Steins;Gate (2011) s01e04 Episode Script

Interpreter Rendezvous

1 Um "Experiment Result: Human is dead, mismatch.
" Human is dead? Yeah.
Someone died? I think so.
What does it say after that? The details are in Jellyman's Report #143.
Jellyman's Report? What's that? How should I know? But there's a weird database on this server.
What is this? Some kind of program code, I think.
An Introduction to Character Code Engineering I don't get it! Daru-kun? This doesn't make any sense! Die! Damn it! We should stop.
This is the first time I've had an "I was this close to getting it!" experience.
Good job.
Take a break.
You don't have to tell me.
I'm done.
Daru-kun, I've got canned oden.
Program code The IBN 5100 was created before BASIC, So it can read IBN's proprietary programming languages or something I need the IBN 5100's abilities to stop their plans.
I'd like to talk to you in detail.
This is my address.
If you contact me, I'll answer.
Contact: John Titor There's something I want to ask you.
Interpreter Rendezvous There's a lot here.
Interpreter Rendezvous Both Daru and I have been working all night and haven't been home.
And everything Daru wears, from his T-shirts to his underwear, is XXXL.
It's Feyris-chan! I see Okabe Rintarou! 'Sup! I'll warn you.
One, my name is Hououin Kyouma.
Two, that greeting is dangero— 'Sup, Suzu-san! You, too? Actually, when did you two meet? We're in the same building.
Naturally, we'd at least know each other's face.
Suzu-san gave me this Rai-Net card.
Gold! Where are you going? To do the laundry.
Okarin and Daru-kun have been up all night, for days.
Part-timer! If you don't do your job, I'll fire you.
Oh, no You, too, Okabe.
Keep your hands off my part-timer.
Don't you think you're the one in love, Mr.
Braun? Say that when Nae's around.
I dare you.
I'll seriously kill you.
Nae? The little squirrel? Don't call my daughter a squirrel! How could I be in love with a little kid like that, anyway? I'm not a kid.
I'm a grown-up and a soldier! I like that look, part-time soldier.
Always remember that look.
If you do, someday, you'll be able to change classes to a true soldier— You, shut up.
When you talk, it— I'm already a soldier! Why do I get all the weirdos? Bye.
We, too That's a Mayuri habit.
I've taken to calling it the "Stardust Shake Hand.
" I was wondering if I could reach the stars You can't even see the stars.
You know, even in the daytime, the stars are still there.
Those were powerful EM waves.
A cell phone malfunction is a real possibility.
But I saw that banana.
The Phone Microwave (name subject to change) is a time machine! The hell it is.
Feyris-chan Why did this happen to you? I'm closing the lid.
Daru is like the universe — constantly expanding.
Shining Finger? What is Titor doing? He told me to message him.
Tell me how to reach the Super Haker! Moeka He told me to message him.
Tell me how to reach the Super Haker! Moeka "Tell me how to reach the Super Haker" Tell me how to reach the Super Haker! Moeka "Tell me how to reach the Super Haker" Enough, already! You have a new message.
John Titor Are you for real? Thank you for the message.
Regarding the image you sent of that program, it is indeed a proprietary programming language, developed by IBN.
And decoding it will require an IBN 5100.
Listen to me! The Future Gadget Lab will now initiate an emergency secret plan! Okarin, what's wrong? Wake up, Daru! We're about to engage in battle with an immense organization that controls the world from the shadows! It's SERN! They're a worldwide organization, obsessed with dark science, and they're plotting a vast conspiracy! The world only needs one mad scientist! We must complete our quest before they do! I don't understand what you're saying.
First, we need an IBN 5100.
Then we'll decode SERN's mysterious program.
Get ready to depart! But Mayushii has her part-time job today.
So I get to do it alone Name: Shining Finger Subject: Sorry if I'm bothering you.
Are you mad? Sorry if I'm bothering you.
I really need the IBN 5100 information, and right now, you're the only one I can ask It might be worth exchanging information.
Name: Shining Finger Subject: Sorry if I'm bothering you.
Are you mad? Sorry if I'm bothering you.
I really need the IBN 5100 information, and right now, you're the only one I can ask Assistant? Wait.
What? Come with me.
Hey! You destroyed the jacket's shoulder Let's both do our best I don't have any real information.
How about you? Moeka You destroyed the jacket's shoulder "I don't have any real information.
