Stella (2012) s04e01 Episode Script

Series 4, Episode 1

Tess! Morning! Hiya! Have a lovely day! And you.
First floor flat, two bedroom.
Separate bathroom and toilet.
No garden but there's a balconette.
What's a balconette? It's a shite balcony.
Hey! The rest of it looks nice, though.
Yeah, but they want a two-month deposit! Oh, bollocks.
Hey We'll have to be patient, that's all.
Save up a bit.
Where to are the bowls? Ask Michael.
He's been de-cluttering.
Where's breakfast? I literally have no idea.
Luke, will you take us driving later? Not today, bud, I got work.
Well, you know what you want to do, Ben? Go on one of them courses where you pass your test in a week? No.
Go up Pontyberry College and register for sixth form.
Nuh-nuh-nuh! To be continued.
All right, Rain Man? I thought you'd already gone.
I'm trying to, but first I want my breakfast.
Which, by the way, is the most important meal of the day.
Is that your medical opinion? But I can't have my breakfast because someone has moved the spoons.
Just trying to bring some order to your chaos.
My chaos?! How is your office? Yeah, it's OK.
I don't like to moan, unlike some people.
Hey, play nicely.
It's my first day.
Of your second year.
Well, I'm still allowed to be nervous.
Come on, what's the worst that can happen? You accidentally kill a patient, there's a trial, it's all over the papers and people start yelling "Murderer" at you in the street.
The spoons, Michael! Kitchen cupboard, bottom left.
Thank you.
Stell? You're smart, you're hardworking and you're great with people.
You'll be fine.
But if you do get sacked, make sure you keep the uniform.
There she is, getting into her car, as bold as a builder.
Morning, Auntie Brenda.
Oh, there'll be no "Morning, Auntie Brendas".
Not till you've explained the meaning of that.
Michael has found a buyer for his house.
I can read good, girl, I want details.
Oh, I'm late as it is, I got no time for that.
He got an offer last week.
It was less than what he wanted but the buyer said he could move quick so Michael have accepted and they're exchanging and completing on Friday.
Happy now? Not remotely.
I haven't met them yet.
Well, neither have I.
Does it matter? They could be anyone! Swingers.
Nazi war criminals.
What would that do to house prices? I got to go, I'll see you later.
Well, I'm willing to overlook your slap-dash approach to the property market if you'll do me a favour and put these up round the hospital.
"Room to let.
Non-smoker, "no vegans or fancy types.
" You getting a lodger? When times are hard, you've got to diversify.
Deborah Meaden taught me that.
Le Cafe De Les Alans.
It's Definitely distinctive.
No-one's ever called a cafe that.
I looked it up on Google.
This is a new start, love.
Another chapter in the book called "Things Done By Alan "And Little Alan.
" That's not a real book, mind, just being poetic.
Hey, big day for you, too.
Wish me luck.
Hey, Stell, you coming tomorrow night? Big opening? I wouldn't miss it for the world, presh.
I've dry cleaned my posh frock.
Ready, Nurse Brackstone? Ready as I'll ever be.
See you later.
Ta-ra! All right, innit, Dad? Yes, Chef.
Do you know what they say, Little Al? As one door closes another one opens.
Do you want me to open it again? Nah, the moment's gone.
See this? This is what you know about nursing.
You might think you know this But you don't.
You know this.
Now This year's going to be tough.
You're going to be on your own a lot more without me there to hold your hands and wipe your bums.
Some of you will not cope.
Others, we'll have to wait and see.
Celia, is it? Yes.
Celia's returning back into nursing after, how long is it now? Oh, I did a few years Speak up.
I did a few years of Speak up! I did a few years of training but I had to stop in 2009.
Going to help me whip this lot into shape, are you? I'm sure you don't need any help.
'Course I don't need no help! Nursing's moved on so much since then, you probably know less than they do! That said welcome back.
Right, follow me.
These are your placements for the next term so listen up, cos I will say this only once.
You three, A & E.
Grace Edmonds and Ranjit Singh, Orthopaedic Ward.
Rory Williams and Helena Evans, Obs and Gynae.
Jenny Amir and James Grayson, Geriatrics.
And remember, just cos they're old, don't mean they're nice.
Er What about us? General ward.
With me.
Right, before we start, I just want to say this is very much a temporary situation.
I'll be able to move into a proper office when my house is sold.
To the swingers? What? Auntie Brenda said you're selling your place to a pair of swingers.
