Stranger Things (2016) s04e05 Episode Script

Chapter Five: The Nina Project

1 Shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit! - God.
- Keep pressure on it.
- It's not slowing.
- Keep putting pressure on it.
- More pressure.
Get the napkins.
- Come on.
- More napkins.
- Shit.
- It's not slowing.
- Argyle! Get us to St.
I don't think praying's gonna help that dude.
- No, you idiot! St.
Mary's Hospital.
- No, no.
- What? - No hospital.
- We're gonna get you to the hospital.
- You need to warn O Owens.
- Owens, okay.
- The girl.
She She's in danger.
Okay, how how do we find Owens? Nina.
- Nina.
Who's Nina? - Come on.
A pen.
- Okay.
- Shit.
- Here's the number.
- Number.
- He wants to write something.
- We can call this Nina? Grab a magazine or something.
Will, get something.
- He's really bleeding a lot.
- Right here.
- Come on.
- Write the number.
Hey! Look at me! - Hey! Come on! - Hold on! - Oh, shit.
- Hey! Hey, yo, yo.
Wait, wait, wait.
Why is it so quiet back there, huh? Yo, is he dead? Jesus, man.
Talk to me! Shit! We should get off the road.
Argyle, Ar Argyle, get off the road, now! Shit, he's dead, isn't he? - This is real bad.
- What are you doing? Get off the road! Listen.
I know she was just here.
And if you wanna live you're gonna tell me where she is.
Apologies for the bumpy ride, kiddo.
I would've paved the road, but kinda ruins the whole "top secret location" thing.
Did you get some rest? - A little.
- Good.
I have a feeling you're gonna need it.
Here we go.
You didn't really think we were working out of a shed, did you? You built all this? Well, more gave it a face-lift.
Do you know what an ICBM is? It stands for intercontinental ballistic missile.
It's a a fancy bomb.
We used to store them in these silos, but we haven't used this one in years.
In fact, there there's no bomb here at all.
It's just a big ol' empty space.
So we repurposed it to hold something much more powerful than a missile: you.
- Anne, Tracy.
- Morning, Doc.
You'll have to forgive the staring.
You're a bit of a celebrity down here.
- I am? - Oh yeah.
You kidding? You You're bigger than Madonna to them.
They've all given up their lives, their jobs, their families to come work on this program, 'cause they believe in the cause.
They believe in you.
It's okay.
We call her Nina.
What is it? If we told you, it would ruin the surprise.
Hello, Eleven.
I know.
You're frightened of me.
Perhaps, in our time apart, you may have even grown to hate me.
But all I've ever wanted to do is to help you.
And right now, I think you very much need my help.
Your gifts have been stolen.
I believe I know why.
And I believe I know how to get them back.
Let us work together again.
You and I.
Daughter and Papa.
Papa! Yeah, I got her.
Why don't you go back inside? Play nice for the doctor, hmm? No! No! The more you move, - the more this is gonna hurt.
- No! No! No! Leave her.
- No.
- I'm I'm sorry, Eleven.
This is not how I wanted things to begin.
But everything's going to be all right.
You're home now.
You're home.
Enough! He is not yours to kill.
What I tell you, American? No run.
You don't listen.
Now is going to be much pain.
It could be worse, American.
At least you have company.
Your eyes don't deceive you.
I'm a prisoner now.
Like you.
Yuri, the smuggler, he betrayed me.
Betrayed us.
The pig's in trouble now.
You said we could trust him! You swore to me! Because I believed we could.
You think this is what I planned? I have lost everything.
Everything! We both knew the risks.
Both of us.
Do us all a favor.
Finish him! We gambled today, and we lost.
We lost.
Finish him! Joyce.
What about Joyce? There you are, my girl! Mwah! Why the long faces? Are you not excited for your journey across the Iron Curtain? Yuri, I have a family.
I have three kids waiting for me.
Did you know? Peanut butter is banned in motherland.
I buy for dollar-thirty here, sell for $20 there.
Your mother must be very proud.
My mother is dead.
Dead tired of living like a bum! You see? Yuri has family too.
And with money I earn from selling you, I will buy her a new house.
I will buy my daughter a pony.
Whatever they desire from now on, they will have.
And, yes, for that, my mother will be very, very proud.
I'm a travelin' man ♪ And I've made a lot of stops ♪ Hold tight.
