Steins;Gate (2011) s01e09 Episode Script

Chaos Theory Homeostasis II

1 The experiments we've run so far prove that the D-mails are being sent to the past.
But I couldn't change the outcome of my match with Feyris-tan! That's a problem with you, not with the D-mail.
There are problems with the system, including the issue with Rukako, but if we work on it, we can turn it into a real time machine Time machine? but if we work on it, we can turn it into a real time machine You were listening to us? Feyris just brought your order! Do you want any gum syrup or milk? I refuse! And thus, you can have my everything! There it is! Secret Move: Stir While Gazing Into Their Eyes! I'm so jealous, Okarin.
Kyouma, what do you mean by a time machine? I'm so jealous, Okarin.
Kyouma, what do you mean by a time machine? Do you think you can seduce me into giving up classified information? I won't ask Kyouma.
Daru-nyan! You think Daru would betray me? We built a machine that sends texts to the past! You think Daru would betray me? We built a machine that sends texts to the past! And by "we," I mean mostly me! That was entirely too fast! Messages to the past? Chaos Theory Homeostasis Stupid Daru Chaos Theory Homeostasis Spreading our secrets to outsiders Chaos Theory Homeostasis Spreading our secrets to outsiders Why? Spreading our secrets to outsiders Why? Why must you take it that way? I just wanted to No, that isn't what I meant! I Wh-Wh-What? I'm not crying! It's not like I was crying, okay? You were clearly crying Your eyes are still red.
No! Something's in my eye What is this, an old soap opera? Anyway, I'm not crying.
So no questions.
Got it? I didn't say anything.
Shut up! Christina Don't talk to me! I'll only say this You're part of my life now.
Any time you want to talk, I'll listen.
Okabe Just as planned, she fell for it! Now I can use her for all the grunt work! Hey.
Good work out there! Feyris-chan! Are you heading to Kyouma's? Yeah, he wanted me to bring lunch.
Hey, have you seen the time machine, Mayushii? Time Oh, Phone Microwave-san? Phone Microwave? There's this big spooky lightning, and it's kind of scary Wow! It's like a time machine out of the movies.
Yeah But Mayushii doesn't really want him doing that stuff.
Why? It feels like Okarin is leaving me.
We will now begin our Round— Okarin! Okarin! What? Isn't this strange? Mayushii says she isn't cosplaying.
It isn't cosplay.
It's her school uniform.
I had school today.
It's a super-realistic portrayal of a school uniform.
That's sexual harassment, and she doesn't have to accept it.
Here's yours, Okarin! Thanks.
No, wait.
I said we're having a Round Table! You're the one who wanted me to bring lunch.
Don't mind him.
Obviously, it isn't anything important.
You can say that after you hear the discussion topic Physical time travel! Mayuri, is there still barley tea in the fridge? One second.
It's me! The Organization has initiated an operation to tear apart the lab.
The words of me, Hououin Kyouma, fail to reach them! Do they ever? Then why are you ignoring my awesome topic? Because it's impossible.
We can send messages to the past.
It must be possible It's not.
We can send thirty-six bytes plus some extra.
Three messages, with six characters.
No more.
If you want to experiment, why not be the guinea pig? That's if you don't mind ending up as a gel-Okarin.
Gel-Okarin, huh? That'd really hurt.
SERN's experiments prove the difficulties inherent to physical time travel.
Even using the LHC, biggest in the world, they've had no success.
We can't possibly do it with this equipment.
Then how do the messages get to the past? I don't know.
That's the problem.
Like I said before, SERN's trying to use the lifter-black hole combination to achieve time travel.
The Phone Microwave probably works on the same principle.
But the microwave doesn't have anything to function as a lifter.
So where is it? I don't know.
We're limited in the times we can send D-mail, too.
Currently, we can't be sure that this machine really sends messages to the past.
Before we continue, we should deal with the issues before us first.
Boring! 99.
9% of science is boring.
If you call yourself a scientist I'm not a scientist! I'm a mad scientist! Yo, I heard you like fail, so we put some fail in your fail, so you can facepalm while you facepalm.