No, Marge, it was doggers.
Doggers, sorry.
Firstly, they're neither.
Secondly, if I can just finish off what I was saying 'Anyone home?' I know the room seems a bit poky but I have solicitor and I can assure you that you will still get a top quality legal service.
So, how can I help? We'd like to make our last will and testament.
'Ben!' Sorry about this.
'What? Sophie's sleeping, turn it down!' All right, so, who would be the main beneficiary of your She'll stop in a second.
Who would be the main beneficiary of your will? Our little boy.
Right, you've got Mrs Kidney Failure.
And you've got Mr Diabetes and Anaemia.
Now, get to it.
Morris! Brackstone! See him, by there? That is God Almighty.
Mr Honey.
He rules this ward with a rod of iron, held with a fist of surgical steel.
You never, ever address him directly.
You speak to me and me alone.
Then I'll speak to him on your behalf.
Caplum? Er, Mr Chesney? Is that how you say it? Shenz-nay.
I need to take a blood sample, presh.
Hold your arm out nice and straight for me.
I, I I'm not I don't want to Don't worry, I'll be quick.
And who do we have here? Stella Morris.
The patient? Apologies, Mr Honey.
This is, erm .
Mr Jersey.
Presented with symptoms of fainting and nausea.
So, you're doing an FBC and blood glucose, yes? Yes, that is correct.
Have you got a squint or something? No, I was just addressing Sister.
Well, go on, then, hurry up.
I'm not Don't It won't hurt, I promise.
I'm not a patient.
I visit my brother! Hi.
So, the grand opening is tomorrow night at 7.
Tomorrow Night Seven Thir Tee.
Now, the food is free but the bar is paid so Food Free Bar Is P A I Do you have to write everything down? Oh, I'm a stickler for detail, Al.
Karl says I'm like Sherlock Holmes, but without the hat.
Plus, I'm the sole breadwinner now he's back from Abu Dhabi.
I want to dazzle you! I got loads of ideas too.
Like balloons.
When we opened Tantastic Bodies we had hundreds of them in every colour.
Blue, red, green, orange Look at this blender, Dad! Titanium coated.
Top of the range.
Only £600.
mauve, which is a bit like purple, I admit, but it's still stunning.
Who's that? The burglar alarm bloke.
Security is paramount.
I learnt that on my course.
Come off it, man, this is Pontyberry.
Who's going to break in? If you rob anyone in Abu Dhabi, Karl said they'd take no prisoners.
Cut your hand off.
Or maybe it's your foot.
Coming through! Either way, they don't reoffend.
How much did you spend? Really? Two grand?! Sorry, this is all going to have to go back.
Pick that up! That means you as well, bud.
You, down.
Down! Out! Out! Dad, I need these things! You should go to the covered market in Neath.
They've got everything there, dirt cheap.
I am not kitting out my kitchen from no poxy covered market in Neath! Gordon Ramsay doesn't go to Neath! He's a chef.
Temperamental, like.
Whereabouts in Neath? Dai Davies, it's 9.
Where are you? Shaming, it is.
What is? Here I am, taking in lodgers to make ends meet and Dai Davies can't be bothered to turn up to work.
Or to clean up after himself.
Who does he think he is, Bono? Have you seen him today? Bono? You are not so old I can't put you across my knee, Luke Morgan.
Dai Davies, of course.
The work-shy little squirrel.
No, I haven't seen him.
All right, Nurse Dracula? Oh, God, that's not what people are calling me, is it? No, just me.
I can't be the first person to take blood from the wrong patient.
You must've heard of someone doing it before.
If you like.
See you at this, will I, ladies? Self Defence and Tae Kwon Do? Nurses have always had to be handy with their fists.
Florence Nightingale boxed for Oxford.
Is it part of the course? Earth calling 2009! No.
It's not officially part of the course.
If you don't want to come, that's up to you, but up here I make a note of everyone who turns up.
And everyone who can't be bothered.
All I'm saying is if we did a rota then you and Luke and Mam could take it in turns to take me driving.
Can we talk about this later? I'll never pass at this rate! Ben, I've got clients to see.
Course you're bastard hungry, you dropped your cockin' Monster Munch, didn't you? Bloody kids, eh? Can you fit me in? I want to talk about my niece, see.
She's been shafted by her boss.
Michael, quick question.