This is not American Airlines.
Is going to get bit choppy.
at least one lovely girl ♪ I've a pretty señorita waiting for me ♪ Down in old Mexico ♪ If you're ever in Alaska, stop and see ♪ My cute little Eskimo ♪ Oh, my sweet Fraulein ♪ Down in Berlin town ♪ When'd Rick get out of jail? And my China doll ♪ Down in old Hong Kong ♪ Justice system's a goddamn joke.
You'll do.
Hey, Dustin, this is Eddie the Banished.
You there? Dustin, can you hear me? Dustin? Earth to Dustin.
Hey, it's Nancy.
Wheeler! Hey.
Um, I'm gonna need a food delivery, like, really soon, unless you want me going out into the world.
No, no, no.
Don't do that.
Stay where you are, and we'll be there as soon as we can.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Listen, um can you pick me up a six-pack? I know, it's stupid as shit, drinking right now, but a cold beer would really calm my jangled nerves.
Hey, I'm gonna have to call you back.
No, don't you da Wheeler? Wheeler? - Dustin! - Mm.
- Wake up.
- What? Aren't you supposed to be on Max watch? Yep.
Yep, yep, yep.
- Sorry.
- Then where is she? She's right there.
A second ago.
I swear, I just dozed off for an hour.
Morning, guys.
Everything okay? Yeah.
Yeah, everything's okay.
I think it's so sweet that you guys are sticking together like this.
Could try sticking together at a different house for a change.
You know you're welcome anytime.
You're like family.
- May I? - Absolutely.
Yeah, why not? Take us for all we're worth.
You wanna feel how it feels? ♪ - Yeah, yeah ♪ - You wanna know ♪ - Hey.
- Hey.
You okay? Just couldn't sleep.
People kept blasting music in my ears, for some reason.
But Holly let me borrow some of her crayons.
- We've been having fun, right, Holly? - Mm-hmm.
Is this what you saw last night? I mean, it's supposed to be.
I thought it'd be easier to draw it out than to explain it, but not so much.
Is that ? It was like they were on display.
And then there was this red fog everywhere.
It was like a dream.
A nightmare.
You think Vecna's just trying to scare you? With Billy? Yeah.
But when I made it here I dunno, something was different.
He seemed surprised, almost.
Like he didn't want me there.
Maybe you infiltrated his mind.
He invaded your mind, right? Is it that big a leap to suggest you somehow wound up in his? Like Freddie Krueger's boiler room.
Freddie Krueger? He's a super burned-up dude with razors for fingers.
- And he kills you in your dreams.
- Seriously? Sorry.
It's a movie.
It's not real.
Just think about it.
What if you somehow unlocked a backdoor to Vecna's world? Like, maybe the answer we're looking for is somewhere in this incredibly vague drawing.
- God, we need Will.
- No shit.
But I tried them again this morning, and it's the same busy signal.
Is this a window? Yeah.
Stained glass with roses.
See? I'm not so terrible after all.
Yeah, well, it helps that I've seen it before.
It's pieces of a house.
Not just any house.
It's Victor Creel's house.
Where you going? Waking the others.
Sorry, fuel for the road.
Thanks, Mr.
Wheeler! No.
Well, well.
Look who finally decided to join us.
Someone's a sleepyhead this morning.
Where am I? I guess you're still not quite awake, huh? Am I in Hawkins? Well, well.
Look who finally decided to join us.
Someone's a sleepyhead this morning.
Don't go too far, sleepyhead.
Lessons begin promptly at 10:00.
Well, well.
Look who finally decided to join us.
Someone's a sleepyhead this morning.
Heart rate's now 120 BPM.
- She's rejecting it.
- Give her time.
No, no, no.
We shouldn't have just thrown her in like this.
- She's gonna drown in there.
- No.
No, she is going to swim.
Oh man.
This is not the way it's supposed to go, okay? Oh man, oh man, oh man.
Okay, this is so messed up.
This is so messed up! This is so messed up! Okay.
Dude's probably got, like, a family, kids, you know.
All that shit.
We gotta go to the cops with this.
Lay it all on 'em.
Your superpowered girlfriend, bad government dudes, - Upside Down dimension planet thing - No.
But But listen! The bad government dudes are after your super girlfriend, right? Right? Okay.
