Stranger Things (2016) s04e06 Episode Script

Chapter Six: The Dive

1 Where is he? Where was Eddie when that happened? Wha Wait, what? Eddie.
Where was Eddie when you saw this? He He was in the in the boat, like I said.
But then, uh who lifted Patrick out the water? What You're not listening to me.
- Why aren't you listening to me? - Jason, we are listening.
No, you're not.
You're not.
Eddie, he's Eddie is a vessel.
Just a vessel.
A vessel? For Satan.
He's made a pact with the devil.
Now he has his powers.
You don't believe me.
We're just, uh, processing all of this, that's all.
Okay? Yeah.
How do you expect to stop the devil if you don't believe he's real? I can make it stop.
I can make the pain end.
Where's the girl? I told you.
I don't I don't I don't know.
There are two proposed explanations for what is happening.
Explanation one, an invisible boogeyman from another dimension is slaughtering these kids.
Explanation two, Dr.
Brenner's special little pet has gone rogue again and he and his lackeys are now seeking to cover it up.
Perhaps in the hopes of selling their pet to the Soviets.
Now, which explanation sounds plausible to you? Hmm? I don't know.
There's still a chance to redeem yourself, Mr.
Where is she? No! No! No! No! Do you know what happens when someone has a stroke? The blood supply to the brain is cut off.
It scrambles the signals in the brain to the point where the mind can forget how to do things.
To eat.
To speak.
To walk.
When you were attacked last year, I believe that your signals were scrambled in much the same way.
But just as a stroke victim can learn to walk again, I believe you, too, can return to your full power.
Your abilities are still in here.
You just need to remember.
Everything that took place in my lab was captured on videotape.
Every success and every failure.
It's important for you to not just see your past, but to fully re-experience it.
In doing so, I believe we can repair your broken signals.
As we saw tonight, that process has already begun.
If this all happened, why don't I remember? Because you do not want to.
Our brains have a defense mechanism in place to protect it from bad memories.
From trauma.
You buried these memories long ago.
When I was in there, I saw something.
There was blood.
So much blood.
That was another memory, a a more powerful one, invading from your subconscious.
You have demons, Eleven.
You have demons in your past.
That is why we must proceed carefully.
One step at a time, one memory at a time.
If we go too fast, I'm afraid you could become lost in the darkness.
And if you are lost so are we all.
Hey, Eric.
I'm taking five.
You just took five.
Yeah, well, tell Milo to take it easy on the onions next time.
Not to be a wimp, but can I sit in the car? 'Cause this is gonna totally and royally suck.
It'll be fine.
I can't stand to see those dull eyes of Eddie's break again.
I really, really can't.
At least he can drink himself into feeling better.
That's what my mom does.
Why don't we give it a trial? "Hey, Eddie.
Uh, good news first this time.
" "We got you some Dustin-approved junk food and that six-pack you requested.
" "Oh yeah, and we found Vecna.
" "Bad news is that he's in that other, darker, much scarier dimension, and the gate's closed, so we have no way of getting to him.
" "He's entirely shut off to us, so basically you're screwed.
" "And, no, I know you were already screwed, but now you're doubly, triply screwed.
" Wait.
Maybe we don't put it like that.
"We're one step closer to finding Vecna.
" That's what we say.
That's what's important.
See, Robin? Positive spin can make all the difference.
- Uh-huh.
- Oh shit.
Nothing to see.
Just step back a little.
All right? - This way.
- As many of you know, the Roane County line received a call a little after midnight reporting a homicide here on the lake.
Officer Callahan here and myself arrived first on the scene.
We made our way to the shore of Lover's Lake, about ten yards from that house you see behind me.
It was there that we found the victim, an 18-year-old senior from Hawkins High, Patrick McKinney.
His limbs - Oh my God.
- his body, it was disfigured What are we even doing? I mean, where is the FBI? - There was an eyewitness on the scene - That's what I want to know.
We got a serial killer on the loose.
We have also identified a person of interest.
Eddie Munson.
We encourage anyone with information - to please come forward.
- Oh man.
This is not good.
Really not good.
You've got a lot of questions, and I'm going to answer as many as I can.
Two o'clock at town hall, where anyone from the Hawkins community is welcome.
