Steins;Gate (2011) s01e05 Episode Script

Starmine Rendezvous

1 Hey, part-timer! Take care of the front.
Okay! Stop saying that.
You said it would be be more efficient if we took breaks Well, you're the one who needs to rest every few steps.
We need to hide from Organization pursuit.
No one's chasing us.
Okabe Rintarou! What's this? You want to know? Normally, it would be top-secret, and I wouldn't be able to just tell you.
If you're going to take a while, then put it down! Endure, assistant.
Then stop making it into a big deal, and just tell her! Don't be stupid.
This item is of the utmost importance.
If we don't make a big deal out of it here, then where should we make a big deal out of it? Is it an IBN 5100? She found out, Christina! Where'd you find one? It was kept in Yanabayashi Shrine, where I, the mad scientist chosen by God I said put it down! Makise Kurisu Y-Yes.
Who is this? A part-timer at the CRT TV Workshop Um Hey! Part-timer! What are you doing, talking on the job? Why was she glaring at me? Because you look like a thug.
Starmine Rendezvous It really is big! It's like a tiger rug! It's like a futon.
Mayushii is lying on my shirt.
The sight warms my heart! Okay, let it down slowly.
I know.
Kurisu-chan! I know.
Kurisu-chan! Sorry to come by so suddenly again.
You can come whenever you want.
You're a lab member.
Yesterday, she was saying she'd never come back.
You change your mind quite easily, don't you? I'm not here because I want to be! You asked me for help.
So you don't want to come here? No, that isn't it.
It's not that I don't like this place So what's in the box? You want to know? Normally, it would be An IBN 5100.
Seriously? Wow! Way to go, Okarin! He does all the things an Okarin can! And that's why we love him— I don't admire him, though.
A-Anyway, boot it up! We found it thanks to Mayushii.
The glory for this goes to you.
It turned on.
Now you can analyze that program code, right? It's not that simple I don't know how to use this.
It predates the internet, so I can't hook it up to anything.
For now, I'll need these parts.
You heard the man.
Take care of it, assistant.
I'd like you to stop talking to me like that.
You're my assistant.
No, I'm not! Okarin, you go.
Miss Makise probably doesn't know Akiba.
Very well.
Mayuri, let's go! Mayushii will do her best to show Kurisu-chan around the lab, so she'll like it! So, I'll stay here.
Christina, you You couldn't have entrapped Mayuri with your wiles, as well— I did no such thing! Miss Makise seducing Mayuri Yuri is in the air Don't imagine that, pervert! It's nice for girls to be together, isn't it? Anyway, why don't you show me around? Okay! We'll start with the shower room.
It has a shower But sometimes, if you use it for too long, the water gets cold.
So be careful! You use this sometimes? Yeah, once in a while.
Please promise me you'll never use the shower here again! It's too dangerous! Don't look at me.
It's too dangerous! It's suicide.
Actually, what are you doing here anyway? Did he threaten or blackmail you into becoming a member, against your will? Mayushii is Okarin's hostage.
I should call the police.
Wait! I should call the police.
She just said she was your hostage.
That's real evidence.
Mayushii became a hostage herself! What does that mean? I'm going.
Bye! This should work as a replacement, I'm pretty sure Yo! Think you'll be able to use that IBN 5100? Don't say that name here! Collecting parts? Want some help? I didn't expect a part-time warrior to be so knowledgeable about PCs.
I once knew someone who understood a lot about IBNs.
Really? I'd like you to put me in touch with them! It's impossible.
If you refuse, you'll experience the worst hell this world has to offer! I said it's impossible.
Don't you value your life? He's dead.
He died years ago.
I'm sorry.
No, I apologize for earlier.
Did my assistant do something to you? Nothing.
Like maybe she glared at you first I know, she snorted at you! No.
She hasn't done anything.
Then She doesn't know anything yet.
But be wary of her.
What do you mean? Bombs? They're broadcasting the fireworks.
Those are today, I think.
Fireworks Fireworks I've heard of those! You've never seen any? Where are they? Which way? Go out that way, toward the river, and you should be able to see them.
Thanks! Tell me your mail address.
