Stranger Things (2016) s04e03 Episode Script

Chapter Three: The Monster and the Superhero

There were no signs of any attacker.
No bruises.
No signs of any struggle.
It's as if her attacker was a ghost.
Does this remind you of anything, Doctor? No, it doesn't.
Are you sure? Why are you here? - Really.
- I'd like your opinion.
I was fired, in case you forgot.
A foreign government invaded our country, all under your watch.
There had to be consequences.
Certainly you understand that.
What I understand is that something something is going on in that town that nobody nobody fully comprehends.
And I also understand that military strength is not the answer.
So what is the answer, Doctor? More scientists? Because it was men of science, men like you, who created this problem in the first place.
Everything that has happened in Hawkins can be traced back to Brenner's little pet.
Wouldn't you agree? Dr.
Brenner trained her for this very thing.
Remote assassinations.
What you're suggesting is impossible.
- Is it? - Eleven is dead.
- I'm not convinced.
- So, where has she been all this time? There are rumors she's alive and receiving help from someone on the inside.
Are you saying I'm helping her? Is that what you're saying? If I wanted to chat, Doctor, I would've picked up the damn phone.
Now, you can make this easy and tell us where she is, or we can do this the hard way.
Not in here.
Go! Go! Go! - Move! - Nothing.
Why are you taking that box? Those are Peter's old school projects.
You do not need those.
Hey! I'm talking to you! Sam, do something.
I wanna know everything he's done, everyone he's spoken to in the past year.
And if we're lucky, he'll lead us right to the girl.
Can you tell me your name? - Um, Angela.
- Angela.
Do you know where you are, Angela? - Um, Rink Rink-O-Mania, I think? - Rink-O-Mania.
Very good.
- Now, where does it hurt, sweetie? - My head.
Your head hurts? And my nose.
I can't breathe.
Just try to take some deep breaths.
Breathe slow for me, okay? That's it.
I know it's a lot of blood, but you're going to be okay.
- I don't think so.
- I promise.
Just need you to answer a few more questions, all right? Okay.
I don't know.
I know this may be, like, upsetting and shit, but that future prom queen is gonna be fine.
It's just, like, rubber wheels.
- Plastic.
- Oh.
Not like hard plastic.
Just - Just the soft kind.
- Totally.
But you ever wonder why the wheels aren't wood, man? Or metal? So people don't get hurt when they get shmacked.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Because it happens more than you think, man.
Roller-skate attacks.
Hey, at least it wasn't an ice skate.
That nose would've been sliced clean off, man.
- It could've been so much worse.
- So much worse.
In the grand scheme of things, it's just a little blip.
That's a funny word, man.
" - "Blip.
" - "Blip.
" Blip, blip, blip, blip, blip, blip, blip.
Mom? Well, well! Aren't you lot a sight for sore eyes, huh? - Hi, Murray.
- You kids like risotto? Yeah.
There I was, headed down the I-5, going to see a client in Ventura.
I'm looking for a motel to stay for the night, and suddenly, bam, it hits me.
"Didn't the Byers move here?" Small world, isn't it? It's a small world.
So I thought, "Hey, you know what?" "Why don't I drop in, say hello to my old friends?" It's so sweet of you.
- Sweeter of you to let me stay.
- And he cooks.
Mm, and cleans.
A regular little housewife.
You should stay.
I'd be tempted, Joyce, except, you know, you have that, uh Right, that business trip.
Business trip? What business trip? Oh my gosh.
I almost forgot to tell you guys.
- This thing came up at work - Can you pass me the olive oil? That's wine.
And it turns out I have to go to a conference tomorrow.
In Alaska.
- Alaska? - Tomorrow? Crazy, right? That's where they're based, the Britannicas.
Joan and Brian Britannica.
So do Eskimos, like, still live in igloos, or, uh, are they, like, fully-blown, like, living in the in the suburbs now? Who is this? So, Jonathan, this means you're gonna have to, you know, take charge while I'm gone.
- Yeah.
- Wait.
