Street Fighter II: V (1995) s02e03 Episode Script

The Conspiracy, that Snuck Up

Hopingtofree Chun Li's mind, Ken risks his life in a battle with Balrog, the blackhearted young nobleman.
Their battle became all out mortal combat with the ring soaked with each man's blood.
Elsewhere, Ryu finally mastered the conscious control of Hadou.
As Ryu's Hadou Ken blasted out in a flash of blinding light Ken turned his ultimate move, the Sho Ryu Ken, upon Balrog! This is it HADOU KEN!!! Ken I did it Finally I can release it when I want to.
Tonight has been enjoyable but it's time for the show to end, Ken Masters! Come and get me! I'll end this with one punch! SHO RYU KEN!!! Did I win?.
I did it, Chun Li Ken Ken! Ken! KEN! Young lady Perhaps ifyou used this?.
Ken! Ken Please don't die I'm all right How about you, Chun Li?.
Thank goodness Youwilldie Looks like whatever spell he put on you has worn off.
Balrog You're one in a million.
Unconscious, and he STILL attacks!! Ifl don't catch him, he'll crash into the floor!! Ken, look out! You just won't get off my back, will you??!.
I LI KE him! Yes, I do like that man.
I'd like to invite him to my villa.
Arrange it for me, Zoltar.
Yes, sir I've already told the doctor to take care of it.
Excellent And what of the arrangements for that lovely girl's father?.
They're being carried out by Bison the agent we've infiltrated into Interpol.
She should be landing at Barcelona airport shortly.
Make sure she kills him immediately.
As you wish, sir.
I will not allow Interpol to interfere with my magnificent plan just when it's getting started! Bison.
Cammy White.
Formerly a special operative for MI-6, British Intelligence.
Trained for operations involving counterterrorist assassination.
Many called her the best operative in England but she suddenly abandoned MI-6 and disappeared.
Currently-- My past isn't important.
Tell me what you want me to do.
This is your target.
His name is Dorai.
He's the best the Hong Kong police have to offer.
And he's a special investigator for Interpol.
A colleague ofyours?.
So we thought.
But, while he has been busting many drug syndicates he's apparently been taking over their illegal trafficking and making an enormous personal profit.
And now he's infiltrated Interpol to spy on our investigations and leak information to his own syndicate.
What we want you to do is carry out a secret mission personally ordered by the head of Interpol.
We want you to kill Dorai so that nobody else inside or outside of Interpol learns the truth.
It must be done in absolute secrecy.
This is Interpol's-- Once I know my mission, I carry it out without fail.
It's better if I didn't know the details.
Oh, really?.
Better for both of us, I daresay.
Never mind my methods.
Just leave this all to me.
Vega, eh?.
HADOU KEN!!! Hadou I managed to fire it off but I still get knocked out afterward.
I have to learn to control it more.
All right, then! Let's try another shot! Ken! Ken! Hang on, Ken.
Excuse me, but why are you separating them?.
What is?.
How can you treat him in here??!.
Doctor, what is all this??!.
Chun Li, what's wrong?.
No, Ken, don't try to get up.
Hey! Let me go! - Chun Li! - Ken! Are you okay?.
Doctor! What did you do to him??!.
Ken! Ken! Who are you?.
It is a pleasure to meet you, young lady.
My name is Vega.
You could call me the host of tonight's dance.
You're responsible for all this??!.
Then you'd better get Ken to a hospital this instant! I'm afraid I've decided to take care of Ken Masters for the time being.
You what?.
And just what does that mean??!.
You are a very lovely girl.
I see now why Balrog was so taken with you.
Young lady, you cannot resist me.
Be good enough to do as I say.
What are you going to do with me?.
I intend to keep you as my very special guest.
Now come! Your guest?.
Come, take my hand.
Stay away from me! Brave as well as beautiful! As should be expected of Dorai's daughter.
You know about my father?.
I have not met him, but will in the near future.
What are you planning to do to him??!.
He mentioned there was an even bigger group behind Ashura That's you people, isn't it??!.
If anything happens to him, I'll never forgive you! Such violent behavior only makes you seem vulgar to me.
What would your father think if he saw you like this?.
Naughty girl! I see you won't listen to reason.
Of all the dirty! You cannot resist me! Now, do as I say.
In his shaky state consciousness Ken hears Chun Li's cries for help as Vega attacks her with his Psycho Power.
Meanwhile, the beautiful assassin, Cammy, takes aim for Dorai's life as her crucifix slices through the darkness.
What will be the fate of both father and daughter?.
Next time, on Street Fighter II V:.
"The Beautiful Assassin.
They go to meet the mighty!