Stay Close (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 When you were here before Couldn't look you in the eye You're just like an angel Your skin makes me cry You float like a feather In a beautiful world I wish I was special You're so fuckin' special But I'm a creep I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doin' here? I don't belong here - What can I get you, handsome? - Maybe just a tonic water.
Tonic it is.
I wanna have control - What happened to the face? - I think it makes me look rugged.
- I want a perfect body - I had a disagreement with someone.
Well, you'll get no disagreements here, darling.
- You just sit back and enjoy.
- I didn't come here to ogle the girls.
Or the boys.
Why did you come here, then? - My friend used to come here.
- When I'm not around You probably heard about him.
Carlton Flynn.
You're so fuckin' special He's missing.
- I wish I was special - Presumed dead.
I'm sorry.
That must be really hard for you.
This is where he spent his final evening, so they say.
All night here.
I'm a weirdo - Surprised you don't know about this.
- What the hell am I doin' here? I'm just serving the drinks, darling.
Just serving the drinks.
I don't belong here I don't tell you what to say - Say - I don't tell you what to do - Do - So just let me be myself That's all I ask of you - 'Cause - No You don't own me No You don't own me No You don't own me Sir.
- They found another skull.
- Jesus.
How many? They're saying as many as 15.
Fifteen! The ones on top are still identifiable, but further down, they kinda blend into each other.
It'll be weeks before we get a definite ID.
Can they confirm Carlton Flynn? Doesn't look like it.
He wouldn't have been in there very long, and the remains are older.
- Doesn't mean he's not dead, though.
- How do you mean? Well, this could be the place where the killer just puts them, you know, days, weeks, months after.
We just don't know.
Do you think Stewart Green's down there? Well, I'd say we're gonna find out.
I know what happened to Stewart Green.
I know what you did.
Meet me at the pier.
I'll wait for you there.
To repeat this message, press one I'm just going to the shops! Hello.
There's a woman in my room! There's a woman.
Help me! - Frances, calm down.
- You must come! I can't! I can't deal with this right now, but if you wait She told me I must call Cassie.
Who did? Who was it? Frances! Oh shit! Frances? Frances.
Frances, are you okay? - There was a woman.
- Uh What woman? I thought she was gonna kill me! - There's no one here now, Frances.
- She left.
Did you recognize the woman? Yes.
I think she looked like an angel.
Do you remember a long time ago, when we used to talk about everything? You're the closest thing to a mum that I've got.
You're the only one that's always really known me.
And I'm scared.
I'm really scared.
So what are you saying? We're triangulating his phone, but there's nothing yet.
As soon as Ray Levine turns on his phone, I want to know about it.
Well, hang on.
Detective Broome! - You can't - No, don't touch me! - Hey, Leanne.
- Calm down.
- Mr.
Flynn, why are you here? - I saw it online.
Someone posted a photo.
So what's happening? - You shouldn't be here.
- These woods, this is where Carlton - Mr.
- So why didn't you tell me? I'm going out of my mind! There's nothing to tell yet.
There's no confirmation that Carlton Don't give me that crap.
- Is he there? - All I can tell you is this.
Human remains have been discovered.
There's no indication that it's Carlton.
Broome! We've got a location on Ray Levine's phone.
I've gotta go.
I'll call you the minute I hear anything.
So sorry I can't get to the phone.
Please leave me a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
That woman in Vipers, she knows something.
Why are you not answering your phone? Come on.
Come on, Cassie.
There he is! Authority granted.
Head to the beach! Clear the area! Clear the area! Armed police! Stand still! Clear! Move out of the way! Get back! - Stand still! - Armed police! Stand still! Get down on your knees! Get down! Down on your knees! Keep your hands over your head! Ray Levine, I'm arresting you on suspicion of murder.
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defense if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.
Cuff him.
There's been an attack on Megan Pierce.
- What? - She was stabbed.
- Her attacker was killed in the scuffle.
- Killed? The dead woman fits the description of one of Harry Sutton's killers.
- Is Megan okay? - Yeah, mainly blood loss, shock.
Okay, you go to the crime scene.
Check that she was on her own.
I'll follow laughing boy to the station.
What a fuckin' day.
- Uh ward 22? - Down there on the left.
Oh, thank you.
Please remember to use the sanitizing stations when traveling around the hospital.
Excuse me, sir - It's okay.