So maybe cops can help us find out where she is.
They're gonna kill her.
- If they kill her, they're gonna kill us.
- Hey! They might kill us before they kill her.
- I dunno, man.
- Argyle! - Don't know what order they wanna go.
- Listen! Hey! - Eeny meeny miny moe - Argyle! - Listen! - What? Look, I think we can figure this out, okay? We just gotta open our minds.
Open our minds? That's an open grave in front of me, man! - Open my mind? What are you talking about? - Listen.
Hey, dude! Hey! Just relax, okay? - Yeah.
- Why don't you just go to the van and do your thing, huh? - Purple Palm Tree Delight.
- Right.
It's all worn off.
It's just worn off.
I'm all emotional.
- You're emotional.
- Okay.
- I'm sorry.
- You're fine.
- Jonathan.
- Yeah? More weed? Is that really a good idea now? Got a better idea to keep him calm? Let's just get this done.
You can't let him get to you.
He's stoned out of his mind.
Doesn't know what he's talking about.
That doesn't mean he's wrong.
I mean, if that guy would've lived one more second, one more second, then w we would know where she is.
Wh Why didn't he just say the number? I should've explained myself.
Maybe Eleven would've taken me with her and things would be different, but - No.
- I didn't I didn't know what to say.
Sometimes I think it's just scary to open up like that.
To say how you really feel.
Especially to people you care about the most.
Because, what if what if they don't like the truth? Does anybody know the dead dude's name? - What? - The dead dude.
I'm making him a headstone.
You do realize we spent all morning hiding the body.
Well, I'll just write, uh, "Here Lies Unknown Hero Agent Man.
" Yeah.
"Saved Argyle, Jonathan, Will, and Mike from certain death.
" You You're gonna write our names on the pizza box? They're pretty common names.
Okay, dude.
Uh, do your thing.
Jesus Christ.
Come on, man.
That's his pen.
What? Unknown Hero Agent Man, that's the pen he gave me right before he died.
Piece of shit.
Why would he give me a pen that didn't work? Come on.
Hey, man, I'm using that.
What are you doing? Something fell outta that pen, man.
Wh What is it? It's the number.
We've had it this whole time.
We got his digits, man? Did I tell you it's okay to break? Over there, there is a hand.
A HAND! Are we animals? Psst! Hey, Ivan.
Ivan! Stop calling my name.
You trying to get me in trouble? I don't know what they've told you, but it is all lies.
I'm here by mistake! I'm sorry.
I cannot help you.
I can make you rich.
See this American? He comes from money.
Old money.
Tell him, American.
Tell him how you will make him rich.
You're a real help, American, you know that? A real help.
You want to die here? You want to die? Is that it? That's what we've been brought here to do.
So, that is it? You give up, then? What about your woman, huh? She's captured, yes, but still alive.
We can still save her.
"Save her.
" That is amusing to you? You don't get it, do you? You don't get it.
The closer I get with Joyce, the more danger she's in.
You're not thinking straight, American.
No, I think I am.
For the first time in my life, I think I'm thinking straight.
I used to think I was cursed.
Ever since I was 18.
Got some letter of induction in the mail.
Uncle Sam wants me to go fight some war in the jungle.
Charlie's moving south like a plague 'cause of commie bastards like you, and You know, I'm happy enough to go.
Prove to my old man I'm not the piece of shit he thinks I am.
I get over there, I must test well, and they put me in the Chemical Corps.
There I am.
I'm just a kid, you know.
I'm 18 years old, 8,000 miles away, and I'm mixing up these 55-gallon drums of Agent Orange.
With just these kitchen gloves, you know? We used to clean out these buffalo turbines after a run and just be inhaling the stuff.
No masks, nothing.
"It's not chemical warfare.
It's just herbicide to kill plants.
" "Harmless.
" That's what they told us.
Then I got back to real life, and these guys I worked with, the ones that made it back, they started trying to get back to normal, you know? Having families.
And then things started going wrong.
Kids born stillborn.
Dead in the womb.
Crooked spines, eyes popped out.
The horror followed us, clung to us.
My wife Diane, she wanted a baby.
I did too.
We had a baby, and she was, um she was born healthy.
She was perfect, you know.
And then she died.
Blood pressure's dropping.
It wasn't an easy death.
She suffered.
