Stranger Things (2016) s04e02 Episode Script

Chapter Two: Vecna's Curse

1 Looks like that Munson boy's up to no good again.
Where is she? I just found her there.
I swear, I don't even know her name.
I never seen her 'fore.
Just calm down and stay back.
What you boys doing? Holy mother of God.
Hey! You can't be out here.
Get back inside.
Back inside.
Hey, Frank.
Chief Powell here.
Listen We caught a body over here at the Munsons' trailer.
I don't even know how to describe it.
I've never seen anything like it.
Uh, look I need you down here ASAP to tell me what the hell I'm looking at, or how someone could even do something like this.
Flight 623 just landed from Indianapolis and will be arriving at gate two.
Flight 623 from Indianapolis at gate two.
Ah! Oh, careful, careful, careful.
You're squishing your present.
It's a gift.
I, uh I handpicked those for you in Hawkins.
I know you like yellow, but now I'm realizing it's too much yellow.
I know you also like purple, so I got purple as well.
So I kinda did, like, a 70/30 split kinda thing.
- They're perfect.
Thank you.
- Oh.
Oh! Hey.
How you doing? - Hey, Mike.
- How you doing? Yeah, good, man.
Uh, what's that? Um, it's nothing.
Just this painting I've been working on.
That's a rad shirt, man.
Ocean Pacific? Oh, hey, Mike.
This is, uh, my friend Argyle.
Oh no, no, no.
No, it's a shitty knockoff.
But don't sweat it.
I'll get you the good threads out here.
I heard a lot about your sister.
Um, should we go? Yeah, this is kinda awkward, man.
Yeah, so awkward.
I really thought it was Ocean Pacific.
I have our whole day planned.
First, El Rodeo for burritos.
What, really? Burritos for breakfast? Yes.
Trust me.
Yeah, no, I I trust you.
It's just, you know, a little weird.
Then, after burritos, I want to go to Rink-O-Mania.
Rink-O-Mania, okay.
What's Rink-O-Mania? It's the most fun place in Lenora.
They have skating and games.
Sounds awesome.
Are your friends gonna meet us? Friends? What What friends? You know, Stacy and Angela.
- Angela? - You'll meet them, I promise.
Just not today.
I want today to be about me and you.
- Where to? - 4819 Lonzo Way.
Let's go.
This is life or death.
Snap, snap! Yes, sir.
Then Vicki laughed.
And it wasn't like a cheap, fake laugh either.
It was like It was a real, genuine laugh.
Of course.
It's my Muppet joke.
It's hilarious.
My point is that Vicki laughed and everything was just like - It was perfect.
- But? But I'm having this problem where it's like, I should stop talking.
I have said everything I need to say.
But then I guess I get nervous, and the words keep spilling out, and it's like my my brain is moving faster than my mouth, or or rather my my mouth is moving faster than my brain.
I'm digging this hole for myself, and I want to stop digging, I'm trying to stop, but I can't.
And I'm doing it right now, aren't I? Yeah, you are.
Oh, I'm hopeless.
We both are.
If only we could just, like, combine.
Combine? No, think about it.
I know exactly what I want, and I've found the girl of my dreams, but I can't get the courage to ask her out.
- Mm.
- Meanwhile, you go on a million dates.
- And you have no idea what you want.
- Mm-hmm.
So if we just combined, all our problems would be solved.
Because, I mean, alone, let's face it We totally suck.
Totally and utterly.
Ooh, I think I found our morning movie.
Doctor Zhivago.
Ugh, you know I don't do double VHS.
But it's about doomed love.
- Oh, well, that's relatable.
- Precisely.
Also, Julie Christie is b-b-bonkers hot in this.
Like, seriously, the most beautiful creature I have seen in my life.
We're in the Forest Hills trailer park in east Roane County.
We don't have a lot of details now, but we can confirm that the body of a Hawkins High student was discovered early this morning.
- Police have not released the name - Holy shit.
although we are told they're currently in the process of notifying the family.
You all right in there, Sinclair? I'm good.
First hangover feels like you're gonna split in two, but you'll live.
occurred here is sure to touch a nerve across the community of Hawkins, which is still reeling from last year's devastating mall fire.
