Stay Close (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 [man humming "Farewell, My Own".]
Farewell, my own Light of my life, farewell For crime unknown I go to a dungeon cell I will atone In the meantime, farewell And all alone - [screams.]
- [man.]
Lucy! [cast members gasping.]
[actor 1.]
Get help! - Are you all right? - [actor 2.]
Call an ambulance! - Get some help, please! - Understudy for Josephine.
Where are you? Right here, sir.
Rerig the ropes.
Nice to meet you.
Pleasure's entirely mine.
Awful about Lucy.
Is it, though? [ominous music playing.]
Do you know when your mummy will be home, darling? Get the hell out of my room! Do you want to take this? Where we're going tends to get a little nippy at this hour.
[Kayleigh gasps and coughs.]
I don't tell you what to say - Say - I don't tell you what to do - Do - So just let me be myself That's all I ask of you - 'Cause - No You don't own me No You don't own me No You don't own me [Broome.]
When did you first suspect something wasn't quite right? When I called Harry and this supposed secretary picked up.
And so after this secretary answers Harry's phone, you hang up on her, right? Yeah.
It was weird.
That's why I left you the voice mail.
So you dropped him off at his office shortly before 12 noon.
You called my phone at 5:45 p.
Yeah, that's right.
Forensics put Harry's time of death somewhere between 12:00 and 6:00 p.
So whoever whoever did this, they could have been there before I dropped him off? You don't think that that I killed Harry? No, I don't.
But I do need to rule you out.
Do I need a lawyer? You're not under arrest.
After you got there, did you notice anything suspicious in the area? Anything at all? I'll try and be good.
I promise.
[eerie music playing.]
After I dropped him, there was a woman.
And a man.
I didn't think anything of it.
Can you remember what they look like? - Yeah.
- How well? Well enough.
She's gettin' married.
- So you didn't shag her? - [snorts.]
Kissed her, but she pulled away.
- Oof.
- Yeah.
Big oof.
It's bizarre, though, because her fiancé is the father of her kids, and th they're, like, not baby kids.
They're they're teenagers.
How come they're only just marrying now? Probably had kids quickly, and then marriage just seemed irrelevant in the swirl of day-to-day life.
And now, in some middle-aged gesture of belated romance, he's gone and proposed, and she's thought, "Fuck it.
Why not? Any excuse for a party.
" - I looked him up.
- [Fester.]
Of course you did.
- Just out of curiosity.
- [Fester.]
And? Bang average.
His name's Dave.
And trust me, he is definitely a Dave.
Bang average? This guy's hot.
Dave or no Dave.
Look at this.
Not-bang-average Dave got into a fight on a night out.
Claimed it was self-defense.
Don't you think it's a bit strange? Cassie reappears, and then Guy, Harry, all these people suddenly start getting [inhales deeply.]
This guy's got anger issues.
You wanna know what I think? I think you're crazy.
This is starting to feel like a hostage situation! [piano Muzak playing.]
- Nearly there.
- Okay Here we go.
And now! Bad girl [all in falsetto.]
We love you, Dave! - [laughing.]
- [all chattering in falsetto.]
[Dave chuckling.]
Oh my - Can I put the blindfold back on? - [in falsetto.]
Here you are, my darling! - Chug it! - Oh, yes! [all in falsetto.]
Chug it! Chug it! Chug it! Chug it! Chug it! [all cheering.]
Yes! Welcome! Welcome to your stag weekend, my friend.
This should've happened years ago, but don't let the fact that she turned you down 100 times ruin it.
- [all laughing.]
- We got there eventually! Trust me, we're gonna make this worth the wait! - [all laughing.]
- Oh, yeah! Let's do it.
I've spoken to you - After you.
- Right.
[suspenseful music playing.]
["Étude Op.
10, No.
5 in G Flat" playing.]
Great work.
[playing scales.]
- You've got quite the talent here.
- [chuckles.]
If it wasn't for the hair, I'd wonder if she were really mine.
I've no doubt she will qualify for the finals this year.
