Steins;Gate (2011) s01e10 Episode Script

Chaos Theory Homeostasis III

1 Why? What's going on? All the moe is gone from Akiba? Okarin, wait up! Okarin! Okarin, wait up! Okarin, wait up! What's wrong? Where's the Tora no Ana? The Animate? The Mandarake? The Gamers? What are you talking about, Okarin? Why would those be in Akiba? That's why I'm going to Nakano to get my doujinshi.
Mayuri, That's why I'm going to Nakano to get my doujinshi.
you work part-time at May Queen, right? May Queen? May Queen Nyan Nyan! Impossible Feyris was the one who asked to bring moe culture to Akiba.
She sent a D-mail, preventing that from ever happening? With just one message, the whole town changed.
Chaos Theory Homeostasis It's hard to believe that May Queen used to be here.
May Queen? That a potato? During summer, I prefer noodles to potatoes.
It isn't a potato If May Queen never existed, then how did we meet Feyris? Well, it's thanks to potato ramen that we met her.
What do you mean? You've forgotten? The day of the Rai-Net Tournament in Ikebukuro, I got sick from the potato ramen I had for lunch, so I withdrew.
And then? Mayushii and you entered as a pair, and you went up against Feyris-tan.
You totally lost, but Mayushii and Feyris-tan became friends.
I see.
Look, look, Ruka-chan.
I bought this cosplayer photo book yesterday, in Nakano! So cute The past changed, but our relationships haven't? So cute The past changed, but our relationships haven't? You seem to have lots of time on your hands, this Obon, Lab Member Girls.
Hello, there.
Look! Cute, huh? Hey! It's Sedona from Blood Tune! It's really detailed! There's a swimsuit version, too.
I wish I could be like that.
I don't have those proportions.
It's okay! Flat is justice! I know! Why not take all the lab members, and go to the beach? With Kurisu-chan! Everyone wears their school swimsuits, okay? I'm not going swimming with a pervert.
Um, well I mean, if it's just the girls, I'd love to! Why not be honest, Christina? You don't want anyone to see the mole on your rear, so you can't go.
There's no mole! And if it's just the girls, then Rukako can't go.
Huh? Why not? I told you earlier, right? That Rukako's actually a guy.
You know, you're a jerk.
How can you call a girl a guy? Mayushii doesn't like it when you say stuff like that.
Isn't that really mean? Wait! Why are you crying? Apologize to Urushibara-san.
No, seriously.
Why would I apologize? It's true— It's fine! So that's what you think of me, Okabe-san.
No, no, no, Rukako! You're really How long will you keep that up? No, no, no, Rukako! You're really How long will you keep that up? I'm going home! Wait! You're a guy! Look! Right here, you have It's gone! There's nothing here! Okabe-san, stop it Rukako, you're a girl? I've been saying that this whole time! Hey What's wrong? Don't worry about it.
Just a bit of torture Torture? Just a bit of torture By Makise Kurisu? Yes, but I fixed the misunderstanding.
I think She got your legs? Don't touch my legs! She made me sit on my knees for an hour! No! I mean, I was tortured.
Oh That isn't torture.
You almost sound like you've been tortured.
Well, I am a soldier.
It's a perfect day for cycling Yeah? Hey Want to go for a ride? Is this what you call cycling? I came to Tokyo to find my dad.
To find him? Did he disappear or something? I haven't seen him in years.
I can't even remember his face.
But I know he's in this city.
This is my only clue A badge he used to own.
Then you shouldn't just kill time at a part-time job, should you? There's some stuff going on, you know? But there's one chance.
My dad might show up tomorrow, at a certain place.
If I miss that, I'll have to leave this town.
There's somewhere I have to go.
I'm busy, you know? Well, I was always planning on giving up if I couldn't meet him.
You're uneasy, aren't you? I can understand that feeling.
But too bad, part-time soldier! Your luck ran out, the minute you spoke to the great Mad Scientist, Hououin Kyouma.
You are now Lab Member 008! You will be our guinea pig.
Wh-What are you going to do? Change the past.
You may think me cruel if you like.
But there is no escape for you.
Send a D-mail to your father, before he leaves.
Tell him not to leave his daughter behind.
You're a good person, you know that? What? I feel a bit better now, somehow.
I have to get back.
Thanks for talking to me! Listen! Whether you see him tomorrow or not, come by the lab! I will use your sentimentality for an experiment with the D-mail! You really are a mad scientist! That's terrible I will now explain the parameters of Operation Eldhrímnir.
More Norse myths? If the part-time warrior meets her father, we'll hold a celebration A last supper in Tokyo, for her.
And if she doesn't, we will try to cheer her up, and then send a D-mail.
Where's Daru? He's meeting his online friends tonight, so he said he can't join us.
The fool! But I've taken steps.
To: Daru Subject: Now is the time to choose Feyris's cooking or your meeting.
Which will you choose? I sent this message.
To: Daru Subject: Now is the time to choose Feyris's cooking or your meeting.
Which will you choose? Feyris's cooking or your meeting.
To: Daru Subject: Now is the time to choose Feyris's cooking or your meeting.
Which will you choose? Feyris's cooking or your meeting.
Which will you choose? But Feyris-chan can't come, right? Feyris has never met the part-time warrior, so it can't be helped.
But Daru has a duty to participate in this operation.
Um I've never met this Suzuha-san That's fine.
I'm sending you all shopping for the banquet.
And you? I will follow the part-time warrior and report in on the situation.
Don't you dare.
Let the father and daughter have their time together.
That's right.
Come shopping with us! I'm following her— I said no! Don't tell me what to do, assistant You want to sit on your knees again? This time, for three hours Now, then! Let's get things ready for the party! I'm watching you.
What's wrong, Okarin? Nothing.