" Useless! Why are you glaring at me? Don't worry about it.
It's not your fault.
I'd rather you didn't blame me for your own problems.
Are you sulking? Mayuri was worried that you might have gotten upset.
You're too old to act like a little kid.
You're the last person I want to hear that from.
Anyway, what did you want to talk to me about? It's simple.
Stop sulking, and come back to the lab and work, Christina.
I'd like you to at least stick to calling me one thing.
Listen to people when they're talking, The Zombie! Which of us isn't listening? How did I get involved with this guy? I want to punch myself for giving in to my curiosity back there.
Again? Are those messages that annoying? Yes, you wouldn't believe it Is she an Organization agent, also? What's the Organization? The Organization is the Organization! An international secret organization, controlling the world from the shadows! That's just a conspiracy theory, thank you very— What's wrong? N-Nothing.
Really, it's nothing.
Any more questions, and I'll hit you! Blaming others for your own problems? Come with me.
After we recover the laundry, I'll give you your mission.
You really think I'd follow you Laundry? So that's where it is.
There isn't one at the hotel? No, it's a pretty nice hotel.
But it's not my style to send everything I wear to the cleaners.
You found it, thanks to me.
You should be gratef— No change?! Of course not.
You don't think something will happen when it spins, do you? The answer lies in the components we find most natural.
Who would expect that hooking a cell phone to a microwave would make a time machine— It's not a time machine! That was some kind of mistake! Time machines only exist in science fiction.
I'll have no part of it.
Why do you try so hard to deny what you saw? I'm not Could it be some kind of past trauma? Yes, it happened when she was five.
Christina was struck by lightning, on the grassy plains of Arkansas No, I wasn't.
Then why? I told you.
It's theoretically impossible.
Theories are nothing more than words.
Accept what you've seen.
I refuse.
Why are you being so stubborn? I said I refuse! I don't want to make the same mistake as my father! I'm sorry.
I got emotional.
Don't worry.
I deliberately provoked you to see what you would do— Anyway, the Phone Microwave isn't a time machine.
I understand.
I'm sorry I forced you to join the lab.
You don't have to come anymore.
But I'll tell you this No one else will ever have the title of Lab Member 004.
The number will be yours forever.
What do you think you're doing?! What are you doing? That was a great parting speech! And that's what bugs me.
You still have your laundry, right? I'll leave.
What? I'm getting you back.
You should reflect on your thoughtless action.
Right, right.
Don't grab me there! Do you know anything about the IBN 5100? IBN? It's an old PC.
What are you going to use it for? You want to know? You do.
Jeez Just a bit.
The IBN 5100 is connected to SERN's secrets.
SERN is researching time travel, and to decode their secret program, we need the IBN 5100's special functionality.
Well? Surprised? How stupid.
I'm sorry I listened.
You You snorted! Why, you I'll show you, just you wait! So just you wait! Christina! There's no -tina SERN is researching time travel.
We need the IBN 5100's special functionality.
Jeez I told her because she said she wanted to know.
A PC? Yeah.
An old PC Like, it costs 5100 yen or something? 5100 Maybe Okarin! Hey, hey! Mayushii heard something amazing.
No Cell Phones Hey, hey! Mayushii heard something amazing.
No cell phones.
No Cell Phones Feyris-chan said she's seen the PC you're looking for.
No cell phones.
No Cell Phones No Cell Phones Feyris-chan said she's seen the PC you're looking for.
Feyris-chan said she's seen the PC you're looking for.
No cell phones! H-Hey! Jeez That's not enough! Feyris Nyan Nyan! Feyris Nyan Nyan! Feyris Nyan Nyan! What is this? Everyone! It's me, Feyris-nyan! We're starting the Feyris Cup daytime group! All of you, do your best to beat Feyris and win a special Nyan Nyan Omelet Rice! Feyris Nyan Nyan! Feyris Nyan Nyan! What is this? Okarin! Mayuri What's going on here? Some kind of space-time distortion? No, it's the Feyris Cup.
Feyris-chan is going to play Rai-Net Battler with everyone.
Kyouma! You going to participate, too? Feyris can play up to ten at a time.
So there's still I refuse! More importantly, the IBN 5100! Where is it? Well I'll tell you if you play.
Don't be stupid! The entire future of the planet's ruling structure depends on this! Some stupid game— If you won't play, then I'm sorry, but you'll have to leave.