- She's my fiancée.
- Dave.
- Oh, Megan.
Thank God you're okay.
- We could have lost you.
- Where are the kids? The police are looking after them.
It's okay, they're safe.
This is all my fault.
All my secrets.
I'm so sorry.
Listen, I love you so much.
I love you.
These are for you.
I've got a deal for you.
I'm listening.
My solicitor is gonna advise me to "no comment" my way through this interview.
- And I'm happy to do it.
- That's your prerogative.
But if you let me speak to Cassie, I'll tell you everything I know.
Can't be done.
Totally unheard of.
You're under arrest for multiple murders.
We set the rules.
- Fine.
- Fine.
In that case, no comment.
She's been attacked, Ray.
She's in hospital.
Is she okay? She could have been killed.
Very nearly was.
Just give me ten minutes with her, and then you can ask me anything you want, and I'll tell you the truth.
Was it hard? Lying all those years? It got easier.
The truth wasn't really an option.
And the further you get from it, the less sense it makes to tell anyone.
I knew, Meg.
Not about the lies, but It always felt like there was something holding you back.
Something I'm so sorry, Dave.
I never meant to put our family in danger.
The truth is out now, and we can move forward.
I'm sorry to disturb you.
There have been developments.
If you're well enough, I need your help.
We'll be outside the whole time.
We tracked the car of the partner of Megan's attacker.
There's ANPR hits here, heading towards the coast.
Last one was here.
That's Vipers.
When? Two hours ago.
You stay here with Ray Levine.
He gets ten minutes with Megan.
Keep it short.
No one wants to hear your podcast.
Are you all right? What happened? I'm fine.
We're not here to talk about me.
What do you want, Ray? I just wanted to speak to you.
So speak.
Did you kill all those men, Ray? No.
I loved you, Cass.
- I loved you more than - I know.
I've never felt that way before.
Or since.
But after you left I just need you to tell me the truth, Ray.
I will.
But first, I need you to tell me the truth.
About what? You killed Stewart Green.
Hello? Rudy, it's Broome.
Is Lorraine there? She's not answering her phone.
No, she's left.
Do us a favor.
Go into the club, see if there's a young, tall guy in there.
He's got dark hair.
He's a bit preppy looking.
- Wait, what is - Just just fuckin' do it.
He was here earlier, or someone like that was, sitting at the bar.
When did he leave? - Not sure.
About an hour ago.
- When did Lorraine leave? Just after.
- Why the hell would you say that? - Because I came across his body in the woods.
He was dead.
I saw you.
I saw you run away.
Did you kill him? You asked me to go up there.
You left me a message.
What message? You left me a message at the club.
I never left you a message.
- So how did you know to go up there? - Because I waited for you like usual.
I saw you leave the club, and I followed you.
gear, make sure you give I've taken some photographs down south.
I just need some advice.
I knew what had been going on.
Stewart threatening you and God knows what else.
So if you didn't leave me that message, who did? Stewart, trying to get you there alone.
Because when I got up there he was covered in blood.
Yeah, right.
- He was dead.
- You'd already killed him.
I told you.
I was behind you.
I saw you run, and Cassie! I should have gone after you, but I I just needed to see what it was you were running from.
You thought I killed him? What did you do, Ray? I I panicked.
He was dead.
I thought you'd killed him.
I had to protect you.
You would have gone to prison, so I did the only thing that I could to help.
I got rid of the body.
I dragged him out of the woods.
I got him into the car, and I drove somewhere remote.
And then I got myself an ax.
And I chopped him up.
It was like a trance.
I somehow managed to turn off my mind, and And I put the pieces into plastic bags.
I weighed them down with stones and I threw them where they would never be found.
Hi, it's Cassie.
If you can't reach me, it's because I'm too busy having fun.
Leave a message! Hi, it's Cassie.
If you can't reach me, it's because I'm too busy Hi, it's Cassie It's Cassie Fuck me.
What the fuck? Ray? Uh, Ray, what happened? I can't remember.
And then I came to find you, to see if you were okay, but you weren't there, and you weren't picking up your phone and The the days turned into to weeks, and still you didn't reappear.
And I was left with this this image image of blood and But you you'd gone, and you never came back.
You never came back.
I'm so sorry, Ray.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Hello? Lorraine? Lorraine? Is anyone here? Lorraine? Hello? Is anyone here? Broome.
