Stranger Things (2016) s04e04 Episode Script

Chapter Four: Dear Billy

1 I'm sorry.
I'm having trouble understanding any of this.
I mean, what exactly is going on in Hawkins? What's doing these killings? - That's what we're trying to ascertain.
- Where is El, like, right now? - For her safety, it's best you don't know.
- This is insane! This is insane! So this training to get El's powers back, how long is it gonna take? - Could take weeks, could take months.
- Months? Until then, agents Harmon and Wallace will stay with you.
We're not in danger.
Our friends live in Hawkins.
My family lives in Hawkins.
I'll work to contain the situation until Eleven is ready.
In the meantime, it is of vital importance you do not speak to anyone about this.
No way.
- I know this is difficult to understand.
- It's not difficult.
This is impossible.
There are factions within our government who are working directly against Eleven, who are, in fact, searching for her as we speak.
We can't risk contact.
If they learned about any of this, it will jeopardize Eleven.
And if Eleven is jeopardized, so are your friends.
And so is your family.
So, what? We're just supposed to trust that you're the good guys? Whoever you are? We're friends of Owens.
Eleven trusted us.
Now we're asking the same from you.
For you.
It was here.
Right here.
A grandfather clock? It was so real.
And then, when I got closer, suddenly I just - Max, come on.
- Max? I woke up.
It was like she was in a trance or something.
Exactly what Eddie said happened to Chrissy.
That's not even the bad part.
Fred and Chrissy, they both came to Miss Kelley for help.
Uh, they both were having headaches, bad headaches that wouldn't go away.
And then then the nightmares.
Trouble sleeping.
They'd wake up in a cold sweat.
Then they started seeing things.
Bad things.
From their pasts.
These visions, they just they kept on getting worse and worse, until eventually everything ended.
Vecna's curse.
Chrissy's headache started a week ago.
Fred's, six days ago.
I've been having them for five days.
I don't know how long I have.
All I know is that, for Fred and Chrissy, they both died less than 24 hours after their first vision.
And I just saw that goddamn clock, so looks like I'm gonna die tomorrow.
Stay here.
- It's me! - Lucas? - It's me.
- Jesus, what's wrong with you? - I'm sorry.
- I could've taken you out with this lamp! Sorry, guys.
I was I was biking for eight miles.
Give me a second.
- We've got a code red.
- What? Dustin.
I've been with Jason, Patrick, and Andy, and they've gone totally off the rails.
They're trying to capture Eddie, and they think you know where he is.
You're in terrible danger.
All right.
Yeah, that definitely sucks, but we've got bigger problems than Jason now.
- Would you get the door? - I'm busy! I said get the door.
This is unbelievable.
Hey there.
Is, uh, is Lucas home? Negative.
You know where he is? Uh, we're just We were supposed to go out and Go out? I see he's taken a step down from Max.
I'm sorry.
Uh, well, you're the little sister who plays Dungeons & Dragons, huh? What's it to you? Do you know Dustin Henderson? Know him? I've bled with him.
Chances are, he's with your cheater boyfriend.
Oh, if and when you do find Lucas, please tell him I've been covering for his ass for two days now.
Each day of covering costs ten bucks, with a DPR.
That's a daily percentage rate of 7.
Another week of this and he's buying me a goddamn Nintendo, with Duck Hunt.
Where the hell's Sinclair? That's what we're about to find out.
We've been tricked, boys.
Okay, be honest.
Uh You guys understand any of this? - No.
- Pretty straightforward.
Oh, straightforward, really? What's confusing to you? So far, everyone Vecna has cursed has died, except for this old Victor Creel dude Nancy found.
He's the only known survivor.
If anyone knows how to beat this curse, it's him.
That's assuming he was cursed, which we don't even know.
How can Vecna have existed in the '50s? It doesn't make sense.
Far as we know, Eleven didn't create the Upside Down.
She opened a gate to it.
