Stay Close (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 [woman humming.]
[birds chirping.]
[officers shouting indistinctly.]
Bedroom clear! Bathroom clear! [man singing along to "Weirdo" by The Charlatans.]
happy you're a weirdo Yeah, yeah, stop.
[tense music playing.]
This one! Oi! [panting.]
[man praying in Arabic.]
[all praying in Arabic.]
I don't tell you what to say - Say - I don't tell you what to do - Do - So just let me be myself That's all I ask of you - 'Cause - No You don't own me No You don't own me No You don't own me We should try this one day.
I don't think yoga's your thing, really, is it? [chuckles.]
And anyway, we're far too grown-up to pretend that this is anything other than what it is.
And what is this? How do I look? Awful.
So awful I might just have to rip it off you.
No, no, no, no! - No, no, no! [laughs.]
- No, come on, in! In you pop! Get in! [birds chirping.]
[ominous music playing.]
- [door opens.]
- How can you forget a cello? - I've got a lot on my mind.
- You're 11.
You have literally nothing on your mind.
It's right there.
Where are you going now? - [Jordan.]
My bow.
- Give me strength.
- I need my phone back.
- No, you need to watch your tone.
- Mum? - Uh, what did we take it away for again? Your chores are not optional.
That's why we have the list.
- Since when have I ever done my chores? - Exactly.
- It was in my tennis racket case.
- Of course.
- [Kayleigh groans.]
- Hey! - Shit, I'm gonna be late.
- [Megan and Jordan.]
Language! Babe, promise me that you will get to the church early.
I will be on time.
I mean, really on time, based on objective numbers on clocks, not on Megan Standard Time.
- When have I ever let you down? - [chuckles.]
- Today is important.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- [Dave.]
- Bye! - [Dave.]
See ya.
[door closes.]
- [keys jingle.]
- Where are you going? Work called.
They need somebody in.
Back in an hour.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[birds chirping.]
[doorbell rings.]
So, why is there a suitcase of cash in your basement? Is it Stewart's money? Is he back? Sarah? Cash in the basement, it's not exactly normal banking procedure.
It just showed up, uh, a couple of weeks after Stewart was gone.
Sarah! Stop that.
Tell me.
Niall was having one of his tantrums, um, and so I just went outside to get a breath of fresh air, and it was just sitting there.
In the log store.
I know I should have called you.
- But I panicked.
- Why? Um I I was desperate.
Stewart had always taken care of all the money side of things.
Suddenly I had all these companies calling me, asking me for payments, and and the mortgage was late and and and then I kept it.
- Just in case - It didn't just show up.
- I know.
- It might have been Stewart.
He could have left it there for you, to make sure you were looked after.
I've already told you, Stewart would not have left us.
Those boys meant the world to him.
Something happened to him.
So all this money turns up, and you don't ask any questions? I did ask plenty of questions, but I just needed the money more than I needed to know where the money had come from.
- Please don't tell anyone about this.
- Oh, Sarah.
Whoever left it clearly didn't need it.
Otherwise they would have come looking for it.
And I like having it around, just in case something goes wrong again.
We've kept our secrets before.
What's one more? - [door beeps.]
- £10 million for a new police station.
You'd think they'd put in a door that works.
- [door beeps.]
- Morning.
Hang on, you're wearing the spare shirt from your car.
And you're eating one of the bagels you were obsessed with when you were seeing Sarah Green.
How many times do I have to tell you? That finished years ago.
Hm? Okay, look, so I'm seeing Lorraine.
I I don't know if I'm "seeing her" seeing her, but It doesn't matter.
We're not having this conversation.
We just did.
What's that? I checked out Cassie's car reg.
Did you know she's changed her name? She is now Megan Pierce.
She's got a whole new, perfect "mum does yoga" life now.
Well, not surprising.
You know, she wanted to start over.
Yeah, no, it's perfectly normal behavior, that.
Run away, change your name, start a new life straight after a man disappears.
There's nothing suspicious about that at all.
All these missing men, it all started with Stewart Green.
We need to dig deeper into him.
- He's got something to do with this.
- But where's the evidence? This Cassie-slash-Megan, who I don't remotely trust, by the way, simply saying he's alive, it's not enough, is it? Come on.
There's something Goldberg wants us to look into.
Oh, good.
[bangs glass down.]
"Pink Poirots"? Yep, it's a group of women who trace missing men online.
They're - Busybodies? - Uh, social media detectives.
They set up fake accounts and connect with friends, family, and basically anyone who posted something or taken photos around the time someone disappeared.
And now [sighs.]
they're looking into Carlton Flynn.
Everyone needs a hobby.
What's it got to do with us? - I am not asking civilians for help.
- Oh, come on.
We're not exactly GCHQ, are we? It would take Leanne months to comb through the social media accounts of everyone in the area the night they disappeared.