Over 30 innocent completely blocked off at Come on.
Just hit it, man.
- Yo, just hit it.
- Yeah.
But whatever has occurred - Piece of shit.
- There you go.
See? is newly appointed police chief Calvin Powell, who served as deputy under Chief Hopper.
What's this? I thought we were watching ThunderCats.
- Hawkins student got murdered.
- What? Yeah, it's on every channel.
As you can see behind me, Chief Powell and the Hawkins Police Department are actively investigating the scene They say who it is? No, not yet.
Hey, maybe Chrissy didn't stand you up after all.
Hey, don't say that.
Relax, it was a joke.
A joke? Come on, someone just died and you're making a joke out of it? It was at the trailer park, so probably some druggy OD'd on heroin or some shit.
Oh, see, that makes it funnier.
What is up your ass this morning? It was a joke.
We also don't yet know if foul play was involved.
But whatever has occurred here is sure to touch a nerve across Hawkins.
Ever since that girl, Barb, died a few years ago, it has been one thing after another.
I'll tell ya, you start to believe all those things they say, that this town is cursed, that the devil lives here in Hawkins.
Nancy! I don't think anyone's gonna care about the basketball game anymore.
Nancy? - Earth to Nancy.
- What? I said I don't think anyone's gonna care about the game.
No, I know.
Would you be up for a field trip? Many of the residents we spoke to voiced similar concerns to us.
Grief, shock, disbelief, anger.
Everyone wants to know the same thing, how can so many tragedies befall a once-peaceful town? All eyes are now on the police for answers.
Is the new chief of police, Powell, in over his head? Or is he the very savior this town needs? We'll be here the rest of the day right here on channel nine, where we'll keep you posted on all the latest developments.
In the meantime, we recommend you keep your doors and windows locked tight.
This is Beverly Moss, signing off for My heart can't take it anymore.
It just can't take it.
Chrissy Cunningham? You're sure it was Chrissy? Yes, in her cheerleader outfit.
Same thing she was in when I saw her with Eddie.
- Did you tell all this to the cops? - No.
No, but I I can't be the only one who saw them together.
They stood out.
Eddie the freak with Chrissy the cheerleader? Exactly.
You know, his name's not in the news yet or anything, but I guarantee you Eddie is suspect one now.
That's crazy.
Eddie didn't do this.
No way.
No way.
- We can't rule it out.
- Yes, we can.
- Dustin! - You don't know him like I do, Max.
Okay? When we got to high school, Lucas made all his sports friends.
Mike and me? I mean, no one was nice to us.
No one except Eddie.
Well, they said the same shit about Ted Bundy.
Yeah, he's a super nice guy, but then he's murdering women on the weekend.
So you're saying Eddie is like Ted Bundy? No, I'm not saying I'm saying that we can't presume anything, okay? But it doesn't look good for Eddie.
Why haven't you told the cops this? I I don't know.
You don't know? After I saw Eddie and Chrissy go in the trailer something else happened.
Okay, all right.
Last one.
Come on.
Nothing that weird or anything.
I mean Eddie always drives like a maniac, and the power goes off at my place all the time.
It's a piece of shit.
But This morning, I started to think back, and I don't know.
The look on his face.
He was scared, Dustin.
Really scared.
Maybe he was scared because, you know, he he just killed someone, or maybe, um maybe be because I don't I don't know, maybe Something else killed her.
But that's impossible.
Right? I don't know.
It should be.
Only one person knows what actually happened.
- Have you talked to anyone else? - No.
I can't find Lucas or Nancy, and Mike's in California.
Shit, shit, shit.
- Where you going? - To see a friend.
- You heard the news.
It's not safe.
- We'll be careful.
Love you.
"Hop is alive.
" "He looks ford to date.
" "Pleeze to make resarvazion, call seven-four-one-five-two," blah, blah.
"Open 12 day P.
" "No government, please.
" "Kind regards, Enzo.
" I like it even less in person.
What do you mean, "Like it less"? I don't trust it.
For starters, who the hell sent this? A friend? - A friend? - Of Hop's? "Hop is alive.
