for hire? It's exactly what you think it is but just a little bit sadder.
- [Dave snoring.]
- [Megan sighs.]
Megs where have you been? Here.
I just got up for a pee.
What? [whispers.]
Dave? [snoring softly.]
Can you look into those for me? EXIF info, photoshopping.
- You know the drill.
- On it, love.
[footsteps approaching.]
If what Cassie said was true and Stewart Green really is back and he's this violent psycho, could he have done this? It's a big if.
You know, there is someone who knows both Stewart and Guy.
I think we need to have a conversation with Ray Levine.
Let's start with people we know are definitely alive.
Mind if I grab a quick sandwich? Seamus had diarrhea all over the changing table, and I forgot to eat.
Who even knew it was possible to forget to eat? It went in his ears.
Does having a child throw all guidelines for appropriate conversation out of the window? Back in two.
Egg and cheese for me, please.
[line ringing.]
[phone vibrating.]
[woman on PA.]
Peters, please call Dr [Lorraine on recording.]
Keep it short.
No one wants to hear your podcast.
- [beep.]
- Short it is.
I like you a lot.
I wish we'd started this sooner.
Um I want to be with you, if that's what you'd like.
The unabridged version is, um, longer, uh, but that's the gist of it.
Um Talk soon.
Bye, Lorraine.
Oh! It's DS Broome, by the way.
- Aye, aye.
- What? You're looking like my dog does when he's pissed on my carpet.
- You're annoying.
- [giggles.]
[seagulls calling.]
[knocking at door.]
- And? - Girl detective.
Can we come in? Have a quick chat? Yeah, sure.
- [Erin.]
- [Broome.]
Guy Tatum's partner says he was out with you the night he disappeared.
- Can you tell us about that? - Uh Yeah.
We went out drinking and then [inhales deeply.]
somehow ended up getting separated.
I just assumed he'd made his own way home.
But then Simona came by looking for him and [sighs.]
It's awful, what happened.
Where were you drinking? Wh where? Just at the Weak Signal on the high street.
Oh, but then I I dropped him at Vipers because he wanted to stay out.
These are good, eh? Oh, yeah.
This one here, um Uh, there's a few of her, actually.
That's Cassie, yeah? Mm-hmm.
So I'm guessing no hard feelings about the whole running off with another man thing? [scoffs.]
Oh, that was just speculation.
No, yeah, you're right.
I'm sorry.
What do you think did happen? [eerie music playing.]
I would love to know the answer to that myself.
- [Broome.]
You seen Stewart Green since? - What? Of course not.
Why? Oh Just rumors that, uh he was seen around town, but maybe it's just more speculation.
What about Cassie? Have you seen her? No.
Since that night? [Erin.]
What camera do you use? I'm asking 'cause my husband's just started to dabble.
A Nikon D4.
Oh, It might as well be a Pokémon for all I know.
Is that what that is? Oh, no, this is just some old Canon that I'm borrowing for a Sorry, I I really do need to get to work.
Uh, I don't think I've got any more information for you.
I'm Simona's friend.
I didn't really know Guy that well at all.
Yeah, well, here, um, why don't you take my card, uh, in case you think of anything else? [Laura.]
Kayleigh! - [indistinct chattering.]
- [dance music playing.]
[ominous music playing.]
- [Laura.]
Oh no! - [Kayleigh.]
Turn it up.
[girls laughing.]
- [dance music continues.]
- Risin' up, come together, yeah [Kayleigh speaking indistinctly.]
Jordan! Jordan, put down my underwear.
- Never make me say that sentence again.
- Dad, he's being absolutely horrible.
- We've been working on this for so long.
- It's one of the most complicated dances.
- He keeps jumping in the video.
- Jordan! Oh! We're having a dance party.
This is the one you showed me, yeah? - [dance music continues.]
- All right, go! - [girls laugh.]
- You're actually kind of good.
"Actually kind of good.
" High praise for the old lady.
No, don't mess it up, Dad.
No, no, no.
- Old people dancing over here.
- [Dave laughing.]
This is gonna be amazing! - [ominous music playing.]
- [Kayleigh speaking indistinctly.]
[girls laughing.]
Plates Harry? - I'm so sorry.
I just wanted to - What are you doing here? - I just wanted a glimpse of the life - How did you get my address? At Stewart Green's, I looked inside your glove compartment.
It's written on your registration.
- I know.
- Megan, you good? Yeah, great.
Just, um I'll just say hi and leave, I promise.
Hi! Nice to meet you.
I'm just on my way out, so [Megan.]
Dave, this is Harry.
My Spanish teacher from college.
[Dave chuckles.]
Yes, I'm I'm one of those teachers who always insisted on being called by my first name.
The cool ones.
Uh, lovely house you've got.
