Steins;Gate (2011) s01e13 Episode Script

Metaphysics Necrosis

1 SERN will take the time machine.
SERN? What do you mean? Makise Kurisu.
Okabe Rintarou.
Hashida Itaru.
You three are coming with me.
What about Mayuri? Shiina Mayuri is not needed.
Don't do it.
For FB FB FB Mayuri? Mayuri! Mayuri? What the hell is this?! Get away from her.
Okabe, get away from her! She'll kill you, too! You'll pay for this.
I'll make her pay for this! CRT.
It's on.
Hurry! Okabe! I'll go! But if it fails Do it now! Okabe! Leap! Metaphysics Necrosis Mayuri was still in elementary school when her grandmother died.
She went to the grave every day.
Even six months after her grandmother's death, she was still going.
She always had her grandmother's pocket watch in her hand, and she was always, always looking up at the sky.
Like she was waiting for her grandmother to come and get her.
And then one day, there was a ray of light.
It was the kind called Rembrandt Lighting, or an angel's ladder.
It felt like the light was drawing her up.
Like she was going to disappear Mayuri! Okarin I won't let it take you.
You're my hostage.
You're going to be my hostage.
I'll use you for human experiments.
The words that came out of my mouth were from some show I'd seen as a little kid.
Mayuri and I had watched it together.
Some mad scientist, screaming like an idiot I see.
So Mayushii is your hostage, right? Then, I guess I can't go, huh? What's wrong? Were you napping? What time is it? What time is it?! What? It's almost five.
You're going shopping, right? Shopping I'll order pizza.
Just don't get the tropical special.
I hate that thing.
The time leap worked? Okabe? Where's Mayuri? Where is she?! What's wrong with you, all of a sudden? Mayushii said she was going to Miss Ruka's, to invite her to the party, remember? Are you going shopping? The development conference is canceled.
Canceled? Why? Did something happen? We're done here for today.
Both of you, go home now! What's going on? Just go home! Okay? Do it! What's with him? His phone starts ringing, and then Phone? This is Mayushii.
I can't answer the phone right now! If you'd like to leave a message There's nothing to indicate that the world line changed.
It's different than the D-mail.
I really am back at 5:00 PM.
It's the bullet train! No, the bullet train is white.
After this, Mayuri will return with Suzuha.
Should I go to the police? No, who'd believe me? That I've come from the future? Three hours left I have to do something! Mayuri! Mayuri?! O-Oka No, Kyouma— Where's Mayuri?! Sh-She already left.
Left? When? Th-Thirty minutes ago, I guess.
She said she was going back to the lab.
Didn't she get back? Um, I'm sorry.
It was so nice of you to invite me to the party, but Did she say she was stopping anywhere? Mayuri-chan? No If you see her, tell her to call me right away! O-Okay.
If the world line hasn't changed, then if I don't do anything different, she should do the same things as last time.
Where is she? Nyan-nyan! Feyris can't answer the phone right now.
If you need something Where are you, Mayuri? Mayuri? Too bad.
Assistant I told you, we're done today.
Go home— Be honest.
You time leaped from the future, didn't you? How could you tell? The second you answered the phone, you seemed to change.
From the way you're acting, I can guess that something happened.
But I don't have time to give you the details.
Just run.
Run? Where? Anywhere.
Just get away from the lab.
Got it? Tell me later, okay? Yeah.
Tell Daru, too.
Got it.
Okabe What is it? Don't do anything weird.
I know.
Okabe Rintarou! Hey, where's Ochanomizu— Have you seen Mayuri?! Shiina Mayuri? She just invited me to your party— Where is she? Turn right, up there Hey, which way is Ochanomizu? I have to take Nae shopping Ask at the police box! And once you've taken her, don't come back! What do you mean? I'll tell you later.
Mayuri Mayuri! Okarin! Look! It's the first star! What? Just come with me! What about the party? It's canceled.
I told Kurisu and Daru.
Why? I'll tell you later! But I asked Suzu-san to come, too, and Daru-kun was ordering pizza Just listen to me! Okarin I'm sorry.
Mayushii doesn't understand You always do things I don't understand, but today, I really don't understand you.
Did you really want to do the experiment, after all? Mayuri That's not it.
But just for now, can you listen to me? There's no time.
I'll explain the details later, I promise.
Mayushii just got scared.
Don't apologize.
It's not your fault.
There are so many people here.
It's rush hour.
Huh? But no one's at the platform Once again, the following lines have been shut down, due to a bomb threat.
They said they don't know when the trains will start again.
How stupid of me! Not now Okarin? Mayuri, get to the subway now! Okabe Rintarou, right? What's wrong? You're coming with me.
What are you standing there for? Move! Run! Run! Run, as fast as you can! Who are they? Okarin! Go, quickly! Run, Mayuri! Shiina Mayuri was the one who died.
Okabe-kun I mean, Okabe Rintarou has been captured.
Mayuri! Damn it! I won't let you kill her! Mayuri, I will save you! I'll save you no matter what! Canceled? Why? Did something happen? Yeah.
Actually I got word that Mr.
Braun is planning to return tonight.
Okarin, did you do something again? Yeah, I suppose so.
But what about Mayuri? I'll talk to her.
It's dangerous to be here.
We're done here for today.
Was I too forceful? No It doesn't matter if I was acting weird.
For now, I just need them away from the lab! This is Mayushii.
I can't answer the phone right now! Why is it taking so long? It's going to end up like last time! I need to find Mayuri.
Rukako Hello? Rukako! It's me! Okabe! Oka I'm sorry, Kyouma— Where's Mayuri?! Is Mayuri there? Mayuri-chan? Yes.
She's just heading bac— Stop her! Tell her not to move until I get there! She said she was going back to the lab.
Just do as I say! O-Okay.
Mayuri-chan! It's the bullet train! No, the bullet train is white.
Mayuri! Okarin! Are you okay? I was about to go fix Fubuki-chan's costume, and then go to the lab.
Fubuki-chan? A cosplay friend of yours? Yeah! She said a thread on the costume I made came undone.
I just got a message from her.
So that's it.
Once it's fixed, I'll go right to the lab, so I'll make it to the party.
The party The party was cancel I mean, it was postponed.
Why? We can't use the lab.
It can't be helped.
I see So I wanted you to come with me for a bit.
Right now.
What about Fubuki-chan? I'm sorry, but do it later.
It's an emergency.
Um, did something happen? Yeah, we're going to be away for a while.
On a trip.
Together? Um, well I can put Fubuki-chan off till tomorrow, but this is very sudden.
Where are we going? I'll tell you later.
We don't have much time to catch the train.
But Mayushii isn't ready at all, and Don't worry about it.
Come on, let's go.
Wait, Okarin! Um Huh? G-Goodbye.
Yeah, bye-bye! Isn't Akihabara Station that way? We're taking the subway.
I see.
It's been a really long time since you pulled me along like this.
We're heading back.
Huh? Okay.
Let's go.
From: Assistant Subject: Did something happen? Tell me later, okay? Kurisu, huh? My watch isn't working That's strange.
I just wound it.
There are so many people here.
The Sobu line shut down.
Shut down? Yeah.
A bomb threat was called in.
I see Hey, Okarin.
Um, well Mayushii has a lot of places she wants to go, but it's okay for now.
In exchange, when this is over, I want you to tell me everything.
I promise.
I'm sorry I'm sorry I can't help you.
Let's have that party sometime.
Yeah Sometime.
Sometime For sure.
Mayuri-oneechan! It wasn't I didn't mean to I just wanted to surprise her I won't let you kill her! I will save Mayuri!