Is it illegal to pretend to be a dentist? Why would you ask that? No reason, but if it is, I might be in a whole world of shite.
Right, do either of you have an appointment? Look, one at a time, please.
Can you just QUIET! Thank you.
I am trying to run a professional business here.
I've brung his documents round.
Birth certificate, injection details, hobbies, the lot.
Resorting to physical force should only ever be resorted to as a last resort.
If you carry yourself in the right way, then an act of aggression like this will be completely unnecessary.
The best way to avoid physical violence is to be aware of your surroundings and be prepared to react in a heartbeat.
Take Mrs Wong, by here.
She do have the reaction speed of a Mandarin cat so she's always ready for anything that life do throw at her.
Whoa! Whoa! All right, calm down now, love.
Panic over, I got everything we need and at half the price.
Where from? Is that really important? And does it matter where or when or how? You've been to Neath, haven't you? I have.
But don't worry, this is all quality stuff.
I got you this whisk thingy that's left-handed! I'm right-handed.
I got you pots and pans and your scales and Hey, look I got this gizmo for me.
Dad, you don't smoke.
I know but, you know, it goes with the French thing, doesn't it? I'm not going to puff on it, I'm just going to hold it.
Sophisticated, like, eh? All right, love? Just checking you and Little Alan haven't killed each other yet.
No! We're getting on great guns.
We're the A-Team, aren't we, son? So, how's you, Nurse Brackie? Fine, I think Just survived an encounter with Bruce Lee.
You what? 'Oh, nothing, I'll tell you later.
'Just as long as you're OK?' Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Couldn't be better.
Dad? Got to go, Gordon Ramsay needs me.
Where's the herbs? Right here, man.
I got you sage and sorrel Whatever that is.
I've loads of pepper and look Big bag of salt.
I tell you, it's like Aladdin's cave in that market.
I've even got us a burglar alarm, eh? That's a blender, there.
What are these symbols on the side? Ah, now.
That's Chinese, that is.
They make everything these days.
But don't worry, I've gone through the manual.
Now, this squiggly line that looks like a hat stand, that's your "On" button.
And the one that looks like an angry waiter, that's your "Off".
Which is which? Angry waiter.
Hat stand.
Don't worry, I'll get it working now.
Go on, then, test us.
What's this? The theory questions for the driving test.
Jenson Button over here thinks she knows more than I do.
I don't think, I know.
Put that away, Luke, I'm serving up.
Ben, will you give Michael a shout? Michael! That's not quite what I meant.
Five messages I've left for that Dai Davies and he's still not replied.
Disappeared off the face of the earth, he have.
Like Shergar in a Pringle sweater.
This is nice, isn't it? Proper family dinner, like the old days.
Ben, we're eating.
Mam, can I have dinner in my bedroom with my laptop? No! Hey, don't leave him alone with the internet, he'd go blind.
Wouldn't be able to read the number plates then.
Oh, Mam, tell 'em! Aww, are we ganging up on little Benny boy? Get off! I wouldn't let you anywhere near my car anyway.
I'm a way better driver than you.
There's some veg there.
Dinner's on the table.
Oh, I'm sorry, I'll be down now in a minute.
Do you want me to bring you a plate up? Would you mind? God, I love you.
Oh This bloody room.
Not long now.
As soon as you sell next door you can get a big flash office and a sexy secretary.
I don't know how flash an office I can get.
I won't make much on the house.
And you know what they say, small acorns grow from .
fields of oak, or something.
You're so wise.
Look, I know it's not ideal at the moment, presh, all of us under one roof, but I quite like it.
It's like when the kids were little.
It's cosy.
Well, that's, er, one word for it.
I'm fine.
Anyway, I'd better get back to it.
'Dai Davies, it's me again.
' You sure about this? Course I am.
You need more room in there, right? For your files and your legal whatnots.
And he definitely knows what he's doing? Almost certainly.
Right, I got to run.
I'll get changed at the hospital and I'll meet you at the party.
Alan's cafe, the big opening.
Try and have a little shave before tonight.
Everything all right in there? Your walls are like Caerphilly.
The cheese, not the town.
I'm going to need a bigger drill.
Can I use the room in the meantime? I really need to get on.
You remind me of myself, Mike.
A man of action.
You know, I was once lost in the jungles of Cambodia Is this going to be a long story? Medium-to-long.
Any chance it could wait? Message received and understood.
Oh, great! Fine, come on.