The Upside Down has probably been around for thousands of years.
I wouldn't be surprised if it predated the dinosaurs.
- Dinosaurs? What are we - Okay.
But if a gate didn't exist in the '50s, how did Vecna get through? - How's he getting through now? - And why now? And why then? Just pops out in the '50s, kills one family, and he's like, "I'm good.
" And poof, he just disappears.
Just gone? Only to return 30 years later and start killing random teens? No, I don't buy it.
Straightforward, my ass.
Honestly, Henderson, a little humility now and then, it wouldn't hurt you.
Any idea what she's writing? Did she sleep? I mean, would you? Okay, so we have a plan.
Thanks to Nancy's minions, we are now rock-star psychology students at the University of Notre Dame.
- I'm now Ruth.
- And I'm Rose.
Ruth? Nice GPA.
So we called Pennhurst Asylum, told them we'd like to speak with Creel for a thesis we're co-writing on paranoid schizophrenics To which they said no.
But we landed a three o'clock with the director.
Now all we have to do is charm him and convince him to let us talk to Victor.
Then maybe we can rid Max of this curse.
About that.
We've been doing our Victor Creel homework, and, uh we got some questions.
Lots of questions.
So do we.
Hopefully, Victor has the answers.
Wait Wait Wait a second.
Uh Where's mine? Nancy, you're outta your mind if you think I'm babysitting again.
First, they're not babies anymore.
And Max is in real danger.
- She needs people around her.
- I know.
But why me? Oh my God, you have a Tom Cruise poster.
You have a Tom Cruise poster.
That's old.
It's just - Can you please not touch anything? - I can't do anything here, Nance.
Maybe I can be helpful with this asylum director dude.
I don't know.
I could turn on my my charm.
- Not the charm we need.
- Ouch.
No, I just I did a little digging last night, and it turns out this Dr.
Hatch is a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a Harvard visiting scholar, okay? This is a lifelong student of the world.
If we're gonna win him over, we're gonna have to convince him we are too.
That, like him we are true academic scholars.
Holy shit.
There's a little ballerina in here.
Academic scholar? She's giving you an academic scholar vibe? Yeah.
No, but she will.
Oh, please, tell me you're joking.
It's busy.
It's still busy.
Did I do something wrong? It says dial one, then the number, which - You can check on your kids later.
- I don't understand why it's still busy.
Joyce, there are certain things one can be late to in life.
A dentist's appointment.
A one-year-old's birthday party, because who cares? Little idiot's not gonna remember it.
But for what is essentially a ransom exchange, for that, for that, I think you very much need to be on time.
I'm sorry.
I'm very tense.
Head west, through the forest.
You will see a church with a gray roof.
Wait inside.
Yuri will meet you there.
So you heard from her? Yeah, they arrived last night.
They're meeting Yuri soon.
If all goes well, by tomorrow night you're home, eating Enzo's with your sexy woman.
She's not my woman.
Of course not.
She saves your life because of friendship.
Look, American, do not put too much hope into this dream.
I have thought long about this, and I give you odds of success fifty to one.
You don't even seem nervous, American.
I'm impressed.
You're a cool cat.
Like Steve McQueen.
The Cooler King.
Yeah? Let's hope not.
Of course not, because Cooler King went back to cooler.
So, you must be better than McQueen today.
I change mind.
Now I give you odds a hundred to one.
Our nosy friend again.
Where do you want it? Just not my face.
Of course not.
Must be pretty for your woman.
She's not my woman.
Amazing you can get this many people and have it this quiet.
Keep in mind that Where are you going? I'm just getting something to drink.
Is that allowed or How does this house arrest work? You're not under arrest.
No, no, you're you're here to protect us.
And watch TV, apparently.
I I mean, I don't think they've thought this through.
If this goes on for a month, or months, and people can't get a hold of us, they're gonna totally freak out.
Meanwhile, my mom's probably having a panic attack.
