Stay Close (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 I'll go and see.
Um, yeah.
Go! Ray.
What the fuck is going on? What do you remember? I need to talk to Cassie.
I don't tell you what to say - Say - I don't tell you what to do - Do - So just let me be myself That's all I ask of you - 'Cause - No You don't own me No You don't own me No You don't own me I don't understand.
How can you not have found them yet? We are trying.
Trying? Try harder! They killed Harry.
When I think about what could've happened to Kayleigh if I hadn't got there in time If we understood why they were after you, that could help us.
I told you.
I came home.
There was a note.
 Kayleigh was gone.
People don't just kidnap children for the fun of it.
They have planned for this.
There's gonna be a reason why they want to get to you.
- We must be missing something.
- I've already told you everything.
Where were you the night of April the 16th? It was last Friday.
I was with Dave and the kids.
Why? A young man, Carlton Flynn, disappeared that night.
It was exactly 17 years to the day after Stewart Green.
We believe the disappearances are linked, and we're also inclined to think that whatever happened to Harry and Kayleigh had something to do with them too.
I don't know anything about this Carlton Flynn.
He has nothing to do with my family.
Those freaks took my child.
They could have killed her.
I don't know what they want, but you need to find them and make this stop, please.
We used Kayleigh's description of the kidnappers' car, tracked their journey to the cabin, and found this on CCTV.
The license plate is registered to a rental company, so we should have their IDs and names soon.
Good work.
What is it? She looks familiar, doesn't she? Kayleigh Shaw.
Ah, thank God you're safe.
- Oh.
Come here.
- Hey.
- You okay? - Mm-hmm.
- You're not hurt? - No.
- What happened? Why'd they take Kayleigh? - We're fine.
The police are gonna put us up while the forensics check over the house.
- We're safe.
- Okay.
But what happened? - I'm gonna go and get some chocolate.
- Hey, you are not leaving my sight.
Dad, it's a police station.
I'll be fine.
I'll be with her the whole time.
Megan, what happened? Who took her? I don't know who they were.
But I think they took Kayleigh because they were trying to get to me.
What do you mean, trying to get to you? Megan? That's just it, Dave.
I haven't always been Megan.
What? Before we met I was someone else.
And I think that's why they took Kayleigh.
Seriously, how can you, a known lover of stimulants, not own a proper coffee machine? What? You said you remembered everything.
Come on, then.
What happened? No.
- No.
- What are you doing? - You are not calling her.
- Mate! - Fester! - No, Ray.
I was happy to overlook the whole casual breaking and entering to get to Cassie, but now the police are at her house.
So whatever is going on with her, you need to stay out of it.
I need to talk to her.
Why? It's been 20 years! She left you, mate.
Extreme ghosted, forget-I-ever-existed left you.
Give me my phone.
Ray, I don't like to speak ill of the dead slash pretending to be dead, but you need to stay away from her.
That woman is what the kids like to call a crazy bitch! - Don't you fucking dare! - So that's how it is, is it? Yeah? She shows up and suddenly it's you and her against the world? Did you know she was alive? - What? - You were there.
You must have known where she went.
Have you been keeping her from me? - You you're losing it.
- No, no, no.
It's all starting to make sense to me now.
You knew she was alive.
You lied to me and tried to cover it up, just like you did everything else.
Me and Cassie need to work this out together.
You and Cassie are over, dead, finito.
What you had together is gone! Ray.
She is never coming back, Ray.
Ever! Ta-da! Ask and ye shall receive.
Leanne has managed to track down our rental IDs.
The names they used were obviously fake, but they had to use real pictures, so meet our friendly neighborhood kidnappers.
Look how young they are.
They couldn't have been involved in Stewart Green's disappearance.
They'd have been about 12.
What are they doing mixed up in this? What's that? It's Kayleigh Shaw's.
They found it outside the cabin.
What? Wait, wait, wait, wait.
It's the same jacket.
Why the hell did Kayleigh Shaw not tell us she was with Carlton Flynn? How long do we have to stay here for? Just for a few days while the police do their work at our house.
Here we are.
Okay? Kayleigh! If this sounds serious, that's because it is.
We believe that you are a key witness in the case of Carlton Flynn's disappearance.
So, Kayleigh, we need you to be honest with us, okay? This is a photo of Carlton Flynn.
This is you beside him, isn't it? We now have CCTV footage of you using a cash machine around the corner from Vipers, and the bouncer has identified you as one of the girls that entered with Carlton at 9:30.
Did you go to Vipers with Carlton Flynn on April the 16th? - How do you know Carlton Flynn? - I don't.
We met him outside.
The plan was to use him to get in and then ditch him.
But he tried to spike us.
What? How do you know that? My friend Bea has this nail varnish that shows you when there's something in your drink.
Thank you! Maybe we should stop? No.