What? What's going on? - Oh my - Your mom's going to Alaska.
You're going to Alaska? Mm-hmm.
- What's going on in Alaska? - The Britannicas are there.
- The Britannicas? - Mm-hmm.
Jonathan, what is wrong with you? - I think I know what's wrong with him.
- We just had a super stressful day.
Stress, huh? This girl got shmacked in the head today at the roller rink.
- Shmacked? - Yeah, one of those vicious skate attacks.
- A skate attack? - Yeah, but it wasn't an ice skate.
It was - It was a plastic skate.
- No, it was, like, rubber.
- Rubber.
- You know what? I'm not sure.
Anyway, she looked like she's gonna be fine.
- She's totally fine.
- She didn't look fine.
El, aren't you gonna finish your What ? What is going on, you guys? Okay, I, uh, I sense tension.
Is it the risotto? Everyone hates the risotto? - Absolutely not.
No, it's incredible.
- Mm-mm.
This risotto is shmackin', dude.
Still have no idea who he is.
What did you do? What did you do? Angela! What have you done? What have you done? He sees all this? He sees us? He'll shit his pants and cry for Mommy.
This guy's no fighter.
Hope he tries something.
Gives me a reason.
Hell, yeah.
Well, well, look who's decided to join.
What are you guys doing? - We're gearing up.
- Preparing for the hunt.
Hey, man.
We're not killers like Eddie.
We just wanna talk to him.
Get him to admit his crime.
Yeah, a little friendly neighborhood chat.
You didn't know Chris.
If you're not up to this, you can go home.
There's no judgment.
You'll still be one of us, all right? No.
I'm good.
I wanna help.
All right.
Let's capture us a freak.
Oh shit.
Jesus Delivery service.
So we got, uh, some good news and some bad news.
- How do you prefer it? - Bad news first, always.
All right.
Bad news.
We tapped into the Hawkins PD dispatch with our Cerebro, and they're definitely looking for you.
Also, they're, uh, pretty convinced you killed Chrissy.
Like, 100% kind of convinced.
- And the good news? - Your name hasn't gone public yet.
But if we found out about you, it's a matter of time before others do.
And once that gets out, everyone and their shallow-minded mother is gonna be gunning for you.
Hunt the freak, right? - Exactly.
- Shit.
So, before that happens, we find Vecna, kill him, and prove your innocence.
That's all, Dustin? That's all? Yeah, no, that's pretty much it.
Listen, Eddie, I know everything Dustin is saying sounds totally delusional, but we've actually been through this before.
I mean, they have a a few times, and and I have once.
Mine was more human-flesh-based, theirs was more smoke-related, but bottom line is, collectively, I really feel we got this.
We usually rely on this girl who has super powers.
- But, uh, those went bye-bye, so - So we're technically in more of the - Kinda - Brainstorming phase.
There There's nothing to worry about.
- Shit.
- Tarp.
And after you talked to Wayne, what happened? I heard barking from the dog, and then he was just gone.
See anyone lurking about? Who looks like they shouldn't be there? No.
No, no, there was nobody there.
- "Nobody.
" - I already told this to Officer Daniels.
Did you look into Victor Creel? - Sorry, what's that? - Victor Creel.
Wayne got it in her head that the old nut did this.
Victor's locked away.
Don't need to worry about him, all right? Now, you said last you saw Fred, he was by the picnic tables.
Do I have that right? Ms.
He was by the picnic tables.
Is that correct? Ms.
Wheeler? Does the picnic table ring a bell? Whoo! Hey, guys, there is a 4:00 p.
showing of Police Academy 3.
Could be fun.
Maybe we just stay home today.
What is this? You guys just gonna mope around all break? No one's moping.
It's just the movie is supposed to suck.
It Hey, El.
I, uh, made you some Eggos, but they're getting kinda cold.
Hey, that's cool.
Hop's cabin, right? So, um, are we just not gonna talk about it? About what? I don't know, just maybe, like, about yesterday or everything.
There's nothing to say.