I knew the risks, but I, um I hid them.
And then Diane left me.
She didn't blame me.
Not with words.
After that, I was just I just hid myself in drugs and alcohol.
And then people started coming into my life.
This girl El, and Joyce just happened, and I told myself they needed me.
But that wasn't true.
That's a lie.
They didn't need me.
I needed them.
I needed them.
You were right, what you said last night.
I knew the risks, breaking out of here, but I did it anyway.
The minute I sent for Joyce, the minute I sent for her, I sentenced her to death.
Just like I did with Sara.
Everyone I love, I hurt.
See, I was wrong this whole time.
I wasn't cursed.
I am the curse.
I've heard rumors of a monster.
From America.
I don't know if what you say is true, American, if you're truly a cursed man, but you're right about one thing.
We are going to die in here.
Can I help you? We need to look around.
I think it's some kind of leak.
I haven't had a chance to fix it with everything going on.
Pack your things.
We're moving you.
The devil is here.
I can feel his presence growing stronger each day.
But I know Chrissy's in heaven now, looking down at us, smiling.
Happy to see all the lives she touched and brightened.
But I also know she's frustrated.
That the monster that did this to her is still out there.
Hurting others.
How can he live, while my angel is gone? I know God has a plan Lord, I've prayed.
And I just do not understand it.
I see no reason.
I see no reason.
So I finally got ahold of Cappelletti.
Photos for the '86 yearbook.
Hot damn.
Sinclair? Goddamn traitor.
Only reason he'd lead us to a dead end.
The Hellfire Club.
- They're hiding Eddie.
- Maybe we should bring this to the cops.
The cops who think Chrissy's a drug dealer? Who are letting this this psycho go around killing people? I'm just saying, what if this cult is doing shit to us? - Doing what? - They already know we're after them.
- What if they cursed us or some shit? - Patrick thinks he's cursed.
Hey! None of this is funny.
Look, I don't believe in that supernatural crap, all right? But this cult is dangerous.
We have to be smart about this.
I made a list.
Everywhere these freaks have been seen.
We divide and conquer.
Check 'em out one by one.
Smoke 'em out.
We should add Reefer Rick's house to this.
What? Reefer Rick.
He's Eddie's supplier.
He's supposed to be in prison, but someone spotted him back in his house.
Now my parents are freaking out and shit.
It's probably nothing.
I don't know.
No, that's good.
That's good.
No stones unturned.
Yeah, that's not creepy.
What exactly are we supposed to be looking for in this shithole? We're not sure.
We just know this house is important to Vecna.
Because Max saw it in Vecna's red soup mind world? - Basically.
- Great.
Maybe it holds a clue to where Vecna is.
Why he's back.
Why he killed the Creels.
And how to stop him before he comes back for Max.
We don't think he's in here, do we? Guess we'll find out.
Ready? Mm-hmm.
What are you doing in here, Max? It's locked.
Should I knock, see if anybody's home? No need.
I found a key.
Looks like someone forgot to pay their electric bill.
Where'd everyone get those? Do you need to be told everything? You're not a child.
- Thank you.
- Huh.
Back pocket.
They just left everything.
I guess a triple homicide isn't good for resale value.
Hey, guys? You all see that, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Is this what you saw? In your visions? I mean, it's just a clock.
Right? Like a normal old clock.
Why is this wizard obsessed with clocks? Maybe he's, like, a clockmaker or something? I think you cracked the case, Steve.
All I know is the answers are here.
Okay, everyone stay in groups of two.
Robin, upstairs.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Was that a sigh? - No, I did not sigh.
- Why'd you sigh? - I didn't sigh.
Just come on, dude.
- I heard you.
- W We're just always partners, okay? You have a problem with that? It'd just be nice to, I don't know, mix it up a bit.
- I'm boring you? Is that it? - No, the opposite Ah.
Hey, Yuri.
Yuri, I need to take a piss here.
Just give it up.
He can't hear you.
I really do have to go, Joyce.
This isn't some ploy to escape.
- He can't hear.
- What? Joyce, what are you doing? Joyce! Joyce! - Joyce! - My leg is too short.
Can you grab that shard with your foot? Perhaps, you know, we should talk this through first.
What is there to talk through? We cut our binds, break free.
Yes, okay.
Then what? - Then you take him out.
- Take him out? You know karate.