And what about Hawkins? That lady's supposed to keep it "contained.
" Like you can contain any of this without El.
I mean Yeah.
If you keep staring at that, it's not gonna change.
You know? Yeah.
Yeah, you're right.
Before the cops came, me and El, we we had a bad fight.
We never fight.
I mean, we fought before, but just, like, silly fights, stupid fights.
But, I don't know, this one just felt more adult.
Like, it it just felt more real.
Like, a fight you can't come back from.
Maybe I should've said something, and if I would've said that thing, then maybe she'd want me there with her, wherever she is.
Look, Mike, you're gonna see her again, and whatever you didn't say, you can say it to her then.
Okay? Yeah.
She's gonna be okay.
She's not in Hawkins.
That's what we should be worrying about.
You don't trust Owens? No.
I don't know.
I mean, he's been good to us and good to El, but he wasn't able to protect me.
That was you guys who saved me.
That was you guys.
Looks like it's gonna be up to us again.
It always is, isn't it? Which is why we can't stay here.
Listen, let's assume these friends of Owens are telling the truth.
We can't call Hawkins without alerting the military, putting El in danger.
Then we'll just go to them.
- Go to Hawkins? - How? What are you worried about? Ponch and Jon out there? They're half-asleep now watching golf.
No, Jonathan.
I mean, we don't have a car or money.
Then we'll hail ourselves a ride.
A cheap one.
Excuse me, sir? Excuse me, sir? What? We're hungry.
I could eat.
Surf's up.
Surfer Boy Pizza, this is Argyle speaking.
We make everything fresh here at Surfer Boy except for our pineapple, which comes from a can.
But I still highly recommend slapping some juicy pineapple on your pie.
Oh, fruit on your pizza's gnarly, you say? Well, I say try before you deny.
Hello? - I know you guys are staring at me.
- What, sorry? - You said you needed something? - Just hanging out.
How you think your eyes boring into the back of my head is protecting me from Vecna, I don't know.
- You can look at me now.
- Thank you.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
For you.
For you.
And, um, you.
Oh, and, um, give these to Mike, El, and Will.
If you can ever get a hold of them again.
What are you doing? No, don't.
That's not for now.
Don't open it now.
Don't Okay.
I'm sorry.
What is this? It's, um it's a fail-safe.
For after.
If things don't work out.
Wait, whoa.
Max, things are gonna work out.
No! No, I don't need you to reassure me and tell me it's all gonna work out.
People have been telling me that my entire life and it's almost never true.
It's never true.
I mean, of course this asshole curses me.
Should've seen that one coming.
If we go to East Hawkins, will this reach Pennhurst? - Of course.
- Why are we talking about East Hawkins? No.
No! Max, Max.
Seriously, I'm not joking.
I'm not driving you anywhere.
If you think I'm going to spend what is likely the last day of my life in the armpit that is Mike Wheeler's basement, you're out of your mind.
Either take me where I need to go or tie me down, which is technically kidnapping of a minor.
And if I live to see another day, Steve, I swear to God, I will prosecute.
- Open the door.
- Uh, no.
I know a good lawyer.
Henderson, that super walkie of yours better reach Pennhurst.
I can't breathe in this thing, and I'm itchy.
I'm itching all over.
It's not all about comfort.
Okay? We're academics.
Who are evidently coming straight from Easter brunch.
Also, this bra that you gave me is really pinching my boobs.
Could you just let me do the talking? If that's even possible? It's not only possible, it's inevitable.
Because shortly, I'll be dead from strangulation.
9 GPAs.
Both of you.
And this is a recommendation from Professor Brantley.
Yeah, I know Larry.
Quite well, actually.
Eh, you know what they say.
"Those who can't do, teach.
" Uh, yes, yes, that's actually why we're here.
I mean, we can only learn so much in a classroom.
And I'm sympathetic to your struggle, truly.
But there is a protocol to visiting a patient like Victor.