We need to find out why she was one of the last people to talk to a missing person.
- No, Mum, it's fine.
- Go on.
Well that was it.
As soon as we found out what he'd done, we ditched him and went straight home.
What Carlton did to you, it's pretty serious.
You know, and his disappearance has been all over the news.
You didn't think to mention it? I didn't know at first, and then, when we found out he was missing, I didn't think we knew anything useful.
But he was a total creep.
When we were at the bar, he kept arguing with someone, and Wait.
There was an argument? Who was he arguing with? A man, a woman? - I I don't know.
Just some guy.
- What did he look like? - I don't know.
It was it was dark.
- Think.
He was wearing a a hoodie.
A pink hoodie.
Um He was East Asian.
How long did the argument last? How did it end? I I don't know.
It was dark.
I don't know anything! I think we should stop.
She's been through enough today.
Kayleigh, listen to me.
If you think there's anything else that we should know, you need to tell us now.
I mean it.
Anything at all.
No, that's everything.
Okay, an officer will come and check on you every day.
Call me if you need anything.
We've got a boat in a bottle but no biscuits in the tin.
- Why did you lie to the police? - I didn't.
Carlton did spike our drink.
Which is horrifying, and we'll come back to that later, but, Kayleigh I know you.
I know when you're hiding something.
Listen, keeping secrets is exhausting.
And it never works.
The police aren't stupid.
Tell me the truth.
What really happened? I believe her.
After what Tawny said about Carlton Flynn, then yeah, spiking young girls' drinks, that seems totally plausible.
But why are we only finding out about it now? In over 50 witness statements, not one mentioned an argument with Pink Hoodie.
Right, so now we've got a link between Kayleigh and Carlton.
But that still doesn't tell us anything about the kidnapping.
And they took Kayleigh to get at Megan.
I'm guessing that the kidnappers didn't know that Kayleigh was at Vipers.
We've only just found out.
There's nothing to say they had access to information that we didn't have.
When was Harry killed? 21st of April, was it? Yeah, April 21st.
That's five days after Carlton Flynn went missing.
The day after Harry got in touch with us, which is exactly what happened with Megan.
She comes to the station to talk to us, and then a few hours later, someone breaks into her house and takes Kayleigh.
We've got a leak.
You have reached DCS Brian Goldberg.
Please leave a message.
Goldberg, I'm not paying you to ignore me.
- You're in my home.
- And you're about to burn.
Factor 50 okay? What? What the fuck are you two playing at? I told you never to come here! And we told you we don't approve of coarse language.
I don't give a fucking flying pig shit fuck! Where's my son? Our inquiries are ongoing.
Well, my pockets aren't.
You want your money, bring him home.
Your references were impeccable, so I know you're the best.
And I know you'll do what you need to do to find him.
I want the next payment in our account in an hour.
Go back to Vipers.
It all started there.
See who's in charge.
Ah! Business or pleasure? A witness gave us a new lead.
I thought Rudy might be able to identify him, but - No dice, huh? - No.
- Rudy said you went to the doctor's.
- Oh, yeah.
Great news.
I'm cured.
I know you don't want to talk about this, but I found a place in Sweden Oh God.
Listen, I know you'll say it's a waste of time, but they're doing this study.
And, uh, the the trials, they're very early stages, but they're promising, you know? - It could buy you more time.
Take a look.
- No.
- Isn't it worth it if there's a chance? - There's not.
Not for me.
This is my home.
I built this place.
These girls are my family.
I don't want to die miles away on the other side of the world, all alone, because I spent my last few months proving miracles aren't real.
I chose you because you make me laugh, and I thought you knew the deal.
You're my last hurrah.
Last chance to feel alive.
I love you.
I really do.
But if you just want to ignore reality and chase the impossible, we're done here.
I've just found joy I'm as happy as a baby boy With another brand-new choo-choo toy When I met my sweet Lorraine Lorraine, Lorraine She's got a pair of eyes That are brighter Than the summer skies When you see them, you'll realize Why I love my sweet Lorraine Oh! Money's in! That means dream honeymoon's on the table.
Galapagos Islands, here we come.
I do love a tortoise.
What if we didn't come back? Not from the Galapagos, obviously, but from the honeymoon.
What if we just kept traveling? Why? Well, you could have been killed by that woman and her ridiculous mummy wagon.
And we took a risk with the policeman.
If he wasn't such a wuss, God knows what could have happened.
I hear early retirement's all the rage.
But all couples have a thing.
This is ours.
- This is what we do.
- I know, I know.
I know.
But what if we didn't? Here we go.
She must be the boss.
Perhaps that detective has told her something useful.
When are you gonna stop being angry with me? Well, you've been lying to me for 17 years, so we've got a way to go.
You know, you brought a psycho into our lives and after our children.
Who the fuck are you? Dave, you know who I am.