No government"? This looks and reads like a ransom note, and a bad one at that.
- There's no proof of life here.
- Yes, there is.
It's signed "Enzo.
" - So? - So? There's only two people who knew about our date at Enzo's, and that's me and Hop.
So, whoever wrote this, Hop trusted enough to make him sign it Enzo.
He's sending me a message.
You saw him die, Joyce.
I didn't see a body.
Because he evaporated.
Or he survived.
Let's indulge this fantasy for a moment.
He's Houdini.
He's a cat man with nine lives.
Whatever it is, he survives.
What's he doing in Russia? He was captured, that's what.
Then he probably met some new friends.
And by friends, I mean the KGB.
And believe me when I tell you, these people are the worst of the worst.
I am talking torture, Joyce.
And no matter how strong you think Jim is, they will break him.
They will get his whole life story.
And yes, that might very well include a planned date at Enzo's with you, his co-conspirator, making this all an elaborate ruse to capture you as well.
You just made all that up.
It's a theory.
I prefer mine.
So do I.
Doesn't make it right.
Well, either way, this could be real.
Hopper could be alive.
I suppose there's only one way to find out.
What are you doing? We're gonna call that number and you're going to find out who the hell sent you that letter.
But we're doing it my way.
Where do you think you're going? Tell me, who you work with? I told you, no one.
This woman, who is she? Why don't you tell me? She's wearing a Russian uniform.
Get the Elephant.
You want to die for this woman, American? Hey, Will.
We'll be back at 6:00.
Have fun, okay? Okay.
I've got to have my way now, baby ♪ Watch out, here I come ♪ You spin me right 'round ♪ Baby, right 'round ♪ Like a record, baby ♪ Right 'round, 'round, 'round ♪ You spin me right 'round ♪ Baby, right 'round ♪ You ordered fries? - Have fun.
- Thanks.
- Bitchin', right? - Yeah, bitchin'.
Do you come here a lot? - Yeah.
- No.
- Will does not, but I go to parties here.
- No It's a big party place.
Oh, I forgot.
You need socks.
Oh, shit.
- They They sell them at the counter.
- Oh, okay.
How'd you forget about the socks? I mean, since you come here all the time.
I I don't know.
I just forgot.
Why do you keep lying? - What? - Why do you keep lying to Mike? - I'm not lying.
- You're not? You're friends with Angela and Stacy and you come to parties here? - I have been to a party here.
- For Mom's work.
That's not what you implied.
I just I don't think Mike's gonna like that you're lying to him.
And he doesn't deserve that.
When he finds out, he's gonna be mad.
Okay, so, I asked for vomit green and I got vomit green.
Isn't that awesome? I'm so bad at this, I'm like Bambi on ice.
No, you're good.
You got this.
That's what it's all about, right? Oh my God, guys.
Check it out.
Who's that twig with her? I don't know.
But it seems like the snitch has a boyfriend.
Told you spring break's gonna be fun.
Amadeus, Amadeus, Amadeus ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, Amadeus ♪ All right, let me check.
I'm sure it's nothing, all right? Probably the neighbors complained about the noise or some shit.
You all right? Yeah.
I'm good.
All right.
And you were here all night? Yes.
Ask anyone.
Oh, we will, but thank you for the suggestion.
I see a whole lot of beer around.
- You have fun last night? - What, you gonna arrest me for drinking? It is against the law, so we could.
Should we? I'd vote for trespassing, myself.
I don't think Benny's family would be too thrilled to see what you've done to his place.
Yo, people been using this shithole for years, man.
Act like you guys didn't know.
What about your girlfriend? She party here last night? Chrissy? No.
That's odd, what with her being your girlfriend and all.
- Why you asking about Chris? - When's the last time you talked to her? After the game.
Look, this this doesn't have to do with that dead student, does it? What did Chrissy say when you talked to her? Well, sh-she I mean, said she was gonna go home, get changed, something like that.
Did she mention anything about buying drugs for the party? Drugs? No.
No way.
Chrissy doesn't mess with that crap.
- Maybe someone talked her into it.
- No.