You put in a request and then undergo a screening process, at which point the board will make a decision.
I can see you're disappointed.
But I'm more than happy to give you a tour.
Perhaps you can even speak to some patients in our low-security wing.
And we'd we would love that.
It's just that, um our thesis is due next month.
And you're out of time.
Whose fault is that? Ours.
And I do apologize Don't apologize, Ruth.
Screw that.
The fact is, we did put in a request months ago and were denied.
And then we reapplied and were denied again.
And coming here was our last-ditch effort to save our thesis.
And I really I can't breathe in this thing.
Well, Rose, maybe you'd like to go outside and get some air.
- Maybe I should, Ruth.
- Mm-hmm.
Because I'm starting to think this whole thing is a colossal mistake.
I'm breaking out in a rash.
My boobs hurt.
And I'll tell you the truth, Anthony.
May I call you Anthony? These aren't my clothes.
I borrowed them because I wanted you to take us seriously.
Because nobody takes girls seriously in this field.
They just don't.
We don't look the part or whatever.
But can I tell you a story? 1978, I was at summer camp.
And my counselor Drew told me and everyone in Cabin C the true story of the Victor Creel Massacre.
And little Petey McHew You know Petey, right, Ruth? Of Of course.
Little Petey McHew started sobbing right there on the spot.
Full-on hyperventilating.
The other campers couldn't sleep for weeks.
I couldn't either, but not 'cause I was scared.
Because I was obsessed with the question, "What would drive a human being to commit such unimaginable acts?" Other kids wanted to be astronauts, basketball players, rock stars.
But I wanted to be you.
I wanted to be you.
So, forgive me if I'll now try anything in my power, including wearing this ridiculous outfit, if I might get to speak to the man that ignited my passion and learn a little more about how his twisted, but let's face it, totally fascinating mind works.
So, yes, we don't have the official paperwork, but don't tell me that cry-baby Petey McHew wouldn't have gotten an audience with Victor in moments if he'd asked politely, because you and I both know that he would.
So ten minutes with Victor.
That's all I ask.
I'm back in 30.
If things go sideways, I should mention I'm now a black belt in karate.
Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello Who are you? I Uh We're looking for Yuri.
Why do you need to see Yuri? It's actually, uh It's a private matter.
Is Yuri here? I'm sorry.
I don't know how to tell you this, but you're a day late.
- What? - You see damage to this hull? Yuri was on sightseeing trip to see polar bears.
And then bears got into plane and pull him out of cockpit and kill Yuri.
- No.
- Yeah.
And he loved bears.
They broke his heart.
Or rather punctured it with their bear claws.
I got you.
I got you good.
I'm Yuri.
I'm Yuri.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Uh, you you must be Joycey? - Just Joyce.
- And you are? - Murray.
- Murray? - Yeah.
Yuri, Murray, Yuri, Murray.
We rhyme.
I hear it.
Forty thousand American dollars, as promised.
I love the smell of cash in morning.
I hope you do not mind if I count.
You two seem very nice, very trustworthy people.
But so did my brother before he stole my wife! Poor bird, you're freezing.
Please, have some coffee.
Still hot.
This could be a while Why are you staring at me? Huh? I am asking you! Move, bastard! Crazy American.
Hey! Get back! Get back! Get back! Broken Cannot work.
- Cannot work.
- Stay there.
Where is the American?! Watch your back, American Where do you think you're going, American? Stand.
Stand up! Hands.
Hands! Tool shed! It came from the tool shed! Open up! Open the door! Open the door! Keep pushing! Hurry! RUN! There! There! We can't let him get to the tree line! A hundred to one.
Son of a bitch.
You talk a lot, but you don't say much ♪ In the things you do ♪ You're always right ♪ In all our fights ♪ Because no one else can shut you down ♪ Or turn you around ♪ You should see yourself ♪ - This better be fast, Mayfield.
- Twenty seconds.
That thing's got batteries in it, right? I'm not even answering that question.