Yeah, I guess, um I guess I'm just a little, uh Guess I don't really understand.
Why didn't you tell me what's going on here? I mean, you know I'm not exactly Mr.
Popularity back at home.
I mean, you've seen it.
I've been bullied my entire life.
I mean, I I know what it's like.
You don't.
What don't I understand? I am different.
I do not belong.
You mean in Lenora? Anywhere.
Come on, you you can't actually believe that.
Everyone looks at me like like I'm a monster.
They just don't know you.
You think I'm a monster too.
What? Yesterday.
The way you looked at me.
You You were scared of me.
No, that's not That's That's not true.
I was surprised.
Maybe I was a little upset in the moment, but, I mean I'm sorry.
I just I didn't know what to do.
I mean, it just was so crazy.
It happened so fast.
But it doesn't change anything.
It doesn't matter.
I I care for you so much.
" But you don't you don't love me anymore? What Who Who said that I didn't? You never say it.
I say it.
You can't even write it, Mike.
"From Mike.
" "From Mike.
" "From Mike.
" "From Mike.
" "From.
" Okay, okay.
Eleven, you're being ridiculous.
What, like What is this? You know what I think of you.
You're the most incredible person in the world.
And you can't let these mouth breathers ruin you.
Ruin us.
I mean, they're nobodies.
They're nobodies.
And you're a superhero.
Not anymore.
Ten bucks says Mom forgot something.
I'm not taking that bet.
Hi, does Jane Hopper live here? Uh, yeah.
Um, what is this about? Is Jane's father or mother around? Uh, no.
No, her mom's out of town.
I'm her brother.
Um, stepbrother.
But, uh I'm sorry, what uh, what is this about? You may or may not be aware of an incident involving Jane at the Rink-O-Mania.
That was an accident.
- A warrant says otherwise.
- A warrant? Come on, that's crazy.
That doesn't need to happen.
Hey there.
You Jane Hopper? You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.
Can you please tell us where you're taking her? Are the cuffs really necessary? Officers, answer me.
Eleven, listen to me.
Okay? Eleven, will you please look at me? Everything's gonna be fine.
I am going to fix this.
Okay? Just Just stay calm and everything's gonna be fine.
Okay? Just All you have to do is trust me.
I promise.
I'm gonna get you out.
I promise! - Has Mom's flight left yet? - Shit.
Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign.
Please make sure your seat belts are securely fastened.
Do you think I should've just told them? What? Told who? The kids.
About Hopper.
It It just felt so wrong to lie to them like that.
Right, right, right.
Well I'm not exactly an expert in parenting.
But, for what little it's worth, I think you did the right thing.
The responsible thing.
Your children, bless their mischievous souls they like to get involved.
This way, what? They play too much Nintendo, eat too much junk food, smoke some ganja, pound some beers, experiment sexually.
What's the worst that can happen? Excuse me, ma'am? Sorry to interrupt, but you're gonna need to fasten your seat belt.
Of course.
Buckle up.
Like this is really gonna save me if we crash.
What is this, American? What is taking you this long? Are you tired today? Pig.
What do you say? Asshole! Your Russian is getting better.
So is your acting.
All right.
Come on, what is it? I bring news from America.
I heard from your friends.
They're bringing your money to Alaska.
- When? - Today, I hope.
If my pilot gets the money, he will bring it in his plane tomorrow.
Then you can hitch a ride back to your country.
I get rich, and you're a free man.
- Sound too good to be true, yes? - It does.
This pilot, you sure you can trust him? His name is Yuri Ismaylov.
He's a smuggler.
Supplies American goods to some of us guards here, including me on lucky occasions.
Cigarettes, peanut butter, Playboys, the best America has to offer.
- Great.
So he's a criminal.
- Of course.
Who else do you want to do this job? Gandhi? You're worried about your woman, is that it? I can see why you like her, American.
When I talked to her, I can tell by voice that she's very pretty.
Feisty too.
I like that.
Shame we won't meet.
You promised me that she would be safe.
And she will be.