She's straight as an arrow.
What about Eddie Munson? Ever seen her talking to him? That freak? No.
No way.
Wait, what What does Eddie have to do with all this? Did that freak hurt her? He hurt Chrissy? Did he hurt Chrissy? Jason.
Hey, man, you all right? Jason, what happened? Where are you going? Is everything good? What did they say? Are they gonna call our parents? Jason! Hey, Steve.
- You see this? - How many phones do you have? - Someone was murdered.
- How many phones do you have? - Two.
Why? - Technically three, if you count Keith's.
Yeah, three works.
What are you doing? - What are you - My pile! No, no, no! My tapes! Dude.
What are you doing, man? - Setting up base of operations here.
- Base of operations? - Get off.
- I need it.
- For what? - Eddie's friends' phone numbers.
Your new best friend you think is cooler because he plays your nerdy game? Yes.
I never said that.
Seriously, you guys, maybe on a Monday you can play around, but it's Saturday.
It's our busiest day.
- Robin, I empathize, but this cannot wait.
- Oh my God.
Calling Eddie's friends is an emergency? - Correct! - Want me to strangle him or you want to? We could take turns.
- Can you fill them in while I do this? - Fill us in on what? What's our game plan? - Game plan? - Yeah.
When you and Jonathan investigated for Hawkins Post, did you split up or ? Well, first of all, you're not Jonathan.
Clearly not.
I'm here, present and accounted for.
I've gone through a lot of managing editors.
Okay? Ooh, somebody's testy.
I'm annoyed he's not here.
Okay? Is that what you wanna hear? And yeah, something's going on with him.
But that's not the mystery we're investigating today.
A student died.
The game plan is for you to let me do the talking, for you to take notes, and for you to follow my lead at all times.
Is that understood? Totally and completely.
Slow down, slow down.
Just act casual.
And follow your lead.
Got it.
- Hi, Officer.
- Can't get through.
Got a crime scene.
Yeah, um, I I was just going to um see Max Mayfield, a friend.
She lives in there.
We're restricting access to residents only.
It's just, um, her mom is working today and we would really like to check in on her.
We're basically her nanny.
Don't I know you? I don't think so.
Actually, I do know you.
You're Fred Benson.
You killed that kid last year.
What? That ugly scar on your face.
It's from that crash.
It It was an accident.
An accident? Is that why you ran all the way home instead of calling us? You're a murderer is what you are.
Everyone here knows it.
A murderer.
A murderer.
A murderer.
Murderer! - You all right there? - What? I said, you all right, kid? You're looking a little peaked.
- I'm fine.
- He's just, um, on edge.
I mean, we all are.
I'll let you check on your friend, but be fast.
Yeah? Of course, Officer.
Thank you.
Okay, what was that? I said act casual.
Yeah, it's just Sorry.
Yes! I don't know.
Part of me expected her to be on that plane.
Or something.
Just like, "Hey, surprise!" "Here I am.
" - But also - Shit! I felt this I felt this intense relief when she wasn't there.
No, that's the Purple Palm Tree Delight working its magic, my man.
Makes your troubles float away like the seed pods of a dandelion flowing in the wind.
No, that's not it.
Hey If I show you something, you wouldn't tell anyone, right? Who would I tell? You're my only friend, Jonathan.
What's that? It's an acceptance letter to Lenora Community.
- That's where I'm going.
- I know.
But you're going to Emerson with Nancy.
No, I'm not.
She just doesn't know it yet.
Hold on, what is going on? Like, I I can't leave my mom and my brother to to to chase a dream that isn't mine.
You're dead, man.
You are so dead.
What was I supposed to do? - Not lie.
- Not lie? - Yeah.
- Not lie? - Yeah! - What, so I just tell her the truth? - Yes.
- No.
Because Because if I told her the truth, then she'd just throw her dreams out the window to come out here and be with me.
And I I just can't take that.
Like, you know? Like, this this huge knot of resentment would build, like like some cancer, until eventually she hates me.
And then, before you know it, we're just like my mom and dad.
- We're divorced, my kids hate me.
- Shit! Yeah, shit! I mean, it's all shit.