Look, it's no different from askin' some old biddy what she's seen peekin' out of her curtains.
Tell you what, how about we do this first, and then we can look into your thing? [glass clinking.]
Not open yet You look pretty good for a dead woman.
- Is that a compliment? - No.
It's an it's an an acknowledgment of the fact that we thought you were dead.
And by "we," I mean me and Ray, the supposed love of your life, who, apparently, you extreme ghosted.
I knew you'd still be here.
Well, I'm not just here.
I have a a portfolio career.
I don't have to explain myself to a corpse.
Look, are you gonna give me Ray's number or not? Not.
- [Megan.]
Why not? - He hath forsaken you.
What? You blinded his eyes and hardened his heart.
Se seriously? Like my boy JC says, "Though it be a pain in my arse, I healed the brokenhearted.
" Okay.
I get it.
But it's not up to you if he sees me.
Yeah, but, Cass, I'm the one that has to pick up the pieces once you piss off again.
Aren't I? Yeah.
Look, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important.
Just ask him to meet me.
Fester, please.
Where? [Kayleigh.]
Let's see where she goes now.
Come on, Bea! Go, go, go! [Broome.]
Pink Poirots? Is this what policing's come to? Jeez.
[doorbell ringing.]
- [woman 1 over intercom.]
Yeah? - Hi.
Is that is that Priya Suwal? [Priya sighs.]
Hi, um, I'm Detective Cartwright.
This is Detective Broome.
We just wondered if we could come in.
- [woman 2.]
Priya! - [Priya.]
I'll be up in a minute, Mum! - [Mum.]
Pri? - [Priya.]
I'm busy.
Priya! So are we.
Yeah, but I I think, um I think you could really help us.
You're not the first of your sort to sit in that chair and call me all kinds of things.
Vigilante, citizen warrior.
Sherlock was an amateur.
He was also famously not real.
You've got no proof whatsoever that I've got even the slightest bit of evidence about Carlton.
Unless you have a warrant, I need to be getting on.
Well, how how about how about we collaborate? Hmm? Oh, we could be the the Lestrade to your Sherlock.
My dad was a fan.
I'll be there in a minute, Mum! [Broome.]
Oh! She's printed out all of these social media photos, and you were right.
Carlton Flynn was in Vipers all along.
This goes back years.
And all the missing men were connected, like I said.
We need to find this girl in the orange coat.
She's all over it.
We're idiots.
Look at this.
Look, how did we not see this? All the missing men disappeared on different dates in April.
The third Friday of the month.
It's Carnival.
It's an easy night to make someone disappear.
All except this one.
Zain Kaleed.
His body was discovered in the woods.
This fella, Jamal Alade, went down for it.
Says he had a fight with the murdered man on the night of Carnival in 2003.
Which would mean Stewart wasn't the first.
How did we miss this guy? [door unlocking.]
[footsteps approaching.]
- Cassie.
- [sighs.]
You're married? Engaged.
Kids? I have three.
That's why I'm here.
I need you to stay away from my family, Ray.
How did you find me? Luck.
[chuckles softly.]
Poisoned fucking fate, I guess.
I thought you were dead.
I'm sorry.
People kept telling me that you'd run away with Stewart Green, but that just didn't make sense.
You just disappeared, like like you and me never even existed.
- I know you're upset - Upset? Why are we here? - I need you to stay away from my family.
- Yeah, but why here? You kept the key all these years.
I told you to dress up.
What? This is my favorite jacket.
Come here.
I looked for your photos.
Oh, uh, I tried to carry on like everything was normal, but after a while, I just couldn't do it anymore.
What about you? What was your "after" like? Scary.
I had to leave.
That didn't mean I wanted to.
Why are we here? Cassie? It's Megan now.
[romantic music playing.]
- I shouldn't be here.
- Don't go.
[ominous music playing.]
Kayleigh! Kayleigh! Kay, wait! Kay, wait! - Kayleigh, please stop! Hey! - Who's that random guy? You're cheating on Dad.
I followed you to Vipers a few weeks ago.
I know you've been lying to everyone.
Listen, I don't know what you what you think is going on, but this is this is ridiculous.
- I'm calling Dad.
- Kayleigh, wait.
- Stop.
- [recording.]
This is Dave.
- Leave a message.
- I'll tell you everything! - Who is he? - He's an old friend.
Yeah, I got that.
Years ago, before I met your dad, I used to work at that club, Vipers.
I was a dancer.
When I went to that charity conference, the hotel was close by, and I just thought I would go back and and see my old life.
- But you lied about today as well.
- [Megan.]
I didn't lie.
- Did you used to fuck? - Kayleigh! I don't know who you think you're talking to.
No, we we were just friends.
Look, he he used to work on the door.