You said you were a black belt.
We're 10,000 feet in the air, Joyce.
I take him, who flies this plane? All right, so don't knock him out.
Just get his gun and make him turn us around.
Get his gun.
Just like that, huh? - Is black not the highest color? - Yes.
- It's just - Just what? I've never fought in a real-world scenario, okay? I've only sparred with the other students.
How old? It doesn't go younger than 13.
Thirteen? But Jeremiah is 16.
His birthday is next month.
And And Jeremiah is a ferocious fighter.
Lightning fast.
Very skilled.
And I beat him.
That one time.
And certainly Yuri is not trained or skilled like Jeremiah.
So, yes.
Yes, you're right.
I can defeat Yuri.
Thank you for talking it through.
I feel much better now.
Well, well.
Look who finally decided to join us.
Someone's a sleepyhead this morning.
Stop this! Let me out! In 1786, Nicolas Dalayrac wrote an opera called Nina.
It's the story about a young woman whose lover was killed in a duel.
Nina was so traumatized that she buried the memory.
It was as if it never happened.
Every day, she would return to the train station to await her lover's return.
A return that would never be.
If only Nina could know the truth.
This This isn't real.
But it once was.
A memory.
Very good.
How? Never mind how.
Let me out.
I want out! I'm sorry, Eleven.
You'll have to find your own way out.
Leave your train station.
Stop waiting.
I don't understand.
I don't understand! Well, well.
Look who finally decided to join us.
Someone's a sleepyhead this morning.
Well, well.
Look who finally decided to join us.
Someone's a sleepyhead this morning.
I'm sorry.
Am I in trouble? Trouble? No.
No, why do you think that? You're just missing out on all the fun.
Training starts any minute.
There's nothing to be nervous about.
You're going to do great today.
I just know it.
- Good morning, children.
- Good morning, Papa.
How are we feeling today? Good, Papa.
Number Twelve.
Would you be so kind and open the door? Yes, Papa.
Please, follow me.
- How's she doing? - Very well.
She's swimming now.
'Cause I just got off the phone with Stinson.
We don't have much time.
Well then, she'll just have to swim faster.
- There's one.
Argyle, slow down.
- There's one what? - Slow down.
- Stop barking orders.
Argyle! Slow down! - Whoa! - Christ! 202-968-6161.
Is it ringing? No, it's just making a bunch of weird noises.
Busy? Listen to this.
That remind you of anything? WarGames.
What? Oh my God, we're not calling a phone.
We're calling a computer.
I don't know if Nina's a computer like Joshua or Owens' lab, but Unknown Hero Agent Man gave us access to it for a reason.
We just need to find the computer.
We find Owens, then warn him.
Then we warn Eleven.
I just need a hacker.
The only hacker that I know lives in Utah.
- Wait, Utah? - Salt Lake City, to be specific.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
What? Why "Oh my God"? Turn around ♪ - Look at what you see ♪ - Oh no.
NeverEnding Story.
That scared the shit out of me.
The Nothing, man? That's some proper existential shit, dude.
You can't be serious.
If we take the I-15 north, we'll get there by morning.
Oh, you're serious.
I know it sounds insane, but Suzie saved the world last year.
Maybe she can save it again.
Looks like Rick's had company.
It's him.
Hey, Dustin.
You there? It's Eddie.
You remember me, right? Hey, if anyone's there, I really think I might be in a bit of trouble here.
Okay? Wheeler? Anybody?! Hey, uh, Henderson? Yeah? Could you maybe, uh, clarify what sort of clues we're supposed to be looking for here? "The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.
" Sherlock Holmes.
That's great.
That's great.
Really helpful.
Sherlock Whoa, whoa.
- What's wrong? - There was a spider.
- What? - It's a black widow.
- Okay.
- Don't go in there.
Oh, oh.
- Wait, just - What? - Something? Shit.
- Wait.
Stop moving.
- Stop.
I just I got it.
I got it.
- Thank you.
If there's a spider, you're never gonna find it till it lays eggs and the babies spill out.
What's wrong with you? Robin, seriously.
She's got problems.
- Tell me about it.
- It's cool you two are friends now.
Maybe after we find Vecna, kill him, save the world and stuff, maybe we can all go out.
You know? Me, you, Robin, Jonathan, when he's back.
