Steins;Gate (2011) s01e14 Episode Script

Physically Necrosis

1 After that, I time leaped, over and over, to save Mayuri.
But No matter what I did, Mayuri died.
Even if Moeka and SERN never attacked, it was like fate itself kept murdering her Like the entire world was conspiring to kill her.
The cars aren't moving! The train's stopped.
Hurry! Take a back road or something! That's not really an option, sir.
Huh? Mayushii's watch isn't working That's strange.
I just wound it.
Again I just wound it.
Again! Mayuri! Shiina Mayuri was the one who died.
Okabe-kun I mean, Okabe Rintarou has been captured.
No matter what I did, no matter what I try, she dies.
It's like fate I see.
So this is No, there's nothing like that! The Organization Steins Gate And fate! There's no such thing! Physically Necrosis What do you mean? Explain! I just got to the individual character route.
At least let me save— I'll do it.
Just get out of Akihabara.
Got it? Okabe It's after Mayuri's left.
It's just the same.
No matter how many times I try to save her, in the end From: Assistant Subject: Did something happen? Tell me later, okay? Even the message is the same.
From: Assistant Subject: Did something happen? Tell me later, okay? From: Assistant Subject: Did something happen? Tell me later, okay? The message.
From: Assistant Subject: Did something happen? Tell me later, okay? "Shining Finger.
" "I have new information regarding the time machine.
" "I'd like to talk to you alone.
" Don't move.
Put your hands up.
Who are you people?! Part-time job.
Arc rewrite.
I know you're planning to attack the lab and kidnap us! How? Because I've come from the future! Do you understand? Now answer me! My phone No! Answer me now Are you with SERN? Rounder.
Rounder? Our mission is to recover the IBN 5100.
You're the one who stole it! I don't know anything.
Don't try tricking me! You sent that D-mail I get it.
The world line changed, so she has no memory of sending that message.
Why do you plan to attack the lab? The IBN 5100 isn't there anymore.
Too late.
Answer me! Three reasons.
You've learned something you can't be allowed to know.
You made a time machine.
You wanted to publicly announce it.
You knew all that Does SERN know? My orders come from FB.
FB? Is that an organization within SERN? FB is everything to me Where am I? Don't move.
Are you John Titor? You're the only person it could be No! Where am I? The bomb threat has halted all the trains.
According to plan.
Capture Makise Kurisu and Hashida Itaru.
No one else is needed.
Wait! W-Wait! Please don't kill Mayuri! I'm sorry! I was wrong! I never wanted to expose SERN! I'll give you the time leap machine I'll never tell anyone what I learned! Begin the mission.
Please! I'll do anything! Please It was just simple curiosity It was a game! So Just spare Mayuri It's too late.
Mayuri Mayuri! Shut up! Mayuri! Mayuri What's wrong? Were you napping? This again I can't take this anymore! Okabe! What's wrong? You don't need to destroy it.
We decided we aren't doing the time leap.
What's wrong with you, all of a sudden? You're going shopping, for the party, right? The party Wait, Okabe! It's the bullet train! No, the bullet train is white.
Oka Kyouma-san Where's Mayuri? Mayuri-chan already left.
I know.
I know she came to invite you to the party And that she's going to meet her friend who cosplays I know she's looking forward to the party.
All of it! I'm sorry.
But I But I What are you doing over there? Kurisu That's the first time you've ever called me by the right name.
What happened? No, what's going to happen? You time leaped, didn't you? It's all All my fault.
It's all my fault.
I never should have told Daru to hack into SERN.
I never should have said to make the time machine.
I never should have invited Moeka to be a lab member! It's my fault And Mayuri You're pushing yourself too hard, idiot.
We don't know that the time leap machine is completely safe.
It's possible you could completely erase yourself from existence.
On a fundamental level, humans are temporal creatures.
Heidegger I was just about to say that.
I learned that phrase from you.
That's kind of creepy.
It's like you're peeking inside my head.
But I guess that's what a time leap is.
What should I do? When will the lab be attacked? After 7:30.
I can think of several possible causes for Mayuri's death.
But we don't have time to talk.
Let's go.
Mayuri's a dear friend.
I want to save her, too! I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.
I want to help you.
I do Hey, mad scientist! You're going to change the world, right? Of course! Right? I set the time to five or so hours ago, to just when the time leap machine was created.
If you go to before it's completed, it's possible I won't finish it.
You go back in time, and once the time leap machine is done, send everyone away and tell me what we just discussed.