He he used to look out for me.
He wanted to see how I was getting on.
Please, you and your dad and Laura and Jordan, you are the world to me.
You are everything.
And that guy? I told you.
He was just an old friend.
I'm still telling Dad.
Okay, of course.
I've got nothing to hide.
I'm going to the church now.
I'll tell him.
I'll be at Bea's.
Okay, thanks.
Told you.
Leanne says the missing men check out.
Every disappearance happened on Carnival.
The cycle means it took 17 years to repeat the dates, which is why Stewart and Carlton both disappeared on April the 16th exactly 17 years apart.
So it says in here Zain Kaleed was stabbed three times in the neck and heart.
Jamal Alade was the only suspect.
Murder weapon and blood-covered T-shirt found in Jamal's garage.
Clear motive.
Jamal and Zain were sexual rivals with a history of violence.
They had his name in hours, case sorted in days.
Didn't have an alibi.
And even his phone was in the area at the time.
- [phone rings.]
- Jury was only out an hour.
Um I just need to, uh So what do you think? [Lorraine.]
I know we said we wanted to try something fun, but are you sure this is what you want? It was you who suggested it last night, Miss Seize-the-Day, Live-for-the-Moment.
Look, I've got to go, but, uh send me a pic.
If this is what you like, I'm game.
- [buzzer sounds.]
- Sir.
What do you want? We just wanted to ask you a few questions about Which one of your boys set me up.
Well, a jury found you guilty.
A white jury.
The prosecution presented sufficient evidence that you killed Zain Kaleed.
And my doctor used to say sickle cell wouldn't kill me.
Turns out people lie.
I'm sorry to hear that.
How often do you go to the hospital? Dialysis three, four times a week.
Only in here 'cause of a chest infection.
Were you at the hospital six days ago? See, those are the sort of questions that make me feel like we shouldn't be havin' this conversation.
We just wanted a bit of help with our inquiries.
Do you know this man? You ever been to Vipers? Wardens aren't exactly big on nights out.
Tell us about Zain Kaleed.
He assaulted your girlfriend, Stacey Zobeck, which led to a fight.
A knife was pulled during the Carnival.
You were hurt, and you killed him two days later in revenge.
Like I told you, lies.
[oxygen hisses.]
You're saying there wasn't a fight? There were witnesses.
To a bit of beef.
Not to me killing him.
What, I'm smart enough to stab the brotha with no one seeing but not enough to hide the knife I used to do it? - Makes no sense.
- There was also a T-shirt.
That had the same blood on it as the knife.
I kill a man, soaked in his blood, but my trousers, not a spot? Was I wearin' magical denim? Levi's so good they repel all signs of murder.
Listen to me.
I was set up by you lot.
[breathing shakily.]
I appreciate the force hasn't always been perfect [laughs.]
[oxygen hisses.]
[sighs heavily.]
I wasn't perfect, but that doesn't make me a killer.
They say that only He can judge me, but you lot judged me.
You lot put me here.
They gave me 25 for somethin' I didn't do.
And the only time I've been out is to sit in a hospital room and listen to people tell me how quickly I'm going to die.
So unless your inquiries are about finding the fucker who did this to me we're done.
Wonder how much security he gets in hospital.
A lot, last time I checked.
I doubt he'd fake all of that just so he could jump out of a hospital window in the dead of night and kill two people three miles away.
Someone might have noticed.
Well, maybe he's talking to someone when he's there.
- People move back and forth all the time.
- Mmm.
Or maybe he's telling the truth.
Like he said, his case did seem a little bit too tidy, didn't it? With a temper like his, he'd have been easy to pin it on.
- Mmm.
Let me see the file again.
- Could the killer have framed him? You're right about his temper.
Says here, before all this, he got cautioned after a row with another girlfriend turned nasty.
Zain Kaleed and Stewart Green both hit women.
- Even Tawny Allure - I still love that name.
She said that Carlton could be violent.
Now Jamal.
Right, so we're looking at men who beat women, linked to numerous disappearances, possibly two murders, and someone who's locked away for killing someone, even though maybe they didn't.
Which means? - I've no idea.
- Mmm.
- [phone chimes.]
- Oh, here.
Oh! [laughs.]
[line ringing.]
Hi, uh, there's been some sort of mix-up.
They've sent you the wrong outfit.
Oh, thank God for that.
I know you shouldn't judge a man's kinks, but I was getting a bit worried! [laughs.]
I bet you were.
- I'll be over when we're done, okay? - [Lorraine.]
Okay, come on.
What is going on with you two? You're behaving like some excited little kitten.
- Frankly, it's unnerving.
- Nothing.
We're just having a bit of fun.
I've seen you have fun.
This is not that.
What do you want me to say? She's fearless.
She's sexy.