Yes! Which one of these do you prefer, the swan or the chevron? Impossible to choose, they're both stunning.
Aren't they, Al? Hang on.
I'll ask Little Al.
Little Alan? Little Alan? Little Alan! Little Alan! Little Alan! Alan! Alan! Let me down.
Little Alan! Go and see Nadine, will you? She's doing my head in.
So, it's working then, is it? All this stuff.
Actually, it's pretty good.
Thanks, Dad.
I'm sorry.
Little Alan! What do you think? Swan or chevron? Unhealthy or .
really unhealthy? Oh, sod it.
Well, come on! Aren't you a bit too old to be stealing sweets? Ha! It's got stuck, it has.
If I can just reach up there.
Oh flippin' 'eck, I got cramp! Argh! Relax your arm.
I said, relax.
Oh, God.
Now PULL! Arrgghhh, you bastard! Sorry, not you, Mr Honey.
The machine.
I would never call you a bastard despite what some people Not that anyone called you a bastard.
Well, not to your face, anyway.
Oh, now I've upset you.
No I'm being paged.
You probably think I'm a total doughnut! Cheers, Michael.
You're a star.
Keep your eyes on the road, OK? Should I, er go across the roundabout? Er round it preferably.
But, yes keep going, as far as you like.
Nice one! On your break? Yeah, though I spent most of it on my knees in front of Mr Honey.
Ooh Going for a promotion? No! The bloody vending machine had broken again.
I'm starving.
Well, at least you'll be hungry tonight.
How they all getting on up there? I'm not sure.
You know what Alan's like when he's under pressure, it's best just to leave him to it.
Yeah, Michael's the same.
He's one big ball of stress at the moment.
Finding it a bit cosy, us all living together.
It's not for long, is it? Hmm.
Thing is, I don't have a problem with it.
Won't be long before they all move out and the house'll be full of empty rooms.
Oh, God, am I being depressing? Very.
Come on, I know what you need.
It's all a question of .
Ha! You're a genius.
I know.
Where did you learn to do that, then? Misspent youth.
Not much else to do in Cockermouth.
What else do you fancy? Oh, I dunno.
It's stealing, isn't it? Yeah, it is.
Bag of Revels? Right.
So, when everyone's here, we'll turn the house lights down and then I'll do that thing with the glass to get their attention.
I'll clean that up in a minute.
Then I'll say, "Hello, good evening and welcome to" Just a little joke to warm 'em up.
Then I'll do my speech Dad, I've got food to cook! When Karl do make speeches he always do make them rhyme.
No matter what the occasion.
At my nana's funeral, he even found a rhyme for chronic cystitis.
Gifted, he is.
OH, MY GOD! No, no, no! This is not happening Whoa! Stella Morris, you were required back on duty 93 seconds ago.
Sorry, I got a bit, erm caught up.
I won't have you taking advantage of my good nature just because we'll be living on the same street.
Sorry, I'm not following you.
Your Auntie Brenda needs a lodger.
I'm moving in with her.
I'm going to have to be twice as hard on you from now on, just to show I'm not biased.
It's only fair to the others.
EY-EY! I ain't being poked around no more, right? If you could lie back down.
I ain't lying, I ain't sitting, I'm nothing else doing.
I'm going home.
What have we 'ere? He won't stay in bed.
Sir, I must ask you to return to your bed, calmly, quietly and immediately.
Piss off! Very well.
But I must warn you that I am trained in seven different including Bok Fu, Kung Fu and I'm not reacting.
Let go of her, right now! Make me! I'm keeping calm.
Dewi Phillips, what the bloody hell do you think you're doing? Who's asking, eh? Stella Morris, that's who.
All right, Mrs M? Never mind that, good boy.
I think you want to be apologising.
And what are we going to do now? Thanks.
Is he a friend of yours? No.
I used to babysit him.
Soft as butter, really.
You ain't going to tell my mam, are you? Well, that depends on you, doesn't it? Thank you.
Er Nurse Morris.
Stella's my first name, obviously.
Because Morris That would make me a bloke.
Wouldn't it? When can we do an emergency stop? In a minute.
All I've been doing is driving up and down! Would you mind holding a second? Will you go easy on the gears? I am! Sorry, my assistant Assistant? .
is having a few issues with the, er photocopier.
But I can assure you that I will be just as What the hell are you doing?! Have you seen this man? Maybe you was cooking with the wrong temperature? No, it's the ingredients, got to be.