But right now, I've got work to do, and I appreciate your understanding.
Is Eddie still in Hawkins? Dustin, can you hear me? Wheeler? Eddie.
Holy shit.
Are you okay? Nah, man.
Pretty Pretty goddamn far from okay.
- Where is he? - Where are you? - Skull Rock.
Do you know it? - Uh, yeah.
- That's near Cornwallis and - Garrett, yeah.
I know where that is.
Hold tight.
We're coming.
We're coming.
I can't feel my butt.
Can't feel my butt.
Can you guys feel your butts? I can feel my butt.
Everyone needs to be on their best behavior, okay? Why are you looking at me when you say that? - I didn't.
- They're just really religious.
Yeah, and I'm super spiritual, dude.
Yeah, I think they're spiritual too.
Just in a different way.
Is Suzie here? Ow! Away, you starveling! You elf-skin! You dried neat's tongue! This is my kind of party.
I've been bitten.
Help! Help! - Beautiful performance.
- Excuse me.
Uh, hey, we're looking for Suzie.
Can you not see that we are filming? Come on.
All right, stay in it, Tabitha.
Stay in it.
Hi, we're looking for Suzie.
Don't know, don't care.
That's too much salt, Peter.
Father's kidneys! Father's kidneys! Cornelius! How many times do I have to tell you? That is not a toy.
Come on.
You make another escape, I'm getting Father.
Who the hell are you? Argyle.
Uh, and you are? Eden.
- Like the garden.
- Wow.
- We're looking for Suzie.
- Do you know where she is? Third floor, second door on your left.
You make sure to give that selfish four-eyed shit a nice little shove for me.
Eden, I I will shove her for you.
I will I will do anything for you.
Well, great, she's not here.
"Give her a shove.
" - Suzie! - Yeah? Who the heck are you? And what are you doing in my room? - Sorry, that's that's fair.
- No, listen.
- We're Dustin's friends.
- Yeah.
We really need your help.
You said an hour.
I underestimated.
I thought you were dead.
Might as well be.
We are truly in hell if hell froze over.
There's nothing south, but two miles north I saw some smoke.
Could be a town, a house.
Maybe somebody there knows where we can find this prison.
The top-secret prison.
Really? Right.
Any luck with our friend? What do you think? Hey! Dipshit! We're outta here.
Last chance.
Where's the prison? I told you.
Yuri will help you for the right price.
I told you, we're wasting our time.
- Half.
- What? - What? - You heard me, you stubborn bastard.
Half the reward.
Twenty thousand.
- Thirty thousand.
- Twenty-two.
All right.
Looks like we got ourselves a moron! You thought I was serious? He thought I was serious.
I got you! I got you good! There's only one thing you get if you take this deal.
You get to live.
You are not killer.
Oh, you're right.
He's not a killer.
Thing is, we don't need to kill you.
We can just leave you here.
Because there's nothing for miles and no one will find you.
No human, at least.
- I saw tracks.
- Tracks.
In the woods, Yuri.
- Bears.
- Bears.
Who knew you could see your own future? Shall we fly out of here, little bird? Uh, da, da.
Bye-bye, Yuri.
You should go east, not north.
My warehouse is there.
Supplies, guns, truck.
We will need to reach prison by nightfall if you hope to save your friend.
That is, if he's not already dead.
Everyone out.
Let's go! Move it! This is it, American.
I hope you're ready.
What are you all waiting for? Move! Let's go! Move! Am I dreaming, American? Or is this real? What is wrong with your American friend? He has lost his spirit to live.
And he is not my friend.
Isn't that right, Cursed One? You have lost your spirit to live.
Yeah, something like that.
No He is American after all.
Big talk, but weak inside.
Tell him to eat.
Or he endangers us all.
We have a big fight ahead of us.
What are you talking about? Fight? I have been in this place one week.
My first night, I saw six men enter this room.
Just like us.
They came out happy and fat, faces smothered in grease.
But when night fell, they were thrown into that pit out there.
But not alone.
You heard those roars, yes? That is a monster.
Not from this world.
Thirty seconds it took! Thirty seconds And all six men You speak no sense.
If they plan to kill us tonight, why waste this food on us? They want us strong.
So we can fight it.
To test its strength.
To train this monster for war.