There is just I'm sorry, it it's a bit awkward.
Full disclosure.
The preparations for the finals won't be cheap.
There are scholarship opportunities, but, uh, they're quite competitive.
So just be prepared for that.
And, uh, I bring that up now because, well, I noticed I'm owed 700 still, and and the direct debit got canceled, so Oh.
I'm so sorry.
Uh There must have been some kind of mistake.
I'll get that to you immediately.
I'm getting a hefty bonus on Saturday, so it'll all be sorted then.
Thank you.
Yep, that's it.
But with a fringe.
Yeah, and tied back.
- Yeah, that's it.
Just like that.
- And the guy? Happy? - Yeah.
- Is this the start of an all-nighter? - What are you doing here so late? - I needed my phone charger.
My daughter keeps leaving 'em with my ex, so now she's got dozens of those in addition to the house and the dog.
Who's this? She's a potential witness in the Harry Sutton murder case.
And she saw these two outside his office around the time of death.
Well, carry on.
But, uh get that to me before we distribute to media.
Okay? When it's finished.
[eerie music playing.]
- [line ringing.]
- Come on, come on, come on.
What? Please tell me you didn't kill Harry Sutton.
Jesus Christ, what were you thinking? Wait, is your connection fuzzy? What? No.
I can hear you.
I really hope it is, because I could have sworn I heard you speaking to me as though your input is something I'll value.
We don't work for you.
We work for Del Flynn.
This has gone too far.
I completely agree.
This conversation has gone too far.
You listen to me No, I don't think so.
But before I go, I will allow you to make up for your disrespectful tone.
We're going to send you a photo of a woman right now.
I want you to let me know if you recognize her.
[phone alert chimes.]
[ominous music playing.]
No, I don't.
Her name is Megan Pierce.
If you hear anything about her, let us know immediately.
[techno music playing.]
Okay, gents.
I think we seem to have walked into the Valley of Youth.
A tenner for anyone that can spot anyone that was born in the last century.
I think that girl's in my daughter's hockey team.
Mandem, bar.
Oh, I'll find you.
I need a piss.
[water running.]
Where did that come from? Oh! Sorry, mate.
You are never drinking anything carbonated ever again.
We've all been there, mate.
No need to apologize.
We know each other, don't we? - I don't think so.
Do we? - You from Ridgewood? No.
I've got a friend who lives out there.
We go out from time to time.
See, that could be it.
Sorry, I'm a [laughs.]
I'm a bit pissed! God, I said that already, didn't I? Oh! [chuckling.]
God! Oh! It's my stag weekend.
Whoa! I would say congratulations, but you don't seem too pleased about it.
Oh, look, mate, I'm super pleased about the fiancée.
Uh, you got any mints, by any chance? - Gum okay? - Oh! You're a lifesaver.
Thank you.
All right.
Have a good night.
Take it easy.
[door opens.]
Hit me up, hit me up, man! - [indistinct chattering.]
- [techno music continues.]
Oh! Uh They bought tequila! Lads, lads, lads! This is a man I met in the bathroom! - [all laughing.]
- Oh, no, no! You need to get this one a bit more pissed.
- Hey, join us.
- Come on.
[all shouting indistinctly.]
Oh, fucking hell! Sit down! Let's go! Get this man a beer or something.
I checked out that door in Stewart Green's basement.
And? Yeah, it was just a closet.
With a yellow suitcase inside.
Listen, can I tell you something, Cassie? Every year during Carnival, men disappear.
- Like Stewart? - Like Stewart.
And since Stewart.
Missing, presumed dead, their loved ones going out of their mind, because year after year, there are no answers.
So you say someone saw Stewart Green at Vipers, but you can't tell me who because you promised not to.
If I may be so bold, fuck your promise.
If Stewart Green is still alive, we need to know.
Yours is not the only life turned on its head.
Men are dying.
It was Lorraine.
She's the one who saw Stewart at Vipers.
I'll be in touch as soon as I hear anything.
See you.
[line ringing.]
Hey, this is Dave.