Love your garden.
Uh, great to meet you.
Do you want to stay for brunch? Megan never talks about college.
I would love to hear some embarrassing stories.
Oh-ho! Harry can't stay.
- He was just passing.
- Yeah.
Thanks for the offer, though.
If anything, you'll be helping me.
I bought enough to feed an army, and, uh, we're one short.
Mum's not coming.
- Why not? - Excellent.
All right.
Come in.
It'll be about 20 minutes or so.
[Kayleigh speaking indistinctly.]
- [dance music continues.]
- Look, you mess up right there.
It's a - Mm, mm.
And then Yeah? - [Kayleigh.]
- This is beautiful.
Lovely house.
- [Megan.]
Guys, this is Harry.
- One of my old teachers from college.
- Hello, I'm very old and a teacher.
Just call me Uncle Harry.
This is Kayleigh, Laura, and that's Jordan.
Dad, you said we wouldn't get bacon anymore.
- Pigs are smarter than dogs.
- And tastier.
Good for you, Jordan.
Your generation is gonna save the planet.
- Thanks.
- And will leave more bacon for us.
So, just want to say, very nice to meet you all, and your mother was my most favorite student.
What subject did you teach? Uh, Spanish.
My mum doesn't speak Spanish.
Does she not? Well, this is what I told her.
Si no lo usas, lo perderás.
She doesn't even know what that means.
"If you don't use it, you will lose it.
" - So thanks for ratting me out, Kayleigh.
- [Kayleigh laughs.]
- I've gotta go.
Bea's picking me up.
- But our dance.
- Uh, I'm making brunch.
- It's fine.
No problem.
You can go.
We'll see you later.
Have a good time.
Adiós, Kayleigh.
I know that face.
Who's pissed you off this time? Some sketchy guy's over claiming to be Mum's college Spanish teacher.
I used to take Spanish.
You know how pollo is chicken? Guess what polla is.
A girl chicken? Guess you're gonna have to look it up.
Make sure to search by image.
Eww, Bea! - [Bea laughing.]
- [scoffs.]
So you two are dancers? Oh, no, it's just this app thing.
I've just been trying to do it.
It's impossible.
You'd be rubbish at it.
- Well, let me have a go.
- [laughs.]
No, I've seen these things on the on the windup gramophone records of my - [Megan.]
Show him.
- [dance music playing.]
Oh, that's fast.
[Megan laughs.]
- [Harry.]
You gotta count us in.
- [Laura.]
Three, two, one.
- [both.]
Left, right.
Left, right, left.
- Okay.
One, two, three, four.
- One.
- One, two.
- Am I working - Working it, Uncle Harry! - He's got some moves! - That was so in sync.
- No, there.
- Wow! Okay.
Let me know how you're doing, all right? I'll try and be good.
I promise.
- Okay.
- Thank you for today.
[door closes.]
Thank you.
- How did you - [Broome.]
I'm a policeman.
I had your phone tracked.
It's illegal.
Don't tell anyone.
It's a good job you look like that, you know.
It's terminal.
I'm so sorry.
I'm okay with it.
[chuckles softly.]
I've had a good life.
- How much time do we have? - Oh, don't.
You don't have to do this.
I want to.
I'm not gonna go away this time.
You can't scare me off, Sweet Lorraine.
[chuckles softly.]
Let me be there for you.
Oh, God, my shift's gonna start in a minute.
Can I see you later? Yeah.
Yeah, I'd like that.
Very much.
Who's had my milk? I've got our photo guy.
It's Ray Levine.
I clocked the printer he had in his flat.
It was the one he used to print the photos that were left anonymously.
Printer? I didn't see a printer.
Remember when it took you two weeks to notice I'd got a fringe? - Oh, yeah.
- [Erin.]
Okay, let's bring him in.
[seagulls calling.]
[Harry humming.]
[ominous music playing.]
- [electricity crackling.]
- [yelps.]
- Tie his legs first.
- [Harry groans.]
Oh no.
If you cooperate, the pain will be kept at a minimum.
Now, who's this witness of yours regarding Carlton Flynn? [door closes.]
[chuckles softly.]
[line ringing.]
Hello? Uh, hello.
Who's this? Where's Harry? [woman.]
This is Mr.
Sutton's secretary.
He's with a client.
Can I pass along a message? [line beeping.]
- [man whistling.]
- [Harry groaning.]
You know you're not under arrest, Ray, but why didn't you mention these when we spoke earlier? Didn't come up.
All right.
Yes, I sent these.
But it was for no other reason than to help out.
And when did you take these photographs? The one of the missing boy, last Friday.
The blood on Monday.
So, just to confirm, you took this photograph of Carlton Flynn on April the 16th, 2021, the same night as Guy Tatum was last seen alive by you.