The cycle never ends.
Yeah, man.
Your nightmare cycle.
You want it to stop, but what is your approach here? To just slow-motion break up with Nancy? - I guess.
- No, man! I know.
I don't know what to do.
Palm Tree Delight! That's what you do.
- Palm Tree Delight? - Go, go.
Ándale, ándale.
- Really? Okay.
- Ándale.
Arriba, arriba.
Let's go! Backpack in the back of the van.
Go! Got me stressed out.
It's not even my girlfriend.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
- Yup, mine's better.
- No, it isn't.
Milkshakes? Yum.
Where, oh where have you been hiding this handsome thing? Uh, Angela, thi this is Mike, my boyfriend.
Heard a lot about you.
It's really cool to finally meet some of El Jane's friends.
Friends? Yeah.
Super cool.
Come on, friend.
Let's skate, shall we? - I wanted to finish - I'll hold that.
Come on.
Whoo! Why are you so nervous? We're just having fun.
- Oh no.
- What? El, she hasn't been telling you everything.
- What you talking about? - She's lying to you.
- Bullshit.
- No, listen to me.
- She's having problems here.
- Problems.
Okay, what kind of problems? Stay put.
All right, everyone.
This next song is dedicated to Jane, the local snitch.
Wipe out ♪ Freak! Go home! Loser! - She's a little baby! - Baby! Gonna cry to Mommy? Hey! Hey, hey, turn it off.
I can't hear you, dude.
Crybaby! I said turn it off.
If you say so.
Oh! Didn't you see the sign, dummy? "No food or drinks on the rink.
" El! El! El! So sad! El! Stop.
Hey, get out of my way! El! El! Murray, we gotta make this call.
One moment, please.
Okay, you are now calling from Durham, North Carolina.
But if this is KGB, they will still be able to trace us eventually, so keep it brief.
How brief? A minute, max, and Proof of life.
Got it.
One, two This is Enzo.
Hello, Enzo? This is Joyce.
I received your message, - and I would like to make a reservation.
- Yes, good, good.
But for reservation, you need to make deposit.
Uh, what what kind of deposit? Forty thousand dollars.
You have it in Hopper's trust, for the girl, yes? - Uh, yes.
Forty thousand.
- Good.
Bring to Yuri's Fish n' Fly in Nome, Alaska.
Uh, you want me to go to Alaska? Yes.
You give Yuri money, Yuri gets me money, I give him your friend.
Simple trade, understand? Uh uh, first, we we're gonna have to speak to Hopper.
We need to know he's alive.
Hey! I'm afraid not possible.
Why not? Your friend is, uh, stuck.
But you give me money, I make him unstuck.
You must trust me.
How do I trust you? I don't know who you are.
Forty thousand.
Yuri's Fish n' Fly.
Two days.
Do not call again.
Well, that wasn't the KGB.
But it wasn't a friend either.
So we're both wrong.
Who the hell was that? Still alive.
But he is barely breathing.
More of this, he will die.
You are strong, American.
Perhaps the Motherland could use that strength.
Send him to Kamchatka! I never knew you to be generous.
You clearly do not know Kamchatka, Doctor.
This man does not deserve the peace of death.
So I have sent him to Hell.
Present arms.
Lieutenant Colonel, welcome to Indiana.
Eddie Munson.
He's a part of that freak devil cult, Hellfire.
The cops, they say Chrissy went to him to buy drugs.
Drugs? No.
That's what I said.
Chrissy would never touch that shit.
They wouldn't even show her parents her face.
I don't know what this freak did to Chrissy, but he did something sick.
Probably sacrificed her, drained her blood for the devil.
- Satanists do that.
- That's what I'm saying.
It's this cult.
Hellfire isn't a cult.
It's It's just a D&D club.
D D&D? Dungeons & Dragons? It's like a It's like a game.
It It's fantasy.
And how exactly is it you know all of that, Sinclair? Uh well, it's my sister.
Yeah, she's like She's like, a total nerd.
- You know? - Yeah.
Nerds? Like, she plays a lot sometimes I'm sure your sister isn't killing people, right? But I've read the wrong person plays this game, it can warp their mind.