If you say you've come from the future, I'll probably believe it.
How can you know? I know myself better than anyone.
I'm the one who made the time leap machine, to begin with.
You mean you're confident about your work? I guess so.
When I saw you back there, I was certain.
That you'd time leaped, I mean.
Just in case, let's decide on a keyword.
Right now, what I want most is my own personal fork.
You want one? A fork? Yeah, I already have a personal spoon.
Don't be nosy about that! Here we go! Okay.
Five hours ago, I won't remember that you called me Kurisu Do you think you could hold this? Like this? That's right.
Keep it spread out like that! That ribbon's cute.
Right? Want to try it on? I still have some cosplay outfits for Comima.
Cosplay, huh? Interested? N-No way! I couldn't wear this around others I see Five hours ago, Mayuri hasn't left.
As I recall, her cosplay outfit's finished right as the time leap machine's done.
It's done! I win! We were racing.
I lose.
But we're almost done, too.
Now we're done.
This is We won't do the experiment! Darn Was that too sudden? What do you mean? Y-You're all tired.
We'll talk later.
We're done for today.
I'll take a plate.
One plate.
What are you doing here? I'd just ordered when I got your message.
I didn't think you were a regular here.
I-I'm not a regular! Mayuri told me about this place.
So what did you want to talk about? You told us all to leave, and then you suddenly message me.
You see I've come from five hours in the future.
What? That's the stupidest line I've ever heard.
H-Hey! That isn't what you said! You said you'd probably believe me! What are you talking about? Probably? Believe you? I wouldn't say anything that illogical.
You did say it! "I'm the one who made the time leap machine, to begin with.
" You looked really proud, too! Are you a moron? Whatever I really want to smack her Right now, what you want most is your own personal fork.
Well? I really told you that? The five-hours-from-now me? You said you already had your own spoon.
Screw you, future me You believe me now, right? Yeah So the machine works just as I predicted.
It's perfect.
Here's your plate.
I see.
If all that's true, it's really bad.
Rather than help Mayuri escape, have you tried stopping Moeka-san A Rounder, you called her? Stopping her group and her? I did.
But I couldn't stop Mayuri's death.
I see.
For something to occur, it must have a cause.
—— Effect Cause Death For something to occur, it must have a cause.
Death Normally, death would be preceded by some proximate phenomenon, like an accident or an illness.
But we can't determine the cause for sure.
The Rounders are the proximate cause of Mayuri's death, but the real cause is likely different.
So even if the Rounders never appear, Mayuri still dies.
Then, what's the cause? —— Effect Cause Death I don't know.
It's possible that the cause of Mayuri's death is Mayuri's own birth.
You mean her life span's run out? That's fatalism! Indeed.
So I won't suggest it.
The cause should be something that initiated this series of events.
Initiated Is it possible that if this isn't completed, Mayuri would Wait.
It's dangerous to jump to conclusions! But Makise Kurisu is right.
You're Do you know something? You're more or less correct.
Fixing everything won't be as easy as not completing the time leap machine.
To save the world, you need to reach world line beta.
You must cross the 1% divergence barrier.
The divergence number indicates this world line's location.
And the only clue we have as to what it is, is this divergence meter.
Whoever made it has good taste.
Of course they do.
You're the one who made it.
I did? You have the power to retain your memories, when moving world lines.
In the future, you made this meter to numerically display the difference between this world line and the previous one you inhabited.
337187 That's this world line.
A world line is like a woven braid or this rope.
This rope looks like it's a single line, but actually, many thin threads comprise it.
The threads are the world lines.
Each never touches the others, but they all go to the same place.
In other words, they all tend toward a world in which Mayuri dies But if the world line drastically changes, from our alpha world line to the beta world line, over the 1% barrier, another outcome would occur.
You guys use that one.
I can't climb up, just using that.
Oh, fine Just wait here.
Who is Amane-san, anyway? She's definitely a professional.
Of some kind.
Let's go.
The alpha and beta world lines are world lines with completely different results.
Normally, it's impossible to move between them.
Even if you change the past, using the time leap and the D-mail, you couldn't do it.
But in several years, major events occur, and the choices made then split the world into multiple world lines.
Recently, it would be 1991, when the Gulf War occurred.
And 2000, with the Y2K problem.
And 2010, when the time machine was created.
This is When the split occurs, it's possible to move from the alpha world line to the beta.
How is it done? How— Wait! Before that, tell us who are you.
This is A time machine.
I'm from the year 2036.
Suzuha I am the time traveler John Titor.