Put the weapon down.
- Lorraine - Just put the weapon down.
And if you've, uh if you've called for backup, call them off.
- Lorraine, whatever's happened - Call off your backup.
This is DS Broome to Control.
Cancel all units.
Control canceling units.
- Status update? - All in order.
What happened? He wanted information about the whereabouts of Carlton Flynn.
Carlton's dad hired him.
He was gonna kill me.
Just like he killed Harry.
And Tawny.
But it didn't work out the way he thought it would.
He could dish it out, but he couldn't take it back.
Like so many men.
They deserve it.
Don't you think, Broome? Men like that.
Oh Jesus, no! Lorraine, no.
No, no, no.
One a year.
At Carnival.
Why? Why? For revenge.
I I don't understand.
W - We're in love.
- No, no, please.
Don't get sentimental.
It it doesn't change the way I feel about you.
What? There are more than a dozen dead men lying in a hole in the ground.
We found the bodies! And they were all horrible, nasty, shithead men who hurt women.
You know them.
You've seen the type.
So you killed them? I wanted to make sure they could never lay another finger on a woman ever again.
I need a drink.
Do you want a drink? Yeah, let's get a drink.
You always liked a drink.
You know I used to be married, right? - I remember you talking about it.
- Mmm.
Yeah, I got hitched young.
Too young.
Yeah, we moved in together.
We got jobs, fucked a lot.
And then one day, for no good reason, he beat the shit out of me.
He apologized.
You know, the usual.
"Won't happen again.
" But guess what? It happened again.
And again.
Life wasn't treating him so great, you know, so he did what all shitty little men do, and he took it out on the one person that cared about him.
So guess what happened next? Come on.
I mean, like like the irony of life.
Like life is really taking the piss out of you.
- You got pregnant.
- Bingo.
And, you know, for a few months, things did actually improve.
Everything that people said was true.
A baby does make things better.
But then, uh one night, he he complained about his food.
Said it was tasteless, hmm? Got all pissy.
So I said, um I said, "Hey, you should try cooking yourself sometime.
" And that was that.
He punched me to the floor.
Put some kicks in to the stomach.
He ruptured my uterus.
You know what that means, don't you? No kids.
I am so sorry you had to go through all that.
Don't do that.
Put the knife down.
You know, I could have had him put away for killing our baby, but we covered it.
We pretended it was an accident.
And then Carnival came, and he he had a few drinks.
He tried it on and I I I just wasn't ready, you know? I I couldn't stand his hands on me.
So I told him no, and and he got angry, and he tried to, um, force himself on me.
So I killed him.
Just like that.
I got a knife, and I stuck it in him.
It was the best thing I ever did.
He had taken my child's life.
I had taken his.
And no one found out? No.
No, I just told people he'd left me, you know, done a runner.
Missing people aren't dead people.
And scummy men go missing all the time.
About a year later, I moved too.
I came here, got a job at Vipers.
And it was there that I realized that there are way too many men treating women like he treated me.
And they are just getting away with it.
And Vipers was the perfect place for men to try it on.
- Come on - Piss off.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Fuck off! So I used to tell them that I'd arranged for them to meet a girl in the woods.
They always fell for it.
And then I'd dump their bodies in the bunker.
You're gonna laugh at this, but, uh, I used to think of myself as an avenging angel.
And I can sleep at night.
You know, I'm not I'm not preying on the vulnerable or the weak.
You killed Stewart Green.
To help Cassie.
I, uh I got him to the woods.
I said that Cassie had left him a message to meet her there.
- What are you doing here? - It's a surprise.
From me and Cassie.
Please! No! Stop! No! Stop! And then I left a note for Cassie, telling her to meet Ray there.
I wanted her to see that she was free of Stewart.
But when I went back, the body was gone.
And pretty soon, so was Cassie.
But why bring it all back up? Why go to Cassie and tell her that Stewart was still alive? She came back one night to Vipers in this disguise.
I couldn't believe it when I saw her on the CCTV.
I just wanted to know what had happened.
You know, why she'd left.
What she had done with Stewart's body.
I had to talk to her.
I just had to find out.
And it brought me back to you.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
I thought that, um you know, we could, um - With the time you have left - I know.
I would have liked that.
Why did you have to do this? I'm so sorry.