They confuse fantasy and reality, and innocent people die.
Been happening all over the country.
It's an epidemic.
I've read about that shit.
It's real.
And I think Eddie He's the wrong type of person, right? You know, he got lost.
He thought Chrissy was just a part of his his sick game.
And chances are, he's still in the game.
Meaning He's gonna kill again.
But not if we can help it.
Would Chrissy want us to just stand by while the cops go around pursuing some bullshit leads, spreading rumors saying she's some druggy? - No! - No, she'd want us to go out there.
- To do something about it, wouldn't she? - Yeah! - Then let's hunt some freak! - Yeah! - For Chrissy! - Yeah! - Let's go! - Yeah! I can't seem to face up to the facts ♪ I'm tense and nervous ♪ And I can't relax ♪ Let's go! I can't sleep 'cause my bed's on fire ♪ Don't touch me, I'm a real live wire ♪ Have you seen or heard from Eddie recently? Eddie Munson.
- When's the last time you talked to him? - Seen him? - Okay.
Sorry to bother you.
- Know anyone who'd know where he is? I really don't think he's at the arcade.
Yep, I'm pretty sure.
Reefer Rick? No.
Does this Reefer Rick have a last name? I mean, it's kind of All right, Doctor Zhivago.
It's a double VHS.
It's long.
But that's because it's filled with action and romance, and a little bit of suspense.
So, my boyfriend won't, like, totally puke when I bring it home? Oh, you your boyfriend? Uh, no.
He's gonna He's gonna love it.
- See ya.
- Yeah, see ya later.
Hey, guys, I might have a lead.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
Apparently, Eddie gets drugs from some guy named Reefer Rick, and sometimes Eddie crashes there.
Sounds promising.
Where does Reefer Rick live? See, that's the thing.
No one knows.
He's more of a a legend than someone that people actually know.
- Last name? - I don't know that either.
Bet the cops know the last name.
- What? - Cops.
I mean, listen, if this Reefer Rick is actually a drug dealer, I guarantee you he's been busted at some point.
- Means he's in the system.
- The cops? Really, Steve? That's your suggestion? I think they should be filled in on what we know, what's going on.
- You think Eddie's guilty, don't you? - Whoa.
I believe in innocent until proven guilty, all that constitutional shit.
I just, you know, don't think we can rule it out.
That's precisely what we're trying to do here, Steve.
And maybe we'd have a little bit more luck if you spent less time trying to find a girlfriend and more time trying to find Eddie.
- Somebody has to attend to the customers.
- Especially if they're babes, right? Hey, not fair.
Okay? I attend to all customers equally, babes and non-babes alike.
We've got a very big selection in here.
It can be super overwhelming for people.
Yeah, it can be.
- What are you doing? - Maybe we don't need a last name.
- Twelve Ricks have accounts here.
- Lot of Ricks.
So, let's narrow it down.
Rick Alderman's latest rentals are Annie and Dumbo.
- Chances our drug dealer has a family? - Not likely.
All right.
Rick Conroy.
Sixteen Candles, Teen Wolf, Romancing the Stone.
Rick Joiner.
Mask, Footloose, and Grease.
Rick Kimbrough.
The Blue Lagoon and Splash.
Definitely not.
- No way.
- Okay.
Rick Lipton.
Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
Cheech & Chong's Next Movie.
Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams.
- Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke.
- Bingo.
- Lipton? - Spelled like the tea.
2121 Holland Road.
- That's out by Lovers Lake.
- Middle of nowhere.
It's a perfect place to hide.
Um, hi, I'm Nancy Wheeler from the Hawkins Tiger I've talked to enough reporters.
Okay, well What about that one? With the flag? Yeah, I tried them twice.
They were actually quite rude.
I am not doing that again.
I'm telling you, we've talked to everyone.
Not everyone.
Hi there.
Did you see something last night, huh? Oh, you wanna tell us everything? Nancy, come on.
Let's get outta here.
But he's just the cutest little witness.
Stay here.
Uh, I'm a friend of Max Mayfield's, over there.
You're Wayne Munson, aren't you? Eddie's uncle? That's right.
