Steins;Gate (2011) s01e11 Episode Script

Dogma in Event Horizon

1 Just for five seconds, I want you to draw Mr.
Braun's attention, so he doesn't notice any shaking from the experiment.
Got it! I'll just have to seduce him.
Want to touch it? It's pretty firm.
It is.
Right? Leave it to me.
You're seducing him, right? Yup, what about it? Never mind.
I'm counting on you.
Now! Assistant, go! What? Oh, no I failed.
How many times do I have to tell you? It stopped? My assistant? No What is this? No way! What do you mean "No way"? Dogma in Event Horizon In other words, the 42" CRT on the first floor just happens to function as the lifter.
So we were only able to send D-mail when the studio was open and the TV was on That makes a lot of sense! Don't be so loud.
It hurts my head Are you okay? Mr.
Braun I never thought you would resort to violence.
In a way, it's your own fault.
You're the one who wanted to run an experiment! Anyway, we almost completely understand how the Phone Microwave works now.
Which means that next We should consider physically transporting an object through time.
Don't dismiss it so quickly! It's going to end up jelly, no matter what we do.
And how the heck do you fit a human into 36 bytes Is this really the time for showing off? Why would I want to show off to you? Look at the title of my paper.
"The Analysis of Nerve Pulse Signals Stored in Memory Within the Temporal Lobe.
" Can I get that in Japanese? Essentially, it has to do with people's memories.
I majored in neuroscience.
Put simply, the brain stores memories as pulse signals.
They're a type of electrical data.
Data You can't mean That's right.
Sending a human through time is impossible, but it might be possible to send their memory data.
Me on 2010/8/13 AD Hippocampus Where? Me on 2010/8/13 AD Hippocampus To the you in the past.
Me on 2010/8/13 AD Hippocampus Scan Memory Data (3.
24T) Nerve Pulse Signals -- Encode to Electric Signals To the you in the past.
We turn the memories into data, Scan Memory Data (3.
24T) Nerve Pulse Signals -- Encode to Electric Signals and we send them back, the same way as with the D-mail.
Scan Memory Data (3.
24T) Nerve Pulse Signals -- Encode to Electric Signals Basically, you're transplanting your present brain's contents into the past.
Scan Memory Data (3.
24T) Nerve Pulse Signals -- Encode to Electric Signals Time Leap Machine Basically, you're transplanting your present brain's contents into the past.
Time Leap! (Same as D-Mail) Basically, you're transplanting your present brain's contents into the past.
In other words, "you" go back to the past! Time Leap! (Same as D-Mail) Me on 2010/8/11 AD Overwrite Memory Data! Receive In other words, "you" go back to the past! It's more of a time leap than time travel.
It's me.
All the lines have converged at one point.
The plan will now enter its final stages.
The goddess who rules the present Begin Operation Verdandi! Begin what now? Explain what you're talking about a little.
I'm saying we're going to do that time leap you're talking about.
Begin now.
But we'll need a lot of stuff to do it.
Of course, we only have to read memories stored in the temporal lobe, so I think I can get everything in Akiba But What's wrong? One problem is that I don't think the Phone Microwave will be able to sufficiently compress the memory data.
And What? Nothing.
All right.
I'll make a list of parts I need for now.
It's too hard for Mayushii to understand it at all.
Christina just explained it.
You're sending your mind, as it exists right now, to the past.
Sounds scary.
Is the D-mail not good enough? There are too many chaotic variables with the D-mail.
One message can change things you'd never expect.
But it's okay to send memories into the past? If nothing else, you can prevent the past from changing, to a degree.
You wouldn't have the entire city of Akiba changing The city? Nothing, never mind.
Huh? But what happens to you after you send your memories? Your body is still here, isn't it? Well So, Mayushii is talking to Okarin now, right? Then, you're saying Mayushii goes back a week, and then relives the week, right? What happens if she doesn't talk to Okarin this time? I assume that you would recall that we spoke, but the fact of our having spoken would be erased.
In other words, Mayushii would remember us talking, but Okarin wouldn't? I'd imagine so.
Then, that's kind of sad.
For me? Nope.
For Mayushii.
It's Moeka-san! Moeka-san! You look rather unhappy, Shining Finger.
"Did you get rid of the time machine?" We're still using it.
And now, we might be able to do a time leap— Don't tell her about that! But Moeka-san's a lab member, too, right? She is, but "What's a time leap?" Just what it sounds like! We can send memories through time.
Memories Moeka-san? Moeka-san! Is she okay? It would be faster to head for Akibaoo first, I guess? Mayuri-oneechan! It's Nae-chan! What's wrong? Yo.
You're still dressed like that? The boss told me to stay this way all day.
You'll poison children's minds.
Poison? I'm careful never to walk around with poison.
Huh? Anyway, Nae said she wanted to talk to Okabe Rintarou, so we were looking for you.
To me? I'm sorry! My dad was really mean back there! Nae-chan You came all this way to say that? What a well-trained little pet.
She's not a pet.
Don't worry.
I cause trouble for Mr.
Braun all the time.
We're even.
That's not like the Okabe Rintarou I know Okarin's always like this.
Mayushii's gonna get going, okay? Meeting someone? Yup! I'm going to give the cosplayer, Fubuki-chan, her outfit.
Come to think of it, it's almost time for Comima.
Bye! See you, Suzu-san and Nae-chan! See you! Okay, let's head back ourselves.
No, I need to find the parts Christina asked me for.
Makise Kurisu works with SERN.
A SERN spy? No way.
All your base are belong to us.
You can't sneak up on me! It's against the rules! So, you were posting on @channel.
I realized you were an @channeler a long time ago.
I wasn't, no I realized you were an @channeler a long time ago.