Have I got that right? This is an opportunity for you, Ray, to tell us everything that happened on the night of April the 16th.
Even if it's something you think you've already told us.
That night, we Guy and me, we went out for drinks.
We started at mine for a few beers then ended up at the Weak Signal, like I said.
- [Ray.]
Come on! - Yes, soldier! And at a certain point, I went home because I had to work early the next day.
What time was this certain point? [exhales sharply.]
Ten, maybe 11.
I don't know.
It was definitely before midnight.
Guy wanted to stay out, and I knew that Vipers always had a big party at Carnival.
So I I dropped him there, but that that was the last time that I saw or heard from him.
How did he seem? Fine, uh [grunts.]
All right! A bit drunk but not out of his tree or anything.
Then what? Then I [sighs.]
I I know the old ruins at the back of Vipers.
I often do landscapes.
So I must have gone there to get some shots in, and and then I went home.
I don't remember any anyone else being in the woods that night, until I went through the photos the next day and saw the news about this missing kid.
Do you usually take your three-grand camera on casual nights out? Uh, yeah, actually, I do.
I take it everywhere.
- Well, I did.
- You did? I was mugged the morning after all this.
They were after the camera, but I always upload the photos to the cloud.
So I was able to go through them, and that's when I saw this Carlton Flynn in one of them from the night before.
And the blood? No, I, um [sighs.]
I went back to the woods myself to look.
I don't know, I I just thought maybe this kid had had too much to drink and was just passed out there somewhere, but then I saw the blood and took the photos and got them to you immediately after that.
The blood was Guy's, by the way.
Not Carlton's.
Was Guy Tatum with you in the woods when you took this photograph of Carlton? No.
Uh, sorry, the blood was Guy's? Hmm.
So you said you, uh, sent in the photos to help, and and it's been a great help.
Thanks for that.
Uh, yeah, yeah, of course.
But why send them in anonymously? [chuckles.]
That's, um that's the part I'm I'm having trouble with.
Someone smashed me over the head with a crowbar to keep that photo hidden.
Look, I'm not saying it was the right call, but, uh, I just wanted to stay out of all of this.
But I had to get you the pictures.
Sure there's nothing you've forgotten to mention about Carlton or Guy? Nothing.
So, um, do you go to these woods much? [sighs.]
Not a lot.
Why? [Broome.]
Did you ever see anyone else there apart from Carlton? Uh [chuckles.]
Yeah, you run into people all the time.
Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean.
What about Stewart Green? Did he hang around these woods? No.
I don't think so.
[clicks tongue.]
- [man.]
See you, Laura.
- Bye.
You saw his face, right? When I asked him if he'd seen Stewart Green in the woods.
So what are you thinking? - He's lying.
- About? That's the part I'm not sure of.
But he's lying.
I've got somewhere to be.
That bad? [sighs heavily.]
Get me one of those.
The police think that I, um They think that I killed Guy.
And that I've got something to do with this missing kid.
And Stewart Green.
What if they're right? When I'm blacked out, I don't even know [breathing shakily.]
who I am, and I I can't [gasps.]
I would give anything to know what happened that night.
You turned up here.
The morning after Cassie disappeared you turned up here.
You were covered in blood.
[eerie music playing.]
You were catatonic, just looking right through me.
And when you finally went to sleep, you were just out for hours.
When you woke up, you couldn't couldn't remember anything.
And I I've gotta tell you, Ray, you you have never been the same.
I don't know what happened that night, but there was a Ray before and a Ray after.
I'm sorry.
I like both, though.
How could you not tell me, all this time? Christ, what have I done? You're not a killer.
I don't know what happened that night, but I know you.
You - You're not a killer.
- You sure about that? It's all connected.
I can feel it.
What happened in the woods, this this missing kid.
Who killed Guy.
Am I the connection? I tracked down that number plate you wanted.
[tires squeal.]
Thanks, mate.
[birds chirping.]
[doorbell rings.]
- Hey.
- Hi, Niall.
Um, we're still on for dinner tonight, yeah? It's tomorrow, isn't it? She's at book club tonight.
- [video game gunfire.]
- Ah! God! - What an idiot.
- [laughs.]
Uh, okay, well, I'll, um I'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah, yeah, no worries.
See ya.
Oh, Niall, I, um I left something in the basement.
Can I grab it? Yeah, of course.
I'm just in here, so [line ringing.]
This is the voice mail of DS Michael Broome.
Leave a message.
- [beep.]
- Hi, Detective Broome.
It's, um, Cassie.
I just wondered if maybe you could swing by Harry's when you get a chance.
Just check up on him.
I'm really worried about him.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[engine starts.]
[Bea's car engine starts.]
[rock music playing on car radio.]
[suspenseful music playing.]

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