I heard you found the body.
- The neighbors, they were - Like to gossip.
And I'm not interested in gossiping no more.
Certainly not to a reporter.
What gave me away? Look, let me level with you, Mr.
The paper that I write for is small.
We don't have the staff to keep up with the big guys.
And I'm just looking for something, anything really, about what happened last night.
Why? Far as I can tell, you all have it figured out already.
My nephew's a freak.
He killed that girl.
Ain't that about right? Let me guess.
You've been speaking to the Hawkins Post? Chuck Bailey? Yeah, I used to work with him.
I mean, that guy doesn't know his ass from his elbow.
Let me tell your side of the story.
My nephew, he may look dangerous, but he didn't do this.
It just ain't in his nature.
No matter what anyone says, and they will say things, believe you me.
But this wasn't Eddie.
The man who did this who killed that poor girl, he's pure evil.
"Man"? You think you know who might've done this? You ever hear the name Victor Creel? I guess you're too young, but back when I was a kid, everybody knew the name Victor Creel.
He lost his mind.
Killed his whole family.
Kids and wife.
Took their eyes.
Cut 'em right out.
That poor girl I found this morning, same exact thing.
So I'm thinking maybe he broke out.
Victor Creel is still alive? They locked him away in Pennhurst Asylum.
Yeah, as far as I know, he's still there.
That is, unless he broke out.
Like that What's his name? White mask and killed the babysitters? Michael Myers? Yeah, Michael Myers.
You ask me, Victor's like that.
He's a real boogeyman.
Um, I'll be right back.
Fred? Fred! Fred! Fred? Fred? Murderer.
Murderer! - Murderer.
Murderer! - Murderer.
Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! You are no longer men.
You are cogs in a machine.
A machine in service of our great Motherland.
And if you are foolish enough to attempt escape, you will be hunted down.
You will be captured.
And then you will suffer greatly as you perform your final act for the Motherland.
There will be no second chances.
Run, you die.
You hear, American? Your friend is stuck.
But you get me money, I make him unstuck.
You must trust me.
How do I trust Joyce, whoever Enzo is, the answer is not on that tape.
You don't hear that? In the background? So he's outside.
Someone's talking.
Not surprising.
I think she's talking to Enzo.
Play it again.
Can you translate that? Uh, I I can't understand it.
It's too low.
Hey! But you get me money, I make him unstuck.
- Turn it up.
- You must trust me.
How do I trust you? I don't know who you are.
She She wants to use the phone.
She's mad at Enzo.
- Calls him a "moosor.
" - "Moosor"? - It's slang.
- For what? Literally, "moosor" translates to trash or garbage.
Like "pig" here, often directed at cops.
Cops? Or guards.
Hopper's stuck.
And Enzo can get him unstuck.
It's not exactly the Ritz, is it? Welcome to your new home, American.
Enzo's a prison guard.
Maybe Hopper bribed him.
Sounds like Jim, doesn't it? - Joyce, where are you going? - Bank.
I'm gonna get Enzo his damn money, and we are getting Hopper back.
El? What the hell? Get out! - Not there? - No.
Should've told me she was having trouble.
I didn't know they were gonna be here.
You knew she was having trouble for a year and didn't tell me.
- I didn't know she was lying to you.
- Which is why you were a douche all day? - I wasn't being a douche.
- You were.
You were rolling your eyes, moping.
You were barely talking.
- You basically sabotaged the whole day.
- She was lying to you.
Straight to your face, ever since you got here.
And I've been a total third wheel all day.
It's been miserable.
So, sorry if I wasn't wasn't smiling.
Yeah, whatever, man.
Well, what about us? What? You're mad that I didn't talk to you? You made it super clear that you're not interested in anything I have to say.
- That's just not true.
- You've called maybe a couple times.
It's been a year, Mike.
Meanwhile, El has a book of letters from you.
- That's because she's my girlfriend, Will.
- And us? We're friends.
We're friends.
We used to be best friends.
Then maybe you should've reached out more.
I don't know.
But why is this on me? Why Why am I the bad guy? Let's just Let's just find her.
Okay? Yeah.