But last week, the men got their weapons then scattered like fools.
We stick together Perhaps we stand a chance! Perhaps we live to see another day.
Till tomorrow! Let me guess.
This it's about nine feet tall? Thin, white skin? No face? No eyes? Come on, come on, come on.
Translate! How do you know this? 'Cause I've seen one.
And I've fought one.
And all your theories about it, they're all wrong.
You know why they feed captive predators live prey? Because if they don't, the predator gets bored and it stops eating.
It needs the thrill of the hunt.
We're not here to train this monster with swords and axes.
We're here to entertain it.
And this food this food isn't to make us strong.
It's to, uh, make us plump.
So we're full of the nutrients and protein that a growing monster might need.
So eat up, boys.
This is your last meal.
Which number are you aiming for? Three.
You know, sometimes it's helpful to take a step away for a moment.
Let the mind clear.
Determined, aren't we? You know you remind me of someone.
Someone I used to know really well.
Can you guess who that is? One? - Papa said that he doesn't - Exist? I know.
But can I tell you a secret? Sometimes, Papa doesn't tell the truth.
I spent years with One.
Right here.
In this very room.
Where is he? Maybe we'll save that story for another day.
It doesn't have a happy ending, I'm afraid.
But he was a lot like you.
Everything was hard for him.
Then, out of nowhere, he walked in here and it was like something had changed.
And I asked him what's different, and he said he said he had figured it out.
He had found his strength in a memory from his past.
Something that made him sad.
But also angry.
Do you maybe have a memory like that? Do you remember the day a strange woman came to see you? This would've been when Eight was still here.
The woman, she was calling a name to you.
No! No! No! Jane! That was your mother.
Mama is dead.
She died making me.
And who told you that? Papa.
Who doesn't always tell the truth.
This place and the people here are not what you think.
- Good morning, children.
- Good morning, Papa.
I've got something very special planned for you today.
Are you ready? Yes, Papa.
Seventeen, would you open the door? - Yes, Papa.
- Off you go.
After you.
We should've just told her the truth.
And risk everything? No.
She'll find out soon enough.
Dude, I'm telling you, you're taking us the wrong way.
It's north.
I'm positive.
I checked the map.
You do realize Skull Rock, it's a super popular make-out spot? Yeah.
So? Yeah, well, it wasn't popular until I made it popular.
All right? I practically invented it.
- We're heading in the wrong direction.
- Steve.
- Where are you going? Steve! - Stop whining.
Let's go.
Trust me.
Okay, so apparently we're going this way now? I swear to God, if they get us lost Hey.
You okay? Uh, yeah.
I'm fine.
Just thinking about Patrick.
You know? Yeah.
I mean, it's it's like, why him? But then, I remember this one day, he he came to practice with a black eye.
He said he fell, but clearly he was lying.
It's like everyone Vecna targets has something in their life.
- Something that's - Hurting them.
Haunting them.
I I didn't really know Patrick, so it was easy to just look the other way, I guess.
But I did know you.
And I'm sorry I wasn't there.
It's not your fault.
- No.
- I disappeared.
No, no, you didn't.
I just didn't look hard enough.
Okay? But I see you now.
I see you.
Oh my God, they're so adorable.
I just wanna squeeze 'em, you know? If I'm permitted to see a silver lining in this end-of-the-world doom and gloom, it would be the rekindling of old flames that never should've been snuffed out.
I didn't mean that as a hint or anything.
But if I did mean it as a hint, would that be so terrible? To wish for happiness for my friends? You think I'm not happy? I I'm sure you are.
It's just, the other day, I mentioned Jonathan and you flinched or winced or something like I didn't flinch or wince.
- Okay.
- Jonathan and I are fine.
- Got it.
- We're good.
It's just He was supposed to be here for the break, and then he backed out at the last minute for some vague, mumbly Jonathan reason.
And, to be honest, I'm not that surprised because I've been feeling him pulling away.
And I don't know if it's because we're 2,000 miles away or if he met someone new or what.
And now I can't find out why because apparently he's blown up his family's house phone or something.
So, yeah, if if the mention of his name caused a slight muscle spasm on my face, that's probably why.
Seems like a perfectly reasonable reason to flinch, wince, or something.
You said, "the happiness of your friends.