Let me handle Yuri.
You have more important things to worry about.
Remember, you miss that plane tomorrow, I am still rich, and you're still stuck in Kamchatka.
So whatever it is you're planning, American, best get to it, yes? Antonov! Finish with your American toy, we need him on the tracks.
Yes, yes.
I am just putting him in his place.
Nosy bastard.
Where do you want it? You're saying that this thing that killed Fred and Chrissy, - it's from the Upside Down? - If the shoe fits.
Our working theory is that he attacks with a spell or a curse.
Now, whether or not he's doing the bidding of the Mind Flayer or just loves killing teens, we don't know.
All we know is this is something different.
- Something new.
- Doesn't make sense.
It's only a theory.
No, Fred and Chrissy don't make sense.
I mean, why them? Maybe they were just in the wrong place.
- Were both at the game.
- And near the trailer park.
We're at the trailer park.
Uh, should we maybe not be here? There is something about this place.
Fred started acting weird the second we got here.
Acting weird as in ? Scared, on edge, upset.
Max said Chrissy was upset too.
Yeah, but not here.
She was crying in the bathroom at school.
Serial killers stalk their prey before they strike, right? So, maybe Fred and Chrissy saw this Vecman - Vecna.
- Dunno about you, but if I saw some freaky wizard monster, I would mention it to someone.
Maybe they did.
I saw Chrissy leaving Ms.
Kelley's office.
If you saw a monster, you you wouldn't go to the police.
They'd never believe you.
- But you might go to your - Your shrink.
Whoa, whoa, Nance.
Nance! Where you going? Oh, there's just something I wanna check on first.
Something you wanna share with us? I don't wanna waste your time.
It's a real shot in the dark.
Yeah, okay.
Are you out of your mind? Flying solo with Vecna on the loose? No, it's too dangerous.
You need You need someone to Here.
I'll stick with Nance.
Take the car, check out the shrink.
- Don't think you want me driving your car.
- Why? - I don't have a license.
- Why? I'm poor.
- I can drive.
- No, never again.
Anybody but you.
- No chance.
- Come on.
- No.
- All right, okay.
This is stupid.
Us ladies will stick together.
Unless you think we need you to protect us.
Be careful.
- Just gonna stand there and gawk? - Shut up.
- Why don't we go? Okay? - Shut up and get in the car.
Wipe your feet.
On the outside, not the inside.
Always the babysitter.
Always the goddamn babysitter! - Hey there, fat-ass.
- I said leave me alone! Can I say no? I can't say no.
He'll leave me.
It's just a cough.
Doctors are wrong.
She can't force me to go to that awful place.
She wouldn't do that to me.
I'll just tell them I fell again.
I slipped.
An accident.
You're out drinking again? Look at me.
You're an embarrassment to this family.
Goddamn disgrace.
Patrick, your nose.
- Huh? - Your nose is bleeding, dude.
God, gross.
Well, well, well, what do we have here? You're a little early, fellas.
Show's not till next week.
- Oh, that was music? - We're looking for Eddie.
He's in this band, if that's what you call this.
What do you care? That's our business.
Lucas? What are you doing with these douchebags? You know these freaks, Sinclair? Uh, they know my sister.
They tried to recruit me to their club, cult.
Lucas, what the hell? We're just trying to find Eddie, man.
Well, you have eyes, don't you? He's not here.
- Hey, man! - Hey! Hey! - Where is he? - I don't know! - Where is he? - I don't know! Hey, let him go, man! Let him go! It's gonna be hard to play drums with a broken hand.
Dustin! - What? - Dustin Henderson! - What? - Dustin Henderson! Man, he was he was calling around looking for Eddie.
Maybe he found him! See? That wasn't so hard, was it? Now where do we find this "Dustin"? That's when you struck her? I'm gonna need you to give me a verbal response.
That That is when I hit her.
And why did you hit her? I don't know.
You don't know? You know, the girl you hit, she got a grade 2 concussion.
Did you know that? No.