Can't get to the phone.
Leave a message.
[line ringing.]
Hi, this is Kayleigh's phone.
Leave a message.
[line ringing.]
Hi, Mummy.
Why are you still awake? - How's the sleepover? - Good.
Did did Jordan get off to his okay? - [Laura.]
Think so.
- I love you.
I'll see you tomorrow.
[sighs heavily.]
[line ringing.]
[phone rings.]
Oh, Cassie.
Are you still at Vipers? Yeah, why don't you come down? We've having a memorial for Harry.
- [Megan.]
I've just been with Broome.
- Okay.
I had to tell him you were the one that saw Stewart.
Plenty of things to cry about today.
That's not one.
- Just come down.
- Yeah.
[techno music playing.]
If only she'd said yes the first time, we'd be fitting in here a whole lot better.
What do you mean, first time? Dave's been trying to get his girl to marry him for How long has it been? I think we still used VHS.
We we have three kids.
We're basically married minus the married part.
So she's never been married before? - No.
- Engaged? - [laughs.]
No! - You sure? I think I'm sure.
Well, you never know with people.
That's what I've found.
Secrets in closets and all that.
She's never been married or engaged.
- Dave, why don't we, uh - Yeah, we should.
Look, seriously, what changed her mind about you? What made her finally bite the bullet? Maybe it's my impeccable charm.
Yeah, I'll bet she's an impeccable charm kind of girl, Megan.
What? - Hm? - I'm sorry.
- Do do you know my fiancée? - No! [scoffs.]
I just, uh I just heard him say her name.
All right, look, I'm gonna call it a night.
Congratulations, mate.
[all cheering, laughing.]
All right, who are you? - How do you mean? - Exactly as I say.
Who are you, and what do you want? - [sighs.]
I don't want anything.
I just - Oh, bollocks.
- What, you know Megan, is that it? - Mate! Don't "mate" me.
I'm here with my friends, trying to have a good night.
- And you come around - You invited me.
How do you know her? 'Cause I asked, and none of them said her name.
You're pissed.
Go on back inside.
I'm gonna ask you again, man.
Who are you? - I'm no one.
- [Dave.]
Oh, stop lying to me! - Do you know Megan? - Do you? What the fuck does that mean? Huh? The woman you are marrying.
Do you know her? Because you know what? [whispers.]
I don't think you do.
[Ray grunts.]
[crowd gasping.]
[both grunting.]
Oi! Oi, both of you! Stop them! [woman.]
Jeez! - [Dave groans.]
- [woman shrieks.]
- [Dave.]
No, no, no! - [woman screams.]
[pole clanks on ground.]
[eerie music playing.]
[Ray grunts.]
Calm down.
["My Soul Is Lost Without You" by Shane Burke playing in club.]
Burst into flames - I keep hearing your voice - So glad you're here.
Oh! - Come on.
Let's do this.
Yeah? - Yeah.
- My tears - I can't believe he's really gone.
- They're fallin' - Let's get some alcohol.
I've gotta make a speech.
Everybody's come down for Harry.
Why do I keep my heart - From you? - [crowd applauding.]
Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? Uh [sighs.]
To know Harry was to love Harry.
He had his demons.
Don't we all? He was, um he was pure, in his way.
He could see your purity through your damage.
Maybe even find it for you.
Except you, Rudy.
You're a filthy twat, as he put it.
[crowd laughing.]
He was just one of those people.
He never wanted you to feel an ounce of sorrow.
He took on the the heaviness of the world.
He never let you slip too far into despair [laughs.]
always throwing you a lifeline of a laugh.
We all loved him.
And he gave all of himself to everyone.
And now he's gone.
And I'm gonna miss Sorry.
[inhales deeply.]
I'm gonna miss him forever.
This is for Harry.
[melancholy music playing.]
Good night This is goodbye This is goodbye This is goodbye Great speech.
Thank you.
This is goodbye Speeches are easy when they come from the heart.
Look, I know you're mad at me.
Why didn't I tell you I saw Stewart Green, right? Sit down.