" So does that make us friends? As in, officially? Uh, yeah.
I I mean, right? Right.
Oh, boom! Bada bing, bada boom.
There she is, Henderson.
Skull Rock.
In your face, man.
In your stupid, cocky little face.
Doesn't make sense.
Yeah, yeah.
Even with it staring you in the face, you can't admit it.
Can't admit you're wrong, you butthead.
I concur.
You, Dustin Henderson, are a total butthead.
Jesus, we thought you were a goner.
Yeah, me too, man.
Me too.
How long have you known Eddie was killing these kids? It was his trailer where Chrissy was killed, and you expect us to believe he was made a suspect just this morning? The truth is we've been following several leads, and, yes, Eddie Munson was one of them.
And we are now doing everything in our power to find him.
In the meantime, for your safety, we will be enforcing a strict curfew.
- What? - That's your solution? - Hide from him? - We're already doing that.
It's been days.
Days! So you tell me why he's not behind bars right now.
I understand you all are upset, but I promise you, we will find him.
You won't.
Jason? Son, how about we talk about this in private? Why? So you can keep me quiet? So you can keep the truth from coming out? I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't bear to listen to any more excuses and lies.
- That's enough.
- I agree, I've had enough! In fact, I think we've all had enough.
Last night Last night, I saw things, things I can't explain.
Things the police don't wanna believe.
And things that I don't wanna believe myself.
But I know what I saw.
I know.
And I've come to accept an awful truth.
These murders are ritualistic sacrifices.
We've all heard how satanic cults are spreading through our country like some some disease.
And Eddie Munson is the leader of one of these cults.
A cult that operates here in Hawkins.
The mall fire.
All those unexplained deaths over the years.
Some people say our town is cursed.
They just don't know why.
Now Now we do.
Now we know.
They call themselves Hellfire.
That's bullshit! The Hellfire isn't a cult.
It's a club for nerds.
- Erica! - Just the facts.
A club.
A club.
A harmless club.
That's what they want you to think.
But it's a lie.
A lie designed to conceal the truth.
And now this cult is protecting its leader, Eddie.
Hiding him.
Allowing him to to continue his rampage.
Last night, I became overcome with this feeling of of hopelessness.
Then I remembered Romans 12:21.
"Do not be overcome by evil.
" "But overcome evil with good.
" And God knows there's good in this town.
So much good.
It's in this room! It's in this room, right here, right now.
So I came here today, humbly, to ask for your help.
To join me in this fight.
Let us cast out this evil and save Hawkins together.
What are y'all just sitting around for? You heard the kid.
I want you all to hear me loud and clear on this.
Anyone interfering with this investigation will be arrested.
Hey! Hey! We will be implementing a curfew.
If you are not in your house after sunset with the doors locked, you'll be written up.
And it's gonna go on your permanent record.
Okay, that is a lot to process.
I mean, that might be seriously the craziest thing I've ever heard.
I know, it's hard to believe.
But it's true.
All true.
I dial in to this computer and find a location, and at this location is the Nina Project? Exactly.
And the Nina Project is the code name for a video game? No, it's not just a video game.
It's a video game console.
It's basically America's answer to Nintendo.
That's a stupid name.
You're right, it is a stupid name, but, Suzie, it's 16-bit.
Sixteen-bit? - Why have I never heard of it? - Because it's top secret.
- That's why we're doing this.
- Yeah, right.
It's for the promotion.
The first people to find the secret location receive a - Americantendo? - Uh, an Americantendo.
So you drove 3,000 miles over your spring break so I can help you get a new video game console no one has ever heard of? Yes.
- But it's not for us.
It's for Dustin.
- Right.
It's for Dustin.
For Dustin's birthday, which is In two months, three days, five hours.
I don't know what you're doing, but I am not spending my entire day babysitting.
- Pull your damn weight.
- Language! Oh no, am I gonna burn in hell now? You tell her, Eden.
- Out of my room.
- Don't touch me, you little shit! Okay, so can you help? I would do anything for Dustybun, but I'm afraid there's been an unfortunate development.
After changing Dusty's grade, I was wracked with the most awful guilt.
Suzie, I am incredibly disappointed.
Father could see my soul was tortured, and he wrenched a confession out of me.
I wanted to help him.