This is quality stuff.
I mean, look at the what-yer-call, the sorrel! And this salt! 50% off.
Bargain! Bath salts?! I've been cooking with bath salts? Maybe we could say it was deliberate.
Fancy food like, thingy Heston Bloomingdale.
HE DOESN'T COOK WITH BATH SALTS! He did goat's nostrils once.
Just as disgusting, if you ask me.
I'll just have to start again and buy new ingredients.
We can't, son.
We're totally broke.
What?! Look at all this stuff I bought! You think the bloke in the market give it me for nothing? Well, you're going to have to get food from somewhere! Wait I may have a brilliant idea.
No, it's gone.
I know what we can do.
We've had a nightmare at the cafe We're supposed to open in, like, five minutes And there's been a problem with blue bubbles Don't ask.
and the thing is we really need some food.
Edible glitter? Tinned figs.
From a proper genuine Arab I knew in Dhabi.
I washed the grit off.
Carrots and straw.
Two of your five a day.
I'm never going driving with you again.
You got that right! Why did you have to shout like that? There was a lorry! Shhhh.
Bloody thing! Yanto! Not long now, but.
Just a few more holes.
Hello? HELLO? Sorry, sorry.
I can't hear.
What? Well, why? Oh, that's brilliant.
That's just brilliant! Yeah, of course I'm being sarcastic! What do you expect? Look, I'll call you back later.
What's happened? That was the estate agent, the buyers have pulled out.
Their survey found dry rot in the walls and it's going to cost a fortune to fix, which means I can't sell the house until we do, but I can't afford to get it fixed because I don't have any money, which is why I was selling the house in the first place! Yes, I'm aware I'm ranting, Zoe, and I'm sorry! YANTO! Aaargh! Told you them walls was shite.
I 'eard they got fresh garlic bread.
Ooh and a free bar.
I'm starving! Now remember, the food's free, but they pay for the drink, all right? You do know it says "Free Food and Drink" on the poster? No, it says, "Free Food.
" Full stop.
"And drink.
" It's very clear.
So, where to's the food, then? It's coming, it's coming.
Excuse me, on its way.
Alan! Alan, you're going to have to calm down or you'll start scratching.
You know what you're like.
What the hell's he doing in there?! You can't rush a genius.
We can't keep them waiting much longer.
You haven't seen Pontyberry folk when they're hungry.
It can get very ugly.
You pacing up and down isn't going to make it go any quicker.
Take this water to table ten.
OK? All right.
How's he doing? Not good.
Have he started the scratching? Not yet, but he's going that way.
We are late, mind.
Talking of which, where to's Michael? He should be here by now.
Yanto, is Michael at home? Only he's not picking up the phone.
My lips are sealed with wax like a mini Babybel.
I've left message after message telling him to call me, but still not a peep! It've been two days now! The cheeky, cocking bastard.
I mean, how much longer do I have to wait?! I'm doing my best, all right?! I'm sorry, Little Al, but they're foaming at the mouth out here.
I heard one woman mention a stampede! Hold on.
Ready? I don't know.
I just don't know.
Braised rabbit casserole in a rich fig gravy, caramelised carrot puree and .
straw garnish.
Wow! Yee-ha! Yee-ha! Yee-ha! Ladies and Gents Er sorry for the delay.
As you know, we've had a little bit of trouble today, but, um Sorry, can I just have a bit of hush, please? Thank you.
Thank you.
Stell, the lights.
Ooooh Stell? I think the fuse have gone.
Hang on.
YEAH! There we go.
Right, well First of all, I just want to say a big thank you for coming.
It's lovely to see so many faces 'ere.
And erm I'm just really bloody proud, to be honest with you.
Oh, bless him.
But before you tuck into the food courtesy of Le Cafe De Les Alans, I'd like to say a few words.
Firstly Oh! Oh, what's that? Sorry about that.
New alarm.
Probably just resetting itself.
Very high-end.
Er, now where was I? Yes, I'd like to say a big thank you to everybody who donated food this evening, we couldn't have done it without you.
And secondly, I'd like to say a thank you to my lovely IT'S THE MOTION SENSORS.
It's very sensitive.
Top of the range.
If you can just stand still, please.
I'm sure it'll go quiet and stop Thank you.
Er, welcome one and all to what I'm sure will be a great evening at Le Cafe De Les Alans.
Eat, drink and be merry.
But, most of all, drink.
