Steins;Gate (2011) s01e07 Episode Script

Divergence Singularity

1 Shiver, my right hand By the contract we made, I order you to wreathe yourself in black flame and grant my desire! Now I can't heat up my kara-age! You sure about this? Mayuri, this is no longer a microwave.
It's a time machine! You sure about this? If you join the lab, you'll be dealing with this all day.
Mayuri, this is no longer a microwave.
It's a time machine! Mayuri, this is no longer a microwave.
It's a time machine! That's not fair! Then go buy me a new microwave, Okarin.
I don't have the money.
I told you not to photograph me.
It's to celebrate.
Anyway, no photos! Okay, done programming.
Phone Microwave, 2nd Ed.
, Version 1.
03 is done.
Now you can use the Phone Microwave's cell phone to send a D-mail to any phone you like! You did it, Daru! Then let's continue our experiments.
Is it really a time machine? Don't tell anyone, okay? But don't you think the landlord will get mad at us? Part-time warrior! Mayuri, be quiet! Where's Mr.
Braun? Who's that? Don't call my dad Mr.
Braun You mean the boss? He's out on a call.
I don't think he'll be back for a while.
Is that true?! If it weren't, I couldn't screw around outside.
Received Mail Date Received: 2010/07/29 13:43 From: Mayuri Subject: (None) Tutturu This is I saw a light.
Divergence Singularity Juicy Kara-age #1 would taste better Hey, there's no Dr Pepper! They were out.
If they're out, keep looking until you find some! That's what it means to be a Dr Pepperian.
They didn't have any.
What do you want me to do about it? You want some or not? Jeez What kind of mad scientist worries about not getting enough vegetables? Let's begin the Round Table.
It's hot in here.
Let's open a window.
What are you doing, Daru? What if the Organization discovers our secret Delusion fail! What's a Round Table? We will now move Operation Urd to stage 2, and run experiments to make the D-mail more practical.
During summer, you need barley tea.
Want some, too, Moeka-san? Practical? What are we going to do? Change the past.
Wait That's too dangerous.
If you create a time paradox Assistant, as a scientist, aren't you interested in whether we can alter the past, using the D-Mail? W-Well But what will we change? Good question.
Here's what I want to accomplish with this operation Win the lottery.
Okarin Mayushii is very sad.
I'm in.
If I had money, I could buy new parts for the computer, and I could go to May Queen all I want.
We should work toward world peace.
and I could go to May Queen all I want.
We should work toward world peace.
Like give everyone in the world an Upa cushion Okabe, that's really lame.
Like give everyone in the world an Upa cushion It's an experiment to see if we can change the past.
That would be the easiest way to tell! But basically, you just want money, right? Shut up, Celeb 17! Cele Huh? Celeb 17! I don't want to hear anything from a woman living in a hotel on her parent's money! I'm eighteen.
But there are all kinds of lottery tickets.
Which one do you want? Well What's wrong? No Where'd Moeka go? Huh? Wait! Sheesh Can't take my eyes off you for a second.
Because you didn't respond.
I really want to borrow the IBN 5100.
Please It's okay, right? Is she supposed to be a valley girl LOL? Christina, keep a close eye on her, so she doesn't wander around! How am I supposed to do that? Do you want to see the lab, Moeka-san? I'll show you around later.
Mayushii is good at that! I did it for Kurisu-chan, too! Where should I start? I see.
The Loto 6.
Every Thursday, the winning numbers are announced.
We'll send the numbers to the past.
We're really doing this? You have any other ideas? Which number do you want? By the way, first prize is 200,000,000 yen! 200,000,000 yen? Wait, Daru.
200,000,000 yen is a bit much.
First prize would draw too much attention.
The Organization is chasing me, after all.
You got cold feet, didn't you? What's second prize? 23,000,000 yen.
Third? 700,000.
We'll go with that! Okabe's chicken, isn't he? That's coming from someone worried about a time paradox, Cel-7? And this is the Upa cushion! That's coming from someone worried about a time paradox, Cel-7? When you're tired or feeling down, you give it a hug, like this! And this is the fridge! What's inside today? Um Hey! Shining Finger! Here's your first Lab Member mission.
Ooh, your first job! Think of what to write in the D-mail.
Something that will make the me of one week ago want to buy a Lotto-6 ticket.
Seven days ago would be 168 hours, so about 170 seconds would do it? I guess that's it.
Buy Lotto-6 You'll win! I guess that's it.
Okay, we're ready.
At last, the time has come to open Steins Gate! That again? You really never tire of it, do you? And you need to stop whining about it every time.
You looked like you were having fun.
I-It's not like I'm having fun, all right? That said, our assistant sure is a tsundere.
Who's a tsundere?! Ooh, Miss Makise, you know what a tsundere is? I don't! No, you definitely responded like you did.
I said I don't! Okay, I'm starting up the microwave.
That's too dangerous.
If you create a time paradox Why am I so scared? El Psy Congroo! Sending Sent Okarin! Okarin! Are you okay? Wh-What was that? How many minutes have I been standing here? About thirty seconds, I guess.
Thirty seconds? You don't remember? We were just talking about an experiment to see if we could change the past with a D-mail.