Not only was I breaking the law, I was dating an agnostic.
An agnostic! - I've never seen Father so angry.
- starting today.
He needed me.
- Naturally - Father, no! after learning the terrible truth, he confiscated my computer.
And Father is not one to change his mind.
I'm as likely to see it again as I am my poor Dustybun.
Where is it? His study.
He uses it for work now.
And Father's always working, and his door is, like, permanently locked.
I'm really sorry.
But it looks like you came all the way here for nothing.
Cornelius! Unless - Unless? - There might be a way.
But we're gonna need help.
And I mean a lot of help.
All right.
Guys? Are you down here? Guys? They should've been back by now.
They should be back.
- What time was the movie? - Uh, four hours ago.
Hate to break it to you, Mrs.
Wheeler, but they lied to you.
- Liar, liar, pants on fire ♪ - Holly.
We don't think they're actually involved with Eddie, do we? I think at this point, anything's possible.
- Our children are not murderers, Ted.
- Don't put words in my mouth.
See, she does that, twists my words.
You're calling the theater? The police.
When I got to the shore, I tried calling you guys, but, uh my walkie was busted, man.
So, uh, I did the thing that I do now, apparently.
I ran.
Do you know what time this was? The attack? Yeah, no, I I know exactly what time it was.
My walkie wasn't the only thing that got soaked.
- 9:27.
- Same time our flashlights went kablooey.
Which means what, exactly? That that surge of energy was Vecna attacking Patrick.
Well, we're one step closer.
We know how Vecna attacks.
And where he attacks from.
So now we just need to sneak into his lair in the Upside Down and drive a stake through his heart.
If he has a heart.
A stake? Is he like a vamp? Is he a vampire? - It was a metaphor.
- A bullet should work on him, right? I say we chop his head off.
All of the above, but we can't do any of that - 'til we find a way into the Upside Down.
- We need El to get her powers back.
Everything was way easier.
We had this girl.
She had superpowers.
Yeah, you mentioned her.
Hey, uh, Henderson's not, uh, cursed, is he? Cursed? No, no.
He's fine.
Mental? Absolutely.
Boom! Bada bada boom.
I was right.
Skull Rock was north.
- Seriously? You're serious? - Mm-hmm.
- This is Skull Rock.
Okay? - Mm-hmm.
You're totally, absolutely, 100% wrong.
Right now.
And no.
Oh my God.
This worked correctly when we left the Wheelers'.
Correct when we got in the car on Curly.
But it started to slip the further east we went.
Now it's way off.
When I was leading us here, I wasn't wrong.
The compass was.
So you're using faulty equipment.
You're still wrong.
Except it isn't faulty.
Lucas, remember what can affect a compass? - An electromagnetic field.
- Yep.
I must've skipped that class.
In the presence of a stronger electromagnetic field, the needle will deflect towards that power.
So either there's some super big magnet around here, or There's a gate.
But we're nowhere near the lab.
But what if, somehow, there's another gate? A gate that we don't know about.
It'd have to be smaller.
Way less powerful.
- Snack-size gate.
- How? Why? No idea.
All I know is that something is causing this disturbance, and the last time we've seen anything like it, it was a gate.
And I hope it is because then we'd have a way to Vecna.
And a shot at freeing Max from this curse.
Where are you going? Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Eddie's still a wanted man.
We can't just go hike in the woods.
This little steel capsule might be the key to saving both Max and Eddie.
What say you, Eddie the Banished? I say you're asking me to follow you into Mordor, which, if I'm totally straight with you, I think is a really bad idea.
But, uh, the Shire the Shire is burning.
So Mordor it is.
What is Mordor? Get your stuff, dude.
Let's go.
Today, we are going to play a game.
The rules of the game are quite simple.
Stay in your circle.
If you leave your circle, you lose.
The last person standing in their circle will get to spend an extra hour of free time in the rainbow room.
Now, even though we are going to be competing against one another Two.
I don't want you to approach this any differently than one of our tests.
Yeah? Now, this is very important.
If you allow anger or emotion to invade your thoughts, you will fail.
I promise.
Do you understand? Yes, Papa.
Very good, Two.
Number Six, please, take a seat by the door.
Ah! Eleven.
Good luck.