She doesn't seem that upset about it, does she? No, she doesn't.
No, she doesn't.
Did you wanna kill her? I don't know.
You didn't know if you wanted to kill her? No.
No, you didn't want to kill her, or no, you don't know? I don't know.
Turn to the right.
Jane Hopper.
Okay, yes, I see her now.
It looks like she's still being processed.
So, uh, what does that mean exactly? They're putting her in the system.
After, she'll be transferred to juvenile hall.
- What? - Jail? You're gonna put her in jail? A detention hall for juveniles.
- That's jail.
- Hey, look, is there any chance we can just see her? - Are you a parent or guardian? - No, but Well, we're her brothers, and we're family.
That's not enough.
You have to be a parent or legal guardian.
You have to be kidding.
That's the law.
You're not gonna change it complaining to me.
You want to see Jane? Find your mother.
Thank you.
It's bullshit.
Such bullshit.
I mean, she wasn't even trying to help.
- Then what do we do? - I don't know.
I guess we have to wait for Mom to land in Alaska.
Then she's gonna be in jail? - Yeah, I don't know.
- Hey! - Hey! - Hey, Mike! - Hey, stop the car! - What are you doing? Oh no.
Oh no.
All right.
And here you go.
Thank you.
Um, how much longer? Oh, just a few more hours.
Almost there.
You and your husband have exciting plans? Um, we're seeing an old friend.
How fun.
One person, one piece.
Don't you understand?! I said one piece per person! I am no fairy.
No, no.
You hit.
You hit.
I give bread.
I will break your leg.
You hit.
I give bread.
And soup.
Crazy American.
Help me get this straight.
Eddie's uncle, Wayne, thinks that Victor Creel escaped from Pennhurst Asylum and that he's the one running around committing these murders? Pretty much.
But Victor committed the eyeball murders, like, way back in the '50s.
Well, '59.
So, that means these murders predate Eleven in the Upside Down - by about 30 years? - Yeah.
Which makes spooky Victor Creel like 70 years old.
So, he's a grandpa murderer who can turn invisible and lift people into the air.
It doesn't make sense.
I know.
That's why I said it was a shot in the dark.
I know.
I just thought that by "shot in the dark," you were being modest or hiding something super solid up your sleeve that you were gonna wow us with later.
But this is really, truly a shot in the dark.
Like, we are snipers with blindfolds on who've been spun around 50 times.
Coming! Hi.
Sorry, we're in a bit of a rush.
Could we get the keys to the basement archives? Of course.
Give me one sec.
Did I come off mean or condescending? - No.
- Right.
It's just, you seem annoyed.
You don't know me well.
I don't really have a filter or a strong grasp of social cues.
- Okay.
- If I say something that upsets you, just know that I know it's a flaw.
Believe me, my mother reminds me daily.
- Got it.
- All right, ladies.
Here you go.
Have fun.
We'll try.
I'm so sorry to bother you over break, but do you have a minute to talk? Um, yeah, of course.
Of course.
She's in.
I'm missing collarbones, not eyes.
So, we gonna talk about it? Huh? Sorry, talk about what? Your temporary insanity earlier today when you basically threw yourself at Nance? - That's not what happened.
- Pretty sure that's what happened.
It was public.
There were a lot of witnesses.
You implying I still have a thing for Nance? No.
I'm not implying.
I'm stating.
And, as it relates to your steadfast refusal to date Robin, it's pretty much the only logical explanation.
That's not the only one.
And as for Nance, I was just trying to protect a friend.
- A friend, Henderson.
Okay? - Okay.
Don't wanna find her with her eyes sucked out of her skull by this Vecna creep.
You're bright red in the face right now.
I'm not.
I don't wanna talk about it.
I'll punch you so hard your teeth will fall back out.
Too far.
- Not cool.
- Not cool.
It's okay.
It's just, with everything that's happening, with all the murders, it's it's making everything worse again.
You've experienced trauma, Max, and when you keep your feelings, your pain, bottled up the way you do, it doesn't take much to trigger them again.