I realized you were an @channeler a long time ago.
No! There's no point in hiding it now.
This sucks All right.
From now on, I officially give you the title of Channeler Don't give me any more weird nicknames! And please, keep this a secret! Why? You could list it on your resume.
If they knew a serious academic were posting, they'd probably make a few threads about you.
Why would I care? Then what? You'd sage them? I hate myself for understanding that last sentence.
Either way, I feel better.
I can't imagine anyone who's so terrible at hiding things being a spy.
What does that mean? The part-time warrior said you were a SERN spy.
What is that supposed to mean? That's impossible.
You're an agent the Organization sent, who's had a change of heart and now works as my assistant.
That's not true, either.
So how's the work going? Work? The time leap.
I bought all the parts.
Oh That's right.
I should make it, shouldn't I? I've come this far.
What is this? You're getting scared? That, too I keep asking myself what will happen if we really make it.
But more than that What? I should tell you It seems like it's half-obvious already.
I can't do it here! Let's go somewhere I can't see your face.
I've got a problem with my dad So your father was struck by lightning, on the grassy plains of Arkansas, and fell to the dark side— If you're going to be a jerk, I'm not telling you.
All right.
Tell me.
To put it simply, my dad doesn't like me.
No He hates me.
And not as his daughter.
As a scientist, as a rival.
My dad was a physicist.
I always liked hearing him talk about the details of his work.
And so, by the end of elementary school, I could understand his papers.
And then, I started writing my own papers, and winning awards.
But I didn't care about the awards.
I loved debating with my father.
We exchanged papers by e-mail, and our debates got deeper.
But Eventually, my dad stopped debating with me.
While I enjoyed the debates, I was also winning them.
I pointed out mistakes he'd made, and without even thinking about it, I hurt his pride.
My dad started taking it out on my mom.
He lost confidence, and began withdrawing from his academic peers.
The last time I saw him, he said this to me "Do you pity me? Do you look down on me?" "You're my daughter.
How dare you.
" If I make a device that enables a time leap, I think my dad might go insane.
Even more than before So that's why you're hesitant to make it? But don't worry.
I'll end up doing it, regardless.
Just like you said, I love experimenting.
If I see a possibility, I have to investigate it.
Just like my dad used to The time I spent with my dad was like that.
Then we begin Operation Verdandi immediately! There's no time to waste! The Organization stands at our very doorstep! That's your response? Of course I am Hououin Kyouma.
I have a destiny to change the world! I shouldn't have said anything And we'll reconcile you with your dad, too! Where is he? H-He's in Aomori.
We'll need money to go When you work out the time, tell me as soon as you can.
You can't mean to go with me.
Naturally! I need you in peak mental condition, so you can further my ambitions! I, Hououin Kyouma, shall accompany you.
And I shall use my masterful people skills to reunite father and daughter.
What? You're a self-proclaimed mad scientist, right? Since when do mad scientists have people skills? Well, um, you see Why are you laughing? Sometimes you're a good guy, you know? That's the problem.
Now that you understand my greatness, back to work.
Right, right! Just so we're clear, this is now decided.
So I'm dragging you with me, whether you want to go or not! Sounds good to me.
Mayuri-chan? What's with all this stuff? Shouldn't you call that Okarin guy? It's okay I'm almost there.
Look at the label! It says "Makise" right here! It reads "Makise pudding.
" That's just a brand name, like Morinaga pudding or Koiwai pudding.
Don't play stupid! Who's "Makise," anyway? That's my name! "Christina Makise"? If only you'd written "Christina" instead, I wouldn't have accidentally ingested the extra calories.
Don't eat other people's food! And that's my spoon! Don't use it! You use the lab's forks, don't you?! I'm here What's all that? Mayushii's cosplay materials and sleepover set! Sleepover? Yup! I'm going to make some cosplay outfits for Comima.
Are you sure? What about your parents? I told them about it.
You're staying over, too, right? To work on the Phone Microwave? Yeah, I thought I might.
But it's kind of depressing to be here.
There's this Hououin something guy who goes around eating people's pudding.
It's Hououin Kyouma! Learn my name, already! You're the last person I want to hear that from! And don't ignore the part about the pudding! Maybe I should leave? No, I'll stay, but if I do, then Okabe should leave.
What?! The lab is the house of my soul! I could never leave— Why is her condition for staying that I go shopping? Come to think of it, I've been running errands for my assistant since yesterday.
Christina? From: Assistant Subject: I demand compensation and an apology I demand two puddings, as punishment for the one you ate.
And We're taking a late bus to Aomori, due to finances.
"What are you so happy about? Don't forget your role as a lab member.
" I'm not happy, stupid! What? It's nothing! Let's get in, before Okabe gets back.
My assistant again? You know too much.
What? Mayuri Mayuri! Mayuri! I'll never forgive you! Ever! Okarin, Mayushii is very sad and very embarrassed.
Jeez! Not only did you peep on us in the shower, you forgot all the shopping! I can't believe it! Hey, Okabe! Okarin? It's Daru-kun! What's wrong? Why are you here so late? I knew it.
When I accessed it from the outside, I thought there was something weird.
Is something wrong? The lab is connected directly to the heart of SERN.
SERN? You've taken over their system? I guess so.
I win the internet! Or so I'd like to say, but to be honest, I was connected before I even knew it.
SERN's been standing naked, outside my house, this whole time.
Say what now? Wait! If we're connected, without our having done anything, doesn't that imply that they've found us out, and are connecting to us? Hmm But I don't think I've made any errors that would have gotten us caught.
Now we can use the LHC all we want.
It can't be Now we can use the LHC all we want.
Now we can use the LHC all we want.
The LHC? SERN! Okarin? Is something wrong with your phone? No Nothing.