- I don't even know your real name.
- It's Megan.
But back before I met you, my other name was Cassie.
But all the other stuff I told you about my past, losing my parents, being alone, that was all true.
I wasn't pretending.
I was young and naive, and I got caught up in a shitty situation with a man who used to hurt me.
And then he was found dead one day.
And I was terrified people would think I had something to do with it, so I ran.
I started over.
That's it.
Dead? - I had nothing to do with what happened.
- Hold on, hold on.
So, some guy gets killed, so you decide to skip town, pretend to be someone else, and then come and fuck with me for nearly 20 years? - That's not what happened.
- What was I, a strategic relationship? Were we a family to hide behind in case the police showed up? How can you expect me to believe that everything that we built is real when you can hide something like that from me? Because it wasn't about hiding anything from you.
It was about being with you.
I loved being your Megan.
So I shut Cassie away because I didn't want her to ruin what we have.
But now, I don't even know if he was dead.
And maybe he's sending people after us.
When we get home, I think we should take some time apart.
- I don't even know you anymore.
- Of course you do.
You know me better than anyone.
Even more now.
You know it all.
I've told you everything.
Dave, I know I've hurt you.
I know I need to fix this.
But our family is everything.
Everything I've ever wanted.
Isn't that all that matters? Do you know Megan? No.
Do you? Let me ask you something.
How many times have you been engaged? - What? - How many times have you been engaged? See, there there was this, uh this guy that crashed my stag do, weird guy, kept going on and on, asking questions about you.
And then he said something.
He said you'd been engaged before me.
Were you? Wow.
So much for telling me everything, yeah? Dave! You have one new message.
I know what happened to Stewart Green.
Meet me tomorrow at one o'clock, at the head.
No more running.
Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream Ah! Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream - Mama! - It's bedtime.
Night, night.
- Night, night, Mummy.
- Bye.
Yeah Hey.
Any luck? I've been through all of Priya's photos, witness statements, even checked with the bouncers, but no one remembers anyone wearing a pink hoodie.
Hold on.
There was a taxi.
Did it have a dashcam? Yeah, yeah, but we checked that when we were looking for Carlton.
Nothing on it.
But you weren't looking for a pink hoodie.
Get me footage from vehicles near the entrance to Vipers the night Kayleigh was there.
Okay, taxis, um ambulances with external cameras, anything like that.
Yeah, sure.
Will do.
Uh Got to go.
Uniform have doorbell footage from the Harry Sutton crime scene.
- Can have a look now.
- Cool.
How'd it go with Kayleigh Shaw? Uh, yeah, nothing interesting to report.
Tell you what, you get off.
I'll look at it.
- Really? - Yeah, yeah.
See you tomorrow.
Do you know why Goldberg was at Harry Sutton's place? Didn't know he was.
Nor did I.
Was just gettin' thirsty.
Just because your progeny doesn't understand the difference between night and day Shut up! Do you know why Goldberg was at the crime scene? - Goldberg? - Yeah.
Something's up.
I'm leaving now.
It should be illegal to be up at this hour.
Says the woman who's pulled more filthy all-nighters than Lucifer.
- Mwah! See ya.
- Mmm.
Nobody's heard from Goldberg since yesterday.
He was with Megan and her daughter when he shouldn't have been.
There's no valid reason for him to remove evidence, so something's up.
You've got a warrant? Yes, and the landlord gave me his keys.
Not quite the chic bachelor pad I expected of Goldberg.
Yeah, well, divorce cleaned him out, didn't it? His phone's still quiet? Nothing since he left the police station yesterday morning.
Professional Standards have got a team trying to track him down.
I mean, the man's been trying to get into the Magic Circle for years.
Can he really be a part-time master criminal? The missing evidence bag.
Magicians like to make things disappear.
You okay? Didn't really hit me until today.
Those people really wanted to hurt me.
So did Carlton.
If Bea hadn't been there and I'd drank that drink, he could have done anything.
But he didn't.
And they didn't, and you're safe.
What was it like? When you used to work at Vipers? Did stuff like this happen to you? Not this exactly.
But, um yeah.
There were some scary things.
But that's not really what I remember about working at Vipers.
We were all one big family.
Looked out for each other.
All in it together.
Most of the time, it was a joy.
I loved it.
So why did you leave? There are some people out there who will do some really crappy things.
But there are also people out there who love you and want to keep you safe like me.
And Bea.
You're not alone.
- Okay? - Yeah.
Will you stay with me until Bea gets here? Yeah, of course.
Someone saw you arguing with Carlton Flynn at Vipers on April the 16th shortly before he disappeared.
How do you know Carlton? He's a friend of a friend.
He knows someone in my chemistry course.
- You're a chemist? - Studying to be one, yeah.
When you met with Carlton on April the 16th, was it to sell him drugs? No comment.