And then You ran over to Phone Microwave-chan and started panting Mayushii, can you say "panting" again? Stop it, pervert! It's here.
Buy Lotto-6 You'll win! It's here.
Okabe Are you really all right? Where's the money? The Lotto-6! Cel-7, did I win third prize? Don't call me Cel-7 What are you talking about? What do you mean? You Okarin? The experiment? We did an experiment to see if we could change the past with the D-mail We were just talking about what we could do for the experiment.
Mayushii wants something that will bring about world peace! Like giving everyone in the world an Upa cushion! You really don't remember Like giving everyone in the world an Upa cushion! Come in! It's Ruka-kun! Welcome! Kyouma-san, I'm sorry! Ruka-kun? This 02, 12, 18 It's the same.
Rukako! Where did you get this? Um You gave me the numbers.
I did? You said to buy it since it might win.
Wh-When? One week ago.
Wow, Okarin's psychic! So, Ruka, did you win? Well I got one of the numbers wrong.
So close! Too close! Okabe, did you use the Phone Microwave to Hey, there's no Dr Pepper! They didn't have any.
What do you want me to do about it? I sent the D-mail.
But there's no record of it.
The past has been changed? They didn't remember the experiment, even though we all talked about it, and we all observed.
Only I remember.
Only I This feeling! It's just like back then What is this? What's that? Something important.
What's wrong? You look like you've been brainwashed.
Brainwashed It's possible.
But was I the one brainwashed Or were they? What? There's no chip.
It's okay.
You're not brainwashed.
Chip? What's brainwashed? That's I, Hououin Kyouma, will tell you.
I guess Nae's scared of Okabe Rintarou.
There's something I want to ask you.
Electricity? You mean when there are all those sparks? You did it before, didn't you? There should have been one ten minutes ago.
I didn't notice that one.
What about you, Nae? Nope! You really are a pervert! I'm not a pervert! I'm a pervert gentleman! See? I told you that you can hear it.
I didn't know it was this bad Did you hear about the time machine? Yeah.
Nice job, I guess! Let me warn you I won't tell anyone.
Are you worried about something related to the time machine? Then why not ask John Titor? Come to think of it, John Titor mentioned this.
If you go to the past and change it, this alters something called the divergence number, and the world line moves to another world.
When there's a world line move, people's memories are altered.
And memories of the new world are created.
The D-mail moved the world line from a world where Rukako didn't buy the Lotto-6 ticket to one where he did.
The world line changed, and so did the past.
In this world, I didn't send the D-mail with the winning Loto 6 number into the past.
It's not that the other Lab Members don't remember the experiment.
It never happened.
So why do I remember? Oh, no! Nae, whatever he asks, don't tell him I was slacking off! Will you give me a ride on your bike? I will! Okabe Rintarou! I'm on your side, okay? You! Daddy! Okabe! What were you doing with my daughter?! W-Wait! I wasn't doing anything! Shut up! A guy like you couldn't control himself if left alone with my daughter! Do you always think about me like that? And we weren't alone Suzuha was just here.
What? Is that true, Nae? I promised, so I can't say she was slacking off.
What? Hey! Part-timer! You were slacking off! The 42-inch was left on! I-I'm sorry! I'll talk about the reason why later.
We're stopping the experiment for today.
We're done for the day.
Okarin So, assistant, you're not going home? I'm thinking.
I see.
You'd be all alone if you went back to the hotel, so you want me to spend time with you.
Right, little Cel-7? Don't call me Cel-7! I've gotta send this text message.
If you want to stay here, be quiet, The Zombie.
That's the name that bugs me most.
You're like a girl, waiting for a message from her crush.
You really want attention that much? Who was that message to? John Titor.
Rukako The Lottery I'm really sorry Shining Finger I Had Fun Next time, tell me about the time machine.
It's a promise.
A promise, right? Bye! Moeka Daru? Hello.
Okarin, I realized I made a huge mistake! A mistake? What? Actually Actually I left my wallet at the lab! What? So now I can't get into May Queen! Okarin, would you Okarin! Oh, it's Mayuri.
Daru's with you, right? You don't need to lend him money, okay? Got it.
And so, Okarin, do you feel better? If you don't, you can hug Mayushii's Upa, okay? Then you'll feel better.
I'm hanging up.
Good luck at work.
Bye! Okabe, you're smiling.
It's here! I read your message.
Just as you suspected, the past was changed, and the world line moved.
The one thing I don't understand is why you retain your memories from before the change.
Is that true? It's true.
Something similar happened before.
What is this? I don't know.
The concept of changing the past via e-mail was something that was never envisaged, even in the year 2036.
You changed the past and moved world lines.
But it's never been confirmed that anyone exists who can maintain their memories over a world-line jump, to observe the change.
But Kyouma, you may have that power.
You may be able to lead the world beyond Divergence 1% Lead the world? What lies beyond Divergence 1%? What happens then? Sending Sent What lies beyond it is true freedom.
If you can't cross that barrier, the future will become a dystopia.
My goal is to change the future.
And you may be the one who has that power.
Okabe, what's wrong? What's he talking about? Me change the future? That's Kyouma, I want you to be the messiah.