- Yes, it has batteries.
- Yeah, I got it.
Hey, sweetie.
I thought you were with your friends today.
Yeah, I I was.
I am.
Shouldn't you be at work? Oh, Mr.
Bradley let me off early.
So I'm just catching up on some chores.
Um, I I left some letters inside.
For you and and Granny and Uncle Jack.
And Dad.
If you can find him.
Letters? I I don't understand.
Uh, I just um With all the murders and everything, I I know it's stupid, but I just started to think, "What if something happens to me?" Max, baby, nothing is going to happen to you.
I know.
But if if it did, I just There's so many things that I want to say, that I need to say.
And - Promise you'll give the letters out? - Max, you're scaring me.
- I'm not trying to scare you.
- Is something going on? - No.
- Is it, baby? No.
No, you're right.
I'm sure I'll be fine.
I'm being silly.
Oh, sweetie.
It's okay.
Nothing is going to happen, baby.
I promise.
Nothing you don't deserve.
Mom, let go of me.
Mom? Let go.
You think some letters are going to make things right? You've broken everything.
Billy! Your time is almost at an end.
Let go! Hey, that was longer than 20 seconds.
Hey, whoa, whoa.
You all right? I'm fine.
Just drive.
- Did something happen? - Can we please just go? These are our gardens.
Beautiful, aren't they? We allow them two hours of outside time a day.
Can't they just escape? They could.
But the vast majority choose to be here.
They like it here.
This is one of our more popular areas.
The listening room.
We found that music has a particularly calming effect on the broken mind.
The right song, particularly one which holds some personal meaning, can prove a salient stimulus.
But there are those who are beyond a cure.
Uh, Dr.
Hatch, do you think it might be possible for us to speak to Victor alone? Alone? I I think that we would just love the challenge of speaking with Victor without the safety net of an expert such as yourself.
Then we could really rub it in Professor Bradley's face.
Professor Bradley? I don't believe I know a Professor Bradley.
She she meant to say Brantley.
Didn't I say Brantley? What did I say? Sorry, silly me.
Words, letters.
Guess I'm just nervous.
I mean, excited.
So excited to speak with Victor.
Preferably, as she said, alone? Yes.
Why not? You've caught me in a rebellious mood.
And there's something rather urgent I need to check on anyway, so Sure.
Keep a close eye on them.
- Thank you so much, Dr.
- Thank you.
Do not startle him.
Do not touch him.
Do not pass him anything.
Stand five feet away from the bars at all times.
Get away.
Is that clear? - Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Today's your lucky day! You got visitors.
Real pretty ones.
Must be in one of his moods.
Have fun.
Victor? My name is Nancy.
Nancy Wheeler.
And this is Robin Buckley.
Um, we have some questions.
I don't talk to reporters.
Hatch knows that.
We're not reporters.
We're here because we believe you.
And because we need your help.
Whatever killed your family, we think it's back.
Pass the Dutchie 'Pon the left-hand side ♪ Pass the Dutchie 'Pon the left-hand side ♪ It a go bun ♪ Give me the music ♪ Make me jump and prance ♪ It a go dung ♪ Give me the music ♪ - You're packed already? - Yeah, I mean, I never really unpacked.
Thanks, by the way.
For what? For knocking some sense into me.
I was being a total self-pitying idiot.
Oh, I didn't say it.
You didn't have to.
Hey, also, about the last few days You don't have to say anything.
I I was being a total jerk to El.
I deserved it.
No, no, no.
You didn't deserve anything.
Listen, the truth is, the last year has been weird, you know? And I mean, you know, Max and Lucas and Dustin, they're they're great.
They're great.
It's just It's Hawkins.
It's not the same without you.
And I feel like maybe I was worrying too much about El, and I don't know, maybe I feel I lost you or something.
Does that make sense? I have no idea what's gonna happen next.
But, whatever it is, I I think we should work together.
I think it'll be easier if we're we're a team.