Every time she walks in, I'm incapable of holding a thought in my head, and all I want to do is make her smile.
Is that what you wanna hear? Wow.
[phone rings.]
We'll be right there.
[birds chirping.]
We look at the building blocks that define our partnerships, whether you've been together for years or a few months.
Memories are meant to be real, aren't they? A faithful recreation of something that really happened.
We only remember pieces, forget the stuff that doesn't make sense.
Our memories are as subjective and messed with as any other story.
And the stories that we tell about our relationships can help us understand how we really see each other.
[man whispers.]
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I want you to all close your eyes.
Now, it's never too early or too late to interrogate who we are as a couple or your partner.
Okay, thank you.
[indistinct chattering and laughing.]
What was that about? I was thinkin' about introducin' him to Kayleigh.
He'll get to meet her at the wedding rehearsal.
I thought he could come to the house, talk some sense into her.
You're joking, right? - I should text her.
- Yeah, but she doesn't have her phone.
Oh, please.
We both know she took it the second I left the house.
Dave, listen, we don't need a reverend or a pastor telling us how to raise our family.
We're good people who love our children.
And there's nothing we wouldn't do to protect them.
So I I I want you to have a good time at this stag do.
Just promise me you won't speak to her till you're back.
Leave her to me.
Okay? Okay.
Why were you late? Just work.
I couldn't get away.
All right, I'm off.
- [Megan.]
Go on, have a good time.
- [Dave laughs.]
- Love ya.
- Love you.
[ominous music playing.]
[engine starts.]
[line ringing.]
Come on.
This is Harry Sutton.
Please leave a message.
Are you okay? I [sighs.]
I've just seen Ray.
I need you.
Please call me.
It's getting out of hand.
I'm really worried about you.
Can you just call me? It's the third time we've been here this year.
The girls at Vipers are always around here.
Guessing one of them dropped by for a sesh and called it in.
You see that with overdoses sometimes.
Vomit so hard they burst their eyeballs.
Except there is no vomit, and it's only one eye.
And an unexplained mark to his neck.
So this is officially a murder investigation.
Usual rules apply.
Can you call it in for us? Sierra 4-5 Is it weird that this happens just a few days after this mystery woman Megan turns up out of nowhere? Do you really trust her? [sighs.]
Why do the police think you killed Guy? - They keep interviewing you.
- [gasps.]
But no one's telling me anything.
I know how it works.
Shit goes down, and boys band together.
You're acting crazy.
You need to calm down.
You know what fucks angry women off more than anything? Being told to calm down.
Kind of seems appropriate, considering.
Stop fucking lying to me! What happened? He was with a woman.
That's that's what they're not telling you.
- He was cheating on me? - He was drunk and just being an idiot.
[shouting indistinctly.]
It doesn't mean that he didn't love you.
[breathing shakily.]
- [sobs.]
- Here, come here.
- All right, all right.
- [crying.]
Come on.
- All right.
Come on.
- [sobbing.]
Give me that.
Really? All right, not my place to judge.
And not even close to being the strangest thing I've seen today.
Like you're not going through your own personal breakdown.
This is seriously weird.
Who is she? She was everything.
I've spent 17 years of my life dreaming about her.
And today, she just walked away like I was nothing.
And now, I'm not even sure any of it was real back then.
Maybe it was just me all along.
She's hot.
Generally speaking, hot women can't be trusted.
Except for you, Sergeant.
Especially me.
All I can think is that some fucker has taken Guy away from us.
And he's never coming back.
[birds chirping.]
[doorbell rings.]
You can't be here.
It's Harry.
This can't be happening.
It's time we talked all this through properly down at the station.
All cards on the table.
You tell us everything you know about Stewart, everything else you know, it might help us find out who did this to Harry.
So with Harry gone, we can get you someone else if you need.
I thought this was just a chat.
I'm not under arrest, am I? Let's just start with a witness statement, shall we? Take it from there.
[engine starts.]
[seagulls calling.]
According to Goldberg, this is where Megan Pierce lives.
This place is just so domestic.
Say it.
Say it.
Daddy! No kids.
Or puppies or kittens.
Or rabbits or anything of the gerbil lineage.
Just us.
None of this family nonsense.
Of course, darling.
We should get going.
Just us.
She said "dancer.
" [Bea.]
But we know what that really means.
Go easy on her, okay? No slut-shaming and no asking if she had sex with clients for money.
- Bea! - I'm just saying.
Those are the sort of nasty stereotypes strippers have had to deal with for years.
And it wouldn't have mattered if she did.
Her body, her choice.
- #Supportsexworkers.
- [sighs.]
I'm gonna be sick.
See you later, Bea.
[ominous music playing.]
Mum? [woman.]
What do you think? Orange has never really been my color.
[ominous music crescendos.]

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