- Oh my God, her face.
- Right? - She looks like she shit herself.
- Yeah.
- Uh-oh.
Look who it is.
- She looks upset.
You ruined my day.
Oh no.
Did we embarrass you in front of your boyfriend? I want you to say sorry to me, and I want you to tell my boyfriend that it was just a joke and that we are really friends.
Or what? You gonna hurt us with your mean stare again? Sorry you can't cry to teacher today.
You'll just have to cry to your daddy instead.
Oh, wait.
Can't do that either.
Hey! Angela.
Holy shit.
Angela, you okay? - Angela, hey.
You okay? - Oh my God! - What did she do? - Oh my God.
- Oh my God, what do we do? - Oh, shit.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Oh Oh my God.
Holy shit, El.
What did you do? What did you do? What have you done? What have you done? Okay.
Well, that's settled.
I guess he's not here.
- Eddie! It's Dustin! - Great.
Look, we just wanna talk, okay? No cops, I swear.
We just wanna help.
Eddie! Shh.
Rick! Reefer Rick! Don't scream that.
- Rick! - He's not there.
- Reefer Rick! - Just He could just be really high.
- Is that a foot? - No, that's a shoe.
Hey, guys? Hello? Is anyone home? What a dump.
What are you doing? What are you doing? He might be in here.
So take the tarp off.
If you're so brave, you take the tarp off.
Hey, look over here.
Someone was here.
Maybe he heard us.
Got spooked and ran.
Don't worry.
Steve will get him with his oar.
I know you think you're being funny, but considering everyone in this room has nearly died a hundred times, personally, I don't find it funny in the slight Whoa! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Whoa, whoa, whoa, Eddie! Eddie! Stop! Eddie! Eddie! It's me.
It's Dustin.
This is Steve.
He's not gonna hurt you, right, Steve? Right.
Steve, why don't you drop the oar? He's cool.
He's cool.
I'm cool, man.
I'm cool.
- What are you doing here? - We're looking for you.
We're here to help.
Eddie, these are my friends.
You know Robin, from band.
This is my friend Max.
The one who never wants to play D&D.
We're on your side.
I swear on my mother.
- Right, guys? - Yes.
We swear.
On Dustin's mother.
Yeah, Dustin's Dustin's mother.
Jesus Ch Eddie We just want to talk.
Okay? We want to know what happened.
You won't believe me.
Try us.
Fred! Fred! Excuse me.
Excuse me, sorry.
Have you seen my friend wandering around? Uh, nerdy, glasses, scar on his face? No, sorry.
Hi, Officer? - Officer? - What are you still doing here? My My friend from the car earlier, I I can't find him.
What do you mean? He was there and then he was just gone and Did you maybe see him leave with somebody or ? I told you kids to go home.
Jesus Christ.
This is Glenn.
We might have a situation here.
Her body just, like, lifted up into the air and, uh And she just, like, hung there.
In the air.
And her bones Uh, she Her bones started to snap.
Her eyes, man.
It It was like there was something, like, inside her head, pulling.
I I didn't know what to do, so I I ran away.
I left her there.
You all think I'm crazy, right? No.
We don't think you're crazy.
Don't bullshit me, man! I know how this sounds.
- We're not bullshitting you.
- We believe you.
Look, what I'm about to tell you might be a little difficult to take.
You know how people say Hawkins is cursed? They're not way off.
There's another world.
A world hidden beneath Hawkins.
Sometimes it bleeds into ours.
Like ghosts and shit? There are some things worse than ghosts.
Help me! No, no, no These monsters from this other world - Help! Somebody! - we thought they were gone.
- Nancy, please! - But they've come back before.
That's why we needed to find you.
If they're back again, we need to know.
That night, did you see anything? Dark particles, maybe? It would almost look like dust, swirling dust.
No, man, there was nothing you could see or, uh or touch.
What do you want? I want you to join me.
No, no, no, no.
You know, I tried to wake her, man.
She couldn't move.
It was like she she was in a trance or something.
Or under a spell.
A curse.
Vecna's curse.
Who's Vecna? An undead creature of great power.
A spell caster.
A dark wizard.

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