He'd found his strength in a memory from his past.
Something that made him sad, but also angry.
Do you have a memory like that? Jane.
No! No! No! Well, well.
It looks like we have a new winner.
I present you Kyrzran.
You see that gray steeple over there? That is Yuri's warehouse.
Looks like a church.
Let's see what miracles it holds, yes? Oh.
Someone has been in my peanut butter.
Very popular, as I say, eh? Weapons.
Where are the weapons? - Oh Jesus.
- Hey.
Not in a church.
You like all this? Wait until you see my flamethrower.
We don't have time for show-and-tell.
We need to get going.
She's always this bossy? You heard her.
Keys, map.
Let's go.
So, prison is here.
Between these two mountains.
Approximately two-hour drive.
I don't see anything.
Because it's not on the map, but it is there.
How do we know you're not leading us into some trap? Because I do not need to.
You want to break into deadliest prison in all motherland.
It is suicide.
Who said anything about breaking in? Oh.
You just expect to knock? "Oh hello, let me in.
I'm friendly American with a big beard.
" Something like that, actually, yes.
You were planning to turn us over to the warden.
Today, if I'm not mistaken.
Ah, I see now.
I bring you in as prisoners and then set you free inside walls.
It is risky, crazy, you will still probably die, yet I like it.
But for this to work, Yuri cannot be tied.
Hey, it's hard to turn over prisoners when I'm a prisoner myself.
Hey, I think the warden might find that suspicious.
Which is why, from here on out, you're gonna be Murray.
And I'm gonna be Yuri.
I don't follow.
Don't worry.
It's a silent role.
Ah! You want to make a fool of yourself, go ahead.
But to bring down these men, leaving them with no hope, what is the purpose of that? I tell them truth.
You feed their delusion.
Not delusions.
I believe we can fight.
I believe we can win.
I have a son, Mikhail.
I cannot leave this world with him believing his father is a traitor.
I need to get back to him, and I will get back to him.
- Is he slow? - What? Mikhail, your son.
Is Is he slow? Is he stupid? Stop talking.
No, he's very smart.
Top of his class.
Be silent! Then you're not his father.
I said go! You are drunk, American.
I would stop speaking unless you wish to die sooner.
I can.
It doesn't matter.
I know I'm gonna die today.
But guess what? I know who I am and what I've done, unlike you and these men, who can't face the truth.
That you're the reason why we're in here.
You're gonna die.
Come on, go! Your son is not your son I said to be silent! and your wife Come on! Come on! You do that again we shoot you on the spot.
You happy now, American? Was that worth it? Was that worth it? We call it a Demogorgon.
I don't know how they got it here or what they're doing with it, but everything I said about it's true.
Except it has one weakness.
Hates fire.
So I figure, if we want a shot at killing this thing, we need some fuel.
And I need something to light it with.
So you asked me if it was worth it? To answer your question yeah, I think it was worth it.
You son of a bitch.
You son of a bitch.
Don't make me laugh.
My ribs are broken.
Don't make me laugh.
Cornelius? Cornelius? Cornelius! - Wait, where's Argyle? - Shit, I don't know.
And three, two Oh my God.
Way to go, Cornelius.
Away, you mouldy rogue! Away! And we're in.
Holy sh heck.
Oh holy heck.
You did it.
Hold your applause.
I don't see an address.
" Try "office.
" What is all this? Tanner, Tatum, out of the way! Cornelius.
Maybe it's hidden in the code? - What you just said makes no sense.
- Hold your butts.
I'll trace the IP.
The The I-what? The internet protocol address.
It's a unique numerical label given to all information technology connected to the Internet.
- What's the Internet? - Don't worry about it.
It's just gonna change the world.
What's happening now? I'm running the IP through a geolocation software.
Basically a form of data mining.
Tabitha! Tabitha? Tabitha.
Oh no.
And cut! Incredible.
Just incredible.
And, Father, your terror.
It looked genuine.
Nevada? Can you print this? No, my skills end at IP geolocation.
You were being sarcastic.
These kids are gonna drive me to the loony bin.
Hi, Father.
You look like you need a nap.
Slow down! Dustin's right.
You're a certified genius.
I think we just spooked a skunk.
Pass the Dutchie 'Pon the left-hand side ♪ Yo.
