Steins;Gate (2011) s01e08 Episode Script

Chaos Theory Homeostasis I

1 Kyouma, I want you to be the messiah.
You want me to be the messiah? Ridiculous.
I am a mad scientist I desire chaos and destruction! What happened to him? We will now restart Operation Urd.
Mister Braun's still downstairs, man.
I don't care! Wait! I told you.
I'm against this.
Against it? This morning, you were helping me.
This morning? Then I knew it.
The experiment took place.
The D-mail has already changed the past.
Seriously? The world line changed? Yes, I think so.
Thus, you've lost some of your memories from before the change.
Is this about that Lotto-6 thing? That's right.
So why are you the only one who remembers? Titor told me that I have a power.
To prove it, we need to move world lines again.
A power? The power to retain memories, even across world line changes The magic eye: Reading Steiner.
Chaos Theory Homeostasis Daru? No record in the outbox But as for the inbox, the D-mail arrived five days ago.
It succeeded.
Did the past change? Why do you remember that? We sent a D-mail to Daru five days in the past, telling him the position of the cards, so he could win the Feyris Cup.
Mayushii? Question for you In the Feyris Cup last week What? I lost? Immediately? I see Thanks.
Daru's message didn't alter the past.
With the way the game went, it should have changed.
It wasn't enough to change world lines.
Then we need an easier way to tell if the past has changed.
I-It still isn't like I agree with these experiments, okay? So What do you think? About you being the only one to remember? I told you.
It's the power of the magic eye, Reading Steiner! In order to see if that's true, I'll have you send the next D-mail.
I don't want to.
Worried about a time paradox? It feels unfair to change the past.
I've only lived eighteen years, but I don't want to change any of them.
They're all part of my life, even the failures.
But you love experiments, right? I-Is that wrong? In other words, you'll just sit back and watch, as others sacrifice themselves.
A true mad scientist.
Enough! But seriously From: Shining Finger Subject: Please I want to send a D-mail, too.
But seriously If we're going to perfect the D-mail From: Shining Finger Subject: Please? It's okay, right? Please! Moeka we'll have to continue our experiments From: Shining Finger Subject: I'm A lab member, too, right? Moeka Kiryuu-san? From: Shining Finger Subject: I'm A lab member, too, right? Moeka From: Shining Finger Subject: I'm A lab member, too, right? Moeka Enough! I can't? She overwhelmed us Okay, we're here! Those crêpes were good Yeah.
Hey! You look bored.
I'm waiting for someone.
Hey, don't scare Nae! I didn't do anything! Come on, Nae.
Let's leave this loser alone and go inside.
Hi! Mayuri-oneechan! I'll give this to you.
Thanks! Here's one for Okarin, too! Yo! Good morning, Suzu-san.
It's the part-timer girl! Hey What happened after that? With what? The time machine! Did you ask John Titor? Yeah, but I don't know if what he says is accurate Which part? Why are you so interested? You're a Titor otaku, aren't you? No.
Kurisu-chan! Good morning.
More sparks between you two? What's her problem, anyway? Fighting makes me sad.
Don't worry! It's okay.
Thank you.
No private messages.
We want something simple, that will make it clear whether the past's changed.
"I changed my cell phone four days ago, and I want to tell myself not to do it.
" I see.
So if the past changes, you'll have a different cell phone.
It would be obvious.
Then let us begin the experiment! Right! Activate the Phone Microwave (name subject to change)! It's so round What is this? I used the wrong number for the Lotto-6 you asked me about.
This is my apology.
I I see.
Good Good to hear! The day nears, when your heart's eye will open.
Yes! Excuse me, then.
You're leaving? You seem busy.
Wear Mayushii's cosplay sometime soon, okay? I-I'm sorry.
I'm not really into that So you won't? I think you'd look great Goodbye.
Bye-bye! Good kid, huh? Yeah.
This feeling again.
Which means The past changed? Wh-Where's Shining Finger? Shi Japanese Do you speak it? Rukako didn't stop by? Rukako? Nope.
Then, Moeka Where's Moeka? Moeka-san? Who's that? Kiryuu Moeka! She wasn't here today? Well? Who's that? Kiryuu Moeka I've never heard that name.
What? Another D-mail? Wh-What do you mean? The past changed, and Moeka's very existence disappeared? Impossible! Up to July 31st, my inbox still has messages from her.
"Something wrong?" "Sorry, I'm kind of busy.
" "I'll message you later.
" In other words, the past altered in such a way that, ever since four days ago, when she received that message, this Kiryuu Moeka-san changed her actions and never came to the lab.
I suppose so.
And this time, only you remember it.
The Reading Steiner, was it? By the way, just saying that embarrasses me.
I don't think you should call it that.
I'm not interested in your personal opinion.
The power to maintain memories across world lines.
Is it real? Here I am! We'll talk tomorrow.
See you tomorrow, Okarin! I really do have that ability.
I want you to be the messiah.
That means I want you to be the messiah.
I want you to be the messiah.
I I'm amazed they can sleep at the lab He said it's 'cause he's a mad scientist.