That'd really help the profits.
So, er cheers.
Stay where you are.
Stand completely still! Thank you.
Now, please, nobody move while we re-set the alarm.
Stay still.
The nerve of it! Who wants champagne? It's free.
But this is still a paid bar! There's plenty more.
Oh, aye.
Seen something similar in 'Nam.
'Nam? Chippenham.
Did a course on disabling alarms and security systems.
OK Slowly Slowly Come to Daddy.
Yeah, that can happen sometimes.
Auntie Brenda, how's it 'anging? You tell me, good boy.
Not a hide or hair from you for days and then you waltz in like Lord Lucan with new teeth and a crate of champagne.
I can explain As if things aren't bad enough in the current financial climate, what with belt tightening and cutbacks and the internet.
You owe me an apology, Dai Davies, and no mistake.
I'm sorry.
Oh, it's way too late to say sorry! Now, stop your what-yer-call-it, tell me where you've been.
I've been collecting my winnings.
Winnings? What winnings? My premium bonds came in.
I won a million quid! Yes, and so say all of us! Cheers! Thank you.
And can I assure you that winning this money won't change me at all.
Lend us 50 quid, then! No.
The good Lord is looking down on Pontyberry today.
This money is exactly what we've always needed, a major investment of capital.
Yes, this will really change things for me.
New buses, new signs, an advertising campaign, just think we what we can do! I'm planning to do quite a lot, yes.
This is a game changer for us.
For me, yes.
Congratulations, but! Thank you.
Thank you.
Where've you been? It's a secret.
I kind of need to show you rather than tell you.
Why are you so filthy? Seriously, Michael.
What've you been doing? I thought you were going to be here.
Come home with me and I'll explain everything.
Come on, you are going to love this! Just tell me.
Just be patient.
We're here, now.
Nearly there No peeking! Three, two, one.
Oh, my God.
OK, just hear me out.
What have you done? The house fell through today.
Yeah, I can see that.
No, I mean the buyer pulled out.
Turns out we've got dry rot in the walls and it's going to cost a packet to fix.
Michael I know nightmare, right? OR, is it in fact, the best thing that could've happened?! I mean, we've all been on top of each other recently and this is so obvious, it's brilliant.
I thought why not make use of the space we already have? So, you did this on purpose?! Well, you said it was nice that we were all under one roof, so it's your idea, really.
Luke, Zoe and the kids can live at mine.
I can have their room as an office.
Obviously, this hole needs cleaning up, but Yanto's back in the morning and once it's done, it solves everything.
Are you having a nervous breakdown? Plus, we can put the rent from Luke and Zoe towards sorting out the dry rot.
What rent?! I'm not a charity, Stell! And once it's all done and we're back on our feet, then I can look to sell again.
But for now How can you sell this house with a great big bloody hole in the wall?! It's only temporary! Mind out.
Eh, she's taking it better than I thought, but.
You don't think this is a good idea, do you? Well, it's better for Sophie and Jack.
And let's face it, we were getting under each other's feet.
Were we? And I'm going to be paying rent.
I'm not freeloading, I mean it.
You see? How did we do, Dad? Not too bad, Little Al.
Not too bad.
First night's always tricky.
That's what they say.
We might 'ave to be a bit more frugal from now on.
Tighten belts, pull up socks, that sort of thing.
The food was fantastic, Little Al.
Everyone said so.
Did we actually make any money? Yes and no.
Mainly, no.
But we're a great team though, eh? This place is going to take the town by storm.
You really think so? Do you? Definitely.
Me too.
Everything all right? Perfect.
There you go.
Perfect, thanks.
Erm, how's it looking next door? OK, I admit you weren't a complete idiot with the wall.
Oh, you're too kind! And we are all still living under one roof.
She's warming to it.
I know it's going to make it easier for you, so What I'm saying is, I can live with it for a while, like.
Well, thank you.
I won't go on.
You're probably charging me for your time.
By the way, you don't half look sexy covered in dust.
Eh, good boy.
That's sexual harassment, that is.
Maybe you should call a lawyer, then.
I will.
I'm going to call the best lawyer in the west .
of Wales.
I don't want to get no-one in trouble.
I shouldn't have come here.
This sounds very much like sexual harassment Hey, Mr Lawyer! Beyonce? This is your final warning.
We've got so much in common.
Aah! Where've you been? Sorry, must've lost track of time.
I should've called.
Yeah, you should.