Best friends.
- That was fast.
- Thirty minutes or less.
- All right.
You guys ready? - Yeah.
Pizza time.
I got it.
Yeah, I'm coming.
Hold your horses.
Jesus Christ.
Hello there.
- What the hell was that? - Shit.
Stay here! Go in the den! - What's going on? - Get back! - Shit! - Listen, we gotta go right now! - Shit! Shit! - Go! Run! Move! Move! Shit! - Follow me.
- Okay.
What the hell is going on?! Just stay there.
Get down! I shoot, you run! Pass the Dutchie 'Pon the left-hand side ♪ Byers, man, having a party and not inviting me, man? That's not cool.
That is so not cool, man.
- Whoa! - Stop the car! The hell is going on? - Go, go, go! - Whoa, is that real blood, man? - Drive! - Okay.
All right.
But Oh my God.
Why is that guy holding a gun? - Drive! - Okay! Pass the Dutchie 'Pon the left-hand side ♪ Pass the Dutchie 'Pon the left-hand side ♪ It a go bun ♪ Give me the music ♪ Make me jump and prance ♪ Forty thousand.
Wow, all there.
Okay, now your turn.
Go get Hopper.
I will.
But first, I will call Enzo.
If your friend is dead, I could save myself trouble and fuel.
I'm kidding.
I'm sure he's not dead.
But still, I should check.
I don't like him.
Antonov, phone for you.
You realize we just had an escape? They say it's urgent.
Hello? Enzo.
It is Yuri.
Why are you calling me here? Are you mad? I know.
I am very sorry.
I just felt you should know that there has been a slight change in plans.
What? What has happened? I just got off the phone with your warden.
A very productive call.
It turns out, escaped prisoners are worth quite a bit of money.
So Yuri thinks, why not keep the forty grand and make extra money? That wasn't the deal.
But it is a better deal for Yuri, yes? And you know what is worth even more than escaped prisoner? Corrupt guards.
What have you done?! And worth most of all Americans wanted by the KGB.
Goodbye, Enzo.
I'm sorry, poor bird.
Did I make your coffee too strong? Don't worry.
You will be reunited with your American boyfriend very soon.
Very soon.
Turn here.
Here? - Max? - Lucas, please, just wait in the car.
- Max, just wait.
Max, please.
- Lucas, just wait Just listen to me.
Just, please.
I know something happened there with your mother.
Was it Vecna? I told you, I'm fine.
Okay? I mean, as fine as someone who's hurtling towards a gruesome death can be.
Max you know you can talk to me.
Right? Yeah, I know that.
Okay, then why do you keep pushing me away? Okay, look, I don't need a letter.
I don't want a letter.
Just talk to me.
To your friends.
We're right here.
I'm right here.
Okay? I'm here.
Wait in the car.
This won't be long.
When he attacks, our friend described it as a trance.
Like a waking nightmare.
That's why we think he's coming for her next.
Does any of this, anything we've told you, sound like what happened to your family? Victor.
- I know this is hard - You don't know anything! You're right.
We don't know.
That's why we're here.
To learn, to understand.
We need to know how you survived that night.
Survived? Is that what you call this? Did I survive? No, I assure you, I am still very much in hell.
I had been back from the war some 14 years.
Her great-uncle had died, leaving us a small fortune.
Enough to buy a new home, a new life.
- What'd I tell ya? - Wow.
This is amazing.
It looks like a fairy tale.
A dream.
Alice, no running.
It's so big! This is nice.
- It was a magnificent home.
- Yeah.
Alice said it looked like it was from a fairy tale.
Was this your daughter? Mmm.
But Henry, my my boy, he was a sensitive child and I could see he felt something was wrong.
We had one month of peace in that house.
And then it began.
Dead animals, mutilated, tortured, began to appear near our home.
Rabbits, squirrels, chickens, even dogs.
The police chief blamed the attacks on a wildcat.