I'm dying, Broome! I don't want to spend my last days in prison! - Lorraine - I love you! I love you so much! Lorraine, please.
- No, Lorraine.
- I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! Please, Lorraine.
No! No! I'll be with you, okay? I'll stay close.
Lorraine Griggs I am arresting you on suspicion of murder.
You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defense if you do not mention when questioned something which you you later rely on in court.
Baby Do you understand me now? If sometimes you see that I'm mad Don't you know no one alive Can always be an angel? When everything goes wrong You see some bad But I'm just a soul Whose intentions are good Oh Lord Please don't let me be misunderstood I set up Ray Levine.
I stole his camera with his photos of Carlton Flynn, in case there were any photos of me.
Carlton had set up a tab at the club, so I planted his credit card in Ray's car.
So you did murder Carlton Flynn? Yes.
Then sometimes again It seems that all I have is worry And then you're bound To see my other side And sometimes I set up other men just to keep them away from women and take the heat off me.
Oh Lord Please don't let me be misunderstood We've been unable to locate the body.
Can you tell us why it isn't with the others? No, I can't explain that.
Where did you leave the body? With the others.
Maybe it got washed away or an animal carried it off.
- I don't know.
- I never meant to take it out on you Oh, life, life has its problems And I've got more than my share But that's one thing I never mean to do Because I love you, baby I'm just human Don't you know I have faults like anyone? Sometimes I find myself alone Regretting some little foolish thing Some simple thing that I have done But I'm just a soul Whose intentions are good Oh Lord Please don't let me be misunderstood - Right.
- Good luck, man.
Yeah, thanks.
New start, eh? See if I can rediscover some of my old skills out there.
I'll miss you, man.
Yeah, me too.
All right, piss off before I start blubbing.
- Aah! - Don't trash the place.
Excuse me.
Can we just make a quick stop on the way? Well, 17 years, three kids, a few gray hairs later we are finally husband and wife.
So, to my soulmate, my best friend, the mother of my amazing little monsters Please, raise a glass to Megan.
To Megan! I see skies of blue And clouds of white The bright blessed day The dark sacred night And I think to myself What a wonderful world Mrs.
Shaw, I presume? The very same.
- I loved your speech.
- I meant every word.
You're okay, right? You can accept it, my past? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's not, um Aah It's me.
There's something I need to tell you.
Okay, so I did something, for Kayleigh.
It's not a big deal.
But we had this father-daughter thing, like a pact.
Um So if she was ever in trouble or she needed a ride home, and she calls me, I go, no questions asked, all right? So, uh one night, a few months ago, you were sleeping.
She calls, asking me to pick up her and Bea.
Um, so I drive out, middle of nowhere.
Get in.
And then as we're driving off, I see this other car discarded by the bushes.
A few days later, I saw something about the car on the news.
I didn't want her getting mixed up in anything, so I went back, and the car was still there.
No one's gonna find it now.
I was protecting Kayleigh, but nothing's come of it.
And seriously, I don't think there's anything to worry about.
It's gone.
It's done with.
And that is it.
There's definitely no more secrets.
Oh no, you don't.
No skulking out here.
You lot are the stars of the show.
It's Darren's DJ set in a minute.
Come on.
- I just I need just two minutes.
- Okay.
Eh, eh, eh! - Hush, now, child - Wait for me! He was chasing us, Mum.
We were so scared.
You have to believe me.
Of course I believe you.
You can tell me anything.
I'm here for you.
He was chasing us through these woods near Vipers.
When I fucking find you Bitch! You spiked me! Why'd you run away from me? I was so scared out there! - I'm sorry, but - No, I don't wanna hear it! My mum's going apeshit that I'm not home.
We've gotta get out of here.
Give me the keys.
Give me his fucking car keys, Kay! Mum, it all happened so fast.
I wanted to tell Bea, but I just couldn't.
We took the back roads.
She was scared the car would be reported stolen.
Then - Fuck.
- What is it? He's out of petrol.
No, we can't be! So we pushed the car off the road.
I knew he'd get out when he came round from the drugs.
As soon as I saw that he was missing, I went back to check, and the car was gone.
No! No! Help me! Help! Help me! I don't tell you what to say - Say - I don't tell you what to do - Do - So just let me be myself That's all I ask of you - 'Cause - No You don't own me No You don't own me No You don't own me
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