Street Fighter II: V (1995) s01e14 Episode Script

Obsession with Beauty. Danger for Chun Li!

Dhalsim finally relented and demonstrated Hadou to Ryu and Ken.
The Hadou Dhalsim released awakened a great power within Ryu that even he couldn't contain.
When Ryu released that power, it was none other than the legendary Hadou Ken attack! After learning to control this new power with Dhalsim's guidance, Ryu left India behind.
Because of that whole Ashura drug syndicate bust Papa was chosen to receive an award at the international Interpol conference.
Anyway, he said he wanted you two to share the award with him.
Who-o-o-a! We're going to get an award from Interpol??.
Leave me out! I'd be too embarrassed.
But, Ryu! Mr.
Dorai wants us to be there with him.
Let's help him accept it.
Exactly! Don't be bashful! Just accept your award gracefully.
But For things like this, all you have to do is smile.
- Just smile?.
- Exactly! Chun Li's right, Ryu.
Let's flash 'em our pearlies! Okay, I guess Let's do it! We'll see this challenge through! Thanks for everything today.
Man, getting an award The last one I got was for being head of my class back in grade school.
God, I was so nervous up there! Mr.
Dorai, can't you come?.
We got front row seats at the Monumental bullfighting arena.
I'm tied up until tomorrow with the conference.
And here we are in Barcelona, too.
I swear, Papa, you couldn't relax ifyou wanted to! It seems there may have been an even bigger syndicate behind Ashura's operations.
You sure have a tough job, sir.
Guess you can't help it.
Ken, Ryu.
Because of my busy schedule I'd appreciate it ifyou would escort my daughter in my place.
No problem, sir! Now, Chun Li, I don't want you leading these boys into trouble like you did in Hong Kong! Yes, sir.
And don't you go pushing yourself too hard! I want you to relax a little.
Yes, dear.
Once my work's finished.
That's a promise?.
Yes, hello?.
Everyone seems so excited! The day's main event should be starting soon.
According to this, the matador will be, uhh The Prince of Spanish bullfighting: Balrog Fabio La Serda.
That's a tongue-twister of a name! He's apparently a young hero in this country.
Balrog! Balrog! Balrog! - This is something else! - The hero is about to appear.
- He's wonderful! - Look over here! Senor Balrog! Lovely girl, in your honor I shall defeat the bull today.
Thankyou so much! You get the feeling he doesn't like us?.
Probably thinks we're Chun Li's boyfriends.
Isn't he wonderful?.
- He's really good! - Yeah.
He dodges that bull by a hairsbreadth, instantly! I bet he'd be great in a real fight! Yeah.
I feel sorry for the poor bull Lovely girl, as I promised, I have slain the beast foryou.
I present this to you, as proof.
This is the symbol a matador uses to prove his love.
A fight where they kill a poor bull And these people were going crazy for it! Bullfighting's part of Spanish culture.
And Balrog's the star of the whole sick show! I thought you were all googly-eyed over that guy.
Giving me an EAR as a present! I'm gonna have nightmares tonight! Maybe you should have taken it.
When else are you going to get a present from a big star like him?.
Would you two get off my back??.
Speak of the devil We meet again, lovely girl.
Did you enjoy my battle today?.
Uh Yeah Run! Run foryour lives! A bull! A bull's escaped into the corridor! Look out! Over here! Come on! It's just getting interesting.
Stand back and watch.
Look out! What??.
Damn! That wasn't a weak spot! Where the hell is this thing's weak spot??.
The cranium?.
The jaw??.
- Where is it??.
- Ken! KEN!!! Damn it! You! Its weak spot is at the base of the horns! Ken! Ken! Are you all right??.
- Yeah - You did it, man! You saved my life.
Man, he's cold as ice! What's up?.
Balrog must be staying at the same hotel we are.
And his fans have followed him back to it.
He must be incredibly popular.
Must be tough being a star.
Lovely girl I thought we'd meet again.
I've felt fate was drawing us together since we first met at the bullfighting arena.
Uh, well Hey! What makes her so special??.
What's she to Senor Balrog??.
I look forward to our next meeting, my dear girl.
Ifyou'll excuse me Hey, he totally ignored us, didn't he?.
I think Chun Li's the only one of us he can see.
C'mon, let's just go.
So lovely A work of art God himself created for me.
Chun Li! Chun Li! Chun Li, I'm coming in! Chun Li, did you see someone-- Who's there??.
Chun Li! Chun Li! Ken What's wrong?.
Something wrong?.
I just saw someone out on the veranda! What??.
Someone was in here with me?.
I thought I was dreaming Lovely girl You cannot escape me now.
A party invitation arrives for Ken.
An invitation to a deathmatch with Balrog! Inside a cage, a cruel show begins.
How can Ken fight Balrog's cold, cruel claws?.
And what will be Chun Li's fate after Balrog poisons her??.
Next time, on Street Fighter II V: "Clash of the Titans!" "Mortal Combat for Pride, Life, and Cinderella!" They go to meet the mighty!