Miss Makise You aren't a Shut up! Not another word! Because that's impossible! Get back on topic, already.
Continuing on to the reports.
How's the translation of the SERN server documents going, Christina? AKA, 2channer! I told you that's not true! Then you sure know your memes.
I do not! Nothing to report.
I see.
Continue your investigations 2channer! Stop calling me that! Daru's up next.
How's the hacking coming? No change.
Probably, until I analyze the mysterious program on the other server, there'll be no change.
How's the IBN 5100 analysis going? Be great if I could do it.
What do you mean? Huh? You haven't started the analysis? How should I do that? Where's the IBN 5100? How would I know? It can't be Okarin, what's wrong? Christina Did I, by any chance, not find the IBN 5100? You don't even know where it is.
I see.
So if I decide to believe what you say, you found the IBN 5100.
I carried it back here with you.
But you're the only one with any memory of that.
The D-mails probably changed the past.
Changed the past But we've only sent minor stuff.
The Butterfly Effect.
Sending one message into the past causes the world line to split.
From a world where we didn't buy a Lotto-6 ticket to one where we did.
Little by little, this changes what was meant to happen.
One change causes another, and they pile on top of one another.
It's one of the long-recognized risks of altering the past.
Then where is the IBN 5100? Let me ask this instead.
Where was it? Yes, when I asked my dad, he said it used to be here, but It's gone now.
I see.
Well? There was an IBN 5100 at Yanabayashi Shrine.
But it's gone now.
No one knows when it was taken or by whom.
A dead end, huh? But it's strange to donate a PC to a shrine.
I wonder who'd have done that.
Feyris-chan? What's up? Here's the list I wrote of ten questions to ask the maids, at the next event.
Let me see "If you could go back and redo one thing from your past, what would it be?" What would you do, Feyris-chan? Let me think Feyris doesn't look back at her past! Let's go.
It's the task of the cat-eared maid, who brings everyone happiness, to forge ahead! Oh, my phone! Hi, this is Feyris.
A PC? An IBN 5100.
Did your family give it to Yanabayashi Shrine? I don't really remember But you're right.
My dad did have a lot of old PCs.
Kyouma Is this related to the time machine you were talking about? Look, look! It's an Upa! A metal Upa! Do you still want a metal Upa? Still? How long are you going to stand there, staring at it? Wait! Daru-kun! Here I am! What are you buying? I found a limited-edition that had sold out before I could buy it! You might say, "This encounter was the choice of Steins Gate!" Don't use it for stuff like this! Anyway, why are you two following me? You could've stayed back at the lab, with the assistant.
Once I heard you were going to Feyris-tan's place, I had to come along! I wanted to go and play, too! Why did Feyris tell me to come to her house? It's Kirari-chan! Mayuri, wait Jeez The IBN 5100.
Shining Finger! Wait! Hey! Shining Moeka! Kiryuu Moeka! Why? FB said it was there! Okabe-kun Back there, you mentioned the IBN 5100 Do you know where it is? You don't know, either? I don't But you're right.
My dad did have a lot of old PCs.
Okarin! Moeka-san? Yeah.
Okabe Moeka-san's so pretty and stylish.
I'm sure she'd make a great cosplayer.
Mayuri, you know Shining Finger? I do! How? How do you know her? You brought her to the lab! After Moeka sent her D-mail, she disappeared from everyone's memory.
And then, after Ruka sent his D-mail, they knew her again.
Little by little, the world changes, each time the D-mail changes the past? Is this really the place? I'm sure of it.
Seems it's on the top floor.
The mistress will be here soon.
Just one moment.
Butler cafés aren't my thing.
A real butler! I've never seen one before.
Look! The people all look like ants! I love it! Okarin Thought he'd say that! Sorry for the wait.
Feyris-chan! Now it's Feyris-tan wearing her normal clothes! What luck! Feyris Nyan Nyan! It seems I must question your true identity! Feyris is Feyris-nyan! Stop fooling around! If you refuse to explain, then I'm leaving! Oh, fine.