Sit down.
Right, I don't I don't want to play the cancer card, but I've got to be honest, it was a really low priority.
Even when it's a man missing, presumed dead for 17 years? Yeah, I guess so.
I wasn't thinking.
But honestly, I will I will tell you whatever I know.
Echo on and on All we left is left in cold But tonight This is goodbye Funerals really bring out your romantic side.
This is goodbye You loved him.
I'm here.
- This is goodbye - I've got you.
[smacks lips.]
Ooh, this is goodbye This is goodbye This is goodbye [snoring.]
I need you to come with me.
Please don't ask me why.
Just get in the car.
[suspenseful music playing.]
- [man.]
See ya.
- [woman.]
Bye, darling.
There's another thing I need to ask you about.
Why did you tell Ray Levine she was dead? [chuckles.]
I didn't want him to get any ideas.
Cassie's moved on.
She's got a new life.
Yeah, but to say that she'd died? Why didn't you I don't know, say she'd moved to Canada? [chuckling.]
Canada? Who moves to Canada? Anyway, he'd have just gone to the airport and got on the next flight.
Did you not know him at all back then? Not well, no.
I mean, just through a few interviews after Cassie left.
Oh, I did.
He was around the night that Cassie ran away.
The night Stewart disappeared.
- Ray was? - Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, he said that he loved Cassie.
And, you know, he probably did, I don't know, but the way he was with her it was more like an addiction.
[birds chirping.]
["Rasputin" by Boney M.
He ruled the Russian land And never mind the czar But the kazachok He danced really wunderbar [Megan.]
Kayleigh? In all affairs of state He was the man to please But he was real great When he had a girl [song stops.]
[ominous music playing.]
[line ringing.]
Hi, this is Kayleigh's phone.
Leave a message.
- [sighs.]
- [line ringing.]
[Bea, groggily.]
Everything okay? Bea, where's Kayleigh? Is she with you? No, she texted, saying she wasn't feeling well.
When? - When? - Is everything okay? Bea, when? [Bea.]
Late, uh, 10:30.
- I'd expected her earlier.
- Shit! Come on.
[breathing heavily.]
[line ringing.]
Finally! Hello.
Took you a while.
Where is she? [woman.]
If you want your daughter back, listen very carefully.
There's a track off Rigby Road in Waldwick.
You might wanna write this down.
There, go down it, and you'll come to an intersection.
- We'll be there, and we'll have a chat.
- What about Kayleigh? Let's see how our conversation goes.
Oh, and do be quick.
We've been waiting for you all night.
Who are you? [woman.]
Oh, and, Megan, make sure you don't tell anyone.
It would be a shame to lose your lawyer and your daughter in the same week.
See you soon.
God! [line ringing.]
Oh, come on! [recording.]
This is the voice mail of DS Michael Broome.
Leave a message.
[intense music playing.]
- Hi, Del! - Hello, darling.
- [nurse.]
- Bye, Jen.
[air hissing.]
Hello, my love.
[phone vibrating.]
[sighs heavily.]
Hi, Mr.
I'm so sorry to bother you.
Spit it out.
Did you find Carlton? No, it's not that.
- I I'm sorry.
- [sighs.]
What is it, then? This ain't a good time.
I don't want to add any additional stress.
I'm just really concerned about that couple you hired.
Profoundly concerned.
They're killing people, Del.
I knew they weren't exactly kosher in their extraction methods, but I'm in way over my head here, mate.
People? What people? [Goldberg.]
Did you hear about that Livingstone lawyer? That was them.
I gave them his name.
I'm having a bit of a breakdown here.
Now they're going after some woman.
Just a suburban mum type.
It's gone too far.
They were told to find Carlton.
Del, please.
This is out of control.
Don't call me again until you find Carlton.
Come on, darling.
It's no good talking to Marlene.
She's not his mum.
Only his parents understand the real pain.
But I promise you, Maria, I will find our son.
[choking back tears.]
Ray, what's going on? Wh why are we here? I remembered something.