My dudes.
Any luck? Give me the music ♪ Make me jump and prance ♪ You see that, Chief? Openly mocking us.
Stay calm.
Stay calm.
A bunch of angry, armed vigilantes are out hunting kids, openly defying us, and you want me to stay calm.
Stay calm.
Hey, Chief, you copy? Yeah, I copy.
Found their station wagon hidden up by Skull Rock.
No sign of them though.
- Skull Rock? - Yeah.
- Isn't that a make-out spot? - And a stone's throw from Lover's Lake.
The hell they wanna go back there for? One way to find out.
Hold tight.
On our way.
Something's happening.
Dustin? Can you slow down? Dustin? I think we're getting close.
Watch your step, big guy.
Oh man.
- You gotta be shitting me.
- Yeah.
- I thought these woods were familiar.
- Lover's Lake.
This is confounding.
There's a gate in Lover's Lake? Whenever the Demogorgon attacked, it always left an opening.
Maybe Vecna's the same way.
Yeah, only one way to find out.
- Easy.
I I said easy, man.
- Sorry, dude.
- Here you go.
- Yeah, I'm just gonna do that.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, that works too.
Good, you got her.
- Wheeler.
- Thanks.
Hey, hey, hey, you trying to sink us? This thing holds three people tops, okay? It's better this way, okay? You guys stay here with Max.
- Keep an eye out for trouble.
- You keep an eye out.
- It's my goddamn theory.
- You heard Nance.
- Who put her in charge? - I did.
Hey, there you go.
You said three.
Bedtime at nine, kiddos.
Miss you already! Please! Please, please You shouldn't be wandering the halls.
It's against the rules.
And not safe.
You shamed me today.
- I'm sorry.
- I didn't wanna hurt you.
You are weak and pathetic.
I was holding back.
And then you do that before everyone? Before Papa? No.
How'd that feel? Did you like that? See a light? I don't.
Something must've happened to the power.
Stop it! No! No! Tell Papa we did this, we will kill you.
Aw, feeling a little dizzy there? Poor baby.
What have you done? What have you done? Okay, easy.
Deep breaths.
Take deep breaths.
You did well, Eleven.
You did very well.
I know what happened now.
I killed them, didn't I, Papa? I killed them all.
I killed them all.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down.
Slow down, guys.
- Whoa.
- Wait, wait, wait.
They're stopping.
What are they stopping for? Guys, what's going on? Come on, talk to me.
What's going on? Uh, Dustin, your compass has gone from wonky to wonky with a capital "aah!" Steve, what are you doing? Somebody's gotta go down and check this out.
Unless one of you three can top being a Hawkins High swim co-captain and a certified lifeguard for three years, then it's gotta be me.
No complaints, all right? Hey, I'm not complaining.
I do not wanna go down there.
- When'd Steve get so hairy? - Right? I keep telling him he needs to tame that jungle, but he claims the ladies dig it.
Let me see.
What? Hey.
Good luck.
Steve? Be careful.
You guys realize, if there's a gate down there, it's technically a water gate.
Where we at, Wheeler? - Closing in on a minute.
- Okay.
Come on, Steve.
Come on.
- Down by the water! - Shit.
Down! Shit.
It was on this shoreline.
Oh Christ! I found it.
- You found it? - I found it.
I found it.
Dustin, you are a goddamn Einstein.
Steve found the gate - Cops.
- Shit, shit, shit.
We can't let 'em find Eddie.
Stay with me.
Hey, officers! - Max! - Over here! I found the killer! This way! - Shit.
- Go! It's pretty wild.
It's more a snack-size gate than the mama gate, but still, it's pretty damn big.
Steve! - Steve! Steve! - No! No! - What the hell was that, man? - Nancy, really, what happened? Jesus! Stop! Get back here, you little rats! Wait, wait, wait.
- You're not going in there, are you? - Just wait here.
- No, Nancy! - Nancy! Goddamn it! Dustin! Shit.
Hey there.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
What are you doing? She said wait.
Yeah, I heard her.
She's in charge.
Are you kidding me? I made that shit up.
Don't you go.
Don't you Goddamn it Son of a bitch! Oh, this is so stupid.
This is so stupid.
This is so stupid.
Shit! Shit! Shit!
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