You realize you're a suspect in Carlton Flynn's disappearance and possible murder? I'm not sure that "no comment" is the way you want to go.
It's legal to produce gamma-Hydroxybutyric as long it's not for recreational use.
Besides, I don't sell it.
- No money changes hands.
- Why were you arguing with Carlton? A witness saw you.
I dunno.
Uh He was pissed off about the amount or something.
I only spoke to him for a few minutes.
Me and my friends were out barhopping, and they wanted to move on.
Look, I can prove it.
I spoke to Carlton, then we left.
And then we went to Baumgart's Café and then my mate's house.
Look, my whole night's on camera.
There's time stamps and everything.
Isn't that a major alibi or something? Whatever happened to Carlton had nothing to do with me.
This man, Guy Tatum, he also went missing that night.
He was later found dead.
Did you sell him anything? No.
Uh But I did see him before I spoke to Carlton.
Him and some guy was, like, going at it.
Oi, oi, oi, oi! You saw this man, Guy Tatum, fighting with someone? - Yeah.
- Who? - What did he look like? - Uh Tall, bedraggled.
Had a pretty fancy camera in his hand.
Kind of clashed with his hobo-on-the-edge vibes.
- Was this him? - Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, that's him.
- Police! - Police! Ray Levine, show yourself! - Check upstairs.
- Clear! Clear! There's no sign of him.
We're still waiting for a trace on his phone.
Up here.
Anything? Oh, yeah.
Tramadol, fentanyl, nitrazepam.
Carlton Flynn's credit card.
Found it under the driver's seat of the car.
Why does Ray Levine have a credit card belonging to a missing man? - What? - Hey, man.
The police were here looking for you.
They're talking arrest.
I'm guessing it's not parking tickets.
Look, whatever's going on with Cassie, you can't protect her anymore.
You need to go to ground, now.
What are you doing here? Now I know you killed Stewart and took his money.
What? For years, I thought the two you had run away together.
Now I know I was wrong.
The money Stewart hid, that was my money too.
He still owed me my cut.
I've been watching you.
No sign of Stewart means you killed him and kept the money for yourself.
New lives don't come cheap.
I didn't kill anyone.
I took some money from Stewart's safe to get out of town.
I left the rest for his wife.
I didn't know some of it was yours.
It was you.
You gave my son that old Vipers flyer.
- Yeah, well - Why? I missed you, darlin'.
I just want my cut.
The money is gone, Rudy.
And I want you to stay the fuck away from my family.
Just checking everything's okay.
I'm just going back inside.
- Hiya.
- We've got a hit on Ray Levine's phone.
I'm sending a team in now, and I've just pinged you the location.
Yeah, I'm close by.
Heading there now.
Cassie? Why are you after me and Cassie? What do you want from us? Why were you meeting her here? What's going on with you two? Tell me what really happened to Stewart Green! - Was Cassie involved? - No! No! I killed Stewart.
He wouldn't leave her alone.
Creepy pricks are an occupational hazard, but he was different.
He tried to hurt her, and I snapped.
I killed him, all right? He's dead.
But Cassie had nothing to do with this, so you can leave her and her family alone.
It was all me.
What about Guy? What about Carlton? We know you fought with Guy.
You stole Carlton's credit card.
What what credit card? I didn't steal anything.
What about the rest? - No.
- 17 years of killing.
All those families.
- No! I didn't! - They didn't deserve this! Ray Levine, I'm arresting you for the murder Police detective Brian Goldberg is being sought in connection with the suspected murder of a local lawyer and the disappearance of a student.
Family members I've done something, Marl.
The reward money? We can afford it.
While police are facing urgent calls demanding answers on Detective Goldberg's involvement Something else.
Look at me.
Whatever it takes to bring your boy home.
Yeah? No regrets.
Whatever it takes.
Here, sir.
Thank you.
How you feeling? Like a fucking idiot.
First Goldberg, now Ray Levine.
Right in front of me.
What else have I missed? There was this one weird thing, though.
He he admits murder, then he made a big deal out of not stealing Carlton Flynn's credit card.
Since when is petty theft an accusation too far? You okay? Lorraine has cancer.
How bad? I'm sorry.
What's in the folder? Yeah, we found something else at Ray Levine's studio.
The memory stick with all the photos that he sent to us of the woods.
He's been taking photographs of the woods every year since Stewart disappeared.
What? These are all dated April the 16th.
If Carnival moves every year, why have they all got the same date? Maybe he murders them during Carnival, but then, the 16th is a special date to him, so that's when he takes the photos? Why? Seems a bit complicated.
Well, yeah.
So is killing one person every year and then getting rid of the body.
Look at that.
What is it? There it is again.
Well, this is where it was.
It's a hand truck.
It's a handle.
Jesus! Ugh! Jesus.
All right.
God's sake.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Tell me the truth.
What really happened?
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