Remembered what? [Ray.]
This is where it happened.
That night, before I came to see you.
[eerie music playing.]
I was here.
[crow cawing.]
[GPS voice.]
You have arrived at your destination.
[ominous music playing.]
[man whistling "Farewell, My Own".]
- [whistling continues.]
- [rhythmic creaking.]
- [humming "Farewell, My Own".]
- [Kayleigh sighs.]
I'm not trying to leave! Can I just come out for a wee? Oh! That's what the bucket's for.
[man continues humming.]
Farewell, my own Light of my life, farewell [clears throat.]
Farewell, my own Light of my life, farewell For crime unknown I go to a dungeon ce [chuckles.]
A dungeon cell I will atone In the meantime, farewell And all alone - Rejoice in your dungeon cell - [whispers.]
[breathing heavily.]
[man whistling.]
Sir [humming.]
- [sawing.]
- [man continues humming.]
Mum, stop! - For crime unknown - [sighs.]
I go to a dungeon cell For crime unknown I go to a dungeon cell I will atone - [Megan.]
Run! - [Kayleigh sobs.]
[intense music playing.]
Come on, quickly! - [grunts.]
- [screaming.]
[grunts, growls.]
- [grunts.]
- [Kayleigh shrieks.]
[Kayleigh whimpering.]
- [grunting.]
- [Kayleigh.]
Mum, he's hanging on! I thought I was gonna die.
I thought you were gonna die.
Kayleigh, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry! - Who were those fucking freaks? - I don't know.
I don't know.
But we're going to the police now.
Right now, okay? You'll be safe.
I'll make sure you're safe.
- Call Broome.
- [car computer voice.]
Calling Broome.
[phone vibrating.]
- This is the voice mail of DS Broome.
- [yells.]
Please leave a message, and I'll get back to you.
Broome's not in right now, so Those two people from the sketch, they abducted my daughter.
Okay, well, uh I can take care of you.
Come with me.
It's okay.
She was in my room.
They know where we live.
Uh We'll send people to your home.
Is anyone there now? Uh Uh, no.
Um, no, not until tomorrow.
You're safe here, okay? You said the people that kidnapped your daughter were the same you saw outside Harry Sutton's office? Yes.
Yeah, it was them.
And the man, I think he might be dead.
Uh, ju just wait here.
I'll track down Broome, and I'll I'll bring him to you.
[line ringing.]
[line picks up.]
I have them.
Go around to the left of the police station.
I'll let you in the side entrance.
There's no CCTV there.
What did people like that want with you? - I don't know.
- [Kayleigh.]
Stop lying to me! You weren't just a dancer.
You stripped.
Is that what this is all about? You should have told me the truth.
The truth This is the truth.
When I was your age, Kayleigh, I didn't have the life you have.
I was alone.
I didn't have anybody who supported me or loved me until I found that job at Vipers.
And you're right.
I was a dancer.
And I was so happy doing it, because it was the first time that anybody in my life told me I was good at anything.
But there was a customer, a really nasty guy, and he had this fixation on me.
And, uh, I thought this man had died.
But now he might be back.
And And what? And I wasn't lying.
I have no idea who those people are.
Did we kill that guy, Mum? I don't know.
But if he's dead, then I'm the one that kept driving.
And I'd do it again to keep you safe.
I'll get us something hot to drink.
[ominous music playing.]
Where? This way.
It's just through here, downstairs.
[phone rings.]
This has to stop.
I've put them somewhere safe.
That was a mistake.
It's over.
No more killing.
I never agreed to it.
Whatever you say.
I'm turning myself in.
[sighs deeply.]
No! No! No! Help! [choking.]
[dramatic piano music playing.]
[neck cracks.]
[exhales deeply.]
[Lorraine retching, coughing.]
[phone vibrating.]
- [ominous music playing.]
- [indistinct chatter echoing.]
In the meantime, farewell And all alone Rejoice in your dungeon cell He'll hear no tone Of her he loves so well For crime unknown He goes to a dungeon A dungeon cell
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