So now, when it rains, it storms.
Yeah, I know.
Do you think you're ready to talk more about that night? Billy! I live next door to where it happened.
I'm sorry? To where Chrissy was murdered.
The cops asked me a bunch of questions.
Did they talk to you? I mean, I know you were seeing Chrissy.
Max, you know I can't talk about Chrissy or any other student.
Yeah, but, I mean, what if there was a serial killer on the loose in my neighborhood? Did Chrissy mention anything? Anything about who might have done this? Max, I'm I'm sorry, I I really can't discuss this.
You wouldn't want me talking to any other students about you, right? If I were dead and it would help catch the killer, then yeah, I most definitely would.
Well, let's leave that up to the police, shall we? Yeah, you're right.
The police totally have this under control.
- Can I use the bathroom? - Sure.
Up the stairs, to the left.
Here she comes.
Here she comes.
- What'd she say? - Nothing, just drive.
- Steve, drive.
- Okay.
No one's home.
- So, now what? - We keep looking.
The town's not that big.
Only so many places these freaks can burrow.
Where the hell is Sinclair? Dustin.
It's Lucas.
Do you copy? Dustin.
Lucas? Where the hell have you been? Just listen.
Are you looking for Eddie? We found him, no thanks to you.
- You found him? - A boathouse on Coal Mill Road.
Don't worry.
He's safe.
You guys know he killed Chrissy, right? That's bullshit.
Eddie tried to save Chrissy.
Then why do all the cops say he did it? Lucas, you're so behind it's ridiculous, okay? Just meet us at school.
We'll explain later.
I I can't.
I think some real bad shit's about to go down.
What are you talking about? What bad shit? Sinclair! Lucas? Lucas? What the hell were you doing? - I was I was looking for clues.
- Clues? What, freshman think he's Sherlock Holmes or something? Yo, let's go.
I found one.
What? A clue.
I know where Eddie's hiding.
- What did you do? - What have you done? - You transporting a Jane Hopper? - Yeah, what is this? I'll take her off your hands.
No! No! Hey, kiddo.
Come on.
We're here.
- Huh? - Come on.
Oh, shit.
Welcome to Alaska.
Welcome to Alaska.
Oh, God.
This is spring? Welcome to Alaska.
Welcome to Alaska.
Welcome to Alaska.
Welcome to Alaska.
Next! Next prisoner! Anything juicy over there? Nothing new.
Yep, same here.
Victor seemed like a normal guy.
Dead family, missing eyes, took a plea deal, sent to Pennhurst.
Blah, blah, blah, blah.
What are we looking for exactly? Nance? Any mention of dark wizards or alternate dimensions? Things in that vein? I don't know.
Okay? It's starting to seem like this was just a big waste of time.
You're obviously bored.
Why don't you call Steve? I'm sure he'll pick you up.
And I mean, I'm not really in danger here, so You do know that Steve and I are, like, totally not a thing, right? What? So, I figure you and Jonathan are still going strong 'cause you guys are going to college together.
You're one of those unstoppable power couples, but I I just I wanted to make sure that you knew that Steve and I are just friends.
Like, platonic with a capital P.
Just in case that's adding any tension between us.
It wasn't.
Holy shit.
The Weekly Watcher.
I can't believe they have this.
Don't they write about, like, Bigfoot and UFOs? First, UFOs are absolutely real.
Bigfoot I'm still on the fence about.
But may I remind you we are looking for information on dark wizards? If someone's gonna write about that, it's gonna be these weirdos.
"Elvis cloned by aliens.
" You never know.
"Victor Creel claims vengeful demon killed family.
" "The murder that shocked a small community.
" Ha, ha.
That's very funny.
I'm not kidding.
Get over here.
"According to several insiders, Victor believed his house was haunted by an ancient demon.
" "Victor allegedly hired a priest to exorcise the demon from his home.
" Pretty novel for the '50s.
Exorcist wasn't out yet.
Keep Keep going.
Okay, so Victor claimed this exorcism failed, but it angered this demon, which then murdered his family, removing their eyes.