Feyris's family owns all the land around here! Then Akiba is That's right.
What about Akiba now? It's Feyris's real name.
Akiha Rumiho-chan! I didn't hear that! Feyris-tan's real name is Feyris-tan! A sad attempt to escape reality.
By the way, Feyris was the one who asked to bring moe culture to Akiba.
No way! And she works as an angel at May Queen, to further spread moe culture! How splendid! And my eyes are also splendid, for recognizing her before anyone else! But, but Keep it a secret, okay? I want you to treat me with Feyris-love, just like always! I will! Totally! Thank you, nyan-nyan! No nyan-nyan! Anyway, what about the IBN 5100? Oh, that? But before that, I have a simple request You want to arrange a trade? It's nothing difficult.
I only want you to let me use the D-mail.
Just once.
Sure! Use it as often as you want! Wait! The D-mail is absolutely off-limits to outsiders Then why not make Feyris-chan a lab member, too? Wait! Wait! Sending more messages to the past would be— You're the one who sent the Lotto-6 number back, to try and make money! And you can't send one for Feyris-tan? Just once! No, that's not it But if I stop now, there's no guarantee that the IBN 5100 will return.
If this becomes any kind of clue Very well.
But just as Mayuri said, you'll have to become a lab member.
You are now Lab Member 007, Akiha Ru— I-I-I can't hear you! It's done.
You're sure you want to send it back ten years, right? I'm sure! What's does it say? Well It's a secret! Tell me.
As leader of the lab, I have a duty to know.
A maiden's private life is off-limits to guys.
I think it's wrong to look at someone's mail.
I agree! Totally! Fine.
Then put your hand on the send button and wait.
Hello? It's me! What's the situation She hung up on me, damn it! Yeah, I bet she did.
That Christina! Doesn't she know she's my assistant? Hello? It's Hououin Kyouma.
Don't just disconnect me, without a word.
Hououin? Oh, Okabe.
I thought it was a prank call.
You saw my number on the display.
Even so, those first words are creepy enough to make me hang up.
In other words, you are terrified of the mighty Hououin Kyouma— She hung up on me! She hung up on me again! Okarin, aren't you ready yet? Wait! Curse you, cold-blooded, pervert girl genius Hello? Listen, The Zomb— Hello? Hello, my name is Okabe Rintarou.
What is it? I would be extraordinarily gratified if you'd set the Phone Microwave (name subject to change) to the values I proferred in my earlier message.
You should have just said that from the start.
Also, that isn't what "proffer" means.
You're embarrassing yourself.
And stop calling it the Phone Microwave (name subject to change), already.
Shut up, Cel-7! I'm trying to be polite, and you're Do they not like each other? I think it's the opposite.
Will you send? Maybe Will you send? Will you send? Maybe I don't need to do this.
Feyris! The electricity's started.
Send it.
Um Who are you? Daddy! Daddy? Were you talking to Kyouma? Yeah.
I'll be on my way.
Enjoy yourselves.
Feyris-chan's dad has this kind of refined air about him, doesn't he? Indeed! You can tell he's Feyris-tan's dad.
Um Do you know anything about an IBN 5100? I haven't heard that name in ages.
I'm looking for one.
Unfortunately, I parted with mine a long time ago.
Did you give it to Yanabayashi Shrine? Shrine? No, I didn't.
Goodbye, then.
Before Feyris sent her D-mail, I heard that the IBN 5100 disappeared after it had been given to Yanabayashi Shrine.
But now, the shrine never got it.
Each time we send a message, things change.
Something may be changing, even without my being aware of it.
It's possible that we've already done something that can't be undone.
Okarin! Okarin! Mayushii is going to Nakano to buy an Ai-Sword doujinshi.
Ai-Sword? Kouga Yui? Nakano's far away.
I wish there were a Tora no Ana here.
What are you talking about? Tora no Ana's right over there.
What are you talking about, Okarin? Why would there be one in Akiba?