This this was no wildcat.
This was an evil.
And evil neither animal nor human.
This was a spawn of Satan.
A demon.
And it was even closer than I realized.
Victor! My family began to have encounters conjured by this demon.
Waking, living nightmares.
This demon, it seemed to take pleasure in tormenting us.
Even poor, innocent Alice.
Alice! It's okay, sweetie.
It's okay.
Come here.
It wasn't long before I began to have encounters of my own.
I suppose all evil must have a home.
And though I had not a rational explanation for it, I I could sense this demon, always close.
I became convinced it was hiding, nesting, somewhere within the shadows of our home.
It had cursed our town.
It had cursed our home.
It had cursed us.
Stars shining bright above you ♪ Night breezes seem to whisper ♪ Time, weather, and Dream a little dream of ♪ It took Virginia first.
Just hold me tight ♪ And tell me you'll miss me ♪ I tried to get the children out, to save them.
Come on! Come on! Creel.
Creel! What the hell happened here? But I was back to France, back in the war.
It it was a memory.
I had thought German soldiers were inside.
I ordered its shelling.
I was wrong.
This demon, it was taunting me.
And I was sure it would take me, just as he'd taken my Virginia.
But then I heard another voice.
Stars shining bright above you ♪ At first, I believed it was an angel.
And I I followed her, only to find myself in a nightmare far worse.
While I was away, the demon took my children.
Henry slipped into a coma shortly after that.
A week later, he died.
I tried to join them.
I tried.
Hatch stopped the bleeding.
He wouldn't let me join them.
The angel you followed, who was she? Victor? Victor.
Is he everything you hoped he would be? I just had a very interesting conversation with Professor Brantley.
Perhaps we should discuss in my office while we wait for the police.
"Dear Billy, I don't know if you can even hear this.
" "Two years ago, I would have said, 'That's ridiculous, impossible.
'" "But that was before I found out about alternate dimensions and monsters, so I'm just going to stop assuming that I know anything.
" "So much has happened since you left.
" "Your dad was a total mess.
" "He and my mom started getting into fights.
" "Bad fights.
" "I don't think he could stand being here without you.
" "So he left.
" "And he didn't leave Mom much.
" "She's taken an extra job, and we moved to that lovely trailer park off Kerley.
" "Basically, ever since you left, everything's been a total disaster.
" "And the worst part is, I can't tell anyone why you're gone.
" "I can't tell them that you saved El's life.
" "That you saved my life.
" "I play that moment back in my head all the time.
" "And sometimes I imagine myself running to you, pulling you away.
" "I imagine that if I had, that you would still be here.
" "And everything would be everything would be right again.
" "I imagine that we that we could've become friends.
" "Good friends, like like a real brother and sister.
" "And I know that's stupid.
" "You hated me.
" "I hated you.
" "But I thought that maybe maybe we could try again.
" "But that's not what happened.
" "I just I stood there and I watched.
" "For a while, I tried to be happy.
" "Normal.
" "But I I think that maybe a part of me died that day too.
" "And I haven't told anyone this.
" "I I just can't.
" "But I had to tell you.
" "Before it's too late.
" "If you can even hear this.
" "I really hope that you can.
" "I'm sorry.
" "I'm so, so sorry, Billy.
" "Love, your shitty little sister, Max.
" Max.
All right, it's been long enough.
- Steve, just give her some time.
- I have, all right? I'm calling it.
She wants to get a lawyer, she can.
Time to giddy up, yeah? Max? Max.
Max! Max.
I've been waiting to hear those words, Max.
Waiting so very long.
Wake up! Hey! Max, wake up! Max! Wake up! - Oh, something's wrong.
- Max! Guys! Come on, wake up! But it wasn't the full truth, was it, Max? You know, I think there's a part of you, buried somewhere deep, that wanted me to die that day.
That was maybe even relieved.
Billy, no, that's not true.
That's why you stood there, isn't it, Max? It's okay.