A festival? Fireworks! Fireworks, huh? Do you want to go? Not really Okarin! Heading home? Did you find the parts? I've got them all right here.
I see So you're going to start trying things.
Interested? You are, aren't you? Just a little, all right? But I'm not interested in that SERN conspiracy nonsense.
I just want to know the truth.
I'm sorry.
What? What? I'm heading back to the lab.
I see.
Then Mayushii is going home.
Kurisu-chan? Yes? You'll come back, right? Yeah.
I'm a member until I return to America.
Yeah! Bye! What was that? You're my assistant.
Of course you're going to the lab.
She said you're childhood friends.
How did you grow up in the same environment, and end up this socially awkward? Mayuri's always been a bit of a weird one I was talking to you! Part-Time Warrior First Message More than I imagined! Fireworks are great! First Message.
Part-Time Warrior First Message More than I imagined! Fireworks are great! First Message.
More than I imagined! Fireworks are great! It never worked after that, huh? I'm borrowing this.
Lab coats always calm me down.
Perfect! I was right You're perfect.
Wh-What's wrong? You're creeping me out.
A lab coat! In a research organization, a lab coat is a uniform! I keep telling Daru and Mayuri, but neither of them seems to understand.
But you understand.
Now, let's both stand with our hands in our pockets! Hurry up! L-Like this? That's right! This is a pose of radiant intelligence, possible only for those who spend their lives in research! I give that lab coat to you.
Let us share in the glory together I really do feel like you're mocking me.
You hungry? Shut up.
I haven't eaten since lunch.
Very well.
I'm in a good mood today.
I demand it.
Seriously? You're dissatisfied? Of course! Isn't there anything else? I've got some cup ramen I bought.
But I imagine you wouldn't want it, as someone raised in America Cup ramen? I'll have some cup ramen.
What flavors? Soy sauce and salt! I'll have the salt flavor.
And a fork.
If you don't hurry, time will expire, and you'll lose.
Why not give up? That's a virus card at the end, isn't it? I can tell.
You may think that if you like.
So I'll just put this here.
Okay, riichi.
You like Dr Pepper, assistant? I spent seven years in America, after all.
I'd love to drink with you sometime Unfortunately, I'm a minor.
I meant someone to drink Dr Pepper with.
Just that? Just that exactly.
We can share in the intellectual experience that is Dr Pepper Stop trying to look at my card, while you're saying that.
All right, I win.
To be honest, you're not that good at taking the strategic view, Okabe.
You only consider your own strategy, never thinking about your opponent's plan, or whether something is a trap Wait! What? What did you say? I said you're not good at taking the strategic view.
I-It's true, isn't it? Before that! You said Okabe, right? So what? I'm younger than you, but for someone I'm not showing respect for No! I am Hououin! How many times must I tell you, Christina? From now on, remember to call me Hououin! Or Kyouma Are you crying? I'm not crying! I definitely wasn't terrified by a guy screaming in my face, so I definitely didn't start crying from relief afterwards! That's not what happened! Daru, why is my assistant crying? She just told you.
And I put this here Huh? If this goes here, then this goes here Assistant.
I'm not your assistant, but what? Why don't you head back to the hotel for the night? It's close, isn't it? Don't worry.
If it doesn't work by morning, I'll head back.
You don't need to talk to your family? My mom's in America, and I haven't spoken to my dad in seven years.
So I don't have anyone to contact.
A prodigal perverted genius girl, then.
Stop making it even weirder.
Got it! Got it! You did it? Mission complete second! So what's the result? I haven't seen anything yet.
But I got the Z-program It says 1973? Yeah When was SERN founded? When was the IBN 5100 made? SERN gave the IBN 5100 a special programming language, just for this plan? That's going too far.
But it's possible.
Once we read this report, we'll know, right? I'm sure its just an old particle physics report, and nothing to do with conspiracy theories.
A JPEG? Seriously? Screw you! I can't copy/paste that! It's not in French? Um, "Time Control and Its Destruction of History" Oh, yeah.
Miss Makise can read English.
Well done, assistant! Everything you did in America was for this moment! The hell it was.
Let's see This, in turn, enables a utopia heading from the past to the future.