Victor believed he was spared as a punishment.
That's pretty convenient for Victor.
Yeah, or super inconvenient.
Victor was declared legally insane by the court, right? What if this is why? It sounds insane.
Just didn't go public because The plea bargain.
The records were sealed.
What if a demon did invade Victor's home? It's just, this demon wasn't any old demon.
It was Vecna.
- Dustin, do you copy? - Yeah, I copy.
So, Nancy's a genius.
Vecna's first victims date back all the way to 1959.
Her shot in the dark was a bull's-eye.
Okay, that's totally bonkers, but I can't really talk right now.
What are you doing? Breaking and entering school to retrieve confidential and extremely personal files.
Can you repeat that? Just get your ass over here, stat.
We'll explain everything.
- Thought they were talking to Ms.
- We leave them alone for two hours.
It's like a mini-Watergate or something.
- Hawkinsgate.
- Didn't those guys get caught? Holy shit.
You found it? Yeah, and not just Chrissy's file.
Fred was seeing Ms.
Kelley too.
So, if Sinclair's right, the freak is hiding here.
We move through the woods here together, then Patrick and Andy, you split up.
Go around this way.
Me and Sinclair, we keep going, then flank his ass from both sides.
That freak won't know what hit him.
Sorry about all the theatrics.
I I didn't mean to scare you.
But you got yourself into quite the little predicament, didn't you? You know, I relocated you guys to Lenora because I thought, you know, "Safe town, small, dull, far from Hawkins.
" "Nothing could happen here.
" And what was it, a roller skate or something? Ready to order some food? I think so.
I'll just uh Some more coffee and, um, I'll have a How about the club special? Whatever you want, kiddo.
It's on me.
Waffles, please.
Never too late in the day for breakfast, that's what I say.
Am I in trouble? For the roller skate thing? No, no, no, no.
We'll make that go away.
Don't even don't even worry about that.
That's not why you're here? To be honest with you, kid, I I wish it was.
Last night, I saw something.
Something I've been dreading for some time.
I don't know how to say this other than just to say it.
Hawkins is in danger.
You have fought this evil before and you've won.
But this evil, it's like a virus.
Each time it returns, it comes back stronger, smarter, deadlier.
A war is coming to Hawkins.
Where you at, freak? - You sure Eddie was here? - Yeah.
I I'm I'm positive.
Let's check around the back.
Around the back.
There are good people, brave friends, who have helped you fight your battle in the past.
But they alone can't win this war, not without you.
I know it's not fair to ask more of you, but I wouldn't be here if I didn't think this was the only way, if I didn't think you were the only one who might have a shot to hit this thing so hard it can't get back up.
I don't have my powers.
What if I told you there was a way a way to bring them back? I feared this moment would come, so I've been preparing, developing the means to restore your abilities.
A program has the potential to not just bring them back, but bring them back stronger than before.
But there are others who don't believe in you, who think you are the cause.
I believe they're wrong.
I believe you're the cure.
That's why, if we're really gonna do this, I'm gonna ask that you leave with me now.
The reservation's under "Byers.
" But you should know there is a very real possibility this program fails.
And if it does, you will never see your friends again.
My friends in Hawkins, are they in danger? I'm afraid your friends in Hawkins are very much - Can I see Fred's file? - Yeah.
in the eye of the storm.
You may feel you need to go to them now, but if you do, you will risk everything, risk everyone.
Max, I know something's wrong.
Max, what you've been through Billy! it's a lot for anyone.
And it's okay to not be okay.
Max? What is it? Max! Max! Max.
They're not the only ones in danger.
It's life as we know it.
This is why I'm here.
Because I believe you are our best hope.
Our only hope.
What if I'm not good? What if I'm the monster? I don't know you that well, kiddo, but I'm betting the fate of the planet that you're one of the good ones.
But you've spent too much of your life being told what to do by people like me.
I know that.
So, you say the word and I will take you back home.
Or come with me now.
Find out for yourself.

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