It's not like we're dating.
Me and Robin.
Not like we're dating.
- She told you? That we're not? - Yes.
She made that very clear.
Platonic with a capital P.
Thank you.
I mean I would date her.
It's just She's We're just Never mind.
We're friends.
- Just friends.
- Right.
All better.
Well Great.
Um Guess we should, uh, get back to the investigation.
"The obvious things are not what people observe.
" Or "Do Don't observe.
" Or Sherlock Holmes.
What? I wish we had a longer loop.
Forty-six minutes isn't bad.
I think there are bigger concerns.
Like What if, by listening to this over and over, I get sick of it, and suddenly it's not my favorite anymore? Will it still work? Or will Kate Bush, like, lose her magic power or something? Kate Bush? Never.
You're a Kate Bush fan? Uh, yeah.
Now I am.
- Really? - Yeah, mega-fan.
She She saved your life.
Besides, we're hot on this creep's trail.
We're gonna find Vecna and kill him before he even thinks about messing with you again.
All right? In fact, I bet if we hit these suckers in the right combo, we might just open a door to his secret lair.
You're such a dork.
I thought you were, like, one of the cool kids now.
I'm not cool? I've really missed that.
Missed what? Your laugh.
All done.
Work your magic, Kate.
I promise I'm gonna stop asking this, but you're seeing that, right? Yeah.
Feel how it feels ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ Do you want to know ♪ Look.
Very good, Two.
Very good.
Now, which brave soul would like to follow that? Hmm? - Hmm? - Me.
Eleven? Remember to stay focused.
Find the energy.
Feel it.
Why does he waste so much time with her? Hey.
They're laughing.
At you.
They think you're weak.
Show them, Eleven.
Show them.
Now make it move.
Waste of time.
- What is happening? - She's going into arrest.
Okay, that's enough.
Pull her out.
Pull her out! Naughty, naughty bird.
Did you fall out of your nest? Where do you think you are going? Come on.
Be a good girl now and get back to your place.
Or what? Are you gonna shoot me? I I don't think the KGB would like that.
You're right, I cannot kill you.
But KGB didn't specify condition you must arrive in.
You are fragile cargo.
You can still break.
Not if I break you first.
My fingers are like arrows.
My arms, like iron.
My feet, like spears.
Resist, and I will end you.
But turn this plane around, and I will spare your life.
Kiai! Ah! Kiai! Let him go! Let him go! My fingers are like arrows.
My arms, like iron! My feet, like spears! Kiai! Kiai! What did you do? What? I said, "Don't knock him out.
" - I thought you didn't know how to fly! - I don't! Pull up! Pull up! I am pulling up! It's like the Christmas lights.
The Christmas lights? Yeah, when Will was in the Upside Down, the lights came to life.
Vecna's here.
In this house.
Just on the other side.
I think he just left the room.
Did he hear us? Can he see us? Headphones.
Wait, wait.
Everyone, turn off your flashlights and spread out.
We're not gonna be able to see if we turn off our flash lights.
Jesus Christ.
I got him! Got him! I got him.
I I had him.
Oh, whoa.
Oh, I think he's moving.
He's moving.
He's moving.
I lost him.
No, you didn't.
It's an attic.
Of course it's an attic.
Hold up, guys.
What if he's leading us into a trap? Guys, guys.
Shit, shit, shit, shit.
Dude, he's not here, seriously.
Shut up and keep looking.
Dustin? Please.
Are Are you there? Never mind.
Come with me.
Holy shit.
Hey, freak! - Where do you think you're going? - Shit.
Come on! - Just come on - You scared of some water? Let's go! you piece of shit! Come on.
Gotta help me out here, man.
Come on.
Come on, you piece of shit! Come on! Goddamn it! Nope? Okay.
All right.
Okay, what's happening? Hey, stay back, man! Stay back! Stay back! Come on.
We almost have him.
Hey, Patrick.
Patrick! Patrick! Patrick.
Hey, Patrick.
Hey, Patrick.
Patrick! Air.
Get her some air, for Christ's sake.
It's okay.
It will take time to adjust.
But you're safe now, hmm? Giving us quite the workout.
You really wanna do this again? No! No! No! Remarkable.
Stay away.
I said, stay away! You didn't think it would be that easy, did you? I don't understand.
I do.
Papa? Daughter.

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