You can admit it now.
No more lies.
- No more hiding.
- Billy, that's not true, I swear.
- I swear it's not true.
- That is why you feel such guilt.
- No.
- Why you hide from your friends.
- Why you hide from the world.
- No.
And why, late at night, you have sometimes wished to follow me.
Follow me into death.
- That is why I am here, Max.
- No.
- To end your suffering, once and for all.
- No.
It is time, Max.
Time for you to join me.
Max, you gotta get outta there! Can you hear me? - Max! - You gotta get outta there! Call Nancy and Robin! Go get 'em! Call Nancy and Robin! Go! - Please, Max! - Shit! Shit, shit, shit! Shit, shit, shit! Nancy? Robin? Do you copy? This is a code red.
Do you copy? Shit.
Robin! You're not listening.
Our friend is in danger.
Do you really expect me to believe anything you have to say? It's the truth.
You are free to tell your sob story to the police.
- Move along.
- Don't touch me! Victor said the night of the attack, everything went on in the house, but he made specific mention of music.
He said music was playing.
And then, when we asked him about the angel, he started to hum.
Say nighty-night and kiss me ♪ Hold me tight ♪ - "Dream a Little Dream of Me.
" - Ella Fitzgerald.
- The voice of an angel.
- Yeah.
Hatch said that music can reach parts of the brain that words can't.
So maybe that's the key, a lifeline.
- A lifeline back to reality.
- It's worth a shot.
- I think we can beat him.
- What? To the car.
I'm warning you right now, I have terrible coordination.
Took me six months longer to walk than all the other babies.
- Just follow my lead.
- No, my God! Hey! Get back here! Cinderella, you dropped your shoe! Stop right there! Go! Oh my God! You cannot hide from me, Maxine.
Let's go! Stop! Get out of there! - Ah! - Hey! - Go, go, go, go, go! - Stop! Get out of the car.
Get out of the car.
Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! You really are a weird runner.
Robin, where the hell are you? This is a code red.
I repeat, a code red! Dustin, it's Robin.
We copy.
Holy shit.
Finally! Please, please tell me you guys have this figured out.
Lucas! Dustin! Lucas, please, help! Dustin! Max, get outta there! - Can you hear - Guys! - What is this? - What's her favorite song? - Why? - Robin said if she listens It's too much to explain now.
What's her favorite song? What are you doing in here, Max? Come back to me.
How do you like them, Max? Would you like to join them? Shit! Shit! No! No! - Which one is it? - Okay, okay! Lucas, which one is it? What's her favorite song? - Which one? - It's right here! Got it! - Give it to me.
- Go, go, go! - Okay, headphones! - Now! Max! Max, wake up! Max! Wake up! Max, we're right here! - Come on, Max.
- They can't help you, Max.
There's a reason you hide from them.
Thunder in our hearts ♪ Max! You belong here, with me.
You're not really here.
Oh, but I am, Max.
I am.
It's you and me, won't be unhappy ♪ And if I only could I'd make a deal with God ♪ And I'd get him to swap our places ♪ Max! I'd be running up that road ♪ Be running up that hill ♪ Be running up that building ♪ Max! I don't want a letter.
We're right here.
I'm right here.
Come on, darling ♪ Let me steal this moment from you now ♪ Come on, baby, come on, darling ♪ Let me steal this moment from you now ♪ Come on, angel ♪ Come on, come on, darling ♪ Let's exchange the experience ♪ Max! And if I only could I'd make a deal with God ♪ And I'd get him to swap our places ♪ Max! I'd be running up that road ♪ Be running up that hill ♪ No problems ♪ Say, if I only could ♪ I'd make a deal with God ♪ And I'd get him to swap our places ♪ Max! Be running up that road ♪ Be running up that hill ♪ Max! Max! Max! Max! Max! Oh my God.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I thought we lost you.
- I'm still I'm still here.
- Oh shit.
I'm still here.

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