I know! Let's all sleep over at the lab! If the guys aren't there.
I know, why not come to my hotel? Could I? Of course.
Sure! Okay, I'll come over soon! Ruka-kun? Yeah Yeah What?! Really? What?! You didn't bring the Magic Blade Samidare? Um Don't say that, Okarin! Today, Ruka-kun is my guest.
He's going to wear my cosplay! Um I Come on.
Let's transform, Ruka-kun.
Transform! Um, I mean, I Let's take off your clothes No, don't touch me there! Okay! I'll put it on myself! So leave me alone.
You have to know the trick to putting this on.
P-Please Don't take off my clothes! This is very yuri.
Rukako is a guy.
Which means It's even better! It's Kirari-chan from Rai-Net.
You're as cute as I imagined, Ruka-kun! This is really embarrassing It's okay! Cute is justice.
I want to get a low-angle shot of this.
What do you think, Okarin? That's right It's me! I've just been victimized by a fierce psychological attack! This is bad! My soul My soul is being devoured! Wh-What's wrong, Kyouma-san? What's with him? Kurisu-chan! Stop staring, pervert assistant.
I'm not staring! Further win! What do you think of this cosplay? Does it look good? Yes It's very cute.
C-Cute Well, I Let's try on the others! Wait! I came here because I had a request for you.
You didn't come here to wear my cosplay? I-I said no.
But you wouldn't listen to me I'm sorry.
I was just really happy.
So what did you want to ask? Actually I want you to let me send a message to the past! I came by to apologize for having missed the Lotto-6 yesterday.
And then Another D-mail? Wh-What do you mean? The past changed, and Moeka's very existence disappeared? Impossible! I'm sorry for listening when I shouldn't have! I didn't mean to! Ruka-kun, what kind of message do you want to send to the past? Actually, I I want to be a girl! I don't like the way I look.
I think I'd feel better about myself if I could be a girl I've always felt that way.
W-Wait a second What is she saying? Assistant, you appear to have made a fatal mistake.
Mistake? Rukako is no girl.
He's a guy.
What kind of joke is that? You don't believe me If you call yourself a scientist, then see for yourself.
Such a cute girl couldn't be a guy.
Excuse me for a second.
Are you okay? I'm serious! I really want to be a girl! Please! But I don't know if sending a D-mail would be enough to change your gender.
I heard of something That if you eat lots of meat when a baby is in your tummy, you'll have a boy.
With a lot of vegetables, you'll have a girl.
You want us to send a D-mail, telling your mom to eat lots of vegetables? Would that be possible? Very well.
I shall grant your wish.
Thank you! Good for you, Ruka-kun! Yes! Isn't changing someone's gender a bad idea? Do you think it's possible to affect it, just by eating vegetables? That's true.
There's no scientific evidence for it.
He must have really been worried about it if that makes him feel better.
Rukako, from now on, you're Lab Member 006! Y-Yes.
Let us begin the experiment Wait, you're seventeen this year, right? Huh? Yes.
In other words, you were born in 1993 What of it? When did cell phones become popular in Japan? It looks like it was around 1996.
And they may only later have gotten messaging capability.
In other words, when Urushibara-san was born, there's a good chance his mom didn't own a cell phone.
Then we can't send the D-mail? Oh, no.
We could change it, so it sends sinister microwaves.
You have enough sinister microwaves for everyone.
Good Insult me more.
You have enough sinister microwaves for everyone.
Good Insult me more.
That's fine I see.
I'm terrified by my own talent! Not this again If she doesn't have a cell phone, send it to her pager! Pagers A system using EM waves to transmit messages to small receivers.
During the 1990s, they enjoyed enormous popularity.
The emergence of cellular phones rendered them obsolete.
Pagers? I've never seen one! You're very knowledgeable.
I guess you were a Cel-Pager, not a Cel-7? It's written right there.
Why not read it yourself? Lab Member 006, Urushibara Ruka! It's time for your first mission.
Find out if your mother had a pager.
And get that number! Y-Yes, sir! My mom had a pager! Here's the number.
You did it! You thought of what to write, right? Yes! "Eat vegetables for a healthy child.
" I heard you can only send eighteen hiragana You can only send numbers to a pager.
Transform these to numbers One sec.
You need two digits for voiced consonants.
What? You can send a total of thirty-six English letters.
That message puts you four characters over.
Then How about we turn this into numbers? Eat veggies for a healthy child.
How about we turn this into numbers? How about we turn this into numbers? Okay, starting it up.
All right.
Is this really okay? Don't worry about it.
My Reading Steiner activated! Which means I see Some people are like that, huh? Yes, it's cute! Ruka-chan, I think you'd look great in something like this.
Y-You think? This is You pervert! Where are you staring? No, I mean Wait.
It's difficult to ask if Rukako became a girl.
But This failed.
What kind of perverted thing are you imagining? Jeez, Okarin! I can't take my eyes off you two perverts for a minute.
I'm not a pervert! I'm a perverted gentlemen! It doesn't matter It really doesn't matter! But The world line changed.
Something happened But what?