The realization of this will be SERN's reason for existence in the 21st century.
A utopia Dystopia! No way! Anyway, show me the rest.
I can try, I guess.
Hmm For security reasons, this experiment That's not it.
Those engaged by the program No, that's not it, either.
Got it.
The Z-program will experiment with the possibility of transference through space-time, via high-energy proton collision Space-time travel They're talking about time travel! No way! It's true! I knew it! SERN's been investigating time travel for forty years! Wait! It's too early to say that.
Program Stage One: Construction and implementation of the Large Hadron.
Program Stage Two: Implementation and tuning of the lifter.
Lifter? What's that? It was on the news a while back, remember? The thing they called an ionocraft.
It's floating? Supposedly, the phenomenon occurs when you run a high voltage through aluminum.
Does that have anything to do with a time machine? I don't know, but that's what it says.
In other words, they'll use a black hole's power and the lifter.
What else does it say? Program Stage Three: Animal experiments.
Program Stage Four What's wrong? Human experiments.
"Human is dead, mismatch.
" What's that? Part of an e-mail we found when we hacked in.
Didn't the rest of it say "The details are in Jellyman's report.
" Daru, can you find that report? I think so, but Isn't it a bad idea? If this is real, it's top-secret stuff! After all this, you're scared? Think about it.
We're up against SERN.
And the report's a top-secret thing, written forty years ago.
Then you're going to ignore it? You go home.
If you learn any more of this, it might put you in danger.
You're a genius, with a bright future ahead of you.
Are you worried about me? Of course I am! You You're my assistant.
But I'm not going home.
I'll be too bothered by this to sleep.
You won't regret it, will you? I won't.
What about you, Daru? I'm a super hacker.
I wouldn't screw up so bad, they could catch us, just by looking at it.
Very well.
Then we will now begin our analysis of the Jellyman's report! Furthermore, this operation's name will be Laegjarn's Chest! Why Norse mythology? And why does it even need an operation name at all? Daru, begin the operation! Right.
Is this it? There are fourteen files, total.
I'll pick one at random.
Jellyman's Report 10.
Subject: James McCarthy.
Experiment Date 01/28/2005.
Z-Program 4 Experiment Result: Human is dead, mismatch.
That again? It is believed he could not survive infinite compression, via supergravity, nor passing through the singularity inside the Kerr black hole.
A newspaper article? Looks like it.
Look at the date! April 3, 1921.
A man was found dead, on 14th Avenue, in New York, buried inside a wall.
The body of this unidentified man was found to be soft, like jelly What is this? It means that, even if it isn't complete, they've succeeded in time travel? Report 8.
Subject: Linda Hill.
Z-Program 4.
Experiment Date 02/15/2004.
Experiment Result: Human is dead, mismatch.
October 2, 1972.
The body of a woman was found in a jelly-like state, on a road in Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, India.
It was believed to have been hit by a car, after being abandoned, destroying the bottom half.
What about this one? Report 7.
Subject: Michael Lang.
Z-Program 4.
Experiment Result: Human is dead, mismatch.
A Japanese newspaper? May 24, 1936.
A body is discovered at the foot of Mt.
Hiei, in Kyoto.
Fourteen of these? Want to keep looking? No, that's enough.
Okarin I'm going to buy something to drink.
He seems pretty shocked.
But why do they turn to jelly? From the data I've seen, I believe SERN is focusing their time travel research on the use of Kerr black holes.
That would mean they're cramming 10^-21 grams into a space of 10^-19 meters, and sending it to the past.
It would be like trying to fit this sponge through this hole.
Therefore, the contents become empty.
So, it's really tight.
They're forcing something into a really tight spot.
That explanation is too nasty, you know.
What's nasty Daru, you pervert! I think you have a considerable imagination yourself.
Don't compare me to you.
What are you going to do? Don't just stand there.
I know it's a shock.
But now that we know this, we have to reach some conclusion.
Okabe? Conclusion? What other conclusion could there be? Huh? We've got Future Gadget #8, the Phone Microwave (name subject to change).
We'll complete a perfect time machine, ahead of SERN! And change the world's ruling structure! You're nuts, you know that?