What is this? I think sweet curry is good.
Or maybe spicy? What do you think? S-Sure Spicy, I guess.
Oh, yeah! Suzu-san's a part-time warrior, right? If she's a warrior, she'll want spicy.
Um Next, we need the meat.
Beef is expensive Hey, Okarin.
You don't look good.
Back there, you would've normally said "The Organization's sabotage has increased the price of beef! Has Operation Time Sale begun?" But you use Norse mythology there, not "time sale.
" It's me.
The Organization's sabotage has caused unexpected expenses in Operation Audhumbla.
I'm requesting additional funds for the operation.
The first star! Venus? Hey, Okarin? Remember in elementary school, when you got really sick, with a high fever? Yes.
The world was panicking over the Y2K problem.
Mayushii was really scared you would die then.
So I prayed to the sky.
And then, there was a falling star.
I said to the falling star, "Don't die, Okarin!" three times.
And the next day, you got better! And so I saved your life.
No, that's not true.
It was the choice of Steins Gate that I survived back then.
Was it? It was.
I see.
Hey, remember what you said, when you got sick and collapsed? "Everything I saw began to flow together, and suddenly, I shook and couldn't stand up.
" You looked just like that in Feyris-chan's condominium.
That feeling I had when I got that fever was just like the feeling I get when I move world lines.
Which means I attained my magic eye, Reading Steiner, at that moment? We're back! Welcome back.
You smell something weird? I think it's the smell of Kurisu-san's apple pie.
What? This? Want Mayushii to help, too? Can you boil an egg? Sure! Um Can I use the microwave? N-No! If you put drop a raw egg in, it will explode! I'll make the egg.
So you chop up the mushrooms, Mayuri.
Okay! W-Wait! You don't need mushrooms or boiled eggs for apple pie! It's for the salad, to go with it.
I don't think a boiled egg and mushroom salad really goes with apple pie.
And you! Stop chopping up mushrooms over there! Move! It's me.
It seems I've released the seals that bound a dark god.
If I don't contact you within the hour, tell my parents that I loved them.
Okabe-san, do you have a rice cooker? Where's Feyris-tan? Where's Feyris-tan? Hashida, you've been deceived.
Feyris-san said she couldn't come.
Seriously? Hey, Okarin! Next time I get a chance, I'll take care of it.
Screw you! I was really looking forward to my time machine forum meeting.
Time machine forum? It's with a sci-fi message board I frequent a lot.
A professional author was supposed to go, too! This is an interestingly shaped mess kit.
Don't touch it.
That's not a mess kit.
It's Future Gadget #4, The Moad Snake.
A claymore mine? It's made to look like one.
It's a super-instant humidifier.
Oh, this? S-Stop! Don't! I'm sorry, Okabe-san.
Don't worry about it.
Next time, don't touch it.
Hey, couldn't we use this? A vacuum cleaner? Nope! It's Future Gadget #3.
Or #2? #5! And its name is "Once Again I've Connected Something Useless By Goemon.
" We made it so you can use a vacuum cleaner's output to warm a dryer.
Give it to me.
Wait! When you use that, you need to turn off any other appliances, or it'll trigger the breaker.
Where's the flashlight? Is this it? No, Miss Ruka.
That's a daikon radish.
U-Um, where's the breaker? If you walk around I told you Ow The breaker's in the front hall.
Are you okay? What's so funny? I'm sorry.
But The lab I worked at in America had some of the best people from around the world.
But they all had really big heads, so it was a really hostile place.
Compared to them, your lab is really childish, but it's a fun place to be.
I-I'm not praising you, okay? I was just kinda thinking that I guess maybe I simply wanted friends.
I, um I think of you as a companion.
You told me before, didn't you? That I was your dear companion.
That made me really happy, I guess.
You got a fever? N-No! What? I'm trying to rethink my opinion of you Stupid Okabe! Suzu-san's late.
I wonder if she met her dad.
I bet they're finally spending time together.
I told her to come to the lab, either way.
But it's late.
We're aborting the operation.
You guys, go on home.
From: Part-Time Warrior Subject: I'm sorry Goodbye Darn her! From: Part-Time Warrior Subject: I'm sorry Goodbye Does she plan to leave this city, by herself? I, Hououin Kyouma, will not allow that! Damn it! Where did she go? That's right If I send a D-mail, telling myself to follow her, no matter what, this afternoon But Is it right for me to use the D-mail to change the past any more? You're a good person, you know that? I feel a bit better now, somehow.
I am the great Mad Scientist, Hououin Kyouma! What have I to fear? Do not give in to your assistant's threats.
Do not give in to your assistant's threats.
Follow Suzuha! Follow Suzuha! Do not give in to your assistant's threats.
Follow Suzuha! Do not give in to your assistant's threats.
Follow Suzuha! Yo.
Good morning, part-time warrior.
Slacking off? Last night, we were all up really late.
I'm so tired.
Last night, we had a last supper for you, so you could be our guinea pig.
Right? But the experiment never happened.
I don't know my dad's phone's address.
I want to confirm something.
How did I catch you? Were you drinking? You're underage.
You shouldn't do that.
Just answer me.
Well, I was heading back from the time machine forum meeting Time machine forum? That's where your dad was supposed to show up? Yeah, my dad's calling himself Titor.
John Titor?! Not John Barrel.
Barrel Titor.
I told you that yesterday.
Didn't you take a video of it on your phone? I had fun last night It would've been more fun without Makise Kurisu, though.
Her apple pie was man-killingly horrible.
But Urushibara Ruka's curry was great! Your lab's kinda nice, you know? Everyone's friends, and you always seem to have fun.
I've never felt so much like I fit in somewhere, in my whole life.
Then you're welcome anytime.
Come whenever you like.
You're a lab member now.
I'll try and search for my father a little more!