You're just a maid, and you're having your master leave? The IBN 5100 I'm not listening! There's no time.
I'm sorry, but I'll have to go all out.
You're really confident.
Okarin, can you win? Feyris-tan is one of the country's best players.
Can I win? You should be asking Feyris that.
I have a plan that's never failed.
A plan? Plan Code: G-B-A-C-K.
I call it G-Back! That sounds pretty amazing! This'll be fun.
You say that now, but when this plan explodes, you may not survive.
You're serious.
Aren't you, Kyouma? Let's make this clear: If I participate, you tell me everything.
Understood? The cat ears never lie.
I'll teach you that you just can't beat some opponents! I lose! Fast! Mayushii is disappointed.
What was your plan? Who knows? But he just kept charging me, like he was self-destructing.
Jibaku? G-Back G-Back? That was a horrible joke, thank you very much.
However! What? Tell me what you know, Feyris.
He recovers quickly.
Tell me what you know, Feyris.
For a loser, you're arrogant.
I said if I participated, you'd tell me what you know.
In other words, I never cared about winning.
Is that right? I don't really remember Remember it! It was my brilliant plan! Brilliant or cheating, one of the two.
Shut up! Where's the IBN 5100? I don't know You don't know? I'm sure when I was little, Dad had one, but it's gone.
Why, you Is that the secret move you mastered in the Guiana Highlands, the Question-Dodge? How did you know? Way to go, Kyouma.
You saw through my Ignoring Shoulder.
Is that really it? Yeah.
I'm pretty sure the last time I saw it was at an Akihabara shrine.
Shrine? "Kurisu, Thank you for messaging us all the way from Japan.
" "About your question, I asked the professor, and he said that yes, the IBN 5100 can analyze certain special programming languages.
" He was serious? A computer? I'll have to ask my father.
An IBN 5100.
If he doesn't know what that is, tell him it's an old computer.
All right.
I'll ask him.
I'm counting on you.
End with the code words.
E-El Psy Congri It's Congroo! Hello? It's Makise.
Makise? Sorry, I don't remember any Makise's.
Where did we meet? Paris? London? Akihabara.
I just saw you! What? It's my assistant? Just say "Christina"! There's no -tina! You're as loud and bossy as ever.
Whose fault is that? Whose? What do you want? Where are you now? Why do you care? No reason.
I'm heading to Yanabayashi Shrine What was that? Harassment? Was that harassment? What was that call about? I just asked where you were.
No one called you.
No one called me.
I'm back! Did you ask him? Yes, he said that we have that PC here.
Really? PC? Do you mean an IBN 5100? Yes.
Um, who is this? My assistant.
Anyway, the IBN— Wait! What kind of introduction is that? And I'm not your assistant! I'm not here to introduce you.
It wouldn't even take ten seconds.
You're a pain, you know that? Makise Kurisu, my assistant.
Right, right.
Fine, I'm your assistant.
So who are you? U-Urushibara Ruka.
How old are you? Seventeen this year.
One year younger than I am.
Am I? You look like a grown-up, Makise-san.
You're pretty.
No Not nearly as pretty as you.
Um I'll call my dad.
Some things it's better not to know, huh? What do you mean? I never thought it would happen.
Wh-What do you mean? Um, well, the person who donated this told us that someday, a young man would appear who needed it.
So take good care of it.
It was ten years ago, I think? So that's it It's fate.
The choice of Steins Gate! That again? IBN 5100 Portable Computer.
This is it.
Is that right? Um, could we borrow it? Certainly.
Thank you.
We're carrying this back! Help me! But I refuse.
You're my assistant, Christina! I'm not your assistant, and there's no -tina! I'll get a cart.
We couldn't ask you for that, after you lent this to us.
Hey, assistant! Show some respect for others! Show some respect? You really just said that? You guys are good friends, huh? Be nice to Ruka, too.
Yes, please.
Wait just a moment.
You have a nice father.
You think so? I don't want to make the same mistake as my father! What? Nothing.
I'm sorry! The cart is broken.
Why do I have to do this with you? Shut up and carry it.
We've got a long way to go.
Hey What? It's nothing! What's with your provocations? Wait! If you carry it like that, I'll have to walk backwards! Start walking, assistant! I can't I can't do this walking backwards! You can do it, assistant! Thanks for the words of support.
But no! I suggest we walk sideways! Actually, we need to! I'm going to trip!